February 24th, 2014

Labour MPs Revolt Against Miliband’s “Sloganeering”

With just a few days to go before Labour’s special conference, two Labour MPs have used interviews with Total Politics to hand Miliband a big public slap over his messaging. Simon Danczuk was victim to red on red revenge last time he criticised Ed, though that hasn’t deterred him:

“Some [slogans] have a shelf-life, others don’t… so ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is probably coming to the end of its sell-by-date, isn’t it? People get turned off by it. I read the other day ‘One Nation Social Security’ – what the hell is that? Andrew Neil asked me on the Daily Politics about ‘One Nation Banking’. ‘One Nation Banking’? For goodness sake! If I went round talking like that on the doorstep, I’d get short shrift. You’d see doors being slammed in your face.”

Meanwhile head girl Stella Creasy wades in, deriding Ed’s ‘One Nation':

“If you ever met people from Walthamstow you wouldn’t tell them anything like that because they’d quite quickly put you in your place.”

Which all bodes well for Saturday…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    One nation under Brussels

  2. 2
    Mitch says:

    Where is Stella’s place, I wonder?

  3. 3
    Funny he never married says:

    Is that a ‘Special Conference” for “Special Ed“?

  4. 4
    derek laud says:

    Leon Brittan “Sloganeering” peedos at the Home Office !

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:


  6. 6
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  7. 7
    Fire up the Quattro says:

    Dancuk is a rare breed. An effective MP.

  8. 8
    One Nation? You must be joking. says:

  9. 9
    Fire up the Quattro says:

    Sorry. Missed out the z.

  10. 10

    One Nation Food Banking, innit?

  11. 11
    Pay attention at the back. says:

    What did Geedo’s last post die of?

  12. 12
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Careful Guido we don’t want Miliband replaced, as he’s leading Liebore to their worst ever defeat :-)

  13. 13
    Ed Miliband says:

    How about a cup of shut the fuck up?

  14. 14
    jgm2 says:

    One Nation Social Security?

    Did they really say that?

    What does that mean?

    That Labour’s vision is to have the entire nation on the dole?

    Who do they think we are?


  15. 15
    Uncle Remus says:


  16. 16
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Yep – an absolute insult to the British people.

    Leave the Ukrainians to it: the only reason they want to join the EU is – like all Eastern bloc countries – so they can pack their bags and leg it over here.

    Turkey will be the next to go up in flames (again).

  17. 17
    Ed Miliband says:

    I received a nasty letter today from a Mr Heywood Jablome.

  18. 18
    Simon Danczuk M.P. says:

    My team are paid in accordance with IPSA payscales and consists of:

    Constituency Office:
    Karen Burke – Caseworker
    (Karen Burke is my partner)


  19. 19
    jgm2 says:

    That’s not a beautiful sunny morning. That’s evidence of climate change you fucking idiot.

  20. 20
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Lessons will be learnt from this.

  21. 21

    On this point, Simon Danczuk is right and should be applauded.

  22. 22
    A far cry from Ibiza says:

    That’s a really nice looking CCTV camera on a pole, and just look at those beautiful traffic lights.

  23. 23
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I wonder what the Scots,Welsh & Northern Irish think that Labour don’t regard them as nations in their own right?

  24. 24
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget. I may now be the only person who believes this.

  25. 25
    Stand by your flag says:

    ‘one nation’ slogan and the Union Jack flag,not a twelve star rag in sight.
    Have the guts to include the EU flag in all your promotions Ed.
    The same goes to that other bunch of wankers in the Conservative party.

  26. 26
    C List says:

    Stella is the dark horse to take over when Ed loses in 2015.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Thought it was worth repeating. :)

  28. 28
    Ed of Ralph Miliband the elder says:

    We are one leader, one party, one nation. Any comments here or else where are wrong. See what happened to David. Off else where.

  29. 29
    Ed Sillyband says:

    The Co-op is the future of banking, isn’t that right Reverend Flowers?

  30. 30
    John Moss says:

    Labour’s “One Nation” vision explained:


  31. 31
    jgm2 says:

    Not a chance.

    Yvette Cooper will be Labour party leader by July 2015.

  32. 32
    Call that a hill? says:

    It just doesn’t look like a hill to me.

  33. 33
    gra smi says:

    Who on earth chose that one? The first 4 letters spell the word NONE which manages to imply a certain subliminal negativity.
    OUR NATION (as in not those wealthy eton educated self serving gobshites who are the present incumbents of power) would have been a better one.

  34. 34
    Ed Miliband channeling Martin Luther King says:

    I have a dremel.

  35. 35
    Chukka Umunna says:

    Meanwhile BT have some cables up in Shoreditch Rd, expect problems while approx 3pm.

  36. 36
    jgm2 says:

    ‘OUR NATION’ would have sounded like the Labour party was laying claim to the nation.

    Or, more worryingly – but essentially the same thing, the unions

  37. 37
    Simon Danczuk M.P. claims 65p says:

    Claim Ref. No. 0000279115
    MP Simon Danczuk
    Financial Year 2013-14
    Expense Category Staffing Expense
    Type Food & Drink Int/Volntr
    Amount Claimed £0.65
    Amount Paid £0.65
    Amount Not Paid £0.00
    Amount Repaid N/A
    Status Paid Date 11/06/2013

    Short Description ***trav and subs June
    Details intern

  38. 38
    Walthamstow says:

    She lives in Walthamstow Village, in a middle-class ghetto area.

    This area has been called ‘The White Highlands’ by some people who live elsewhere in her otherwise socially and ethnically mixed constituency. The constituency is being rapidly gentrified at present, with house prices rocketting well past what the traditional working class parts of her Labour-voting electorate can sustainably afford to buy or rent. A house in her own, relatively expensive, street was discovered to have been seriously overcrowded with eastern European immigrants when a fire broke out there.

  39. 39
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Mind you the Ukrainians don’t half have some fit women. Lots of lovely slim blondes put our ugly,fat,tattooed chavs to shame :-)

  40. 40
    What do I bid? says:

    taking us into a bidding war against the Russians to see who can put the most money into Ukraine is reckless folly. At least the Russians have the good sense to demand to see a return on their Rubbles.

  41. 41
    A turkey says:

    It wasn’t

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    you wait all Sunday for another post then on Monday three come along together

  43. 43
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Well yes, they would probably like us to be like the Scots.
    We’d either blindly vote Labour however many times we’d been f*cked over by them, or we’d vote for an English Nationalist leader with an ego like Salmond and a face like his loony side-kick.

  44. 44
    P l e b says:

    If the Ukrainians can get rid of a heartless leader who cares nothing for the majority of the people in his country but only for a priviliged and corrupt elite who have milked the country out of billions why can’t we get rid of Cameron and the Tories?

  45. 45
    Beer mat says:

    She’s not ready.

  46. 46
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    To be replaced with?

  47. 47

    The lithuanian girls are also remarkably attractive but sadly for many of us they arrived here about 35 fucking years too late!

  48. 48
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    In Streatham all weekend, no sign of Chukka or his pals.
    Lots of blue flashing lights and full rubbish bins though.

  49. 49
    Fartbot says:

    Looks like Everest, I mean that double glazing is class.

  50. 50
    Rachel Reeves says:

    Did someone say dark meat?

  51. 51
    The Truth Is says:

    Because there are not enough of us who are brave and manly enough. Getting rid of Yanukovych took real men willing to stand up and fight.

  52. 52
    Observer says:

    ….Alex ,Braveheart,looking a bit ragged,eye bags; Daily Politics back on racism,Sadiq Khan?..baggy eyes and,…..best not say!

  53. 53
    Ambition says:

    Something better

  54. 54
    Daddy Pocherty says:

    Yeah but u gotta pay em first

  55. 55
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    And don’t forget Estonia which gave us the gorgeous Mary Tamm alias Romana from Doctor Who (sadly no longer with us).

  56. 56
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Such as?

  57. 57
    Ed Balls with that annoying laugh says:


  58. 58
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    We haven’t got the guts (or the time) to stand up to the t**ts.
    Too busy claimimg our bennies, buying cheap lager and pizzas and watching Jeremy Kyle.
    They dont keep us comfortably numb for nothing.

  59. 59
    The Government says:

    This one’s coming round, give him another MMR shot.

  60. 60
    Ambition says:

    A polticial system which doesn’t seem to boil down to the government and opposition ignoring the public and people thinking that asking one word questions on blogsites in some way makes up for that defeiciency sufficiently that they won’t work to change anything.

  61. 61
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    In this post ‘P’iers M’organ has just been fired world’, today can have a break from global warming scares. It is just a really nice day :-)

  62. 62
    A typical voter says:


  63. 63
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    This September is Scotland’s last chance for freedom.

    If they fail to take it they will be known the world over as haggis eating surrender monkeys, a bunch of pussy-whipped slaves forever under the English jackboot.

  64. 64
    John Bellingham says:

    Didn’t he groom Nick Clegg for a special position?

  65. 65
    Ed Miliband says:

    I have a new slogan “Nation One”.

  66. 66

    Reblogged this on wheelsofpoliticalsteel and commented:
    Oh dear is One Nation getting on the Labout MP’s Nerves?

  67. 67
    jgm2 says:

    Naaaah. In the minds of the Little Scotlanders they’ll always be mini-William-Wallaces.

    They’ll be the engine behind British world domination but paradoxically will have had nothing to do with slavery.

    They’ll be the greatest inventors ever but still live on vast estates in abject poverty living on handouts.

    They’ll have invented whisky (even though they didn’t) but will only dr*i*nk Buckfast themselves.

    They’ll have so much money from oil that they won’t know what to do with it. But in 20 years time they’ll still be dying five years younger than their English counterparts.

    They’ll be swaggering around Prince’s Street plastered in woad for the tourists giving it ‘W’as like us’?

    Thick c*u*n*t*s.

  68. 68
    Tesco says:


  69. 69
    He's Spartacus says:

    Ed Miliband Sloganeering? Shurely Shome Mishtake

  70. 70
    Jack Ketch says:

    “Nation may refer to a large group of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history”.
    So this excludes the Chews from Po-land, Musselman invaders, those who can dance, sing and mug and frankly, any bastard from South of Calais or east of Skegness.

  71. 71
    Mr Ned online says:

    Good to see that individual Labour MPs are beginning to show their fear on the strong issues for UKIP. UKIP is getting them rattled in their heartlands.

  72. 72
    Mr Ned online says:

    They spent 13 years gradually inching us all towards being in a system in which we pay all our money to them in tax, and then claim living expenses back from them. Basically they would let us have pocket money. Labour, treating kids like adults and adults like kids.

  73. 73
    Mr Ned online says:

    It wouyld be a much nicer morning if Chuka was under that bus

  74. 74
    Scummy bastards says:

    They have a fucking cheek using a Union flag, given their Fenian Irish lobby dictates that Labour have nothing whatsoever to do with Northern Ireland.

  75. 75
    ...and that's a long shot too says:

    Given the choice between qualification for euro 16 and independence … My Jock mate has chosen qualification.

  76. 76
    Omnibus says:

    ……Yes,as a mechanic doing something useful!

  77. 77
    Mr Ned online says:

    UKIP is all we have, and for all their many faults, they are still a hell of a lot better than labour tory or lib dems, insofar as they are the only national party who put the British people first.

    My number one priority when choosing which party to vote for, is do they want to govern for the good of the British people and serve us?

    That rules the liberals, labour and conservatives out straight away.

  78. 78
    Mr Ned online says:

    That’s not fair. There are literally dozens of brave keyboard warriorsin this country who spend literally minutes tapping away in impotent frustration. Is that not enough?

  79. 79
    Mr Ned online says:

    I will fight them til my last breath!, but not on Saturday’s because “the Voice” is on. Sunday is Countryfile for the weather for the week ahead, then top Gear. Monday – Friday I watch the soaps…

    However I will fight them til my dying breath from the safety of my keyboard.

  80. 80
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Harsh but (probably) true.

  81. 81
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    Ed Milliband should have a new slogan “Where exactly is Doncaster, is it anywhere near Primrose Hill”?

  82. 82
    Mr Ned online says:

    And if they vote Yes, they STILL will be haggis eating surrender monkeys dependent on the Bank of ENGLAND, our troops and deperate to join the EU.

    What sort of ridiculous, dependent independence is that?

  83. 83
    Fly on the wall says:

    …. and the only survivor was the landlord – because he was at work at the time….

  84. 84
    M says:

    Ed milliband is just replacing the word nationalisation with slogans like 1 nation

    1 nation banking = bank of milliband
    Or bank of balls

  85. 85
    Fly on the wall says:

    Absolutely Brilliant one of the best e-mails in ages!
    Nigel Farage UKIP…..

    Nigel Farage for Prime Minister
    This is what he said:

    “I am the Tory Party’s Worst Nightmare. I am a White, Tax-Paying, God fearing English man. I am a hard working Brit and I work long hours to earn a living.

    I believe in God and the freedom of religion, but I don’t push it on others.

    I believe in British products and buy them whenever I can.

    I believe the money I make belongs to me and not to some governmental functionary, to share with others who don’t work!

    I think owning a home doesn’t make you a capitalist; it makes you a smart Brit.

    I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and
    does not entitle you to anything. Get over it. Join in with the majority!

    I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, you should do it in English. I believe there should be no other language option.

    I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to.

    My heroes are fellow Brits like Freddy Flintoff and Winston Churchill and I know I’ve missed a few thousand!!!!!

    I don’t hate the rich. What I hate is the way they always manage to avoid paying proper taxes. I don’t pity the poor, I just hate the way they are always moaning that they are hard done by!!

    I know wrestling is fake and I don’t waste my time watching or arguing about it.

    I believe if you don’t like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country!

    This is ENGLAND…..We like it the way it is and even more so the way it was…so stop trying to change it to look like some other socialist country!

    If you were born or legally migrated here and don’t like it… you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you. I believe it is time to really clean house, starting with the House of Commons, the seat of our biggest problems.

    I want to know where the “Do Gooders” get their money from, and why are they always part of the problem and not the solution? Can I get an AMEN on that one?

    I also think the cops have the right to pull you over if you’re breaking the law, regardless of what race, colour or creed you are.
    And, no, I don’t mind having my face shown on my d**ving licence. I think it’s good….

    I dislike those people trying to guilt me into making ‘donations’ to their cause….Get a job and support yourself and your family!

    I believe ‘illegal’ is illegal no matter what the lawyers think!

    I believe the Union Jack flag should be allowed to be flown anywhere in the United Kingdom !

    If this makes me a BAD Brit, then yes, I’m a BAD Brit. If you are a BAD Brit too, please forward this to everyone you know….

    We want our country back! My Country…..

    My great, great grandfather watched as his friends died in the Boer War. My grandfather watched and bled as his friends died in World Wars 1&2. I watched as my friends died in Sierra Leone Bosnia, & Desert Storm. Our sons and daughters watched & bled as their friends died in Afghanistan and Iraq . None of them died for the Afghanistan and Iraq Flag. Every Briton died for the British flag.

    At one high school, foreign students raised a Middle East flag on a school flag pole. British students took it down. Guess who was expelled… the students who took it down .

    West London high school students were sent home, because they wore T-shirts with the Union Jack flag printed on them.

    What is going on?? What idiots do we have in authority?? Enough is enough.

    This message needs to be viewed by every Brit; and every Briton needs to stand up for Britain . We’ve bent over to appease the Brit-haters long enough. I’m taking a stand.

    I’m standing up because of the millions who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the British flag.

    And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message. IT IS NOT !

    Britons, stop giving away Your RIGHTS !


    This statement DOES NOT mean I’m against immigration !

    YOU ARE WELCOME HERE, IN MY COUNTRY, welcome to come legally:

    1. Get a sponsor !
    2. Learn the LANGUAGE, as immigrants have in the past!
    3. Live by OUR rules ! Dress as we Britons Do
    4. Get a job !
    5. Pay YOUR Taxes !
    6. No Social Security until you have earned it and paid for it !
    7. Find a place to lay your head !

    If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone, then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM !

    We’ve gone so far the other way… bent over backwards not to offend anyone.


    I hope this offends all illegal aliens.

    If you do not Pass this on, may your fingers cramp !

    Made in BRITAIN & DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!!!”

    Nigel Farage UKIP

  86. 86
    Public Executions (2014) Ltd. says:

    Good to see that the gallows is already in place for you to the left of the lamp post Chukie. Now, will you get it into your thick head the world is not the slightest bit interested in your crap pictures of Streatham.

  87. 87
    jgm2 says:

    I very much doubt Farage wrote that or knows anything about it.

  88. 88
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Mastur Bation Wanking.

  89. 89
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking.

  90. 90
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Is Dr Who dead? Nobody told me.

    MasturBation Wanking.

  91. 91
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking.

  92. 92
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Bring Back Hugo Summerson!

    MasturBation Wanking.

  93. 93
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking.

    MasturBation Wanking.

    MasturBation Wanking.

    MasturBation Wanking.

    Put on your Churchillian Ed voice, it says ‘ere. I have nothing to offer but MasturBation Wanking.

  94. 94
    NE Frontiersman says:

    2: On the winning side; if she’s willing to utter an implied slight on Ed in public, things must be going against him behind the scenes.

  95. 95
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking.

  96. 96
    Ed Tittibang says:

    I have a photo of Stella’s Creasy Place.

    For MasturBation Wanking.

  97. 97
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Labour, Lib Dems and Tories. Together. Unified. In Ed’s Big Tent. MasturBation Wanking.

  98. 98
    NE Frontiersman says:

    69: This was an early model that was prone to malfunction. The present version with the lithium-ion batteries is much more reliable, and can carry a longer programme.
    It wasn’t expected that this version would have to be deployed in public quite so soon, but there was an unexpected election malfunction too, which gave no time for proper bench testing.

  99. 99
    Ed Tittibang says:

    He died of #MasturBation Wanking.

  100. 100
    Ed Tittibang says:

    aka MasturBation Wanking.

  101. 101
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wankingz

  102. 102
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Foot Wanking. Erm, isn’t innit?

  103. 103
    Ed Tittibang says:

    We will go down MasturBation Wanking.

  104. 104
    Ed Tittibang says:

    That’s a pathetic one-liner. You can’t be me really. Do you think I’m stupid or something?

    MasturBation Wanking.

    MasturBation Wanking.

    That’s much better.

  105. 105
    Ed Tittibang says:

    It means MasturBation Wanking.

    Much easier with nothing under your kilt, by the way.

  106. 106
    Ed Tittibang says:

    I had a nice start to the week too.

    MasturBation Wanking twatpic.com/CarolineFlint_upskirt_in_Shadow_Cabinet

  107. 107
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Stop stealing my mail.

    MasturBation Wanking.

  108. 108
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking #NoPartnerNecessary

  109. 109
    Ed Tittibang says:

    Mr Speaker, MasturBation Wanking!

  110. 110
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking

  111. 111
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking. It’s All At Your Co-Op. Now.

  112. 112
    Ed Tittibang says:

    #IDS Looks Like My Bell-End.

    Retweet #Things You Notice While UR #MasturBation Wanking

  113. 113
    Ed Tittibang says:

    MasturBation Wanking

    MasturBation Wanking

    MasturBation Wanking

  114. 114
    Blowing Whistles says:

    How about Aspirational Masturbation One Nation Wanking – by all the mp’s.

  115. 115
    NE Frontiersman says:

    This could be short-sighted: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/feb/24/ed-miliband-labour-links-paedophile-information-exchange
    Comments disallowed, after the bashing the Graun got below its previous article on the topic.

    Miliband hasn’t apologised to Mitchell yet for leaping on the ‘Pleb’ accusations as proven fact. He’s developing form for nailing his trousers to the mast.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    He should have done, or if not, adopt it whole heartedly.

  117. 117
    Anonymous says:

    He should adopt it, if not.

  118. 118
    The wizz says:

    Bloody hell. a perfect post, from someone who believes in our own Nationality. Let’s put it right but who is the HERO of the time going to be. At the least he/she would have to have a very powerful following to get the indigenous people of this Country to fight for their say. The English as we know have been written out of History.

    So far, so good, now who will lead us and be able to galvanise the English? Maybe he/she hasn’t put the head over the parapet. But what a boost it will be for my Beloved Country.

  119. 119
    jim says:

    morris dancing wanker

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