February 26th, 2014

Money Trail Leads Back to Bone

Funny that Peter Bone never mentioned Daughter Bone at PMQs. Perhaps it is something to do with funds from the sale of Mrs Bone’s mum’s home being paid into his daughter’s account, then allegedly moved into accounts controlled by him, as reported by the Times this morning. They also reveal Bone was £200,000 in debt, coincidentally exactly the same amount the Bone family apparently creams off the taxpayer. If he had declared himself bankrupt he’d have had to resign as an MP. UKIP are very excited about the prospect of a by-election in the Tory heartlands of Wellingborough…


  1. 1
    Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Peedos, & other Wasters says:

    This is getting iffy but also a distraction from Labour peedos.


    • 5
      Tooth fairy says:

      How did the Times get access to confidential financial information in Bank Accounts?


    • 6
      Peter Grimes says:

      Has anyone linked the NCCL, PIE and Islington’s Hodge the Dodge yet?

      I see FATWATson is smearing the Tories already.



      • 20
        in the best possible taste says:

        to be fair, the investigation in to Elm House is not looking great for Tories either, so they should be careful what they wish for really.

        I suspect its why they are pretty quiet on this, they may have more than one Cyril Smith in their ranks


      • 43
        Why don't we just hang people like this? says:

        Hodge’s (Oppenheimer’s) husband was chairman of the NCCL at the time in question.

        He was also Blair’s next door neighbour, a massive donor to the Labourscum and was appointed a high court judge by his mate and fellow Freemason Derry Irvine, only the third solicitor in history to ‘achieve’ such a position. He was also a divorcee,
        as is Hodge.

        As a judge he infamously described a serial rapist from Sierra Leone as ‘one of us’ and refused to deport him, even though reports had plainly stated the man was extremely likely to re-offend.

        A typical Labourscum, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious , corrupt and perverted piece of excrement.

        Google Demetrious Panton for more info on Hodge’s attitude to child abuse whilst in charge of all UK children’s homes. She is currently shitting bricks, hoping she is not going to get dragged into this.

        The rope really is too good for them


      • 49
        Cazual Observer 7 says:

        Hodge was married to an ex NCCL chairman. Other than that there is no link between her and the NCCL, or their P.I.E. affiliate.

        As a result of that MI-5 likely have a file on her husband, and perhaps Hodge herself. That could confirm any more.


        W’atson needs to be careful as many of the records he is claiming are destroyed were done so in line with standard H’ome O’ffice and P’olice retention policies.

        That would explain why L’abour did not raise this point sooner as they wanted to avoid damaging details of their own mis-deeds emerging.

        As with J’illings, there are probably some copies of these records laying about somewhere, but that may be difficult to make public as the logical question then would be why they were not destroyed as per retention policy.

        The records which have been found destroyed which should not have been are the social services records. Digging in that direction opens up some very interesting worm cans which has L’abour stamped all over the tins.


        • 68
          Peter Grimes says:

          “Other than that there is no link between her and the NCCL, or their P.I.E. affiliate.”

          Not true – the head of PIE claimed to know the manager of every Islington childrens home. Hodge was leader of Islington council at the time and was implicated in the cover-up of paedophile activities during her tenure.


      • 67
        Peter Grimes says:

        Has anyone got any information on FATWATson and PIE, other than his being a major consumer of pies?


    • 35
      Old Wellingburian says:

      These aren’t Tory heartlands. Its a close fight between Tory and Labour – remember Stinchcombe? – UKIP havent got a prayer


      • 40
        Brummy says:

        Nope. Never heard of Stinchcombe. Is it in England?


        • 87
          Dilligaff says:

          Stitchcombe was a conveniently pliable Labour poodle who did shag all to raise the plight of the county’s boot and shoe trade. “Not fashionable. Not us. Just don’t rock the boat, young feller.”


    • 69
      When Sally was a Thatcherite says:

      FFW to 2.05 to see Thatcherite Sal speaking to the Conservative Conference.


      • 81
        broderick crawford says:

        ” .. it shows weakness on his part the he (Speaker Bercow) can t control her”



    • 74
      Where's my right of recall? says:

      Money scandals used to be a Labour party thing.


    • 88
      Mr Geoffrey Dickens says:

      It does let the backpeedollin begin in earnest.

      Who had lunch with someone from the office of the former Home Secretary?


  2. 2
    M­a­qboul says:

    Bonehead. Did he think he’d never get caught?


    • 8
      Spartacus says:

      the jacqui fatguts embezzler smith defense

      120,000 pounds was all in the rules . . .


    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      Well considering more resources are pumped into hunting down people rightfully claiming benefits their lawfully entitled too and hounding them rather than finding the middle class fiddlers who cost a lot more, he thought he had a good chance to get away with it.


  3. 3
    HMRC says:

    So if she doesn’t live for further 7 years he will also be guilty of tax evasion (inheritance tax) if she has at least another 125k in the estate.


    • 10
      SNAFU says:

      Don’t know you will have to ask the Millibands about this.


    • 82
      broderick crawford says:

      It s all her bank s fault.

      Under recent legislation financial /professional intermediaries are mandated to issue a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) even on a transaction which , whikst at the time seems innocuous , at a later date proves illicit . This on pain of SEVERE regulatory sanctions on both the corporate entity and individual managers .. i e stonking great fines and possible prosecution.

      If the sudden ingress of the value of a family hone (say £ 300,000 minimum ) all of a sudden into a workaday current account does not raise the bank s compliance dept eyebrows then God save us all ….. the rot must be not only endemic and systemic but terminal……..


  4. 4
    Hookers, Gambling, Drugs ? says:

    How the hell can someone who is paid so much money by the taxpayer, who has no outgoings in terms of day to day living (expenses) be 200k in the red?


  5. 7

    Bonebrain: Thinking he is above the law!


    • 84
      broderick crawford says:

      ” ….. Mrs Bone DEMANDS it ….” ( part of Mr Bone question at PMQ S regarding an EU referendum ).

      Yes and what else does she DEMAND that racks up 200k.

      At least the lady has excellent tastes it would seem ….


  6. 9
    House of Ill Repute says:

    ‘If he had declared himself bankrupt he’d have had to resign as an MP’

    Yes he would have been far better doing a sawn off shotgun job at the local building society.

    Only downside is, if he gets caught 6 months (max) inside and straight back to the sinecure – KERCHING


    • 46
      Armsley McRobber says:

      Do you have any idea how many building societies you’d need to rob before you possesed a net sum off 200K?


      • 48
        Peter Hain says:

        I only got 500 quid, and I had to throw it away as I was being chased down the street.


      • 85
        broderick crawford says:

        Quite a few these days …. there s no ready cash float available these days is there ? … it s all binary digits on a pre printed cheque ….. perhaps they only issue Bitcoin these days … if there s any of THAT left !


  7. 11
    That's an awful lot of money he's been spending says:

    £200,000 in debt. Interseting. How did he manage to run up those kinds of debts while in a well-paid job. Has he got “a problem”?


    • 37
      Táxpáyér says:

      Yes. Very curious. He “employs” his wife too (at our expense). so they’re on 100 grand +++

      Where’s the money going?


    • 41
      was it something I said? says:

      My missus works with some staggeringly well-paid people. Seven figure annual incomes.

      Many of them haven’t a penny in the bank.

      Where you or I might buy a second hand car they will by a new Audi R8.

      Where you or I might buy a 2 for 1 Dominos Pizza on a Tuesday they will have the ‘tasting menu’ at some 3 Michelin star restaurant.

      Where you or I might buy an Easyjet flight to Paris they will buy a First Class flight to Joburg.

      etc etc etc.

      It staggers me how quickly some people’s expenditure rises to meet or indeed exceed their income.

      See the Labour Imbecility 1997 – 2010 for further details.


      • 51
        blog regular says:

        Agree. I used to think people got rich because they were smart with money but actually luck and connections is often all it takes.


      • 62

        Do I know you under a different moniker? ;-)

        Talking too much sense – for here – for now.


        • 76
          was it something I said? says:

          Regular moniker blocked atm.

          The point isn’t just that (some) rich people can’t manage their income no matter how great. The point is that, on average, the majority of UK voters can’t manage its income.

          This manifests itself at a personal level as demand for pay-day loans, b*ankrupcies, massive credit-card debts.

          It also manifests itself as an obesity crisis. Now that we can afford (or borrow the money) for more food we just stuff our faces. And, for that matter, an alcohol/drunkenness crisis.

          And, at a national level, even the people you have voted in to be (you would hope)more sensible, to take a longer-term view they can’t fucking help themselves either. Oooooh, go on then, just another 40bn this year to pay the 1,000,000 voters I employed last year.

          Like they were treating themselves to another Hobnob. A 40bn quid hobnob.

          A moment on the lips a lifetime on the national debt.

          In short we are surrounded by fucking imbeciles. Imbeciles who vote for imbeciles. Imbeciles who must be placated with more shit we can’t afford.

          A nation of fucking kids being pandered to by a nation of shit parents.

          Is it any fucking wonder that anybody with any cash pays as little tax (ideally none) that they can get away with?


  8. 12
    The HoP says:

    Taxes are are only for the little people.


  9. 13
    Anonymous says:

    His former travel agency went under owing 1.3m… but where are those assets now? Property registered offshore??


  10. 15

    Grandstanding twat.

    Yet another example of the runaway ego.


  11. 17
    BC says:

    Just the normal way of life these days. At all levels of national and local government.

    Move along please, nothing new too be seen here.


  12. 18
    Ed Mibiland says:

    I wonder if Len will let Hattie sit next to me at PMQs today.


  13. 19
    Chris Moyle's Motors says:

    Why didn’t he just ask me to ‘service’ his car?


  14. 22
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC will pounce on this as a smokescreen for Harman’s little problem.


    • 56
      Harriet Loves Nonces says:

      As they should. A crooked MP is still news regardless of whether Harmen is a nonce lover or not.


  15. 23
    SNAFU says:

    Why did Cameron tell his MP’s not to mention or talk about BBC Dromey and Harman, had the boot been on the other foot Labour would be screaming from the rafters. Spineless Twat.


  16. 24
    Ah! Tom Tom drumming it up further says:

    Labour MP calls for probe into state cash for p’dophile Information Exchange after claims files that prove it received taxpayers’ money have been shredded
    Tom Watson MP also demands wider police inquiry into paedophile group
    But sources say everything held on PIE post-1979 has been destroyed
    Watson warns Tories too face questions about p’dophiles in their ranks


  17. 25
    Ah! Tom Tom drumming it up further says:

    Ah! Tom Tom drumming it up further says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    February 26, 2014 at 9:36 am
    Labour MP calls for probe into state cash for p’dophile Information Exchange after claims files that prove it received taxpayers’ money have been shredded
    Tom Watson MP also demands wider police inquiry into p’dophile group
    But sources say everything held on PIE post-1979 has been destroyed
    Watson warns Tories too face questions about p’dophiles in their ranks


    • 42
      Mirror readers might be that stupid says:

      Name names Tom if you have them. Parliamentary privilege and all that. Oh, can’t bring yourself to do that? We’ll assume you’re just spreading the shit then.


  18. 34
    sickness says:

    187 IRA terrorists got a ‘get out of jail free’ card from the Labour Attorney General.
    NI Questions should be hot this morning. That slug Hain must be made very uncomfortable.


  19. 39
    Jacqui Smith says:

    The secret is to keep it within the rules, preferably on the record that you have been told it is with the rules.

    The rules are a very broad church and there is no need to resort to common criminality.


  20. 44
    Window Taxidermy says:

    Did anyone hear the euro guy on BBC Today programme this morning? The presenter was really going out of his way to encourage him to say that the new benefit rules for EU migrants were unacceptable rather than questioning the tortured logic of the EU commissioner. The EU guy for example argued that to counteract the worst aspects of economic liberalism we needed the safety of an EU wide social policy BUT we have exactly the opposite – different benefit levels and entitlements in each country. Either we have free movement for EU workers and equal benefits, taxation, access to education etc. etc. across Europe and a level playing field or we must restrict movement.


    • 50
      Lisbon is the root of all Evil says:

      Another “good” reason for a federal Europe and their numbers are increasing fast. It would have been better if Brown never went to Lisbon as federalism by many cuts was its intent.

      Hopefully if we don’t leave the EU (which would be the best option) then we form an outer circle that is not Federal or Euro based.


    • 54
      EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

      Vote UKIP


  21. 45
    Careless talk costs lives says:

    I would hazard a guess that he/they has an enemy somewhere close who has stitched him up.


  22. 53
    Persona non grata says:

    Another headache for Mr Slippery as billionaire donor asks for his cash back.



  23. 55
    bergen says:

    The old Watergate “follow the money” principle in action again.

    Time for his association to do a pre-emptive Yeo on him.


  24. 61
    Neveracromwellwhenyouneedone says:

    Hi Guido,

    Could you please list all the troughers and expense crooks so that we can get a clear view of the House of Commons. Please also include all people like Sandys who said that they would resign at the next election and those deselected.


  25. 70
    Show me a tory says:

    and I’ll show you an incompetent.


  26. 73
    • 78
      go tell it to the pavement says:

      If you don’t want to get punched out don’t start confrontations with scumbags. I’m sick of hearing about righteous fools getting killed because they thought a big flappy mouth trumped a hard pair of fists.


    • 79
      Elm House Nemesis says:

      Under a Tory Government.


  27. 80
    Legal Les says:

    It’s getting worse by the day for the Bones. Allegations that money was diverted via daughters
    account so add money laundering to the prospectivee charges.CPS love these types of cases
    as it’s a proceeds of crime payout bonanza.
    He will need deep pockets to survive this without ending up in the queue for a council house.


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