February 26th, 2014

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Sally Bercow v Andrew Pierce

Sally Bercow’s relative Twitter calm was never going to last for long.

Sticking up for her friend Hattie, Sally let rip into Mail associate editor Andrew Pierce over his paper’s coverage over the last few days.

Setting up just about as bitchy a Twitter bitch fight as is humanly possible…





  1. 1
    Anon says:

    This is the same Bercow who libelled the late Lord McAlpine. She is a sad bitch.

  2. 2
    Dr Julian Lewis says:

    Is Sally the slapper allowed to ban Journalists from Parliamentary buildings@

  3. 3
    UKIP for whiners says:

    Silly Sally is now banning people from Commons’ events because she doesn’t like them?

  4. 4
    Mr Bercow says:

    Fuck off Sally

  5. 5
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    How does any of this help to save our UNITED KINGDOM?

    203 days to go.

  6. 6
    Mitch says:

    She has no authority to ban anybody from a royal palace. This women is a disgrace to her husband’s office. It is time somebody had a serious word with her.

  7. 7
    Oh Dear says:

    Oooeeee!, cat fight.

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Could someone explain her last tweet? She appears to have forgotten how to speak English.

  9. 9
    John Bercow says:


  10. 10
    Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    What an offensive slapper, I wouldn’t touch it with yours.

  11. 11
    Ethel of Purley says:

    Sally, do you speak to your kids with that mouth?

  12. 12
    The British electorate says:


  13. 13
    Village Idiot says:

    …….Nothing worse than an unstanch,d wench on her menzies!

  14. 14
    Mitch says:

    She said:

    “I am an insecure narcissist who has to rage now and again to confirm my existence”.

  15. 15
    Head in ground, how do I get my ar5e in as well says:

    I think we are going to be lucky if we get to go to vote, if the Ukraine starts getting any edgier, we will have to thank the EU dictatorship and the US for getting us into the way of a monster bear with oil and gas money behind it, doing a tango across the EU countries.

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    With grammar like that, Sally must have been spending too much time around rappers and DJ’s in night clubs

  17. 17
    Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

    This is a storm in a thimble. We should focus on the target that matters – HARRIET HARMAN.

  18. 18
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Did this woman not attend one of our universities
    Maybe I am mistaken
    The grammar and spelling suggests she types with her tits

  19. 19
    Sally Bercow says:

    My new favourite clothes shop.

  20. 20
    Neil W says:

    Hmmm, hardly dignified but she is right though. Andrew Pierce is without doubt a cock of the first order.

  21. 21
    anonymouse says:

    And the Speaker says that the Commons is too rowdy, he really needs to look closer to home.

    What a poor example for everyone.

  22. 22
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Still cannot understand why Harperson is not suing the Mail if the claims are defamatory or untrue.

    Until she & Dromey & the Hewitt serve papers on the Mail I am inclined to believe the story.

    Perhaps they collectively know there are more skeletons about to be dragged out of the dark Labour closet?

  23. 23
    Lefties says:

    Thank you for the free publicity.

    As it is almost the end of February we have run out of this years marketing budget, so all publicity is gratefully received.

  24. 24
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Slight irony in her accusing someone else of smears and insults? The last man she smeared was so hurt by the whole thing he died shortly afterwards…

  25. 25
    I wonder if she will ever decided to stop.... says:

    Worth reading her Wikipedia entry. Reads like one long train-wreck.

  26. 26
    Old Soak says:

    It is the tax payer subsidised Speaker’s Whisky talking.

  27. 27
    A friend of PIE and Harriet Harmskids perhaps? says:

  28. 28
  29. 29
    sickness says:

    Peter Hain’s conduct with regard to hundred’s of IRA terrorists receiving immunity needs investigated urgently.

  30. 30
    Labour says:

    Ashcroft Ashcroft Ashcroft! Ashcroft Ashcroft Ashcroft! Ashcroft Ashcroft Ashcroft!

  31. 31
    Tweeting or Speaking? says:

  32. 32
    Harman is evil says:

    Every day, more details, hitherto kept concealed, emerge to reveal the depths of Labour’s depravity and evil when they were in power. We’ve had Mid Staffs, PIE, the good day to bury bad news, the plotting to oust Blair on the very day of 7/7, and now the latest is their grubby deal with the IRA. There really are no depths to Labour’s evil.

  33. 33
    carl fx says:

    i agree, thankgod someone actually agrred with her other than me.

  34. 34
    A Fraud says:

    She got thrown out of Oxford then she pretended (LIED) to have a degree in a job application.


  35. 35
    Child of E.T. says:

    She is just a stupid, ignorant Cow, and that is being unkind to Cows.

  36. 36
    Shooty* says:

    Winner: Not Sally.

  37. 37
    Crap unfunny comic to go on solo tour! says:

    Get your tickets now!!!

    Dawn French is to embark on her first solo tour, which will see her perform across the UK and Ireland. The Vicar of Dibley star said she was “sick with excitement” over 30 Million Minutes, saying it would be “somewhere between a monologue, a play, and an autobiographical slide show”.

  38. 38
    Mitch says:

    His prickly and defensive performance last night confirms that.

    He basically said: “we couldn’t get an open amnesty agreed because it would have had to include soldiers, so instead we had a secret amnesty just for terrorists”.

  39. 39
    Pride of the Alley says:

  40. 40
    M­a­qboul says:

    Because she doesn’t like their opinions. Ironic position for a Speaker’s wife.

  41. 41
    Spartacus says:

    i thought rumpy pumpy was going to appoint a bureaucrat to run britain. sorry i meant the uk.

    worked in grease and spayn.

  42. 42
    Dawn French says:

    Sorry – that should be “somewhere between crap and boring”.

  43. 43
    Only chavs shop at Tesco says:

    See today’s Mail.

  44. 44

    bigoted, offensive arse…

    Perfect self-description of the lady.

  45. 45
    Peter Martin says:

    Trying hard to rationalise what has been committed in print to public record with [innocent face].

    Time now for the BBC to get her on to explain how what she wrote was just a smear attempt, albeit be her on her own mirror?

    Rather doubting Auntie’s legions of political analysts will again be too keen to look into the fact of an unelected political spouse losing the plot and banning folk in the name of… who now?

  46. 46
    Good Grief. says:

    Next up the revelations on the total failure of the Co-op.
    The (Pest)on was on this morning giving as vague an idea of how this happened as possible, which means he is not in the loop on this story of a failed bank / conglomerate beloved of Labour, and funded by it.
    It would appear that the typical socialist action to a failed socialist business (read subtext government) is to sell off the good assets and retain the bad.
    Interesting that the 14 Co-op farms are reputed to sell very little of their products to the Co-op retailers. Damn, there goes another food source message proving to be a lie.

  47. 47
    Labour HQ says:

    If you want:

    Patients drinking from vases

    Patients lying in their own faeces

    Backing for nonces


    Smear campaigns against opponents

    Deals with terrorists

    Stealth taxes

    A politicised civil service and police force

    A targets culture which results in thousands of patients dying

    Trillions in borrowing and spending that’s left for future generations to pay off


  48. 48
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Presumably the private apartments, I should say the Bercows can ban who they like, the rest of the palace of westminster very little authority.

  49. 49
    Mrs Thatcher says:

    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of spending other people’s money.

  50. 50

    What more proof do we want?

    Harriet Harman didn’t want to “rock the boat” over links with a prominent child sex group for the sake of her career according to the former leader of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) – Telegraph


  51. 51
    Village Idiot says:

    ……Do not forget ,”The Labour Wars”, that have cost this country dear in many ways,and,made us an enemy to some!

  52. 52
    geordieboy says:

    Birds of a feather stick together. Good on you Sally, bring Harriet down to your disgusting level of morality where she belongs.

  53. 53

    Harriet Harman didn’t want to “rock the boat” over links with a prominent child sex group for the sake of her career according to the former leader of the Pa’edo’phile Information Exchange (PIE) – Telegraph


  54. 54
    Anon. says:

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    Pride of our alley.

  56. 56
    Paul Dacre says:

    Hang on – we are on thin ice if we play the morality card.

  57. 57
    When Sally was a Thatcherite says:

    FFW to 2.05 to see Thatcherite Sally addressing Conference.

  58. 58
    Gpol says:

    It’s Hewitt you should be investigating.

  59. 59
  60. 60
    Anonymous says:

    She might be a sad bitch but she’s dead right about Andrew Pierce.

    He’s the wank stain that would embarrass decent wankers.

  61. 61
    It rumbles on says:

    In 1982, the future Labour health secretary published The Police and Civil Liberties, in which she discussed the imprisonment of Tom O’Carroll, secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange, for conspiracy to corrupt public morals. “Conspiring to corrupt public morals is an offence incapable of definition or precise proof,” wrote Hewitt. The fact that O’Carroll was involved in distributing child porn “overshadowed the deplorable nature of the conspiracy charge used by the prosecution”.


  62. 62
    Dr Frankenfreud says:

    She’s a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

  63. 63
    dr habib says:

    Lay down sally,what you doing to me

  64. 64
    Sally's panties says:


  65. 65
    Amazed/Disgusted etc says:

    How terrified are people of the Daily Mail editor? Having posted some outrageously scurrilous comments in an assortment of random names over the years, the first one EVER to be awaiting moderation was one I pretended was by said editor. Chicken Guido.

  66. 66
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Ukraine could do a Scotland ie those parts that are predominantly Russian let them decide if they want to unite with Russia, the western part seems pro European. Dave Cams seems to be panicking over the vote in Scotland and possible Yes vote, if they do go independent, it’s the oil that does it, if UK firms back out the Yanks will be straight in as would the French and Germans, could be a little awkward if Shetland and Orkneys don’t want to go in with Scotland, they were origially Norse.

  67. 67
    Manly Man says:


  68. 68
    Ed Milibiscuit says:

    It is Patricia Hewitt and jack Dromey who are most vulnerable. Their silence is deafening.

  69. 69
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Where’s old Puss Cat I am sure he would love to join in.

  70. 70
    Labour's lobotomised apologists says:

    …and Mrs Thatcher met Jimmy Savile at some do or other.

  71. 71
    Cazual Observer 7 says:

    H’ewitt is the real rotten egg, but she can wait.

    Her employers should take an interest in what is going to be very publicly coming their way next.

    The recalcitrant H’arman / D’romey need to be dealt with first.

  72. 72
    Duty Pędant says:

    Please don’t mention Sally and Wank in the same conversation as there is no way that could ever happen.

  73. 73
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Posh boys, girls and not quite sure, shop at Harrods

  74. 74
    Lord Snownose says:

    She speaking yoof talk init.

  75. 75
    Lenny (c/o Premier Inn) says:

    The Churchill ads not paying well enough?

  76. 76
    The BBC says:

    Hewitt can’t comment because she’s “abroad”.

    But, she LIVES abroad, so that’s a bit pathetic.

  77. 77
    El Sid says:

    Except as she keeps telling us, she’s an independent woman who has absolutely nothing to do with her husband’s job.

  78. 78
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Order for Ed Miliband.

    1. Economics for Dummies – book 2
    2. Rose tinted spectacles {John Lennon style}
    3. Acronyms for minorities..2014 edition
    4. Che Guevara beret.
    5. Herbal tea
    6. Red flag tea towel with “I hate Britain” slogan
    7. Sally Bercow dvd. Sally does dogging.
    8. Shouty ugly feminist women’s placenta cookbook and hate filled poems
    9. Double standards accounting book
    10. ‘The Blame Game’ from Hasbro.

  79. 79
    Who names filth when all are filthy ? are filty says:

    Irrelevant! calling the guy names neither demolishes the facts or invalidates the mails case against the fiddler 3 .
    But if that’s how you want to play the man then OK she is a disgraceful drunken lush who spread a libel about an old man close to death and then lied about doing so when sued and lost ! when she is not molesting strange men in night clubs she is molesting our eyes with another C5/C4 TV winner about her molesting gypsies while again being drunk !

  80. 80
    Anonymous says:

    Hate to ask really but where was the Speaker when the bedsheet photo was taken?

  81. 81
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Who on God’s earth is Andrew Pierce, never heard of the blighter, what is he, what is so remarkable about him.

  82. 82
    Dawn French says:

    Cream cakes and pork pies don’t buy themselves, you know.

  83. 83
    Cazual Observer 7 says:

    Oh – Check out the broach she is wearing in the T’graph video interview at the bottom.

    Cross check this FBI document:


    Perhaps not best choice given context, or she is taking the piss.

  84. 84
    Bill Quango MP says:

    The trigger word isn’t Dacre. Its the other one.

  85. 85
    Harriet Loves Nonces says:

    Did someone say kids?

  86. 86
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Bercow has to put his foot down he is the authority in the HoC, he has the power to adjourn proceedings in the HoC, and bring the party leaders into his office to reprimand them so that order is restored. Until he does put his foot down the “wall of noise” will continue.

  87. 87
    Observation says:


  88. 88
    Dawn French says:


  89. 89

    They are all rotten eggs but agree with those priorities.


  90. 90
    Unheralded Pundit says:

    Ukraine naturally has two poles of interest: towards the east and to the west.

    Splitting it in two would be messier than it looks on a map, even though it’s the glib and obvious solution.

    My advice: leave well alone.

  91. 91
    Look, it works: P*ul Dacre says:

    Nowt to do with the name Dacre. They both share same first name.

  92. 92
    Harman is at best dubious says:

    Dont forget they might want the life of Pie.

  93. 93
    This nation says:

    He purported to exercise power, but he did so without lawful excuse or authority, in bad faith, in secret, against the security interests and laws of this nation, and thus he did so treasonably.

  94. 94
    whippet says:

    No matter how awful it is the BBC will buy it, so why bother buying a ticket when you have already paid to watch it?

  95. 95
    Mr Nurdle says:

    Once one lot are outed they will then rat on the others who maybe hiding under a kiddies picture of an oak tree, the miscreants all know each other, be careful what you stir up.

  96. 96
    GlisteningLabia says:

    Can someone PLEASE give this insane woman a good talking to?
    Who exactly does she think she is?

    She is a sad, delusional, attention-seeking slapper who should have faded from the public years ago, but insists on still imposing her worthless opinions on the public (like we give a flying rat’s arse what retarded opinions come out of her sawdust-filled head!). There are so many people in politics who deserve their come-uppance, and Harriet Harpoon is one of them, but Sally tops the list.

    For the love of God, please save us from this complete camel’s after-birth of a gobshite narcissist!

  97. 97
    Dr Frankenfreud says:

    Cuckolds Anonymous.

  98. 98
    Immigration-the next Labour scandal to be revealed? says:

    You forgot millions more third world immigrants-to rub the noses of the right in diversity.

  99. 99
    Hattie, Patty & Jackie says:

    PIE? Where?

  100. 100
    The Village Idiot says:

    Who is more Crackerjack him or her…..??? LOL

  101. 101
    Mitch says:

    That option has gone now.

  102. 102
    whippet says:

    Andrew Pierce was the only journalist om TV who gave a rational overview of the story.

    All the rest did stand up impressions of the 3 wise monkeys. What are they so frightened of?

  103. 103
    timbo46 says:

    God help me, day by day I find myself having more and more sympathy for her poor little husband. I’ll never forgive her for that, either.

  104. 104
    In a Nutshell says:

    The truth she must face up to is that she is an alcoholic.

  105. 105
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    Who the hell does this drunken slag think she is .She has no right to ban
    anybody from anywhere .

  106. 106
    Little Johnny B13COW says:

    Those are just a few of her good points.

  107. 107
    Black jack Dromedary says:

    Could Sally introduce me to her “friend” ?

  108. 108
    Mitch says:

    I think you’ll fnd that he was acting on the authority of the Prime Minister, one Mr T. Blair. And, implicitly, of the Queen.

  109. 109
    Dear Mr. Dacre, says:

  110. 110
    Don't ask Mrs T to jump! says:

  111. 111
    Tempus has fugitted says:

    You are Motormouth McGuire and I claim my free bag of crisps (again).

  112. 112
    whippet says:

    Rowenna Davis (Sky paper review whitewash) stated that Mz Harmon finds the term Harperson offensive and we shouldn’t call her that.

    The prospective candidate is ideal. Humourless, fanatical, recites ideology faultlessly, drunk on power before she really has any. She will go far.

  113. 113
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    Is English this silly bints first language?

  114. 114
    Tempus has fugitted says:

    … and other appropriate song titles:

    Lay down Sally (Eric Clapton)
    Long tall Sally (Jerry Lee Lewis)
    Sally, Sally, pride of our alley (Gracie Fields)

  115. 115
    A taxpayer says:

    It is a pity she isn’t banned from the speaker’s house.

  116. 116
    Tempus has fugitted says:

    … but not in Italy where they told him to pissoff back to Brussels.

  117. 117
    was it something I said? says:

    So what? If all parties are involved in covering up kiddie-fiddling then they can all suffer the consequences.

    If they’re all being black-mailed and compromised then that does go some way to explaining the utterly fucking shit decisions that have been taken over the past 20 or so years. Maybe longer.

    For example the I’raq war.

    The I’raq war only makes sense if Blair or somebody very close to him (Campbell? Mandelson? Imelda?) was somehow compromised by the yanks. Naked pictures of underage zoo animals? Who knows?

  118. 118
    Tempus has fugitted says:

    Mine’s a pint of best John, thanks, and a Babycham for the missus.

  119. 119
    whippet says:

    What and no one wants a jolly to go and interview her? First time in BBC history?

  120. 120
    Where's my right of recall? says:

    That’s no Lady. That’s the Speaker’s wife

  121. 121
    how about says:

    Is she pissed?

  122. 122
    Fly on the wall says:

    Quite right; needs to put his foot down with a firm hand (on the tiller {girls?})

  123. 123
    Psychologist says:

    I opened the box. Turns out he was dead after all.

  124. 124
    England says:

    What she gets up to in Northern ireland is her business, but here in England the Queen does not have our permssion to break her coronation oath.

  125. 125
    Gobsmacked says:

    Nice tits though

  126. 126
    Fly on the wall says:

    Now typical Sky airhead brainless bimbo window dressing. Poor Tom does not stand a chance against her non-stop prattle.

  127. 127
    Stop this fucking waste says:

    Ever heard of Skype?

  128. 128
    Cazual Observer 7 says:

    Read that – all good.

    However, I still disagree on the ‘thick’ observation.

    To clarify – understand thick in two ways beyond dimension: As a ridicule put down among normal people, and as a synonym for retard.

    Would not want to use it in the former sense as this opens the door to apologists, a door which needs to be kept firmly closed in this instance.

    She is far from being a retard either, unless of course there is a medical record to corroborate that assertion.

    In strategic terms she has backed herself into a corner, and that was a blunder perhaps born of arrogance and spite. Her repeated actions over the years, irrespective of her stated intentions, demonstrate a determined hostile malevolence at work, on more than one level.

    That needs to be called to account and exposed for exactly what it is, and dealt with publicly.

    There is a very big irony and warning lurking in all this.

    Given that infringement of her civil liberties back in the 70s perhaps provided fuel for the fire which has dr!ven her through politics, her career has come full circle now that she has nearly been successful in orchestrating the greatest clamp down on civil liberties of people in the UK through her feminist agenda, crusade against men in general and lately press regulation.

    Ouroboros ?

  129. 129
    Truly disgusting says:

    How many more of these Sinn Fein monsters are laughing in the faces of the British public on account of Hain’s deceit?

  130. 130
    Fly on the wall says:

    Bit late for that, sunshine! She sold herself and the rest of us into EU servitude some time ago. Surely not the result of blackmail?

  131. 131
    Untouchable says:

    From May next year she’ll be LADY Bercow, so get ready to doff your caps, plebs.

  132. 132
    Labour's favourite bank says:

    Say it with Flowers.

  133. 133
    The problem with politics is reality getting in the way says:

    There’s only 15 years of oil left. By the time they would have faffed around with the paperwork for any split there will be only ten years of oil left. It’s currently about a third of its peak.

    Salmond and the Nats have spent this oil money multiple times over in their heads, but the fact is it isn’t a viable long-term source of revenue to support Scotland. I guess when the reality hits of having to put the X in the right box for their children’s future most Scots will realise it’s going to have to go in the “No” box even if their heart says “yes”.

  134. 134
    Hypocritical lefty slapper says:

    4 legs good
    2 legs bad
    Labour p#do good
    Tory non-p#edo bad

  135. 135
    Laugh because the gobs next to you laugh says:

    The people who will flock to this are the same types who pay to see the likes of John Bishop.

  136. 136
    The OED says:

    Is no apostrophe, whatever? Innit.

  137. 137
    Jack "diversity" Strawer says:

    They deserve each other thoroughly.

  138. 138
    Rowenna says:

    Must be good little soldier, must support Hattie, must rubbish DM. I’m going far you know.

  139. 139
    Lisa Katie Aideey says:

    Been around the world
    and I, I
    I can’t find my Hewitt

  140. 140
    Patricia Hewitt is so dodgy anyway would it make any difference? says:

    Patricia Hewitt dropped politics in 2010, and her dubious and dodgy record is so bad anyway I’m not sure you could drag her down any further. For instance, she made big cuts to the NHS and is now on the board of directors at BUPA.

    Of course, more pressure on Harriet is likely to cause her to make statements incriminating Hewitt anyway, since somebody at the NCCL must have known something about P I E.

  141. 141
    The Piper says:


  142. 142
    Sit up in class, you expenses fiddling scumbag says:

    A screenshot is necessary of David Laws in the Committee on white working class children in education , showing on BBC Parliament now.
    Sitting there, head rested on his hand, like he simply couldn’t give a flying fuck whatsoever….which, doubtless, he doesn’t.

  143. 143
    Lenni Henri says:

    It ain’t over til the fat lady has another pork pie

  144. 144
    Maximus says:

    The more affiliates the NCCL could get onboard, the more political legitimacy they could claim for their representations. They weren’t really bothered who or what was affiliated (did they ever decline anyone?). It was simply power at any price. The end justified the means, comrades.

  145. 145
    Not the border patrol says:

    Why should Hain give a shit about British soldiers or people?

    He’s just another unwanted lefty immigrant.

  146. 146
    Some people would prefer Rush Limbaugh says:

    He’s the gay Daily Mail columnist that often appears on “Lorraine”. He’s pretty innocuous as far as I can see. Somehow it seems he’s upset a few people here but I’m puzzled as to why. Perhaps he’s just too tame.

  147. 147
    Whitestones says:

    Is she ever sober?

  148. 148
    Imagine it was Rowan Atkinson says:

    No, she simply has the brain of a baby baboon.

  149. 149
    John Bull says:

    Well, if Scotland votes no, there is nothing stopping the English having their own vote once the oil runs out and voting yes.

  150. 150
    Remember you're a wombling lefty hypocrite says:

    except when it suits her

  151. 151
    Whitestones says:

    The Labour Party hates the Armed Forces. That is why they are so keen to send them off to be killed.

  152. 152
  153. 153
    Back to Basics says:

    Times past may not have been perfect but Sally Bercow is a fine advert for reverting to at least some of the previously accepted standards of public decency.

    The Wiki entry says she is the product of Malborough and Keeble. Alumni go on to the most unexpected things in life.

    It also says she supported Balls leadership bid. Luck Ed !

    She should stand for her own platform and right to be heard rather than diminishing still further the Speaker’s reputation.

    I suspect I am possibly not the only person to be so very glad she is not my parent or relative. I would be contentplating a name change at the very least.

  154. 154
  155. 155
    T May says:

    Yankee go home

  156. 156
    Sallys Alley says:

    I see the daily politics is giving a labour MP a platform to try and get the daily mails Andrew pierce into making a libellous comment about harriet harmskids

  157. 157
    The Pitchfork Wielding Mob of the Internet says:

    Don’t you worry mate. We’ll be the ones playing the morality card.

  158. 158
    Did anybody ever stop to think about this? says:

    Dual nationality but was permitted to stand as a UK MP, meaning she can fuck us all over for money then run off to Oz in a moment.

    So much for the British democratic system.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    yeah, I’d give her a debriefing.

  160. 160
    P*ul St*ines says:

    I’m careful about what you can post using that name….

  161. 161
  162. 162
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    Enough is enough – she has no decorum. Whilst I completely understand that she should not always be tagged as a wife she should surely have some manners with regard to what she says, how she behaves – is she trying to embarrass herself, her husband and children all the time?

  163. 163
    a baby baboon says:

    Don’t compare me with that silly tart.

  164. 164
    Cinna says:

    Well, well! I can see why she might have a down on the Mail. So this is another fact to add to the long list.

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Didn’t understand a word she said Jimmy.

  166. 166
    A Doctor says:

    This woman need serious help and not just for alcoholism. She’s demented.
    Call in the White Coats. She also has no authority regarding access to matters pertaining to The Speaker. Her authority remains in her household where she clearly wear the trousers.

  167. 167
    The friend says:

    I’m well up for it – both of you.

  168. 168
    Stu says:

    Don’t you think she brings so much class to the office of speaker.

    Christ what an absolute embarrassment to the nation this woman is.

  169. 169
    Cinna says:

    She’s over the edge.

  170. 170
    Cinna says:

    Thanks to the EUSSR.

  171. 171
    Cinna says:


  172. 172
    Cinna says:

    Often on Sky news review with scumbag Maguire.

  173. 173
    The Legal profession are robbing us all blind says:

    Who exactly are Halfwit’s employers and why should they be taking an interest? Can we expect Plod to be knocking on their/her door any day soon? I think we should be told.

  174. 174
    John the Bare Cow says:

    As long as she’s only doing it to you

  175. 175
    broderick crawford says:

    A harsh word ? A harsh word ?!!!

    Oh that the efficient “tradesman” Tony Soprano were still alive ……

  176. 176
  177. 177
    Hugh Janus says:

    Can you get degrees in job applications, then? “Hello! Yes, I’ve a double first in CV preparation, what!”

  178. 178
    The Wayward Nana says:

    god god you are all so bitter and twisted. are you people actually grown ups?

  179. 179
    Silly BigCow defends a cold hearted monster says:

    Well done Daily Mail. Two thicko bitches exposed for what they truly are. Cold hearted Monsters!

  180. 180
    RightwinggitRedux says:

    Menzies? is that where you get fags and sweets?

  181. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Time someone gave her a good stiff talking to.. oh wait, that happened in that night club didn’t it?

  182. 182
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Anything that offends Mad Hattie must be utulised to the full!

  183. 183
    Ex-Labour says:

    They don’t like it up em. They do not like it.

  184. 184
    Ex-Labour says:

    Obnoxious hysterical self-regarding Sally married the crackerjack pencil, who got lucky in a strategic move by a crooked government party.

    High on the hog…. at public expense… and sticking it in your faces telling you to be grateful.

    Days = numbered.

  185. 185
    Ex-Labour says:

    Hewitt did, at the very least. She wrote in their defense and NCCL provided legal rep. Photos of docs @ Mail.

  186. 186
    treetop says:

    Fascinates me how the Labour party feels it can spew out hate and malice towards tory MP’s but are outraged when it is given back ? After Mandy and Ali observed our US cousins at work they crucified Major but the agenda in Westmisnter has become toxic for Labour.

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