February 18th, 2014

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Meet White Suzi, “Red” Linda, 63 year old Chris and pensioner Tom, the residents of “Quango Street”. 200 have been evicted. 700 remain. They cost the taxpayer £80 billion a year. To tune into “Quango Street” exclusively tonight sign up for the evening email.

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  1. 1
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Uhh oh! This doesn’t look good.


  2. 2
    Lottie Dexter, Gap Yah of Codding says:

    Top work Guidders!


  3. 4
    The cast of thousands says:

    No expense spared


  4. 5
    Tony Smooth says:

    Looks like the top of Tottenham Court Road.
    Handy for electronics shops, tax free videos and the G.A.Y. nightclub is just a short walk away.


    • 14
      Jack Dromey says:

      They knocked GAY down to build crossrail.

      Err – so I heard.


      • 19
        William Hague says:

        No. It moved to Goslett’s yard. Just off Soho Square.



        • 24
          broderick crawford says:

          what a coincidence . I used to pass water in Gosletts Yard early on cold winter morning in the days I suffered from a slack bladder and no toilets were yet open .

          just thought you d all be enthralled to know …


        • 30
          Yvette Cooper says:

          That’s called G-A-Y late.
          Ladies and ladies night is EVERY FRIDAY FROM 11PM TILL 4AM.

          But I have no idea what goes on in there. Sort sort of wine bar?


      • 131
        Simon Cowell and his loads of girlfriends says:

        Most of the acts from my shows think that going on my show means they will tour the world when in fact the only shows most of them do are at GAY.


    • 52
      Claire Perry, Internet Tsar ! says:

      Sounds like a happy place.

      Let’s see what Google says…. ** taps keyboard ** Erm ????


  5. 8
    Con,Lab,Lib-Dems are the one party says:

    This is probably why establishment politicians (those in the Commons and those retired to the Lords) are so soft on benefit cheats, etc. They think it makes their own Quango-kleptomania more palatable


  6. 10
    Gooey Blob says:

    I hear that Labour are launching a decapitation strategy against Nick Clegg. A far more productive strategy would be to pursue a decapitation strategy against Ed Miliband.

    The hard left seldom comes to the right conclusion.


    • 11
      Ed Moribund says:

      Eliminating Clegg leaves Vince Incapable to lead the lib dems into coalition with me.
      He’ll do whatever we tell him.

      He sold off state assets far below market value so he’s got wasting public money down to a labour like fine art.


  7. 13
    Taxpayer revolt says:

    Where’s the bonfire and when does it start?


  8. 16
    Guardianista Polly says:

    Don’t you realise that some of the residents of Quango Street are immigrants?

    I call it WAYCISM!!!


  9. 18
    Sponger Alert says:

    Smash these spongers.

    I’ve walked past some of their offices, they’re always at a smart address have a posh “reception”. They should be run cheaply from somewhere unpleasant like Bolton, Doncaster or Norwich.


    • 25
      broderick crawford says:

      The Somerset Levels ?


    • 31
      All the world says:

      Sponge cake alert 18 – Bolton isn’t unpleasant, well not the bit I live in, you know well away from the sponging benefitters, and through the khyber pass, on the A666 – the devils road – thats where I live


    • 41
      General Pinochet says:

      Sponger……..no offence to Bolton, Doncaster or Norwich………….well maybe not. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in those places. No hot sandy beaches; no chequitas & no coke…….er, not my refined variety! Apart from that…………………………………..


      • 96
        Tim Yeo-yo says:

        Silk Road will post it to you General P. Unadulterated and straight from Chile, and Peru and Colombia.


    • 51
      tommo says:

      or Hackney, Lewisham or Plaistow


  10. 20
    Old Lady says:

    £80 billion a year, but they tell me to sell my house and then refuse me tablets so I die early.

    Now where’s that candle? i need to warm up a bit.

    Rich country!! That’s rich.


  11. 23
    Ah! the Sun's gone says:

    Guido > Mail OR Mail > Guido?



  12. 26
    Don't blame the dog or the Tories says:

    A family dog has been seized from a home following the “sudden death” of a six-day-old baby in a former mining village in mid-Wales.


    • 28
      Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

      Why is it that I somehow don’t think the family dog is a fucking cocker spaniel?


      • 34
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:

        Hmm!, now let me guess, a Pit Bull Cross, an Akita or a Rottweiler, Bred by humans as fighting dogs, how surprising.


        • 36
          SIZE 13 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          Neither of the above it was a husky ,built like a fucking polar bear with teeth like 6 inch nails


          • Blue Peter Goldfish says:

            Huskies can realize their place in the pecking order, especially after a good smack on the side of the head and the prospect of no frozen herring for you tonight.


          • Barbara Woodhouse says:

            People don’t seem to understanding that dogs are CARNIVORES. To a dog, a child is just a social inferior, top spot being reserved for the owner. If a kid starts poking a ballpoint up a dog’s nostril, say, there will be repercussions involving teeth and lots of blood.

            Possibly not a bad thing, as the dog-owning gene will eventually die out and we can adopt the sensible Korean approach to the horrible fucking things.


  13. 29
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13¾ says:

    Note to diary. Do not travel 1st class even if someone else pays. Tweeters start being quite horrid about it. Like that time I asked the convenience store guy if he had anything better than Brut champagne and he put it on facebook.

    Just because I enjoy Champagne doesn’t mean I’ve sold out! Even Roy Keene has eaten prawns!


  14. 33
    Jean Poole says:

    There is a wannabe Tony Blair in Italy trying to form a government in Italy right now, even though he doesn’t have a seat in parliament.
    I suggest that Cleggers gets over there pdq as he might need to find some magical way of entering a coalition with Milliband (or Cameron) after he loses his own seat in Sheffield at the next election


  15. 38
    Alice Photocopier says:

    A normal Mars bar has now turned into a fun size one right in front of my eyes. I feel there should be a guide book for all this “how to rip off a nation during a recession”. We really have been royally fcuked this time.


  16. 45
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Whoopie… Cost of living… ok lets just round it up shall we.

    Everything going up, up, up and away so far as i can see.

    Tory Legacy.

    Borrowing more money than labour did in 13 years… and that is an achievement is it?

    The reality is that Gidiot backed the previous governments spending measures whilst in opposition, and he even promised it before the GE 2010

    So much for a recovery eh?

    Now look where we are, knee deep in water, because the morons cut back way, way too much.

    Everything being sold off on the cheap.. ROYAL MAIL!

    Just Thatcherites at it again, NEXT is the NHS, Schools…POLICE, ARMED FORCES.

    These people would sell us all off as slaves given the chance.

    Do not be fooled.

    I see the Tory trollop’s are back in today, sitting in their bunker at TORY HQ.

    Posting dis-information, political double-speak and Right-wing mantra.

    I have noticed you people are all over the forums on many UK sites.

    What really are you trying to achieve?


    • 47
      Podiceps says:

      What are you trying to achieve by posting this incoherent rant?


      • 49
        I never uderstand a word he says says:

        Do you think he might be ill?


        • 56
          Mong Watch says:

          He’s under the misguided impression that Guido posters are not in tune with broader public opinion, and seems to have a paranoid delusion that it is only posters to this site who are posting all over the internet.

          Guido chaps are smart and productive, but such an assertion he makes is simply incredible.


          • Dacre's Anal Fissures says:

            Shut up you fucking twunt. A waste of a fucking good abortion you were, still not too late to put you in a hot bath and get the gin and rusty coat hanger.


        • 230
          M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

          Do you think he might be ill?

          I do hope so.


    • 54
      General Pinochet says:

      Are you mentally deranged…….no shame in that – just take some drugs for fucks sake & piss off!


    • 55
      Ian says:

      Too true about spending and faikure to reduce the deficit

      Which will be the highest in the G7 this year,…as well as the highest current account deficit

      And contrary to what the idiot Lawson used to say

      Debt and deficits do matter


      • 57
        ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

        Average house price soars to a record £250,000 with rises highest for first-time buyers

        Property prices have risen by 5.5% year-on-year across the country
        But in London the booming market saw prices up 12.3% to £450,000
        Prices for first-time buyers up 7.4%, compared to 4.7% for others

        and the government claims the inflation has dropped under 2% !!
        they are taking the public as total idiots and we must be idiots to put them in office !


        • 80
          Not Alex Salmond says:

          But so far no 7.5% recession as there was under the last lot of useless twunts.


        • 128
          FFS says:

          Caused by Labour. Gave people tax credits but didn’t build any more houses, so the price of houses simply rose to absorb the spare net disposable income. So that was a bit of a waste of time.


          • Táxpáyér says:

            Oh come on now. When it comes to land prices LIBLABCON are 100% wrong.

            Funnily enough though it seems to benefit MPs who largely have BtL empires.

            Most state spending is couched in ways to maximise rent-seeking opportunities that are hoovered up by those who are behind banks.


      • 62
        tn02 says:

        But Lawson was a representative of the circumcised bankers, so he would say that wouldn’t he.


        • 140
          Posh birds on coke says:

          Hows team Nigela getting on with showing the world that she isnt just a posh junkie, which shes not, obviously.


    • 105
      Tim Yeo-yo says:

      You really are a useless Hunt aren’t you. Do you seriously believe that the UK became a better place between 1997-2010?


    • 169
      Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

      Right wing Conservatives ??
      Big useless state miss control, mass immigration, massive overspending, PC obsessives, weakening the police and the forces while allowing EU Socialist politicians to hold us hostage.
      Have a rethink.


  17. 58
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    They really care little about the middle to lower class.

    Or even admit that after years of payment into the system.

    Pensioners, tax-payers, contributions or even unionist.

    All up for the grabs of their media.

    Notice how Murdoch screwed the Australian economy?

    You are just a bum, or a benefit scrounger, pensioner left to rot.

    All that matters is, is their wealth and their corporate shares, forget society.

    Sure Cameron’s Britain is full of homophobic, neo-liberal, right wing fascists.

    Time to ditch them and soon


    • 73
      iethrous says:

      58 Moussaka: I almost admire your Tacitean style – its terseness, its telegraphic urgency. Perhaps, in a few Centuries, people will be as moved by your scalpel-like anatomising of things as by your Swiftean ‘saeva indignatio’…


    • 81
      Not Alex Salmond says:

      Bring back Stalin. That will soon sort out the overpopulation crisis.


    • 106
      Sir William Wayde says:

      Yes, the Aussies should never have made Murdoch their Minister for Finance, especially with Kylie in charge at the Reserve Bank.


      • 126
        stun2 says:

        But at least Jason Donovan was Minister for Hair, and they did manage to combine the Ministry of Sport with the press enquiry via Kerry Packer.

        As you were, Moussa. Bollocks as usual.


    • 130
      FFS says:

      I was an Equitable Life pensioner. Gordon screwed me not once but twice. This government has actually given me some of my money back.

      Anyway, can you actually be neo-liberal and fascist at the same time?


  18. 59
    Toxic Taffy says:

    And in further breaking news…:

    * “David Cameron – parts the Red Sea”….(or was it the Thames Estuary?)
    * “George Osborne – turns water into wine”..(no, think it was debt into surplus?)
    * “Grant Shapps feeds 5,000 at Food Bank” – with two fish and a loaf of bread (allegedly!)
    * “IDS raises Lazarus from the dead” ….and tells him to get a job.

    ….Them “economic miracles” just keep on coming!


    • 66
      Everyone in England says:

      Shut the fuck up you welsh tosser.


    • 83
      Not Alex Salmond says:

      Why is Labour party called Labour when it put so many people out of work when they were in power for 13 years and unemployment was higher in 2010 than in 1997? And that despite all the public sector non-jobs.


      • 175
        Anonymous says:

        The public sector jobs created by LieBour during their 13 year reign were not real work jobs;in fact very little actual work was involved or needed.They were a means of buying votes for the tax,borrow & spend crew that ultimately screwed the economy.


  19. 61
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    We are being robbed, silenced, bribed.

    look at the whole set of it, look at the bigger picture.

    These people need lining up against a wall and shot.


    • 78
      iethrous cornubiensis says:

      61 Whilst e.e. cummings might have been delighted at your second line (I won’t call it a Sentence), the lines either side suggest that Punctuation Rationing is still in force, rather than the laziness that declines to reach into ‘the Upper Case’ for some letters. Allow me to introduce to you the Colon, which may be used to introduce a list, or exemplifications of what has been stated in general.
      “We are being robbed, silenced, bribed: look at the whole set of it, look at the bigger picture. These people need lining up against a wall and shot.” One could even argue for a semi-colon (‘look at the whole set of it; look at the bigger picture.’)
      Alas, it still remains a set of strident assertions, some self-contradictory: if I’m being both robbed and bribed, then, on balance, my finances are all right. In what way are you being ‘silenced’? You freely air your views on Guido’s site, and no North Korean-style Police will arrest you shortly, and drag you off for torture and death.
      Who, by the way are ‘these people’? But perhaps your use of the Passive Voice , with its avoidance of the Subject, is correlative with your avoidance of a specific Object: nameless people need to be shot, by equally nameless people.


    • 123
      Táxpáyér says:

      Or they need less of a reason to have to lobby the state.

      Smaller state = Less corruption.


    • 135
      FFS says:

      So theft should be punished by execution?

      Sounds a bit extreme even for me.

      I’d go for treason, murder, dealing in Class A drugs and extreme cases of r@pe.


    • 144
      Oak shed says:

      I thought you people liked to use ex plow sives for your killings.


  20. 63
    Anon. says:


  21. 64
    i don't need no doctor says:

    I had a dream last night that Yvette Cooper will leave labour. Now that would be a turn up.


  22. 72
    Lazarus says:

    Now that it’s warmer and the water is going down, can someone tell these idiots on Islands in the middle of the Thames to get their own insurance cover and not expect the country to assist. FFS, it’s obvious?


  23. 74
    White Fat Dee says:

    So I am going to get more bennies or not. Now I am star on de telly I should get more, it’s not easy with bi polarity and depressionism, I should get 20 k now and me free Ouse. Who wants a fight?


  24. 76
    These are the "people" cameron and Hague wanted us to go to war for!! says:

    Girl ‘stoned to death by Syrian fundamentalists for having a FACEBOOK account’



    • 86
      Non Sequitur says:

      Like Guido on Facebook.


    • 148
      David Camerons Scooby Doo ending says:

      And I would have got away with it it it wasnt for those pesky MPs asking for actual evidence and not just relying on John Kerrys assertions.


      • 195
        Cardinal Biggles says:

        Well, I’m not sure it was MPs actually asking awkward questions that thwarted Dhimmi Dave in his quest for a futile war in the middle east. It was more a case of Miliband minor playing schoolboy politics.

        Nevertheless, in this instance, I’m glad of Miliband’s infantile behaviour; it has probably saved us much blood and treasure.


  25. 84
    The BBC Bias Unit, headcount 14,263 and rising says:

    We just thought we’d take the piss out of you tonight, via our choice of photo illustration:


    If you complain, you are, of course, wayyycist.


    • 90
      Podiceps says:

      It’s a new game, ‘Find the Nipple’. This person is failing.


    • 97
      Jethro says:

      83 Not at all, old boy: just as we all knew (well, the Indian hands certainly) that white men had difficulty with coping with all the sun and heat, so we knew the duskier folk would have difficulty coping with the gloom and cold. So, of course, dark fingers wielding a pen on an NHS form is to be expected.. rickets a clinical possibility, as well as ‘SAD’
      Trouble is, trying to maintain a facade that all people are the same everywhere: they aren’t: ship an Englishman East of Suez, and he becomes different person – and vice versa. It’s taken centuries to evolve that pale-skinned man’s ‘sang-froid’, or whatever, – and equal centuries to evolve that dark-skinned man’s endurance of Monsoon and drought. What is it they say? ‘We’re different: get over it!’


      • 173
        Old Africa hand says:

        Did I get the channel wrong? I was intending to watch a TV programme about the evolution of the hand and how monkeys suffer from having no opposable thumb.


    • 122
      Táxpáyér says:

      Wow, you won’t find a picture like that in the crime area.


  26. 89
  27. 91
    Sir William Wayde says:

    We dance a mad fandango
    We have a lot of fun
    We stroll into our quango
    And work from 9 to 1

    We like to flex our muscles
    To bully plebs like you
    But we kow-tow to Brussels;
    We stick to them like glue

    We work on our expenses
    And flex our hours to suit
    With ruses and pretences
    The taxpayers we loot

    We whistle while we’re working
    We sing a merry song
    For if you’re always shirking
    You can do nothing wrong!


  28. 99

    After all that Gordon did for pensions, he is now telling the Scotch that they will lose OAP entitlement.

    Who said irony was dead?


  29. 102

    “When I first started out and had a dozen or so regular commenters, they were witty and took time and it was a meaningful community,” he says. “Now that we have 100,000 page views a day, it’s the usual obsessives and nutters.

    “One year, 50 people were responsible for half the comments. Just absorb that. Fifty people are responsible for quarter of a million comments. They’re not representative. The people who are most likely to comment are, in general, people who are obsessed and extreme.”



    • 109

      Calm down dear. He is taking the piss.

      Vote UKIP and vote often.


      • 113
      • 114
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Perhaps “Public Opinion” – has to be taken more account of now and that old propaganda mantra of ‘we’re listening to the public’ – while in reality they have hitherto ignored us; is such an old and worn out record.


        • 198
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          To be fair, from what I have seen across the comment sections on other blogs, the news papers, and the number of other private blogs on overtly political issues (and not the lefty mong issues) which are now popping up, the genie is out of the bottle.

          Then you have twitter, where it seems the law on libel has been re-written by the people. The new legislation seems to read: We the people don’t suffer c’unts lightly, but equally do not give a fuck who you are if we suspect you of being a c’unt – You’re fair game and good luck in court if you can afford to sue one of us: fuck you.

          This will eventually settle down a bit I guess, but to a level determined by those who feel the need to comment, balanced through market forces by those who prefer to read, and a bit the law in extreme cases.

          One thing that is certain: The old propaganda model is dead.

          The real question is, how long will it be until the character of the internet is properly established as being libertarian (which it is), and the mong section of the elite accept and adapt to the reality that the usually silent majority of folk are also libertarian, and are no longer silent ?

          It is an interesting time. Luckily the net is proving that it very much a self organizing system – I would wager good money that this fact is what scares ‘them’ the most. ‘They’ are rapidly becoming redundant.


    • 115
      Podiceps says:

      Guido’s modbot already intercepts people for commenting too often in a short space of time. I think it does this by detecting not their name but their IP address. If Guido wanted to limit the comment-bombers, this mechanism could be made more stringent, to limit people to, say, five comments a day. Only a few people would know how to bypass such a restriction, and they would be among the more clever, and possibly the more desirable, of the commentariat.

      Speaking as someone who often shoves in instant, silly and unnecessary comments, I think that would make me think more carefully before saying something. It would not, of course, reduce my seething prejudices and hideous bigotry.

      Guido may publicly disparage frequent commenters, but does he actually want to limit them? There is a kind of machismo about getting hundreds of comments on your blog posts, even if the majority of them are idiotic, and I suspect that privately he appreciates this.


    • 118
      Táxpáyér says:

      I only come here for the comments, the articles have gone down-hill recently/


    • 127
      Google Adverts says:

      “When I first started out and had a dozen or so regular commenters”

      Now he has 50.

      So he has quadrupled. Hardly a revenue generating explosion.


    • 134

      I can’t understand Guido insulting his followers, only a Twat would call his commenters “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”.


      • 147
        Reader says:

        Guido wants to have influence in Downing Street. He thinks he has to replace the commenters with cheer leaders for Cameronism.


      • 150
        FFS says:

        He was probably referring to Moussa, who seems to have been particularly busy today.


    • 153
      It's War says:

      I’ve noticed this putting down of commenters right across the media spectrum lately.

      Anyone who uses the term LibLabcon is attacked. It’s as if the Three main parties have agreed to join forces in a fight against the anti establishment.


      • 193
        Casual Observer 7 says:

        Well they are essentially the same thing, so if people have figured that out why should they bother pretending any different ?

        UKIP is the opposition.


      • 194
        Freedom for Venezuela says:

        What else would you expect? These guys have pensions, salaries and income streams to protect. When the system collapses, they will be shown little mercy, and they know it.

        Not sure why Guido is siding with them these days, though.


  30. 104
    Blowing Whistles says:

    “It’s OK” – to be a deluded climate change myth believer.

    “It’s OK” – to be an easily duped climate change believing member of the public because your politicians bought into the big lie themselves and you wanted to believe them because you naively trust them.

    “It’s OK” – to be a pitifully poor msm journo or broadcaster because you are beholden to the political tribes for your money and have to sell on the myths and lies of the politicians.

    “It’s OK” if you are a low life old or younger politician because you are not intelligent enough to realise that the whole climate change bunkum is just that and then of course there are the facts; but politicians don’t do facts.

    “It’s OK” if you belong to one of the political tribes who have lied and lied and lied; again and again about giving the public an EU referendum just to steal your vote and turn turtle on their promises when they do get elected.


  31. 110
    Owen Jones says:


    • 116
      Táxpáyér says:

      Not like the usual BBC reporting of a “mass protest” where they try and make the crowd look mcuh biggerthan the usual rent a crowd lot of SWPers.


  32. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Want to know the worst one of all? Look into Sport England – £250m per year, CEO on more than PM working four days a week, never produced anything, embarrassing Ministers for years and praying for Maria Miller to get the sack so they can drop her pet project “I will [show you mine] If you Will [show me yours”


    • 191
      Blowing Whistles says:

      look at the cover ups by big pig Lordy (owned) Stevens at quest and lately of the Saudi horsey cover up.


  33. 149
    Owen Jones says:

    Viva Venezuela!


  34. 152
    Blowing Whistles says:

    When it comes to climate change and many other subjects about the law justice and crime

    “It’s OK” to be wrong, wrong, wrong when the facts clearly and logically do not fit your stance


    “It’s OK” to then scuttle off and become a cognitive dissonance sufferer like so many of the herd mentality.


  35. 163
    The world according to ed balls says:

    Robert Peston on BBC “how china fooled the world” outlining the huge debts built up due to borrowing to invest. Basically what ed balls said to do. Peston is pointing out the utter clusterfuck now approaching the Chinese economy. Only the rich are doing ok, housing lying mt and public officials undertaking fraud on a massive scale

    If you have missed it get it on replay and weep at socialist and communist stupidity


    • 167
      Táxpáyér says:


      Think the IMF disagrees.

      I think Peston and the IMF are wrong.


      • 179
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Peston and the IMF are ‘owned’.


        • 189
          Dr Frankenfreud says:

          You think everyone is ‘owned’ except yourself. You are the least free person who comments on here: your brain is stuck in the same sad groove and you are incapable of getting yourself out of your mental rut. Get help.


        • 201
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          Peston is a Common Purpose shill.

          The IMF is not much use either: Bitcoin will likely be preferred over SDR’s.


    • 185
      Fu Man Chu says:

      Much of what Peston describes as a post 2008 phenomenum has been in train since well before then.

      China possibly figures that they need to run up a massive debt to have something to cancel out when the USA and Japan decide to default on their debts to the Chinese.


      • 188
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Those who have ‘mis-managed’ the corruption in the US ‘took their fucking eyes off the ball’

        Ditto UK – they thought that the public would never find them out – but the public have …

        Fuck off Dave Camoron, Fuck off Nickky Cleggless and fuck off Edweird Miliband.


  36. 164
    Inspirational says:


  37. 168
    There's never a police box when you want one says:


    • 170
      HSE says:

      They wouldn’t do that now. Too dangerous for them.


      • 174
        John Bellingham says:

        ….and don’t they look like Policemen rather than Executive Outcomes thugs in roadsweeper’s hi-vis jackets?


        • 204
          Bobbies Should be Bobbies and not Rambo clones says:

          Yes they do look like policemen. Unlike modern cops in the community who are dressed as if they are about to wage armed warfare on the community.

          Back to basics would be far better than Umunna’s stupid Tweet that cops armed with cameras filming everything will create trust.


  38. 176
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    What am I going to do now ?

    UK – YouGov/Sun poll:

    CON 33%
    LAB 40%
    LDEM 8%
    UKIP 12%


  39. 177
    whippet says:

    Quangos? You should have seen what the now defunct Yorkshire Forward got up to!
    Not only a LS1 office building but they permanently occupied a number of local 5 star hotels for never ending conferences.
    All at taxpayer expense and Yorkshire is no further forward than when they found it.


    • 183
      Tom from Burnham on Sea says:

      Redundancies in the Environment Agency have been suspended.

      The only things I know for certain are firstly that Cameron clearly has not got a grip on this situation and secondly there is water and mud swimming through my house.


      • 200
        whippet says:

        Well that’s bad luck. I looked at the Environment Agency flood map 10yrs ago and bought a house on a hill.

        Never been flooded and never will.


  40. 186
    Blowing Whistles says:

    ‘Conditioned to respond to all the threats
    and the rhetorical speeches of the soviets’

    ‘conditioned’ – that’s the word but who’s been duping who?


  41. 197
    The British media are cunts says:

    Daily Mail going after Labour kiddie fiddler supporters of PIE. Neither BBC or Sky willing to touch story on paper reviews,


    • 202
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      And it is about bloody time they did as well.

      Not that this sort of justice should be a political issue per se, but anyone who was involved with that organization, or involved in such activities, should be publicly broken on the wheel and left in a gibbet for the birds to finish off.

      That includes the likes of H’arman and other Labourites who were trying to advance that cause back in the 70s.


      • 203
        The British media are cunts says:

        The left have always liked kiddie fiddling, the Guardian has promoted the abolition or lowering of the age of consent for years,


        • 207
          Casual Observer 7 says:

          It is maybe more accurate to say that the left is more open to the idea, and its promotion.

          Being the left they don’t consider the effect of the causes they promote, they just look for votes and attention: Uncontrolled immigration is a very good case in point.

          Don’t read this as advocacy of the left, but in order for the left to correct itself, they need to start thinking a bit like the right, and start looking two or three steps ahead at where their actions and ideas will lead.

          The left also needs to drop this notion of creating problems with the aim of offering themselves as a solution in order to strengthen their power base and guarantee future work. This mindset of theirs has been as damaging to the national interest as CSA is to its victims.


    • 215
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Looks like they are correctly going after Hewitt as well.



    • 240
      Steak and Kidney says:

      Sad BBC and Sky are reluctant One thinks that, no one knows that had these been of an MP from the right they would have had no such reluctance whatsoever in fact for the BBC this would have been wall to wall.

      I sincerely hope that they get their come uppance on this and that other odious hypocritical couple get their collars felt. i know they won’t of course because they are of the left and so untouchable and if the government changes it will probably go back into a closed file for 100 years no doubt.


      • 242
        Steak and Kidney says:

        In fairness Sky mention it on their website as “three senior labour figures” Not a peep from BBC . Does not even exist. Given the many issues now in the public domain and how far back these issues are now known to have gone I would have thought this should be a matter of public interest including historical links. After all they can go back 50 years for celebs who are subsequently cleared.


  42. 208
    JadedJean2 says:

    US and EU Are Paying Ukrainian Rioters and Protesters



    • 210
      The EU is a wicked thing says:

      The EU should give its peace prize back (and Obama). They have deliberately been encouraging the protests which they knew full well would end in tragedy.


    • 211
      Zero Hedge says:

      This Is How Ukrainian Protesters Attack An Armored Personnel Carrier



    • 213
      Casual Observer 7 says:

      Seeing as they are paying them to start a civil war, can the UK now onshore the IT jobs which were off-shored over there ?

      They clearly have much better things to do…


      • 245
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        Looks like war to me.

        Is Cameron any good in a fight?

        Poor planning to let have the country get covered in its own mud sewerage and water when this is starting.

        We should be leading the strategic planning in the EU this morning.

        We need a massive deployment of troops to Poland and Roumania immediately to stop these Ukrainians coming and claiming asylum.

        All UK boys and girls 18-21 should be called up to boot camps now for three weeks military training.


  43. 214
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



    • 223
      Santa says:

      Is it Christmas already?


    • 229
      Anonymous says:

      Stupidest thing to do at the moment is to go long on property.


      • 246
        The Boy Plunger says:

        I thought before Christmas the average house price was being cited as about £180K. Within a few weeks we are now being informed it is £250K!

        I think the £250k is really the average asking price.

        There are plenty of “Paper Millionaires ” out there with a hope in hell of finding a buyer.

        You can also scrub Central London because that is an artificial market: it only exists because Arabs and the Mafia want somewhere to offload their cash.

        Real people have been excluded for years.


  44. 216
    Owen Jones says:


  45. 224
    Enough says:

    Who trained those passive Ukrainian riot police…the PSNI?
    It’s time they put that appalling EU inspired thuggery down.


    • 247
      Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

      Do you mean the;
      Yobs ???
      They’re not sure who’s side they’re on.


  46. 231
    non taxable pikey says:

    Well done Denmark.

    Now waiting for the UK to follow suit.

    And waiting

    And waiting

    And waiting…….


  47. 244
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Perverts…….. Perverts……… Perverts.

    Lock up your children. Lock up your children.


  48. 248
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    This is brilliant.

    Why not have a live debate afterwards with the title like #TheBigQuangoStreetRow

    Get the usual shouty suspects in as panelists, like Owen Jones, Katy Hopkins, Medhi Hasan,


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