February 20th, 2014

Labour MP Uses McAlpine to Gag Venezuela Critics

Loony pro-Chavez Labour MP Grahame Morris (above centre) is getting very tetchy this afternoon, threatening to sue anyone criticising him for his stance on the country and comparing himself to Lord McAlpine:

Go back to March last year, before Maduro ordered the arrest of the opposition leader and Venezuela descended into state sponsored violence, and Morris was full of praise for the tyrant responsible:

Still the likes of Morris, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott refuse to condemn the violence…


  1. 1
    Bookworm says:

    Is Morris the Naked Ape guy?


    • 15
      Twatwatch says:

      No. That’s the guy who’s Zebra did a poo on the studio floor on Blue Peter. The other guy wrote a book called Monkey Nuts, about evolution and stuff.

      Correct me if I’m wrong.


    • 81
      Freedom says:

      Socialists don’t condemn the violence, because they support it.

      Let’s not be naive. Socialists believe in silencing and killing their opponents. Just like they like to rig elections. They even do that here. The constituency boundaries have been gerrymandered so that Labour have an inbuilt advantage. they also like postal voting for the incumbent’s adbvantage it gives them in their rotten boroughs.

      If they had the chance they would also shut us all up at the point of a gun.


      • 89
        Aardvark says:

        So true

        Behind every touchy feely caring Socialist is ruthless fascist.


      • 103
        Jacky Treehorn says:

        They would probably lower the voting age to 12 if they could get away with it.


      • 120
        The Critics says:

        They cannot condemn Maduro. If they did, they would have to admit to a failing of socialism,which they are genetically unable to do. By their own blinkered thought process, they believe the only alternative to their beliefs is right wing nastiness. The other thing which fuels them is the need for a hate figure who represents right wing nastiness; Maduro is actually doing many of the things they attribute to right wing tyrants.

        They are not programmed to deal with this and have no idea what to do. Who can they hate/blame on the right? They will go into default response mode.

        1.Lash out at perceived right wing nasties to deflect attention from their problem.
        2.Say nothing

        They are utterly predictable and continue to prove it every day.


    • 97
      by your friends..... says:

      any comment from Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein IRA, standing smiling with his friends in the photo?


  2. 2
    RomaBob.... working hard for you! says:

    Would suggest he does not bother putting any money on the lottery this week, a loser indeed!


    • 63
      walking into darkness says:

      ah, Grahame Morris, another great socialist, as usual of course it all goes wrong, when will this tired old fool and other gravy bandwaggoners like Owen Jones finally get the point that everyone else is fed up paying and having their great-grandchildren pay for their viscious and vapid agenda, sue me if you like


      • 80
        Prince Rupert says:

        He clearly wont sue you because he would lose and because he clearly is a fool for supporting an un democratic dictator who is ruining his country through incompetence, corruption and violence. Hoe can the idiot Morris sue, what a tool, yes Morris you are a plonker and a dictator supporter, now sue me


  3. 3
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Is he really equivocating the false allegations of p’edo activity with the provable fact that he supported the Maduro regime ?

    The left is in a pickle. Tut.


    • 24
      Bemused says:

      Maybe he’s suggesting Maduro could sue for libel? It depends if the stories that the government was actually directly involved in killing people can be proven. Not easy when they appear to have used arms-length stooges.


  4. 4
    Jack says:

    How many super gags still apply in the land of libel tourism?

    Is there a site which gives us the names?


  5. 5
    Frank says:

    Who is this pretentious oath Morris?

    Never heard of him


  6. 6
    Harridan Harpic says:

    Anyone for pie?


  7. 8
    Kim Jong Un says:

    He’s called to reassure me that he is still a believer


  8. 9
    cornwall storms says:

    labour supporting a repressive venezualan govt , tone’no longer a saint’ bliar acting as adviser for m u r d o ch et al in the hacking scandal, militwit is anti-cut and pro EU and harman,dromey and that other creature are pro the a b u s e of
    c h i l d r e n – what on earth is there about labour to recommend them?!


  9. 10
    Meanwhile - Back to more serious politics says:


  10. 13
    eee by gum says:

    there’s none as blind as them as won’t see


  11. 14
    Sally Ally says:

    Why is Morris trending right now?

    #massmurder #rubbertruncheons #emptyshelves #hypocriticaltwat

    *innocent face*


  12. 17
    M eye 6 says:

    Who are the other smug looking shits in the photo?


  13. 18
    Sungei Patani says:

    Chaves’s socialist legacy has certainly lived on – the country has become a basket case as is normal in socialist economies.


  14. 19
    Sally Ally says:

    Manny Shinwell would be turning in his grave, Morris you apologist fucker.#

    So sue me you twat!


    • 61
      John Bellingham says:

      Luciana Berger is the Great-Niece of Manny Shinwell, the Irgun spy in the British government–I know its irrelevant, but people should know.


  15. 20
    cornwall storms says:

    obviously doesn’t know much about slander and libel laws. you can only sue if what someone says about you is an outright lie not if you just take umbridge at it because it highlights your opinions at an inconvenient time.


  16. 23
    Owen Jones says:

    It is only the right-wing capitalist media and its lackeys that spread lies about Venezuela, making up stories of demonstrations against the people’s government.

    The Venezuelan President correctly bans such tools of Yanqui oppression from libelling the correct socialist news of the people’s victories.

    It demoralises the working class to hear of such slander against socialism, which only fails because people want things they aren’t entitled to have.


    • 58
      Deluded saddo desperate to believe anything says:

      Yes and the earth is flat, the sun revolves around the earth and God created everything 10,000 years ago.


  17. 25

    Grahame Morris screws small furry animals.


    • 29
      Sally Ally says:

      He’s bummed Owen Jones?


    • 34
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      No Cat.

      Graham Morris MP chairs Labour Friends of Venezuela:


      He is a psychopathic supporter of regimes which slaughter their students.

      Apologies for my sense of humour bypass, but Venezuelan’s are not small furry animals, but are quite nice folk without the need for this bastard in their politics.

      His suing threat should be seen in this light.


    • 37
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      @SC: :-D


      • 66

        I have visited Seaton Holme in Easington. It is possibly the oldest Grade I domestic residence in England.

        There is not much to speak for elsewhere in Easington and that goes for their MP too.

        My remark was made as an ironic reference to the complete lack of equivalence in his tweet. The man either has not got a brain worth pickling or he thinks everyone else’s brain is actually pickled.

        If it upsets him, then tough!

        He ought to carry a feeling of responsibility for the deaths and suffering in Venezuela, for the rest of his worthless, miserable life. Bastard.


        • 79
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          He is just another socialist sociopath.

          It is really very simple: If you support a regime in a foreign country you of course take a risk – even if it is the US for example.

          Now, if that regime does something like shooting a bunch of unarmed students dead using undercover officers, then you have a choice:

          i) Condemn, and prove conclusively that you do not support such actions. So you supported in the past, but not what is going on now. Job done.


          ii) You do not condemn.

          Recall Archbishop Tutu:

          ‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’

          Now Morris is far from neutral in this situation. An awful lot can be extrapolated from that, and extrapolated accurately.

          Get your irony etc. which is cool, just had a sense of humour bypass because I am seeing a lot less that can be written off and ridiculed in Labour now :-)


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            i might add – are they not all “hoisted by their own petard” and does not the same go for Harman, Hewitt and Dromeny?


  18. 27
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Here are some more UK Left friends of Venezuela:


    ‘Signatories include G’rahame M’orris MP of Labour Friends of Venezuela, C’olin B’urgon, Chair of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, filmmaker J’ohn P’ilger and F’rances O’Grady, Trade Union Congress General Secretary, alongside student leaders, peace campaigners, community represenatives and array of others from across British society.

    In the political field, further signatories include MPs D’ave A’nderson, M’ichael C’onnarty, F’rank D’oran, P’aul F’arrelly, H’ywel F’rancis, G’eorge G’alloway, F’abian H’amilton, K’elvin H’opkins, I’an L’avery, J’ohn M’cDonnell, L’inda R’iordan, J’im S’heridan, M’ike W’eir, C’hris W’illiamson and M’ike W’ood, alongside Baroness M’argaret P’rosser plus E’laine S’mith MSP.

    An impressive array of further supporters in the trade union and labour movement include the general secretaries L’en M’cCluskey (Unite the Union,) B’illy H’ayes (CWU,) S’teve M’urphy (UCATT,) B’ob C’row (RMT,) M’anuel C’ortes (TSSA,) D’oug N’icholls (General Federation of Trade Unions) and J’ohn S’mith (Musicians’ Union & President of the International Federation Musicians) plus UNISON Assistant General Secretary R’oger M’ckenzie.

    Other prominent people to add their support from across British society include filmmaker K’en L’oach, actor A’ndy De La T’our, lawyer L’ouise C’hristian, plus a range of academic and writers including Professor E’rnesto L’aclau, Professor D’oreen M’assey and Dr. F’rancisco D’ominguez.

    Prominent campaigners for peace and social justice include B’ruce K’ent, Z’ita H’olbourne (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts,) S’alma Y’aqoob, M’aggie B’owden (General Secretary of Liberation,) L’indsey G’erman (Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition,) student leaders A’aron K’iely (NUS Black Students’ Officer) and M’att S’tanley (NUS Executive) plus B’ob O’ram, Chair of the Morning Star Management Committee.’

    The NUS signatories perhaps should feel a twinge given that the regime is targetting students.


  19. 28
    NelsonsGoodeye says:

    MP for Easington. A complete dump! No wonder he’s swanning around in Venezuela….


    • 33
      Sally Ally says:

      It’s a north eastern shithole full of drunks and nonces. As well as unspeakable politicised ex-miners’ wives. Thin as whippets.

      I’d rather be in Caracas getting me arse shot off.


  20. 30
    Nick says:

    It’s Labour. What else is there to say?


  21. 40
    Scallywag says:

    Maduro is Washington’s stooge in Venezuela.


    • 52
      Bemused says:

      Ah, right. So he’s not really a socialist anymore? Unlike Chavez, the great socialist hero. Maduro has sold out to the neo-cons, is that what you are saying?

      In that case why is it middle-class students that are protesting and not the poor? Because I was somewhat under the impression that too much socialism in Venezuela had served the poor quite well up to a point but has thoroughly fucked the middle-class future doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects and others right in the ass.


    • 57
      Owen Jones says:

      Just like in the USSR it was the wrong type of communism.


  22. 43
    eee by gum says:

    I got a water bill today.
    ha ha ha ha.
    vous prenez la pisse, n’est-ce pas?


  23. 44
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Where ever labour go, what ever labour does, labour fucks up big time.


  24. 48
    Brassed Off Joe Public says:

    We know what to expect IF Zanu*Lie*Labor ever get back into power
    & the filthy stinking masses decide to rise up in protest against them…..!!!


    • 51
      Musical Chairs says:

      Lib-Lab coalition 2015 to 2020 isn’t it?


      • 71
        The mod bot is still at it says:

        Yep. Looks like we now have a permanent Lib Dem presence in Government despite the wankers only representing about 5% of the electorate.


        • 104
          Jacky Treehorn says:

          They could just beg UKIP for help if they had any brains.


        • 123
          NE Frontiersman says:

          Just think what PR would give us: permanent coalitions dependent on the loose -change votes of parties that nobody wants to give a majority to.

          What was amusing, as well as sinister, about Natalie Bennet’s tanks-on-the-lawn talk about sacking all ‘Denialists’ from government were the two facts that, when she once stood for public office she got 2.7% of the vote, and that she was elected leader of her party with 42% of a 25% turnout even of her own party members.


  25. 56
    RichUpNorth says:

    I can’t help but notice that ALL these lefty types have faces that are eminently bootable.


    • 60
      National Socialist says:

      We like boots…especially jack boots.


      • 75
        Jacqui Boots says:

        Did someone call?

        Sorry I can’t come now, I’m busy doing my latest public sector job, running the NHS in Brum….Oh and anyway, I’m doing my expenses:

        Staying at my sister’s, 15 nights at £120
        Netflix Adult Xtra, 6 films at £4.95


        • 96
          I love ripping off the public with fictional expenses says:

          Please, please, please Jacqui, spend something on yourself.
          A face lift or luposuction or buy a burka, anything, …… just anything would be an improvement.


    • 64
      FFS2 says:

      It’s the smugness that is a natural consequence of having NPD.


  26. 68
    Socialist thicko says:

    When will the socialist thickos ever learn?


  27. 73
    National Socialist says:

    “With that point settled, I invite you to join me in welcoming news of the death of Venezuelan president and J’ew-hater Hugo Chavez.”


    “The truth also is that Chavez built his populist power-base, in part, on the foundations of an explicit anti-J’ewish (not merely anti-Israeli) discourse. He likened J’ews to pigs. He claimed J’ews controlled the largest businesses in Venezuela and were intent on stealing its national wealth.”

    On the “progressive” blog site Left Foo Forward, the Labour MP Grahame Morris (chair of the Labour Friends of Venezuela and my MP) wrote of Chavez as a true democrat whose economic policies had transformed the country and “dramatically” improved “the lives of the overwhelming majority”.


  28. 83
    Freedom says:

    You can’t gag the truth Morris. Your hideous ideology is a failure.


  29. 86
    Anonymous says:


  30. 88
    This is where the socialists' nonsense leads says:

    This is where the poseur Morris’s rubbish ‘monitoring’ and support for socialism leads: police shooting people at point blank range and leaving them to die on street corners.


  31. 92
    the hairy twatflake says:

    is that sir jangle of toddler on the left?


  32. 93
    mraemiller says:

    “Still the likes of Morris, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott refuse to condemn the violence…”

    Well, they wouldn’t do that would they? Someone might start asking hard questions about the UAF’s tactics. Fun as it is beating up Croydon’s Fascists …I cant help feeling winning intellectual arguements is just a bit old hat these days.


  33. 105
    Dr Llareggub says:

    It is not just these Labour Leftoids that support the Venezuela regime. The newly formed anarchist Class War Party led by the well known anarchist stunt performer, Mr Bone, are busy censoring any adverse comments in their leader’s main blog. Watch these cretins who suooorted Chavez and now want to destroy Eton, Cambridge and return to year zero.


  34. 111
    Keith Bailey says:

    I’d never heard of this Morris MP. He sounds like scum, threatening people on Twitter instead of condemning disgusting violence and oppression.

    Labour have some right nutters backing Ed Miliband.


  35. 114
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    Total Hunts will always tend to gravitate towards each other, this is just further proof of that law of the universe.


  36. 124
    Graham says:

    To be expected from a thick fucking Liebouriye shit with limited memory of what he had said earlier. And thick Hunts still vote for morons like him.


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