February 23rd, 2014

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“It’s Friday, he’s 4ft5… it’s Crackerjack!” See Guido’s exclusive photo of a young John Bercow’s TV debut in the Sun todayStay tuned for the video online tomorrow.

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  • Tories at War-si: “It’s a tale of dodgy and dodgier” says one Tory of Baroness Warsi and candidate Afzal Amin
  • England cricket hero Darren Gough in the running to be the Tory candidate in Cannock Chase
  • A royal row between Theresa May and Eric Pickles
  • Labour MP’s minimum wage hypocrisy
  • White Dee is on the radar of DWP
  • Why has Diane Abbott gone uncharacteristically quiet?
  • How UKIP will (nearly) literally be parking their tanks on Nick Clegg’s front lawn next year

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  1. 1
    Maria von Trapp says:



    • 4
      Liesl says:

      Nearly made it to the century. Good innings. RIP


    • 7
      Is Little John says:



    • 9
      Harlem Globetrotter finds food says:


    • 59
      Mr Nobody says:

      A bit cringeworthy, but I’ve seen worse. Who’d have thought that he’d grow up to be the pompous partisan fool he is today?


    • 308
      Identifying The Tory Constituency says:

      Let us list those who are Conservative supporters and those are not:

      Those Against
      Disabled people hate the Tories
      The unemployed hate the Tories
      The low paid hate the Tories
      Most of the middle class hate the Tories
      God and his followers hate the Tories (Christian and Muslims – at least the Tories have managed some social cohesion for a change)
      People with mental health problems hate the Tories
      Students hate the Tories
      Everyone under the age of 25 hates the Tories
      People claiming housing benefit hate the Tories
      The Scottish hate the Tories
      The Welsh hate the Tories
      Right wing Tories hate the Tories
      Ukip hate the Tories
      Lib Dems hate the Tories
      Labour hates the Tories (apart from Dan Hodges and Tony Blair who are both staunch yet closet Tories)

      Those For the Tories
      Tax evaders
      Corporations (see above)
      Arms dealers
      Er….. that’s it

      I think it is safe to predict that David Cameron will be a one term prime minister and the Conservative Party will suffer a humiliating landslide of a defeat in the next General Election.


      • 329
        Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

        Please add the EU Commission and EU Governments exporting their riff raff to the UK, to those for the Tories


        • 342
          Identifying the Tory Constituency says:

          Thank you for your addendum

          I have been rather unfair to the Tories as their list of supporters is incomplete.

          I forgot to add the following groups who support the Conservative Party

          Slum landlords who claim extortionate levels of housing benefit from the taxpayer

          Slave wage employers who force the state to top up their slave wages with tax credits at the expense of the taxpayer

          American IT companies who supply dodgy and incredibly expensive software systems to the public sector then send the data collected directly to the NSA.

          The Saudi Royal family who are only able to remain in power due to the arms British arms dealers supply them with to murder civilians who oppose their fascist regime.

          The Chinese Communist Party which, by having been given the green light by George Osborne to run nuclear power stations, have effectively been given a button to blow up the British mainland with a nuclear device at any time they see fit. And here’s the punchline – they can say it was an accident!

          That’s about it really.

          Even God hates the Tories FFS.


          • Greek Culture Minister says:

            Good God man

            I neverv hougyt of Jackie Chan (or Wendi) getting their fingers on this nuclear button

            It seems so easy to blow up Britain hy accident

            But I would lose the Elgin (and my) marbles wouldnz’t I?


          • I dislike socialists intensely says:



      • 455
        Gordon Brown says:

        “People with mental health problems hate the Tories”



      • 459
        A dude says:

        You talk much about hate
        it suggests one has an intemperate nature
        and that reason is not your natural state of being


    • 320
      John Holmes says:

      Yes, I am sorry to choke you my dear.


    • 360
      Poo Corner says:

      Owen Jones is a fascist

      Owen Jones believes in compelling us to hand over our money and freedom so he and his band of Nazis can use it for their own political agenda


  2. 2
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Its Sunday 23rd February 2014 and he’s still 4ft 5.


  3. 3
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The Tory backbenchers should shout “Hi ho!” whenever the little twerp starts his nonsense :-)


    • 15
      The bloody Mod Bot is still at it says:

      Some did, as he marched through the corridors of the HoC. Which is probably the reason for some of his antagonism


    • 22
      USA on Top of Winter Olympics Medal Table. says:

      The US has failed to win the most Gold medals and the most number of medals.
      Now will American medal table compilers introduce Tin medals for 4th place.
      Both Bronze and Tin would be equal to Gold and the USA are once again on top.


      • 29
        EU Not listed in the Winter Olympics Medal Table says:

        Vote UKIP


        • 65
          Mr Nobody says:

          It’s only worth voting Ukip in seats where the Tories or Lib Dems can’t stop Labour. It’ll be worth checking out old Toby’s Ukip tactical voting site when it’s up and running.


          • I hate the BBC says:

            If there is going to be a tactical voting site for god’s sake publicise it!


          • I love the BBC says:

            The final count from the BBC predicts:
            1. Russian Federation 12 Gold
            2. Norway 11 Gold
            3. Canada (10) Gold


          • Village Idiot says:

            …My conscience forbids a vote for a party that I have little in common with anymore,so ,daft as it may seem to some,i will vote for the party that will free the country from the clutches of the EU,which, at this moment seems to be only one party….My conscience will be clear,whatever the eventual outcome!….Also,other pro EU parties do not get my vote…(I voted “NO” in 1975 when I was 22)


          • Jeremiah says:

            “I hate the BBC ” Rupe and Fawkes are quite capable of cross advertising, which doesn’t really happen


          • Jimmy says:

            EU 37 Gold.


      • 37
        Questions of our time says:

        Why do all Team GB ice hockey players have either an American or Canadian accent?


        • 48
          Dave the Rave says:

          Because we are the 51st State of the USA and proud of it

          Tony Blair told me so


          • Red Ed Miliband says:

            We’ll be part of Communist China after five years of Len’s beneficent rule. You capitalist running dogs will be first up against the wall when the revolution starts. I’ll make sure that… (snip – that’s enough of that, we don’t want everybody knowing our plans before we’re elected – Red Len)


          • Lord Cashpoint and fellow hedgies says:

            Whare are you talking about Red Ed?

            You know WE own you

            But I suppose it a good idea to let Len do some theatre to keep his useful idiots voting for us


          • Jeremiah says:

            R E M In China if you do not work you starve


        • 74
          Expat Geordie says:

          I wonder if that was the case in 1936 when we won it?

          My local ice rink in Durham was built for the benefit of Canadian servicemen immediately after WWII. Then at the next winter Olympics they won it.


          • Rabbi Isaac Abraham Steinberger says:

            She hasn’t appeared today then? You know. **** W*****y :-)


          • RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

            The Durham City ice rink is no more, it is deceased, it is now a building site :)


          • Expat Geordie says:

            I know. It was opposite the National Savings building and next to the Royal Observer Corps Headquarters, which is also no longer there. I used to play in one, work part time in the other, but couldn’t get as job with National Savings.


          • Lars Larrv says:

            National Savings to not answer telephone calls with Geordie, Indian, Canadian or American accents.


      • 90
        non taxable pikey says:

        Well done to the Netherlands, Norway and especially Finland for raining on RatsPutin’s parade. These bloody games cost 50 billion dollars, more than all the previous games cost combined. Of that some 19 billion is quoted as having “gone missing.” Pukin has built himself a palatial dacha above Sochi and a new road has been laid down to his private beach.


    • 232
      Jeremiah says:

      When the “wall of noise” continues beyond a certain length of time he should adjourn the proceedings of the HoC and call all the the leaders all parties into his office and request they control their respective rabble, he has the power to do so, so why doesn’t he use it?


  4. 5
    Jess The Dog says:

    Hope they gunged or flanned the little fucker!


  5. 6
    The Bishop Hill says:

    Being a resident of Somerset, Christopher Booker is in a good position to get into the nitty gritty of the truth behind the floods this year.

    This morning he has set out the full case that there was a cold-blooded government decision to allow the Levels to return to nature, with residents left to fend for themselves. The Levels were of course a creation of the state, having been drained and enclosed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries at goverment command, and the residents therefore relied upon the state to maintain their waterways and the security of their homes. Now, on a green-tinged whim, the state has tossed them aside in favour of a few wading birds, lives and livelihoods wrecked in the process.

    As someone once said, the state is not your friend.



    • 12
      Self Reliance Culture says:

      These plonkers live in a flood plain. We’ve had exceptional rains. No wonder they got wet.

      Even the farmers depend on Euro payments for their money. Cameron says “money is no object” and Nigel Farage wants foreign aid diverted for home aid, making people even more dependent on state money just because it rains.

      High time people took responsibility rather than waiting for competing politicians to dole out other people’s money.


      • 14
        Did you read the post says:

        So you would say the same about London, which is built on a flood plain and protected by the state?


      • 96
        SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Most of low lying southern England is liable to flooding this nonsensical term’ flood plain’ sounds like something straight out of the ecolunatic lexicon of crap along with ‘rain forests’ ,’ acid rain’ , ‘global warming’, ‘ozone layer,’etc.


        • 131
          Táxpáyér says:

          It’s simpler than that.

          Don’t stop dredging the rivers ‘cos you like crustaceans more than people, if you hope to be kept elected.

          Of course this is why there’s no oversight of the NGO called the EA.

          De-fund it and do something useful.

          I’d like to see a land value maximisation agency.


        • 170
          EA-games says:

          We’ll have to put our finkin eds on


          • David Cameron, Hamlet says:

            To dredge, or not to dredge, that is the question—
            Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
            The Floods of outrageous Fortune,
            Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
            And by opposing end them? To die, to sleep—
            No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
            The Heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
            That Flesh is heir to? ‘Tis a consummation
            Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep,
            To sleep, perchance to Dream; Aye, there’s the rub,
            For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,


        • 254
          Anonymous says:

          Dredging the rivers only aptly solves the situation.


    • 16
      National Socialist says:

      “The Levels were of course a creation of the state, having been drained and enclosed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries at goverment command, and the residents therefore relied upon the state to maintain their waterways and the security of their homes.”

      But the state is being withered away. We live in libertarian anarchistic times. Anarchists don’t do state building, they are state wreckers…for profit of course. It’s why PM’s like Cameron look so pathetic and useless they have no power to do anything other than make soundbites on the news and wear a pair of wellies and a hard hat for the odd (very odd) photo op.


    • 241
      Jeremiah says:

      I am afraid that is the trouble with all governments of all colours, they very good at building roads, railways, and airports, a big slash of cash but they fall very flat when it comes to maintenance of said utilities, they have no money for that, even when they have money they don’t exert themselves.


    • 315
      Jimmy says:

      The amount of dredging that goes into Booker’s column I doubt there’s any more the state could do.


  6. 8
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Viva la wevolucion !!


  7. 10
    Aaah says:


  8. 11
    Scallywag says:

    So the midget fucker even craved the limelight to appear on telly at such a young age. Proof positve (if any more were needed) that most of the fuckers in the HoP do indeed have acute Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


  9. 18
    Andrew Marred says:

    OK…lets now talk about the Tories problems with women with a feminist journalist and Labour Shadow Minister, Caroline Flint-face.

    Caroline, tell me why the nasty Tories are so horrible to women


  10. 24
    Skeleton bob says:

    Did he go on “Jim’ll fuck it” as well?


  11. 25
    Fly on the wall says:

    BBC Sunday morning tv = the Dead Zone.


  12. 32
    altruism in industry says:

    Why was Gibraltar kept separate from Spain in the Euro footy draw ?


    • 62
      Bag of wind says:

      The organisers said for political reasons – but I think they were worried that the Gib team might beat the Spaniards – which would really bugger up the interest in the competition and the attached revenue(s).


    • 133
      Guy Gibson VC says:

      We must keep Gib and Spain apart for now

      We are going to us Pickles as a bouncing bomb to scare the shit out of the spiks


  13. 34
    Joe Erskine says:

    So after all William Hague did for us last weeh what are these “many dangers” he now says we face?

    Is it right that a man in public office can make such statements and then walk away?


  14. 35
    Saatchi and Strangle her says:

    Can we see the bra queen topless please Guido?

    You are such a tease and I’m sure your Sun hack took photos of her um doing it…


  15. 38
    Randy Rooney says:

    Can’t the Sun publish photos of Highella’s tits?

    I’m sure it would be good for her sagging ratings as well

    And it would be a knockers out for you


  16. 41
    Kate and Gerry says:

    The “disappearance” of Maddy has made us very rich. Thank you to all the rubes who sent donations which we spent on mortgage payments and a new flatscreen TV. We’ve been terribly distraught travelling around the world first class and staying in 5 star hotel suites as we desperately try to find whatshername. The agony of going on Oprah or to the Edinburgh TV festival, or writing our autobiography has just been too much. But all the millions we’ve raked in has cheered us up no end. We look forward to continuing the search for our “missing” daughter for another 20 years. Please send more donations.


  17. 42
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    We remain in the grip of a global economic crisis, and all the rivers are still flooding, I blame the banks.


  18. 44
    Sally Bercow says:

    If your girlfriend starts smoking, slow down and use a lubricant.


  19. 47
    Sun website terms and conditions says:

    “after that you will be charged at the standard rate of £8.67 each month (£2 per week), unless cancelled”


  20. 50
    Gheedough says:

    Massa Murd0ch, sah, I’ll tell them it’s £1 per month, and then suck you flaccid cuckold’s cock, sah.


    • 56
      Rebekah toxic ginger says:


      I still love you even though I am a car crash



      PS Dave sends his love and says please come and see him when all your employees are in jail


    • 58
      Rupee says:

      Bonzer, Sport. I’ll give you 10% commission on the £8.67 it really costs.
      I’d like to give you more, boy, but as well as paying out huge salaries to my mentally retarded kids, I’ve got another big divorce settlement to pay for even though Wendi spent our marriage being fucked up the arse by some war criminal.
      Teach me right for being a deluded senile old twat believing any woman would be remotely interested in anything except my money.


  21. 55
    Spare us from these Stupid Nanny State MPs says:

    Good Grief. MPs want to make it a criminal offence to drink and be pregnant to protect the baby. What about their legalised baby killing abortions?

    They want to prevent mongs. So will they make it a criminal offence to be pregnant over the age of 5X?, have sex with old men?, have IVF? climb stairs when pregnant and so on?



    • 61
      Macho MP says:

      We dont care about killing babies

      It is the wimmin who decide on this mass murder


    • 70
      Conflicted EU says:

      On one hand:

      i) Belgium passing legislation allowing euthanasia of children
      ii) Abortion option is being introduced across the Eurozone – causing riots in S’pain etc.

      On the other hand:

      i) Banning smoking in cars with children
      ii) Trying to make offence to drink if pregnant.

      Women claim right over their body for the abortion option, and this is why it isn’t classified as murder which it is.

      But then, the state is interfering with the rights to a woman over what she does with her body with the drink idea ? Unless the state considers the unborn child its property…

      Thankfully there are femin!sts to deal with this ;-)


      • 82
        Stop mass murder says:

        So a woman has the right to kill any baby while it is still in her womb?

        It is a moral question of concern to all – men and women

        Cowardly and irresonsible to say it is exclusively a woman’s decision


        • 92
          Yankees Go Home says:

          Can the God-loons and the feminists please fuck off back to America for their interminable arguments


          • SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            The lefty wimmin can never see the incongruity of their statements.
            Harman’s well documented sympathy and support for the vile perverts who pray on small children is a glaring example


          • Jaqueline Dromey says:

            Harriet has well documented sympathy and support for all vile perverts, not merely those who pray on small children.

            I am a vile pervert who is not remotely interested in small children. What use are they to me? I need a grown man with a big b l a c k g a y c o c k, yet Harriet has well documented sympathy and support for me.

            She is even in favour of no sex descrimination for all-women shortlists.

            Proof, Sir, of her balance and even-handedness.


        • 102
          Conflicted EU says:


          There is a further complication and idiocy as well.

          The ECHR would be the perfect place to test the issue you mention. ie. If a woman decides to have abortion against the wishes of the father, should the father be able to block that.

          It would be impossible to ever test this before this court due to the timing involved. In many ways this invalidates the purpose of the court as this is after all a very fundamental human right.


          • Asking says:

            Has this question ever been dealt with in Court in England?


          • Conflicted EU says:

            Good question, and yes:


            3 times in the UK since 1978.

            ECHR denied the 1978 case from being heard.

            Court found either in favour of the woman, or dismissed. The Lords appeal in one case endorsed the earlier decision.

            The 1987 case had a happy ending of sorts: Despite the court and Lords dismissing the father’s case, the woman in question decided to carry the baby to term and then she released to the father.


          • Cinna says:

            It’s like Scottish independence. That is purely a matter for the Scots and the rat of the UK has no say.

            Abortion is purely a matter for the mother and the father has no say. It’s called equality.


          • jgm2 says:

            I’d be much happier with the situation whereby abortion is purely a matter for the mother if the mother was also the person purely responsible for paying for the little bastard once it is born.

            Why do the rest of us have to buy her a council house and shower her with free stuff?

            After all – it’s entirely her choice.


          • hang about.. says:

            I know pregnant women who’ve been advised
            by their doc to drink the occasional Guinness
            during pregnancy.


          • Revealing the stupidity of an oft quoted argument says:

            I agree that women should have the right to do what they will with their own body, its the babies body Im concerned about.


          • Human rights are cavemen rights, right? says:

            I agree that it is a human right for women to abort their babies if they want. As long as the accept it is only a human right if they use a twig cut from a tree with which to do it.

            As soon as they start using high tech equipment provided by the state they are committing murder.


  22. 64
    Bob Sleigh says:

    There is only one way the Lib Dems will start to rise in opinion polls, that will be with Cleggs resignation. He disgraces all liberals by his very presence.
    His judgement yet again can be called into question if he believes a debate with, well what amounts to another idiot politician, will improve his popularity.
    The rich see him as a lap dog, the rest of us see him as a judas. And Clegg, you have betrayed everyone who had faith in your words


    • 71
      Illegal Immygrunt says:

      Typical fuckin foreigner then. HTF do these people get into OUR parliament?


    • 73
      everyone who had faith in Clog's words says:



    • 80
      William Wallace says:

      If people had faith in Mr Clegg I would submit it brings into serious question their judgment.

      How a country can arise above a level that at best can be described as mediocre by voting such a person into office is impossible.


    • 81
      Mr Nobody says:

      I’d still rate Clegg more highly than the numpty who presently leads Labour.


      • 88
        nell says:

        Cleggy might have a slightly better chance of covering himself in glory had he challenged Nige to neknominate


        • 93
          Ad Hominem says:

          Clegg has a better chance of covering himself in rainbow coloured spunk and not getting laid in a gay bar, than he does in getting anything like glory associated with his name.


    • 84
      Willie Warmer says:

      He will not resign. He loves playing with the big boys even if they are cruel to him, and he won’t let go of that until he’s forced to.

      The rest of the LibDems deserve the electoral obliteration they are going to get. The smart ones have left the sinking ship already. The others will be tarred with the same brush as him. The evil they have collaborated with will take a long time to redress and they will forever be associated with it


      • 100
        Man in sandals says:

        The sheer scale of his betrayal still hurts nearly 4 years later and has left me politically homeless. Too late for a new leader, though?


        • 240
          Village Idiot says:

          …..Take your sandals to UKIP,unless you or your friends and family are on the payroll of the EU?


      • 143
        Miriam says:

        He will NOT resign.
        I’ve told him.


      • 281
        jgm2 says:

        The Liberals never got over being the government that brought us into WWI.

        You want to whine about evil Liberal governments? You’re 100 years too late.


    • 89
      UKIP or bust says:

      Oh, and Dodery Vince Disable, Hoone the criminal, £50 grand Laws, Hughes of the closed eyes and straight choice, Bland Ed Davey, Randy Rennard, Mick Cock-in-hand, or any of the other wellie knitting sex pest green loons would be any better would they?


  23. 69
    Guido's Nevis lawyer says:


    Careful about that Gawker Cayman reference

    Keep our secrets quiet please


  24. 79
    Socialist Watch says:

    No reaction yet from Owen, Big D, Morris et al…


    • 86
      Owen Jones says:



      • 111
        The only good Socialist is a dead Socialist says:

        Clearly closet fascists and self seekers are not wanted in the Socialist Republic of Venezeula.

        Rather than have passport bans how about giving them all a one way ticket to Las Vegas.


      • 162
        We begin to learn wisely when we're willing to see world from other people's perspective says:

        I love that the libertarian Owen blocks people on twitter who disagree with his views.
        Fanatics don’t wanna see anything from another standpoints, it seems.


    • 189
      the bloody Mod Bot is still at it says:

      Jones has reacted.

      He equated the shooting of the protestors with the killing of the criminal Duggan, saying if Maduro ought to resign, so should Cameron.

      Jones is one sick fucker


      • 350
        Oh, now I get it.... says:

        Somewhere in Jones’ mixed up head, Duggan was one of the Tottenham protestors at the scene of a riot triggered by his death, hence these two events are comparable.


      • 476
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        Not only a sick fucker, but he’s round the fucking bend and back again!


  25. 97
    BBC Regime change dept says:

    Get a few thousand smelly students to occupy Trafalgar square for a week and we’ll do the rest.


  26. 98
    It is a tax rebate less 75% corruption and handling charges says:


  27. 99
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    I’ve just been down to B&Q and the old guy by the door,asked me if I wanted decking? lucky for me I got the first punch in.


  28. 101
    Little Willy says:

    I’m warning Russia not to interfere in Ukraine. Or I’ll sink 13 pints and sort them out.


  29. 103
    Wally Scott says:

    Cameron says the North Sea Oil Union will best be served by keeping the Union.

    But the point is surely whether the people will be better off without the North Sea Oil Union.


    • 122

      How long does anyone think the EU commissars would allow Scotland to retain control of the oil and gas ?
      It would very soon be declared a ‘ common European resource’ as a price for allowing Scotland into the EU, and then being dragged into the Eurozone.


    • 132
      Surrey Shiresman says:

      Scotland’s maritime claims are uncertainty.

      Best thing would be to give Scotland independence but retain control of the North Sea oil reserves as much as possible. Deploy the Royal Navy to repel any raiding Jocks. Job done.


      • 159
        Taxpayer says:

        We should have a new All English game now called

        Defrock the Jock


      • 206
        Mind the gap says:

        Do we have a spare rowing boat?


        • 250
          Just go says:

          ….We will have an aircraftless,aircraft carrier; that with a few thistles around the front bit should act as a deterrent!


          • Modern UK Defence Policy says:

            Whilst Cameron is all at sea with the fact there are no aircraft on the aircraft carrier, he has failed to understand G’ordon Brown’s defence strategy.

            Brown’s defence would see the carrier used more like a battering ram or caber, depending on just how upset G’ordon was with whoever was to be on the receiving end.

            G’ordon got this idea from his N’okia experiences, various bath toys and a copy of the P’hiladelph!a experiment which he found online.


          • SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            You miss the point, Brown ordered the carriers with the sole object of sabotaging the defence budget for any incoming conservative government.
            He did this by ensuring the contracts were so one sided that cancellation would be so ruinously expensive as to be out of the question.
            Does any body seriously believe traitor Brown ever did anything that would benefit the operational capabilities of the Navy , the fact that the white elephants are being built in his constituency is just a little added bonus


      • 261
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        If the Scots have any sense they will apply to become the 51st state of the USA, guaranteeing them full protection of the US military,free speech,free press,the right to keep and bear arms,the mighty dollar as their currency and all their debts written off literally by Bernanke’s money printing :-)



  30. 105
    Willie Waver says:

    ^ Surely that’s a girl?


  31. 121
    Putin.. says:

    Tomorrow, I sort Ukraine out….


  32. 129
    They want a Refund says:


    • 135
      Cheap as Chips says:

      Three Quid to join labour. If I join can I spoil things like voting Ed Balls for leader and Thornberry as his deputy?


      • 211
        UNITE says:

        If votes by Labour members meant anything they wouldn’t be allowed


      • 243
        Jack Ketch says:

        So if I put up three million quid for like-minded individuals subs. we could force a leadership vote and put Nick Griffin in as leader?


      • 354
        BBC Thornberry 24 hours says:

        The BBC would need to another channel to allow Thornberry to speak without interruption. Great Idea, but make the channel broadcast, during day time, on all tv channels.


    • 190
      the bloody Mod Bot is still at it says:

      Nice to see the BBC trailing this for Labour all morning


  33. 138
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Cameron is currently stealing Scotland’s coal – before the independence vote –

    And who is benefitting –

    A former Tory Party fundraiser and a company in Australia

    The Australian company states Cameron has given them enough coal to power the whole of Scotland for 150 years – they have been given not only Scotland’s coal but England’s coal too

    And this Australian company intends burning billions of tons of our coal (purely for their profit) to produce gas – and they state they intend charging us 5 times what it costs to make the gas –

    The director of the Australian company states publicly “I was born in England – but now I’m a colonial I intend socking it to the English” – and the Scots

    Read all about the Theft Of Austerity Britain’s coal – the best kept secret of the COALition government

    While George Osborne gets headlines for giving a few miners a few free bags of coal – the papers say nothing about David Cameron stealing BILLIONS OF TONS of this nation’s coal reserves – to be burned under our feet for private profit

    It contaminates water worse than fracking, it causes subsidence, it causes explosions, it contaminates the air – that’s why Cameron is keeping all this secret from the Nation – because it is truly shocking – and worse than fracking


    • 146
      Coke says:

      Hardly new is it. Before North Sea gas all our gas came from coal. Not many gassometers left though.


      • 165
        Expat Geordie says:

        Nothing new there. Coal gas stinks. imagine the deaths from respiratory diseases if it ever came back. And as for the subsidence issue the village of Ramshaw in County Durham was notorious for it’s sinkholes and collapsing coal tunnels running under it. Houses used to get swallowed up whole. It only got resolved when Maggie personally ordered the NCB to fix it, even though there were no votes in it for her.


        • 196
          SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          Natural gas has almost no smell that’s why it contains an additive to give it the same unpleasant stench as the old town gas.


          • A wino says:

            The good thing about coal gas is that you could run it through milk to concoct a very alcoholic beverage. No minimum pricing in those happy days!


      • 242
        altruism in industry says:

        I think there are larger diameter underground pipes which have replaced the gasometers for storage.


    • 153
      C.O.Jones says:

      Stop whining and vote for independence – problem solved.


    • 155
      RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

      Any link to some credible evidence?


      • 158
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        Do you think that if the Jocks dare to vote “yes” they will be granted total independence?

        I very much doubt it .


    • 166
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      You are talking about coal gassification.

      i) The coal seams to be burned are generally below the water table, and separated by impermeable rock.

      ii) Most of the candidate sites of real interest are at sea, not on land.

      iii) The real concern should be safety.

      If control is lost of the burn there would be serious problems which would be impossible to deal with. There are a few coal fires started accidentally in mines in the US for example which have been abandoned and are burning way out of control for over 50 years now.


      Underground explosions at the gassifier end have also been an issue with other attempts:


      That problem may be manageable at sea, but if such a fire was extinguished, could it be relit ?

      It has been only been successful in Russ!a on a small scale. The Austral!an attempts have been as unsuccessful as the European trials. The off shore idea is really theoretical at present.

      To be fair, this is the best way of producing from the offshore coal seems, as any other attempt to bring them back to land for consumption would not be economic.


    • 179
      Blowing Whistles says:



    • 277
      Wirral is pleasent but car parking charges are destroying the area says:

      I think they have permission to do the deed under the river Dee on the Wirral side, there is some old coal workings at Neston that used to go under the river Dee, so we wait and see what happens


  34. 145
    Just Curious says:

    David Cameron is now saying he is going to use the country’s “broad shoulders”.

    Where have these “shoulders” been ?


  35. 149
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    The Squeaker, contestant or cabbage for wrong answer?


  36. 152
    Sadam says:

    There was a little kid just like in that photo in my class at school.

    He was a real pain in the backside. No one liked him.

    One day two of the larger lads picked him up and threw him out of the window.


  37. 160
    Peter Glazed says:

    I loved the Scouts


  38. 161
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    William Hague has told Russia not to intervene in Ukraine.

    What exactly was he doing there with Fabius last Friday?


    • 174

      When will it sink into their thick skulls ?


    • 279
      Hypocrisy gone mad says:

      I suspect Lavrov may have told Hague that

      After Iraq Afghanistan and Libya

      He can shuv his “advice” up his own fucking arse

      PS And arrest his hero Blair at the same time


  39. 171
    A Ship's Lawyer says:

    Apparently on Friday Hague and the others on our behalf negotiated some sort of accord and approved the implementation of some sanctions regarding Ukraine.

    The people of the EU have been given no definitive statement as to what was agreed, what sanctions are to be implemented against whom and for what reasons.

    No minutes of meetings have been published and we have no details as to attendees at such meetings.

    Within hours the mob were taking over the Presidential Palace and the President had disappeared from the face of the earth.

    This is EU style transparency.


    • 177
      C.O.Jones says:

      Indeed, we are acting outside our sphere of influence.


    • 327
      Libertarian says:

      It was nothing to do with Cameron or Hague

      Ukraine is too serious an affair to have wanking adolescents involved

      It was Steinmeyer and Fabius who negotiated this (with Sikorski there to do some selfies)

      With Merkel and Putin pulling strings

      And Americans making stupid statements of no relevance, as usual

      Good diplomacy requires some secrecy you know

      PS Too early to see what will “stick’ I agree


  40. 175
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    I am not a thinker. I don’t have an original position on anything. All my politics can be found in the pages of the Socialist Worker


  41. 183
    C.O.Jones says:

    Syria, a country fighting a desperate war against foreign terrorists funded by Saudi Arabia.
    A country where minorities (Christian, Druze, Kurds, Turkmen, Alawites and more) were safe to practice their religious beliefs unhindered now faces a religious war that we are now asked to endorse by our short sighted leaders.

    Tell them NO, we have had enough of their deception.


    • 191
      National Socialist says:

      Tell them NO, we’ve had enough of their RELIGION.


    • 203
      The British Public says:

      Syria is none of our business


      • 207
        C.O.Jones says:

        Thank you!

        Neither was Iraq and Afghanistan IMO. But hey, look what we achieved there!


        • 209
          The British Public says:

          + uncounted millions who are fed up with the lies from the security establishment and polticians


        • 265
          Andropov says:

          Given the choice i would rather have Assad than the Wahiibiists in Saudi Arabia.


          • Jack says:

            So would I

            The Saudi wahabists are directly financing, promoting and arming the Jihadis

            Who will soon be flooding into Europe – they are already gunrunning in Bosnia Kosovo and Albania/Italy –

            And the US and UK sill kiss medieval wahabi arse (along with Prince Charly big ears)



    • 295
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      Not sure about their religeous beliefs but they were not allowed to practice their political or economic beliefs in this Syrian utopian paradise.


  42. 186
    seriously says:

    is Hague really as stupid as he appears…or has someone got him by the balls?


    • 192
      Jack "BBC" Dromey says:

      Not me, much too white and too old.


    • 222
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      William is touring the Planet desperately trying to find a (another) civil war that he can get us embroiled in.


      • 266
        WMD what WMD. says:

        I think you will find that is Labour but first they need the obligatory dodgy dossier. Can’t start anything without one of those oh! and Kate Aidie of course.


    • 298
      Neville Dirty Digger's correspondent says:

      I think Wee Wille has been tooting with Tony in Loulou’s club…with Wendi

      Which reminds me – must call the topless barmaid there


  43. 188
    SNAFU says:

    “Hard at work in… Mexico: Ed Miliband’s flood supremo basks in 29C on sun-kissed jolly as Britons count the cost of the deluge”

    Shadow Floods Minister Barry Gardiner – who is also the Labour leader’s ‘special envoy on climate change’ – jetted off to Cancun on a £3,650 jolly paid for by a pharmaceuticals tycoon.

    Another troughing Labour Scum.


  44. 194
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Has he still got his pencil?, worn down to a stub.


  45. 219
    EU Watch 2 says:

    J’oseph S’tiglitz on the Euro, S’pain and G’reece, speaking in B’asel 27th Jan 2014:

    Either G’reece / S’pain leave the Euro and rebalance their economies, or G’ermany leaves the Euro and allows those that remain to be able to compete within the currency on a more even playing field.

    The real danger – as he states at the start – is the EU (G’ermany) continuing to offer hope and then letting down the peripheral countries. This ‘hope’ has already contributed to the socio-economic tensions which are close to tearing these countries apart at present.


    • 251
      Mole spotter says:

      Calm down dear

      Half the so called Greek and Spanish unemployed are moonlighting

      Over 25 years their economies have expanded hugely thanks tobthe EU

      Stiglitz is just a leftie useful idiot

      Trying to get more subsidies out of Northern Europe for the Club Med

      Useless fucking economist

      He even supports financial transactions tax


      • 271
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        It’s high time the Eurozone moved full speed ahead to a federal republic (United States of Europe) modelling everything 100% on the USA.

        1. All central banks to be abolished and the European Central bank to be given the full powers of the federal reserve in the USA.

        2. All parliaments & second chambers to be abolished and replaced by elected senators (2 per state),congressmen (1 for roughly every 3/4 million citizens) and an elected president.

        3. The formation of a single European army,navy & airforce.

        4. Abolition of all monarchies (Spanish,Dutch etc.)

        5. Abolition of all state broadcasters and telly taxes.

        6. A written constitution modeled exactly on the US constitution (free speech,free press,right to keep & bear arms etc.)

        7. Adoption of the US legal & justice system which itself is modeled on English common law (innocent until proven guilty,right to trial by jury,habeas corpus,double jeopardy,fifth amendment,class action lawsuits etc.)

        8. Adoption of the much tougher US benefits system of time limited benefits & food stamps.

        9. Green card system for immigration.

        10. All taxes on petrol,electricity,gas & water to be abolished.


        • 282
          I went to California and found I wasn't that impressed says:

          No thanks. Large parts of event the so-called best bits of the USA are crap.


          • Jack says:


            The Americans are and always have been useful barbarians

            But they are of no use anymore…indeed they are toxic


        • 286
          EU analyst says:

          Far too American….

          But some good (old) ideas..about which much has already bbeen discussed/adopted in Europe (excluding Britain of course which will continue as offshore money laundering centre and casino and homeland for pillaging oligarchs)

          De Gaulle understood that Britain would never fit in

          Hence his veto

          It was a mistake ever allowing Britain in…

          It was bound to end with the anti-European hysteria so well illustrated on this blog


  46. 221
  47. 224
    i don't need no doctor says:

    If the number of food banks have increased under this government, does
    it mean that those that use them will vote tory at the next election. Free food has got to be a vote winner.


  48. 229
    Katie Price says:

    Time to start thinking about getting air conditioning installed in time for the summer.



  49. 230
    EU Watch 2 says:

    Violent demonstration in F’rance today over a proposed airport in Nantes:

    The sentiment behind this was described at a previous demonstration by a demonstrator:

    “I don’t want Nantes to be some European megalopolis. I just want Nantes to stay as it is,”



    • 269
      Hollande says:

      Nantes has a central business district! Who knew?


    • 343
      south of the M4 says:

      Nantes, twinned with Cardiff. A city that has an international airport now owned by the Welsh taxpayer because the assembly could not face up to the fact that it was a good regional and holiday airport. Had to be ‘ international ‘ and thus had to be subsidised. Private business cold not make it work so in steps the government. That will work then………..


    • 353
      Oh, now I get it.... says:

      So not anarchists, more like radical conservatives.


      • 366
        Offshore Brit says:

        Actually they are a mixture of farmers and ecologists

        But they are right

        Nantes already has an airport with enough capacity

        But the new airport contract was signed by the Right with a knowm bent public works contracting group

        Nuff said

        PS all major public works contractors in France have been condemned for corruption over the years..the politicians live on their bungs..makes me think of HS2,


    • 365
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      We’re be having some of that when the first bulldozers try to knock down the first house in Heathrow Villages.


  50. 231
    C.O.Jones says:

    All over the world people are becoming aware of issues at a local level.


  51. 236
    EU Watch 2 says:

    Don’t mock the mock-serious… EU ‘democracy’ in action in G’reece:


    • 293
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha says:

      The stupid man keeps going on about what an ‘honour’ it is for Greece to have the EU presidency.


    • 374
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      That is stupendous and I hope we have widespread mockery here asap.
      It also confirmed that Fascist blackshirts are left wing.


  52. 239
    EU Watch 2 says:

    The following is a disturbing image, however this is one of the realities of life is sea birds are part of your staple diet.

    The question to be considered: Should an organization you wish to join, such as the EU, be able to include in the joining terms that you stop using this resource for food ?

    !celand is negotiating this, but the rentamong brigade seem to be trying to make an issue of this.

    The above is food, not fun.


  53. 267
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Probably explains why OJ was needing to use pieces by known conspiracy theorists the other day to defend his position.


  54. 272
    Diddycoy Pie says:

    Why are people mystified as to the fall in the hedgehog population?

    Have they not heard that the Roma are now a significant tribe in the UK?


    • 274
      Pikey Cake says:


      • 288
        Prince Philip says:

        I am told it is rather like otter, but not so fishy.


        • 304
          Podiceps says:

          William Buckland (1784-1856), Dean of Westminster and a noted palaeonotolgist, tried to eat every mammal in existence. He said that the nastiest of all was a mole.

          That’s every mammal including us. He found a heart, said to be of Louis XIV, pickled at Nuneham Abbey (why?) and, according to Augustus Hare: ‘Talk of strange relics led to mention of the heart of a French King preserved at Nuneham in a silver casket. Dr Buckland, whilst looking at it, exclaimed, “I have eaten many strange things, but have never eaten the heart of a king before”, and, before anyone could hinder him, he had gobbled it up, and the precious relic was lost for ever.’


          • Your source may be confused. There was never an Abbey at Nuneham Courtney. There was a Cistercian Abbey at Newenham, but that is near Axminster and since Buckland was at Oxford, it is unlikely to have been the location.

            Nuneham House is probably where this culinary relic awaited its becoming part of gastrointestinal history.


          • Podiceps says:

            Thanks for the correction. By the way, John James Audubon attempted to eat a grebe, and described it as ‘fishy, fat, and rancid’.


          • Interesting man. Didn’t think I knew of him, at first, but have seen plates from The Birds of America from my school days and think I saw some in the States but cannot verify right now. Once seen never forgotten.

            Most definitely, I am not adventurous in the zoöphagy arena!


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            At the time Louis died, the practice of burying the heart and entrails of a King separately from the body was common. The entrails would be removed and buried immediately, the body preserved with aromatics and salt, enshrouded in cloth or leather and interred at the royal tomb, located Basilica de Saint-Denis. The heart would be preserved and buried separately.


            The viscera of Louis XIV was buried in Notre Dame.

            The reasoning for this is to do with display of the body, and the heart’s special treatment is most likely rooted in the sacred status of that organ, the protocol being inherited from Roman practice.

            The hearts were not pickled or embalmed, but dried with alcohol and wrapped in a bag with some deodorizing spices, and sealed in an envelope of lead.

            In the case of Louis XIII / Louis XIV there is a twist.

            Louis XIV desired his heart to be stored at the Jesuit Saint P’aul-Saint Louis Chruch on rue Saint Antoine in Paris. Here it was stored in a large silver heart alongside the heart of Louis XIII.

            (remove ‘ in url…)

            The original Silver container was melted down in 1792 under the direction of the Mint, and the Royal hearts of and Louis XIII Louis XIV were sold to the artist Pau de Saint-Martin.

            Organs were used by artists for making pigments in paint at the time. The royal hearts were acquired for that purpose.

            Saint-Martin gave the remaining piece of the Sun King’s heart to the Count de Pradel (Minister in charge of royal household of Louis XVII) during the restoration, on the 3rd March 1819 in exchange for a gold snuffbox. The heart of Louis XIII was returned a few years later when Saint-Martin was on his death bed.

            The hearts were put in copper caskets and placed in the Basilica de Saint-Denis as directed by XVII.


            According to Westminster Abbey, a piece of the heart was taken in a silver locket from the Royal Tomb by a member of Lord Harcourt’s family to Nuneham. It was there that the alleged consumption by Buckland is said to have happened:


            Given that the legend places Buckland at Nuneham in 1848 with Lord Harcourt this should be examined.

            The last (3rd) Earl of Harcourt, William Harcourt, died in 1830.

            Edward Venables-Vernon (Archibishop of York) assumed the Harcourt name, heraldic shield and most of the property by Royal authorization in 1831.

            Edward died in 1847 at Bishopthorpe Palace (Archibishop of York residence) aged 90 years 1 month.

            There doesn’t appear to have been a Lord Harcourt around in 1848.

            This Buckland story was related by Augustin Cabanès, but seems to have sourced from raconteur Augustus Hare in 1882 (See Story of My Life, vol 5, p. 358):


            The history is certainly interesting, but one suspects there is no truth to the Buckland story.

            It is worth noting that the Harcourt family (Norman) had two branches: One in F’rance the other in E’ngland. Henry of Harcourt, 1st Duke of Harcourt and member of Regency council, was named by in Louis XIV’s will as Governor of Dauphin to following the maréchal de Villeroy.


            Most of the heart of Philippe d’Orleans was accidentally eaten by the Regents dog during the preservation process.


            – This heart is the only one not to have been desecrated during the period of the revolution.

            Great question + topic to raise : The proximity of the Harcourt’s to the Cato Street Conspirators is also an interesting side topic, as is the politics of Louis XIV itself… ;-)


          • Inclined to agree that there is an apocryphal sniff to the story, with its only one real source.

            Slightly puzzled by your proximity reference of the Harcourts to the Cato Street Conspirators (presume you are speaking in geographical terms?). The former were based in Stanton Harcourt and at Nuneham but, being a huge family, can be evidenced all over England, particularly in the Midlands. The latter were Edgware Road types.

            The Harcourts had all sorts of high ranking members throughout history. True, there were some conflicts of loyalty in the times of the so-called ‘Angevin Empire’ but these would have long evaporated by the time that the Spencean Philanthropists were pursuing their cause, which was more related to industrial urbanisation than landed estate.

            Maybe I have missed something?


        • 449
          כריס says:

          Look up Tarrare if you want to read about interesting eating habits


      • 477
        (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

        Sad, sad fuck!


  55. 276
    Chucks and Councillor Peck. Joined at the hip. says:


  56. 285
    What a gay day says:

    Hey there right wingers! Since you hate gays so much, did you know there are places where they actually execute gays? Not only that, you can legally buy guns and there is no political left in existence. Where is such a heaven on earth you ask? It’s in Iran, Saudi Araba, Uganda and Afghanistan, among many other lovely locations. Granted, alcohol and pork are outlawed, but like any country, if you have the right connections, you can get anything you want. Small price to pay for living in a land where woofters get hung, what what.


    • 289
      jgm2 says:

      No need for anybody to move.

      In another generation we’ll have been out-bred by the Labour imported cultural enrichers and we’ll have gayists dangling from cranes right here in the UK.


    • 291
      Owen Jones's Mum says:

      Owen ! Your supper is getting cold.


    • 299
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      The practice died out in England after the middle ages. They burned more homoosexuals than witches back then. Burned them on bonfires of faggots.

      Hence the derogatory name “fag” which survived in its older English term in the colonies but the meaning of faggot in the old country changed to mean a cigarette.


      • 300
        Duty Pedant says:

        Sure you mean for the old country:

        fag became cigarette.

        Faggot became associated with a type of food made from pig’s heart, liver and fatty meat / bacon, with herbs.

        To your point, this does raise eyebrows about the etymology of the food.


        • 461
          Wally in a welly says:

          .. and there’s little ol’ iggerant me thinking that a faggot was merely a bundle of wood!


      • 301
        Duty Pedant says:

        I should further add that the Faggot (food) is also known as ‘duck’ in some parts of the country. This could explain where the term ‘ducky’ comes from among homosexuals.


      • 348
        History says:



    • 305
      Homo Sapien not Gay says:

      You never been to places like Saudi have you, booze is no problem, illegal, still not a problem, homosexuality keep it away from the Souks and public, not a problem, Christian religion keep it from the Souks and public not a problem, don’t ask for a church to be built and you won’t end up in chop square.


  57. 287
    Kate and Gerry says:

    If the public ever lose interest in us and the money runs dry, I suppose we could always have another of our kids “go missing” so we can ask for more donations and go on more American chat shows and make millions.


  58. 294
    A Newspaper says:

    “HS2 may increase risk of homes being flooded, senior Conservatives fear
    Concerns voiced about high-speed train line that runs over floodplains and requires diversion of seven major rivers”


  59. 312

    U.S. now bugging German ministers in place of Merkel – Daily Star, Lebanon


    Germany must be very pleased with that compromise.


    • 317
      Kick NSA/GCHQ out of Europe says:

      Kick the criminal Americans out of Europe (and their British poodles)

      And zap their installations with a powerful laser in the meantime to blow up their equipment – we know where it is…..


      • 321
        Libertarian says:

        Good idea

        And when there are small explosions on top of US British embassies (those spherical objects)

        They may understand that they are not welcome


    • 326
      Better safe than Sorry says:

      Can’t blame the YANKS mind, the Germans do have a World War mongering profile.


    • 331
      Billy Vague says:

      I think someone’s buggering my orifice.


  60. 313
    A Newspaper says:

    A racist Muslim who threatened to blow up police officers and cut off one’s penis has been jailed for almost three years.

    Haroon Rashid was chased by police officers after he punched a man in the face with a homemade kuckle duster.

    Officers took off in pursuit of the 31-year-old following the road rage incident in July last year.

    When they caught up with Rashid he launched into a tirade, saying: “I am going to cut off your dick, you f***ing white infidels,” Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

    He also threatened to “blow them up”.

    Ten days later, Rashid then also threatened a member of staff at an an unemployment advice centre with knuckledusters, the court heard.


    • 318
      Police Release Dick Chopper says:

      So having said that he was going to slice off the plods’ dicks, they released him? What Dickheads.


      • 384
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Maybe they thought he was offering circumcision.

        To arrest for that would cause no end of grief…


    • 330
      Bob says:

      I suspect he may get knuckledusted in jail

      At least I hope he will..

      But it does make me wonder how people like this exist in what used to be a civilised country


      • 341
        Village Idiot says:

        ….The decline set in from 1975,the educated elites made naiive decisions,there were warnings,but ,they were dismissed as racist,when really it was ordinary people with vision who knew the future consequences,and,what it would mean to the fabric of this once great set of isles….All a bit late and futile now…..we lost!


  61. 323
    Houmus says:

    How many would be needed to Fawk up £3 to elect a non EU Lieborite. There must be one. Or Nigel could play clever.


    • 378
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      if you join 6 times you will cancel out Dianne Abbott’s 6 leadership votes.


      • 409
        £3 for a vote x100,000 says:

        £3 for a vote x100,000 costing 300,000. That’s v.cheap to fix an election until 2016. I’ll chose, Thornberry deputy, Abbott as leader. The expensive part isin sending around a food delivery every 20 minutes. Hey, because it’s worth it.


  62. 338

    I agree with Simon Danczuk.


  63. 347
    Oh!,hell says:

    Obambi threatening Russia by telling them not to go into the Ukraine according to CH4, what’s he going to do go to war or is he going to send drones over to attack them, WWIII here we come.


  64. 358
    non taxable pikey says:

    Just a thought but what would the result be if Salmond won and then introduced tax breaks for engineering companies?


    • 361

      If you pile up enough ifs, anything becomes possible.

      However… :-)


    • 372
      Universal Hissing says:

      I’m waiting to hear something positive from Better Together.

      So far we’ve had no Pound,no membership of Europe,no Euro,no Eurovision Song Contest(that one put the frighteners on me),no pensions,boarder posts,driving on the right & Dave is popping up to Aberdeen to tell us were too stupid to manage the oi(which is all going to run out next week anyway) & no defence so we’ll be killed by Russians in their warships that cruise around the Moray Firth.

      I’m sure I’ve missed out a few doom laden warnings.

      In a fake Jock accent………We’re all ganna die.


      • 375
        Universal Hissing says:

        I have to point out that we are rubbish at managing the oi so Dave can take that back to Westminster.


      • 377
        Reader says:

        Their offer is one of ‘better the devil you know.’

        Personally, I will they would offer something a little more positive, like electoral and constitutional reform so Scottish constituencies are the same size as English ones and a ban on Scots MPs voting on legislation that has impact only in England.


        • 379
          Universal Hissing says:

          The devil I know in Westminster is utter shite not only for Scotland but for most of the rest of the UK.

          SNP MPs don’t vote on legislation that only affects England. Scottish Labour do though as they are just as weasel like on both sides of the border.

          I’m not sure what the position of the one Scottish Conservative MP is.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            The problem Dave needs to overcome is one of trust.

            When your politics smell worse than the Alex Salmond’s Jock Strap after a wee vindaloo or two, any message of togetherness you bring is likely not to be received well.

            Not helped when Osborne, who can be equivocated with the SNP used sock drawer for whiffyness, is your plan B.

            The people of Scotland who would prefer to keep the Union should take that chance on the understanding that together we can do better than Cameron, and God forbid, Miliband.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            Yes but that’s the problem for me anyway. More of the same from Westminster.I’ve not been impressed by the last 17 years & can’t see anything changing except the catastrophe that would be a Milliband government.

            I’m willing to take the leap into the unknown to free myself from Westminster politics & feel fortunate that I have the choice.

            I think independence would also be a breath of fresh air for England too.It would certainly give Labour much to muse over.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            What the country needs more is independence from Westminster.

            Down here, this is partly what the UKIP vote is all about ;-)


      • 380

        Aye aye!

        You will all have to go back to living in brochs or blackhouses. General Wade’s roads will all auto-destruct and Clan Maclean will reign again from Duart Castle.

        Don’t say I didn’t warn ye! ;-)


        • 382
          Universal Hissing says:


          Have you were been in a blackhouse? The inhabitants must have been kippered.They kept the animals inside too in the winter.

          Not much different from parts of present day Glasga.


          • Universal Hissing says:

            were=ever if you were puzzled.My typing is terrible when I haven’t been drinking.


          • For me, the general situation is that, if it survives and is open to the public in the British Isles, I have seen it. Then more besides.

            True, they shared the same roof space but the animals were at one end and the humans at another, with intervening walls. The peat fire was permanently on the go. Of course, this would be condemned nowadays by Health and Safety but it actually meant survival for folks in those days. It also took some considerable effort to build.

            One of the best examples is at Arnol on the Isle of Lewis. Here, all houses used to be black houses and, in my school day, there were a number of them. But the one now in the care of Historic Scotland is the sole survivor.

            There is a smaller one on Skye, again kept as a museum piece.

            Of course, in those days, milk used to come from cows. Nowadays it comes ready supplied in tetrapacks from Tesco…


        • 410
          Anonymous says:

          great to see catholic purpose have stooped to torching schools- makes a change from running ch1ld sex parties and covertly recording a very senior member of the royal family hey!!! i wonder where j1mmy savile is? he ain’t dead that’s for sure! make no bones about it- we’ll take his nibs out and the vat1can if push comes to shove.

          defense of the realm is not defense of the crown.


  65. 359

    What happened to that page which disapp e a . r . . e . . . . d?


  66. 386
    Chuka is the new Ed says:


    • 462
      Fly on the wall says:

      I must confess that I DO like the way these things are headed as TWITPIC – most appropriate..


  67. 387
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    FFS Osborne says he has the chequebook open and ready to give the Ukraine money? Is that out taxpayers money? Money we borrow or what? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/10657082/Ukraine-revolution-Britain-offers-cash-to-Kiev-as-the-world-waits-on-Putin.html


    • 398
      JJ3 says:

      “In an eight minute, 46 second speech at the National Press Club sponsored by the US-Ukraine Foundation, Chevron, and Ukraine-in-Washington Lobby Group, Nuland boasted that Washington has spent $5 billion to foment agitation to bring Ukraine into the EU. Once captured by the EU, Ukraine will be “helped” by the West acting through the IMF. Nuland, of course, presented the IMF as Ukraine’s rescuer, not as the iron hand of the West that will squeeze all life out of Ukraine’s struggling economy.”



  68. 391
  69. 392
    What a Fucking Wanker. Fuck the Tories says:


    • 463
      Fly on the wall says:

      We have no money so the cheques will bounce – at least that is what happens when I try it on my own bank account! Another little CONtrick?


  70. 393
    I despair at this Government says:


  71. 394
    The British media are cunts says:

    Once again the BBC hide the front page of the Daily Mail from viewers. Guess who is in the front page?


  72. 395
    The British media are cunts says:

    Guardian newspaper whining about millions of empty second homes. Have they asked fat Polly to let hers out to immigrants for free in Tuscany?


  73. 396
    how long says:


    • 400
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Guardian are also asking, but maybe not on front page…


    • 403
      Bemused says:

      Wow, the Mail are really going for it.


      • 406
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Have noticed that the Mail are no longer pulling any punches with Labour.

        Good thing to.

        They do seem to have been Guido’ised quite successfully.

        Now all the Mail needs to start saying is: Vote UKIP.


      • 407
        The BBC are involved says:

        The BBC won’t run with it as they had loads of Arty farty liberal liberal presenters and programs at that time arguing the intellectual viewpoint that organisations like PIE should be listened to.


        • 424
          BBC now openly censoring a major story says:

          The BBC has openly and without shame censored a major news story of the day

          Just think if the three had any links whatsoever to the Tories let alone deputy leader amongst one , treasurer and senior politician?


  74. 401
    Austerity for thr British, Cash for the Ukraines. Dave's government has lost the plot says:


  75. 404
    As Osborne sends money to Ukraine, he takes money from the British says:


  76. 408
    There may be trouble ahead says:

    Telegraph report NHS has already sold “in-patient” hospital stay data between Apl 1997 & March 2010, to Staple Inn Actuarial Society who have been given date of birth + postcode of patients. The latter have then combined this data with records from credit reference agencies to track the medical histories of individual patients.


    • 412
      Can you elaborate? says:

      What has credit reference to do with medical records?


      • 414
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        If you have a terminal disease then you are a bad credit risk for a long term loan.

        Perhaps also shared with life insurers also to help them determine premiums.

        It is a bona fide gross invasion of privacy, and breach of patient confidentiality. One can be sure that some filthy oik in !ndia has likely been pouring over your medical records – finding out who has / has not had an STD, cancer etc.

        Get the civil servants responsible and hang them: Publicly.


        • 418
          mm says:

          Hopefully not. I have filled in the relevant forms and not one piece of my medical record should leave my doctor’s surgery. Not that there is anything sensitive in it, I am just no longer prepared to trust the state with anything while we remain in the EU.


          • There may be trouble ahead says:

            Perhaps you will be less confident if you were to read the dates when this information was sold.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            This is why it is a bona-fide breach gross invasion of privacy / breach of confidentiality.

            It is also illegal: So if really annoyed it would perhaps be worth contacting a lawyer with a few other like minded folk and proceed to sue the life out of your health authority.


          • mm says:

            The OP quotes “in-patient” hospital stay data, so this I assume is not the medical record held by the GP.

            I had long suspected that the NHS runs two sets of records, as when I last went to A&E by simply giving them my name they told me who my doctor was (something I did not know) and where I live. After a few jokes they told me that after a hospital admission a few years ago I am on their (the hospital) system forever. This “in-patient” hospital stay data, never gets mentioned does it, certainly the first time I have seen it in print.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            That is all they are admitting to at this point.

            They would not say: All medical data, on the first press release, as the public outcry would be unmanageable.

            Let them know about one piece, then after a few days start releasing details about the rest, calmly…


        • 428
          Blue Peter Goldfish says:

          With successive governments miserable track record on data security I suspect there are people in Russia and China that have a more comprehensive record of my medical history than my local GP has. DVLC still selling every dr*vers ‘personal’ details to crooks for a small fee?.


    • 432
      There may be trouble ahead says:

      Casual Observer 7 has picked up the essence of this scandal.
      See http://www.sias.org.uk/view_paper?id=SIASDec2013Paper


    • 446
      There will be trouble ahead says:

      My wife has not been an NHS inpatient during this period, yet on a visit to the local A&E for the first time in her life they were able to identify her on their (incorrect) records, which she obviously updated.
      As Casual Observer indicates this will be the tip of yet another iceberg re NHS.


  77. 411
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Just an FYI: The guys Dave and George want to give UK money to, the so called opposition, are neo nazi’s.

    Sovobda is the name of the opposition that has been causing trouble, and that Dave supports:


    – ‘All-Ukrainian Union “Fatherland”‘ – originally, ‘Social-National Party of Ukraine’

    They have been described as ‘far-right’, but are essentially a very militant national socialist outfit.

    Here is a picture of the leader, Arseniy Yatsenyuk:


    • 415
      I hope Putin stuffs the EU and Obama says:

      Is this another EU Diktat?


      • 422
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        I think the EU were trying to back away a bit when they realized what they were supporting.

        To be fair, EU thinking is probably preferring option to press the reset, get a new opposition for Put!n’s guys who are a bit more liberal, and then start the accession stuff again.

        The US is really pushing the agenda here, with P’oland it would seem.

        Knowing a bit more about the opposition explains why S’ikorski had to issue what was essentially a death threat if they did not settle down the other day.

        The opposition in Ukraine are real scum bags: They will likely be responsible for intimidation at the next elections, which they will likely lose as most of U’kraine does not support these guys.

        Just think: They could well be migrating to the UK once they enter the EU, as they will likely not be able to stay in U’kraine. Feel the enrichment.


    • 419
      JJ4 says:

      National socialists are nation builders.

      Libertarian anarchists are state wreckers.


      • 433
        Casual Observer 7 says:


        The US are backing the wrong horse this time, but likely to piss of the EU who have narked them royally recently, and give Put!n a headache in his back yard.

        There are not many libertarian anarchists in U’kraine period, so that reasoning doesn’t apply.

        The US would prefer a civil war which the EU can get sucked into in order to stimulate European defence contractors into getting their act together. They seriously need some credible competition to help force their own contractors bids down as they can no longer afford this, especially as they have to start tapering or run the risk of US$ losing all credibility.

        Defence procurement cuts in real terms in the US are not an option.


        • 443
          JJ4 says:

          “There are not many libertarian anarchists in U’kraine period, so that reasoning doesn’t apply.”

          There were, becuase they were being paid €30/day by the US/EU to be anarchists.

          The US is/are libertarian anarchist. The EU project was/is a US project. The Morganthau Plan (chief architect Dexter-White) after WW2 was a communist inspired plan from within the US state Dept that was intended to beggar Europe and push into the sphere of the USSR (Dexter-white was a communist). The US quickly realised what was going on and then decided to bomb Europe with money via the Marshall Plan so as to create a bulwark against the statist Russians.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            I personally do not buy the ‘pay for protest’ propaganda as it has been put out.

            There have been claims on both sides to this effect, yet no real proof provided. The Russ!an’s for example claimed EU / US were running internet ads paying protesters $6 / $12 / day – a lot less than EUR 30 – yet not many ads visible. With not many in Russ!a using the web so often it worked there.

            The opposition was claiming in the US press that Y’anukovych and government were paying for the pro-government protesters.

            Fact is that both sides were being funded but not in the manner published.

            The EU / US have been financially backing Sovobda.

            A libertarian would have no problem in purchasing such services in a remote country. This is perfectly fine, and has nothing to do with, unless of course that is the service being purchased.

            A libertarian would not sell these kind of services as they cause harm.

            The Sovobda party have an ultra nationalist paramilitary wing known as ‘Patriots of Ukraine’. It was that division of their party which was used for organizing and executing most of the violence.


            One should be able to see a parallel of sorts with the nationalist northern !rish parties. There was not much true anarchy in Northern !reland either when the paramilitaries were active unless you didn’t know what you were looking at.


    • 421
      brown-dog says:

      Exactly who are describing them as “far right”?


  78. 416
    Displaced Brummie says:

    And now it’s more a case of Jack her crack.


  79. 417
    Ah! spot the Mail Typo of the Year says:

    Olympic gold medal winner Rebecca Adlington (pictured left recently and right in 2011) appears to have undergone surgery to reduce the size of her nose and remove a bum and is reported to have undergone the procedure several weeks ago. It comes after she broke down during last year’s appearance on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, admitting that she felt conscious of her body when she compared herself to fellow contestant and beauty queen, Amy Willerton.


  80. 431
    Is Fayy trying to stitch Harman? #innocent face says:



  81. 437
    Owen Jones says:

    I am completely relaxed about the NHS selling my records. I have nothing to hide.


  82. 442
    Anon. says:

    Anything from Ed Miliband,Labour or the BBC yet,or they they still turning a blind eye?

    The BBC protected Savile et al. They even turned a blind eye to “Asian” grooming gangs for a decade,how many lost souls did that cost?

    Will they do the right thing?


  83. 444
    Anon. says:


  84. 445
    Anon. says:


  85. 447
    The British media is infested with kiddle fiddlers says:

    There is probably hundreds of hours of limp wristed fuckwits at the BBC giving airtime to PIE in their archives.

    However, the BBC is staying silent to protect their beloved Hattie Harpic.

    The BBC are desperate to kill this story, it’s interesting to note how ‘absent’ Hattie has been in the media the last few weeks.

    It doesn’t help Cameron has told the Tories no tot bring the story up.


    • 451

      Cameron is deliberately missing the best open goal for many years ,why is he protecting Harman and Dromey ?
      It wouldn’t have anything to do with a notorious ‘guesthouse’ would it surly not ?


  86. 448
    The British media is infested with kiddle fiddlers says:

    You have to laugh at the BBC bum bandits here

    ****Last night a BBC spokesman said: ‘BBC News is an impartial, independent news organisation and decides its editorial priorities based on merit alone and without external help.

    ‘The story in question is not new and instead we have followed several big breaking news stories this weekend.’****

    So how does the BBC account for NOT displaying the Daily Mail front page in the paper review EVER TIME they ran the story? It’s not just this weekend you BBC shit stabbers.

    The above statement from the BBC is simply a lie a fucking out and out lie.


    • 454
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      In the charter, does it say anywhere that the BBC is bound to tell the truth, and only the truth ?

      If it does not, why do people assume it does ?

      (I am not trying to act as advocate for the BBC)


      • 470
        Axe the telly tax says:

        They just have to be in breach of their charter. Ok don’t take my word for it compare and contrast their wall to wall reporting of the Pleb accusations they had front and centre for over2 months pretty much. Now look at this situation where the front page of a daily newspaper is consistently hidden from view. If anyone thinks this would have been the case is a Tory three had been involved then they are just beyond help.

        The BBC is biased to its absolute core and constantly backs Labour whatever they do and puts across the Labour line. Time to end the charter and the telly tax.


      • 471
        Anonymous says:

        Its says they are meant to be balanced and unbiased

        Hahahahahahahahahahah a like fuck they are


  87. 474
    Disco Biscuit says:

    s he managed to get shorter in the intervening years?


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