February 25th, 2014

You May Very Think That, Mitchell Couldn’t Possibly Comment


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    Harridan Harmanhater says:


  2. 2
    Eugh says:

    Did Fabrican go to the Dick Van Dyke School of Accents?


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    The original and still the best says:


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      Null hypothesis says:

      You have been spooked.

      Burn all your clothing, flood the place and move to location H asap.

      And don’t use that bloody phone.


  4. 5
    Justice? says:

    A man accused of four murders in an IRA bombing will not be prosecuted because he received a previous guarantee he would not be taken to court.


    • 14
      blair is a cùnt says:

      The people of northern ireland werent told about this dirty deal for on the run terrorists before the referendum. If they had, they would have rejected it decisively. Labour are traitorous bastards.


      • 33
        MI6 says:

        Blair is a toxic terrorist and serial criminal

        It is all coming out now

        And where is Chilcot to put the last nail in the bastard’s coffin?


    • 71
      John Bellingham says:

      One of the slimiest bastards in the history of politics–the terrorist promoter and terrorist apologist Peter Hain has just appeared on Sky to “condemn” terrorism and then give a limp-wristed excuse why IRA killers, torturers, drug-dealers, pimps, child traffickers and other filth could not be brought to trial. A matter that he was personally responsible for. He did a Harman-“not my fault Guv’nor”
      Is there any depth of filth and depravity that the members of the Labour Governments of 1997-2010 and its criminal members have not sunk to?

      NB. Hain was the chief supporter of Fredrick Harris, a teacher with whom Hain had an inappropriate relationship. Harris planted a bomb at Johannesburg Station that killed a pensioner and maimed many others including children. Hain thought this a GOOD THING.


      • 113
        Is there a serious Tory in the house? says:

        Another Labour terrorist

        The list of real crimes of New Labour ministers gets longer everyvday

        And what do the Tories do?

        Instead of taking down the Labour Party and filing criminal complaints

        They “rebrand” themselves behind closed doors and prove themselves to be incompetent, artificial, vacuous and out of touch fools

        What is wrong with these idiots?

        Totally useless from Spoonface to the bottom of the rotten pile

        We do more serious political work on this blog than this whole bunch of Tory wankers


        • 136
          The Tit in No 10 says:

          I promise I will not lead another coalition after the next Election!


          • Daddy was a bank-robber says:

            I promise not to set any more rusty nails into rugby pitches, or fiddle 103,000 quid in ‘donations’, or rob any more banks, or take any dna tests that would prove my innocence. Honest I won’t.


      • 131
        Tim Yeo-yo says:

        just saw him interviewed on C4. I cant believe what a total an utter Hunt the bloke is.


  5. 6
    Glad we weren't last out says:

    Harman Dromey NCCL lame excuses should have been last item for this blog for the day.


  6. 8
    SNAFU says:

    I expect that Harman and BBC Dromey are praying that Putin sends in the tanks and invades the Ukraine to try and get the heat off them.


    • 9
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Putin can always remind Cathy Ashton about her series of electoral successes and her democratic legitimacy as an elected High Representative.


      • 11
        cornwall storms says:

        LOL! when does gordon brown’s pal cathyashton vacate her role as eu high foreign office representative or whatever her silly title is? the woman is a joke. at least if gordon had nominated mandy, for whom I have no respect whatever, to the role they would at least have had someone more worthwhile.


        • 16
          Bill Quango MP says:

          Mandelson is an evil genius. He would have lined his own pockets until they bulged. But we would not have been a national laughing stock in Europe.


          • Zeut Delores says:

            Why’s he speaking frog?


          • broderick crawford says:

            well at least hannan speaks french better than blair

            indeed does blair speak french at all ??

            Although claiming he taught himself the lingo the hard way by working behind a french bar i have never heard so much as a gallic titter from the poltroon …..


      • 93
        La plume de ma tante says:

        + 1


    • 12
      cornwall storms says:

      nope. hattyharpic seems to think that saying the mail ‘prints photos of teenagers in bikinis’ is justification enough for the views she and dromey took on pa e d o phil ia in the 1970’s and 1980’s .


    • 48
      Armchair Civilian says:

      There is no threat from Russia that can’t be held up for days with a few well placed tankers full of vodka.


      • 66
        Vlad says:

        I am not interested in your decadent has-been countries either

        But I do work closly with the Germans and Chinese while you wank and backbite and slide ever deeper into debt…


        • 92
          Kamchatka says:

          How is that Chinese debt mountain doing, Vlad?

          Ever worry that one day they won’t pay their bills?


          • Vlad says:

            Ignorant bum

            The Chinese have the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world

            AND hold $1.3 TRILLION of US Government bonds,,

            Makes you look like overindebted deficit running short term fools


          • A Global Economist says:

            Funny, they have $1.3trillion of US debt but are in $6trillion of debt to their own banks. Meanwhile the US is buying its own debt with its freshly printed $ whilst the Chinese are printing money to buy more US bonds in the hope of stopping it own currency from rising against the $

            It’s a crazy world out there! Back to barter, I say. Not Britain, obviously, because 40% of the population would starve


          • China is sound as a yuan says:

            Ah, but the Chinese own most of those banks you say they owe the money to. So really, if it came to clearing the debts, they think they don’t actually owe anything. And they also have loads of shonky, unsaleable concrete blocks as assets to back that non-debt up with.


          • Nothing to see here says:

            Did anyone find out where the missing 500 tons of gold has disappeared to in China?


          • Vlad says:

            For a global economist yiu are ignorant and confused

            You asked me about getting paid back by the Chinese

            I.e.btheir net international position

            Ivrepeatvthe largest FX reserves in the world plus US bonds (the sale of which could bring down the dollar) and a public debt to GDP of about 63%

            Plus biggest balance of payments surplus in the world

            So far, far stronger than the US British or Eurozone net positions

            UK debt to Gdp about 85% and rising…and biggest deficit and balance of payments deficit in G8



          • You information was brought to you by Goldman Sachs an H S B C says:

            “public debt to GDP of about 63%”

            Ha ha ha. That’s a bloody good joke. 300million people getting paid £1 an hour and you think suddenly they are rich. Got an economy about the size of the UK, in truth.

            You don’t want to go on believing Goldman Sachs overseas investment portfolio guidance mate. The Chinese have created a bubble the size of the moon.


          • American businessman that knows where it's really at says:

            Hey Vlad, wake up.

            The Chinese buy US bonds with Yuan. Where do those Yuan go mate? Who wants Yuan? $1.3trillion of Yuan? Huh?

            Could it be that
            US private industry, generating $10trillion every year, might have an interest in $1.3trillion Yuan? What would they use it for? It’s not a reserve currency? What on earth can you spend it on? Oh….. China!

            Yeah! The Chinese think they own the US government (but actually the US can simply print more $ to pay them off because the debt is in…. $! Yeah! That’s how that works, I bet the Argies wish they could pull that trick!), but US private industry owns China! Ha! How do you like them onions!

            Believe me, $1.3trillion buys you a whole lotta China….


          • American businessman that knows where it's really at says:

            Oh, and be a bit careful of those Chinese GDP figures. They tend to look at the iPhones coming out of American factories in China like Flextronics and count the output prices. But I ask you, if you take a $500 iPhone how much of that money actually stays in China? I’ll tell you – about $20.

            2nd biggest economy my ass. They’re just a convenient location for offshoring American low wage industry. We learnt that trick from you Brits when you abolished slavery in the Carribean.


  7. 10
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    A wank a day keeps Samantha away.


  8. 15
    Frank Underwood says:

    Democracy is so over-rated.


  9. 18
    White Dee says:

    If your smartphone isn’t the latest model you’re being discriminated against.
    Vote Ed Miliband to bring you the things you deserve.


  10. 21
    What a clusterfuck says:

    Tory rebranding- The Workers Party

    Starting with their toxic Co-Chairmen



    • 24
      was it something I said? says:

      It’s so audacious it might actually work.

      As a change in party political positioning it’s the equivalent of trusting Labour with the economy.


    • 36
      hnuhnnijmoijuoyvtexcyhuyuoygouylblhyvyfckvgvkgkFUCKOFFGCHQjytytygbykihmpipihygytfcftrctfvtfvtvvvvvvv says:

      Says the party that gave us 3 million unemployed


      • 163
        You know they don't actually tell you the real figures, right? says:

        More like 7m if unemployed means of working age, able but not working.


    • 38
      Jimmy says:

      The Workers on zero hours Party?


      • 47
        I don't want to work anymore than I have to, thanks says:

        I like zero hours. It doesn’t get in the way of me claiming all my tax credits.


    • 43
      James Turner says:

      The Tories helping working people is a complete myth.

      In 1997 when Blair and Brown came to power they ended up taking 100,000 families out of poverty. 100,000. Not 1 or 10, or 1,000, but 100,000 and there were more of course, but changes from Thatcher and then Major had put those families into poverty.

      The big Tory idea of investing in the City, abandoning mass manufacturing, rather than investing in it as the Germans and Japan did, simply led in the short term mass unemployment and in the long run to the low pay culture we have now because the jobs we have are basic service jobs and not better paid manufacturing jobs.

      Major did become Prime Minister from a working class background, but only because he was the least offensive candidate. The Tories are going to have the same problem – all the current Cameron ministers are unelectable as Prime Ministers – for when Cameron goes.

      You know where the Tories lie (an apt word) – the last 4 years is wholly indicative, as it was in the Thatcher years – permanent majority austerity paying for permanent minority greed. RBS’s bonus pot of £500m (1/16th of their losses for 2013 would you believe), equates to 20,000 jobs paid at the average wage of £26,000


      • 49
        It's OK, some people will actually believe your bullshit says:

        “In 1997 when Blair and Brown came to power they ended up taking 100,000 families out of poverty.”

        According to the Joseph Rowntree Trust, a “charity” funded by…… (drum roll)….



      • 53
        Manufacturing? Why would you want to get involved in that these days? says:

        “better paid manufacturing jobs”

        I pay £1/hour for manufacturing in China.

        Let me know if you can find a Brit prepared to work for 10% of the average wage and maybe I’ll think about employing them.


      • 54
        RBS? I think you'll find Gordon Brown set the terms of the contract says:

        Don’t like the way RBS is run? Hmmm, well maybe Gordon should have let in go bust first, then bailed it out on his terms instead of buying it as a going concern.


      • 85
        was it something I said? says:

        Hi James,

        The big Tory idea of investing in the City, abandoning mass manufacturing,

        The Tories didn’t abandon mass manufacturing. The unions did. The jobs were there, the factories were there it’s just that the unions wouldn’t let the workers do any work. Because they were trying to bring down the government and establish a workers paradise along the lines of the USSR.

        If ‘the management’ tried to introduce new, up-to-date machinery the unions would go on strike. Worried about the job losses the new, more efficeint machines would create you see.

        And if they were promised no job losses they would insist that everybody get a payrise because

        a) if you can afford money for machines you can afford money for a payrise and

        b) these machines look awfully complicated. The chaps who work them will need to be terribly clever. You’d better pay us more money. And match it for everybody else who is on the same grade.

        Seriously, you had to be there to see it.


        • 97
          My first job paid 30p an hour. says:

          Oh yes. And don’t forget the bloody ‘differentials’. What would a union dispute be like if there weren’t plenty of ‘differentials’ to maintain and argue about.


          • Feed your hate says:

            Smashing the unions by decimating manufacturing seems to me to have been counter-productive.


          • I'm not sure you really want to be a slave says:

            Prepared to work for £10 a day to make patio heaters in some cold smelly factory are you? Because if not then trying to resurrect manufacturing to compete with the Chinese is a bit foolish isn’t it?

            I’d stick with the nice warm cosy office job if I were you. They pay better.

            What we need is for government to wake up and realise if you’re paying £28,000 a year in bennies, that’s a full wage and the public expect to get a full years work back. They can start by building a dyke around Oxford to keep the water out.


      • 302
        M­a­qboul says:

        Trite claptrap.

        We lead the world in Financials but we cannot compete against the developing world in “mass manufacturing” whatever that is.

        If we really must micro manage the economy I do hope we don’t listen to simpletons like James Turner.

        The poster just above got it spot on, the unions destroyed our manufacturing base before Thatcher came to power.


    • 56
      James Turner says:

      The Tory Party will be the workers’ party when they repeal the anti-union legislation and stop attacking TUPE legal provisions.


      • 65
        Labour activists have never spoken to a worker in their lives says:

        The “anti-union” legislation that stops unions calling strikes on a whim?

        I think you’ll find most workers breathed a huge sigh of relief when that was introduced!


      • 68
        modern Labour activists know nothing about ordinary people says:

        Typical middle class Labour activist, never grew up on a council estate and never worked in a factory but talks bollox about it all the same.


        • 170
          barrowboy says:

          G.M. are pulling out of Australia jacking in Holden production due to Union wage demands. seems the BMC Red Robbo theme of production schedules like we work 3 hours per day for £1000 per week have infected the down under Barbbe boys. China and their mates have cut back on ore purchases so it looks bleak for the Aussi dollar.


          • Don't put all your eggs in one Chinese basket says:

            Chinese have put their salaries up by 80% over the last 3 years so the tat they sell in Argos isn’t looking quite so attractively priced. No surprise the Aussies are now taking the brunt of it since riding that particular Chinese dragon.


  11. 26
    I am shocked says:

    Thank you. I’ve just had to change my bike clips.


  12. 28
    Only Blair says:

    It now comes out, due to the Downey affair, that Blair had 182 letters sent to Sinn Fien terrorists on the run that they would not be prosecuted. As if Blair’s stature could not be any lower, he exceeds even his depraved standards.


    • 31
      MI6 says:

      He also secretly gave permission to the NSA in 2007 to spy illegally spy on any UK citizens

      Which is treason..to add to all his other and continuing frimed


      • 32
        MI6 says:


        NSA interception of text


        • 172
          Feed your hate says:

          Every Prime Minister since and including Heath has committed treason by signing away British sovereignty to the EU, as has benefit-scrounging Brenda Windsor and all the MPs that voted in favour of this lunacy.


    • 37
      Only Blair says:

      Also why are the British soldiers going to court soon about the Bloody Sunday affair. Why is this not part of the amnesty agreement, I expect Sinn Fien took full advantage of the cravenous turd.


    • 51
      Only Blair says:

      Hain on Sky news just now has just admitted that the soldiers were not included because it was vetoed by Sinn Fien,.


      • 61
        Forest Gump says:

        Hain is a horrible man. That’s all I have to say about that.


      • 73
        Only Blair says:

        Even worse, Dodds a NI MP, says they knew nothing of this deal. It seems it was proposed to parliament, rejected so Blair does it in secret. Shit and Fans come to mind.


      • 77
        MY IP address is untraceable says:

        Within our current and retired armed forces there are surely a dozen or so chaps who are quite capable and equipped to eradicate the IRA and Sinn Fein filth who are now enjoying comfortable retirement on the proceeds of drug-dealing, bank robbery, extortion and child trafficking. There are 138 MFs* on the OTL (on the run) list. Kill a dozen and let the rest shit in their pants until the day they die.
        I am up for it at no charge.


    • 80
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Blair is still loved by the BBC and the left. Blair would get 20,000 blow jobs off male beeboids.


    • 181
      Old Codger says:

      If they were on the run where did Blair know where to send the letters?


      • 190
        Sinn Fein says:

        We told them. We would have told them ourselves but we didn’t want to waste our money on postage. Turns out your government has a special bulk purchase deal with the Royal Mail so it made sense.


        • 309
          Only Blair says:

          Actually this was close to the truth. The list was generated by Sinn Fien, No 10 then had the letters generated and then an official went to the border area with a Sinn Fien rep to give them to thew fugitives.


  13. 34
    Harriet Harmskids says:

    I’d like a new 9/11 to bury this bad news about me.


  14. 39
    The Libor party says:



    • 52
      Crime Spotter says:

      And this crook is Shadow Police Minister FFS

      Watch your arses if he ever gets into power

      Opponents will be stitched up like Mitchell by the (already bent) plod

      And all they need is a bent DPP like Macdonald and you’ll be in clink…


    • 58
      Hansard writer says:

      The Labour backbenchers around him look as though someone has just shuved a sharp dildo up their tight arses


    • 138
      Alex Slalom says:

      See. How hard was it to say “sorry”?

      Oooops did I say hard?


      • 176
        Feed your hate says:

        Did he use the word sorry?


        • 205
          william hague is a bigger mong than neville chamberlain says:

          on those very occasional times when a public figure does say sorry they usually word it as “i would like to say sorry for blah blah blah”. the emphasis of my point being on the first 5 words prior to “sorry”… “i would like to say”. what they are really saying is they would like to say they are sorry but they aren’t actually saying sorry. it just sounds like they’ve said sorry.


  15. 40
    Sir John Major Apprenticeship Programme says:

    For the children of the working class

    Sorry….of our hedge fund managers…

    You could not make it up…


    • 45
      Editor of Titler glossy mag says:

      No wonder the rebranding took place behind closed doors

      Otherwise the hacks convened would have been rolling all over the fucking floor..


    • 59
      John Clare in the 1820s says:

      The wigs & torys may be better classified
      perhaps by the terms of outs & ins for
      be they wigs or torys in those situations the
      outs are always vociverators of “liberty”
      “cruelty of taxation” & “good of the people”
      while the ins are inflexible tyrants
      & determined supporters of all that is
      oppressing & annoying to the people &
      benefitting to themselves & their connections


      • 64
        A Soviet Shrink says:

        Clare was a good man. They put him in an asylum.

        British psychiatry was years ahead of its time.


        • 99
          Dr Freud (you know the rest) penis envy says:

          How come they did not put Gordon Brown in an asylum?

          Everyone knew he was a mad mong years ago

          British psychiatry fell down seriously methinks


  16. 57
    The Late Henry Hodge says:

    Just why did Harriet Harman think it OK for children to be fucked at the age of 10?


    • 63
      Sir Peter Morrison says:

      Beggars belief…


      • 72
        Madoff Mandelson of Moscow says:

        Buggers belief you meant, you chump

        PS You got a knighood for your buggery, I got a Peerage, so guacamole to you Peter


    • 178
      Feed your hate says:

      You’re falling for BBC spin. The documents suggested a lowering of the age of consent to 4. Another explained how 4 month old babes enjoy orgasming.

      She is a fucking witch, a liar, a whore, a pervert, a protector of filth and a protagonist for peeedohs.

      Fuck her off, and her slapheaded twat of a husband.


  17. 60
    When your own media won't support you, you're fucked says:

    That Mirror piece on “Labour’s Paedo Elephant” is well worth a read. The Mirror really sticks it to Labour.


  18. 62
    When your own media won't support you, you're fucked says:

    That Mirror piece on “Labour’s P a e d 0 Elephant” is well worth a read. The Mirror really sticks it to Labour.


  19. 67
    thostids says:

    The evil and duplicitous past of Mrs Dromey and the ubiquitous Mr Dromey, should be made to precede them like a stench of rotting flesh. They should, like lepers of history, be made to carry and use bells whilst warning those around of their being “Unclean”!
    What sort of odds can I get on Mr and Mrs Dromey not standing for re-election in 2015.


  20. 69
    Kiev calling says:

    Any chance Owen Jones could be sent to Ukraine as a human rights envoy or something? Put him right in the middle of the action.


    • 86
      Big Ben says:

      No. Owen Jones is a coward. He uses the language of violence on platforms but like most of his middle class lefty friends, he melts away when things look like potentially getting a bit rough.


      • 144
        Cinna says:

        What’s his take on the Harridan, Dromey, Hewitt scandal?


        • 149
          Comrade Delta says:

          He is still awaiting instructions


        • 262
          Twat watch says:

          He spent much of yesterday tweeting that this story was simply a smear by the right wing Daily Mail. I tweeted him several times for his views on the Guardian ‘smear’ , the Observer ‘smear’ and the Mirror ‘smear’ . I am still awaiting a reply.


  21. 76
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Hmm. Posts vanishing once again.


  22. 81
    Journos, you can have this for free says:

    I saw Harman’s interview on ITV news and when she was asked about PIE’s affiliation, she repeated her bullshit line that any group could join NCCL. There is such an easy way to trap Harpic when she uses that cretinous excuse. The interviewer just has to ask “Does that mean the NF and the BÑ* could have joined too?” She’d be totally fucked when cornered like that.


  23. 84
    Pink GQ Glossy rag editor says:

    I saw Andrew Pearce on Sky banging on about Hattie

    I thought, that’s quite something for someone who was awarded the Golden Dildo of the Year Award by the Academy of Uphill Gerdeners


  24. 91
    Magnabill says:

    Hope Mitchell can act better than that in court.


  25. 94
    White rabbit says:

    ‘And the Razzie award goes to….opens the dog eared envelope…Michael Fabricant, For services to road kill and being the most weird, unfunny, pretend public servant in Northern Europe.


  26. 104
    Nigel Double Garage says:

    Good Lord

    Did you see that?

    Gideon in the Red Lion boozer having a photoop pint

    His 151 PR men, spin liars and assorted Totty must have told him that it would give him street cred

    He is stealing my thunder the bastard


    • 107
      Barfly says:

      Did he buy a round?


    • 162
      Universal Hissing says:


      Whilst nodding along with some of the sentiments I don’t think years of republican grievances add much to the Scottish independence debate.In fact it makes my blood run cold.


      • 206
        The Celtic tribesmen know how to spin an evocative yarn says:

        Yes, another country that claimed independence and then recently came back to us with the begging bowl out. Does kind of lack credibility, especially when the Catholics in the North have more-or-less decided they don’t really want anything to do with their corrupt brothers in the South. They do tell a good yarn though.

        In the end there will be a vote. Hopefully it will not be a close one. Then we shall see, and things will likely be settled. Many will not like it I suspect, but they will just have to learn to live with it.


  27. 109
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Why does vague Hague keep giving these fucking press conferences? No one gives a shit about what he or the UK thinks about the Ukraine, Syria etc.

    Can someone also tell the slap head we’re fucking broke and to stop fucking promising our money to these fuckers.


    • 114
      GCHQ says:

      I tell him on here regularly, but apparently he doesn’t read this blog so much any more.


    • 117
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      We built an empire on drinking tea and lost it again drinking beer.


    • 134
      Economist says:

      Funny thing this international ‘aid”

      Often the Ministersv”granting it get a “retrocommission”

      I.e. kickback of up to 3%

      I have never seen a poor former western Finance Minister in the last 40 years

      The kickbacks are often paid, for obvious reasons, into offshore ‘special vehicles” etc

      The best City lawyers and accountants organise these schemes secretly, of course, and take huge fees as well

      Best current example of multiple kickbacks – Tony Blair (John Major more discreet thru Carlyle with the Bushes and Saudis)


      • 161
        The 3% of 0.7% of GDP Question says:

        So where do we all reckon Hague is hiding his cut?


        • 185
          Bob says:

          Possibly Dubai would be my guess,, but cash etc can move with push of a financial button

          But these Gulf rulers literally have mountains of cash….enough to turn most people in fact

          Andv funn thing is, their bungs are hardly talked about…like the oligarchs…who have bent the whole financial/political/judicial system in Britain…onky insiders really realise this (andelsewhere)


  28. 119
    Cazual Observer 7 says:

    H’arman and H’ewitt (and M’andelson) were targetted for surveillance by MI-5’s F2 division during the 70s.

    The NCCL executive were considered to be communist sympathizers and subversive.

    C’athy M’assiter, an ex MI-5 agent blew the whistle on files existing for H’arman & H’ewitt in 1984.


    As a result of revelations in P’eter W’rights S’pycatcher book that there had been a concerted effort to undermine the W’ilson government by the security services in the 70’s H’arman & H’ewitt raised a case with the ECHR (H’arman & H’ewitt v UK 1986) citing violation of rights to private life and domestic remedy under Articles 8 and 13 of the Convention.

    The ECHR found in their favour on Article 8 violation, but because there was nothing in law to constrain the security services, Article 13 did not apply.

    The UK Government sought a friendly settlement which led to the Security Services Act of 1989, finalized 1994.

    H’arman and H’ewitt were unsuccessful when they returned to the ECHR in 1993 to address what they considered deficiencies in the legislation.

    h**p://tinyurl.com/pn5f26w (Three Pillars of Liberty…, co authored – K’ier S’tarmer)

    The subject of Harman’s file was raised in P’arliament in 1988 by Labour MP D’avid W’innick:


    (h/t @WikiGuido)

    D’avid S’hayler revealed in his 1997 release of documents to the MoS (Shayler-Gate) that M’andelson and J’ack S’traw were also under close surveillance during the 70s.


    M’andelson was considered a communist sympathizer. His conversion from Young Communist League (YCL) member to Labour right-winger suggested to MI5 that he was concealing his true sympathies and acting under instruction.


    A good account by ex MI-5 agent, and close associate of S’hayler (A’nnie M’achon), can be found here:


    K’en L’ivingstone revealed that K’inkora had been used as a honey trap by MI-5:


    (h/t needleblog )

    The security services determining that H’arman and H’ewitt were valid targets as subversives is perhaps correct.

    Seeing as they were working for an organization affiliated with the P.I.E. which itself was not aligned with the security services, certainly raises an eyebrow.

    It is a matter of debate whether the ECHR action raised and introduction of the Security Services Act has perhaps impeded the work of the security agencies to run counter-terrorism operations domestically.

    S’hayler in 1997 first warned that the security services were losing ground to the terrorist threats which were presented to the UK.


    • 135
      The Royal Oak says:

      ” H’arman & H’ewitt raised a case with the ECHR (H’arman & H’ewitt v UK 1986) citing violation of rights to private life and domestic remedy under Articles 8 and 13 of the Convention.

      The ECHR found in their favour on Article 8 violation, but because there was nothing in law to constrain the security services, Article 13 did not apply.

      The UK Government sought a friendly settlement which led to the Security Services Act of 1989, finalized 1994. ”

      Looks to me they were patsies who were used as the excuse to bring in legislation. When did they know that was their role in life?

      I have always assumed that these lefties like Hewitt, Henry Hodge, Larry Grant etc were all really just performing the role of stiffling genuine dissent by identifying and elbowing any real radicals aside from civil society. They all became very comfortable as the new labour aristocracy. Helena Kennedy is now a total pompous ass.


      • 157
        Jack says:

        And Mandelson was probably “adopted” by Mi5 Quite early on

        This explains the ‘cover” he has received for his multiple frauds and, morev ecently, his becoming a director of Sistema, belonging to an oligarch married to Yeltsin’s grand daugter

        Mentioned on the Guardian cite and taken down after legal threats


      • 171
        Cazual Observer 7 says:

        Referencing the anti-Terror legislation brought in post 9-11 and Harman’s role in L’eveson and press regulation I would agree with your view.

        Moreover, one of the long term effects of their ECHR action, the Security Services Act and the anti-Terror laws brought in by Bla!r is that the security services now can act against an individuals civil liberties, but at the direction of the government rather than on their own initiative.

        This affords unreasonable protection for those in government, and also harms democracy as it is eminently possible now for the ruling party to direct the security services against their political opponents.

        The 70s are painted bad, but politically independent security services at least could keep the government itself in line, as well as the plebs, and would not engage in partisan activities.

        Pleb-Gate is a stunning example of where this leads: Examples involving such abuses with the security services I imagine are yet to emerge.


    • 139
      Shayler. Is he any more credible than David !cke? says:

      “In an article in the Daily Mail Shayler claimed that he was the son of God stating, “I am the messiah and hold the secret of eternal life,” and that he was the reincarnation of various historical figures.[20] This claim is echoed on his official website where he notes that “David Michael Shayler — ‘Sheylr’ in Hebrew … was anointed Messiah on 2 July 2007 and proclaimed on 07.07.07, in line with ancient prophecies”


    • 147
      Economist says:

      Confirmed by Elisa Manningham Buller head of MI5 in 2005 who also stated that Blair’s Iraq War had increased the terrorist threat…much to Blair’s disgust

      MI6 are also holding fire on the lies of Blair Straw and Campbell over Iraq as you know…awaiting the outcome or not of Chilcot


      • 221
        Cazual Observer 7 says:

        Here is her testimony from the !raq war inquiry:


        As she points out, bin L’aden’s fatwa was issued in London by a guy called F’awwaz in 1996. Bin L’aden has dictated it over the phone, and F’awwaz had it published in the London-based Arabic paper Al-Q’uds Al-A’rabi.

        The fatwa was entitled:

        ‘Declaration of War against the A’mericans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places’

        MI-5 had concerns from that point about a serious terrorist problem, both existential and domestic. To your point about !raq, the security services had no concerns domestically about that regime or its agents at the time and after 9/11.


    • 194
      Cazual Observer 7 says:

      Worth a listen:

      Are her actions at present those of a straight shooter, or a subversive ?


      • 241
        News Editor says:

        And who is this Golden Dildo Pierce?

        The only thing I have noticed is that he nicks Guido’s scoops withiut giving any credit and obviously reads this blog avidly too lift even the expressions used here

        A perfect plagiarist and banwaggoner…


    • 237

      Excellent research – far more than I could find the time to conduct myself, given my other duties.

      Was struck by these words (summarised):

      there will always be a need in Britain for legitimate intelligence activities, including close surveillance of known communists in influential positions. But … there are limits beyond which British citizens do not want MI5 and other covert agencies to step

      These are words initially used to describe the Margaret Thatcher government’s attitude to security but, after the ellipsis, to express the CSMonitor’s writer’s belief in the limitations of that position.

      My point is one of context. Whistle blowers in a war situation such as WW2 faced certain and speedy execution if caught. Some may have had genuine points of concern but, in a survival situation, the state cannot afford to let that become prevalent. The corollary of that is that inefficiency, or worse, will go undetected. I know this from family experience.

      After the war, we were plunged, without choice, into a cold war which was in many respects much harder to game than real war. The threat of this only lifted in 1989/90 when the communist bloc fell apart.

      Many here will have little or even no political appreciation of what that former position was like. That is to the good except for the fact that modern thinking will not be instructed in how those times really were.

      I would suggest that the acts of Harman, Hewitt, Dromey et al simply ignored these realities in a bath of flaky idealism. A matter of opinion, of course, but I do say this as an Idealist myself.

      God forbid, but if we ever go back to war again, we can kiss goodbye to what we rightly regard as ‘freedom of information’ as the very first casualty will naturally be the truth.


      • 261
        Cazual Observer 7 says:

        The CS Monitor article sources from US: Some cultural differences may have been expressed. Included only to provide some background on M’assita.

        Idealism may have been in the minds of the useful idiots at NCCL, and elsewhere, but much of the purpose of that organization was subversive in the extreme.

        It is more accurate to look at this through a realpolitik lens.

        Understanding that power was maintained in part using the fact that the society was sexually repressed (consider P’rofumo, how sex scandals are used, and how K’inkora enabled blackmail etc.), then any organization which seeks to change that status quo independently of the state is by definition subversive.

        A stated aim of NCCL was to work towards creating a less sexually repressed society.

        The gay rights movement was in part about this. However, as there is a moral argument of sorts in their favour, this was allowed and the value of gender orientation in maintaining power structures was diminished.

        NCCL’s and P.I.E.’s attempt to mainstream p’edo was in part the idealism of perverts, but more importantly was designed to undermine what we now know are quite important mechanisms for maintaining power.

        During the Cold War and after (the threats did not diminish when the wall came down, that is naive idealism ;-) ), the real enemies of the state seek to undermine those aspects of society which enable order and security to be maintained.

        This is an omnipresent threat. Russ!a’s objection to the West’s promotion of gay rights within Russ!a is testament to this. The Russ!an’s are fully aware of what the real objectives are.

        H’arman + H’ewitt did deep harm to the UK with their activities, which is why they should be held to account. I would argue that H’arman is an exceptionally dangerous subversive who is acting quite contrary to the interests of the UK at present.

        On another note, the 20/20 Vision Program the CS Monitor references is here:

        This contains her detail relating to H’arman / H’ewitt.


      • 286

        I agree with what you say and my observations were actually made in a realpolitik sense.

        But one cannot avoid the fact that the situation develops in time to a position which simply didn’t, or could not have, existed before. This change can happen very quickly.

        An amusing but trivial example of this was when I was told by a customs official on the border here that I could not bring my books in as they might be ‘subversive’. He was holding a volume of Encyclopaedia Britannica and was speaking in all seriousness. My will prevailed in that tricky situation but only because of the intervention of the senior officer at the post. That post has now been swept away and I may enter with what I will. But it illustrates that ‘subversive’ means different things to different people, so we are compelled to define the term better.

        What I was attempting to state, perhaps clumsily, was not that real threats to the state changed but rather the perception and approach of the authorities and the public has changed to breaches in security. The Snowden episode was one which I immediately saw as being in the general good, even if it worked against the interests of the US. But what was being done in the name of the US was disgraceful. They had forfeited the right to secrecy. Not many agreed with me at the beginning but many more do now, including our host. That doesn’t make me right every time but I feel justified here.

        So whistle blowing is the classic ground where one can be wrong either way as we know. But the response is hugely different to what it would have been say in 1943. Also, the efforts of the state to control have not diminished, simply changed in form and effect.

        The issue of sexual repression is extraordinarily complicated and both Britain and America face problems which, while not unknown in Germany, France or Scandinavia, do not present themselves in the same way. There is much less prudery here and it is no big deal to see people of any age without clothes. This difference creates different expectations.

        In Anglo-American circles, all too often, we conflate nudity with sex. Part of Harman’s trouble in trying to save face now is actually down to this (as her public will confuse the issues very easily) but I totally agree that she and her cohorts were subverting the State in a real sense (but see also jgm2’s interesting remarks earlier).

        The thing about Harman and her type is that she actually things she is right, hence my reference to flaky idealism. But we know (don’t we?) that she is thick as a plank and what we rightly regard as subversive, she does not. I do not imagine she gets up in the morning and says “Now what can I do today which is subversive?” But she does go out and does it. That serves to explain – not to exculpate.

        I agree that far too much was floated in on the gay rights wagon. I still have difficulty in using this word in this way as it meant something quite different when I was young.


        • 292
          Cazual Observer 7 says:

          Sorry my response may have seemed a bit sharp – should have put some smiley’s in to break a Poe’s law fail ;-) Definitely am not against idealism, however the problem with idealism is that it can be manipulated and become dangerous. The old balance of power used to temper this.

          I would not get hung up on S’nowden. He is likely at best a double agent.

          Fundamentally nothing has changed in terms of threat, or what is really subversive. That remains successful manipulation of a society to undermine the power structures of that societies elite with the aim of displacing that elite.

          To your point on relative prudery, that must be balanced against the power which those countries have to protect. The power that the US / UK enjoy is partly rooted in strong A’nglo S’axon traditions and cultural values. This is what has been under direct assault from the cultural Marxists – targeting everything from the family unit through attitudes towards sex, and even the justice systems. This is all sold as being a progressive improvement for the people, however, that marketing is false.

          The more ‘liberal’ countries you mention are simply lesser, as reflected by their lack of moral virtue and standing in the world. They are the way they are in part through inbred complacency born from a history of defeat. ;-)

          Writing H’arman off as thick is not doing her justice. She is very likely a knowing participant in the real subversion of the UK state, and on the outside chance she is not, her behaviour at present is (ironically) at best childish: The petulant tantrum of a technocrat who deeply loathes a state which on two occasions has directly apologised to her for its relatively minor transgressions against her in the past.

          There is only one solution for her, and the others of her ilk, and that day of judgement I suspect is fast approaching.

          UK politics will be a better place once they are out of public life.


          • Don’t be concerned. I never take offence and especially not against you as I am aware of the painstaking construction which goes into your work, and I imagine into your RL work. I was not offended. The Poe’s Law problem is minimal.

            But what I do like to do is tease out psychological and philosophical differences between different cultures. Like you, I have lived in more than one area of the world (family background of ex-Empire helps of which I am extremely proud BTW). It is inevitable that one is struck by the differences, for better and worse. It can work both ways and there are times when it is better to put one’s own prejudices aside to see where it appears to be better, to examine this closely and then actually discover that the other people have it worked out better.

            The premise here is that one’s own people don’t have to be right in everything, indeed looking at Gordon Brown, it was hard to find out where he was right in anything! Of course, there will be some if one looks hard enough – but I haven’t found them yet. :-)

            It is for this reason that I cannot accept your observations on relative prudery. There is something here which goes back much longer than Marxism and, despite the enormous breadth of the English language, we may not yet have developed the words, certainly concepts, to do this area justice. I note the use of the wink but I am talking in all seriousness here.

            Have been watching Harman since the 60s. She is thick I assure you. Really. I have met plenty of prominent people who are thick, politicians, judges, academics – even scientists. The problem with these groupings is that they disappear so deeply downwards in the warrens of their specialism that they lack any kind of breadth and proportion. They fail to realise that knowledge is a circle or sphere and what they have cannot dovetail into the whole entirely because they are unaware of it. You will no doubt have read Jan Smuts but, in saying that, I think Holism is a useful tool but not a complete system.

            Agree the woman has a lot to answer for. This includes but is not restricted to the normal arrogance of youth from which, she never escaped. This last point will only get worse as we see more and more career politicians.


  29. 120
    Money Shot says:


  30. 123
    dodds is weak says:

    If the DUP had any morality about them, they would collapse Stormont tonight. Alas, they dont.
    Itll be business as usual with sinn fein tomorrow


  31. 126
    Chris Smith says:

    Have I resigned yet?


  32. 128
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It’s high time the Eurozone moved full speed ahead to a federal republic (United States of Europe) modelling everything 100% on the USA.

    1. All central banks to be abolished and the European Central bank to be given the full powers of the federal reserve in the USA.

    2. All parliaments & second chambers to be abolished and replaced by elected senators (2 per state),congressmen (1 for roughly every 3/4 million citizens) and an elected president.

    3. The formation of a single European army,navy & airforce.

    4. Abolition of all monarchies (Spanish,Dutch etc.)

    5. Abolition of all state broadcasters and telly taxes.

    6. A written constitution modeled exactly on the US constitution (free speech,free press,right to keep & bear arms etc.)

    7. Adoption of the US legal & justice system which itself is modeled on English common law (innocent until proven guilty,right to trial by jury,habeas corpus,double jeopardy,fifth amendment,class action lawsuits etc.)

    8. Adoption of the much tougher US benefits system of time limited benefits & food stamps.

    9. Green card system for immigration.

    10. All taxes on petrol,electricity,gas & water to be abolished.


  33. 142
    The Fabians says:

    We don’t think so. It will be run our way, according to the rules exposed in our centenary manual “1984” by George Orwell.


  34. 143
    Jack "The only gal with a cock but no clit" on the shortlist says:

    Fondle my danglers – but you can trust every word Hattred says – and Pattyparts Jowl too!


  35. 150
    Catchphrase says:

    Is PMQs back tomorrow? I hope lots of Tory MPs shout “Crackerjack!” at Bercow and “PIE!” at the Labour benches.


  36. 151
    Revd. Phoney £rd Fucking Way Bliar, sanctimonoius git and Liar says:

    I like it when people talk about me and think of my Legacy.


  37. 155
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    This September’s referendum will be Scotland’s one and only chance for freedom.

    If they fail to take it not only will they have shamed their great ancestors Wallace & Bruce but they will be known the world over as haggis eating surrender monkeys. A bunch of pussy-whipped slaves forever under the English jackboot.



    • 164
      Spoonface Cameroon says:

      Can we shame the Jocks into growing a pair is the questiin?

      It really does not help when Spoonface goes and kisses their buttocks…

      Most unattractive sight of the year…so far…

      To be followed soon by his doihg the same thing to Angela Merkel, who does not even wish to receive said kisses..she thinks Dave is a spoilt offshore prick…no far from the truth in fact…family trusts offshore, family windmills, Dodgy Cabinet Secretary, worship of Blair etc

      Spoonface has no pride..


      • 174
        Universal Hissing says:

        Talking of spoonface this made me laugh……..



      • 179
        Och Aye tha noos says:

        I shall rewrite that for you

        This September’s referendum will be England’s one and only chance for freedom from the miserable winging jocks


        • 183
          Every fake public school Scot in England says:

          But what will we do with our wedding kilts?


        • 188
          Universal Hissing says:

          So why is Westminster trying to hang on to a country full of pathetic,drunk,fat,useless,winging,benefit seekers?

          A total mystery.


          • Spoonface says:

            Complete mysteryto me also

            But Buck House told me….andvthat’s part of my contract

            I suppose they want to, keep the grouse shoot or salmon fishing


          • The Celtic tribesmen know how to spin an evocative yarn says:

            It’s a bit embarrasing isn’t it? Shows the decline of this once great nation that we can’t learn to live together and we’ve descended into petty tribalism. This tiny island then gets split into two or more tiny nations of no consequence. Laughable really.


    • 168
      Universal Hissing says:

      Quite & I don’t care if you’re taking the piss!

      Many a true word & all that.


  38. 159
    Tony Blair says:

    Look, guys, I know some of you are a bit miffed that this IRA terrorist chap can’t be prosecuted because of a deal my government made with him and his murderer friends, but the thing is, I’m a pretty straight sort of guy, and what is important is what is important is.


  39. 160
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Talking of The Enemy Within…
    “The night George Clooney took Julian Assange’s stunning British lawyer to meet Obama”


    What a sordid shit-heap in our society.

    All in all, a very good day for the Daily Mail.


  40. 166
    Windy miller says:

    So we have terrorists being given secret get out of jail cards by Labour while British soldiers go on trial
    We have senior members of the Labour Party as apologists for PIE

    That’s just today FFS!

    I have ne’er really felt fear about a British election before but if Labour gets in while in present form I feel scared


    • 173
      Democracy Now says:

      I consider there is a risk of violence if the Labour Party win what will have been a palpably rigged election. The current government has been unbelievably weak and has failed to reform the constituencies, the postal vote system, the laughable identity checks, the corrupted electoral registers, the system of council CEOs being returning officers etc etc..

      They absolutely must defend the integrity of the franchise, but they are all asleep on watch.


      • 187
        Windy miller says:

        There are many issues but press regulation will be established. Had this been in now I doubt we would have heard anything at all about these subjects. You would not need D notices the press would be already muzzled by the party that arrests opposition members in the mother of all Parliaments simply for doing his job. Remember the complaint when it was made came from the cabinet office. The police stated that fact.
        The cabinet office the then office of one and only Gordon Brown

        Be afraid if that lot get back in


  41. 175
    Null hypothesis says:

    Can I game this?


  42. 192
    The left are imploding says:

    A Guardian columnist arrested on terror charges, Harman in the spotlight over her links to nonce group, Blair’s embarrassing advice to Brooks out in the open, Abbott and co silent as Venezuela is mired in chaos. The British left are really fucked at the moment.


    • 196
      Podiceps says:

      They have always been visibly disgusting. But it doesn’t stop people from voting for them, because voting Labour is not a rational act.


      • 201
        Windy miller says:

        I have always said Labour are an evil party. This just shows they will use any means to seize and keep power. There’s more to come as well. The Mail haven’t finished yet by a very very long way.

        Labour voters need to think hard before voting for these obnoxious specimens


        • 212
          Podiceps says:

          If you think hard — if you think at all — you don’t vote for them. Labour voters don’t think.


    • 199
      Democracy Now says:

      But as dire as they are, they will be back in office in 2015 if we don’t do something intelligent (and fair) about the pro-Labour biases in the electoral system.


  43. 195
    Anonymous says:

    What else is she lying about? #pielover



    • 204
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Don’t worry the BBC will just make out it’s all a ‘smear’


    • 207
      The deafening silence says:

      Interesting stuff. Good on the Telegraph.

      I reckon that of the three, Patricia Hewitt may be the one in the weakest position.

      What have we heard from Miliband spoken in her defence?


      • 219
        The Right Honourable Patricia Hewitt says:

        I made big cuts to the NHS and am now on the board of directors at BUPA


        • 255
          News Editor says:

          Fucking bent taxi for hire you mean

          But merely doing on a smaller scale what Blair is doihg openly with any crook he cam find or meet

          Just like Bill Clinton

          They share agents in Washington – on the record

          Revolving doors gone mad

          Sophisticated and grotesque corruption on a scale never seen either in the US or UK

          And to see the Clinton Foundation even advertises on this blog to promote Bill and Chelsea is obscene….paid for by millions “donated” by documebted oligarchs like Pinchuk who have pillaged Ukraine so much that it is on its knees asking US to bail them out..

          No wonder there is a revolution there…

          And it will come here if this type of obscenity continues…


          • Tempus has fugitted says:

            The ads to which you refer do not appear on my computer as I use Firefoxy with adblock+ firmly entrenched in the way. You should try it; also helps the site reload faster.


  44. 197
    The Guardian says:

    We’d like to assure our readers that another m*slim terrorist will be hired as soon as possible to write more of the anti-west, anti-British articles we know you all enjoy reading.


    • 202
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Remind me of what Islam and PIE have in common again?


      • 213
        He was in his 50s when he nonced a 6 year old says:

        The peace loving profit of jizzlam nonced a 6 year old, r@ped his own daughter in law, kept sex slaves and killed anyone who didn’t believe god had spoken to him. This is the inventor of the religion that Owen Jones and his friends like to defend. A religion that openly advocates the public execution of gays. Not for nothing are apologists like Owen Jones known as useful idiots.


        • 249
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          Ah! That’s it. shagging a child bride!


        • 267
          Socialism Ate My Future says:

          Sad but true, they always attack the Catholic Church ref Gay marriage and women’s rights yet remain silent when it comes to jizzlam.

          How many gay weddings will we see in mosques?! Ian Dale was defending jizzlam on LBC this afternoon, ironic as he’d either be hung or stoned under sharia.


        • 327
          Tempus has fugitted says:

          Owen is not a useful idiot; he is just an ordinary common or garden idiot useful for absolutely nothing. Hope that is clear.


  45. 203
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Interesting thing happening all round. Try not to let the ptb distract you to issues beyond our control. Keep focussed on the bent EU and the bent in Parliament.

    The 4 estates are crumbling and not before fucking time.

    A day out causing chaos in the court system – has tired i for now.


    • 208
      Pssst says:

      While you were out, it seems as if your cover as with GCHQ was blown.

      (But I think no one noticed and you may have got away with it.)



      • 214
        Blowing Whistles says:

        GCHQ and the NSA can kiss my fucking arse.

        i forgot a little note i took earlier …

        Ignorance of the fucking law is no fucking excuse (i dindn’t know it was illegal Huh!) especially when you hold a position like rebe.eekoutanexcuse brookie i.e. when you have highly paid in house legals who have a bottomless pit of money.

        talk about takin the rise?


      • 216
        Blowing Whistles says:

        As for Mossad – they can have the middle finger salute!


    • 215
      A Clown from Clowne says:



    • 226
      Cazual Observer 7 says:

      When you understand the implications of H’arman and H’ewitts ECHR enabled dismantling of the security apparatus of the UK state, transfer of the control to the government, and essentially the EU, then it is clear that the current H’arman problem is very much a part of the larger EU problem.

      The big mistake that was made was electing New Labour in back in 1997.


      • 230
        Blowing Whistles says:

        CO7 – i noted several of the blogs earlier today.

        You said: the big mistake that was made was electing NL in ’97.

        Point is: look ‘back’ at who engineered it all – because there are things we know now which undo what was done then – Fraud is timeless – there is no statute of limitations. e.g. i ‘briefly’ explain there were msm reports of some old boys about 82 or 86 yrs old last being gone after for their supposed parts in an event some 60 or so years ago – but when the shoe doesn’t fit their purpose well hey diddle diddle!!!

        Tractors / Scotland / Usury / Protection Rackets / Duplicity / Wales / Hiding behind religion …. Hiding ‘at arms length’ ain’t what it used to be. Capfuckingpiche.


        • 238
          Cazual Observer 7 says:

          Hope you did not take any offence at the GCHQ comment I made earlier – none intended. Hope you got the irony in context of the moronic power-point that the spooks allegedly use.

          The rot had started long before NL – but that really was the clincher. If people had realized they were about to vote in a bunch of previously considered subversives, they may have opted for a hung parliament or the dysfunctional Tory offering instead.

          Looking at the timeline, but looking with ‘internet eyes’ – where 40 years is easy to get in perspective – it is hard to realize just how short the collective memory was back then, and how easy it was to coerce folk.


      • 233
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Blair is the undoing of all wrongs and treasonous crimes. ‘Blair’ is the key to the fuckers – he cannot be protected forever and those who sing his praises – well – what does it say about them?


      • 235
        Blowing Whistles says:

        afore i turn in –

        Cognitive Dissonance – explains EVERYTHING.


        • 244
          I'm voting for the donkey with there'd rosette says:

          Is that wot appens when you do like that fracking thingy too much n’stuff?


  46. 210
    The Evil Empire says:

    I see the EU Baroness Ashton is trying to influence elections in the Ukraine and get that ice maiden re-elected.


  47. 218
    You apologise before I do nah nah nana nah says:

    Daily mirror back on message again

    Labour has gone on the offensive by calling on the Conservatives to say sorry for covering up child sex abuse.


    Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook


    • 224
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The whole left/right episode is being created, outed and aired in the hope that the public will move on – Save that they think that the Haute de La Garenne matter was buried – It has not been because the networks and tenticles reach into the highest echelons within the UK and into the more prominent religious houses including the rabbis’ houses too.


    • 234
      Podiceps says:

      This is standard socialist procedure. If you are doing something shameful, accuse your opponents of doing it. It’s so clockwork that it amounts to an admission of guilt by the accusers.


      • 245
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Oh for the day when the duped labour legions learn that socialism is just the cleansed word for Marxism. And for the day after that they learn that Marxism is just an other arm of the dirty brigade hiding behind the J’s. Labour people – you have been taken for mugs for decades.


  48. 228
    The whole system is sick says:

    The CPS hound DLT for an ancient grope, while Blair’s government and Agent Hain made sure an IRA bomber could never face trial.


  49. 231
    Anonymous says:

    Harman was upet about the treatment of Tom O’Carroll.

    In 1982, the future Labour health secretary published The Police and Civil Liberties, in which she discussed the imprisonment of Tom O’Carroll, secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange, for conspiracy to corrupt public morals. “Conspiring to corrupt public morals is an offence incapable of definition or precise proof,” wrote Hewitt. The fact that O’Carroll was involved in distributing child porn “overshadowed the deplorable nature of the conspiracy charge used by the prosecution”.


  50. 242
    Ed Miliband MP says:

    I’d like to congratulate David Moyes on a great performance from the reds tonight. I’m going to model my Premiership on his great leadership and success.

    Up the reds!


  51. 250
    Anonymous says:

    In effect by putting the I R A in power and giving the killers a free pass for any trial Blair capitulated and surrendered. Its only years later that the Unionists found out including Plod

    Is there absolutely anything, anything at all Blair, Brown and that entire government of 1997 to 2010 did not soil, demean, break, destroy or completely fuck up?


  52. 266
    Twos up says:


    • 269
      Anonymous says:

      What’s the little yellow badge both those twats are wearing. That reminds me so much of the USSR where they always wore the red star.

      In this thoroughly democratic institution of the EU when do I get to vote these idiots out of office?


    • 315
      UKIP or bust says:

      Look at the body language in that top foto, it’s easy to see that the vile barosso is in charge and the little weed rumpoy is mearly a badly drawn figurehead.


  53. 268
    Rudest Street Names says:

    At number 1 Minge Lane

    Rising rapidly at number 4 Bell End

    In mid position Crotch Crescent



    • 273
      Home sweet home the land of the damned says:

      Somebody has far too much time on their hands, suggest they find a job with a Liebour MP, if the Liebour commies get back in the will be looking for things like that for their political correctness portfolio


  54. 270
    Good Question. Not forgetting Harman was not a mouse. She was a BBC Question Time regular says:


    • 272
      Yep says:


      • 278
        Freedom says:

        Harriet Harman is a socialist. Socialist do not believe in free speech or fairly functioning civil dispute mechanisms and the rule of law to protect the individual.

        Instead they prefer the state coersion and the use of criminal law to silence critics. They invented the concept of ‘hate speech': the criminalisation of words – a mechanism which is currently being used in Venezuela to shut up and criminalise opponents of the murderous regime there.


      • 294
        Kate and Jerry, innocent of everything and definitely not involved in killing anyone says:

        Shhh! Look over there, not here! Over there, bad men did it, not us. Boaz.


      • 296
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:

        Not as hacked off as I am, a picture of a rouges gallery, just needs the addition of that a celebrity film star that got caught getting his cock sucked on Broadway.


        • 298
          Divine Brown says:

          If I had known then what was going to happen, I’d have given him a real reason to join a group called Hacked Off.


      • 297
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:

        Not as hacked off as I am, a picture of a rouges gallery, just needs the addition of that a celebrity film star that got caught getting his cock sucked on Broadway..


      • 314
        Oak Shed says:

        What are those three big b’lack tube like things onthe table? Oh, and where is Mrs Dromey?


  55. 271
    Anon. says:


  56. 274
    Anon. says:

    Today Harman has described PIE as a vile organisation. Once that she wished never existed and had not been affiliated to NCCL.

    However,in 1982 Harman published The Police and Civil Liberties, in which she discussed the imprisonment of Tom O’Carroll, secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange, for conspiracy to corrupt public morals. “Conspiring to corrupt public morals is an offence incapable of definition or precise proof,” wrote Hewitt. The fact that O’Carroll was involved in distributing child porn “overshadowed the deplorable nature of the conspiracy charge used by the prosecution”.


  57. 276
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    RBS to pay out 550 million in bonuses. Remind me how many billions we English gave these jock mongs? Quicker the jocks fuck off and take their shit banks with them.

    550 million is nearly 10% of North Sea oil tax revenues, RBS will bankrupt the smelly socks in a couple of years.

    Then there’s HBOS


  58. 283
    Gobsmacked says:

    This must be one of the most shameful days in the history of British politics.


  59. 285
    Freedom says:

    Cheer up chaps.


  60. 289
  61. 290
  62. 299
    Anonymous says:

    within a day of little boy hitting hiroshima approx 80 thousand people were dead. modern nukes are about 20 times more powerful… it would only take 4 of them to wipe out london entirely and the sinister reality is they are probably in situ in various foreign embassies in london already, because the key to any first strike is to make it happen as quickly as possible and to use such force it makes it impossible for retaliatory action. no doubt this is not just a reality for london but most of the key cities around the globe.

    there would be no warning. just one second all is normal, than woosh! a nano second later and nothing would ever be the same again. no time for whitehall to bundle into pindar and ditto any other bunker in any other city in any other country.

    happy happy happy


  63. 308
    You have been warned says:

    We’re tightening our grip on Labour, says Red Len: Unite leader expects to increase power in reforms intended to distance party from its paymasters

    Unite leader Len McCluskey says reforms will give unions more influence
    Activists signing up as Labour members now ‘central strategy’, he said
    Mr Miliband pledged to shake up links in wake of Falkirk vote-rigging scandal



    • 318
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      It’s about time we had all women shortlists for the Trades Union leaders.

      Vile Trades Union dinosaurs like McCluskey,Crow and Serwotka should step down in favour of women elected on an all women shortlist.

      Or is it do as i say and not as i do for Labour’s paymasters!


  64. 311
    non taxable pikey says:

    Job opportunity for someone. Wellingborough needs a new MP. Parachute will be provided for successful applicant


  65. 312
    albacore says:

    If there’s owt to celebrate our Parliamentarians for
    It’s their unfaltering treachery in waging all-out war
    Against what so recently was an undivided nation
    The Tower’s the only cure for their war of immigration



    • 328
      Tempus has fugitted says:

      Oh no! There are a lot more than 650 lamp posts between Westminster and the Tower which could be used…


  66. 313
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Why on earth did they do this? This hasn’t done any of them any good at all. They all come across as being insincere, and patronising. Just about par for the course, I’d say.


  67. 317
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    As full of shit as a blocked bog on a dysentery ward


  68. 320

    Page title:


    You May Very Think That…?

    Go on. Tell me that is not a mistake and that Private Eye has been doing it for years!


  69. 322
    MIKE OXHARD says:

    Dave pants on fire Camermong : “This government is spending more on flood defenses”



    • 329
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      A high percentage of the electorate is probably flooded out now. They need to do something – or be seen to be doing something – so that they don’t lose votes or, more to the point, their seats.


  70. 325

    And anyone’s who’s ever been mugged by a guinea pig will tell you it’s no laughing matter. Unbearably cute, though…


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