February 27th, 2014

Ed Accused of Rigging Special Conference Vote

Miliband’s party reforms are meant to democratise the Labour Party and end the culture of back-room deals and stitch ups. Ed wants to ‘let people back into politics’, so it’s amused Guido no end that not everyone in the party is very happy at how preparations for this weekend’s Special Conference are going. Accusations are flying around that the leadership is trying to rig the rubber stamping of the new voting and affiliation rules for the party and the unions. The conference will have delegates from all over the country, representing constituency parties – so far so good – normally these would be ordinary local committee members of Constituency Labour Party branches.

This time around, in a highly unusual move, Guido understands that a significant number of these ‘constituency reps’ are in fact the local MP. Labour Press have had all day but are yet to give an exact figure. While perhaps not being against the rules, this goes very strongly against the spirit of them – which is to make sure grass-roots get a say in any party reforms. As one source said today “Ed thinks they’ve got away with it and that no-one’ll notice.”

That new politics in action, once again!


  1. 1
    East India Company Wallah says:

    But that is socialist democracy in action


    • 7
      Len McScum says:

      All leftie tossers together.


      • 97
        Clarks Pie says:

        People breath.
        MPs fiddle.
        The Left rig votes.

        It is the intrinsic nature of the universe.


        • 99
          Clarks Pie says:

          That should be breathe of course.

          Goddamn crap Dell keyboard…


          • Are you British? Because you're acting like Johnny Foreigner says:

            For God’s sake stop blaming other people! Grow up and be a man! Admit your own errors. You should have carefully checked your spelling before clickin on the “submit” button.

            Now shape up.


          • Mr Nobody says:

            If Harman resigns over this horrible PIE scandal it might give Ed and his union friends the opportunity to stitch up the deputy leadership election too.


      • 190
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        Labour ,dont you just love em.


        • 366
          Barreness Horseface of Private Plane, yet another NooBoringLiar placeperson says:

          I do not understand why I am not featured daily, – on every front page, – and on every news bulletin – for the peace that I brought to YouCrane.

          I’m clearly the Right Person, in the Right Place, at the Right Time – and I need a lot more Staff, Pay and Pension to feel truly wanted and Loved by the EUSSR, and all Control Freaky Socialists generally.


    • 21
      A big Chuck up from Chuka says:


      • 101
        Feminine Hitchens says:

        Still creepy.
        Still narcissistic.


      • 239
        Len McCluskey says:

        I like it when you say “change”, gets me all moist……ah where’s Ed Milliboy, I need a favour


      • 553
        Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

        Is it just me but does his picture look like the child catchers nose on chitty chitty bang bang?
        His comments and outlook clearly are the work of fiction. 😔


    • 23
      Gooey Blob says:

      I wonder if Ed was bullied at school? He’s obviously not interested in democracy, he just wants the power. What he doesn’t realise is that he will be the one who prevents his party from getting into power.


    • 41
      Stand with Ed in you Wellies says:

      Toffs’ Hunter Wellies banned


      • 59
        was it something I said? says:

        You arsehole.

        All we need are proper flood defences. Sure, they’ll cost money but they’ll be a damn site cheaper than all those subsidised windmills.


        • 338
          Ed Millibandwagon says:

          We must reduce our CO2 output so much it compensates for the extra CO2 output of China and India. It’s the only way to save Somerset.


      • 61
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Ok Ed, are you going to shut down all fossil fuel power stations and ban flying?

        Thought not.

        Just yet more fucking taxes then is it you Mong faced twat?


      • 66
        Labour bailed out the bankers says:



      • 79
        Well I never, but he did says:

        He’s found a way of using the windmills to blow away the rain and if they point the blades slightly downward, they can be used to blow away the floods, hallelujah, a Liebour supporter with more than one brain cell.


        • 112
          Spartacus says:

          and there are solar panels that automatically fill in p0tholes


        • 258
          Miband, in power but not in gov. says:

          We won’t be digging out any more coal in the UK. All our electricity will be totally green. 2030 80% CO2 emissions cut done in record time


        • 441
          The On High says:

          But, but surely Labour need the rain to keep falling to nourish their magic money trees, they need so many of them.


      • 132
        Fishy says:

        ‘Stand with me’?

        WTF? Does this fantacist think that he is some sort of leader? A latter day Che, or a European Chavez.

        I used to think that Weird Ed was just and idiot, but it’s clear that this is one damaged, dangerous narcissistic control freak – just like Brown BUT WORSE.


      • 149
        cornwall storms says:

        Under which government did the EA stop dredging dykes and rivers?


      • 163
        Universal Hissing says:

        That’s the tweet of a person paid(or not)to tweet crap.

        S/he was very successful.


        • 282
          Cornish pasty says:

          I want Miliband come down to the West Country
          and tell the locals we need action on climate change,
          rather than dredging the rivers.A simple,relatively cheap
          and proven method which he conspicuously failed to do
          when he was in power.
          The man is an absolute moron.


          • Ed Millibandwagon says:

            I’m an absolute twat that is saying something frankly pathetic and unbelievable with no engineering knowledge invovled at all. Agree? Oh, perhaps you shouldn’t stand with me…..


          • Member of the public says:

            My day can be going along fairly ok when, by chance, I catch sight of Milliband, say on tv and I immediately feel such an overpowering feeling of disgust and loathing, despair that he can be foisted on the country. Truly, the man is loathsome.


      • 622
        voiceagainstpoliticalcorrectness says:

        The climate in this country has been variable for thousands of years – even when we produced NIL CO2 and nothing has changed except the loony bandwagon that Labour jumps on to leverage more taxes from the gullible and the non-thinking. Labour really does rely on apathy to rule, doesn’t it? Disgraceful!


      • 631
        Ex-Labour says:

        No I won’t Ed you little arse.

        I will however keep reminding everyone that Labour flooded the levels on purpose so that you could pontificate on something you know nothing about. You little piece of traitorous filth.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    An this is news because…..


    • 17
      still walking into darkness says:

      because Miliband is dangerous and his tactics, cronies, inabilities and lack of suitability for the office he wants to hold need exposing at every opportunity.


      • 33
        Marxist Milliband says:

        I hate this country just as much as Cast Iron Cameron.


        • 64
          still walking into darkness says:

          Cast Iron agreements for the irons only


          • Cast Iron Cameron says:

            Talking of Cast Iron, why does everything Cast Iron say end up turning to sh1t in seconds….

            He promised Merkel would be offering the UK some big concessions on the EU…

            Yet again Cast Iron is proved to be a liar within minutes of Merkel getting here.

            “Some expect my speech to pave the way for a fundamental reform of the European architecture which will satisfy all kinds of alleged or actual British wishes. I am afraid they are in for a disappointment,” Mrs Merkel said.



          • Cast Iron Cameron says:

            OK Angela, you could have kept that under your hat for a while? I mean just until after 2015?

            Jesus, now I’ve got a fucking problem to deal with. Thanks.


        • 159
          Táxpáyér says:

          The political classes are all oikophobes. I wonder why?


          • Amateur Psychologist says:

            Narcissists. Every one of them.

            The only way you are ever going to get into politics and put up with the continuous stream of criticism coming at you via the media is if you don’t give a damn about what other people think about you and consider all of them to be completely wrong. Thus the system filters out everybody except for the narcissists.

            The narcissists don’t care what any of us think. They think they are always right and we are always wrong. It really doesn’t matter what any of us say.

            It is the problem with modern media obsessed politics and all politicians from the current generation suffer from it, and also many outside politics.


      • 72
        Bully Dog Ed says:

        We don’t trust anybody who’s formative years was not spent in London.


    • 35
      Dangerous Times says:

      Because the Miliband Bros are Marxists.


    • 67
      Attention working class-Labour has betrayed you says:

      Vote rigging-kiddie frigging…


  3. 3
    Wake up & vote UKIP says:

    Socialist democracy is an oxymoron.


    • 373
      Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

      Just to remind everyone what the Greatest Englishman Of All Time said so memorably: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Spot on, Sir.


  4. 4
    Differently abled says:

    What sort of “special” is this conference?


    • 15
      was it something I said? says:

      They’ll all be arriving on short yellow buses.

      Does that help?


    • 213
      G4S says:

      If your face does not fit you are not allowed in. Those are my orders.


    • 585
      The Critic says:

      It’s not a conference at all. The outcome has been decided. This is a public show which will claim Ed has tamed the Unions. The BBC will lavish hours of air time on it.

      Anyway,look at the positives:

      We now know that Milliband has zero practical solutions to the nation’s problems.
      Democracy is not on his agenda
      The Union hold on the party will be as strong,if not stronger.
      Bear those facts in mind at the ballot box.


  5. 5
    cornwall storms says:

    Labour never changes.


  6. 6
    humble PIE says:

    Are they going to have an affiliation rule banning p’edophile groups from paying £10 and joining up with the other 7 affiliates ?


  7. 8

    They must pull all back-rooms down.


  8. 9
    Northern Lite says:

    I think the ‘oxy’ is surplus to requirements in this context!


  9. 11

    Ex-Labour candidate secretly filmed men in shopping centre loo

    Now we know Labour are taking the piss.


  10. 12
    Mad Frankie Haddock Son Of Cod says:

    I wonder if the two Michaels are settling in in Belmarsh today.


    • 76
      Dai Bando says:

      And hopefully getting a regular good kicking,the one who got 45 years will be 83 before he gets the chance of his 1oo virgins whilst the othe fucker will have to do with a wank or a regular sodomising.


      • 199
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        I wonder if they have met Big Bubba yet in the showers ?


      • 238
        The two Michaels says:

        Must have a word with Harri to see if we can get some young boys sentenced to adult prisons – human rights and all that – failing that a couple of camels


        • 281
          Michaels Chambers says:

          The Governments Legal aid will pay us funding for ten years to ensure their human needs are met. As long term they are entitled to a decorated cells as chosen, 40 ” LED, smart of course, 3 meals plus snacks, Gym exercise massage as at a Matt Roberts Gym, visiting women socials workers, married wife(s) visits, cleaning lady, our legal office Ablaa, Gaddafi style security personal. Any sprogs, I mean for every sprog entitles ten days per annual visits at their home on the outside.


          • Government Accountant says:

            £23,000 a year to keep them in prison.

            That breaks down as £1200 per year on food and £2400 on accomodation leaving £19400 for, um, some other things.


        • 328
          Belmarsh Guard says:

          Please, no more cash for deliveries. I’ve got enough cash to cover drugs use for the whole wing for a life time.


  11. 14
    Prime Minister David "Moneys No Object" Cameron,the ignorant prick. says:

    For the avoidance of doubt,let me make it quite clear that the Conservative Party is the Party of “The Shirkers & Work Shy”.

    Vote Tory if you are a Shirker.


    • 38
      Podiceps says:

      If shirkers actually did, the Conservatives would have a 250-seat majority. Sadly, shirkers voter Labour, and there are a lot of them.


      • 147
        Anonymous says:



        • 246
          Also Anonymous but not a socialist wanker says:

          aaah diddums


          • Anonymous says:

            The EU have told us 70% of our laws are set by them…

            So really, what is the difference between the pro EU Labour, and the pro EU Conservatives ?

            It seems to me they are merely pi$$ing around at the edges of the remaining 30% and trying to put a different coloured filter on the remaining 70% which they can’t or won’t change.

            Lab / Con is already a grand coalition, just not in name…. yet…..


  12. 16
    Angela Merkel says:

    There won’t be a renegotiation. There won’t be a referendum. There won’t be a David Cameron premiership post-2015


    • 26
      UKIP or bust says:

      . . . because if there was the slightest of intention of doing so it would have begun by now.


    • 29
      Jack Ketch says:

      If Cameron remains true to form as a Party leader he’ll lie now about an impending referendum just to return to power then spend another five years tying us deeper into the EU mire


      • 40
        Cast Iron Cameron says:

        I am a liar.

        Ahh that confession feels much better. Now where was I cardinal.


      • 47
        The Tooting Popular Front © says:

        We are virtually already there thanks to this government owing to their constant redefinitions of what this, that and the other means to suit their sly, underhand arguments for creating more cuts, whilst not dealing with the top 1% tax avoidance/evasion schemes and certainly not assisting in growth but in cutting everything that took years to build based on years of experience.

        The ruination of this Nation is nearly complete at the hands of these despicable people in the space of how long? Four years. Don’t expect a medal for it


    • 39
      Absolutely not an EU paid troll says:

      The British Outers are floundering.

      Business backs staying in the EU and no other country wants to bend to their will


      • 92
        Nigel Farage says:

        Britain should unilaterally exit the EU…

        And shoot itself in both feet…


        • 121
          Spartacus says:

          you are the common market paid troll, and i claim my 8 earoles
          (five quid to the rest of us)


          • Anonymous says:

            Stop moaning and enjoy your triple lock old age welfare.


          • ! says:

            It’s not welfare, it’s a 53 years paid for pension, you stupid Hunt.


          • Just the facts says:

            It isn’t. Firstly and most importantly it was spent. There is no pension fund. Secondly what they dishonestly call NICs don’t add up to a triple lock pension. Not even close. At best (pretending there’s a pension pot) it’s part pension and mostly welfare.


          • Handypara says:

            There was nothing so terrible about the Common Market. It’s the totalitarian EU Reich that has become the problem!


    • 42
      Tachybaptus says:

      Basically without the EU, the UK would be plunged back into Victorian times, work houses would be re-opened and we’d lose every single workers right we ever had.


      • 55
        Cazual Observer 9 says:

        No – that would not happen.

        Exiting the EU does not automatically mean that all EU law which has been drafted onto UK statutes would be removed immediately. Over time, that law which is not relevant can be removed.

        Even if all EU law was stripped, UK law was still up to the job in 1992.

        With Parliament once again properly accountable to the people any attempt to go to the image you suggest would be political s’uicide.


        • 86
          Jack says:

          Dream on

          “Parliament” is not fit for anything any more

          The Government is bought by lobbyists and the Brotish People are getting stuffed by their criminal banks…£9 billion :more even today you may have noticed…

          That is the truth

          And even with Brexit England would have to follow EU law, like Norway and Switerland already do…there is no free lunch…

          So tell the truth for a change


          • Britannia says:

            True. Parliament does not represent the British people any more.

            One vote in the right bit of Scotland is equal to five votes in the wrong bit of England. Constituency boundaries have been geerrymandered to suit particular parties. Postal votes make mockeries of election campaigns. Personation is rife. Manifestos are hogwash. The whole fucking edifice is rotten to the core. And that’s before we even begin to look at the influence of the EU, or the high proportion of deeply cynical and corrupt ‘honourable members’ and peers.


          • Wahey! says:

            You’ll be telling us that the USA, China and India “have to follow EU law”. Frankly we could increase trading with countries that have some prospect of not turning into the 21st century’s version of Argentina and would do much better than trying to swim while attached to a corpse like Europe.


      • 228
        non taxable pikey says:

        Just like Norway.


    • 54
      Maude Francis says:

      Cameron doesn’t want and has never wanted a referendum. He is a pro EU as the other parties in Westminster. He only offer it believing that he would keep disaffected Conservatives in the Harem.


      • 95
        Legal beagle says:

        Who owns Cameron?

        The banks

        Who wants to stay in the EU?

        The banks

        Any more questions?


        • 152
          @dolf from the grave says:

          Too late now mein Freund. Oh how you Englanders laughed when I pointed out the danger of the “International Bankers”


          • Government Accountant says:

            To be fair they didn’t actually gas anybody though did they?

            So the danger was somewhat muted.


  13. 18
    A big Chuck up from Chuka says:


  14. 20
    UKIP or bust says:

    Is there one picture, just one, in which Goofy Ed Milliband doesn’t look like a right plonker, or just one where he looks remotely like a grown up and mature representative who is able to talk to world leaders and statesmen on behalf of 63.7 million people?


  15. 22
    BC says:

    When did the ‘grass roots’ of any political party ever have anything they say taken seriously ?


  16. 24

    Wild beavers seen in England for first time in centuries.

    Are GCHQ onto this?


  17. 25
    Ed (I hate England) Wrong-Btother says:

    Ten for me, one for you. Then we count the postal votes.


  18. 33
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    What a surprise.


  19. 37
    Fishy says:

    He’s a communist. WTF does Weird Ed know about democracy?


  20. 43

    What’s surprising? Really, look at unite in Falkirk, labour cllrs & politicians in other towns etc! Christ, it took two days after Wythemshawe & sale to find out labours newly elected MP was fined by the electoral commission for dodgy donations. Labour are as bent as the Tories which is why I’m giving my vote to UKIP. Had enough of all their bollox.


  21. 44
    UKIP or bust says:

    If goofy Ed does whatever plug ugly Len want’s, just imagine what he’d be like in the hands of the dark and evil barrosso.

    *wadya think of that EU trolls?*


  22. 52
    Jimmy says:

    ” Guido understands”

    There’s a phrase you don’t hear everyday.

    Delegates are the same as for the last conference unless unavailable.


    • 60
      Labour starts nine months later says:

      How is your cum face today?


      • 74
        Dear Mr Dacre, says:


        • 93
          Jimmy says:

          Stroke of luck Dacre happening to have had a back copy of the PIE magazine lying around. What other paper would have carried out such thorough research?

          Funny thing is the kids in the pictures are wearing more clothes than in the Daily Hitler’s paedarazzi snaps


          • Labour starts nine months later says:

            Which hand do you use to turn the page?


          • Dear Mr Dacre, says:

            That smear can be defeated by the observation that there are US sites which host soft copies of most of these publications online.

            Very good material for researchers and investigators, however, given the presence of NAMBLA and other such groups over there one can raise some valid questions about the responsibility and intentions of hosting. Under 1st Amendment (and given there are no illegal images under US law in these publications) there is nothing illegal in this.

            An example: http://www.williamapercy.com

            As such it has been in the public domain for a while.

            Seeing as the Mail had a hard copy would suggest that they may have sourced theirs from archives. Perhaps there were copied in the archive of the NCCL at the LSE.


          • Falkirk says:

            Why stick up for her?
            she’s been a useless Deputy Leader anyway.

            remember Gordon’s own quote when he was told she the winner of the junior leader contest? “Her? She’s fuc#ing useless!”

            And she organised the coup to topple him. That she pulled out of leaving the Blears on her own. Soon after Jack Dromey was given an all woman shortlist to a seat in the commons.

            Corrupt and idiotic.
            Get her and her ilk out of our party!


          • was it something I said? says:

            remember Gordon’s own quote when he was told she the winner of the junior leader contest? “Her? She’s fuc#ing useless!”

            I don’t think any opinion ventured by the Maximum Imbecile should be taken as fact.

            She is fucking useless but that’s it’s just stopped clock mathematics that The Imbecile happened to be right on this occasion.


          • Jimmy says:

            I’m no fan of hers at all. Call me old fashioned but pretending someone’s a kiddyfiddler because they disagree with you crosses a line. The Daily Hitler is a paper written by (unts for (unts.


          • Anon. says:

            The BBC have done their best to hide it on their site. Despite that it’s #5 most popular read.



          • Falkirk says:

            That is fair.

            She’s a lying, duplicitous, low intellect relic of the 1970s.
            But that does not make her something she clearly is not.


          • was it something I said? says:

            I agree there is nothing (so far) in any of these ‘revelations’ to suggest Harman was doing anything to support peedos. But were you quite so magnanimous when Watson, Bercow et al were faux-swooning all over the shop *innocent face* about McAlpine?

            Harman is just window-dressing(!!). She performs the same function for Labour wimmin as Prescott did for thick, ignorant Labour voters.

            ‘Look, look, one of us is second in command’.


          • Not very bright says:

            Apart from Harman here’s some other deputy leaders

            John Prescott
            Joe Bindon
            Dan Quayle
            Nick Clegg

            Beginning to see a pattern yet ?


          • Jimmy says:

            No, we have had a number of very able women on the front bench. I don’t think she was one of them. As for McAlpine, he was libelled extensively by you lot on here (not by me) and now you just want to pretend it was Sally. There’s an entire subculture on the internet of people who see kiddyfiddling conspiracies everywhere and these people tend to be on the right.


          • Podiceps says:

            Jimmy dear, might that have something to do with the fact that most of the kiddy fiddlers are on the left?


          • White rabbit says:

            Thorough research ! don’t make me fart. You have more research papers and crib notes at your disposal than Greg Beales has had hot dinners. Oh hang on.


          • Jimmy says:




          • was it something I said? says:

            It wasn’t just Sally though was it? You had Tom Watson’s sudden, remarkably timed, crusade against peedos. All purely coincidental no doubt. Just happened to … err… come up at the same time. Same surnames. Muddied waters. Pure coincidence.


            That’ll be it.



          • The Dickwick Papers says:

            There’s no pretending with Sally mate, it’s pure 100% black sausage.


          • Given your penchant for convenient sound bite criticism of others you won't mind this says:

            Jimmy = another apologist for men that want to have anal sex with small children.

            He’s a fucking sick pervert. I hope GCHQ are on to him.


        • 263
          RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

          HH says, suffer little children to come unto me :)


    • 70
      Dear Mr Dacre, says:


    • 100
      Legal beagle says:

      Guido “hears” many things

      Most are false

      And he can no longer sort out the true and false…

      Poor lad…


    • 102
      Round up this corrupt party of chancers says:

      Same old crooks then.


  23. 58
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Lefty wanker on Sky News wanting more immigration.


  24. 63
    Full Stop. WTF is that supposed to mean? says:


    • 77
      Gerbil 7 says:

      She is merely thinking of her constituents as all good MPs should.


      • 82
        MP to the criminals says:

        Good point. Most of he casebook will contain potential rioters and looters.


        • 94
          Tottenham Hale says:

          It’s a bit of a myth. While the local ‘usual suspects’ certainly got up to the levels of thievery alleged, a large number of the ‘Tottenham’ rioters had driven in from outside London, some from outside the M25, in order to engage in looting.


        • 96
          Tottenham Hale says:

          It’s a bit of a myth. While the local ‘usual suspects’ certainly got up to the levels of thievery alleged, a large number of the ‘Tottenham’ rioters had ‘conveyed themselves in motorised vehicles’ from outside London, some from outside the M25, in order to engage in looting.


          • It's all about a difference of perception says:

            It is interesting that a black woman feels the need to defend black rioters.

            That exposes the problem we are dealing with here. White people think rioting = mass outbreak of crime. Black people think rioting = black tribe rising up against white tribe.

            See how that works? We actually have a difference of perception here.

            Abbott sees the whole thing from a tribal perspective. People like Mark Duggan are just Alpha Male tribal warriors. There is now law except Duggan’s Law. The Alpha Male makes the law and if it conflicts with white law what of it?

            This is the way of the black community. They see us as two tribes, each with its own rituals. Abbott see the law & western civilisation as just being nothing more than white man rituals.


    • 196
      whippet says:

      Abbobotimus likes fires to burn out of control. The fire brigade can’t work during riots. Water cannon are the only other option.
      Yet more evidence of base idiocy.


      • 398
        It's all about a difference of perception says:

        You only need to look at New Orleans and Detroit to see that black people don’t see things the way we do. They are no interested in “the law”. They are interested in “tribes” which these days they call gangs.

        Each gang has its alpha males and beta male followers. This is the way of black tribes. Mark Duggan was the alpha male of his tribe. White law has no place as far as they are concerned. Duggan was seeking revenge in the way of tribes. They were angry at white police for interfering in the way of the tribe. The omega males and females will simply hide in the corner while the tribal warfare rages on around them.

        We have tried to impose white civilisation on a community only at the stage of tribalism. They do not belong amongst us.


    • 234
      non taxable pikey says:

      A pity she opposes them, a bit of colonic irrigation would do her a power of good.


  25. 68
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    • 74
      Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

      Think of all those lovely Postal Voters.


    • 84
      Remittances Destroy the Multiplier Effect says:

      Think how much lower unemployment would be if all these foreign workers weren’t here.


      • 119
        carlo gambino says:

        Quite – amazing how little that large fact is mentioned.

        If you got ten million economically inactive adults and two million jobs are going to be created, it is not wise to ship in two million immigrants to do these jobs.

        is it Vince, Dave, Nick, Ed, Ed?


        • 303
          Anonymous says:

          It has been proven that the average family does not make a net tax v’s benefit contribution to the UK Government until they earn over £38,000 pa.

          For every immigrant who comes to this country who earns less than £38,000 pa, the tax’s paid by tax payers, or national debt, or both, will have to rise to pay for the benefits (child benefit / tax credits etc, health, schools etc) of said working immigrant.

          It is a fcuking death spiral.


          • The entire left wing with one voice says:

            “Where are all the Romanians and Bulgarians Farrage talked about? He was just scaremongering!”


      • 169
        Dick the Butcher says:

        … and the “housing crisis” too. WTF do they expect after importing millions of people?


        • 403
          How much longer will we suffer before we take matters into our own hands? says:

          Ah yes, where’s Jimmy now eh? Never to be found on those threads where his belief system can be torn to shreds, is he?

          The system of social welfare his party believed in is about to be torn apart by the invading hordes of Eastern Europeans.

          Imagine, we fought a war where our young men died to keep the Argentines out of a small corner of our land and meanwhile we are letting in huge armies of foreigners into London!


  26. 69
    Wordsmith says:

    Welcome to Poverty Britain
    Everything under one roof.
    A tribute to Cameron that’s fitting
    A kick in the teeth with the truth.

    Welcome to Poverty Britain
    Where people go hungry and cold.
    The poor are to blame it is written
    That’s the lie the public are told.

    Welcome to Poverty Britain
    Where trucks are trundling in.
    Our streets the Red Cross are now hittin’
    And the children look terribly thin.

    Welcome to Poverty Britain
    Where the bankers are having a ball.
    And Vince Cable was just quite so smitten
    That none of them went to the wall.

    Welcome to Poverty Britain
    Where people are fighting right back.
    Against the odds their wits are now pittin’
    And the fortress is starting to crack


    • 87
      Everyone's A Critic says:

      Not your best, mate. I’d stick to the metaphysics and opiates if I were you.


    • 189
      whippet says:

      I did some work on council estates door knocking. The only people I saw living in poverty were drug addicts.
      Some houses reek of canabis and some returned paperwork with cooked opiates spilled on them.
      Don’t believe the Labour hype.


      • 568
        Handypara says:

        There’s a genuine need for foodbanks throughout the rest of the EU, not just for those who’ve spent their bennies on fags, booze and drugs, as in the UK

        Eg, Social Security In Germany, of all places:
        One in six at risk of poverty
        Foodbanks common – so many seeking to join foodbanks that many have to be turned away
        No national minimum wage


    • 458

      Who gives a fuck if a few chavs starve it will thin the scum out.


  27. 71
    Paid EU troll says:

    There is no such person as Nigel Farrage and UKIP is not the party you are looking for.


  28. 73
    Now I'm perplexed says:

    Hain on Sky saying those letters to the IRA are not letters of immunity, prosecutions can still go ahead. It even says so at the end of each letter

    So what the fuck is Dave up to letting that IRA bomber off?


    • 81
      A Fig Leaf says:

      He’s weak, weak, weak.

      It’s an old trcik: the government wants to do something, takes a matter to court and ensures it loses so it can say its hands are tied.


    • 83
      was it something I said? says:

      So now we’re expected to trust Hain?


    • 118
      Null hypothesis says:

      Not what he was saying yesterday.

      But it is Orange Alert.


    • 136
      Spartacus says:

      according to the attorney general in parliament last night, they are all home free.


    • 151
      Fishy says:

      ‘So what the fuck is Dave up to letting that IRA bomber off?’

      WTF are you on about?


      • 164
        All socialists are hypocrites says:

        Although it sticks in the craw these things were agreed to bring about peace in NI . However WHAT I do object to is the fact that Blair let off IRA Gunmen/Bombers but decided that the paras accused in “Bloody Sunday” should not be given an amnesty but face the full force of investigation even after the Salmon Inquiry and that some now in their 70’s may well be prosecuted.


        • 405
          Fairs fair says:

          I agree. The murder rate in Northern Ireland is now in line with England and much lower than that of the Republic and of Scotland.

          What matters is that of we are to let “bygones be bygones” that this is also the case for British soliders, and indeed that those south of the border know that those north of the border have buried the hatchet and want to move on.


    • 230
      whippet says:

      We have an independent judiciary that makes some very strange decisions since the Blair regime appointed many of their friends to it and signed us up to EUHR law.
      Dave had nothing to do with it. Hain admitted during a BBC interview that it was a dodgy secret decision to bring about peace. The IRA opposed such letters for anyone else.


      • 406
        I'm not sure if they even bothered asking the Queen says:

        Funnily enough it has decided it is no longer independent. It now takes orders formt he European Court and the ECHR.


  29. 78
    Jon Bateman says:

    What did we expect from the outfit that brought us block votes and Falkirk.


  30. 85
    Anon. says:

    Given the current climate I hope Harman obtained permission from the parents of those children before she used them as props.


    • 91
      was it something I said? says:

      Typical Labour multi-culti bollocks. Token white kid in the picture.


    • 98
      The PTA says:

      Has she had a CRB check recently?


      • 124
        Cazual Observer 9 says:

        The M’ail on S’unday will get back to you on that…


        • 145
          Kissing Babies Is Wrong says:

          Actually, its not such an odd question. Given the number of horror stories we hear about MPs and the frequency with which they, as a breed, turn up at schools, youth clubs and other place where young people – often vulberable young people – can be contacted, what exactly are the arrangements for background checks on MPs and ensure compliance with the same regulations as the regular public are expected to abide by?


          • Cazual Observer 9 says:

            Photo shoots with children are the lowest common denominator propaganda for MPs.

            As MPs are voted in by an electorate that should be familiar with them, one would assume (naively) that they may have essentially been vetted.

            C’yril S’mith makes your point, but also defeats it as he likely would have passed a CRB check.


    • 120
      Nworb Nodrog says:

      Bet they don’t usually get chocky bickies.


    • 123
      cornwall storms says:

      Should she really be permitted to mix with children given the extreme views she endorsed whilst a senior officer with NCCL on lowering the age of consent ?

      Given what we know about her now I’d be very unhappy to know she had been anywhere near my child’s school let alone near my child.


    • 129
      UKIP or bust says:

      Did she wear a stab proof vest while in Peckham, you know what she thinks ‘them’ people are like?

      PS. are we allowed to say ‘them’?


    • 229
      On Manouvers with the Harperson says:

      Is she wearing her stab proof vest ?


  31. 103

    We shall be videoing this Labour meeting.
    Add it to our ‘videos of a load of wank’ collection.


  32. 104

    PIE all over the BBC now – at last.


    • 110
    • 130
      cornwall storms says:

      Expect an announce from labour within the next couple of day , if this story keeps running, that one or two labour aides have been sacked . It will be them who were responsible for it all , harman dromey and hewitt will be declared squeaky clean.


    • 148
      Cazual Observer 9 says:

      A valid question for UK Intelligence with respect its continued funding is how that can be justified seeing as they appear to have failed in their primary role of protecting the realm by allowing the subversive actions of the left to succeed.

      The most heinous subversive victory of the left appears to have been that they have caused people to lose trust in the state itself.

      If H’arman stays, this is an admission of defeat, which is very much what the EU desire.

      It is very important that H’arman goes, so as public trust can start to be re-established, and the UK can consider exiting the EU safely.


      • 155
        Jack says:

        You are barmy

        You believe the wildest conspiracies without evidence

        What do you smoke?

        Why should the EU have anything to do with sordid British stories?


        • 170
          Cazual Observer 9 says:

          At the time there were very strong links between the UK P’edo networks and the European networks – particularly those in H’olland.

          This did involve the P.I.E. and goes directly to the matter W’atson raised in P’arliament about R’ighton: He was prosecuted for importing such material from Europe.

          Some in Europe would have an interest in undermining UK society for commercial and political ends.

          NCCL had an objective to ‘liberalize’ sexual attitudes in the UK. That was a deeply subversive policy at the time, and remains so now.

          This would benefit Europe in two ways, by weakening UK society, and also aligning the UK culturally more with the attitudes and values of its neighbours on the continent.

          The EU’s objectives here would be more pressing as it is essential for them to have certain aspects of society aligned in order to achieve the holy grail of political union. The recent forcing through of Gay Marriage across member states can be understood in these terms, and not really any other.

          If the UK public do not trust it’s own state, this would be expected to push the people towards the idea of an EU Federation, and also make it very difficult for the elite to decide otherwise. A country so fractured would be locally ungovernable, and very unstable if independent.

          All one needs to ask: Cui bono ? Quo vadis ?


          • Jack says:

            You really are a pompous joke

            I am against gay marriage as well

            But I have never seen a shred of evidence that the EU you love so much had ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT…there are more shirtlifters in the BBC than the whole of Europe (or is the BBC a vast EU Conspiracy ?!)

            I really do think you are smoking too much carpet…


          • Taxpayer says:

            The people do not trust their government because the government and Parliament are fucking corrupt

            Nothing to do with the EU in fact, except for Euro MPs


          • Taxpayer says:

            The “elite” sold themselves the US banks years ago

            Just look at rhe Blair Caba, current Cabinet Secretary John Major etc

            So bought gy the Americans not the Europeans

            Your arguments are ill founded

            The UK is the 51 State of the US aka The Poodle


          • Vote SNP says:

            The UK has become ungovernable because the Jocks, Oirish and Wellies do not like Westminster

            And they are right


          • Cazual Observer 9 says:

            @Jack: The EU part funds the BBC, and is not on my top 10 of favourite organizations. Follow the money and how that influences editorial output.

            UK isn’t really the 51st state but does remain more closely aligned with the US which is not a bad thing.

            On the Gay Marriage issue would point you to look at the timing and lack of actual mandate which governments had to put it on the books. That change has been far from universally welcomed also.

            @Taxpayer: Agreed, and that corruption started wholesale under the B’lair government. There were some changes in the law which enabled this also, as well as a general cultural change in government.

            You have stated the exact effect of those developments in Parliament have had on the public, which really makes my point about such actions being deeply subversive.


          • We need to focus together on the reality says:

            The reason we are in a mess is because Fabian socialism has been spread world-wide, not just into the EU.

            The biggest give away is crime and punishment. Most ordinary people in the Western world believe life imprisonment is a suitable punishment for murder, and life means life. However, with the exception of parts of the US none of the world’s politicians believe that. None. They believe in Karl Marx’s comment about the “undermensch” including criminals that these people are “victims”. Strangely, most communist countries actually believe in execution for murder!

            Of course, people are rising up against Fabian socialist beliefs, but it is important to keep focussed on the reality that there is no conspiracy as such – the political elite of the Western world now belives things that the western world’s voters actually despise in many cases.


      • 181

        Sorry to say, it will have its funding continued as it is perceived as vital to the state’s interests without there being any clear and widely held idea of what the state’s interests are – the situation having become so corrupted, especially during the Labour years, when frankly it became topsy-turvy.

        This is not just a problem of the state BTW but the lead has to come from the state.

        The typical establishment position has reinforced itself where its own interests are seen by itself to be congruent with that of the state’s. To those who say it was always thus, that is not strictly true. It has waxed and waned. We are so waxed now that we cannot sensibly move in any direction.

        It is going to take a radical government to do this and there is no sign of it in the two serious contenders.

        But these are big machines to turn. One needs to have a government committed enough to tackle every opposition to freeing the people in order to enable them to provide the progress the country needs from their individual efforts. Only that sort of incentive will provide a powerful enough impetus. So-called progressive parties are the last organisations on earth to want this.

        Only when a radical government has a mandate, repeated several times, may the Augean stables be cleansed.

        Unfortunately, it may be the case that not enough people feel let down enough – yet. A ghastly thought but it has to be considered…


        • 193
          Cazual Observer 9 says:

          Agreed – and continued funding of this particular apparatus will not be reduced either.

          What you describe is the very clear shift to the right which is happening now, and precisely why this is happening. This is why the left are nervous.

          A subtler point I was trying to make is that whilst the left perhaps feel that their objective of subverting the trust of the people in the state has succeeded (see anti-government etc. stuff on this blog / elsewhere), they have not.

          What or who is D’ave referring to when he says ‘We are all in it together’ ? It is not obviously an ‘all’ inclusive of the establishment which is to your point.

          My sense at the moment is that the establishment do not want civil freedoms / liberties restricted as they are at present, which is in opposition to the EU directed path the government is following.

          There is a remote possibility that there could be a double cross being played out, but that is remote.


          • was it something I said? says:

            What you describe is the very clear shift to the right which is happening now, and precisely why this is happening. This is why the left are nervous.

            The left aren’t in the slightest bit nervous. After all it was the left that wanted to introduce compulsory ID cards. It was the left that arrested an opposition MP in parliament on wholly bogus national security grounds.

            The left will have fucking raging hard-on at the thought of getting their hands on this GCHQ material. More blackmailing, more prosecutions of political enemies.

            They’ll be beside themselves with anticipation.


          • You may have a better sense than I do (my not being on the spot) of where the establishment is on this so I will not argue this but merely express surprise. If you are right and they don’t want restrictions, then that of course is all to the good. I have this horror though of turkeys not voting for Christmas and consequently regard your double-cross possibility as being more likely than the level of ‘remote’ which you suggest.

            In summary, concerning myself, I am an eternal optimist. Concerning the state, exactly the opposite applies. ;-)


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To CO (n) and Crmm – i have noted many comments of today / yesterday and of hot topics at present – how many more garguantuan bare faced lies can a ‘government and opposition’ get away with – the parliamentary process and all of its hanger’s on are hoisted by their own collective petards. The tory old boys should be ashamed of themselves because for thirteen years ‘they took their eye off of the ball’ while beinG fed just enough financial carrots from blair and co – while quietly ‘slowly’ [Merkels word today] the commie marxists crept in the backdoor – LITERALLY.

            The issue of children openly being abused at age 4 cannot be denied as being part of the tal.mud. End of.


          • We need to focus together on the real enemy says:

            We need to focus on what we all believe to be the truth. The state is corrupt, it is intent on imposing a Marxist dystopia on all of us and doing away with democracy. We believe that mass immigration is being used to break our natural bonds of community to allow us to be more easily manipulated and controlled as individuals. The EU is an anti-democratic organisation with a mock parliament being used to impose Marxism by putting an extra level of supra-government on top of our own national governments.

            By going off and getting obsessed with m a s o n s and j o o s and common purpose and what not, we are missing the real crux of the matter – the people who actually have the power. If we don’t keep focussed on them as the common enemy, we will fight over our differences and not unite on our common beliefs. Keeping us divided over small differences of opinion is exactly what our mutual enemy wants. There will be time to deal with the smaller matters once our common enemy is defeated.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Wntf – do you actually know who the real funders of the Marxists and Communists were – if not please go and do some research – and sharpish if you don’t mind.


          • Are you on our side? Or just part of the conspiracy aimed at distracting us? says:

            The founders are all dead. Who cares about the founders. Stop trying to distract attention from the real problem at hand. You can get round to your obsessions later.


  33. 105
    Sam the Skull says:

    Milibird sighting:


  34. 115
    OnBenefits says:

    Oh the muzbots are upset again…



  35. 131
    frank says:

    I’m so glad that Labour is a nice, safe completely sensible party unlike those nasty UKIP types. Thank God I’ve got the BBC to keep me stupid.

    Was I the only 1970’s kid not to get fiddled with by someone employed by the taxpayer?


  36. 134
    Popcorn! says:

    On tonight’s Question Time, for the Tories, Anna Soubry, a Labour MP from some muzee shithole, Rushanara Ali, some guy from Plaid Cumru, restaurant critic Jay Rayner, and batshit crazy Melanie Philips. Should be LOLs all the way!


    • 171
      fingers up yer bums NOW says:

      In December 2013 Soubry remarked on The Andrew Marr Show that UKIP leader Nigel Farage looked “like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it”. Obviously a tart adept in various sexual acts.


      • 297
        well i never says:

        I stopped watching this bollocks years ago.
        I went to a recording in the 80’s and the
        programme broadcast had been altered
        quite significantly to change the audience


        • 419
          How about taking a MP3 recorder into a QT live show? says:

          I have noticed this. It is like a kind of “canned applause”. I wonder if it would be possible to prove it? Show that the BBC is actually adding audio that never really happened?


      • 417
        There's not really much else to do in Cwmbran says:

        A Welsh girl put her finger up my bum and massaged my prostate. I have to say I liked it. I was screwing her best mate at the time.


  37. 139
    Rick O'Shea says:

    What a plonker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. 140
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Why does that fat jock mong keep trying to tell us English that we must have a currency union? That’s none of his business. So fuck off you fat jock shit.


    • 176
      Single handedly inventing the moden world says:

      Other than the fact that The Bank of England was in fact set up by a Scot, your quite right. Anything else we Scots can help you with ?


      • 222
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        So fucking what? Don’t lecture us English about what we have to do. You want to fuck off, so fuck off.

        Fucking jock scum.


        • 237
          Single handedly inventing the modern world says:

          Wouldnt dream of lecturing you, Im happy for you to keep doing what your doing .


          • Don't base your superiority complex on what you read on a novelty tea-towel. says:



          • Sir William Wayde says:

            And an Englishman set up Bank of Scotland. A Scotsman, Peter Cummings, wrecked it three centuries later.


          • jgm2 says:

            That’s the c*u*n*t*s name. Cummings.

            The Little Scotlanders blame the City yet both their banks were brought down by home-grown jackasses whose heads were so swollen by their ‘W’as like us’ specialness that they really believed that they, uniquely in the world, had figured out the perpetual debt formula.

            Like the jackass chancellor.


          • TV doesn't really use a bulb and a spinning metal disk says:

            Are you the Scots twat that actually believes Logi Baird invented the TV?

            You might want to check your facts sunshine…..


        • 257
          Universal Hissing says:

          I’d just adore you to stand in front of my face & say that.

          I’m English,live in Scotland & will vote yes to independence.

          I’m fucking off from that sort of invective as fast as possible sweetie. xxx


          • jgm2 says:

            I’m British, lived in Fucking Scotland for six years and voted with my feet. As untold millions have before me.


          • Taxpayer says:

            I quite understand and the violent anti Scottish language here and elsewhere is totally unacceptable to civilsed people

            It is rather like the primitive anti European trash whichs seems so commo nhere

            I think the English are having a nervous breakdown…


          • jgm2 says:

            I was chatting with a Scottish exile here in England a couple of years ago. He’d married an English lady and their son goes to St Cakes with my daughter.

            He was telling me he was on the phone to one of his oldest friends in Fucking Scotland and his ‘mate’ was asking him what he was playing at marrying anm English girl.

            ‘What do you mean lie?’

            ‘Well your poor mother would be turning in her grave having a grand-child growing up with an English accent…’

            His oldest mate.

            They don’t even realise they’re doing it.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            I know you hated living in Scotland jgm2. You keep telling us.I don’t know what caused your pain & this site is not the place to try to help you with your obvious ongoing trauma.

            I’ve lived here for 24 years & love it.I will never return to live in England.

            Horses for courses?

            You seem so aggressive & bitter.You can’t type Scotland without the Fucking prefix.It actually makes me laugh so thanks for that.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            O.K. so you’ve met shits who were born in various countries & uneducated or not, do not share your views.

            You type stuff that is stupid & offensive & then point the finger at others who do exactly the same.

            I think aye right is the appropriate response.


          • Be fair UH!

            It was Dumbarton that jgm2 lived in. I love the castle there but the rest of it has all the charm of a communist statue.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            Good grief,is there nowhere in the British Isles you’ve not visited?

            Now I understand jgms’s trauma.He didn’t even live in Glasga.

            The name of Dumbarton should have given him a clue.

            Does he live in SHunthorpe now?

            I live quite near Twatt.


          • jgm2 says:

            It was Dunfermline.


            The first week I was in Fucking Scotland my missus brought home the local paper. ‘The Scotsman’.

            It was the time of the Halifax – BoS merger.

            The letters pages were filled with poisonous Little Scotlanders swathed in the flag moaning about the loss of identity and – I remember the phrase – ‘locusts from the South’.

            This was not some green-ink corner of the blogosphere (like here). This is their equivalent of The Times.

            Now, to assuage this Little Scotlander attitude, the HQ was based in Edinburgh but still their national pride was so insulted because they’d merged with an English building society.

            It is this attitude writ large that I encountered regularly and which manifests itself in the SNP. Who aren’t fooling anybody about their motives and their fan-base.

            Perhaps you’re a big chap or you tend to mix with polite Scottish people – of which there are many. But there is a huge undercurrent of rabid anti-Englishness up there that I hadn’t realised until I lived there. They’d confide in me you see because I have an I*r*ish accent. They’d think it was ‘safe’ to unburden themselves.

            On English motorway signs we have ‘Don’t Dri*nk and Dr*ive’ on Scottish ones they have ‘Don’t take drugs and dr*i*ve’.

            They even had to run a ‘Stop beating up the bl*a*cks’ campaign on their billboards. It wasn’t called that but you’ll remember the one.

            Scotland is (relatively) empty because many Scots can’t stand their bigotted countrymen.

            When they’re not busy hating the English they busy themselves hating each other over Cat*ol*ic ‘v’ Pro*test*ant.

            A c*u*n*t I worked with years before I ever lived in Fucking Scotland took great pleasure telling me how his grandad had had a Rangers season ticket which had been passed to his father and then to him but that he, principled chap that he was, had sent it back when they signed the (Ca*th*ol*ic) Mo Johnson.

            It was only when I lived there that I realised that he wasn’t an isolated arsehole. He was fucking well main-stream.

            Then of course there’s the weather.

            Fucking awful place.

            Your mileage may vary.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            Thank-you for your post,jgm2. It explains a lot. I live in the north east.Perhaps there’s a wide difference in attitude.I have had not one whiff of anti-Englishness.

            I love living here. It’s my home.The only grouse I’ve got is as the locals die the place is filling up with Yorkshire people.Why Yorkshire people? Goodness knows.They are leaving God’s own country in droves.The village is dead.Full of holiday homes.Yorkshire people are o f course wonderful but I didn’t move to a Scottish fishing village to be surrounded by empty houses.

            So in my dotage I’ll leave shortly for the buzz of Edinburgh & will no doubt be stabbed in the street.


          • EU Mong who doesn't get Scotland says:

            Surely you have some Grouse flying around Glen Haggis or swimming on Loch Monster-Ness to the music of bagpipes ?


          • Dunfermline, jgm2?

            My mistake but marginally worse, even than Dumbarton. I felt sorry for you before… but this is fucking tragic, mate! :-)

            Hope you didn’t breathe too much air there as it affects you for life.

            They haven’t even got a proper castle FFS! True there are the abbey ruins and Dunfermline Palace adjoins them, what there is left of it. The rest of it can be scra’ped in the bin. From Kircaldy to Culross is mongland, as you will well know.

            Why didn’t you choose to live in Kinross or Clackmannanshire, both much nicer? On the railway, I imagine. Too late now, you are a lost cause. ;-)


          • @UH I have not been to St Kilda, Colonsay has escaped me (nearly went last year) as has Foula in the Shetlands. Otherwise the answer is yes to anywhere, good or bad, in the UK. I was lucky as at every stage in my career, my work took me to different places. Eventually I had national responsibility and got to see everything else I had missed. When I became a consultant, I could tack the odd day on to a far flung visit and go to visit Cape Wrath and other such remote places. That was magic – even jgm2 would have liked it – probably. :-)


          • We have a common problem, but remain divided says:

            My mother is Welsh and my father is Northern Irish.

            Now the Celts are a fine people in many ways. They are often the conscience of the nation. However, they shouldn’t really be left to their own devices.

            They don’t like anybody. They hate everybody. Even I have this problem. I find myself being so critical of other people that there’s nothing left to like about anybody.

            Now all of us live in Wiltshire. It’s a long way from anyhere truly Celtic but it is also a long way from London. London is the problem. Not England, not the English but London. Not even Londoners are the problem – except that they get infected by London. We need to split London up and move the capital to somewhere like Sheffield. Keep the stock market where it is, but keep the profits of the big companies spread about the whole nation and not just channeled towards the capital. Move the West End somewhere central too, and Wembley.

            Fact is that the real problems that Scotland has with London are shared with 75% of England. The complaints of the Scots would apply equally to Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester and Newcastle. London is the problem.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            I’ve not been to Cape Wrath. It’s on my to do list. I met a man with a boat from Kinlochbervie who was going to take me by sea but he ran off with a woman in the village before I got the chance.

            That sounds like an episode of Dr.Finlay with sex but it’s true.

            His name was Jimmy.Always think Jimmy’s are suspicious.


          • jgm2 says:

            I quite liked Culross. Decent pub – ‘The Ship’ I think. Proper pub. Like an English pub. So many ‘pubs’ down that way were just breeze block and formica sheds.

            Falkland was nice. Like a Sussex village. And a decent Palace.

            Kinross was nice. Dollar was nice but the rest of Clackmannanshire was pretty shit.

            On a sunny day it was lovely. But then isn’t everywhere?

            But the winter we’ve just had here in England just reminds me of why I left Fucking Scotland. Every fucking winter was like that. And 2/3 of the summers as well.

            I just couldn’t bear the thought of my kids growing up there, going to university there, maybe meeting somebody local there and me living out my days in such a god-foresaken wind and rain lashed shithole, just to be near the kids and grand-kids.

            The only regret I have (and I knew I was taking a chance at the time) was that I didn’t just keep on going. To Canada. Or the Caribbean. Although, as Clarkson rightly points out, the trouble with the Caribbean is that it wouldn’t be too long before you’d find yourself wondering if eight in the morning really was too early for a rum-punch.

            First World problems, eh?


          • Universal Hissing says:

            Ah,jgm2 if we met I’m sure we would get on well & talk the night away.

            To common problem,parts of Wiltshire are wonderful but it’s too far from the coast for me. I get twitchy if I’m not near the sea.

            Perhaps London should be a city state? I’d be feeling a bit pissed off & lonely if I lived in Northumberland right now.

            We seem to be turning Guido’s incisive, penetrating political thread into a chat room.


          • jgm2 says:

            Time, I think, to call it a night.

            Cheers UH and SC.


          • Whatever happened to k says:

            Aisy cutter Hello jgm2 yeah we noticed you fucked off from this forum for a year or to as well and your back still as bigoted as before.


          • @We have a/r

            So, naturalists observe, a flea
            Hath smaller fleas that on him prey;
            And these have smaller still to bite ‘em;
            And so proceed ad infinitum…

            Jonathan Swift

            What I have found from my travels, but UH may shed more light on this, is that the Highlanders do not like Central Belt Scotland that much, particularly the Scottish parliament and the Shetlanders and Orkneans like them even less. On Fair Isle, they do their own thing but are rather dependent upon Lerwick.

            If Scotland vote for independence, then I would support independence for the Shetlands and watch with glee as it wiped the fat stupid smile off Salmond’s fat stupid face!

            The truth is that the problem is always the next biggest place and if you change the deck-chairs around in a game of Balkans, the main town will always be unpopular. God Almighty! I have even heard people in Ruyton-XI-Towns complain about Shrewsbury!


          • @UH

            …incisive, penetrating… sounds like a description of that Jimmy fella!

            The land journey is nice. One has to cross the Kyle of Durness by ferry and then you can catch the minibus which takes you the six miles or so to the cape, high above the sea. It is great fun on a good day. Otherwise one has at 12 mile walk from the north of Sandwood Loch.

            BTW Have passed through your village on my way to Vementry! But I spent a whole week exploring the islands. Bloody expensive to get to but, once there, as cheap as chips to get from one island to another, even with a vehicle.

            St Ninian’s tombolo is one of the most fabulous places one can imagine as I am sure you know. To hear the waves lapping against the sand from both directions is an unforgettable experience.


          • @jgm2

            Aloa I found quite fun. I barrelled in there one day and saw this stone tower and mistook it for the one at Clackmannan.

            Barged in and bumped into a charming bearded fellow who, learning about my architectural interest, insisted on showing me around and we climbed right to the top for a fabulous view.

            Only as we were talking did I realise that he was the holder of the oldest Earldom in the UK. Jamie Erskine, Earl of Mar and Kellie (and one other I can’t remember). The Mar title has two holders as it has been disputed for centuries.

            All good stories have a let down though. He mentioned that he sat with the Liberal Democrats, when I asked him if he knew another friend of mine in that place. I kept silent about my views as I was his guest.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            Oh my this is so strange,I lived in Shrewsbury & my best friend lived in Ruyton.

            Of course The Holy Grail is in Ruyton.

            How odd that you know the villages I have lived in even though they are 500 miles apart.



          • Another Engineer says:

            Another recommendation for a trip to Cape Wrath, and a walk along the north coast. Tonight would have been a superb night to spend in Kervaig bothy with the Northern Lights filling the sky.

            I think the rural Scots, both south and north would soon get fed up of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Aberdeen too. The Central Belt is on a different planet to the rest, and it isn’t a good one.

            We should re-activate the Highland Boundary Fault and the Southern Uplands Fault, and just tow the middle out into the Atlantic. They’d be happy and so would we.


          • @UH

            Not really.

            For my sins, I am insatiably curious in terms of travel, art, built heritage, world travel, all sorts of cognitive matters and much other stuff which perhaps I better not mention. :-)

            I had gone to Ruyton-XI-Towns because I had built a post-code based programme for the UK and, there being no other way, I had copied it all in manually over several weeks. I had not heard of them until I got to the Rs and the oddity of the name stood out so that I stuck it in my database, so I would pick it up on my travels. Yes, I am that sad!

            It links to a mapping system and I can see everything I have ever visited within seconds. I started this in the 1980s. I got there one day and had a pint at the Talbot and talked to the locals.

            One thing I was always interested in was whether Shrewsbury was pronounced with an ‘o’ or an ‘e’. Everyone I spoke to there said ‘e’. So I took it that the ‘o’ pronunciation was an affectation used by folks who had never been there, like TV presenters. When I got into town, I found both were used. More recently I have had very good evidence presented to me by an academic who was born nearby that historically it was the ‘o’.

            So despite all my travels and all my care to establish this simple point, I am still none the wiser! That is life and I love it! :-)


          • Hi AE!

            Good to see you again. Like that idea.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            This is much more interesting than politics.

            I just popped out to see if there are any dancing northern lights tonight but no luck.

            The first time I saw them disturbed me. I don’t draw the curtains & one night suddenly everything went green.I thought there was something wrong with my eyes until I realised what it was.

            There’s something very magical about it.

            So Cat,you ignored the fact that the holy grail is kept in a secret place in Ruyton.That’s a bloody strange place to keep it.


          • I did not ignore it so much as had nothing useful to add to it.

            Not being holy in anyway, I imagine that the boast of a grail in Ruyton was done to beat up some interest in a nice area but which is otherwise rather off the beaten track…

            Damn it, UH! I have been right up into the Arctic Circle and still not seen the Aurora Borealis! I ain’t going to see it here on the Adriatic either. And although I do not regard myself as old, I have got to the stage where I am happier in a warmer environment than a colder one. 17° and sunny here today.

            You will have to look at it for me and teleport it into my consciousness via a wormhole! I am sure it is possible. Of to bed. Sleep well. :-)


          • Universal Traveller says:

            If you want to see the northern lights, go to Lapland in December. Almost guaranteed on show nightly. Wrap up warm, but an experience not to be missed. Enjoy stewed reindeer meat for dinner.


  39. 146
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I come?


  40. 150
    Nicolas Quinelka says:

    5 match ban?

    FFs! Suarez only got 10 for biting Ivanovic’s arm off.
    Only 1 explanation. The ‘?’ have infiltrated Fifa.


  41. 154
    Yahoo says:

    We can see YouHooHoo!


    • 168
      A European says:

      NSA and GCHQ also cinducting massive industrial espionnage against European allies and internationally

      Kick the US out of Europe

      They are actively toxic

      And kick Britain out of the EU


      • 179
        Mong Watch says:

        You think kicking the US / UK out of Europe is going to stop NSA / GCHQ spying ?

        Maybe a little, but then Europe will have C!A and MI-6 to deal with instead.


        • 293
          Alf Garnett says:


          Let’s have a cold war with Europe

          That will ra


        • 431
          You do know that almost ANYBODY can see you on the net? says:

          If the information is on the internet it isn’t really spying. It’s like running down the High Street naked and then complaining when somebody sees you.


  42. 156
    carlo gambino says:

    Sweet Jesus, could you imagine sitting in that audience… or wanting to sit in that audience.


  43. 160
    David Cummerbund says:

    I have called for a judge led inquiry.
    Beat you to it,Ed.

    You Spaz.


    • 299
      Bliar says:

      Can it be a Hutton-style inquiry?


      • 353
        Lord Chief Justice says:

        It must be Hutton like since it must cover up for more Blair treason in granting secret immunity to killers without authority from Parliament

        Hang the bastard…publicly…


        • 505
          Anonymous says:

          It was obvious at the time that Blair was desperate to be the PM who brought peace to Ireland for no other reason than his own personal aggrandisement, as usual.

          No surprise then that he was prepared to do anything and shaft anyone to achieve it, as usual.


    • 385
      Jack says:

      Northern Ireland First Minister, the Democratic Unionist Party leader Peter Robinson, threatened to resign on Wednesday if Mr Cameron did not announce an inquiry, saying he had been “kept in the dark” about a deal.

      Mr Robinson later welcomed the judge-led inquiry and the Secretary of State’s pledge that “any letters issued cannot be relied upon to avoid questioning or prosecution for offences where information or evidence is now or later becomes available”.

      “I think that makes it very clear that they have a fairly worthless piece of paper,” he said.

      So one of these letters was legal earlier in the week and is now illegal?

      Has the legal system gone mad?


      • 517
        Full of shit says:

        Robinson is full of shite too. His ‘resignation’ would have meant him standing aside for six weeks, whilst his colleague Arlene Foster, assumed the role….then hE’d resume hIs job after that.
        He did the same when the shit hit the fan for him when his ‘born again Christian’ wife was Fucking a wee lad on the sneak, and he was being given ransom strips from builders for £5.


  44. 162
    Legal beagle says:

    Yahoo and Google going batshit about NSA and GCHQ hacking

    After they hace cooperated with NSA GCHQ for years

    Boycott these US spies and close down their British sub-contractor GCHQ


    • 207
      Abbonothotimus says:

      Best way to fight back is to turn off your firewall and get naked in front of the webcam.
      I hit every branch of the ugly tree, they will need counselling after watching me.


  45. 166
    The well-informed public says:

    The Express says Merkel supports Cameron’s EU reform agenda and the Telegraph says the opposite.

    What a load of Quatsch mit Soße.


    • 177
      Nick Clegg says:

      They are just being Liberal Democrats. Telling their readers what they think they want to hear regardless of the truth.


    • 301
      dw.de says:

      Trust the Enbglish Press I say

      Two leading newpapers making opposite interpreta

      Swear on my heart it’s true guv’

      The British Press is even pmore inaccurate and silly tha


  46. 172
    I've just been blocked by Owen Jones says:

    As many will know Owen Jones has been tweeting that the Mails story on Harman and Co’s involvement with PIE is nothing more than a right wing smear campaign. So I took the opportunity to ask him his thoughts on the Left Wing Guardian and Mirror ‘Smear’ campaign since they ran with the same allegations. Now there was nothing abusive or inappropriate in my tweet to him other than it was clearly a challenge to his position. Now rather than engage me , he blocked me. This appears to be Jones MO. Says all you need to know about him.


  47. 180
    The public says:

    Iain Dale asking “Why are we so beastly to the Germans?”

    Two world wars?
    Penalty shootouts?
    The EU?
    The Euro?
    The hol-ocaust?
    Leather shorts?


    • 184
      Worlds most mind numbingly humourless music says:

      Kraftwerk ?


      • 192
        Heres somemore reasons to hate the Jermans says:

        You should also add those 3 World Cup wins, 3 European championship Wins ,3 confederaion cup wins and the fact that Ingland havent won a home match against them since 1975


    • 218
      Universal Hissing says:

      & terrible wine except Trockenbeerenauslese if you like puddings.


      • 355
        A pretend German says:

        We invented aspirin, the advent calendar, cars, the ballistic missile, Romanticism, fuel cells, the garden gnome, amphetamine, the hole punch, X-rays, the washing machine, the ring binder, synthetic rubber, very long noisy operas, morphine, the metronome, laundry detergent, helmets with spikes, the gramophone record and cocaine. Are we not cute enough to kiss?


    • 253
      Historian says:

      Because Germany has been a great success story and a generous support for Europe since WWII and especially since reunification

      While Britain has stumbled from crisis to crisis not knowing what to do except to follow the US in its aggressive folly

      And still cannot make up its mind about the EU – even after 40 years


  48. 202
    Disenfranchised & Disillusioned. says:

    Still in cahoots to their paymasters’ whims.


  49. 208
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Little Ed is a pompous, arrogant tw*t :)


  50. 221
    Moley says:

    The aim of socialism is the victory of the proletariat over the ruling classes.

    The particular members of the ruling class that the proletariat of the Labour party and Unions have in their sights is the Labour Front Bench, all of whom are self evidently members of the ruling class. In particular, those politicians who have finagled their sons, daughters, husbands and wives into influential positions, so as to keep their power in the family.

    A truly socialist Labour Party would defenestrate millionaire Miliband and his cronies and install all those Union members who currently define themselves as proletariat but aspire to become the new ruling class.

    This is what Miliband is trying to prevent, but the more he moves to the left, the more his power and privilege become vulnerable.

    The Revolution has come to the Labour Party.


    • 456
      Socialism had this problem even before 1917 says:

      The anarchists had the socialists number. You might want to read a bit about them. They realised that the socialists would simply take the place of the ruling classes and things would remain much the same. They were right of course.


  51. 224
    P Doff says:

    Mrs Peter Bone is employed by her husband at our expense as the most expensive parliamentary personal secretary in history. £45K a year and never a sign of her doing anything but empty his bath


  52. 227
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    All jocks should be gassed.


  53. 231
    Meanwhile... says:

    Today is the day to talk about poverty when RBS, a company we own, is allowed to pay out £576M in bonuses alone to greedy incompetents who have saddled us with 6 years of losses.

    If a civil servant, which is basically what RBS bosses are, lost one lot of £8.2Bn he would be jailed not handed millions as a reward. They can lose that on a regular basis and still be paid so much that their great grandchildren will never have to work ………… or starve!


    • 256
      A banker says:

      Good point

      But you should know by now that bankers are above the law in Britain and America

      How else could we rip you all off, get bailed out by you, and STILL pay ourselves huge bonuses

      The Rule of Law broke down in Britain about 20 years ago


    • 464
      It's really complicated.... says:

      RBS is a public limited company, not a branch of government. The government owns 80% of the shares. It actually has £1.9trillion in assets.


  54. 244
    Prime Minister David "Moneys No Object" Cameron,the ignorant prick. says:

    Lets Frack our way to a better future.


  55. 248
  56. 271
    Owen Jones attempts to smear the Daily Mail in an attempt to misdirect public attention away from that heartless monster Harriet Harman says:

    Bloody hell! It is now all out war between Labour & the DM.

    I think Labour have lost the plot.


    Is this far worse than Harriet Harman’s career to being affiliated to a pedofile organisation? Admittedly the DM could do better.

    Owen Jones is an pedo apologist arsewipe who supports a heartless monster in the Labour Party.

    Support your pedofile apologists by voting Labour!


    • 275
      Al Campbell, professional advice says:

      All one needs to do is suggest that Owen Jones’s apparent apologist stance is in some way connected with his sexuality.

      The BBC earlier made the point that the Gay movement was infiltrated by P.I.E. who only later wanted to extend their cause to include female and hetero p’edophiles.

      Owen’s stance is very murky, and could perhaps work against legitimate gay interests.


      • 332
        Gay Gordons says:

        What is legitimate about gay interests, apart from what politicos have rammed down our throats against our will? Jones is still murky tho’.


    • 329
      Sir William Wayde says:

      Well, it’s pretty bad. The Mail is the unnaceptable face of conservatism – strident, thick-headed, tacky, whingeing and altogether hateful.


      • 409
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Only to narrow-minded, bigoted socialists.


      • 470
        Ok, we looked over there but now we are looking right back at you says:

        In its entire modern history Labour activists have worked together to find just three examples of dubious text relating to children and fashionwear.

        Fine, I agree with you.

        Now lets get back to Harriet Harman and her position now that Patricia Hewitt has agreed that it was “naive and wrong”.


  57. 277
  58. 279
    Anonymous says:

    So I see Hewitt has apologised for Liberty/PIE.

    What now for Harpic and Dromey ??


    • 618
      Labour, the Paedos Party says:

      Probably more to do with a fear of losing her lucrative position at BT than a real apology.


  59. 280
    Petition war says:



    missing letters a p h


  60. 288
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Milisoc.


  61. 289
    H'arriet H'arman Must Resign Now says:

    ‘Ex-Lab Cabinet min. P’atricia H’ewitt: NCCL “naive and wrong” to accept claims of P.I.E it was campaigning/counselling group.’

    h/t: @afneil


  62. 298
    Anon. says:



    • 314
      sickening says:

      So even after all the documents published about
      the NCCL/PIE affiliation,even after it’s been proved
      that she has lied,she still won’t apologise or admit
      she made a mistake.
      Never mind resigning,Miliband needs to sack her and
      Dromey. This issue will not go away.


    • 323
      FYI says:

      For some reason Guido’s mod is blocking my posting a link to Hewitt’s apology over PIE this evening. She admits there was in fact a link between the tow organisations and says it was “naive and wrong”.


    • 342
      H'arriet H'arman Must Resign Now says:

      At the time, others who realized what P.I.E. were all about were not afraid to refuse to get involved:


      • 408
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Funny isn’t it. Would they even be reporting on PIE if the Daily Mail hadn’t put it on their front page for 3 days? No.

        And the only reason for this little story is because it tries to glorify one of their dead heroes of the Left.

        It’s just a piece of spin for the Labour Party, to try to neutralise the bad publicity.

        When is this party political organisation going to be closed down?


        • 428
          who why what where when says:

          The BBC censored this story when it reappeared recently.
          For days it failed to mention it in news reports and ignored the
          Daily Mail front pages in news analysis on TV and the web.
          This is completely unacceptable from our state funded broadcaster.


          • The BBC, always on the wrong side of the argument says:

            I’m loving it. The more they adopt ridiculous positions the more shit can be flung at it.


  63. 300
    The royles says:

    Just clicked what the picture of Milliband reminded me off. it was Craig Ash from the Royle family sitting on the TV and dumbly watching telly


  64. 305
    EU Watch 2 says:

    If you do not hear about ongoing protests in S’pain, or only hear about violent ones, it is because the government is gagging and banning peaceful protest:


  65. 308
  66. 313
    EU Watch 2 says:

    Interesting protest in G’ermany…


    • 315
      Dave 'Bummer' Cameron says:

      The Germans deserved every fucking bomb they received.

      If they had won the war we’d have had to endure speeches in Parliament made in German and most of our laws made on the other side of the channel.


    • 325
      No sympathy says:


    • 337
      UKIP X3 says:

      Great Britain saved Europe from the Nazis, if it were not for the sacrifices our people made the whole of Europe would be dominated by the Germans…oh yeah.

      Who really won the war?


      • 348
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        The Germans fought for years against soviet communism they deserve our thanks.


      • 372
        GCHQ says:

        Actually Russia did most of the rea


      • 376
        Jack says:

        Actually the Russians did most of the work defeating the Nazis

        Over 20 million dead

        Britain was a side show until the US came in…

        But dream on and live out your inferiority complex…


        • 479
          It's amazing the lies Stalin was prepared to tell says:

          20 million dead. Ha! You believe anything. Jesus, if they had lost that many war dead the Russians would have more or less died out by now. How come the Germans fought all over Europe, were bombed to shit until nothing was left and only lost 3million?


      • 396
        Anonymous says:

        Russia and America.


    • 345

      It is incredible that communist propaganda has so infiltrated the German psyche that they actually celebrate their own defeat.


    • 401
      jgm2 says:

      You’re welcome.

      Bomber Harris had the right idea.


    • 439
  67. 316
    I d on't need no d octor says:

    C4 News – Jon Snow stated he would pay £1,000 to a charity if Paul Dacre would agree to an interview. This is the same Jon Snow that tells us about the poor, what the fuck does he know about the poor. This is the same Jon Snow that uses a free bus pass, has at least two properties and gets a 6 figure renumeration. I wonder how much tax he pays?
    Snow is an hypocritical arsewipe.


  68. 317
    Britain's Obama and Leroy the Builder says:


  69. 319
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It’s about time we had all women shortlists for the Trades Union leaders.

    Vile Trades Union dinosaurs like McCluskey,Crow and Serwotka should step down in favour of women elected on an all women shortlist.

    Or is it do as i say and not as i do for Labour’s paymasters!


  70. 320
    Fishy says:

    Sir Martin Sorrell Head of WPP says that things are looking good for a Tory victory next year.


    WPP is a UK company that sells services worldwide and makes a profit. A profit is something that organisations make in return for their industry and creativity. It is what keeps people in work, and what contributes to the economy and tax receipts.

    (More information about the word PROFIT can be found on the internet)


  71. 321
    I d on't need no d octor says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the moderation.


  72. 322
    EU Watch 2 says:

    When L’ithuania joined the EU, no one explained to them that an EU law allows foreigners to buy up their land…

    They are not happy about this as it was not mentioned when the issue of joining the EU was discussed in the country.


    • 341
      Democracy Now says:

      Well, they could have asked around, but all they apparently heard was the charm offensive from the EU bullshit merchants, no doubt greasing the right palms as well.


    • 393

      Not a very balanced item with the interviewer actually offering an answer at the end.

      Don’t get me wrong as I am not a fan of the EU but if a country chooses to join it then the concept of a foreigner goes away, certainly as far as other member states countries are concerned. This has been the case since decades before Maastricht.

      A sovereign state may discriminate against foreigners who wish to buy. In practice, this has seldom worked out well as it discourages the flow of investment into the country.

      It is tantamount to protectionism and runs entirely contrary to the principle of free trade. Here one cannot be half in and half out. If one is going to discriminate, on what grounds may one do so fairly and where does one set the dividing line? What one person will see as acceptable will not be so to another.


      • 434
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Crmm as above in the main comment – when people are not ‘properly informed’ and their informed consent is thus stolen from them by a state and its craven msm – then people have a right to get fucking angry and burn down their houses of ill repute.


        • 466

          I am not denying that this is the case but you will well know that the world is full of crooks who try and get off real crimes by saying they were not informed.

          In this case there was a referendum with over 60% of the people voting. People presented the cases for and against. The against campaign was poorly run by all accounts.

          To vote yes and then, when it does not work out so well, to cry that they were not informed correctly is a poor argument. Either side could claim that afterwards, had they lost.

          Much better to decide as a country to leave or to hold the EU to account for its considerable failings.

          TBH, my piece was confined to the issues of free trade which would have still applied had they joined the EEC and not the EU. Trade is either free or it is not. If they want to become another Enver Hoxha style Albania then that is/was also available.

          People used to burn down cottages in Wales you may remember.


          • Selling your land not such a good idea says:

            “It is tantamount to protectionism and runs entirely contrary to the principle of free trade.”

            Bullcrap. Free trade means exactly that and nothing more. You don’t have to give your land away to strangers and most countries do not. It is all about “means of production”. I remember when Hungary kicked out the Russians. Siemens and Alcatel came in and bought everything. Having obtained all the means of production they shut it all down and threw everybody in Hungary out of work. Consequently there was no Hungarian economy – except for the daughters of Doctors sent out to prostitute themselves in the razor-wire protected Sheraton Hotel to German businessmen.

            Ah, the days of the wild East. The US decided they had to clean the place up or the communists would take over again and sent in the CIA to shoot all the mafia guys.


          • Sorry but I don’t think you paid attention. I was talking about the EEC, having made a caveat about the EU.

            Try again.


          • Null hypothesis says:

            @Selling your land not such a good idea

            *You* are clearly talking bullcrap here. Siemens and Philips are producing today in Hungary!

            “Threw everyone in Hungary out of work?” Absolute balls! I was there last summer and know otherwise.

            Your Sheraton remark is risible.

            You want to get outside your bedroom for a bit.


          • Selling your land not such a good idea says:

            You are talking about the period AFTER the US stepped in and cleaned up Hungary and then got the EU and American companies to invest in the place.

            This is what it was like in those days:-


            It was so dangerous that the Sheraton Hotel was surrounded by razor wire and CCTV cameras. There isn’t a Sheraton Hotel in Budapest anymore.


  73. 330
    EU Watch 2 says:

    EU may have to concede U’kraine for the time being, but will they stand by the protesters / bandits they were supporting in the country ?

    This is being painted as a Russ!a / NATO standoff, but it should be noted that U’kraine is a non-NATO country and an Article-5 response could not be justified if Russ!a is invited in by the government.


    • 445
      Munich says:

      The UK and USA have together guaranteed the integrity of Ukraine’s independence as part of the nuclear disarmement process.


    • 488
      Vladamir Putin says:

      Given that they have deposed a democratically elected president currently residing in Moscow, they have given me exactly the pretext I needed….


  74. 333
    P'ervert says:


    Who is the hot blonde chick sat next to Ed?


  75. 335
    Coming Soon says:

    The movie event of the year

    Harriet Harman

    Life of Pie


  76. 338
    Ah! Primark has a lot to answer for says:

    Nurse in agony after she was bitten on the bottom by a false widow spider which had crawled into her onesie


  77. 346
    Tit Watch says:

    re Harpoonperson

    We broadly remember this period, it was a time when the modernism of the 1960s just had to run into the 70s despite a more respectable tide having already turned. Clearly the associates of this woman and her accomplices could not accept this, we recall being very uncomfortable with all of this and clearly that it did not feel right.

    Still, it was the later days of Callaghan’s attempts at Government and the Central will of these perverts must have extended up through the Party.

    That she cannot apologise speaks volumes but then brightness has never been a strongpoint for this woman and to quote a now forgotten Tory… Everything she touches turns to dust.


    • 429
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Harman also has a track and traceable history of ‘signing off’ many documents while in a senior political / legal position which behind the scenes ‘shackled, tagged and aided and abetted many of the judiciary’ to label certain honest and innocent people as vex lits [s.42 of 1981 < note the year] – when many of them were only speaking out against the despicable concealing of many a criminal act being coevered up to protect the false pro.bity of the legal and judicial criminals operating with immunity and impunity in this country.

      How many legals have 'slowly and creepily' been – turning this country into a marxist state?


  78. 347
    When's Harmen going to apologise and then resign? says:

    At least one of them has apologised though even thats not really good enough. Now when’s Harman going to apologise… Then after she has done so resign! He position is now untenable as Hewitt has blown the cover.

    BREAKING NEWS: ‘I got it wrong on peedoughfile Information Exchange': Patricia Hewitt finally apologises over group’s links to National Council for Civil Liberties when she was its boss

    Former Labour cabinet minister was general secretary of NCCL in 1970s
    Hewitt says she takes responsibility for the mistakes made at the time
    65-year-old adds that NCCL was ‘naive and wrong’ over links with PIE



    • 358
      Mike (feel this my Princess)Handycock says:

      Ups the pressure on Harman and emboldens her many enemies in Labour

      Time for her to resign and leave the public stage (perhaps her Son will get her safe seat?)


    • 394
      Cynic says:

      Sounds to me like Patsy has agreed to be the patsy.


      • 411
        Anonymous says:

        It does because she is out of politics and living abroad. Harmen will now pop up and say see not my fault and the odious creature will go back to being well…odious.


        • 435
          and says:

          Hewitt has apologised and said she takes full responsibility.
          Hewitt is godmother to one of Harman and Dromey’s kids.


          • Are you quite sure about that? says:

            Godmother? Can hardly imagine these three creeps have ever seen the inside of a church?


      • 619
        Beattie says:

        Or BT told her to do it-or lose her well paid post.


  79. 354
    Same old same old says:

    Threads fucked yet again

    I want my annual subscription refunded


  80. 368
    Honest citizen says:

    What the hell is going on?

    One day the High Court releases a suspected murderer because of his “letter” from Blair

    The next this


    Has the judicial system collapsed?


    • 402
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      There was a bit of disagreement between the bench and the CPS.

      Justice Sweeney threw the case on basis of ensuring ‘executive misconduct does not disrepute’, and ‘holding officials of the state to promises they have made in the full understanding of what is involved in the bargain’.

      He also said there had been a “catastrophic failure” in the case and it offended the “court’s sense of justice and propriety” to now try the defendant.

      These are very strong words indeed, suggesting he considered the CPS were getting pretty close to contempt in terms of bringing this case in the first place.

      This has perhaps opened the lid on the real can of worms which Bla!r created when he sealed the Stormont deal.

      The real story here is that the full terms of that deal were officially not known by all parties who signed it. That perhaps brings into question the validity of the agreement.


      • 438

        But the Orange Hain seems to have changed his tune in the last 24 hours. He is now saying that the letter provides for these people to be arrested and tried after all. Admittedly he did go to sleep overnight and maybe he got out of bed on a different side? But he had said yesterday, in that swaggering, bellicose way of his, that he was right all along and would do it again.

        He is another Harman type IMO.


  81. 375
    Anonymous says:

    Given the amount of demonstrations outside the NCCL front door and the newspaper spreads at the time Harmen would have to have been utterly brain fucking dead not to notice.

    Ah… I think I now see the issue here

    Resign resign resign


  82. 379
    Blowing Whistles says:

    There are at least 30 regular posters on here who i dare say know a fuck of a lot more about history than Steve Coogan’s ‘narrowed scope’ of attack.

    He appeaRED tonight on CH4 to be taking his ‘cue’ (he’s a fucking actor FFS) from some in Hollyweird land – perhaps he’s sucking up for a nice fat film contract and is thus seen and beholden to be batting for the hollyweirdos’ moneygrubbing mob.


    • 387
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Noticed many are pointing out the H-acked O-ff are aiming to stop the press reporting on things like PIE – and your point as well.

      The liberal left are a homogeneous problem: McCarthy was right.


      • 423
        Blowing Whistles says:

        J Edfuckinggar Hoover was one of them nasties in full and clear view all the time.


        • 426
          P'ervert says:

          And he was a closet arse bandit.


          • Keep our press free says:

            Only those with something to hide want to censor our free press.


          • T'homas J'efferson says:

            When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.


          • Politicians - we just do exactly as we please says:

            We go off and have secret meetings with the Bilderburgers without your permission and without letting you in on the secret.

            Just how much do you think we fear the people?


          • D L George says:

            “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

            Some years ago on Question Time someone raised this, Harriet Harman was asked if “She feared the people”
            She said


  83. 380
    Anon. says:


  84. 381
    Mzzzzzzz. Hatefilled HaHaHaHaPerson, the LieBore Gift that keeps on giving says:

    Changing the subject, I wish to place on record that cutting a little girl’s clit is not, as I previously thought, a culturally enriching experience, one that all progressive people should applaud, – but I now discover that the Grouniad-BBC Axis has discovered the clit and is appalled as am I – now that they mention it.

    Now, as Princess Polytwaddle advised, let’s move on.


  85. 404
    The former Death Secretary rears her head says:

    That grubby evil shit Patricia Hewitt has emerged from her hovel to say she’s sorry and that she was naive in believing PIE’s claims to be a counselling organisation which didn’t promote unlawful acts. They wanted to reduce age of consent to 4 and she says they didn’t promote anything unlawful!

    Since leaving parliament, the former Death Secretary has used her contacts in health to get herself a range of consultancy positions. She was one of the “cabs for hire”. One of her roles is for Boots. I urge everyone to contact Boots and make it clear in no uncertain terms that Boots should have nothing to do with someone who campaigned for child abusers’ rights.


  86. 424
    Lest we Forget says:


    • 449
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Look at what she has connived to conceal with all her legal mates. Also her sister is a nasty piece of legal 5hit who should have gone to prison for ‘contempt of court’. Cover up after cover up; after cover up.

      She appears to be ‘toughing it out’ and perhaps because she has enough on Bliar and other legal colleagues to be able to use it to protect herself?


      • 498
        They don't even know what they are saying is wrong says:

        No. Just another narcissist. They always believe they are right and anybody that disagrees is wrong. It doesn’t matter about facts, the narcissist is always right and they truly believe this. It is an emotional disorder so what is happening in the frontal lobes of her brain is of no consequence.


        • 540
          Owen Jonestown says:

          Harriets quite right if anyone disagrees with me particularly if they show me up as talking shite I just block them, shut them down, throw them in jail, shoot the bastards !!!!!


      • 507
        Not Blowing Whistles says:

        Net is slowly closing on Bliar.

        Chilcot ?


  87. 433
    P'ervert says:

    If you think you’ve been lied to again, vote UKIP.


  88. 436
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    Excellent trolling by the T’graph, and collectivist H’arman will abhor being isolated:


  89. 442
    Ped says:

    “Net migration soars over 200,000″

    Like all government statistics this ‘net’ figure is a sham. The actual figure is revealed by the number of new NI numbers issued to foreigners which showed a 19 per cent rise to 617,000 in 2013. Add to that the number of Brits fleeing the Cameron/Socialist nightmare and the difference is nearer a million – the demography of Britain changed by one million in one year.

    The truth is almost beyond belief. It must be stopped. Not only stopped but reversed. There is no more room in this blighted land.


    • 455
      Member of the public says:

      Don’t forget that the number of illegal immigrants in the country has also mushroomed, yet again, 2 million plus now and growing every day.


    • 503
      Wot no census? I wonder why? says:

      Don’t forget they bring their girlfriends over and they don’t necessarily show on the NI figures and then they have two or three of their foreign sprogs at our expense.

      Still, they are going to break the wlefare system pretty soon the way things are going. Probably best to put Labour in power just before that happens….


  90. 447
    Ah! colours says:

    Angela Merkle get that beautiful necklace of died blue olive stones from?


  91. 450
    Cazual Observer 9 says:


  92. 452
    Ah! dear says:

    Robinson withdraws threat to resign, subsequent to reviewing the perks of office. Bugger the principles.


  93. 454
    Ah! cut to the quick says:

    All I want to know is, what will happen to the price of haggis?


  94. 457
  95. 459
    That time of the month says:


  96. 461
    Ah! dementia says:

    Can’t remember who ‘Can’t remember my moniker’ is.


  97. 467
    It's ALL coming out Now says:


    • 469
      Harman's Boss says:


    • 485
      Ped says:

      Harman’s toast.


      • 552
        C.O.Jones says:

        She should be toast but it seems the BBC are not covering the subject as it should be. Both the Mail and the Sun front pages have been excluded from their coverage so far as I am aware.


        • 561
          Jimmy says:

          Well they can’t show everything. To be fair, they’ve also left out the PIE magazine and Viz.


          • The BBC protects Labour politicians says:


            Had these been Tories this would have run to the election. If this has served on purpose it has shown that the BBC is not only biased it is hook line and sinker in the Labour camp and will anything to protect their MPs have gross their actions.

            This should be remembered come the election campaign because not one candidate will get a fair hearing if they are not a labour luvvie.


          • jgm2 says:

            BBC pro-Labour censorship Jimmy. And you know it.

            Even if they didn’t agree with the story these are two mass-circulation newspapers which the BBC simply pretended didn’t exist. Which they can get away with when it comes to the news because, well, they decide what the news is. But it’s a bit obvious to have a newspaper review and then not mention the two top circulation newspaper’s front headline.

            Censored by the BBC. In the interests of balance. Because of the unique way they’re funded.


          • Jimmy says:

            “they decide what the news is.”

            If the alternative is the Daily Hitler decides then I’m ok with that.


  98. 471
    Ah! Tom's Finnished says:

    Could have played with a square ball.

    Who’s this all for? He can’t hear the applause.

    Tell me while i’m alive. Better still watch Stricktly


  99. 477
    Miss Ann Drist says:

    Harriet Harman is an evil cow. When will this country learn to stop voting for these fucked up leeches.

    No vote means no government, no coalition, no opposition and it is the only way we can start from scratch! A new democratic fairer system must be proposed in place of Anarchy that would ensue! Stop voting these arseholes in! Get a better game of politics than this shower of shite!


    • 536
      Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

      Mirrored by most of the sensible part of the audience from Newport Wales on QT!
      They observed the car crash liebour MP apologist on the panel bull shitting about Welsh NHS and said they are very badly served by Liebour and should not have them back at any cost in power!


  100. 478
    Bang to Rights says:


  101. 480
    Bang to Rights says:


  102. 483
    Bang to Rights says:


  103. 484
    At Last says:

    Hewitt and Dromey admit that sex with a foetus is premature.


  104. 489
    OMG says:


  105. 492
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    Interesting trolling by the Indy: Perhaps they also noticed something odd in Dave’s DVD collection…


  106. 495
    Toilets 4 Ed says:


  107. 499
    Why indeed says:


  108. 500
    Postal Voter says:


  109. 502
    Fishy says:

    Meanwhile over on QT, there’s an opportunity for tumbril manufacturers as the cretins in the audience call for the extermination of bankers.

    After going for RBS, HSBC gets criticised by the panel for its salaries and bonuses; HSBC a global bank domiciled in Britain, one that never sought state aid and one we should be proud of, one that sorted out the wrong doing it inherited, one that makes its profits across the world and brings them back to this country.

    What a nasty country we have become (and yes, to the moron that observed that bankers get paid more than cleaners – they do, quite properly)


  110. 504
    Ed takes Frau Merkel to MacDonalds says:


  111. 509
    Eddy Currents says:


  112. 512
    London Flooded with Shit.....Where's Ed? says:


  113. 522
    Been botted again says:

    Meanwhile over on BBCQT, there’s an opportunity for tumbril manufacturers as the ‘cretins in the audience call for the extermination of bankers.

    After going for ‘RBS, ‘HSBC gets criticised by the panel for its salaries and bonuses; ‘HSBC a global bank domiciled in Britain, one that never sought state aid and one we should be proud of, one that sorted out the wrong-doing it inherited, one that makes its profits across the world and brings them back to this country.

    What a nasty country we have become (and yes, to the ‘moron that observed that bankers get paid more than cleaners – they do, quite properly)


  114. 528
  115. 529
    The QT Audience says:

    Labour looking unpopular in Wales


    • 595
      Red rosetted donkey says:

      The Cupid stunts will still vote for them though and keep blaming the Tories when it keeps turning to shit


  116. 530
    Fishy says:

    As the P* story takes on a life of its own, the BBC censored the Sun’s front page. I wonder why?


    • 538
      Cazual Observer 9 says:

      Interview on Newsnight with PIE from 1983:


      They were giving the organization a national platform.


      • 555

        That was after Harman had left NCCL in 1982 but I defy her to state that she did not remember that interview, given her involvement in NCCL. I did not recall that clip until I saw it just now but the diffident body attitude taken by the man in the white jumper as compared with his very articulate and ready prepared responses strikes up such an alarming contrast, totally unexpected, that I am now sure I saw it at the time.

        It matters not because it is in archive.

        Back to Harman, she is now dead meat. Clearly much more of this is going to tumble out of the woodwork. What was being broadcast there was surely prima facie evidence upon which a prosecution could now be mounted. The fact that it was broadcast then and not noticed by police or the BBC (beyond the interviewer) is rather condemnatory of both organisations.

        Wonder if the BBC is going to have a panic and start losing stuff from the archives?


        • 567
          Cazual Observer 9 says:

          Doubt the BBC will start losing stuff. They do have a destruction policy for old footage so it is quite good they retained this.

          Harman’s position is untenable. Even if she does apologize now she is still stuffed. She could try to attack the Sun as well, but the G’uardian and T’graph are on her case also. She should not have attacked the M’ail.

          The guy in the white jumper was using legal speak. Definitely coached, or may have been solicitor. ‘Impute’ is not an everyday word, and certainly not one in the lexicon of your average kiddie fiddler. It is a legalese term.

          He was also clearly gay as the use of ‘his’ revealed wrt child.

          His use of language there I found particularly disturbing.


  117. 545
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Gevrey Chambertin


  118. 547
    ,. says:


  119. 548
    Hole in One says:


  120. 551
    . says:


    • 562

      She has certainly cut Harman’s legs right off!

      Lord Uxbridge     : "By God, sir, I've lost my leg!"
      Duke of Wellington: "By God, sir, so you have!"



      • 565
        C.O.Jones says:

        I must say that I think she has shown a certain courage in apologising. This is not an easy subject to address and it must have been difficult for her.


        • 570
          Cazual Observer 9 says:

          I would suggest she realized there was no way out and wants this story killed as it does create reputational problems for the companies which she is employed by, and her salary.

          The away for 12 days note: Incredible.

          No courage: She had no choice and may yet find herself resigning from a few of the companies she works for.

          It is good she has made the statement, but do not impute too much genuine credit to her for doing this.


  121. 554
    C.O.Jones says:

    Can all you Labour luvvies start scanning the back issues of the Sun newspaper to find photos that could possibly be misconstrued as sexualising children to be used to start a petition against the Sun.

    You know, like the petition started by Owen Jones against the Daily Mail.


    • 557
      • 558
        C.O.Jones says:

        Jimmy, read my posting again, you doughnut!


        • 559
          Jimmy says:

          Which one? Did you come up with a good one?


          • C.O.Jones says:

            “Can all you Labour luvvies start scanning the back issues of the Sun newspaper to find photos that could possibly be misconstrued as sexualising children to be used to start a petition against the Sun.”

            Then I suggest you start on the other newspapers as they all have very similar content.

            To misconstrue what many newspapers cover as fashion or showbiz or TV or whatever as sexualising children shows a rather pathetic attempt at deflecting attention from the events that are current.

            There is nothing there that you will not find in most current media be it a movie or a clothing catalogue or fashion magazine etc.


          • Jimmy says:

            Well that’s the FT archive done. Nothing to report

            The Daily Hitler however


          • Cazual Observer 9 says:

            Jimmy: There was never a valid case against the Mail, and this story is now firmly beyond the Mail.

            In order for the ‘sexualization of children’ defence to work properly the T’elegraph, Sun, G’uardian and M’irror also need to be successfully tarred with the same brush.

            Myself: Am looking forward to seeing the Indy picking up this story properly, which will likely be early next week.


          • C.O.Jones says:

            21 minutes is too long Jimmy, for anyone else yes but for you, no. You are so politicised it is guaranteed to be boring leftie claptrap.


          • Jimmy says:

            I’m aware it does make heavy demands on your attention span, but there are pictures.


    • 604
      Thicko Leftie says:

      I’ve found a picture of a horse in the Daily Mail.

      This is clearly promoting bestiality.

      I’ve started a petition to ban the Daily Mail


      • 610
        the British public says:

        Only perverts find sexual imagery in everyday pictures in kids in swimming
        Most of us would think such photos happy and innocent.


  122. 576
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    When H’arman steps down, which fit and proper member of the L’abour party is likely to replace her ?


    • 586
      Stella Creasy says:

      Me me me me me me me me me me mE ME ME ME ME

      Please pick me. Please.

      I am just like her. I am a Fabian who hates men and goes at all the right wimmin only events. I love UNITE as much as everyone else who takes their money. I am blonde. I am in the Co-op Party and follow the whip 100% of the time. I talk ever so quickly. I am blonde. Did I tell you I am blonde?

      Pleeeeeaaaaase. Please pick me.


  123. 579
    albacore says:

    If Labour (and the Tories) can get clean away
    For as long as they have without having to pay
    For selling us out to E U domination
    With no vote on that or swamping immigration
    It’s no big surprise that, even internally
    The Labour mafia laughs at democracy


  124. 584

    Labour stood accused last night of presiding over abuses and cover-ups on the scale of the Mid Staffordshire healthcare scandal at another trust.
    A leaked copy of an investigation into the appalling neglect of an elderly patient found that a Welsh trust failed to hold a proper inquiry into the case, despite having told her family that it had taken place.
    And when Labour’s first minister in Wales, Carwyn Jones, was alerted to the scandal of poor nursing standards at the trust, his government waited over a year to order a probe.
    Eighty-two-year-old Lilian Williams died after a string of failings at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, South Wales.
    She was denied life-saving medication, allowed to starve for days and left in agony because her prosthetic leg was not taken off at night.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2569779/Labour-accused-cover-care-scandal-new-Mid-staffs-Leaked-investigation-reveals-healthcare-scandal-trust.html#ixzz2uat9wQ6V
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  125. 590
    Harriet Harman never says:

    Is Lord Hutton still alive?

    I wonder if someone would like to ask him what he thinks about his name being synonymous with whitewashing, cover-ups and lies?


  126. 591
    The BBC protects Labour politicians says:

    BBC now censoring the sun

    Axe the tell tax now


  127. 603
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Germany (without a minimum wage) consistently has a much lower unemployment rate than the UK/USA .

    This clearly shows that the minimum wage is a jobs destroyer.

    It’s high time both the UK and USA abolished the minimum wage so we can get unemployment, especially youth unemployment, down.


    • 617

      Like the way you look at a situation and consider the facts. There are some here who will say that other countries always get everything wrong, particularly if they are in Europe.

      I see this all the time from where I am.

      Preposterous of course. Most places will have some things better than we have and some things worse.

      In this case, I think you are broadly correct on the principle that any interference distorts the markets. Sometimes this takes time to work its way through the chain. The likes of Blair were far too swift to say “See? It has not had an affect on prices, unemployment…” etc. They were only seeking confirmation of their dogmatic stance.

      Eventually everything has to be paid for in one way or another.


  128. 613
    Guy News Room says:

    Guido Fawkes talks about his controversial ownership of the right wing political blog”Order Order”, insisting he is not the “villain” he is made out to be.


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