February 18th, 2014

Labour MP Claims Thousands for Spinner on Expenses

Andy Burnham’s gaffe prone PPS Debbie Abrahams has a public profile of little note, readers will probably only remember her for the time she repeated loony ‘Dr’ Eoin Clarke’s fibs in the House and was forced to apologise for accusing Cameron of “genocide“. She barely got through last night’s painful Newsnight discussion on benefit sanctions either. You might say she could do with a comms guru to sort out her image.

Guido can reveal that Abrahams charges the taxpayer £2,099 on expenses for the “communications and media” services of “creative media and PR” consultant John Ramsden. Who, judging by the photos on his website, is clearly the real deal. Away from juggling lightbulbs, Ramsden boasts on his site that “I managed to get Debbie Abrahams on to the BBC Today programme yesterday”. So remember the next time you hear Debbie on the radio that you’re paying for the spinner who got her the gig…


  1. 1
    Lord Bumwatch says:

    She should pay it back!


    • 20
      Jet Stream says:

      She doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to do the “right thing”


      • 30
        yutt6bytut says:

        How I hate these kind of slimes…


        • 38
          Scallywag says:

          D’ebbie A’brahams…h’mm, s’uspicious n’ame!


          • Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Immigrants, Criminals & other Wasters. says:

            With Labour you pay through the nose for everything.


          • I'srael Firster? says:

            10 June 2013 – View full entry
            6. Overseas visits

            Address of donor: School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street , Russell Square , London , WC1H 0XG Destination of visit: West Bank and I’srael

            Address of donor: School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG Destination of visit: West Bank and I’srael.



          • John Bellingham says:

            In this case the name Abrahams is her married name via her Husband John, the South African Cape Coloured former cricketer. Many Cape coloured families have old testament sounding names, Abrahams, Jacobs, Adams, Josiah, Joseph etc. The coloureds are not a straightforward Bantu-European mix as many people mistakenly believe, but a complex mash-up of Hottentot, San, West African Bantu, Malay, Lebanese, Tamil, Sinhalese, Portuguese and Dutch all levied with the gene input of three hundred years worth of passing sailors. The OT names are often a legacy of slave names from Christianisation or sometimes from the baptismal name of the Cape-Dutch head of household who was also the natural father.
            John Abrahams was a half-decent off-break bowler–but never a decent spinner.


    • 41
      Bluto says:

      Is she going to become another Labour MP and then demand that things should be banned?


    • 75

      As a PR man he’s a fucking genius, imagine all the pitfalls and downright obstructions he must have had to overcome in order to get a Labour MP on the BBC .


  2. 2
    White Dee says:

    Do you know I’m favourite to win the next Celebrity Big Brother?


  3. 3
    Ah! policewomen says:

    Size matters



  4. 4
    that explains it says:

    No-one bothers listening to Today
    or watching Newsnight anymore.


    • 36
      give them a hand and they take an arm says:

      Especially when they have cυnts like Nadhim Zahawi attacking the poor for being poor.

      The benefits system worked fine before we had mass immigration by fat bastards like him.


    • 50
      Jeremiah says:

      Fawkes does, but I don’t watch Newsnight, maybe I should. There one thing Debs is which neither of the Two Fawkes can possibily be, she is one of the promised ones. Debs is certainly a good looker not many of those in the HoC.


    • 83
      Nadhim Zahawi MP - For a Stable Economy says:

      That’s a shame because I was brilliant.


  5. 5
    Ah! but where's the proof says:

    There might be dozens of broken light-bulbs on the studio floor.


  6. 6
    Rickytshirt says:

    A rare glimpse of an endangered species, stood next to someone dressed as a panda.


    • 11
      cornwall storms says:

      By my definition the endangered species in politics would be an honest politician – she’s clearly not one of those .


      • 58
        Rickytshirt says:

        Perhaps a case of wishful thinking…


      • 67
        Jeremiah says:

        You’re dead right there, why do you think most them get into the HoC, all spin and no action. I don’t know how much the flooding will eventually cost but it will be a lot more than ( at least 150 times as much ) the £10M promised by Dave Boy, still elections for the EU in 3 months, he will be remembered.


  7. 8
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    The live debates on channel 4 and 5 last night were a hoot. The channel 4 one was about bennies and had some of the Benny Street residents, Chris Bryfronts, Mehdi ‘Gisa job at the Mail’ Hasan and Owen ‘I travel first class to a debate on welfare’ Jones. The channel 5 one was about immigration and had Lee Jasper, some muzees and Kate Hopkins. Jasper was told off repeatedly by the hosts for shouting over others. Hopkins made some cracking jokes ridiculing the stupid muzees and lefties in the studio. She was the only one who had the guts to take on and mock the ragheads who kept yelling at her. For popcorn value, channel 5’s debate won, but the benny one did have a great moment when some fat fuck berated a self-made millionaire for being rich. The businessman calmly said “It’s called hard work” and the fat fuck said “Hard work? Give over!” As I said last night, if the likes of this fatso spent less time on wealth and class envy, they’d better their lives.


    • 13
      Skeleton Bob says:

      Sadly 90% of the disadvantages of immigration last night never got a mention. Even the added risk of flooding from more pressure to build in areas liable to flood never got a mention. The only thing I heard was schools and a few other things that K.Hopkins was interested in. What an amateurish bunch from both sides of the argument.


    • 14
      Lord Stansted says:

      Sounds like my kind of TV, a laugh-a-minute programme :)


    • 69
      Jeremiah says:

      That’s the sort of thing Old Fawkes could have done when he worked for Dirty Des. Will the Master give him a chance on Sky to have his own program, I haven’t got Sky but I am sure all your fans on here would switch over to watch you instead of going onto the porn channels, judging by their posts, 8illy for one would watch you.


  8. 9
    Ah! but says:

    Doesn’t an SNP fail lead to more Labour MPs to Westminister?


    • 15
      cornwall storms says:

      Exactly! That why we need a Yes vote for the SNP Referendum


    • 16
      Lord Stansted says:

      Possibly something much more entertaining – the arrival of more SNP MPs at Westminster. Hard to believe perhaps, but they would make Labour look credible.


      • 66
        Get Rid of Scotland says:

        We need to get rid of Scotland and Salmond is not up to the job, his amateurism, unpreparedness and “bullying” whines are losing votes.


        • 74
          Jack Ketch says:

          Anyone know the names of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong? How about Singapore? Both of these territories have bigger a bigger economy than Scotland and possibly better living standards–but they don’t make nearly as much noise as the Scots.


    • 18
      Skeleton Bob says:

      The SNP want all the advantages of independence but want the assurance that the rest of the UK (and Europe) will bail them out when it all goes tits up, as it always does under socialist governments. That’s why they want the pound and the EU.


      • 27
        cornwall storms says:

        Well they’re welcome to the EU because we don’t want it.


      • 29
        The British public says:

        We’ll they can’t have it.


      • 31
        Skeleton Bob says:

        There is no reason why the Scots can’t have a separate Scottish pound that they peg to the UK pound (as happens with other currencies and the US dollar, for example). That will allow them to unpeg whenever it is needed.


        • 46
          stun2 says:

          If they allow it to trade freely, the speculators will take it on and try and break the peg, as they did for Sterling and the FRF in the ERM. I don’t think there is anything to stop them using the real pound, though of course they would have no control over monetary policy etc


  9. 17

    Very simple nowadays:

    1. Perception is reality
    2. Reality is whatever you want it to be
    3. Goto 1.

    To think how we used to tussle with nasty stuff like truth!


  10. 23
    Disgusted taxpayer says:

    So one buys a slot on TV on expenses paid by us

    Through a bent PR man

    How dishonest and low can British politics fall?

    Will the BBC put their slots up for auction?

    Like slots on this blog?!


  11. 32
    Your first Cv says:

    Everyone ought to have a look at John Ramsden’s website.
    He’s a real life PR version of Alan Partridge.

    My favourite bit is where he offers editing and proof reading services, mentioned just under this bit of bullshit….

    From promoting major BBC content to the work of local community groups my experience is based on over 25 years of dealing with the some of the most exciting and rewarding proactive media stories through to the most difficult reactive crisis issues.


    • 44
      Major Bumsore says:

      Get Cameron to give him a call re the the floods. He caould be of some use.


      • 73
        Jeremiah says:

        Cams is stuck in the all that mud as the flood water recedes, he needs a good spinner for the EU’s, a lot of Tory MPs constituencies affected by floods, oh dear.


  12. 34
    Jack says:

    So Debbie took over from the bent Woolas

    At least she puts PR on expenses rather than tam paxes


    • 76
      Jeremiah says:

      How much does Dave and his team collectively charge PR expenses to the tax payer? They do not seem to doing a good job, the comments on here and other places suggest, the cabinet and mnisters seem to be just doing their own thing, Dave saying one thing and a minister seemingly saying the opposite.


  13. 35
    Bang to Rights says:


    • 47
      JH-32094-0239-4 says:

      No Owen, they got you a 1st class ticket.

      You could have sat in coach with all the lowly peons who are so very, very lucky to have gilded intellectuals such as yourself expending concern on their behalf.

      But you sat in 1st class, didn’t you.

      You liked it, didn’t you. You earned it.


    • 48
      Bluto says:

      You said it.


    • 54
      A Miliner says:

      Doesn’t appear I am needed.

      The cap you are wearing fits perfectly.


    • 55
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      If you’re not for Owen, you are a troll.


    • 56
      chippy says:

      I just don’t have the skills to be left wing. I could never play the victim and fib as well as Owen.


      • 71
        Little fool says:

        Did Jones have a stroke at some stage in his young life…..there must be a reason why he does that weird side of the mouth talking thing?


    • 77
      Jeremiah says:

      Owen I don’t think many on here wish to troll with you, on the other hand there may be one or two little tinkers who are not quite sure.


  14. 49
    Gerald says:

    From the Daily Cretin:

    “A commuter who was taken ill on a packed train while five months pregnant was forced to sit on the floor because none of her fellow passengers would give up their seats.

    “Victoria Poskitt, 40, has hit out at train bosses for not allowing her to sit in first class after she felt woozy on a morning service from Surbiton in south west London to Waterloo. …

    “Mrs Poskitt, who works as the head of communications at the teachers’ union the Association of Teachers and Lecturers …”

    One of the cultural hegemonists, then. Her utopia has come to pass — it’s feminism that stopped gents from offering their seats. And fancy her asking to be put in First Class with little Owen! Without Marxism, she’d have been preggers when 20 years younger and her old man would have provided all the money the family needed.

    You’d have to have a heart of stone …



  15. 51
    Ah! great says:

    Churchill built a garden wall. Milibuilder promises to build 200,000 houses.


  16. 57
    Geoff Dickens says:

    They gave us Woolas and now they have given us this joker.


  17. 59
    an angry taxpaying pleb says:

    The sooner that all expense claims have to be vetted and approved by an independent committee comprised entirely of recipients of JSA the better.


  18. 61

    The French have arrested someone for killing that British Iraqi family.


  19. 62
    Scotch says:

    He looks like a third Proclaimers brother…


  20. 65
    What the fuck is he boasting about says:

    It was a cinch for him to get her on.

    Current : Director at John Ramsden Communications

    Past : Head of Communications at Liverpool City Council, A/Head of Communications at BBC, MC&A at BBC, Press and Public Relations Officer at BBC


  21. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Typical thieving scum.


  22. 78
    Ben says:

    if he or his company turn out to be Labour donors, the circle will be complete


  23. 81
    Labour-The party of Hypocrites. says:

    The Chair of a PCT in Greater Manchester will speak out against the Government’s NHS reforms at a demonstration
    tomorrow (Saturday, 24 June). Addressing a Keep Our NHS Public rally in Manchester, Debbie Abrahams, Chair of
    Rochdale PCT, will say she has “no option but to speak out publicly” before the reforms take the NHS to “the point of no
    return.” She will warn that market reforms “threaten the future of a NHS that is equitable and free at the point of
    THE GOVERNMENT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT IS THE LAST LABOUR GOVERNMENT. She has since settled her differences with the Labour party. How convenient !!!!!


  24. 82
    Above says:

    The above is a press release from http://www.keepournhspublic.com


  25. 84
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Has he bummed her, I took we should know!


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