February 19th, 2014

Guy News Special: Quango Street

Meet White Suzi, “Red” Linda, 63 year old Chris and pensioner Tom, the residents of Quango Street. 200 have been evicted. 700 remain. Costing the taxpayer £80 billion a year. Tune into Quango Street. Every day, on Guido Fawkes.


  1. 1
    Owen Jones says:

    Viva Venezuela! And don’t ask me anything difficult on Twitter, I’ll just block you. That’s the kind of brave, fearless person I am!


    • 27
      Democracy Now says:

      Taking money to help rig elections is as shitty if yiu do it overseas and it is when you do it here.


      • 32
        C.O.Jones says:

        Interesting how some observers declined to monitor the elections for fear that their integrity would be compromised.


        • 45
          Point of Order says:

          Owen Jones and Di Abbott are excused that as they had no integrity to start with.

          In any case, Owen was just on a school trip with his ‘aunt’.


          • Dr Ke-lly says:

            Owen Jones and his like would happily silence and even kill their polticial opponents if he had the chance to do it in this country. It’s what socialists do.


          • The Cheshire Cat says:

            Owen Moans & Flabbutt are bad enough but what about Dromey, Harman & Hewitt – former affiliates of the PIE club…….not reported on the Savile Channel, of course.


    • 108
      Talen said something like that says:

      If you don’t shout FRAUD when you witness a fraud you are a fraud


    • 125
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Owen Jones, the bluebottle for the 21st century….you, you nasty non-socialists you dirty rotten swines


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I can do that, give us a job!


    • 113
      Jeremiah says:

      Wot’s this Guido, a pleb to narrate your short clip, you could do better, standards are slipping. I bet some of this lot if they don’t get back into power will be clammering for a nice jobbie they nothing about as the head of a QUANGO it seems par for the course with politicos, not just Smiffy (my, he looks a very old man, I am 5years older and don’t look that bad, must be the hard life he has led) and the others mentioned.


    • 118
      Jeremiah says:

      How many hoops can you jump through backwards, it is essential prerequisite for us to offer you the job.


  3. 3
    Chuka at the gym, lifting small weights whilst the House debated flooding says:

    Macho, macho man
    I’ve got to be… Oh, hold on. I haven’t checked my Wikipedia profile for at least ten minutes. Just need to make sure no one’s added anything embarrassing.


  4. 4
    UKIP or bust says:

    I see in the tweet above: “Understand Tories have given their MPs strict advice about not commenting on Harman/Dromey p@edophile story.”

    I needn’t think he should worry, the Bbbc will not give this much air.


    • 58
      BBC News and Propaganda Unit says:

      We shan’t be covering alleged links between
      Harman, Dromey, Hewitt’s NCCL and PIE.


    • 107
      John Bellingham says:

      It was mentioned in passing on Radio 4 the Today programme when the announcer editorialised by saying “This is surely against the law to say such things”.
      (He also thought it against the law to edit The Archers–but then that’s the BBC for you).

      A thought. All those little kiddies molested by the Labour-backed PIE members in the 1980s would be in their early/mid 40s today. How many entered politics?


      • 120
        Fly on the wall says:

        So how soon before they all come forward and the roundabout starts all over again? Lawyers love this sort of thing – effectively free cash handouts for them.


        • 128
          Jeremiah says:

          Dave is making sure that legal aid will not be available for them to pursue any claims. There have been rumours on this blog that certain older Cons have indulged but Dave will not be pursuing them, these are just insinuations anyway no proof, all can say of the accusers put up or shut up.


          • Charlie says:

            Did’ nt Private Eye cover this topic in the 1980s. There was also Islington Childrens Homes run by Labour at the same time. The Labour MP who is an oppenheimer denies all knowledge of such activities even though she was the leader of the council.


  5. 5
    Ed Balls says:

    Tax avoidance street coming soon.


    • 34
      A Victim says:

      Oohhhhhhhh Look over there. There’s a taxpayer footing a bill for a green lesbian to sit behind a desk all day ‘monitoring’ something.


    • 130
      Jeremiah says:

      Dave will not be pursuing those as they give lots of lovely money to the Cons, in the same way Liebore didn’t really pursue them, in fact they told them to relax restrictions which Liebore did which triggered the almighty mess known as the big crash.


    • 132
      Sir William Wayde says:

      That’ll be York Way, London N1, then.


  6. 6
    MB. says:

    Oh dear, a few unpleasant facts about leading members of the Labour party being aired again in the Daily Mail today. Been known for ages but this should make their background more generally known.

    Labour’s child sex apologists: How three of the party’s most senior figures campaigned for a vile paedophile group now being probed by police for ‘abusing children on an industrial scale’


    • 111
      Labour, this is what you could be voting for says:

      i) Industrial scale child abuse and a pathological hatred of Britain

      ii) Illegal wars, state sanctioned domestic assassinations, repression of freedom of expression and thought.

      iii) A broken economy, uncontrolled immigration, and conceding defeat to hostile foreign forces for no good reason.

      iv) State sanctioned fraud (Co-Op), control by Unions who defraud rather then represent their members, a higher tax burden and more EU.

      That’s just for starters.

      Cameron has not done much better.

      UKIP is the way forward.


      • 133
        Jeremiah says:

        If Farage can get his party into order UKIP should trounce the Cons, that is why Dave is panicking, he is reaching the state where nobody knows what he really stands for or even believes him, come on Nige you haven’t got long to the EU elections only 3 months, you are leaving it very late, you are the party of protest now!


        • 154
          thostids says:

          Cami-macmilloButler stands for nothing except what The Establishment tells him. During the periods of inactivity, chillaxing is permitted. He is little more than an affable playboy. It’s what the bugger will get up to after he is thoroughly kicked out of power come May 2015 bothers me!


  7. 7
    LOL says:

    Priceless. Comment of the Year. I’ll hazard a guess it’s taken from a joke website but no matter, it’s genius.


  8. 8
    Oak shed says:

    These, sir, are the facts.


  9. 9
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Here we go again…………….

    Tory Andrew Lansley claims £6,000 in hotel bills has a home ONE MILE from Parliament http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/tory-minister-andrew-lansley-claims-2871089


  10. 10
    James Savile says:

    Suzi’s a bit gilfy tho


  11. 11
    Revolting says:


    How will Labour spin this? Harman, Dromey and Hewitt were involved with a group that wanted to reduce the age of consent to 4 and to legalise incest, a group that received funding from the Callaghan government.


  12. 12
    Tom Cat says:



  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC did not tweet out this front page yesterday and it is not on their web site in the papers section. Still looking after their own by omission and turning a blind eye, nothing has changed at the BBC.


  14. 15
    Iain Duncan Smith in accounts says:

    What would the Reverend Paul Flowers say?


  15. 16
    J!mmy says:

    I tried posting this at the top of the page and got blocked.


  16. 21
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:



    • 59
      Jumped up t responds eventually as usual is still a t says:

      Didn’t know we had a British pension, always thought it was a UK pension, of course you will lose it you jumped up turd, it will be called a Scottish pension and whatever the pieces of garbage that run England and Wales and NI decide on, you only know how to steal pensions.


    • 126
      Fly on the wall says:

      It is to be hoped that this includes his gold plated MP pension (along with all the other foreign troughers than infest the HoC).


      • 143
        Jeremiah says:

        Quite a lot of Scottish foreigners in the Con Party, Gover, Rifkind, and Scottish surnames Cameron (crooked nose) you know them better than me


  17. 22
    A fuckwit Tory says:

    Don’t vote UKIP whatever you do!

    We are not all sexual perverts, honestly!

    Just off to swap my second mansion – toodle-pip, what!


  18. 23
    Harri says:

    I bet they all have a ‘Common Purpose’


  19. 26
    Dick the Butcher says:

    Well done Guido. This needs wider exposure.


  20. 28
    walking into darkness says:

    brava, I wonder if anyone in the real world would notice the difference if the quangos were gone
    get rid of QUANGOES + foreign aid + EU contributions and the budget deficit is gone


  21. 30
    A Victim says:

    Oi, where’e my victim surcharge?


  22. 31
    Steve Miliband says:

    Did Prescott do the voice over? Really convincing Northern accent.


  23. 33
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Owen Jones can offer nothing original. All Jones does is regurgitate the same old socialist drivel of hypocrisy, denial and envy.


  24. 36
    Maria Miller says:

    Have I resigned yet?


    • 47
      Tosser Dave says:

      Please don’t resign Maria. The Gay Mafia owes you a debt of gratitude for helping me legislate for Gay Marriage. They would instruct me to refuse to accept your resignation.


    • 66
      cornwall storms says:

      honorable people resign – highly unlikely ms miller will be taking that option.


      • 74
        Vince Cable says:

        I don’t recall any honourable resignations


        • 88
          cornwall storms says:

          that’s because there haven’t been any since bliar came to power and taught everyone in the political classes that honour, or honesty for that matter, played no part in politics.


  25. 37
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Average annual earnings are £26,500, so £80 billion represents the value of 3 million person-years of work, consumed by our quangos every year.


  26. 39
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    There but for the grace: H’arman et al. would have set P.I.E. up as a Quango.


  27. 46
  28. 53
    Pheasant Plucker says:

    Lol!, nice one.


  29. 56
    Mummy Jones says:

    And stop making apple P.I.E. beds


    • 65
      Curious says:

      Was Smiffy or Mandelscum what took your Owen’s virginity, Mrs.Jones. Either of them could be the one that infected him so badly with socialism.


  30. 60
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Capitalism has brought an unprecedented affluence to humanity whereas socialism has always brought poverty. This is why I am a socialist.


    • 73
      Fact says:

      Bollux. You’re a weak centre left gay loving LibLabConner.

      You haven’t got the guts to be a rabid red socialist.


  31. 61
    As it's a crime not to pay, still a TV licence payer says:

    “Quango Street” !!!
    Nice one – look forward to further episodes.
    If you must have “background” music, please lower the volume – you have no need to compete with our glorious leading broadcaster – which needs disbanding asap.


  32. 63
    Why Alex? do tell says:

    Alex Wickham @WikiGuido
    Understand Tories have given their MPs strict advice about not commenting on Harman/Dromey paedophile story.


  33. 67
    stop wasting our hard earned money says:

    You could dredge a fair few rivers and shore up
    miles of coastal defences with £80 billion.


    • 124
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Or you could build what would be a useless railway to cut the journey time to Birmingham by 20 minutes.


  34. 68
    Why Alex? do tell says:

    Why A1ex? do tell says:

    February 19, 2014 at 9:23 am
    Alex W1ckham @W1kiGu1do
    Understand Tories have given their MPs strict advice about not commenting on Harman/Dromey pa3dophile story.


    • 75
      Fact says:

      Because they might respond by exposing Dave’s gay history.


    • 86
      British Establishment's dirty little secrets says:

      It’s one of those areas like p-o-s-t-a-l v-o-t-e fraud and Cyril Smith that has a gentlemen’s agreement not to be discussed in public.


    • 87
      Trivial Pursuit says:

      Pop Quiz: Why would anyone edit Nick Clegg’s Wikipedia entry to remove most of the references to the interesting social connections between him, Ken Clarke, Sir Leon Brittan and John Selwyn Gummer?


      • 103
        7ctw says:

        With the shady pasts and dodgy connections of many of our political class, it would sure be easy for some unscrupulous agency or vested interest (domestic or foreign) to blackmail certain top people into doing their bidding.

        Hypothetically of course.


  35. 71
    cornwall storms says:

    I thought chrissmith had retreated to his taxpayer-funded drought-protected home in scotland until all the furore has died down, when he’ll come back and start claiming expenses again.


    • 77
      Smiffy says:

      Ha Ha HA !!! Can’t touch me! The Gay Brotherhood will protect me!


      • 82
        cornwall storms says:

        Not much bothered about his sexual orientation. His lack of capability , skills and qualifications for doing the job government has given him with a very generous salary and expenses package is more to the point. Not to mention his complete and utter lack of interpersonal skills that put him on a par with gordon.


  36. 76
    Anonymous says:

    I like your logger rhythm! :)


  37. 78
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    Excellent…….. kudos!


  38. 80
    Time to take a break from the paranoia about the BBC says:

    BBC News is reporting unemployment has fallen, wages have increased and the recovery is in train. So much for the BBC never reporting good news.


    • 90
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Grow a pair and stop paying the telly tax.

      I haven’t paid it for 9 years.

      I still get the odd letter addressed to “The Legal Occupier”, but as i know of no such person i burn them in the fireplace :-)


      • 92
        UK TV is unwatchable these days says:

        Ceasing payment of telly tax is the first step.

        The most important follow up is to then stop watching it.

        That really does improve life a lot.


        • 131
          JH-32094-0239-4 says:

          I agree – anyone show disagrees should do an experiment. Don’t watch if for a whole week. Then sit down and watch some.

          Within 5 minutes you will start to feel a small ball of anxiety and fury start to form in the pit of your stomach. Switch it off again.

          This presumes you are not already a fully fledged MSM drone. If this is not the case, you carry on enjoying the flashing gaudy noisebox which may help to fill the yawning void at your core somewhat.


    • 97
      Genghiz the kahn says:


  39. 84
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It’s about time we had all women shortlists for the Trades Union leaders.

    Vile dinosaurs like McCluskey,Crow and Serwotka should step down in favour of a women elected on an all women shortlist.

    Or is it do as i say and not as i do for Labour’s paymasters!


  40. 85
  41. 99
    Godfrey Bloom says:

    Fuck off all these Liblabcons from Quango Quango land.


  42. 100
    The British media are cunts says:



  43. 105
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Lynton Crosby needs to lock Dave and co. in a room until they can recite these facts in their sleep.

    1. Little furry animals don’t vote but angry farmers/residents do.

    2. Motorists vastly outnumber cyclists.

    3. Electricity & gas bill payers vastly outnumber eco-loons in Islington.

    4. Tony Abbott just won a landslide in the Aussie general election against the eco-loony Labour party.


    • 129
      Natalie Bennett says:

      I modeled my boring, whining, incoherent drone of a voice on Julia Gillard


      • 151
        Deaf bloke says:

        I hated your body language, I hated the drivel you were spouting (lip reader) now you tell me that should I save up for a cochlear implant I will hate the sound of your voice. Please fuck off to your ideological home in North Korea. NB even they don’t believe in your stupid global warming religion.


  44. 106
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    “Labour has to make climate change as toxic for Tories as Section 28 was”

    Guido Fawkes.

    Hear ! Hear !


  45. 109
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    So Labour are going down the same eco-loony tax bombshell route the Lib Dems are:

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher petrol prices

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher electricity and gas bills

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher council tax

    Vote Lib/Lab for higher income tax

    Bye bye Lib/Lab :-)


  46. 117
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Employment up and Unemployment rate up ?

    Two explanations:

    i) The figures are wrong

    ii) The rate of people becoming eligible to be considered unemployed is rising faster than the number of positions being filled.

    This situation could be caused by increases in the eligible population that can be considered unemployed. Youth unemployment could be up, or this is the effect of immigration showing up in the employment statistics.


    • 122
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Agreed. Unemployment down 125,000 but the rate up from 7.1% to 7.2%. Either the figures are wrong or a huge number of immigrants have just entered the country.


      • 134
        Fly on the wall says:

        … they are called Romanians or Bulgarians.


      • 144
        UK Wide Open Border's Agency & Not Acountable to Anyone says:

        We certainly Now don’t count them IN !!!


        We certainly Never count them OUT

        EVERYONE is welcome to come & go as they please…..


  47. 121
    sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

    Brilliant piece as someone said earlier comment of the year deserves a prize Guido.


  48. 147

    Time to quanGO innit? I mean GO!


  49. 152
    janet Trotts says:

    The quango Queen, Suzi Leather was Chair of the Exeter Community NHS Trust. You missed that one Guido.


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