February 21st, 2014

Brogan Moved to Associate Ed, Winnett Becomes Deputy Ed

Last month Guido asked if Telegraph deputy editor Ben Brogan was “in office without power” following rumours from Buckingham Palace Road that he had been stripped of his title. Today “chief content officer” Jason ‘Psycho’ Seiken has announced that Brogan “will return to writing full time as Associate Editor, Politics. He will now produce more high- value content on political matters across all platforms.” Political editor James Kirkup is promoted to Executive Editor, Politics and Rob Winnett is promoted to one of three new Deputy Editor positions. Brogan ain’t one of em…


  1. 1

    Jason Seiken looks iffey to me.


    • 33
      yktb567 says:

      I’m sure they all bow to Shlomo and censor his crimes just like Geedough and the other useless hacks.


  2. 2
    altruism in industry says:

    this would be political. I wonder if it might not be better for us to establish stronger ties with Russia and tell the EU to fuck off ?


    • 16
      History says:

      In the last two hundred yeasr only time Britain ever really tells the EU (or whever its latest Bonapartist manifestation happens to be at the time) to fuck off is when we are in alliance with the Russians.


      • 27
        thostids says:

        Errrr, There was a bit of unpleasantness involving a psychotic killer called Hitler where we took up with an even more psychotic killer called Stalin. Our man Eden and his mate Macmillan were quite chummy with a peculiar Frenchman that suffered from Folie de grandeur. They had this ridiculous idea that the bugger might be grateful if we got our mates, the Americans, to get their unwanted house-guest to go home. Not a single word of gratitude from him; De Gaulle flounced off and in the end whereas Kennedy turned into a Ham-burger, the Frenchman developed the full fig of insanity and turned into The State. Served the bugger right!
        Hasn’t got any better. French Presidents copulate their way through Office letting their house-guest’s successors go ’round kicking the peasants and generally being unpleasant to the Greeks, Italians, Rumanians, in fact getting even for us all ganging up on the bastards.
        As for us giving Putin a call, that’s not such a bad idea. I don’t think that Milisnot’s idea of Marxism sits four-square with Mr Putin’s. Indeed, as long as he’s on your side, he looks quite an understanding sort:)


  3. 3
    Penny-Black says:

    Mindless twaddle…
    Get back to the real issues, and stop this mindless shite…
    lets have a REAL revolution here like the Ukraine


  4. 4
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Difficult to get excited about all this.


    • 8
      Rip Van Winkle says:



    • 17

      The Telegraph revealed the expenses scandal, a scoop of immense importance, and yet it has been taken down the pan. OK, we are talking about a mаrket which appears to be in terminal decline, but they were doing much better in managing this than most of the others.

      The truth is that we still need a number of these outlets as every proprietor has failings and once the newsgathering gets into the hands of too limited a circle and {insert the rest of the BBC argument which which I know you are very familiar with}.

      In fifty years time, it will probably look very different but we are in transition time. My take is that the Barclay Brothers are bored and the paper is suffering accordingly.


    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      Yeah Brogan, get back to work you jumped up little liberal shit.

      Either start righting what Telegraph readers want to hear, or get a job with Medi hypocrite Hasan..


  5. 5
    Homer says:

    Fuck the US outta Europe.


  6. 6
    (0)(..)(22) says:

    This is so exciting, I’ve forget what I was commenting on


  7. 7
    Forget_ME-KNOT says:



  8. 9
    Jimmy says:

    Do they have a chief discontent officer?


  9. 10
    Lib-Lab-Con-Ukip fiasco says:

    G_d help us when it comes to 2015 UK elections,
    we are stuck betwen the BLAND and the downright


  10. 15
    3.14159265.... says:

    Reaction Crapola


  11. 20
    john mackie says:

    Brogan would have got a promotion but spent too much time with Cameron’s dick in his gob.


  12. 26
    U have 2 be innit 2 binnit. says:



  13. 31
    brogan's heroes says:

    Brogan had the entire establishment at his feet a couple of years ago when broke the expenses scandal. But he is one of the tribe – a gentleman journalist – so he played it nice and now he’s being dumped.


  14. 35
    Ben Brogan says:

    You is a total cnut Guido


  15. 37
    telegraph becoming guardian lite says:

    I’m fed up with the Telegraph sliding further and further into the metropolitan elite camp. I’m off to Breibart which has installed Delingpole as editor of its London content.


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