February 19th, 2014

Care Blair was Always There

And suddenly the Labour crowing stops. Tony Blair has landed slap bang in the middle of the phone-hacking trials, as they resume this afternoon. An email from Rebekah Brooks to James Murdoch makes for delicious reading.

Over the course of an hour long phone call just after the Screws had closed down, Blair allegedly gave Brooks the following advice on 11 July 2011:

1. Form an independent unit that has an outside junior counsel, Ken Macdonald, a great and good type, a serious forensic criminal barrister, internal counsel, proper fact checkers etc in it. Get them to investigate me and others and publish a Hutton style report.”

 2. Publish part one of the report at same time as the police closes its inquiry and clear you and accept short comings and new solutions and process and part two when any trials are over.

 3. Keep strong and definitely sleeping pills. Need to have clear heads and remember no rash short term solutions as they only give you long term headaches.

 4. It will pass. Tough up.

 5. He is available for you, KRM and me as an unofficial adviser but needs to be between us

Surely our Tone wouldn’t be so blasé about the Hutton Report, that whitewashed his government’s involvement with the David Kelly affair?

And whatever could be behind this late discovery of such inconvenient evidence for Tony?

UPDATE: Statement by a spokesperson for Tony Blair:

“This was Mr Blair simply giving informal advice over the phone. He made it absolutely clear to Ms Brooks that, though he knew nothing personally about the facts of the case, in a situation as serious as this it was essential to have a fully transparent and independent process to get to the bottom of what had happened. That inquiry should be led by credible people, get all the facts out there and that if anything wrong were found there should be immediate action taken and the changes to the organisation made so that they could not happen again.

“Mr Blair said that if what he was being told by her was correct, and there had been no wrongdoing, then a finding to that effect by a credible Inquiry would be far better than an internal and therefore less credible investigation.”

Nothing to see here…


  1. 1
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    Chilcot ?


    • 6
      Dr K's Penknife says:

      Blood on his hands B£iar was right – it does pass in the end.


    • 14
      Claire Short says:

      Bang to rights.


      • 18
        Shit Hits Fan says:


      • 21
        Shit Hits Fan says:


        • 73
          Why is Blair Doing this? says:

          But there must be a reason why Blair is protecting these people.


          • Anonymous says:

            Mutual blackmail. Seems to be how the entire crappy establishment works.

            And the tossers wonder why 60% or more of the electorate no longer bother voting for one of their rigged elections?


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Anony – entrapment and then the blackmail something i have never ever evr mentioned on here though …

            Their castles are all built on sand.


        • 76
          Bring in Alky Al too perlease says:

          Oh Tone, hahahahahahahaha

          More people now seeing you as the person that you are.
          You are a cretin mate.


          • Labour is a cancer says:

            Only a cretin? More like an utterly evil, lying, corrupt, deceitful, sociopathic, greedy, shallow, heartless, monstrous, tax dodging, filthy gangster, war criminal, mass murderer and personal friend to dictators.


          • All the world says:

            We will put you down as undecided then.


      • 55
        The CPS never says:

        Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?


    • 28
      H4dley Freeeeeeman says:

      No no what matters is that right wing fashion is RACIST. Read my article today and marvel at how quickly negative comments are moderated away. It’s good to fight against the patriarchy.

      You’re all SEXIST.


    • 30
      As they say. says:

      Power Corrupts.


      • 283
        Twampersand says:

        Blair was a corrupt, homosexual little shit long before he came to power.

        He’s a lawyer. Enough said.

        BTW it’s obvious that Dr Kelly killed himself with a blunt penknife and four paracetamol.

        Even though 4 paramedics, including those attending the scene as first responders, a vascular surgeon and a GP have said that it was not possible for him to have bled to death from his ‘injuries’. There was nowhere near enough blood, not even close, which means that he either did not bleed to death or his body was re-clothed and then moved after death. No credence can be given to the post mortem report as it was botched on 2 occasions and Kelly’s remains have been destroyed, just like Bliar’s expenses.

        I have been known to have a flutter now and then, and I’d be more than happy to bet a very large sum that MI5/6 either popped him or allowed an Iraqi hit squad to do so, with Bliar’s full knowledge and approval.

        The world is fecked. These bastards can literally commit murder and daylight robbery and suffer zero consequences. Until several hundred people involved in Labour’s reign of terror are shot for treason, and not a few from previous regimes too, including the The Queen, the rot will continue to spread until the country goes completely tits up, permanently.


        • 321
          Anonymous says:

          Thou shalt not kill.

          Vengeance is the Lord’s I’m told.
          All will be revealed in the fullness of time, another said to me.
          I hope I live long enough to witness it, the emergence of truth about everything.


          • Twampersand says:

            If one observes how the Lord Jesus Christ understands that pasage when questioned on related matters in the NT, He quoted it as ‘Thou shalt not murder’.

            There is a world of difference between murder and killing. One could argue, and I would, that a legally orchestrated execution for perjury, murder, dereliction of duty, war crimes, perverting the course of justice, treason and repeated breaches of oaths of office are more than enough reason to send someone to the gallows.

            I can think of at least 100 people of ‘power’ in the last 20 years that should be executed for the reasons outlined above, amongst other things.

            I too hope I live long enough to see it. Imagine the viewing figures!


        • 350
          Anonymous says:

          That’s slander. Blair is not homosexual. He’s a completely straight little shit. No gay man could possibly have even considered doing the deed with Cherie.


    • 61
      Mandy says:

      Watch his wealthy ‘friends’ start to carefully back off. Invitations to cruise will only come from Lord Chrissie Smith.


    • 116
    • 191
      easy solution says:

      most interesting bit of all this is – and will probably get lost in the understandable glee at Blair getting shafted royally – is what it says about the Hutton inquiry. Blair is essentially saying – do what I did with Hutton and you will get yourself off the hook, like we did.

      whole lot of them want getting rid tbh. Blair, Murdochs, Cameron, Coulson, Brooks. Morally and politically bankrupt.


      • 322
        Setting an official body up having the appearance of doing something but really just a cover up says:

        Hutton type enquiry ? Whatever can he mean ?


      • 375
        Diomalco says:

        Blair getting shafted looks like ‘Murdoch’s revenge’ through his paid up minons.


    • 200
      Guardianista Analysis says:


    • 237
    • 239
      getcha piano wire here says:

      There is a lampost
      not too far away
      within a city wall.
      It stands alone
      without the fruit
      awaited by us all.


      • 258
        will this work finally? says:

        most interesting bit of all this is – and will probably get lost in the understandable glee at Blair getting shafted royally – is what it says about the Hutton inquiry. Blair is essentially saying – do what I did with Hutton and you will get yourself off the hook, like we did.

        whole lot of them want getting rid tbh. Blair, The Australian Media Family, Cameron, Coulson, Brooks. Morally and politically bankrupt.


    • 262
      The Report that the British Public will NEVER see published says:

      It will NEVER see the light of day…….


    • 344
      FLETCH says:

      So it’s official, Hutton was a white wash, one of the few honest things to come out of Blair’s mouth in years

      BRING ON CHILCOT and let the guilty feel the heat !!


    • 360
      jimbo says:

      What does seeing Charlie for consication mean….I know the Guidos might nor want to talk abot their paymasters and pinger….but ?oint the f


    • 365
      jdseanjd says:

      Chilcot? Yes please.

      I would so dearly love to this warmongering, mass murdering, slime B£iar in the dock for crimes against humanity, I can almost taste it, the Catholic Cnut.


    • 378
      keep sniffing says:

      ‘Publish a Hutton style report’ -loaded, why a ‘Hutton style report’?


  2. 2
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:


    Hacked Off: be careful what you wish for…


  3. 3
  4. 4
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    Just about sums up what we suspected about the David Kelly inquiry and Hutton Report.


  5. 5
    kebabmon says:

    How did he know that the police would clear her?


    • 193
      ChrisBryant'sAnus says:

      people who disobey blair have a way of dying on grassy knolls


    • 236
      Tooting Tony from Tel Aviv says:

      Get the ex DPP Macdonald on board to pervert the course of justice



      • 286
        Kier Starmer says:

        I’m always available for politically motivated persecution, bribery, graft and all-round general corruptness.


      • 345
        FLETCH says:

        cos he’s a member of the same chambers as Mother Blair. Keep it in the family Tone, and make a few bob on the side………..
        …………don’t you just love socialism


    • 297
      kebabmon says:

      UPDATE: i’ve dropped myself in it… get the lawyers to issue a carefully worded statement! Did she ring him asking for advice or vice versa?


  6. 7
    Fed up Joe Public says:

    Hopefully his Call to Account @ the International Criminal Court

    Sooner rather than Later !!!


  7. 8
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    His recipe for an ‘enquiry’ that will let you off, and even the publishing timings should finally dent the great escape artist, surely?


    • 84
      Mitch says:

      Is that what he means by “..a serious forensic criminal barrister, internal counsel, proper fact checkers..” ?


      • 230
        jgm2 says:

        In a Sir Humphrey kind of way – ie ‘Well, Prime Minister, what you’ll need is a great and good type, a serious forensic criminal barrister, internal counsel, proper fact checkers etc, I suggest ooooh, say, Ken Macdonald…’


    • 206
      bergen says:

      I’m atraid it confirms what many of us always thought about Hutton.


    • 242
      Tooting Tony from Tel Aviv says:

      It’s a nice day here

      I am making lots of cash offshore

      Anything happening in flooded Britain?

      I love tooooting…


  8. 9
    Charlie's Dead says:

    Scum, utter fucking scum the lot of them, a bullet in each vile head.


  9. 10
    William Benson says:

    It just might be that Murdoch’s a tad upset with him. Possibly.


  10. 12
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Toilet-Cam says:

    Me love Tony so much – he look at me like he look at red whore, but better, with tight butt and strong arm.


  11. 13
    Steve Miliband says:

    Deng Dong


  12. 19
    Bendy Wendy says:

    Roo red-headed bitch. Weave Tony awone, he mine. I rove him first. I rove him rong, rong time, and his butt and his legs.


    • 31
      Kim Jong-un says:

      You’ll always have welcome with me Tone


      • 96
        Lonely Tony says:

        Hey. Thanks Kimmy, much appreciated.

        I see that the International Court is on your tail, so if I can reciprocate, or help in any way I would be happy to. I would suggest;

        1. Form an independent unit that has an outside junior counsel, Ken Macdonald, a great and good type, a serious forensic criminal barrister, internal counsel, proper fact checkers etc in it. Get them to investigate me and others and publish a Hutton style report.”

        2. Publish part one of the report at same time as the investigator closes its inquiry and clear you and accept short comings and new solutions and process and part two when any trials are over.

        3. Keep strong and definitely sleeping pills. Need to have clear heads and remember no rash short term solutions as they only give you long term headaches.

        4. It will pass. Tough up.

        5. He is available for you, KRM and me as an unofficial adviser but needs to be between us

        There’s more help where that came from, Kimmy. BTW my rate is $1,500,000 per day, US, paid into my Cayman Islands Account


    • 126
  13. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Rupe’s put his pecker up Tone’s arse


  14. 22
    nigels parchute says:

    When did global warming morph into climate change?


    • 26
      Quack Climate Doctor says:

      When they realised that the world was not warming.


      • 33
        BBc News Editor says:

        Indeed, well said. You see, the science is settled. Hot wether is caused by global warming, but all other weather is caused by climate change.


        • 45
          BBC News circa 150 AD to 1600 AD says:

          The science is settled. The Earth is the centre of the universe and the sun and all other heavenly bodies orbit it in perfect circles riding on crystal spheres. Anyone who says otherwise is a heretic and will be burned at the stake.


      • 381
        khu76 says:

        When they realised that the Tabloid reading Mong public wouldn’t understand that hot and COLD weather extremes would happen during the upward temperature trend.


    • 36
      C.O.Jones says:

      In the eighties they called it Global Cooling and we were about to enter a new ice age. In the nineties they changed their minds and called it Global Warming.
      It morphed into Climate Change when they realised it could go either way – in so doing it fits in well with whatever happens.

      Now, this is the rub, if nothing happens they are covered because it would have gone colder or warmer had the product of human activity not intervened.


      • 254
        Tony el Tigre says:

        We are currently in a minor inter-glacial period of a major glacial one.
        Things will get Froooooooosty!


    • 37
      JH398i409324-0 says:

      Oh, about the time when there was no evidence of warming found.

      Still, cheer up – remember Acid rain that would turn the seas to battery acid? And the hole in the Ozone layer that was going to fry us alive?

      We don’t hear about those any more, so I assume it is all cleared up and solved.

      Bravo to all involved in protecting us! You did it again, well done!


    • 46
      Yogurt weaver rebuttal squad says:

      17.5 years ago when it became obvious that the world had ceased warming. However it is still all our fault and we must pay more tax to stop it happening.


      • 57
        Weather 'v' Climate - a refresher course for warmists says:

        17.5 years is just ‘weather’. You need at least 20 years before it can be called ‘climate’. And if you get 20 years of no warming then that will be just ‘weather’ and you’ll need at least 25 years before it can be called ‘climate. And if you get 25 years…


        • 97
          climate change bollocks says:

          Global warming morphed into Climate Change when GW was disproved.
          Climate change is such a meaningless loose phrase it can comfortably accommodate excess rain, winds, snow,ice and high temperatures.
          Perfect for any eco-loons wishing to introduce more propaganda,taxes and legislation.


    • 171
      Not the BBC says:

      You are so last year comrade, it’s now ‘extreme climate change’.


  15. 24
    cornwall storms says:

    Oh Dear poor bliar’s reputation is taking such a bashing these days – first wendydeng and now this – the halo is slipping!! Hopefully it will impact negatively upon his earning potential in the long run.


  16. 25
    Gordon Brown says:

    Very sorry to see my friend Tony dragged into this…



  17. 32
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Dear Tony

    You are my rock, my role model, my hero.

    Yours (if you only ask)




  18. 35
    Tone B'liar says:

    I did not have sex with that woman


  19. 38
    ITMA the Hangman says:

    “Can I do yer now Sir?


  20. 40
    Steve Miliband says:

    In other news; Labour’s job guarantee is only for one year.


    • 154
      Welly Wanger says:

      Is that Miliband’s job? I give him six months, before Mister Market kicks him in the Balls and sends Labour on its way….

      Fortunately, the Co-op Bank will be there to bail them….oh.


  21. 41
    Sheffield Rally says:

    When inconvenient truths emerge Blair resorts to “Hutton” whitewash jobs and now he’s telling people how to duck out.

    Shows Labour are up to their necks in this.


    • 51
      RIP Dr David says:

      Has Alistair Campbell started spinning this one yet?


      • 71
        Anon Nutty Doc says:

        Big Al is fully sedated at present & will be for quit sometime !!!


        • 81
          Mr J Walker says:

          How much has he had?


        • 159
          walking into darkness says:

          I wonder if he’s depressed because he’s got the death of 500,000 people or more on his hands. He didn’t act alone but he was integral to it all, I know that would upset me but I’d hope not to have been such an expletive to have done what he did in the first place.


          • go fuck yourself says:

            Time for me to have one of my public depressions too.
            Oh, people, feel sorry for me.

            ha fucking ha Straw.
            May your depressions get worse and worse and worse.


          • jgm2 says:

            He doesn’t give a shit. Campbell’s only worry is that somebody will break the code of omerta and the evil fucker will end up in court.

            Conscience? If any Labour MP had had a conscience over the Iraq war lies they would have resigned. Although that can get you killed too.


          • Chilcots never ending inquiry says:

            The blood on his hands doesnt bother him but getting called out on it does. That fact is beyond doubt.


        • 216
          Fishy says:

          ‘Big Al is fully sedated at present & will be for quite sometime !!!’

          45 minutes?


  22. 41
    Questions of our time says:

    Did Tony B’lair advise B’rooks to advise D’avid C’ameron to hire A’ndy C’oulson ?


  23. 44
    jgm2 says:

    Fucking hilarious.

    ‘Publish a Hutton style report’.

    Whatever can he mean? How could he possibly anticipate the outcome of a Hutton style report?


    • 53
      Ha bloody Ha says:

      Hoist by his own petard.


    • 59
      Lord Hutton says:

      I’m not called a safe pair of hands for nothing, you know.


      • 139
        A taxpayer says:

        “I’m not called a dishonest establishment stooge who wil, go down as one of the biggest fools in history for nothing, you know.”

        There. Fixed it for you. Will you return your fees now or are we going to have to arrest you too?


        • 317
          bergen says:

          I wonder how Hutton now feels when he knows he will be reviled in history as a judge who did as he was told.

          A 30 pieces of silver man.


          • Anonymous says:

            Did Judas do the honourable thing or was he set-up as well?


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            “A judge who did as he was told” Now there’s a novelty…………………….NOT! Time we started electing them. Works for the Yanks!


  24. 47
    Tony`s Good Butt says says:

    Dont care what you think..you prove I did…filthy minds the lot of you


  25. 49
    At your service says:

    Please don’t tell me anybody is surprised by this. Blair and FAMILY have LOTS more in the cupboard!!!!


    • 85
      Anon says:

      It must be a HUGE fcuking cupboard !! after what they have ALL done
      to OUR country

      Just needs the Oxygen of Publicity to bring this to the Boil but very slowly……..


      • 110
        BBC News Editor says:

        We will not be helping.


        • 165
          jgm2 says:

          You might be surprised. The BBC tried to expose Blair and his rigged evidence and an ‘independent’ report found them guilty of making stuff up resulting in mass firings. The BBC should be delighted to stick the boot into Blair.

          note SHOULD.


          • English Heretic says:

            Fair point, the BBC did take a lot of flak for the dodgy dossier, honest Al Campbell knows how that panned out.


      • 364
        Just saying says says:

        Come on Rupert …

        Stop fucking around…

        GET ON WITH IT!

        *grabs popcorn*


    • 261
      JP Morgan says:

      We love Tony Blair

      He is always up for a dirty deal

      Why do we pay him £5 million a year?


  26. 54
    ikidu0 says:

    Ahhhh, Me soo horny


  27. 56
    Wendy D says:

    Oh I hope he make Tony stand up at trial.

    I much love his sexy bum bum.

    If man try custard pie him I do kung fu on him.


  28. 58
    nigels parchute says:

    I dont give a toss about glo.. climate change until some action is taken on population control

    Im not gonna arse about reducing my carbon footprint by 4% while the planets population is heading towards 9 billion


    • 72
      Prosperity says:

      Don’t worry. When people have a few bob in their pockets they slow down in making babies.


    • 75
      Paniagua says:

      The whole of the UK only comes to 2% of the emissions anyway so what is the fucking point.

      Our savings are less than India’s growth FFS


      • 361
        Twampersand says:

        95% of ‘greenhouse’ gas is water vapour. Not my opinion, a fact.

        Perhaps we should ban water?

        I could not give a toss about carbon nonsense. It has absolutely no relevance to my life, apart from the money I lose because of gaia worship.


    • 333
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Mother nature will normalise everything when the world’s population reaches a critical level. Not enough food and water to go around will lead to billions of deaths through famine and wars. Mother nature knows best.


  29. 60
    JH349849583249030 says:

    Could this be the opening salvo of the broadside on Labour that will last right up to the election?

    I can only guess at the amount of dirt Rupe has on Tony Blair, Twatson et al.


  30. 62
    Ctesibius says:

    Bliar ‘is sending some notes later’. Can someone please ask him to publish those – the Court for example?


  31. 64
    Tony Blair says:

    Oh I almost forgot the most important thing to say.

    Namely – Lessons will be learnt.

    Ps – Dave agrees


  32. 66
    So what is Blair trying to hide? says:


  33. 67
    Mitch says:

    Actually, Blair is proposing a proper enquiry? Which bit of it suggests a dodge, exactly?


    • 82
      Bread and Circusssesesses's says:

      You will go far my lad.


    • 92
      jgm2 says:

      The bit where he (Blair) anticipates the findings of a ‘proper enquiry’ such as, for example the Hutton Report.

      Since we know the NoW (and other papers) were involved in the industrialised hacking of phones then any ‘proper enquiry’ would find that to be the case. Just as any ‘proper enquiry’ would have found that Blair totally rigged the ‘evidence’ for the war in Iraq.

      By comparing the outcome of the Hutton enquiry to the supposedly unforeseeable results of a similar ‘enquiry’ Blair has made it quite clear that the results of the Hutton enquiry was fixed from the start.


      • 101
        Paddy Power says:

        Someone who can see into the future is not good for our sort of business.


      • 111
        Mitch says:

        Not necessarily. We’re reading this with the benefit of hindsight. If Blair believed at the time there was nothing in the hacking allegations then his assumption that the enquiry would exonerate them seem pretty fair.

        I repeat, he said: “..a serious forensic criminal barrister, internal counsel, proper fact checkers..” – that doesn’t suggest a whitewash to me.


        • 136
          Tony Blair says:

          Have you ever served on a jury? Would you like to?


        • 189
          enough, enough says:

          Here’s the wiki entry for the serious forensic criminal barrister:


          A fine man of such integrity,so totally moral, and with such impeccable credentials. ho hum


          • Long John Silver's parrot says:

            Criminal barristers would fall over themselves for a brief like this.

            £5,000 a day for weeks on end plus an opportunity to increase your profile .

            That is the reality.


          • Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

            Yuck !!
            Legal protector of the IRA, human rights trougher alongside Mrs Blair and then a LibDem peerage.
            Now returned to his anti British Establishment masters at Oxford.


        • 207
          FFS says:

          Your missing the point entirely. Blair already knows there is a criminal investigation ongoing. This was a suggestion to bypass the whole lot of that by having an entirely internal “investigation” by someone of “impeccable credentials” to release a report clearing everybody involved.

          Hmmm, if Tone believed everything was above board why not simply allow the courts to do their job?


        • 246
          jgm2 says:

          But Blair is referring to the Hutton report with the benefit of hindsight. A report that even independent observers reckoned was perverse in it’s findings.

          A report that in 2011, when that e-mail was written, even the Labour heirarchy had distanced themselves from. Declaring the war in Iraq ‘a mistake’ and applauded as such by many of the people who’d voted for it much to David Miliband’s annoyance if I recall.


      • 118
        The National Association of Clairvoyants says:

        We didn’t see that coming


  34. 77
    Mitch says:

    The more interesting bit is the first line – what does “confiscation” mean?


    • 88
      Paniagua says:

      And the bit below from Murdoch Jr saying “what are you doing on email”

      Of course any lawyer worth anything will dismiss that, but what does it really say about collusion?


    • 120
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Legally it means transfer or forfeiture of a privately owned asset to a public authority such as the Police or Government without compensating the original owner.

      In peace time this is usually because such asset has been used to carry out an illegal activity.

      Blair apparently stated that he needed to be position between J, the Big M (KRM) and Brooks. That is also of interest.


      • 133
        Mitch says:

        Exactly. So what was the meeting with “Charlie” supposed to achieve regarding that? It doesn’t sound like he was from the Police or Government.


        • 167
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          Maybe need to check the date. Was this before or after those computers were dumped and final records shredded ?


          • FFS says:

            Leveson enquiry started in July 2011 – so presumably the “confiscation” refers to confiscation of evidence relating to that enquiry.


      • 137

        That does not sound like missionary position to me.


        • 151
          A sandwich says:

          I think I’m turning Japanese


        • 176
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          No – it does not.

          It does sound very much like Tony was looking to take control of the situation.

          Get that he is a bit of a control freak, but why would he want to place himself in the middle of this particular situation ?


          • A very good question.

            The only possible answer I can come up with is that God thinks that he is Tony Blair…


          • FFS says:

            Who called who? We don’t know. I suspect as the Levenson inquiry had just started Brooks called Blair. Blair then offered that advice.

            Of course Levenson at that point had not come to any conclusion until Nov 2012. So as early as July 2011 it seems Blair already knew that Brooks and the Murdochs were in deep shit, well before Levenson got into the swing of things and a long time before the current legal action.

            So here we have Blair suggesting a plan of action essentially to circumvent anything bad that might be said during the Levenson inquiry – when it had only just started. Oh yeah, Blair looks like he’s up to his neck in this one alright.

            On the phone for an hour? Why be talking to Tone for so long when Levenson had just started? Why him? What was the motivation? I wonder how that conversation went? “Look Tony I’m in the shit here and I’m taking you down with me unless you help!” – or something like that perhaps? Seems she doesn’t have the same links to Cameron – no strings to pull there.


          • Casual Observer 7 says:

            Not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting that he wished to be in control so he could steer the direction of where this was going to lead.

            But, which direction would he have wanted to lead this in ?

            Getting KRM and JM over a barrel would be the only real interest for him, but the damage had already been done with NOTW shut down. Perhaps a miscalculation ?

            RB was in some respects foolish to have sent that mail, but her apparent naivety may be a blessing for M.

            In context it will be hilarious if a tape of the phone conversations emerge. I do not believe for one minute that RB would have not recorded those at the time.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Interesting set of comments here.

            Closest to the mark is – that they are all eating themselves up with their lies and more lies – in that they all should be going down.

            Have no sympathy for any of the players in this – they are all guilty of many misdemeanours and criminal acts – Bliar however gets number one spot for his ‘abuse and misuse of power’ alongside Rupe and Co.

            Remember behind every one of them there is a legion of duplicitous shysters.


          • khu76 says:

            Bliar wants dirt on Murdoch so he can defend himself. How they deserve each other…


  35. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Foghorn reeves pledges a fund to guarantee jobs for long term unemployed. The only think not long term is the period of the fund which is one year. This she states is the centre piece of its economic plan.
    We’ll on the upside if they win given it’s only a year the damage would be limited and hopefully easily contained


    • 167
      Maximus says:

      So instead of the government paying men to dig holes and fill them in, Labour will pay them to to stand in a queue from 9 to 5 to collect money?

      Postmodern Keynesianism – the environmentally friendly Keynesianism!


      • 210
        hobknobbing with the toffs says:

        How much did Miliband’s wife earn representing wind farm developers that
        wanted to build a huge wind farm next to a Grade 1 listed Lodge on the
        Duke of Gloucester’s estate.


      • 234
        FFS says:

        Given that we are paying them anyway, I’d be happier seeing them digging and filling in holes rather than sitting on their ass watching “Doctors” at my expense.


        • 276
          CEO, The Employment Ministry says:

          Normally these jobs are done by three men, one to dig the hole, the second to put the tree in and the third to replace the soil. The problems arise when the tree planter is off sick. Then we get the dig it up and put it back syndrome. I do hope that is clear.


  36. 86
    Speaker of truth says:

    He is describing the style of the report you morons, which could be a commentary on any element of its process as opposed to the outcome.


    • 91
      Websters Political Dictionary says:

      style of the report

      A forgone conclusion. A stitch up.


    • 95
      Mitch says:

      That’s correct. We know he’s a crook; but on this his advice seems pretty good tbh.


    • 100
      jgm2 says:

      He’s telling them what the outcome of a ‘Hutton style’ report (a supposedly independent report) will be and when to make public the various parts of the report.

      If you don’t want to see that then that’s entirely your choice. But that won’t change the facts.


      • 109
        Digger says:

        They dont get it yet jgm2, but they soon will ;)


      • 138
        Speaker of truth says:

        No he isn’t. That’s what you have chosen to spin the comments as to fit your own agenda.

        A blair fan (should there be any left) could just as easily spin it as him suggesting a fully comprehensive and lengthy review of the facts at hand which will deliver a fair outcome. You are letting your own bias cloud the issue.


        • 186
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          Why specifically mention a Hutton report ?

          There were many other reports around the same time.

          By implication, either Hutton was the only genuine one, or Hutton was the real cover up.

          It is odd that in 2011 that 2003 report should be the one in Blair’s mind.


        • 201
          jgm2 says:

          FFS he’s telling them the form of the report and the conclusions of the report and how to play it before it (the report) has even taken place.

          And equating it to the Hutton enquiry.


        • 249
          FFS says:

          You are missing the timeline. Levenson had only just been appointed. Nobody knew just how deeply senior management were involved at the Screws. Levenson was supposed to investigate all that.

          So why didn’t Tony say something like “Don’t worry Rebecca, Levenson will get to the bottom of it all and you will be exonerated”.

          Why didn’t he say that? Because he already knew it wasn’t true!

          The whole purpose of doing some sort of internal inquiry was to somehow short-circuit the Levenson inquiry and try and take control of the process. Exactly what Blair did with Hutton to avoid a proper inquest and a broader investigation into the background to the war in Iraq!


          • jgm2 says:



          • Chilcots never ending inquiry says:

            Exactly and the reason for the delay in Chilcot is that Campbell screwed up when giving evidence when asked to justify the ‘beyond doubt’ phrase used by Blair when he misled Parliament into thinking the intellegence was of that high standard. Campbell broke down on a tv show shorly after that and recent events reveal him to have sunk ino a depression yet again. Yep their sins will catch them out.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To FFS and others in this box – Blair, Charlie Falconer and many other legals – concocted the ‘narrowed remit’ for the safe hands Hutton

            NOT ONE – legal actor in the Hutton whitewash – gave ‘testimony under oath’. The whole lot of them framed up and played out; aided and abetted by the conniving msm of the time a cover up.

            And Jonathan Sumption – gets elevated to the supreme court for his acting abilities … oh dear. And these legals sell themselves as being of the highest intelligence of the law … huh – tricksters, shysters, liars and frauds every last one of them.

            A conspiracy from the top down.


  37. 87
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Murdoch: not a man to be crossed by shagging his missus.


  38. 103
    Hutton says:

    I feel such a fool


  39. 105
    Andrew Gilligan says:

    “How to use a fake Hutton style inquiry to perform a cover-up” by Tony Blair.

    This has to be fake surely? It couldn’t possibly come out quite so clearly just like that. Basically the man is admitting he screwed over my entire career by creating a puppet inquiry and show trial paid for by the taxpayer using corrupt public servants.


    • 113
      The Coffee says:

      Wake up and inhale man.


    • 122
      Professor Hindsight is always right says:

      If Blair believed that the hacking allegations were false then his assumption is correct – a ‘proper’ enquiry would find nothing.


    • 157
      Dr Kel-ly says:

      Don’t feel so bad. He screwed me over even more than that.


    • 353
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Gilligan – is not out of the woods yet – considering the considerable ‘clues he was given’ post the other mans death and of which to this date he has ‘remained silent on’.

      He was at a restaurant in central London in 2003 late into the night. His group left about midnight but he waited around until about 2 pm and followed 2 men out of that restaurant.


  40. 108
  41. 124
    nigels parchute says:

    There is no way as a Catholic that Tone could have an affair. He knows God is watching him and he knows God would not be happy about such behavior


  42. 128
    Wendi's Oriental Takeaway says:

    All the time he just wants fcuking 69 !!!


  43. 129
    and says:

    Has Blair been doorstepped yet?


  44. 131
    Anonymous says:

    A Brown style cover up

    – Waft the hand to dispurse the Scotch fart
    – practice the phrase “it wasnae me”
    – Blame Ed Balls weight lifting diet


  45. 132
    Hutton says:

    Have I been used?


  46. 134
    Ctesibius says:

    Ken McDonald’s Wikipedia entry is instructive:

    * During his time at Oxford he was convicted of supplying cannabis after sending 0.1 g of the drug through the post.[6] He pleaded guilty, and was fined £75.
    * ….He became the first pupil of barrister Helena Kennedy
    * …. As a junior barrister he defended a number of terrorist suspects (both Provisional IRA and those from the Middle East), fraudsters and major drug dealers
    * …. In the late 1990s, he was a co-founder of Matrix Chambers with Cherie Booth
    * …. In August 2003 it was announced that Macdonald would succeed Sir David Calvert-Smith as DPP … The appointment was immediately denounced by Opposition spokesmen as “rampant cronyism” and a “provocative appointment”

    Though he may have tried to separate his slippery arse from the Bliars in later life we have a terrorist sympathising drug dealer appointed DPP because he was a business partner of Bliar’s wife.



    • 166
      Dr Kel-ly says:

      And that’s just what you know abot because it’s not covered by ‘legal privilige’.

      Now tell me. What exactly do you think a Prime Minister’s wife gives legal advice about for such large, tax deductable fees, in the privacy of her Matrix Chambers?


    • 257
      FFS says:

      Oh well done! This gets better. Blair suggesting a fake internal inquiry headed up by a corrupt prosecutor to try and short-circuit the Levenson inquiry when it had only just begun.


    • 331
      Blairs advice explained says:

      He’s a great and good type.


  47. 135
    Not the BBC says:

    We have never heard of the Daily Mail and therefore cannot show you the front page.


  48. 141
    ylleK divaD says:

    Truth will out.


  49. 142
    Archiver says:

    Rebekah Wade seems remarkably efficient at saving old emails, texts and phone calls, except when they might be damaging to her.

    There isn’t anything over 6 months old on this pute, let alone 6 years.


    • 150
      Wait - what! says:

      Ever heard of cloud storage?
      You don’t need anything on your computer any more.


      • 160
        Archiver says:

        She has archived material long before cloud storage existed. But you are digressing, my point is that she appears to have archived every electronic communication she has ever received, which is odd.


        • 181
          NSA says:

          Which is sensible.


        • 240
          Not the BBC says:

          Archiving everything is not odd, it just means that one can be very selective about what is allowed to be published.
          I was responding to the point you made about not having anything on your computer over 6 months old.


        • 260
          FFS says:

          It would appear that her computers were confiscated as evidence. Furthermore the Screws servers would have a back-up copy of emails going back 6 months and they would have been confiscated too.


      • 192

        Cloud storage is the least secure place you could store anything.

        It goes straight into the files of NSA.


      • 218
        Doh! says:

        Excellent Idea!

        Copy all your personal & private information to an unknown destination, owned by someone else, operating under a different country’s legal system.

        What could possibly go wrong?


    • 253
      Me says:

      Surely, as part of the investigation, they were ordered NOT to delete any emails.


      • 342
        Anonymous says:

        Same thing that caught out the Climategate crowd. They thought that by deleting anything embarrassing from their own computers, it had gone for ever.

        Among their vast store of technical ignorance was a complete lack of understanding of how mailservers work.


  50. 145
    Tom Watson says:

    They should have set up a “Falkirk-style” inquiry.


  51. 146
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    New US house construction down 16% in January, from December, with Dec down 4.8% on November. Declines largely blamed on the half-baked policies of the Conservative led coalition.


  52. 153
    What a Goon says:


  53. 162
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Guido, Can I offer you more crates of Guiness to accept fracking?


  54. 169
    Bingo says:



  55. 170
    Amanita Phalloides says:

    Incubus entwines with succubus.

    Not only is Blair a war criminal, it appears he is also one of the common-or-garden variety as well.


  56. 172
    Labout post 2010 says:

    We know nothing
    Balls,Miliband,front row girls,Eagles,Harman,Dormley,Uunnmmaa,etcetcetc


  57. 178
    The British media are cunts says:

    How will the BBC spin this?

    1. Just ignore it?

    2. Put it down the bottom of the 6pm news after the jokey story?

    3. Put Alistair Campbell on Newsnight to get a nice long verbal blow job off Krusty Wart?

    4. Get the BBC puppet Steve Hewlett to pretend that Murdoch was really nasty to Labour?

    5. Make up even more stories about alleged kiddie fiddlers in the Tory party whilst ignoring the real ones in Labour?


    • 203
      Axe the telly tax says:

      We’ll they mention it on the side of the internet page as opposed to the normal top billing across home, Uk page and also politics. They also manage to squeeze in The first section Blair was exonerated in the enquiry into the ” so called” dodgy dossier”

      The question that comes to mind for me is why do the BBC always refer to the dodgy dossier as “so called” when they use the word THE I front of the two words of bedroom tax without any ” so called”.

      That’s ignoring the fact there is no such thing as the bedroom tax just like there was no such thing as the poll tax

      The BBC squirrel for today is Kiev because the government is shooting its people including students. They will no doubt be shortly reporting on that socialist other way so admired by the UK lefties Venezuela who are errrr…. Shooting it’s people including students.


    • 259
      Me says:

      Top story on front page of news website. How much more prominent do you want?

      Only criticise when your critisism is valid.


      • 354
        Biased Broadcasting Corporation says:

        But will it be top story on the BBC 10’oclock news which is watched by millions?

        That’s just one of their deceitful tricks for manipulating the news output.


  58. 183
    Contempt of Court says:

    Can the press voice an opinion on this or are they restricted to just what is said in court until the trial is over?


  59. 195
    Some of the Gems says:

    “I’m a kinda straight sort of a guy”

    “As I always say to people, I’m a public service person.”

    “You know, one of the things I’ve learnt since coming out of office is how much easier it is to give advice…”

    Oh, and since this is a hacking trial, let’s not forget:

    Tough on crime, and tough on the causes …”


  60. 197
    cornwall storms says:

    How much did bliar hope to make from this advice?


  61. 204
    Labour is a cancer says:

    When will terminal illness, an accident or assassination rid us of this filthy evil gangster called Tony Blair? The man is a monstrosity. The one and only good thing about him is that his antics embarrass Labour who are desperate for the public to forget about what he and Labour did..


  62. 205
    Windi Donged says:

    Now me bee told of red whore bitch wantin me Toni for broad sheet, mi Toni want duvet after profiteroles desert, not old fashion bed. Tight bum and strong legs like Peking Duck when roast up. Kall me soo…….


  63. 209
    Windi Donged says:

    He no straight kinda guy, he vell nawty and rude, tee, hee……Kall me…


  64. 211
    sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

    No doubt Blair was offering advice to Rupe whilst tomming Wendi allegedly,no one should be surprised about anything Blair does a first class c u n t.


  65. 219
    you crane, me vlad says:

    Well, when my glorious Olympic over, there will be an almighty ass kicking to come, prepare comrades, no, mean ..friends… For glorious return of grand so’viet plan, tractor numbers to be announced for 2014 at year end.


  66. 221
    Labour voter says:

    I don’t know nuffink about no Blair or hacking thing. All I know is Laybare give us nuff bennies. I sit on my arse all day and get pissed like the other 18 members of my family. I voting Labour for free money cos I live in poverty. I only got 32″ flatscreen. That ain’t fair. It’s my human right to have 50″ 3D HD TV with Blu Ray and an iPad and iPhone 5 and all that stuff what my Laybare MP says I should get but them nasty Tories won’t give us them thing sort of thing.


  67. 222
    cornwall storms says:

    I hope they’re going to call him to give evidence.


  68. 225
    nelson muntz says:

    Barry Sheerman MP ‏@BarrySheerman 3m
    @OwenJones84 David Miliband is no more a Tony Blair clone than Ed is a Gordon Brown clone we diminish debate by this superficial analysis.


  69. 226
    Hague has gone Native says:

    Hague Talking about sanctions against Ukraine.

    Why? Just because they have put down civil unrest financed and encouraged by the EU?


    • 243
      U turn if U want to... says:

      Always can be relied upon to get it 100% wrong. Syrian rebel support anybody now, you’ve all gone quiet over there.

      Partition coming when the people have finished moving right and left, sorry, west and east. The state is all out of options and the EU has no firepower to take on big bears.


    • 287
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      Ukraine,Iraq and Iran none of our business Hague is trying to big himelf up just like Ashton when they are both pygmies.


  70. 228
    BBC Editorial Meeting says:

    Thank fuck for that.

    It means that we don’t have to cover the Harman allegations after all.


  71. 235
    porked birds across the world says:

    That B£air needs to be careful, we have powerful friends.


  72. 238
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Why is the British curling team led in by a bagpipe band?


  73. 248
    Tony Smooth says:

    You think this worries me?

    I should let you into a secret. I drew a pentagram on the floor, killed a goat,. I drank its blood and did a bit of naked dancing with Cherie and friends on a hill in Wiltshire.
    Then there was some sulfur flash .a bit of a choir thing… I signed a contract in Latin agreeing to provide 100,000 souls minimum by 2006. In return I’d have riches and power and immunity for life.
    Well… you didn’t really think a posh public school lawyer could become leader of the militant, clause 4, flat cap and tubas and tin bath labour party did you?

    So anyway.. I’m not that bothered.


  74. 263
    B£air the B'stard says:

    How many fucking times do I have to tell you?

    Look …

    Let’s just draw a line under this and move on.


  75. 274
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    This evidence is all very interesting but how it in any way affords Brooks a defence is beyond me.


  76. 278



  77. 282
    FFS says:

    I think what you need to remember here from the start that the Hutton enquiry should have asked the question “Was it right to start the war on Iraq and was it legal?” but actually it was given the task of investigating the much narrower question “Did Andrew Gilligan have any hard evidence that the Iraq dossier was ‘sexed up’?”.

    So, what we have is an ongoing inquiry just started by Levenson that is investigating the whole of the press in detail from top to bottom. So why would it be beneficial for News International to start their own internal inquiry when Levenson can be presumed to be doing a thorough job? In essence Blair has suggested an approach to muddy the waters of the Levenson enquiry with some sort of internal investigation headed up by a corrupt former DPP. It seems even Murdoch wasn’t prepared to go along with that idea.


  78. 289
    Irritable Sod says:

    Re the update: utter bollocks!


  79. 290
    Jimmy says:

    …6. Wendi says “Hi”.


  80. 298
    bloody modbot strikes again says:

    Is it appropriate, when there is a criminal trial taking place, for a third party to issue a commentary on evidence put before the court?

    If Bliar had evidence to give, it is his place to do it before the court under oath…not issue statements through a spokesperson.


  81. 299
    South7eventh says:

    Blair’s rebuttal is a straight out of the second series of US version of House of Cards.

    Claire Underwood, wife of VP Francis Underwood, has slept with a photographer. The biggest enemy of the VP has released details of the affair to a DC newspaper with photos of Claire in bed and in the shower.

    VP and Wife lie through their teeth and shaft the photographer who had previously lied to the press to protect the VP.

    Now Blair lies to the press to deny the extent of involvement with Murdoch in 2011 when he was having an affair with Murdoch’s wife. He has now opened the sesame door to his own wrong doings since 1997.

    You could not make it up!


  82. 303
    Hoo Flung Deng says:

    Tone, you smooth slippery b’stard you are the one for me.


  83. 304
    Nick says:

    ““This was Mr Blair simply giving informal advice over the phone.”

    ♫ Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Bliar ♫


  84. 305
    FFS says:

    Looking at it again it seems Blair was, in points 1 and 2, describing the Levenson enquiry. Presumably he had asked around and found out from the coalition what was being planned – he jumped to the conclusion that Ken MacDonald was going to be the judge, but it was given to Levenson two days later.

    It is pretty much a straightforward description of the Levenson process. I’m guessing this email was a response to 5 questions put to him by Brooks on behalf of News International.

    Should Blair have been passing on information on a judicial process he obtained from the coalition government?


  85. 307
    bloody modbot strikes again says:

    He’s got bullet point 2 wrong.

    Rather than ‘publish’ the report, it should be leaked (as the Hutton report was)


  86. 328
    Charles Lynton says:

    This is appalling


  87. 332
    Tony Blair, the world's greatest statesman says:

    The one person I really love more than anybody else is myself.


  88. 341
    Alex says:

    Hutton style. Is that anything to do with Gangnam style?


    • 346
      How The Truth Hurts says:

      Well there’s the bit where Tone sings that he’s “the Son and Heir to Thatcher” but apart from that, no.


  89. 347
    Truthteller says:

    Blair should only be tried after we bring back hanging.


  90. 349
    Tom Catesby says:

    There is always a stench of rotteness around that man.


  91. 384
    Anonymous says:

    Any possibility of Beks returning the compliment by offering Tone advice? On how to extricate himself from the mire, the George Galloway crowd-funded documentary about Iraq is likely to create.


  92. 387
    Sir Roger de Senseless says:

    He’s better lookin’ than I remembered. Who’s the smug-looking bastard on the right?


  93. 388
    The Tony B£air saga is not over says:

    Word has it that there is much more to come on T Blair which he cannot stop with D notices etc. Most of it is around money and he and slot-gob’s insatiable pursuit of it. The irony is that the socialist mob loved him and were the backbone of his support and he evidently is not one of them. He has been looking at effectively emigrating for the last 3yrs to a non extradition treaty country – if there were any justice the Americans would extract him via extraordinary rendition. Why the fuck do the public keep voting Labour – they fuck everything up and the Tories spend their terms in office just sweeping up the mess?


  94. 389
    FrankField's Buttplug says:

    I always new Tony would make a lovely agony aunt


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