February 21st, 2014

Labour’s Women Problem

Miliband has been up in Leeds today talking about his favourite subject of late: the Tories’ apparent ‘women problem’. Yet as Hazel Blears announces that she too is standing down, how true is it that the Tories are proportionally losing more women than Labour? A Guido FactCheck investigates.

There were 48 female Tory MPs in 2010.

Lorraine Fulbrook, Jessica Lee and Laura Sandys are not seeking re-election, Louise Mensch stepped down in 2012, and Anne Mcintosh has been deselected.

That means in this parliament female Tory MPs have a casualty rate of 10.4%.

Labour meanwhile had 81 female MPs in 2010.

Nine have said they will be off in 2015: Ann Clwyd, Dawn Primarolo, Tessa Jowell, Glenda Jackson, Joan Ruddock, Anne McGuire, Joan Walley, Meg Munn and Hazel Blears.

That means in this parliament female Labour MPs have a casualty rate of 11.1%.

Filling your front bench with women in a stage-managed attack is all well and good, but the truth is Labour are losing more women than the Tories…

UPDATE: Following some complaints on Twitter about the graph above, Guido is happy to issue the following clarification:



  1. 1
    Prime Minister"Money's no object" Cameron says:

    I don’t owe anyone any explanations for why I do the shit I do..


    • 7
      Chuka's White House says:

      Large 3 bedroom villa can sleep 6 on a quiet hill-side location in San Jose

      This spacious, airy villa is situated within its own 1.5 acre grounds, in an elevated hill-side position. With parking for several cars, the villa is also surrounded by a large, natural pine garden and tiered flowerbeds. On entering the front door on the 1st floor, there is a convenient toilet/shower room, a well-equipped kitchen and breakfast area, which leads into the large, bright living/dining room featuring an open fire place, a TV/DVD/Music centre for entertainment. Large sliding glass terrace doors on each side lead on to 2 covered terraces, one with a dining table for al fresco eating and the other with reclining chairs to absorb the stunning views of the surrounding hills and the bay beyond. Steps lead down to the pool and large sunbathing area, with chill-out seating & barbecue. There is one double bedroom & a twin, sharing a bathroom on the mezzanine floor, and a large luxurious master bedroom on the top floor, with ensuite bathroom and special private rooftop terrace.

      It is essential to have a car when staying at Casa Blanca, directions will be provided at the welcome, on arrival at Ibiza airport.

      Maid service can be provided during the stay for an extra cost and must be requested on reservation.



    • 17
      Stats and Lies says:

      Jesus, Guido. Your bar chart loooks like it wants to run to be a LibDem local councillor.


    • 147
      Sir William Wayde says:

      The first is a horrible, misleading graph with the y-axis chopped so as to exaggerate a minor difference. Worthy of the Sun or the IPCC.


    • 227
      It is very important says:

      when you are reading this blog to always remember that GF is a Tory stooge.

      that is all.


  2. 2
    walking into darkness says:

    There must be some sort of CND rally coming up that all these Labour women MP’s have got to go to. That or they’re off to a Quango or two


  3. 3
    cornwall storms says:

    It’s irrelevant whether an mp is a man or a woman. What is relevant is that the mp is honest and hardworking. Labour may have more women mp’s but when they are of the poor calibre of hatty harpic with her disgusting policies for children and dianeabbott who wouldn’t know a policy if it got up and hit her on the nose, what use are they?


    • 116
      Cinna says:

      Incidentally what’s the latest on the Mails revelations yesterday?


    • 152
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Speaking of Diane Abbott, what’s the betting that she and Graham Morris, along with many other Labour lefties praised Robert Mugabe and considered him a “hero” when he gained power in Zimbabwe in the late 80s?


  4. 4
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Guido i hate the Labour party as much as anyone, but using misleading graphs (just like the Lib Dems) with a non zero base is just not cricket old sport.


  5. 5

    It all depends upon what one means by a woman.

    Try as I may, I could not define the Eagle brothers, even with the supposed advantage of Faecebook’s 81 varieties of sexuality.


  6. 6
    Oldest trick in the book says:

    That graph shows the Liebour rate at about 5 times the Tory one. Most misleading.


    • 175
      Strobe says:

      Read the y axis. We see Labour’s educashun system.


      • 226
        Bob says:

        I’d have thought Guido came through under the Tories TBH, but you’re right absolutely shocking graphing skills. Wouldn’t pass at GCSE that’s for sure.


  7. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Worst axis on a graph I’ve seen in a while, thanks for the laugh.


  8. 10
    Don Quikong says:

    A lot of the new Labour women were “Blair babes” and they’re fleeing now that Labour has lurched to the left under Ed Miliband.

    The Dinosaurs have their party back.


    • 72
      Fred Smith ace coach driver says:

      The Liebour modernists didn’t even bother about which way the party was headed, they were/are to busy getting their own back on Camorons conservatives and at the same time troughing and making sure they were networking.


  9. 12
    Angela Eagle says:

    And some on Labour are not women apparently.


  10. 14
    A pair of wet pussies says:


  11. 15
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Fucking Rooney to get eighty-five million for playing football
    Fucking Beckham gets a million off Rebekah for him to publicise his own book.

    Meanwhile kids are going to school hungry.

    Don’t be surprised if what’s happening in Ukraine doesn’t start to happen here.


  12. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Still wondering whether the BBC is ever going to report on Harriet Harman on her association with PIE.


  13. 26
    brian says:

    there is alot of pensioners among the Labour ladies going.

    And Blears and Primarolo is just a gift to the nation


  14. 27
    Arivederci Roma says:

    Six out of 10 Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants claimed self-employed status.

    Easy access to benefits Eeengleesh. Beeg Eeeshu


  15. 32
    Gordon Clown says:

    Nigel vs Nick?

    I agree with Nick.

    British jobs for British works.

    *Sue can you come and change my bag please………..


  16. 33
    • 46
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Rise up brave people of Venezuela and kick out your murderous Communist overlords. Take back your country.



  17. 36
    Snow is Rain in Met Office Stats says:


  18. 38
    Ed Miliband says:

    I think I have vagina dentata.


  19. 39
    Trough Watch says:

    Bleary Hayzel has plenty of baggage. Deciding to send a cheque to the Inland Revenue was very big of her but toooooo late, you old bag.

    Remember, not too quick into the quango, bit of a break first, next election nicely away then BINGO.


  20. 40
    C.O.Jones says:

    Haha, the Libdems can’t hold on to their women.


  21. 41
    Harlem Shaker says:

    Wow. Such like the Rennard graph.


  22. 43
    Cossacks to patrol UK borders says:

    Soon we shall be free, subject to Vlads mood, to be able to,commence duties. Pussy Riot was just a warm up, watch us whip dem immys.


  23. 45
    UKIP or bust says:

    Goofy Ed’s private polling tells him that the ‘ooman dont like him (and you can see why) so that’s why he’s talking about this pointless shit.

    Man-up you goofy twat and talk about things that realy matter, if you can.

    Oi, lefties, Margret Thatcher (of the TORY party)was the first female leader of a major party and the FIRST woman Prime Minister.


  24. 47

    The revision makes a better point that the Lib Dems are hæmorrhaging women quicker than a menstruating springbok but the chart axis still does not base at zero.

    Rennard is actually prettier than most of the Labour wimmin depicted in the old graph. No trace of that prime example of the female species, Ms Dromey.


  25. 50
    Anonymous says:

    Our company intern whose University degree involves waterway management told me a few weeks ago that if they attempted to dredge rivers, the banks would collapse with all kinds of consequences. It would not only ruin footpaths and the habitats of wildlife living on the banks, but defeat the object because the earth from the collapsing river banks would fall back into the space just dredged.

    Guess what? When they tried to dredge a week or so ago (not sure where, may have been Somerset), exactly that happened, so they had to abort.

    Truth is, flooding is natural and what led to our rich farmland in the first place. It is we humans who are in the wrong locations or in properties that lack stilts or raised entrances.

    And then there is climate change.


    • 75
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      East Anglia ignored the Enviroment(al) Agency and dredged their rivers.
      Result no flooding.

      Somerset followed the Environment(al) Agency and stopped dredging their rivers.
      Result huge floods.

      Case closed :-)


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      My small market town flooded a few years back so they dredged the river.
      Guess what?
      We haven’t flooded.


    • 181
      The bloody Mod Bot is still at it says:

      Wrong again anonymouse.

      It was high pressure pumping that caused the collapse. Dredging won’t start until next week at the earliest.


  26. 51
    Paddy says:

    Guido – your appendix graph is class.


  27. 54
    Tripe says:

    Hmmmm? Is Glenda Jackson really a woman? Has anyone seen David Bowie & Ms Jackson in the same room?


  28. 56
    • 70
      A placard says:

      When I see this I look back at the anti-Iraq war and countryside alliance demonstrations any wonder at just how civilised we are.


      • 95
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Suspect the police may be ordered to take a kicking in order to build broader public support for the governments preference for Russ!a.

        This does not make the EU look good at all :-)


    • 208

      They certainly know how to get stuck in, if the EU kommissars think that the Ukrainians would make pliable obedient little eurocitizens I suggest they have a rethink!


  29. 60
    Owen Jones is a cowardly cunt says:


    • 63
      What a Douchebag OJ is. says:



    • 74
      Someone says:

      He’s a sad man is Owen Jones.


    • 111
      jgm2 says:

      He has the same moderation approach as The Grauniad.

      It was a joy to behold when the voting change referendum didn’t go their way.

      ‘But, but, but literally everybody I know voted for change…’


    • 145
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      He drinks Creme de Menthe Frappes so he does.


    • 195
      The bloody Mod Bot is still at it says:

      He has some sort of problem* does our Owen. It also manifests itself when anyone catches him out on QT, when he feigns injury and goes crying to Mummy Dumbleby. e.g. When someone responded to his call for the renationalisation of the railways by reminding Jones and the audience what a basket case BR was…. Jones went off on one, claiming he was being patronised because he was unable to remember BR.

      Problem with Jones is he can dish it out, and is good at making up ‘facts’, but he doesn’t like it up him…and he is thick.

      *cutis perquam tenui


  30. 65
    Rachel Reeves says:

    Did you see my clone on Question Time last night?
    That Hammond was well out of order. Honk …Honk ..HONK


  31. 66
    Owen Jones is a cowardly cunt says:


  32. 67
    Stephanie Flanders says:

    The Labour party needs more men, I’ve already tried most of them.


  33. 68
    Owen goal says:

    Rachel Vuvuzela is a thinking man’s trumpet.


    • 82
      Diane Abbott says:

      I back President Maduro of Vuvuzela! He promised me lots of free rice and pea!


      • 218
        My gran says:

        You should pop over there for the weekend Di. When the opposition lot see your enormous bulk descending upon them they will all flee to the hill and peace will be restored.

        Plane leaves at 2.30.


  34. 69
    Jimmy says:

    Ah more rightie voodoo stats.

    Slightly undermined by the fact that the Labour women are standing down after decades in the house whereas the nasties all lasted about five minutes. CCHQ really needs to start sending you better material.


    • 78
      Owen Jones AND Mehdi Hasan are cowardly cunts says:

      Any comment on the million dead in Iraq? Or are they also voodoo stats, Jimmy, you nasty apologist for fascist Labour c-unts?


      • 98
        Jimmy says:

        Sooner or later you appeasers are going to have to get over it. You managed it before, you can do it again.


        • 117
          jgm2 says:

          Labour are now ‘appeasing’ the Libyan regime.

          What’s Labour HQ’s rationale on this?


        • 124
          Owen Jones AND Mehdi Hasan are cowardly cunts says:

          So the death of a million civilians sits well with you as long as it means Blair is swimming in lots of blood money from them? And talking of Blair, any word on his role advising various filthy dictatorships around the world?

          As for appeasers, I’d remind you of the Falklands. Maggie only took us to war once and it wasn’t on a pack of lies but to liberate the Falklands, which c-unts like you would have left to rot. Blair, on the other hand, was a warmongering psychopath who couldn’t wait to see some bloodshed so he could think of himself as a Churchill.


    • 79
      Clare Short says:

      You deluded old fool.


    • 80
      Owen Jones says:



    • 122
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Here’s one i produced earlier in the week shame to let it go to waste – perhaps i will repeat it forever …. irony pointed at the gay mafia mind.

      “It’s OK” – to be a deluded climate change myth believer.
      “It’s OK” – to be an easily duped climate change believing member of the public because your politicians bought into the big lie themselves and you wanted to believe them because you naively trust them.
      “It’s OK” – to be a pitifully poor msm journo or broadcaster because you are beholden to the political tribes for your money and have to sell on the myths and lies of the politicians.
      “It’s OK” if you are a low life old or younger politician because you are not intelligent enough to realise that the whole climate change bunkum is just that and then of course there are the facts; but politicians don’t do facts.
      “It’s OK” if you belong to one of the political tribes who have lied and lied and lied; again and again about giving the public an EU referendum just to steal your vote and turn turtle on their promises when they do get elected.


    • 177
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      You must be so proud of Labour women such as Harman and Hewitt. People you can trust with your kids!


  35. 71
    Skeleton bob says:

    The Tories pick a duffer for leader and Labour pick a duffer for leader. And people wonder why we have £1.2 trillion of debt, millions of houses built on land liable to flood and why they have allowed 75% of our laws to be dictated to us by unelected unaccountables in Brussels.


  36. 73
    johnpreid says:

    There were a lot more new Tory m.p.s in 2010 than labour, louise mensch has already stood down so that’s one less tory


  37. 76
    Owen Jones AND Mehdi Hasan are cowardly cunts says:


  38. 77
    johnpreid says:

    There has also been more female labour leaders than Tory ones. with Harriet, and Margaret hodge, ans a lot more female cabinet members, also Thatcher out women’s rights back decades.


    • 91
      Owen Jones AND Mehdi Hasan are cowardly cunts says:

      How many female Labour prime ministers have there been? It’s ok, I can wait.


    • 106
      A penguin says:

      Thatcher freed many women from the Argentinians.


    • 108
      The Swings at the Park says:

      Harriet harman’s promotion of paed-ophilia has meant that women can no longer feel safe letting thier children play without supervision. How has that improved womens’ lot in life?


    • 112
      Rubbing our noses says:

      Margaret Hodge conspired with her husband and tony Blair to flood the country with immigrants. How have the increasing numbers of grooming gangs they have to proetct their chidlren from improved womens’ rights? How have lower wages improved the rights of women?


    • 126
      jgm2 says:

      My favourite female Labour leader was Margaret Beckett. When John Smith died she got to be Labour leader for about five minutes before the brothers circled the wagons and put her in her place.

      Window dressing said Caroline Flint.

      It was a stopped clock moment for her.


    • 127
      Owen Jones AND Mehdi Hasan are cowardly cunts says:

      What’s your opinion on Harriet, Patricia and Jack backing PIE in the 70s and 80s? Come on, now’s not the time to be silent. Or are you going to be a little whiny bitch like Owen and just ignore any topics which aren’t convenient?


  39. 85
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13¾ says:

    Updating my geography world map I made.
    Orange for good countries.
    Blue for bad.

    Ukraine – {was blue – change to Orange}
    Russia -{was orange – now blue}
    Denmark {was orange – change to blue because of that giraffe}

    North Korea, Venezuela, South Africa, Cuba, Angola, Egypt, Libya, – keep orange. In fact! Use a brighter orange crayon!

    France – Orange but a bit of blue round the edges ‘coz he’s going back on his socialist principles.

    Fab! This map is good enough to take along next time I’m on Newsnight.


  40. 93

    The public sector scumbags who cannot do their jobs properly are failing yet again.

    CPS have more than the week which they wanted – but should not have needed. They hold the files but we still have no announcement!

    Are they going to press for a retrial of Dave Lee Travis on the two counts which the jury could not decide on? Or not?

    Shit, or get off the fucking pot!


    • 97
      Owen Jones says:

      Your so blocked


      • 115
        Owen Jones's remedial English teacher and genocide consultant says:

        Now Owen. You know it should be “You’re” and not “Your”.

        And remain quiet on Maduro. Wait until the body count goes up and then start tweeting about US interference.


    • 136
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      The CPS do have some other worries on their plate:


      Who prosecutes the prosecutors ?


      • 185

        That should not prevent them in the slightest from doing what is their duty here.

        You will be acute enough to note that I make no comment about the merits, or otherwise, of the individual case. Simply I am pointing out that they said they would need a week to make this decision (indefensible IMO as they already have the facts, but we shall leave that aside) and they have failed to come up with a decision in their own allotted timescale.

        That is completely unacceptable and illustrates, yet again, how badly they serve Our Majesty, and therefore the population at large, in the administration of justice.

        The story you refer to is just another nail in their coffin.


        • 199
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          They asked for 7 days from the judge to review the two outstanding charges which were found inclusive in order to decide if they wished a retrial.

          Have not heard either way, so assume that they have not requested, unless that is all sub judice or there is a reporting injunction in place.

          The CPS lying to MPs about early retirement costs should be concerning for two reasons:

          i) Why are the prosecutors being so blatantly dishonest

          ii) Have the CPS and office of the DPP now completely compromised their position, for example, if they needed to prosecute any MPs ?

          I do not think for one minute that MPs would not use this little CPS indiscretion to prevent further possible prosecutions, and perhaps the CPS knowing they this over their heads may have had a bearing on their reluctance to pursue certain cases. eg. M’acShane, H’uhne and perhaps M’oran.


      • 196
        Lord Macdonald ex DPP says:

        And what do you think of me selling mycservices to Dirty Digger?

        Nothing like the inside track when your employees are going to jail en masse


  41. 94
    This Guy is Good...at something says:


  42. 99
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  43. 100
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Brilliant all blue pie chart showing the magnificent Maggie as the only female PM.

    Can’t fault you on that one :-)


  44. 103
    Frank Carson says:

    Owen Jones, Mehdi Hasan and Polly Toynbee are in a burning house.

    It’s not a joke, just a great idea.


  45. 109
    Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child says:

    These Labour floozies need whipping into shape.


  46. 113
    Ed Miliband says:

    I think we should sweep this Curling business to one side.


  47. 114
    Cossacks to patrol UK borders says:

    Whip those pussies.


  48. 119
    Dogsbody says:

    Female Prime Ministers by Party – Conservative 100%, Labour 0%, LibDem 0%.
    Nice one Guido!


  49. 129
    Cossacks to patrol UK borders says:

    Owen would be a good fit for Salford and Eccles, he is the double of Eccles from the Goons. Images please.


  50. 132
    The BBC says:

    As soon as we receive any word on a Tory being involved in PIE, we’ll cover it. Till then, just watch Eastenders and shut the fuck up.


  51. 140
    Tony says:

    One problem, Guido. As you know Labour women tend to be much older and have served much longer. Of course they will have more MP’s retiring. As usual, Guido misleads.


    • 154
      Jon Snowbird says:

      little tip.
      When Guido uses Lib dem style graphs, he’s taking the piss.
      Don’t take it so seriously.

      Its order-order; not the oh-so-right-on-PC Guardian or misery hunting Channel 4.


    • 159
      jgm2 says:

      It was done to annoy bedwetter apologists.

      It worked.


    • 167
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      Hazel Blears is 57. Why does she have to retire so early when she can have a crack at being leader?


  52. 144
    Sally Bercow says:

    Abu Dhabi! Will you welcome the Rolling Stones! First song: START ME UP


  53. 151
    Owen Jones, sage words and advice says:


  54. 153
    Lib dem lard bucket says:

    I am Ren Hard you silly girl not Die Hard.

    Still let’s rumble.


  55. 160
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Owen Jones, 29 years and still no original ideas, only left wing drivel. What a waste of a human being.


  56. 161
    Slotgob Blair says:

    I am a Labour wimmin

    I have supported hardship and poverty

    Brought up in showbiz and making millions as a lawyer ever since

    Helped of course by Tony, when he is here and not screwing foreign heiresses


  57. 170
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Owen Jones


  58. 172
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Owen Jones, what a waste of a human being.


  59. 174
    The Poof In Residence says:

    Owen Jones probably took the wrong door on his way to a CBeebies presenter interview and ended up a political commentator.


  60. 186
    jgm2 says:

    The revised graph is good but if I may suggest an improvement:

    The graph needs to be inverted to show the bars as a negative. Just like deficits. Otherwise, subconsciously, the hard-of-thinking will actually think (say) the Lib Dems have a +30% rather than -30%.


  61. 189
  62. 190
    Podiceps says:

    100% of Tory prime ministers are female? I had my suspicions about Heath, but that’s all.


  63. 192
    Penny-Black says:

    This women shite, just a side line…. totally unimportant to the real things going on.

    For example: in central Worcester, seen most of the city located post boxes emptied by postmen driving ENTERPISE hire vans. And only saw one “royal Mail” red van in several hours.

    Heres a Question: how does one issue a FOI to see how much money is being spent on such vehicle hire?


  64. 201
    Anonymous says:

    Has the EU taken over Ukraine?


  65. 202
    Iain Murderer says:

    So in the past year, a record 900,000 have had their benefits sanctioned i.e. stopped or reduced. And 58% of tribunal appeals against sanctions go in favour of the claimant i.e. the sanction was found to be wrong. And now the DWP are thinking about charging claimants to appeal to these tribunals. So those with no money because the DWP has wrong stopped their breadline income will be expected to pay to challenge the decision to stop their breadline income. And how will people with no money be able to do this.

    The poorest, most vulnerable, are being priced out of access to justice in this once great country. People will be left with nothing through no fault of their own and will be able to do nothing about it. Its a peaceful war on our side but we are at war with this government. They are now beyond the pale in terms of acceptable behaviour in a modern society. Its all hands on deck to fight these utter scum.


    • 212

      I agree, they are still frittering our taxes away on keeping chav scum in the manner to which they have become accustomed.
      The fat ugly chain smoking chavettes with their unwashed multi racial litters would not even exist if it wasn’t for the benefits system, nor would the toothless rat faced stunted morons who father these benefit brats.


  66. 204
    Tachybaptus says:

    Quangos are leading the way with useful employment…

    Arts Council £2,500,000
    Decorating the side of inter-continental trucks to promote the Lincolnshire Fenlands throughout Europe.
    Order of Truth blog, February 2013

    Arts Council £1,000,000
    For Birmingham “Helicopter Opera” to celebrate the Olympic Games. Daily Mail, March 2012

    Arts Council £500,000
    Cost of mooring small Arctic island off the coast of England – dubbed “Nowhere Island” – supposedly to show dangers of climate change, but being towed around the south coast by a barge. ITV, July 2012

    Arts Council 100,000
    Redundancy payment for executive staff member Andrea Stark who effectively “jumped ship” for a new job while remaining on the Arts Council payroll by stating she was on sabbatical leave.
    Daily Mail, January 2013

    Arts Council £95,000
    Grant given to artists in Brighton for a rubbish dumpster outlined with yellow lights – the name of the project was “Skip”. Daily Mirror, May 2012

    Arts Council £25,000
    Spent using publicly-funded staff credit cards at luxury restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs.
    Daily Mail, May 2012

    Arts Council £20,000
    Grant given to Café Oto in East London – a hipster bar specialising in experimental music.
    Guardian, May 2012

    Arts Council £8,130
    Lavish going-away party at the British Museum for outgoing Arts Council Chief wherein she attacked cuts to the arts. Daily Mail, January 2013

    Arts Council/Coventry Council £95,0000
    Lady Godiva 70 ft marionette, created for Cultural Olympiad. Guardian, July 2012

    Arts Council/Greater London Authority £535,000
    Model of Nelson’s ship in a bottle in Trafalgar Square. Guardian, April 2012

    Arts Council/York Council £85,000
    Cost to taxpayers for Wonderland Light Show in York’s Museum Gardens


  67. 206
    Tin foil top hat says:

    With UKIP the spiritual heir of Thatcher, that would indicate that voting UKIP would be best for female representation.


  68. 209
    FrankField's Buttplug says:

    Hazel will have time to do a bit of face sitting now and French lessons to earn some real money


  69. 210
    Anna says:

    That the Conservative party has produced the only female Prime Minister in Britsh history is an uncontestable fact. That the current Conservative party is but a pale shadow of her own is possibly subjective, but I do yearn for something of Mrs T’s conviction & determination, so sadly lacking in Mr Cameron’s wishy-washy pink Conservative party. Very honourable exceptions, of course, but no matter how honourable they are they will get laid low by ‘Human Rights’ or by the rules laid down by unelected EU bureacrats.

    How will I vote in forthcoming EU elections? I honestly don’t know. I can’t vote Labour or LibDem or Green, I despise the lot of them. A vote for Nigel Farage’s UKIP in the European elections would be a kick in the pants for the Conservative party and at least not a vote for Labour/LibDem/Green but I’m not sure of UKIP, it seems to be demonstrating the LIbDem proclivity for being all things to all people, and honest with none.

    So will I end up voting Conservative at the next general election? I don’t know. Labour & LibDems, and the inconsequential Greens, are at least honest and admit upfront that they consider the electorate too stupid to be given a say in its own future. Conservatives… hmmmm… It would be hard to vote for a party whose leader is committed to continuing membership of the corrupt and anti-democratic EU. He may SAY he wants to reform it, or negotiate a fresh UK association with it, but anyone who knows anything knows that isn’t possible. We stay or we leave is the stark choice. I think I don’t trust Mr Cameron, either!

    Maybe I will end up not voting at all, for the very first time in a lifetime of telling people they should USE their vote because it was hard won. It WAS hard won, but today it seems worthless. Is it any surprise that people hate the politicians who have brought us to this pass?


    • 213
      Its Dave for me, sadly says:

      I’ll vote Ukip in the Euros, but the prospect of a a Milliband/Balls government frightens the shit out of me. Only the return of McMental could frighten me more.


    • 215
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      UKIP in the Europeans for me.

      I despise Cameron but will prob vote tory in the General election – my local MP is sleazeball Sadiq Khan and the Tories are the only ones with a realistic hope of unseating him


  70. 216
    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! It made me remember the evil bitch is still dead!!! MEGALOLZ


  71. 224
    Anonymous says:

    Proposition: Barack did for the reputation of his race what Maggie did for the reputation of her sex…


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