February 27th, 2014

Clegg Gives Talk to Students at Southfields Academy…


  1. 1
    White Dee Rap says:


  2. 2
    Reggie Reader says:

    The whole lot of them look fed up.


  3. 3
    Boggie Watch says:

    He’s just picking his nose Geedo. Just like wot yoofs do.


  4. 4

    Good thing for him they can’t vote yet.


  5. 5
    Hattie the PIEmaker says:

    Look Jack, something in the audience for both of us


  6. 6
    Shorts3600 says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Give that student an A in politics, he gets it.


  7. 7
    Ginger says:

    Fucking boring but it got me out of maths.


  8. 8
    Macboul says:

    Not that many white faces…


  9. 9
    Oh for gawds sake... says:

    He probably doesn’t realise it, but that kid speaks for a nation.


  10. 12
    Tit Watch says:

    Why are the witeys in the front row, what have they done to deserve this punishment?


  11. 13
    How to pick your nose and eat it, by Gordon Brown - Europhile says:


  12. 13
    Nosebag says:

    Not as cringeworthy or embarrassing as Gordon’s ghastly appearances with little children back in the good old days.


    • 129
      thostids says:

      Almost as scarey as that nice gentleman, Saddam, with a cellar-full of British hostages, parading that schoolboy. Now that had style. He really got “absolute power of life and death”. Clegg, though, knows that for that he has to look at Mariam.
      Mind you, Hughes looks like he could put the willies up just about anything.


  13. 15
    Don Butcher says:

    Even half-educated children have lost respect for Nick Cragg


    • 24
      Cazual Observer 9 says:

      Half-educated is clear proof that G’ove has done a good job in fixing the damage which Labour did to the schools.


      • 57
        Fuck the LibLabCon and fuck the EU says:

        No fuckwit, the idea is to dumb them down completely in order to keep voting for the LibLabCon party.


        • 117
          The view from Haifa says:

          Maybe, but they all know that he was the one directly responsible for the 9000 quid they will all have to find if they want to go on to university. They are not all completely dim.


  14. 19
    Nick says:



  15. 20
    Tit Watch says:

    Gayer Greenie and Lievour Puppets on Brillo? Save us.


  16. 21
    Mitch says:

    That teacher is a cutie, if she cheered up a bit.


  17. 23
    Nick Clegg says:

    I just told them not to study too hard or they’ll end up being a higher earner and then me & my mate Dave will just take all their money in taxes. Best just earn fuck all really was my advice.


  18. 25
    carlo gambino says:

    I’m glad Clegg waves his hands when talking – it really makes me feel as though he’s communicating with me.

    I can’t handle people talking and just keeping their arms TF by their sides.


  19. 26
    Gordon beat the EU to Blog Monitor says:

    the government is about to set up a ‘blog monitoring unit’ (I kid you not). Another excuse to employ a few more people on the public sector payroll, I guess.

    Ian Dale 2007



    • 43
      GCHQ/NSA says:


      We were “monitoring” blogs and all your phones for years before this

      That nice Mr Blair used the Iraq War to destroy British democracy


      • 62
        East India Company Wallah says:

        That nice man Bernie Ebbers finished building World Com the biggest modern independent telecom network in the world just in time for the Drone warfare to begin,direct fibre optic links to every corner of the world,no need to rely on sattelites
        No trace of public subsidy either


  20. 27
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    the boy sitting bottom left doesn’t look that interested either !


  21. 28
    Memories are made of this says:

    They can all tell their grandkids they had a lame duck deputy PM visit their school.


  22. 33
    Nick leg says:

    Outside every schoolchild there’s a LibDem waiting to get in.


  23. 34
    A tube says:

    Fair play to the lad.
    It always astounds me the respectful silence with which arsehole politicians are received as they patronise and condescend to those they consider their lessers.

    He knows Clegg is talking shite.


    • 105
      PIE says:

      It’s a captive audience. Forcing children to sit meekly while they are guffed at by politicians should be classed as a form of child cruelty.


  24. 38
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I luv White Dee.


  25. 39
    He is Joking, yes? says:

    ‘There aren’t enough gay characters on TV’ says BBC drama boss who promises to commission more homosexual storylines



    • 72
      East India Company Wallah says:

      A documentary on Westminster would be bursting at the seams


    • 96
      Clement Fitz-Benny says:

      Enough for what, darling? Not enough for a conga, I’ll say.


      • 119
        The view from Haifa says:

        “Round the Horne” with Kenneth Williams and co was so obviously years ahead of its time (for those old enough to remember their brilliant humour).


  26. 40
    LibDem Auto Reply says:

    Anymore of that behaviour my lad, and its off to Elm House.


  27. 42
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    The LibDem Empire will last for a thousand years.


  28. 44
    Poor deluded fool says:


    Best bit – “To back up his idea he produced a BBC survey that claims the general public would happily pay between £15 and £20 a month to access its services, which is actually more than the current £12 a month licence fee currently costs.”

    HA HA HA HA HA Sure Tony.


    • 53
      Doctor Nookie says:

      I have NOW TV , which is a bit like SKY lite. £60 a year.
      There are no BBC channels on it. Half the price of BBC.
      if you can bear to be without Strictly, Mock the week, Call the midwife, Graham Norton and Countryfile then switch.

      or there is Netflix. Or Virgin. In fact there’s loads of paid TV services now. Why are we paying for the BBC now?


    • 99
      Maximus says:

      Ok, but we need a quid pro quo – abolition of the Bolshevist Bullshit Chancre tithe. How about it Tony?


  29. 46
    Anon. says:

    Unfortunate tweet of the day.


    • 54
      Harriet Hatemen says:

      Don’t mention the pedlos. I mentioned them once ion 1982, but I think I got away with it.


    • 67
      Diane Abbot says:



    • 69
      Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

      Bring it on !


    • 77
      Anon. says:


      • 98
        Just Saying. says:

        Which is why he is in New Zealand!
        He stated in a letter that his wife and children would not be so happy in him joining PIE.
        A journalist commenting on the PIE magazine Magpie state (on BBC yet) that after reading them he could not understand how people could support them.
        I wonder if Harriet, Jack and company will admit to reading this magazine even though they carried their adverts?
        Answers on a PC please to Santa Claus in Noddyland.


    • 104
      Maximus says:

      Chocolate? Pie? Ramsbottom? Something not right here.


    • 111
      Taxpayer-funded astroturfing EU Troll says:

      I’m a Happy Camper!


  30. 47
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Police dispersed an angry crowd of job-seekers outside Guy News Room in London this morning after it called 61,000 people for a recruitment meeting by mistake.


  31. 49
    • 102
      Frustrated says:

      The judge in this case has brought the legal system further into disrepute. What can we expect to be done about this? Nothing.


    • 107
      Justice for All. says:

      Now the DM has both named and photographed the judge that gave this ridiculous sentence as well as the criminal’s mother that stated it is nothing to kill a person.
      Let us see if the judgement is changed to at least 10 years as it was premeditated and done with great force; and the judge is sacked.


    • 128
      Blowing Whistles says:

      What fucking rule of law?


  32. 50
    bogtrott says:

    to all those government bods reading blogs,you can have this one for free.

    The people are not daft we are all getting tired of MP’s and their ilk ,cheating ,lying,never being accountable,getting large payments from us the tax payer.
    Treating us like fools,people will not stand anymore and when it comes payback time in the polls WE WILL NEVER FORGET and cant wait to wipe their smug smiles off their faces.
    People use your vote its the only way to make a point,or get ready to arm yourself and family ready for the fight which will come.They dont learn from their mistakes.Or have they just bought water cannons for the sake of it…


  33. 52
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    Looks like the partition of U’kraine has started.


    Armed men have seized government buildings in Crimea, and Russ!an flag is reported to be flying above the Parliament building.


    • 61
      Bill Quango MP/5 says:

      The Russkies have had that naval base since 1800 odd haven’t they?
      Except for a brief period when Adolf had it.

      Can’t see them giving that up.


      • 103
        Cazual Observer 9 says:

        Sevastopol is strategically the most important part of the Black Sea – whoever controls it controls those waters.

        Seeing as the Black Sea fleet is once again mobilized and patrolling the Eastern Med, it is certain they will not release.

        The other major flash points are T’urkey, G’eorgia and S’uez.

        If T’urkey joins the EU, one can see the Bosphorous becoming a hot spot very quickly.

        The problems in G’eorgia the other year did see a small US naval presence stationed in the Black Sea. That will now be a real source of tension for Russ!a.

        With the Russ!an fleet mobilized and patrolling the East Med, gas production facilities in that region and the north end of S’uez will be the cards held to contain the EU / US ambitions for the time being.

        The Russ!an missile cruisers and S350 batteries will keep carriers and most air support at bay.

        The US / EU Patriot batteries put in to help curb excesses in Syr!a are still in position, but this is a lesser concern for Russ!a which intends to control from land / sea.



      • 108
        Maximus says:



  34. 55
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    An awful lot of hands to faces and heads in hands… boredom, despair, disbelief, Yes the lib/dems have come to town.


  35. 58
    I have a message for Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt says:


    • 71

      What a wonderful melodious composition, who says civilisation is now a cultural desert !


  36. 59
    Kick Britain out of Europe says:

    High time to kick the whining British out of Europe



    • 95
      East India Company Wallah says:

      The ordinary folk of Belgium,Holland and France are unhappy too but alas they too go unheard,the liberal cocks run the institutions now and I have even heard the citizens of Charleoi being lectured that they should be model children like the british


  37. 60
    Peter Bone says:

    How much stuff can you fit up your bum without causing rectal trauma?


  38. 63
    Owen Jones feels sorry for terrorists says:

    Let’s hope that some thoughtful prison guards will do what the other guards did when the killers of Lee Rigby were in jail awaiting trial and smash their fucking heads in. Unfortunately, those guards were suspended without pay just for doing what we’d all like to do. I know they’ll probably be housed amongst other muzee criminals but, like I said, let’s hope a decent guard or a non-muzee inmate get to the pair and kick seven shades of shit out of them, or one of the cooks gobs on their food and pisses in it.


    • 68
      A view from atop the pyramid says:

      I think the muzzie inmates may not be too friendly towards them either.

      With luck, Bla!r, Campbell etc. may yet end up sharing a cell with them.

      Why Justice Sweeney thought it necessary to bring religion into his summing up of the case is strange. It would have perhaps been better not to reference that.


      • 75
        SIZE 14 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Wishful thinking, the other muzzie inmates will treat them like gods!


      • 87
        Owen Jones feels sorry for terrorists says:

        I know, even the judge reeled off the PC bollocks that jizzlam is peace, which ironically is what caused the two c-unts to kick off!


  39. 65
    Why do our Foreign MPS hate Britain? says:


  40. 73
    Ban Captive Astroturfing says:

    Politicians should be banned from schools.


  41. 84
    cornwall storms says:

    That looks like a photographic study in extreme boredom. Poor kids! And why have they been taken away from their studies to listen to that?!


    • 122
      The view from Haifa says:

      It is probably the detention after school class. But they all really do look bored out of their minds. It would only take one of them to say something like “Oh do effoff with all your bollox” to start a mini riot or a screaming hysteria all laughing themselves sick.


  42. 93
    I Never Noticed says:


  43. 94
    SNAFU says:

    I would have thought that since he is a LibDem at the very least he would have to be CRB checked.


  44. 100
    Shooty* says:

    Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel the enrichment.


  45. 101
    Whare are his Quals? says:

    Why is Clegg speaking to School Kids, I thought he wanted all teachers in State schools to carry Teachers’ Union Qualification papers.


  46. 110
    Libertie(s) says:

    That lad will go far


  47. 113
    geordieboy says:

    I will have a chew on a piece of snot it tastes better than that Brussel Sprout


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