February 21st, 2014

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  1. 1
    Podiceps says:

    It’s déjà vu all over again.


    • 20

      order-order must now have become established in the multiverse.

      Maybe we can travel back to the 1980s, before Blair and Brown pissed it all against the wall.

      Just buy some Microsoft shares and then fast forward 15 years, sell at several thousand times what we paid and invest the proceeds in trusts in multiple locations.

      Hell! I might have even bought some gold from Gordo at $300 an ounce!


      • 41
        Mongo says:

        No — Apple shares in 1996 :-)

        Though if you really do have a time machine, just go back to 20.2.51 and drop a bomb on the Orchard Maternity Nursing Home in Giffnock.


        • 48


          I do have some principles, I will have you know!


        • 51

          Jobs is appearing on a stamp soon. Apparently Americans haven’t had enough of licking his arse yet. ;-)


          • Mongo says:

            Jobs was a prize twat, but APPL appreciated by something like 10,000% thanks to the fanbois. Into one of which I may be morphing, having just wasted 2 days trying to get my Linux box working properly. (Typing this on a super-reliable MacBook.)


          • I know the feeling. You go into a meeting. There are all the mongs … with their iPads. Aaaarrrghhh! They open the lid and are ready to start. I open my laptop and have to wait for three minutes… Oh God! Bastards! What were you thinking of Bill? But he is coming back so presumably they will sort it out after everyone sensible has migrated.


          • Mongo says:

            Have a look at the 11″ MacBook Air, if there’s a store near by where you can play about with one. Nowt to beat it for Meeting Cred. Also I have to say nothing does waking from sleep better than OS X. That level of integration is why Apple gets away with charging so much for what is quite ordinary hardware.


          • Over my dead body! OK, I know having said that, life will come back and…

            For the next laptop, I am having a 17″ Dell with 64GM solid state containing the system. Still not instantaneous but bloody fast by comparison.

            But I still rely on my own grey matter, only using the machine as a prompt, where necessary…


          • Mongo says:

            Dell are crap these days, IMO. Lenovo is probably a better bet, though they’re not what they were. YMMV, IANAL, WTF, etc. And what OS will you choose? Not Windows 8.1, shurely …


          • Podiceps says:

            You could turn on your laptop before going into the meeting and send it to sleep, so it would wake instantaneously.

            Incidentally, speaking of instant startup, one of my friends has a Chromebook. Don’t even think of going there. My smartphone is more of a computer than this crippled picture frame for the web.


          • Anachronism.

            My preferred self descriptor. Can’t help it! That is what I have become. At least I am a considered, self-chosen anachronism and proud of it.

            My day will come back but I accept it may take one thousand years. :-)

            There is a minus chance I would have a Chromebook or an Apple. If necessary, I will go out and cut some swan’s feathers and start over with a pot of ink, like the scribes.


          • Not Windows X.X BTW!

            Once I leave a place I only go back for holidays! Systems don’t rate in these considerations.


          • Only Takes One says:

            Dear Above Typist,
            nominate one of yourselves to produce a meeting memo. I’ll rely upon that.


          • Anonymous says:

            Hackers think the apple users are hobbled enough and don’t want to pile further misery on them.

            Now where’s that proprietary USB charger?


      • 85
        Buzz Lightyear says:

        Is it only the fatwa that’s stopping Guido from colonizing Mars?


    • 21
      Twitter is 4 Geriatrics says:

      I thought that WhatsApp was the new Facebook?


    • 23
      Sir William Wayde says:

      Facebook likes – twenty thousand Bangladeshis can’t be wrong.


    • 27
      Is this the end of Guido's website? says:

      Does this mean I have to join Facebook to read Guydoes blog?


      • 38
        uytgbk67 says:

        Why does Greedough want us to go on the Farcebook NSA/GCHQ tracking site?


        • 42
          C.O.Jones says:

          You are being monitored whether you like it or not, people thinking they can gain anonymity by using a proxy server are just drawing attention to the fact that they may need extra “attention”.


        • 43
          Charmed I'm Sure says:

          Guido is basically owned by The Mossad now as they have quite a substantial amount of dirt on the closeted fat pervy paddy that he would prefer to be kept secret. Hence the fact that Guido is forced to run their “news” agenda, spreading disinformation and then getting all you mongs to “like” the four be two gold mine that is facebook. Round my way facebook is the preserve of wife beaters and asian grooming gangs, Guido has been made to look a right cock on this one.


          • The Elders of Zion says:

            We control your hamster. We have a tiny camera in your bathplug. We control everything, but in such an oddly inefficient way that we are still threatened and persecuted.


          • Gok Wan's Wet Rooom says:

            I recmoond you re-read the protocols. Baths are so last century.


          • uytg67 says:

            LOL! The protocols of Zion are a kids book compared to the blatant twisted racism of the Talmud that is the foundation of Judaism and Chewish law. Google ” talmud tidbits “.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            and i haven’t even made a comment yet … fuck people might just be learning about a trick or two – you gotta pick a pocket or two …


          • FFS2 says:

            So I haven’t really got an ear infection? It’s actually my life being ruined by J e w s?

            Maybe I should start blaming them for my divorce too…

            Hey, I’m just wondering…. is it actually worth voting at all? What with the Masons and the J o o s and the lizard Q u e e n and what not?

            Must get the “Matrix” out from That’s Entertainment.


          • yktb567 says:

            Stay dim at your peril, FFS2.
            OTOH you might be a Zioloon yourself and getting worried that increasing numbers of people are on to your hatemongering and large scale manipulation of the western media.


          • FFS says:

            Now you see, right there is where it all gets a bit out of hand.

            I mean I was born into a CofE family. Both parents CofE. I became atheist in my teens, then agnostic in my twenties, then married a catholic then became a deist (thanks to reading Richard Dawkins – put me off atheism for ever).

            I’m not a J o o , not related to J o o s. Been to I s r a e l many times on business. Nice place, quite civilised. Very Mediterranean these days. Certainly more civilised than the rest of A r a b i a.

            Now, if it is the case that the 250,000 J o o s are running the UK then this can only be because the non-J o o s have left an enormous power vacuum that they have filled. So it’s the fault of the non-J o o s for not actually stepping up to the plate and getting a grip.

            So that, in a nutshell, is my point. Stop blaming other people for YOUR obvious inadequacies.


          • FFS foff says:

            Or you are a liar, FFS because you can’t possibly be that ignorant.


          • Conrad says:

            Plenty of halfwits thinking that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not a forgery , still there is always this from the Talmud…’If silence be good for the wise, how much more so for fools ?’


    • 66
      Guido Fawkes RIP says:

      Oh well. I suppose he had to grow up sometime to become accepted by the political establishment. I don’t suppose his missus would be too happy with his lads mag blog either.

      Where is the funeral being held?


  2. 2
    Baskerville says:

    Wow. Much like button. Am clicking. Such politics.


  3. 3
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    I brought myself some Bermuda shorts ! And they have gone missing !


  4. 4
    Jimmy says:

    At last, a site for people who find this place too deep.


  5. 6
    Dave Von Cameroon says:

    I am ready to lead us all to victory in 2015


  6. 7
    NSA tracker says:

    So Guido has succumbed to the ubiquitous trash that is Facebook! Pity.


  7. 10
    Question Time slob says:

    A banker an a daily mail reader an a benefits bloke sits down an there’s a pack of biscuits an the banker takes ten biscuits and ..er,….then he says.. these are my biscuits coz i paid for them out of the tax i paid at 45%..I could take the whole pack, but you can have 45% of the hobnobs

    No..hang on…The Daily Mail bloke says ..I don’t want anyone eating my biscuits because they are mine coz I paid for them out of my own money.. and the benefits bloke says ..but I’m hungry and can’t be arsed to work so gimmie some of yours you rich bastard…

    or summin’


  8. 11
    Sir Paul Gadd says:

    This place is getting worse – so fcukin cheap….


  9. 13
    Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? says:

    You are backing the wrong horse there mate, stick to twitter.



  10. 14
    Tachybaptus says:

    Arts Council £2,500,000
    Decorating the side of inter-continental trucks to promote the Lincolnshire Fenlands throughout Europe.
    Order of Truth blog, February 2013

    Arts Council £1,000,000
    For Birmingham “Helicopter Opera” to celebrate the Olympic Games. Daily Mail, March 2012

    Arts Council £500,000
    Cost of mooring small Arctic island off the coast of England – dubbed “Nowhere Island” – supposedly to show dangers of climate change, but being towed around the south coast by a barge. ITV, July 2012

    Arts Council 100,000
    Redundancy payment for executive staff member Andrea Stark who effectively “jumped ship” for a new job while remaining on the Arts Council payroll by stating she was on sabbatical leave.
    Daily Mail, January 2013

    Arts Council £95,000
    Grant given to artists in Brighton for a rubbish dumpster outlined with yellow lights – the name of the project was “Skip”. Daily Mirror, May 2012

    Arts Council £25,000
    Spent using publicly-funded staff credit cards at luxury restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs.
    Daily Mail, May 2012

    Arts Council £20,000
    Grant given to Café Oto in East London – a hipster bar specialising in experimental music.
    Guardian, May 2012

    Arts Council £8,130
    Lavish going-away party at the British Museum for outgoing Arts Council Chief wherein she attacked cuts to the arts. Daily Mail, January 2013

    Arts Council/Coventry Council £95,0000
    Lady Godiva 70 ft marionette, created for Cultural Olympiad. Guardian, July 2012

    Arts Council/Greater London Authority £535,000
    Model of Nelson’s ship in a bottle in Trafalgar Square. Guardian, April 2012

    Arts Council/York Council £85,000
    Cost to taxpayers for Wonderland Light Show in York’s Museum Gardens


  11. 15
    Ed Moribund says:

    I don’t know if anyone else can see the Storm trooper lady in the ads on here., but she is giving me the horn big time!


  12. 16
    Sally Bercow says:

    What a great concert this is.

    UAE’s favorite Stone song is GIMME SHELTER


  13. 17
    Hairy Arsed Dick. says:

    Does Guido Fancy Ian Dale?


    • 19
      Captain Jack Dromey {Black pearl sailor} says:

      I fancy Samuel L Jackson

      He can give me a Royale with cheese, anytime.


      • 37
        Fly on the wall reporting says:

        Exhibit A:

        Jack D: But Harriet – I swear – that is my research on the S’cottish independence question…


        • 39
          Cùnts says:

          Jackson bores me even more than Eddie Izzard does.


        • 52
          Donald Trumper says:

          Hey Im Scotch too


        • 184
          Anonymous says:

          I know Salmond ‘says’ he wants to desperately join the EU if he wins the vote.

          But what if…. Just if…….. He really does want independence for Scotland, what if he’s lying about the EU… Once he’s left the UK he then magically changes his mind and says he doesn’t need to join the EU…

          What if he’s lying when he says he wants to join the EU.

          You’ve got to admit its a strange logic which says ‘I didnee want to’bee in the evil UK but I’d love to’bee in the Euroland…..’

          What if Salmond isn’t so stupid after all…

          If Scotchland left and didn’t implode and suffer from pestilence and famine or mass unemployment when it didnt join the EU, if it gets its fishing grounds back from the EU, if it’s able to dredge its rivers when it wants, and able to deport terr0ists it doesn’t want back to the UK whenever it wants… If it continues to export oil and whiskey and err.. And sell it to EU countries even though it’s not in the EU…

          Well what happens when the UK sees what a great time Scotchland is having and how free of the EU they are…. Maybe just maybe it would make the UK wake up and want to leave the EU…


        • 260
          Fly on the wall says:

          Oi creep – get your own effing moniker!!!


  14. 18
    Same Auld Shite every night says:

    Same Auld Tricks?


  15. 22
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Totally tubular, dude.


  16. 25
    M102 says:

    Facebook is for t0ssers. Period.


  17. 29
    Jocky says:

    EU, Jimmy?


  18. 30
    altruism in industry says:

    didn’t facebook just buy spotify ?


  19. 32
    Derrin Brown's Boggin Tricks on Crap 4 & needlessly repeated on Bore4 says:

    Get involved here.

    Too busy getin fit for the sewers!


  20. 47
    George Osborne says:

    I’m playing with my Lego.


  21. 50
    altruism in industry says:

    well the Ukrainians have got their early election.
    If we start rioting do you think we will get a referendum on the EU ?


    • 76
      Rumpy Pumpy says:

      The Ukrainians are getting an election, not a referendum.


    • 111
      Blowing Whistles says:

      One thing that i noticed about some of the comments from some ukrainians is that they – love their Sovereign rights.

      So what about the sovereign rights of other nations that are being taken over by the EU in its slow commie style creep?


  22. 53
    Lib dem lard bucket says:

    Me I’m hard, Ren hard., don’t you pussies fuck with me…on the other hand, or both for that matter…………


  23. 55
    Lib dem lard bucket says:

    Who is Owen’s male lead, I believe me need to be told. Tell me it’s not Jack.


  24. 58
    i don't need no doctor says:

    C4 News Guru-Murthy stirring the shit over comments made by a conservative over womens sport. Selective headlines, selective shit stirring.
    C4 News, the miserable, half empty, news channel.
    Has Guru-Murthy ever done any serious journalism?


  25. 59

    It is a great shame to hear about the death of Ali Gunn, a literary agent formerly with Curtis Brown but who left to set up Gunn Media. Just 45 years old, she died at some time in the night of 19/20 February of a brain haemorrhage. Attractive in looks and personality by all accounts. Sympathy to Nick Pople, her husband and her four year old son, Jack.

    It occurs to me that this is the probably not that far away from the median age of those who post here.

    We are used to phones which pack up after a year or two and cars which do not seem to last for a decade. Yet the human body normally lasts many times as long. When you consider that it is a combination of a pneumatic system, a digestive system, a nervous system all in quite a soft container and controlled by the brain, it is extraordinary that it is so robust. It is even reproductive as well (OK, I will add FFS!)

    There are plenty in our company who abuse their systems with all sorts of substances, some illegal and some not. Including myself. Nearly all of us agree that we are entitled to do that. But the steps which can be taken to avoid the problem, which Ali probably succumbed to, are very simple.

    They include monitoring one’s blood pressure, cholesterol and other simple checks which can be conducted at the cost of only a few minutes and without any discomfort.

    If something starts to go wrong, you normally have sufficient time to take corrective action. It is not infallible but why not try?

    I say this to friends and foes alike here. This is not a dress rehearsal. You get one chance.

    Think about it!


    • 60
      C.O.Jones says:

      While I agree entirely with your post SC. Are you going to be accountable for the quality of my life between the ages of 80 to 90+?

      That is why I am going to carry on as I am. We were never meant to live this long and I certainly do not want to walk around with a nappy on later in life.


      • 64
        C.O.Jones says:

        Smoking should be subsidised by the govt, smokers are making the supreme sacrifice of releasing public services to others who are desperate for a telegram from the queen.


        • 98

          I am not accountable for anyone here, except for myself.

          To say one is not meant to live this long…., who says? Either we do, or we don’t. If we don’t, then this is not an issue.

          If the brain ticks over and one can do something useful, who amongst us is qualified to say we should not be alive? Not be contributing?

          To make an analogy, you are about to cross a busy road. There are at least two ways one may do this:

          1. Blindfold on. Strike out in the general direction when you feel lucky, or

          2. Stop, look listen. When the coast is clear, cross smartish.

          Individual choice.

          Did I ever mention a nappy?


          • Mark Oaten says:



          • Oh shit!

            I didn’t mean to excite you.

            It will pass, I am sure.

            Can I play you Beethoven’s last movement?


          • C.O.Jones says:

            The nappy was used as an analogy for our deterioration as we age.
            Most elderly have pretty awful lives, rich or poor it’s generally the same defined by a host of ailments ranging from stages of dementia, alzheimers, arthritis, defects in vision, reduction in strength and endurance, aches and pains all over, loneliness – this is one hell of a depressing subject!


          • The only defects in vision which I suffer is because, I am told, of over-indulgence.

            Otherwise, it is all working well. The dementia maybe… But I have suffered from that since around 12. No change there. :-D


          • FFS says:

            I’m not sure old people have such awful lives. Most seem to cling on till the bitter end while the young can’t wait to find a novel way to kill themselves.

            I have already found that having sons always gives me something to live for, and I’m actually quite looking forward to being a grandparent, and then a great-grandparent. So there seems to be more to live for the older you get (bad deal really….). Strange, but when you are young there seems to be a lot of things worth dying for…..


          • John Bellingham says:

            @The Cat
            Ocular deterioration is an example of Nature’s kindness. As one’s eyesight fades it stops one seeing how fucking awful you actually look as you get older.


      • 257
        Enoch says:

        Speak for yourself.


    • 61
      i don't need no doctor says:

      Think about it!
      I do, but how do I persuade my wife to pack up work and move somewhere warm. All sensible advice will be welcome.


    • 79
      Sunny Dee says:

      I have to admire your posts, SC. How you manage to type whilst your head is up your arse must be something to behold.


      • 101

        Can you use a mouse with your left hand? The right – obviously – being otherwise employed.


      • 118
        Blowing Whistles says:

        SC did state friends and foes – so i consider i am a foe at the best of times. Nice comment there SD. And SC bit you back …

        Hey there SC whaddya think of my ironic pee take out of the faggot brigades ‘its ok’ piece?


  26. 62
    Fog on the Tyne says:

    Scandal brewing in Newcastle: under-age girls being abused by gangs of ethnics. One arrested and charged, forty-odd more being investigated.


    • 67

      A public apology is owed to Nick Griffin, he was persecuted for exposing these scum!


    • 69
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Operation Sanctuary.

      Another stunning testament to the benefits of Labour’s immigration policy.


  27. 65
    Anon. says:

    This is Owen Jone’s idea of free and fair elections!


    • 72
      Lib dem lard bucket says:

      I do not believe it is possible to be gay alone, therefore we need to know the boys male lead.


    • 124
      Blowing Whistles says:

      OJ should take a look nearer to home about rigging elections – can i suggest the change over at the former AEEU between Jackson and Simpson – although it was just an inhouse marxist changeover – M Dugher (Now an MP) being Jackson’s PR bag man at the time?


      • 139
        Democracy Now says:

        That’s a good example, but it is, in many peoples’ eyes, a private matter.

        The public rigging is before our very eyes, hiding in plain sight. When the principle of an equal franchise has been so debased that there are constituencies returing MPs to Westminster that are a fifth of the size of others, then the system is utterly flawed.

        Add to that the postal vote incumbency advantages, the possibilities for personation and voting in multiple constituencies and the scandal of returning officers who are also the CEOs of local authorities – and who have a direct personal interest in the outcome of elections in order to keep their jobs – and the whole system stinks of rot.


        • 155
          Blowing Whistles says:

          You should see what the local council in my area are like … then again you have actually summed up every local council in the UK with the ‘unelected executives’ running criminal enterprises aided and abetted by the old boys ‘n gals calling themselves local councillors.

          The AEEU vote rigging was all about postal vote rigging – only at the time bliar was in power and the electoral commission was headed by Labour loonies placemen – come to think of it the ec still are infested with those placemen and women.


    • 173
      Freedom says:

      This is where rigging elections leads to…


  28. 70
    Bring it on says:


    • 84
      Jimmy says:

      After 24 hours trying unsuccessfully to come up with an excuse, he had to say yes. Still not convinced he won’t wriggle out.


      • 92
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Miliband has a golden opportunity here.


      • 114
        jgm2 says:

        Blair bottled out of a debate with Major.


      • 141
        UKIP UKIP UKIP says:

        After 24hrs of consideration? Such a long time eh?

        Ed Milliband and Cameron running scared and too frightened to have a debate with Farage?

        Why are they running away from a debate about the EU Jimmy? Tow party leaders said yes to a debate and two ran away from one in fear.

        Milliband and Cameron are cowards who are too afraid to engage in a free and fair debate, they have left it to their bag man stooge Clegg.

        And the truth shall set you free.


        • 147
          jgm2 says:

          Cameron learned his lesson with debates.

          There he was kicking Brown up and down the park every week in PMQ and he thought ‘What could go wrong – the man’s a stuttering imbecile’. But he’d reckoned without giving Clegg the oxygen of publicity. Suddenly all those Anti-imbecile votes have somewhere else to go.

          Not a mistake Blair made.


          • altruism in industry says:

            Clegg won’t have a leg to stand on


          • The most amusing claim ever says:

            The PM Debates in 2010 cost Cameron the election in effect as he allowed Clegg to out bullshit him. In the first debate he was absolutely dire(too kind a word for his performance)and although he recovered he never recovered from Cleggomania engendered by Clegg in the first debate he only just beat Brown on points. Cameron isn’t likely to repeat THAT mistake again and take part in a debate


        • 156
          UKIP or bust says:

          Perhaps Dave and Goofy Ed think that the UK being a vassal state of the EUSSR is not an important enough subject, and they have far more important matters to discuss.
          After all Dave has to deal with mug slogans and Goofy has to focus on how many women are in the Conservative party.


        • 161
          Jimmy says:

          I’m sure even Clegg can manage this without any help. Miliband won’t get involved because if you’re leading in the polls you don’t. Spoonface won’t because he’d have to pick a side.

          It was noticeable that Farage took a while to come round. He’s never had to deal with anything tougher than a few minutes on Brillo’s sofa. The trouble is, and I do this goes over the average guidophile’s head, Biggles doesn’t really understand any of it and in a debate it’s a lot harder to hide the fact. Clegg may be generally about as much use as tits on a bull but he knows this stuff backwards.


          • The Italian Mafia says:

            Clegg knows very little about the finances of the EU.

            Trust me, that is way above his pay grade.


          • FFS says:

            It doesn’t matter if you know all about the horse if you are backing the wrong horse.

            However, after Brillo coming up with a load of lies when he tackled Farage for the BBC I am not surprised Farage is reticent about entering the arena unless he can be sure that the terms of the debate are not rigged against him.

            But the longer I live the more I’m thinking “What does it really matter? We all know what will happen to the EU in the end, just as we always really knew what was going to happen to Russia”. It is a strange thing about humans and politics, but they never learn until they have actually experienced the Hegelian extreme.


          • “But the longer I live the more I’m thinking”

            Good for you. It’s never too late you know.


      • 199
        Anonymous says:

        Calamity Clegg has really fcuked up now… He’s opened a can of worms…

        Cast Iron and Weird Ed, his quisling buddy partners in EU crime must be stark raving furious that Calamity has proposed this on his bloody radio show.

        The genie is out the bottle now, UKIP def to win the EU elections now….


    • 151
      Fuck the EU says:

      This could well be one of those watershed moments in British politics.

      Please post any jokes about watersheds below.


    • 166

      If you don’t want to know the result, look away from the screen now


  29. 75
    Prick Clogg says:

    I promise I’ll kick the shit out of Farage.


  30. 77
    Lib dem lard bucket says:

    Suicide time for Clegg. Once demolished, Nigel needs to move onto the other two incompetents and the country should demand this. Whether together or individually, the labcon consensus is not good enough.

    Instead of dressing up to please Saudis, Charles should also engage.


    • 81
      Charley Bigears says:

      Did you lik me in my headdress?

      Lovely chaps these jihadis

      You will meet them soon blowing up strategic points in London


    • 128
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The more the LabCon leadership – refuse to allow Farage to enter into the proper political debates – the worse it looks for them … Their stance so far … speaks FUCKING VOLUMES [Sorry about the shouting]


      • 261
        Fly on the wall says:

        Much of this will depend on-

        – where the debate is to be held
        – how long it is to last
        – who the moderator is
        – by whom and how the audience (and moderator) is selected
        – day/evening of the week in which it is to be held
        – which tv and radio stations will be permitted to broadcast it
        – how widely advance publicity of the debate will be disseminated
        – etc etc

        If this is to be just another QT-lite, then I for one won’t bother to watch


  31. 83
    I want gay sex says:


  32. 86
    Tessa Jowell & companion says:

    Our claim to fame is that we take payoffs whenever we can

    Especially from Italian gangsters and arms dealers

    We can’t help it


    • 130
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Isn’t you companion one David ‘hot fucking air bellicose [see dictionary for that] windbag Mills who also happens to be a fucking shyster?


  33. 88
    Johann Hari says:

    I’m writing this from underneath a table in a bombed out kitchen in what used to be a typical suburban house in Kiev. I say used to be, because the violence I’ve witnessed first hand this week has turned many civilians’ lives upside down, both figuratively and literally.

    What is now my shelter was once part of the every day environment for an ordinary family in Ukraine. Where they are now, I do not know. If I could speak to them, I’d simply say thank you. The remnants of their domestic habitat have provided me with protection whilst I risk my life covering the violence, the bloodshed, the sheer travesty of what is happening in Ukraine.

    I don’t know if I’ll make it out alive. I just hope my words will be read and echoed around the world. If I am to have a lasting legacy, it is that I not only had world exclusive interviews with Jimmy Hoffa, Lord Lucan and Skeletor, but that I gave the world a full, accurate and personal account of the events in Ukraine.

    This is Kiev. This is the human race. Ukraine in 2014. I am you.


    Un essay de Johann Hari


  34. 91
    Plod lied says:

    Its well hidden on the BBC website but guess what?

    The chief constable of West Midlands Police has apologised to MP Andrew Mitchell for the role one of his officers played in the “plebgate” row.

    Chris Sims met the ex-Conservative chief whip for 50 minutes in his constituency office in Warwickshire.

    After the meeting, Mr Mitchell said he was grateful for the apology – which he said was the fifth he had received from a senior police officer.

    Mr Mitchell quit the government over the 2012 altercation in Downing Street.

    He admitted using inappropriate language in the presence of police officers when they stopped him from cycling through the main gates at Downing Street in September 2012.

    But he has always denied swearing directly at them and calling them “plebs”.



    • 94
      Gold Top Commander says:

      Well spotted. Was it a meeting without biscuits?


    • 96
      Tonto says:

      What a huge fuss about nothing

      Are you sure this Mitchell did not turn around and break wind.in front of said PC Dixon?

      For which, of course, he could have been arrested and emprisoned in the Tower


    • 97
      jgm2 says:

      He admitted using inappropriate language in the presence of police officers

      There is surely no greater crime.


      • 105
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Misconduct in public office, as the officer who got 12 months was found guilty of, is a greater crime.


        • 112
          jgm2 says:

          Only because he was trying to fit Mitchell up for the heinous crime of ‘using inappropriate language in the presence of police officers. Now, if he’d just manufactured some evidence to put away Barry George for six years then he’d not have served a day in prison.

          It’s all a question of priorities you see.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Pigs fitting people up with the tacit nod and wink agreement of the judiciary and the CPS – does that happen the UK … often?


      • 140
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Pigs – have no rights when they are in full uniform … work it out.


      • 239
        FFS says:

        “He admitted using inappropriate language in the presence of police officers”

        – he inadvertantly described them as “professional”


    • 100
      Max Clifford says:

      If Mitchell had immediately said

      Pleb is not in my vocabulary but I did call the Plod a “twat”

      He would still be Chief Whip and there would have been no plodgate


  35. 106
    Expat Geordie says:

    Guido mate, I’m only 44 years old. I’m far too young for Facebook.


  36. 119
    The BBC says:

    We’ve got nowt to say about PIE. Unless Lord Ashcroft is involved. Is he involved? No? Then we’re not interested. Just watch Eastenders and shut the fuck up.


  37. 120
    Hazel Blears says:

    I’m stepping down next year to spend more time with the money I took from you suckers! Ha ha!

    Oh, and vote Labour.


  38. 133
    Nightmare scenario says:

    If Labour were to somehow win next year, Britain will be doomed.

    With Ed Balls back at the Treasury, borrowing and spending on public sector non-jobs would go through the roof, increasing the debt and deficit to even more astronomic levels than they are now.

    Further restrictions on the freedom of the press.

    A return to union Pilgrims.

    More mass immigration.

    More crony PFI contracts for Labour’s friends.

    More welfare spending.

    A knighthood for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

    Mandelson given job of BBC Chairman

    Taxpayer funded statue of Blair

    A coup by the Blairites will oust Miliband within two years and Harpic stands in temporarily until David Miliband is parachuted into a safe seat and crowned leader without an election. Within six months, he’ll launch his own war, just like his daddy Tony.


    • 142
      F**k the LibLabCon says:

      More mass immigration?

      What wait… like it has stopped under the party of Dave?


    • 203
      Anonymous says:

      With 70% of laws set by the EU, there is precious little to differentiate Lab from Con…
      We’re talking about degrees of socialism.


    • 240
      FFS says:

      Good, bring it on. Then maybe we can justify a proper right-wing libertarian rebellion, burn London to the ground, throw out all the jungle bunnies and p a k i s, get rid of the trustafarians, hang everybody that even smells like they might believe in socialism, boil Richard Dawkins in Brent oil and finish the whole thing off with a nice big party in what’s left of Trafalgar Square.

      Go on Ed, do your worst.


  39. 134
    Scotch bennies claimants, aka Caledonia work dodgers says:

    Thing is, will Bravebelly have enough funds for us when all the banks and industry have gone south. We have a standard to maintain and it’s not easy, Sky, dogs and booze with a wee drugs allowance, hold on I feel a depression fibromyalgia shingles episode coming on. A wee dram or ten should help….


  40. 137
    White Deirdre, aka Fackin work dodgers says:

    Just amateurs.


  41. 144
    UKIP or bust says:

    Talking of Face book, I heard an excerpt from a BBC program hosted by one Robert Elmes, and on it he wanted listeners to look at photos that he posts up, on a Face book page????

    I was under the impression that the omnipotent BBC had a multiplicity of web sites, TMS has its own photo page, so why would Robert Elmes want listeners to look at his programs photos on Face book? Maybe there’s a good explination (I don’t do face book) but it still seems odd to keep promoting a commercial business in that way.

    And another thing that I find mysterious is why does a commercial TV station like Channel 4 support, or even tolerate a socialist agenda, shurly the advertisers who pay for it would demand more capitalist content.


    • 145
      Calverson Gerund says:

      C4 is a very odd kind of commercial station. It is state-owned.


      • 168
        UKIP or bust says:

        Oh, my mistake. Was it always that way?


        • 174
          UKIP or bust says:

          Ok looked it up, your right it is an odd kind of commercial station!

          Still doesn’t make sense for advertisers to pay to advertise alongside socialist program content.


          • FFS says:

            I don’t think it works that way. Seems to be more complicated. I think the advertisers pay ITV and then ITV pays C4 to use some of their airtime. So the advertisers probably don’t negotiate with C4 directly.

            Anyway, most PLCs are headed up by heavyweight hard-nosed businessmen that have long realised that socialists are just lightweight kids that never got over being in the 6th form. They know they can deal with socialists if they want. That’s why Blair sided with business – he daren’t take them on.


        • 176
          Calverson Gerund II says:

          Their website says:

          “Channel Four Television Corporation was set up by an Act of Parliament. It is a publicly owned not-for-profit corporation and does not have any shareholders.”


    • 195
      Genghiz the kahn says:

      Ex Beeboid Chris Moyles pretended to be a car dealer, in a novel way to avoid taxes.



  42. 146
    Evil Dead says:

    Let’s hope Tony Blair kicks the bucket this year. He’s a truly evil piece of shit.


  43. 158
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Anyone know how many hours / days / weeks / months there are left to save the planet from global warming – only i want to pay as much tax as i can to be seen to do my bit and then … ugh oh hold on; but it’ll all be over … perhaps not then …


    • 167
      Gaia says:

      Very sorry to have to tell you this but you had your chance a couple of years back and you blew it. All those accolades have gone, snaffled up by Al Gore and Bonno.

      You’ll have to satisfy yourself with saving yourself from ‘climate change’. You can do this by putting on a jumper when it’s cold and wearing a pair of Foster Grants when the sun comes out.


    • 183
      2009 1010global.org says:

      And these Twats are still banging on even though the world did not end in 2009. Why does any one take them seriously in 2014?


      • 191
        The British Public says:

        We don’t. Our problem is that we are finding it hard to take the SNP, the Greens, the Tories and the Libdems seriously either.


    • 254
      Handypara says:

      As in why the fuck should we through away our money and our country to make 0.1% reduction in a swiss cheese of a theoretical risk of global warming when most of the planet can’t build coal-fired power stations fast enough?
      Perhaps the Chinese and others know that the real problem will be global cooling caused by a a prolonged “quiet spell” in the Sun’s activity.


  44. 163
  45. 181

    Hope Simon Cаrr is returning from the Okavango Delta soon. Not heard since 12 February but it is half-term.


  46. 185
    Owen Jones says:

    1.5% of the population of the UK are gay, and all work on TV. Then there’s me.


    • 255
      Handypara says:

      Looks mor like 50% on my TV!


    • 269
      Jack Ketch says:

      If all the people running TV were gay, we would only have peak-time programmes about ballroom dancing, cookery, fashion and talent shows where people dress up in funny clothes to make fools of themselves while being subjected to spiteful bitchiness.


  47. 186
    Putin says:

    My puppet’s boys seem to have taken one hell of a beating.


  48. 188
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Dr!ve by shooting in London:


    This will likely be more benefits brought to the UK by uncontrolled immigration.


  49. 197

    As a service to readers here, another link to Lena Danya from the Ukraine video last night:


    Not my type, you understand, but posted for altruistic reasons.


  50. 206
    The On High says:

    That twat Snow (C4) can’t wait to post in waders in flooding and any other situation where posing is the name of the game.

    Why isn’t the twat posing in Kiev? Could it possibly be that it just might be dangerous? He’s a Double, no treble x treble twat


    • 234
      Podiceps says:

      Send him 80 miles north from there. He’ll really need waders then.


    • 245
      FFS says:

      He’s yt another with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Likes to make out he’s the big man the big I-am but there’s a scared little boy inside.


  51. 210
    Ah! OMG says:

    The Mrs is watching the MALE version of Swan Lake.

    Is NOTHING sacred?


  52. 211
    Bob Fleming says:

    1 Snow is a 22 carat leftie bought and paid for twat


    • 246
      FFS says:

      He’s 67 – hopefully he’ll fuck off soon. Probably only clinging on now because he can’t find anyone left-wing enough to replace him – only Thatcher’s children.


  53. 215
    Ah! OMG says:

    Casual Observer 7 shot in a drive-by shooting.


  54. 218
    Owen Jones says:

    I wonder why people don’t like Lenin?


  55. 228
    Warning. Contains naked Flesh and Crabs says:

    Shamed ex-minister Chris Huhne who loves lecturing us on global warming flies 12,000 miles for a holiday



  56. 243
    Hypocritical socialist twat watch says:

    Bob Crow rails against City fatcats but his RMT union has £18million in shares in FTSE 100 firms

    Union boss has attacked boardroom bosses’ lining their own pockets’
    But accounts reveal RMT has shares in firms like Shell, BT and Barclays



    • 248
      Bob Crow says:

      Socialism is for the workers, not for the leaders.


    • 270
      Jack Ketch says:

      Hang on! As a spokesman for shareholders of those companies he has every right, in fact a duty, to protest at too high salaries and bonuses for corporate execs. It is an ongoing scandal that remuneration committees are often composed of appointees from institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, banks) whose own remuneration is in turn influenced by directors of the same big corporations. It’s a case of I’ll suck yours, if you reciprocate.
      If the poor bloke slaving away in a cubicle or on the factory floor realised exactly how much of his pension fund’s profits were being pissed away on corporate largesse and booze-ups (private jets for conference in the Caribbean, wimbledon centre-court hospitality, country house for use by the directors and friends and so on) they might look for an alternative.


  57. 249
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Venezuela internet censorship is essentially a regional shutdown – similar to what happened in Syr!a:


    Some cable TV channels have also been closed down.

    ‘The censorship began early last week when the authorities removed a Columbian news network, NTN24, from Venezuelan cable, and simultaneously published a reminder that TV stations could be in violation of a law that forbids the incitement or promotion of “hatred”, or “foment citizens’ anxiety or alter public order.”‘

    Note the use of ‘hate’ legislation here: This should bring into full relief why having such nonsense on the UK books is in fact extremely dangerous.


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