February 26th, 2014

Labour Friends of Venezuela Endorse Tyrant Maduro
Praises Violent Regime as “Progressive”, Dismisses Protesters

Labour Friends of Venezuela, a group backed by Labour MPs Diane Abbott and Grahame Morris, has today come out in support of the country’s violent President Nicolas Maduro. Despite the arrest of Venezuela’s opposition leader, the killing of protesters and expulsion of foreign journalists, the group’s loony chair and former Labour MP Colin Burgon spins:

“This ongoing majority support for Venezuela’s progressive, elected government that has driven this current wave of anti-democratic, right-wing violence in the country. This has been initiated by an element of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition that has grown frustrated with its own repeated electoral failings.

The current violence from elements of the right-wing stems from the announcement in January of a strategy of opposition protest leaders for the La Salida (The Ousting) of the government of President Maduro before his constitutional mandate ends in 2019… In contrast, the government has repeatedly condemned all violence and called for peace and talks with the opposition.”

An analysis completely rejected by numerous human rights organisations in the past few weeks. That “progressive” socialist government which he says has “condemned all violence” is in truth killing protesters in the street. Does Labour support the position of this vile affiliated group?


  1. 1
    cornwall storms says:

    maduro has expelled all foreign journalists so how can UK labour claim to know what is going on? Presumably maduro has told them what he wants them to say and they’ve accepted that without question.

    Bit like their attitude to climate change isn’t it? This is what you will believe and this is what you will say no need to engage your brain!!


    • 15
      hadley freeeeeeman says:

      I am progressive. Pgressive means you’re a better person and reject patriarchal white society in favour of advanced foreign ones. You’re all sexist-racist anyway.

      Don’t like it? Well we will enrich you out of existence.

      Haha, be awesome like me, cool sunglasses, yeah feminism, freedom for abortion and to let men fuck without responsibility…

      What’s that? The Islamic Republic of Great Britain no longer allows women to be seen in public? But we are all enriched by multiculturalism. It’s intersectionaility? What about 23rd wave feminism? But I was told the cool hip young people wanted it and only white people and men (groups I really hate, there just like not as cool and never have any culture is it?) opposed to it. So confused H4dley! Need new handbag.


      • 22
        Eclectic Thought says:

        Do you know what, maybe that Hitler chap wasn’t so bad after all!


        • 40
          Shooty* says:

          Right idea, wrong target.


          • spanows says:

            do these fcukwits know that nearly all the main opposition in Venezuela is centre left? They clearly do not have any real knowledge about who or what or why and the very fact that they say ‘right wing’ means they are pushing Maduro propaganda.


          • FTFoofofof says:

            Hey Polticians like to be in “Friends of Despot Regime” clubs. Just see how popular the “Friends of the despot ZioNazi racist colny” clubs are
            They obviously aspire to such corruption, kind of role models.


        • 60
          Jack Ketch says:

          Note: Reichstierschutzgesetz (Reich Animal Protection Act), Das Reichsjagdgesetz (The Reich Hunting Law), Reichsnaturschutzgesetz (Reich Nature Conservation Act); protection of endangered species; banning vivisection, kosher butchery, gutting of live fish, boiling of live lobsters, strict regulations for the transport of live animals. Protection of forests and establishment or extension of national parks; re-forestation and re-agrarianisation policy; stricter regulations on factory and power station emissions; enhanced rules for worker safety; ANTI-SMOKING LAWS.
          Most important–the adoption of the policy to develop “Green energy” with wind power and hydro-schemes in the Hartz mountains and Bavarian Alps.

          Of course, people who had a different view had every opportunity to discuss their ideas over a friendly meeting with the SS and Gestapo in a convivial and convenient location with lots of barbed wire.


        • 61
          Táxpáyér says:

          He was the first green, anti-capitalist and a veggy and tettotal too.

          That nasty Georgist Winston Churchill was drunk and liked a steak.


          • Jack Ketch says:

            Actually Adolf (or Ralph) as his drinking buddies called him, drank Radler beer (cyclists beer)–a sort of beer shandy, smoked 40 a day while in the army (he gave it up when he found that 100% of German tobacco companies were owned by THOSE people and loved Frau Wolf’s beef ravioli. As an unmarried, teetotal, vegetarian, non-smoker was considered a total loony in the 1920s–it went into his early biographies.


          • Cinna says:

            I’m quite fond of Radler beer myself. And my great-great grandmother’s surname was Wolf…….


    • 18
      Táxpáyér says:

      Labour’s next PIE.


    • 19
      PIE eater says:

      “Does Labour support the position of this vile affiliated group?”

      They’re not affiliaited, they just pay a sub / are being pushed away / will get a slightly smaller room at conference this autumn / you know there are sooo many affiliated groups, etc, etc….


    • 20
      was it something I said? says:

      How do these bedwetters decide what is and what isn’t a legitimate protest?

      Which side are they on in Ukraine? Are their anti-government protesters legitimate? Are Ukraine’s elections any less valid than Venezuelas?

      Is there any consistency from the bedwetters?


      • 114
        Anonymous says:

        “How do these bedwetters decide what is and what isn’t a legitimate protest?”

        Is this what is classed as useful, in-depth, debate in your book?


        • 121
          Vlad the Loudhailer says:

          No, it is a very accurate and vivid description of the loonies that inhabit the Labour Party


    • 21
      Cazual Observer 7 says:

      I do not think he has.

      CNN were told they could stay a day after being told to get out:


      Maduro has expelled US officials from the country:


      + Maduro is still killing his own.


    • 37
      ancientpopeye says:

      Expelled foreign journos, not lunatic Labour politicians.
      They are his mouthpiece, his breath of life. His apologists, the Labour party is full of them.


    • 88
      whippet says:

      Whilst a teacher in Leeds Burgon used to wear a ‘better red than dead’ badge.
      He was considered a bit of a potty Marxist even then.


      • 108
        Cinna says:

        I know some people who might have obliged him. Anyway, Muduro, PIE, climate change, cost of living crises…it’s what these gobsh!tes do.


    • 89
      T. Ruth B Told says:

      In 2013, President Nicolas Maduro announced that his law enforcement officials are investigating whether the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was involved in a recent criminal case involving a multi-million dollar cocaine smuggling operation.


    • 110
      Moscow Mike Handycock says:

      I am a supporter of Venezuela and their brilliant President too. Boaz.


    • 120
      its true you know says:

      Some people think Diane Abbott is merely a loud-mouthed buffoon.

      She is actually a dangerous fuckwit.


  2. 2
    When should you nuke a nation? says:


  3. 3
    Labour-surrendered-to-the-defeated-IRA-filth says:

    I wonder what these leftist filth think of the hundreds of Lenin statues wot the citizens are toppling in the Ukraine currently

    I imagine they’d want them all shot, or tortured by electricity applied to their genitalia


  4. 4
    Scallywag says:

    You can feel the enrichment in this video.

    Attorney General considers whether single punch killing sentence was ‘too lenient’


    “Andrew Young, 40, who suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, became embroiled in an argument with Victor Ibitoye after he had told him that cycling on the pavement was dangerous.”


    • 17
      hadley freeeeeeman says:

      That’s racist. He is only here to enrich us and his so-called victim – check your privilege while males – was probably a slave owner before. He will have had to undergo persecution all his life for being BME Black, held back in a racist white society so we should sympathise. He could work as an outreach community organiser one day.

      Anyway it doesn’t matter, look at the US and UK demographic trends – in your face whitey, it won’t be your country much longer,


    • 25
      Táxpáyér says:

      Yep standard black crime, I’ve been the victim of the same myself.

      Instigation of vastly out of place physical aggression.

      LIFE SENTENCE i.e. DEATH IN PRISON. is needed for these types (better not to produce them in the first place).


    • 35

      I agree with you …… any fool can see the real victim in this was the alienated, misguided black youth who was forced to lash out at society in an act of desperation. ————-We are all in some way to blame !


    • 48
      You can take the hoodie out the hood but you can't take the hood out the hoodie says:

      Last time I looked Bournemouth wasn’t a deprived inner city shithole where a brother had to hustle just to survive on the street.
      It appears it is now.
      Crikey I wonder what has changed in this once quiet seaside retirement town?


  5. 5
    davy says:

    Introduce price controls and six months later you’ve got 330% inflation and you’re shooting people in the streets because they’re unhappy there’s no toilet paper in the shops.

    Plus ca change.


  6. 6
    Harman is evil says:


    The party of socialist dictators, PIE and deals with IRA terrorists.


    • 38
      PC Dixon says:

      See the vile, shameless bitch laughing in parliament today. Just how many innocent kids have suffered due to her and her vile husband.


      • 56
        Puzzled from Peckham says:

        Who was that witch sitting behind Dave’s left shoulder at PMQs today? Looked like he/she/it has escaped from the Addams family mansion.


  7. 7
    Diane Abbott says:

    let me paint you a picture – in fact lets get that artist that painted me naked to do it and then charge it to the good old tax payer


  8. 9
    C.O.Jones says:

    I can see another Allende event happening.


    • 92
      Cazual Observer 9 says:

      The military will wait until M’aduro has lost the support of the slums, and then get rid of the socialists and replace with a more right of centre government – the opposition perhaps.

      If the remaining left cause problems, then there may be a small civil war.


      • 100
        C.O.Jones says:

        Yes, I can see it going that way.

        Amazing they still have slums after all that oil wealth and the guidance of socialism at the helm.

        Says something doesn’t it.


  9. 11
    Harriet PI says:

    I will not apologise for labour party members having close contact with a brutal marxist regime

    It uis a smear campaign got up by the fascists in Venezuela


  10. 16
    ChrIsBryANTsAnuS says:

    I am being smeared also


  11. 28
    "Miss" sally Bercow is still in ReHab says:

    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!



  12. 29

    Maduro’s administration is still in the lefty good books ,it is still being referred to as a government rather than a ‘regime ‘on the BBC .


  13. 30
    Danielle Stevens says:

    Utterly abhorrent.

    Labour have no shame if they endorse this position.

    Sending death squads on motorbikes to shoot local beauty queens because they dare to peacefully protest is a new low for Socialism – is Diane Abbott really saying that girl was a “right wing extremist”?

    Abhorrent, awful & sickening that Labour will not condemn the murder of poor people just because socialists are doing the killing.


  14. 39
    There is no doubt who done it so the death penalty would be appropriate...and final. says:

    The Lawyer of the Muslim beheaders does have a point that a whole life sentence would be inhumane. The death sentence would be far better.

    Not ignoring that only yesterday the government allowed an IRA murderer to walk free, it is entirely possible that a future Labour sicko government would allow these two butchers out.


  15. 45
    Sally Bercow says:

    Jack Dromey and I have a lot in common.

    We both love BBC and we both live with someone autistic.


  16. 49
    Only Blair says:

    The sample letter shown on TV regarding Down-ey, shows only some resemblance to the actual one given to him. It is a ‘get out of Jail’.

    On 15 June 2000 Mr Powell wrote to Mr Kelly enclosing letters signed by him representing decisions by the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions for England & Wales. The letters were in the following terms:
    “Following a review of your case by the Director of Public Prosecutions for England and Wales, he has concluded that on the evidence before him there is insufficient to afford a realistic prospect of convicting you for any offence arising out of… You would not, therefore face prosecution for any such offence should you return to the United Kingdom. That decision is based on the evidence currently available. Should fresh evidence arise – and any statement made by you implicating yourself in… may amount to such evidence – the matter may have to be reconsidered. The Crown Prosecution Service is nto [sic] aware of any police interest in interviewing you in relation to any other offence nor of any interest from anotehr [sic] country seeking extradition. If there were to be other outstanding offences or requests for extradition these would have to be dealt with in the usual way. This decision would normally be conveyed to you by the Police or to your Solicitor but as this is not possible the Attorney General has asked that I write to you.”


  17. 57
    Cazual Observer 9 says:

    Like H’arman, M’aduro just refuses to admit he has made a mistake:


  18. 58
    Sid Cleverbollocks says:

    The hard left have never had any problem with dead civillians… If they’re not rallying under the correct flag.


  19. 62
    I feel a court case coming on says:


    • 73
      Pop goes the weasel says:

      30 – love. New Balls at then end of this game.


    • 97
      Retarded Richard says:

      Yeah but old Lord Mac was a vile kidde bummer, he liked to beat them senseless while he split their little rectums open with his fat tory member. As does Lord Brittan, his name will be trending like a mother fucker later this year, just wait for Guidos endless disinformation tales when that story breaks.


  20. 65
    Too fast? says:

    “Keith Wallis, officer jailed over “Plebgate” affair, dismissed from Metropolitan Police, his lawyers say”

    How the fuck can a plod afford to retain a lawyer?



    • 72
      Socialjism says:



    • 77
      was it something I said? says:

      Poor bastard. He wasn’t allowed to resign early ‘due to health reasons’. That means he could lose his pension.

      Not that I particularly care but the next time you see a higher-up bent copper who is allowed to abscond with his pension you have to ask ‘why him’?


      • 102
        Sid Cleverbollocks says:

        Shouldn’t have been a bent, lying bastard then, should he.

        I wonder how many poor innocent sods are walking round the excercise yard right now because of his ‘evidence’.


    • 83
      So I've heard says:

      Plod Federation Lawyers, remember plod is a unionised uncivil service dept, no pay no job.


  21. 67
    Pleb off! says:

    Keith Wallis, officer jailed over “plebgate” affair, dismissed from Metropolitan Police, his lawyers say


  22. 69
    Lefty apology number 94 says:

    The richest oil nation on earth hasn’t enough money to fund socialism.

    But that’s only because this isn’t ‘the right kind’ of socialism. Next time it will all work out better…


    • 78
      Táxpáyér says:

      They’ll get different people to do the PR.

      What colour should the wheels be (before they fall off)?


  23. 71
  24. 80
    Hell for Leather says:

    The Venezuelan implosion was neatly summed up recently by The Diplomad:



    • 91
      Cazual Observer 9 says:

      Many of the policies of C’havez and M’aduro do sound very familiar to what has been happening in the UK.


      • 99
        John Bellingham says:

        There was a toilet paper shortage in the UK in 1974, no protesters were killed. A Hertfordshire butcher solved the problem in his town by cutting kitchen rolls in two for his regular clients with his meat cleaver. British initiative! Those foreign Johnnies can’t do anything except drugs and run brothels!


  25. 84
    i don't need no doctor says:

    It surprises me that no one has punched Owen Jones on the nose.


  26. 90
    edmund Oldham Fitzpatrick says:

    hypocrisy rules here, right?


    rich get richer poor get poorer – tory policy from the year dot


    • 95
      RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

      The Grauniad? FFS hahahahahahaha and you believe that crap they print?


    • 96
      The blind leading the lost braindead to nirvana says:

      Somebody owns some house that they let to people on benefits, the people are given benefit money to rent these houses, not to sure where hypocrisy comes in except your left wing drivel, suggest you also check the Liebour and Libcrap owners of houses who rent out to people on benefits also to even it check out how many individual people have bought houses on a buy to let mortgage and also rent out to people on benefits


    • 106
      Micheal 'eight houses' Meacher, man of the left says:

      I don’t have fat slobs like White Dee in my properties.


  27. 94
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Our prisons are full already, would a future Labour Gov’t introduce a cull of these sceptics?


    • 101
      C.O.Jones says:

      Well, build more prisons then, the law is already too lax. In fact you could say that the judiciary are responsible for much of the crime on the streets by not imprisoning repeat offenders.

      It is not the offenders fault that he/she is allowed to roam free while still in a criminal state of mind.


      • 104
        Uncle Joe says:

        Funny ‘repeat offenders’ you really don’t learn. The masses are there to be ruled not allowed to run around wasting the states time. Make prisoners work their term and if they ‘repeat offend’ then they are enemies of the state. And you know what i do them.


  28. 103
    Anon. says:

    It’s all very simple for the likes of Owen Jones. Hardly “just some Statements”.


    • 112
      (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

      Owen, do us all a favour, close your twitter account, shut your stupid infantile left wing apparatchick gob and f*ck right off to Venezuela.
      I am certain many of those swarthy latino types will welcome you with open flies.


      • 124
        Anonymous says:

        Character assassination: Part One. This is “an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation. It may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument…


        • 126
          Anonymous says:

          “For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life…”


      • 125
        Anonymous says:

        Part two. “For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by his community, family, or members of his or her living or work environment. Such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can last a lifetime or, for historical figures, for many centuries after their death…”


      • 127
        Anonymous says:

        Part Tree: “In practice, character assassination may involve doublespeak, spreading of rumours, innuendo or deliberate misinformation on topics relating to the subject’s morals, integrity, and reputation. It may involve spinning information that is technically true, but that is presented in a misleading manner or is presented without the necessary context.” Wikipedia

        Or someone could just say Order Order and comments about Owen Jones.


  29. 118
    treetop says:

    Graeme Morris spews out the typical party line about bedroom tax in our local paper whilst spending is time sucking up to Venezuela, a country that neither concerns us or most of his constituents in Easington know nowt about. Could he have had a jolly over there in recent years or does he just repeat the party lines parrot fashion ?


  30. 130
    Statement of Fact says:

    “This ongoing majority support for Venezuela’s progressive, elected government that has driven this current wave of anti-democratic, right-wing violence in the country. This has been initiated by an element of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition that has grown frustrated with its own repeated electoral failings…”

    But the only problem with this statement is that it is at odds with the picture Uncle Sam and his little helpers are trying to paint.


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