February 19th, 2014

Boulton and Co?


  1. 1
    JH349849583249030 says:

    Bet it was him and Mad Al, ‘making up’.

    Anyway, ooops.

  2. 2
    Ed Balls says:

    The A stands for Alastair

  3. 3
    @NickRobinson says:

    No problem, darling xxx N

  4. 4
    Glyn H says:

    Well he is married to Blair’s hotel booker and general gofer; presumably she has kept in touch with all those concierges and the like. Useful maid then, even if it did give him away as a socialist creep.

  5. 5
    Speaker of truth says:

    Massive deal-man in text message to wife/twitter mix up.

    Getting desperate for that ad traffic guido?

  6. 6
    Jimmy says:

    “Well Mrs Fawkes would kill Guido if that wasn’t for her…”

    Adam Boulton is shagging Mrs. Fawkes?

  7. 7
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Buzz Aldrin was the first man to poop in space.

  8. 8
    Does this mean ....? says:

    Adam Boulting and Alistair Darling, the Scottish house-flipping MP are an item?

  9. 9
    Ed Balls says:

    Well I’m stalking Dave in Somerset, so it’s not me.

  10. 10
    Ed Balls says:


  11. 11
    Blowing Whistles says:

    IMPOSTER. Do one rsole.

  12. 12
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Behind many an AEEU cover up was – Michael Dugher … who then transferred on and on to become the second spad of Hoon’s at the MOD …

    What goes around is coming around faster than you can type murder.

  13. 13
    Tony, your friend says:

    Well Adam,
    If a domestic does ensue, my advice is this:

    Keep strong and definitely sleeping pills.

    It will pass. Tough up

    I’ll sending more notes later.

    That will be £4000000000000 paid into my Swiss account,

    Remember, Anji was on my staff one time. By staff I mean payroll of course, not ‘staff’ as in flagstaff. Ooooh, I am a one, me.


  14. 14
    The Sun says:

    How many times do you have to be told you idiot.

    Drível such as this should be marked for our attention for consideration as the leader.

    You are now starting to damage our brand (sorry cant help laughing while typing this)

  15. 15
    Mrs. Dromey says:

    You keep your hands off my husband, Boulton! I don’t you to catch anything.

  16. 16
    JH349849583249030 says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    What do you think of Tony Blair’s involvement with the phone hacking trial? You know, considering your moniker used to link to the Blairite ‘Progress’ web page.

    Maybe you have an opinion you’d like to share, although it does pertain to the years 1997-2010 which I know you lot like to pretend were a national holiday during which everyone in the country was away camping in Cromer and nothing really happened.

    PS – amusingly, my browser spell checker corrects ‘Blairite’ to ‘Irritable’.

  17. 17
    Why so Coy? says:

    Not a peep from Guido yet on the Miranda judgement?

    Beaten all ends up by LMensch, and she’s only a part-time journo on a different continent.

  18. 18
    White noise from Jimmy and Labour HQ says:

  19. 19

    General golfer?

    Did she keep Tony’s balls in the air?

  20. 20
    Casual Observer 7 says:

    The judge did essentially rule that investigative journalism can be like terrorism.

    Bigger wheels need to get moving on that one.

  21. 21
    Mitch says:

    His wife knows one way or the other now.

  22. 22
    Abbopotamus says:

    WHITE noise?

    As usual! WACISTS.

  23. 23
    Bill Quango MP says:

    He wasn’t . Alan Shepherd was the first to have a pee.
    His mission was only scheduled for an hour. But delays on countdown made him the first American to orbit the earth in wet pants.
    Jim Lovell of later apollo 13 fame, was first to do a number 2.
    A simple out the door dump until the invention of the space toilet by Howard Wollowitz.

  24. 24
    M102 says:

    Jimmy’s just a typical socialist. He knows he is wrong but lies anyway because he is paid to do so.

  25. 25
    Erm.. says:

    The ‘A’ is superfluous, surely? If the receiver knows him it isn’t necessary; and if they don’t it isn’t enough?

  26. 26
    sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

    Does he swing both ways?

  27. 27
    The One-Eyed Spacker says:

    He’s having a gay affair with that spacker Campbell, isn’t he?

  28. 28
    Miranda Hart says:

    I walk into BBC comedy and slip over into a swivel chair and I as I spin round my skirt rises up shows my knickers.

    BBC commissioning department laughed so much they signed me up for a 20 year contract at £1 million a year.

  29. 29
    JH349849583249030 says:

    No, a typical socialist is completely incapable of realising they are wrong. The wires just are not joined up. For the socialist, anyone who disagrees – even when backed up by irrefutable evidence – is de-facto evil and that’s that.

    To give Jimmy credit, he is slightly atypical for a socialist in that there is a detectable sense of humour there.

    Hope for him yet.

  30. 30
    just asking says:

    How old is that photo of Boulton?

  31. 31
    jgm2 says:

    Blair is on his own. The Labour hierarchy have done a reverse ferret on Iraq.

    Nothing to do with us. Tony misled us all. We’re just as much sinned against as everybody else. Time to move on (they remember that bit of Blairism, mind).

    It is, however, obviously bothering Blair because his crack team of paid apologists have already swung into action.

  32. 32
    Cinna says:

    Care to comment on the story on the front page of today’s Daily Mail Jimmy?

  33. 33
    being diagnosed with cancer is funnier says:

    I walk into C4 comedy with a beard and a silly hat.

    C4 commissioning department laughed so much they
    signed me up for every comedy panel game.

  34. 34
    The Beeboidista says:

    Because we could see your dick :)

  35. 35
    U turn if U want but.....Rupe always wins says:

    I am having a fun day, Liebour peedos, tony caught another rolling pin from Slottie and that fat bastard from my Sky also in line for the same.

    Roll,on tomorrow.

  36. 36
    JH349849583249030 says:

    I’ll save you the wait. He’ll be busy today.

    The response will be along the usual lines of ‘Daily Hate blah blah blah’, appeal to favoured-authority crap.

  37. 37
    Cymro oddi ar y llinell says:

    Whisper… he’s in Pembrokeshire.

  38. 38
    Jimmy says:

    They wanted the advice of someone smart and capable of keeping his head in a crisis. Who else were they going to call. Cameron?

  39. 39
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    So, Jim Lovell just stuck his arse out and let the er “vacuum of space” do the deed?

  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    How on earth would I know what’s on the front page of the Daily Hitler? Is it kill a darkie and win a Range Rover?

  41. 41
    Like a Grey Overweight Walrus says:

    Are you implying he’s changed? *innocent face*

  42. 42
    FFS says:

    He’s a narcissist as many on the left are. He will be along later to comment on this particular thread becuase he gets excited at being the centre of attention.

    Narcissists are not so interested in the realities of left-wing politics, so much as the perceived self-aggrandisment of being associated with “progressive” politics. It’s the “Che Guevara” effect they are looking for.

  43. 43
    FFS says:

    If only. I love Range Rovers……

  44. 44
    JH349849583249030 says:

    I think that is going to be put to the test, eh Jimmy.

    Even Teflon wears off after a while. Shows the tin underneath.

  45. 45
    Ed Bollox says:

    Oh really? Well, that’s 90 odd miles as the crow flies, so going round the road route, across the sixty bridge or whatever, then that’s 90 plus of 50 so that makes er 22 miles…so not far.

  46. 46
    Owen Gormless Jones says:


    According to Toby Young, Venezuela is ruled by a “Marxist tyrant” and a “Communist dictator”…….The reality of Venezuela could not be more distant from the coverage……Venezuela is a funny sort of “dictatorship” ha ha ha ha ha ……….Even opponents of Chavez told me that he is the first Venezuelan president to care about the poor. Chavez’s critics in the West are entitled to passionately disagree with him. But it’s time they stopped pretending he is a dictator. Chavez has won fair and square.

    Owen Jones is as gormless as he looks

  47. 47
    JH349849583249030 says:

    Told you Cinna.

  48. 48
    Jack "mad4black" Dromey says:

    Don’t worry dear, he’s not my type…unless he kiwi’s himself all over

  49. 49
    FFS says:

    Not much point in talking to Cameron as he was the one that kicked off the Levenson inquisition. No, they wanted to talk to “their man on the inside” so they could find out what form that inquisition was going to take.

    Blair was happy to oblige with the inside info hot from his contacts within the coalition. I wonder what else he told them behind the scenes after he said his advice needed to be kept secret?

  50. 50
    Mullah Lite says:

    Why are people demonstrating outside Westminster about Kiev?
    If you want to make a difference to Kiev then go to Kiev , you mongs

  51. 51
    will this work finally? says:

    according to Toby Young.. is a terrible way to start anything

    bloke is a prize tw@t, like Owen Jones

  52. 52
    Marcus "funny-as-death" Brigstocke says:

    Are you talking about me?

  53. 53
    C.O.Jones says:

    Yes, as well the thicko lefties have been rather quiet today. I suppose it is difficult to try and defend the indefensible.

    I reckon that email is the first of many, I do recall that the godfather made all internet service providers store all emails for 3 years. He can take his own medicine now.

  54. 54
    FFS says:

    It would have sucked out a lot more than poop……..

  55. 55
    bloody modbot strikes again says:

    You forgot…Socialist Venezuela in even deeper shit…Foghorn caught out over her jobs guarantee, new figures confirm the ‘costht of living cwithith’ started under Brown, unemployment down.

    You can read all about these stories on the BBC website (perhaps not).

  56. 56
    helpful suggestion says:

    Try looking up the Mail front page on the Sky site.
    It’s strangely absent from the BBC newspaper round-up.

  57. 57
    bloody modbot strikes again says:

    Go to Kiev? They’re chicken.

  58. 58
    Jimmy says:

    I shall lose no time in doing so.

  59. 59
    being diagnosed with cancer is funnier says:

    It could equally apply to Brigstocke,but
    I meant to say Joe Wilkinson.

  60. 60
    jgm2 says:

    I assumed they asked Blair how to get away with it because O.J. Simpson was unavailable.

  61. 61
    It could be worse says:

    I hope it was to a woman

  62. 62
    jgm2 says:

    The Blair story is front and centre on the BBC though. It turns out they haven’t forgiven them for the Hutton enquiry stitch-up after all.

  63. 63
    Marcus "funny-as-death" Brigstocke says:

    Oh sorry, I’m just the BBC comedic dick in residence, I forgot about Joe

  64. 64
    Andrew Marr says:

    But for the grace of God there go I.

  65. 65
    Finding MeMo says:

    I think it was an arrangement a bit like an airliner. Dump . Seal. airlock – shoot.

  66. 66
    God and Wendi says:

    There but for the grace of Blair go I.

  67. 67
    Western Democracy? says:

    Unelected EU president declares war on elected Ukraine president. How come?

  68. 68
    JH349849583249030 says:

    Jimmy does seem ‘irritable’ today.

    My spell checker is awesome.

  69. 69
    C.O.Jones says:

    And who will do the fighting for the low grade bank clerk?

  70. 70
    Tim Yeo-yo says:

    The sort of tw@ish response if expect of a mongtard lefty.

  71. 71
    Cinna says:

    Seems like TB’s bad luck results in a good day for burying bad news for Labour.

  72. 72
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    The only one with a legitimate election is Putin *boom, boom*

  73. 73
    rightwinggit says:

    The photo in A&E will look different…

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    maybe they’re meeting for a spot of make-up sex.

  75. 75
    Ex Prime Minister says:

    And she never did settle my invoice.

  76. 76
    Richard Whiteley says:

    Sorry I’m late.


    Now, a ‘P’, you said ?

  77. 77
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Can’t be Rebekah surely, isn’t she otherwise engaged at present? Not getting the opportunity to put much to bed these days newspapers or otherwise

  78. 78
    Mrs Forks says:

    Why would I kill you if Boulton’s message wasn’t for me?

    PS The fridge is empty again, you greedy fucker

  79. 79
    John Bellingham says:

    No. First American was Gordon Cooper on Gemini 5 in 1965. First Russian was Valery Bykovsky on Vostok 5 in 1963–proving that Socialism produces shit faster than decadent capitalists.

    @Bill. Read up on the rogue turds in Apollo 10.

  80. 80
    a great time to be a Tory says:

    Seems that our Adam needs the services of a good lawyer and pretty quick too.

  81. 81
    HenryV says:

    Context is everything. The trouble sometimes here is that the good Mr Fawkes thinks we all follow Westminster Village like it was a soap.

  82. 82
    Adam Bolt-on says:

    Thing is, 30 people re-tweeted it. Why?

  83. 83
    Vinny Zwela says:

    Chavez is dead you fucking mong

  84. 84
    and who could blame him says:

    It was probably Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

  85. 85
    Arabella Yentob says:

    you don’t see that kinda shiite on the bbc

  86. 86
    100,000 Iraqi Dead says:

    God & B£air can go fuck themselves

  87. 87
    Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

    That can’t be. The EU abolished war in Europe. They told us so.

  88. 88
    The Tony B£air saga is not over says:

    Blair said he will answer to god and his conscience. Neither exist.

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