February 17th, 2014

Labour’s Venezuelan Ally Seeks Arrest of Opposition Leader
Blocks Twitter, Locks Up Protesters, Three Killed

Guido’s international coverage brings you the latest from Venezuela. Socialist President Maduro, lauded by Labour MPs as proof “a better way is possible” when he came to power, is embroiled in crisis as thousands of anti-government protesters demand his resignation. In his latest subversion of democracy, Maduro last week issued a warrant for the arrest of the country’s opposition leader, ordering a huge police manhunt and raiding his house and the home of his parents. 100 student protesters were arrested by government forces in Caracas and three people were shot dead, with eyewitness reports blaming government sponsored armed motorcycle gangs. Twitter has confirmed that the Venezuelan government is blocking accounts and images posted of the protests.

Back in Britain, the Labour MPs who shilled for Maduro refuse to condemn him…


  1. 1

    Switch off the Labber Party innit?

  2. 2
    Qui Bono says:

    Not tough on socialist murderers, not tough on the causes of socialist murderers

  3. 3
    leftieslovechaos says:

    No embarrassment about this on the left. My Guido, you are naive. It’s all going well for Chavez’s children.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    LieBour mp’s will never do,or say,anything that admits or suggests they have got it wrong.

  5. 5

    So John Smith did not die.

  6. 6
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “British democracy is dying, replaced by a smug, self-serving technocracy” – says a smug, self-serving MP who ‘talks the talk’ on t’internet but knows which side his bread is buttered. Tosser.


  7. 7
    Ah! wonder says:

    If 1- D 2 Bs and 2 Ts will be holidaying there.

  8. 8
    JH3498239482390 says:

    Maduro could eat the opposition leader’s firstborn on live TV and the likes of Abbopotamus and Owned Jones would not condemn him.

    These people are incapable of admitting their ideology is wrong.

    Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. T S Eliot.

    They are mentally ill, and they want power like nothing else.

  9. 9
    Col. Nut says:

    The one on the left looks pretty close though.

  10. 10
    Col. Nut says:

    Murder in the pursuit of utopia has often been high on socialist agendas and often approved tacitly or openly by their “thinkers.”

  11. 11
    And Owen Jones says:

    Travelled first class to appear in a Channel 4 debate later tonight about benefits. Hypocrisy, thy name is Owen Jones.

  12. 12
    A complete mental says:

    Oh, it’s Owen Jones… I like him.

  13. 13
    The Big British Immigration Row says:

    Channel 5 at 8pm

  14. 14
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Murderers – look left and look right


  15. 15
    Let's call a spade a spade says:

    Owen Jones is a talentless, arrogant c-unt with delusions of grandeur about his intellect and importance. He’s a gutless twat who blocks anyone who asks him a question on Twitter which he can’t answer. Worst of all, he’s a despicable hypocrite who lives a lavish privileged lifestyle while attacking others who are also well off and while claiming to be a socialist crusader who knows what the lives of poor are like.

  16. 16
    Anon. says:

    Labour activist and fund raiser Owen Jones. :???:

  17. 17
    I just saw says:

    Vicky Pryce in the studio audience. Christ what a fugly munter.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    A few thousand in a country of millions is not many !

    They at least pay there Dr correctly £25K a year, we could lean a few lessons !

  19. 19
    aghast says:

    Very true, see also Robert Mugabe, North Korean advisors and the Gukurahundi which killed 20,000.
    The UN left that one out of today’s report.
    The blood lust of World Socialism is so underexposed.

  20. 20
  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Channel 5 programme on immigration even worse than one on benefits, if that’s possible. Shouty, aggressive, chavish pooling of ignorance and a presenter totally out of her depth. Turned it off.

  22. 22
    Nigel says:

    I think immigrants caused the floods in Somerset.

  23. 23

  24. 24
    cvc says:

  25. 25
    Man in Wellies says:

    I think Labour caused the flood of immigrants.

  26. 26
    cvc says:

  27. 27
    cvc says:

  28. 28
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I hate how immigrants come from Scotland to steal our non jobs.

  29. 29
    Champagne socialist says:


  30. 30
    cured lefty says:

    socialists always have media twat in residence , owen will slide up his own arsehole just like his mentor hari
    btw any one heard how the disgraced typist is making out in usa?

  31. 31
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    It’s looking like the typical MSM whitewash we’ve all come to expect.

  32. 32
    cvc says:

    The Modbot is hyperactive 2nite.

  33. 33
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Mackenzie – fork-tongued ignoranting establishment ignorant Zio Zero mule.

  34. 34
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Thomas Dolby.

  35. 35
    Owen's Teacher says:

    This is exactly what I wrote on Owen’s last report.

  36. 36
    The BBC says:

    The blood lust of World Socialism is so underexposed.

    Not at all, we expose how evil Capitalism is all the time, now pay your telly tax.

  37. 37
    JH923489234-32490 says:

    Hail El Presidente!

  38. 38
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    Lee Jasper’s been told off by one of the hosts for shouting. :-D

  39. 39
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Have a read above in box 2 comment 14 – that’s where both the “LEFT” (Common Purpose) and the “RIGHT” (Freemasonry) – come together to dupe the masses – both of them being ultimately and internationally ‘controlled’ by the loony Z’s.

  40. 40
    JH923489234-32490 says:

    ‘better process’ = The socialist always wins – fancy that – and opposition leaders are hunted down and imprisoned (at best).

    I can just imagine this useless sow defending similar measures over here, doing her slow – quiet – patient – voice – that – implies – the – listener – is – stupid.

  41. 41
    Gordon Brown says:

    tomorrow I will be free diving for cornish pasties off the coast of Liverpool

  42. 42
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    If I set up a ‘White Students Campaign’ at my local university what do you think would happen to me?

  43. 43
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    As stated in the program; 66% of the British public are worried and have concerns about ‘the amount of immigration’ then why is the audience 66% in favour of mass imagination per se?

  44. 44
    tout says:

    hurry, get one quick

    they’re goin’ fast

  45. 45
    BBC News and Propaganda Unit says:

    We shan’t be reporting the
    problems in Venezuela.

  46. 46
    walking into darkness says:

    I always thought it was suspicious, the timing of John Smith’s death I mean.

    Wouldn’t be at all suprised if Blair had him bumped off

  47. 47
    walking into darkness says:

    How is it that she and Huhne are still given air time to spout their crap. Presumably they are paid for this as well.

  48. 48
    walking into darkness says:

    I like him even less than you do

  49. 49
    Jimmy says:

    Certainly not going too badly for the late commandante’s business associates


  50. 50
    Martin says:

    Please watch and share:

    “Whats going on in Venezuela”

  51. 51
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    Kate Hopkins just made a cracker of a joke. She said if a child shouted “muhammad” in a playground, he’d get about 100 kids running in answer to that name.

  52. 52
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    A bunch of loudmouth raghead muzc-unts in the studio audience. Fuckers just shouting over everyone.

  53. 53
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    That article is from 2009, and it is common knowledge that A’shcroft does business in that part of the world.

    Looking at the state that Venezuela is in now, and knowing the nature of the government which Labour have been supporting down there, it is quite fortunate that Belize bank intercepted the monies which were owed as debt, and prevented them from reaching the Belize government.

    Why ? Because those monies would have been used by some in the government to destabilize the country.

    Venezuela has a track record of trying to use its oil wealth to exert undue influence in the region. That influence extended to London when L!vingstone was running TfL on their oil.

  54. 54
    Oh Dear says:

    You not been to Liverpool have you Gordo, your showing your knowledge of how unknowledgable you are.

  55. 55
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    They are shameless criminals and shouldn’t be given any airtime whatsoever.

  56. 56
    chippy says:

    Battered one eyed flounder and chips for lunch then?

  57. 57
    Blowing Whistles says:

    lot’s of sheep out there tonight eh?

  58. 58
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Livingstone has been ‘owned’ for decades.

  59. 59
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    Vicky Pryce in a skirt. Retch.

  60. 60
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Look at the timelines of what was happening politically around the world …

    Look at what we now know – which we did not know then.

  61. 61
    Blowing Whistles says:

    n.b. What goes around was not meant to come around for at least 50 to 70 years … but hey ho it has.

  62. 62
    The British media are cunts says:

    Venezuela is the new model for Labour’s socialist England.

  63. 63
    Fed up Joe Public says:

    Why is it the fcuking MSM must have that revolting jail bird on,
    No one is interested what she has to say about anything ……..

  64. 64
    muslim is a disease says:

    me too

  65. 65
    chippy says:

    66% of the audience are hand picked socialist nutters.

  66. 66
  67. 67
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    Luisa Zissman gives me the horn.

  68. 68
    Reincarnation? says:

    Is that guy on the left of the photo Jimmy Saville (with a haircut)?

  69. 69
    White rabbit says:

    Oh god ! Don’t tell me. We all embrace it, we can’t stop it, loads of cultural benefits and think of variety of food now on offer.

  70. 70
    Jimmy says:

    replace the 0 with o. The modbot didn’t like the link for some reason.

  71. 71
    jgm2 says:

    Arresting opposition MPs on trumped up charges?

    How very Nu-Labour. No wonder Abbott and the rest of them support Minime-Chavez.

    #Thereisanotherway? FFS. Do they even realise the irony?

    Of course there’s ‘another way’. It’s just that arresting your political opponents on trumped up charges and shooting peaceful protesters is not generally considered ‘another way’ to be bragging about.

  72. 72
    Reincarnation? says:

    Is the guy on the left of the photo like a now deceased peodo (with a haircut)?

  73. 73
    Socialism is Totally Evil says:

    Funny we haven’t seen any of this on BeeboidBC

  74. 74
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    I’m switching over now. I can’t stomach that raghead c-unt Anjem Choudhry being given airtime.

    Switching to channel 4, another foul rabble, this lot debating bennies. In the studio Chris Bryfronts and Owen Jones. Vomit. Nuke the left..

  75. 75
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Good piece Guido, and great work catching up.

    To augment the above some further details:

    i) The photo of Jones / Abbott above was taken when they were observing Venezuelan elections with the UN. The other people in that photo are UN observers.

    ii) The students who have been detained have been ‘disappeared’.

    They apparently being held in secret locations: Family, friends, and opposition officials are unable to get exact information on their current state of being, location, or what charges they are being held on.

    Given the nature of things in LATAM, one must assume at present they are either being tortured, or are already dead.

    iii) The students were protesting over lack of opportunities. There are no jobs in Venezuela for graduates, and a growing number of unemployed graduates. Combined with government created shortages this has brought socio-economic tensions to a head.

    iv) Leaving Venezuela is not at all easy. Many carriers are no longer flying there because of unpaid government debt. The national carriers have also shut down. The government owes over $3bn to airlines at present.

    v) Many publishers, and a large section of the press have gone out of business recently, and this is a continuing trend. This has been caused in large part by paper shortages – what started with toilet paper running out has extended to newspaper and magazine paper.

    The reason for the shortages is an agency that the Venezuelan government created in 2003 called: Cadivi

    This agency limits the amount of $’s which are released to corporations, and acts as the countries central purchasing authority. (The restriction of $’s has directly led to the black market in foreign currency that exists in Venezuela now)

    Print Paper was shifted from the essential purchase list into the non-essential list in August 2012. Since then inventory has steadily been declining leading to publishers now literally not having paper to print on, hence going out of business.

    In order to purchase from outside Venezuela, companies need to file paper work with the Commerce ministry to show that they cannot purchase domestically, and go through a bureaucratic procedure. You can imagine the red tape, inflated costs and maze of corruption which inflates costs there.

    The shortages in the country are 100% government created and managed.

    Some idiots on the UK left have been commenting that it is the CIA and US who have been behind the shortages in the country, and also responsible for the unrest and killings.

    That is complete fiction.

    The US has been extremely patient and accommodating with Venezuela, especially after Chavez decided to nationalize US owned oil infrastructure and operations in the country back in 2010.

  76. 76
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Radio Silence.

  77. 77
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    All muslims should die.

  78. 78

    The business of Scotland using the pound after secession needs to be clarified.

    There is nothing on earth to stop them from doing so. Many countries around the world use the Dollar and the Euro as their currency. Panama, Ecuador, El Salvador and East Timor to name the main ones using the US$. Montenegro and Kosovo use the Euro as do a number of Pacific micro-states.

    None of these has any input into how the currency is managed or what the interest rates should be. Scotland can carry on using the pound in that manner, there is absolutely no problem with that and it even suits England’s purposes that they should do that.

    What they cannot do any more is affect any policies, like rates, connected with that currency.

    At times that may suit them. At others, the policy will be set in a diametrically opposite way to what their actual needs are.

    Their historical role has been to whinge. After they secede, the UK is perfectly entitled to put its fingers in its ears over this. We will put our requirements first, just as Scotland likes to put its own requirements first.

    Tough shit!

  79. 79
    Comrade Handycock says:

    Nothing wrong with travelling first class on the trains or business class on airlines so long as either the taxpayer or foreign benefactors are paying. As far as what is happening in Venezuela is concerned, their political model works, regardless of what right wing blogs like this would have you think. History teaches us that it does work, you only have to look at Soviet Russia and communist eastern Europe to see that it does, especially for me supporting them, and gratefully getting my rocks off for years with their grateful thanks. Boaz.

  80. 80
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    When I see c-unts like Owen Jones and raghead muzbots on TV, I get more and more right wing by the minute. And now that loudmouth c-unt Lee Jasper just made a show of walking out of the studio but was called back to continue debating. The leftie c-unts are screaming because they’ve been embarrassed by the Choudhry interview which has shown up what a wretched disgusting ideology is-lam is. I wish we still had Maggie. This country is on its last legs. The left and their friends in the MSM have totally r*ped Britain.

  81. 81
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Some guy in the front row (name escapes me, but he is described as a self-made millionaire) just laid out straight to Bryant by stating re: benefits: “Labour fucked it up”

    The look on Bryants’ face was an absolute picture.

  82. 82
    Mod bloody bot says:


  83. 83
    Mod bloody bot says:

  84. 84
    White rabbit says:

    Where would the freedom fighter be without a name badge and lanyard.

  85. 85
    FFS says:

    Ah Jimmy, yet another glib comment. What a little boy you are. Haven’t got the balls to deal with subject at hand have you?

    Lets get back to the subject shall we Jimmy? What exactly do you make of Labour MP’s support of Maduro? What is your opinion exactly?

    Come on Jimmy, I know you will come right back to this thread. You will do a search on your own name to see if anybody has responded to your flippant remarks. You always do.

  86. 86
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    The debates tonight on Channel 4 and 5 have provided a very useful service. They’ve shown very starkly how morally reprehensible the left are and how utterly fucked this country is. I’m done with Britain. As soon as I can, I’ll be leaving. The left have totally destroyed Britain. In ten years the whole nation will be one massive mu-lim enclave.

    And now that squirt Owen Jones on Channel 4 is talking out of his arse about low paid jobs, the same Owen Jones who travelled first class to the debate. Oh and look, there’s Mehdi Hasan who begged the Mail for a job. The left are a hoot aren’t they.

  87. 87
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    You forgot the fruit picking.

  88. 88
    The On High says:

    Channel 4 and Channel 5 broadcasting tonight two programmes, supposedly discussing immigration, see no percentage in having an audience composed of normal members of the public.

    Benefit trawlers, selfselving immigrants and utter twats such as Lee Jasper, Bryant, the Jones youth are the chosen participants.

    Obviously this is being done to increase the sale of televisions, normal people will have smashed theirs after ten minutes of the shite being broadcast.

  89. 89
    FFS says:

    Are you suggesting that the government that lied to get us involved in a war whgich result in the death of 100,000 innocent people might also have bumped off one or two people in the UK that got in the way? Surely not?

  90. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Representatives of a party knee deep in vote rigging scandals are in Venezuela monitoring a presidential election!

    Perhaps Venezuela should have sent representatives to last Thursday’s bye-election. They could have picked up some postal ‘voting’ tips.

  91. 91
    Katie Munter says:

    Kelvin lost it, wot?

    Immigration fan.

  92. 92
    Universal Hiss says:

    Totally agree.

    Salmon has given 4 alternatives on currency but some people will not accept that.
    Perhaps he should have given 17?

    I don’t accept your historical whinge.I accept the word protest.

    Each country protects its best interests.I would not expect anything else.The problem with UK politics over many decades is we are being manipulated not by people who have the country’s interests in mind,just a self serving drive to enrich themselves & others of their ilk & there’s the rub.

    I’ve given it a bit on the previous thread & said enough tonight I think.

  93. 93
    Eric Hogsperm says:

    The gruesome death of a trillion people is as nothing in the long march to socialist utopia!

  94. 94
    Katie Munter says:

    Channel 5 shoutie match.

  95. 95
    Tony Blair, still at large says:

    Oil? Who mentioned oil? Why was I not informed?

  96. 96
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    I saw the bit where some fat fuck was berating the businessman for being rich. The businessman replied “It’s called hard work” and the fat fuck just said “Hard work?! Give over!” If these twats spent less time being obsessed with wealth and class envy, they might better themselves.

  97. 97
    The peasants are revolting says:

    Not on twitter so cant pull up thetweet but Actually Abbot tweeted

    CHAVEZ WINS!! Now I can relax after a hards days election monitoring.

  98. 98
    Tony Blair, still at large says:

    That is a disgraceful accusation which I will not dignify with a reply.

    Please find enclosed my invoice.

  99. 99
    Channel 5 popcorn says:

    I’ve never liked Kate Hopkins but she was the only one on the Channel 5 debate to tell the truth about immigration and muzees. While the lefties shrieked with indignation and the muzbots tried to shout over her, she rightly ridiculed and attacked muzees.

  100. 100
    Breaking socialist news says:

    Perhaps someone could pop up to first class and inform Owen Jones his Socialist utopia is having a crisis.

  101. 101
    Well it is says:

    Channel 4 is owned by the government and part funded by the taxpayer.

  102. 102
    Universal Hiss says:

    So I’ll type it again.

    Totally agree.

    Salmon has given 4 alternatives on currency but some people will not accept that.
    Perhaps he should have given 17?

    I don’t accept your historical whinge.I accept the word protest.

    Each country protects it’s own interests.I would not accept anything else.The problem with UK politics over many decades is we are being manipulated not by people who have the country’s interests in mind,just a self serving desire to enrich themselves & others of their ilk & there’s the rub.

    I’ve given it a bit on the previous thread & said enough tonight I think.


  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t like you jimmy coz you is a socialist apologist Cnut

  104. 104
    FFS says:

    It’s a bit like the Hamiltons. I presume the Beeb has found that these political lags that haven’t openly admitted their guilt can be relied upon to come on the TV whenever they say so and say whatever the Beeb asks them to say.

  105. 105
    Jimmy says:

    I’m flattered that my opinion is so important to you. I am aware that some of our less sensible MPS on occasion express support for dodgy regimes on the basis that they are nominally progressive. I would much prefer it if they shut up. Support for basic human rights norms is a fundamental requirement for being a leftie. Castro groupies can fuck off too. I hope that’s clear.

  106. 106
    FFS says:

    We have sushi restaurants but sadly very few Japanese girls living here.

  107. 107
    Typical says:

    The one beside him is an IRA terrorist

  108. 108
    jgm2 says:

    Excellent synopsis.

    You left out the complete breakdown of law and order and massive murder rate even without the government chipping in so enthusiastically.

    It’s fucked. Fucked by Chavez using middle class cash and looting foreig companies to buy votes. Which would be just about understandable if it had led to an improved quality of life for all or even a majority. But it hasn’t.

    He’s got equality though. Now everybody is shit-scared, piss-poor and afraid for their lives.

  109. 109
    FFS says:

    We need to encourage the US to have an “open door” policy. Most of our immigrants will fuck off before you can say “California”.

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Would we be allowed to have a poster up that said ” white students campaign”

    That’s a serious question. What laws would be broken?

  111. 111
    Meanwhile, back in the real world... says:

    Not much ‘due process’ going in here, Diane.

  112. 112
    Refreshing says:

    Good for her. She spoke well.
    She’d make a good MP

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    Ps it was 500,000 actually

  114. 114
    Who are you and what have you done with Original Jimmy? says:

    Who are you and what have you done with Original Jimmy?

    Original Jimmy would never risk an opinion of his/her own. Too much a hostage to fortune.

  115. 115
    Derron Brown's Magic Is Bogging. says:

    Flabby Abbott is fit for the sewers! She is an arsewipe!

  116. 116
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    I am very very familiar with the more interesting trade patterns which exist down in that part of the world, and would caution against promoting any such allegations in the above context.

    Not because there should be any particular reason to protect a Tory peer who may have business interests in Belize, but because such smears ignore very much the bigger picture and are themselves untrue.

    V’enezuela itself doesn’t use the drug trade directly to profit, but after Colomb!a stabilized and stopped the Cartels trafficking across it’s territory, the cartels switched to moving product up through V’enezuela and through Central A’merica.

    The V’enezuelan government under Chavez, and now M’aduro, have not done much to tackle this problem, mainly because the product was going to the US, and Chavez did not want conflict with the Cartels.

    However, now, there is this, which can be added to list of things which Owen, Abbott and Labour apparently support:


    B’elize is not obviously on the main Central A’merican trail, but the Mex!can Cartels have been using the country for that purpose of late. This is principally to avoid the Mex!can army / navy, and also minimize transit through G’uatemala. G’uatemala has strong support from the US, read troops on the ground and $, and has been quite successful in disrupting flow over the past few years.

    The US has provided over $20m of direct aid to the B’elize government to counter the traffickers, but the government are still more persuaded by bribes from the Cartels.

    The point is that when a government is as shoddy and corrupt as that in Belize is, one should be very careful about what one hears.

    If there was real evidence that some suggest exists, then the US would have shut him down years ago, extradited and jailed.

    Think about this carefully. ;-)

  117. 117
    FFS says:

    Reminds me of the ape house at Bristol Zoo back in the days when gorillas used to throw his shit at the visitors.

  118. 118
    DerrIn Brown's Magic Is Bogging. says:

    Abbott is fit for the sewers!

  119. 119
    frank says:

    Damn, looks like we’ll have to cross Venezuela off the list of socialist success stories…
    At least Dianne Abbott’s kid got a decent education.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    That sums it up perfectly. Those on the right work hard and do something those on the left expect the world owes them a living.

    The left are truly evil

  121. 121
    Derron Brown's Magic Is Bogging. says:

    Abbott is fit for the sewers!

  122. 122
    Comrade OJones says:

    Fear not,,

  123. 123
    workers paradises dont build themselves do they? says:

    Just as you cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs you cannot build a socialist workers utopia without murdering/torturing/persecuting/demonizing millions of people.

  124. 124
    Anon. says:

  125. 125
    Anon. says:

  126. 126
    workers paradises dont build themselves do they? says:

    I wonder if there is a white students campaign?

  127. 127
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    You’re like Owen Jones only dumber.

  128. 128
    Brown's Bogging Majick on C4 and needlessly repeated on Bore4 says:

    Abbott is is nasty piece of work.

  129. 129
    Anon. says:

  130. 130
    Counterfeiting is a crime says:

    If they decide to do that, they will probably have to stop printing bank-notes.

  131. 131
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Another aspect I did not mention is C’uba / A’rgentina and where they fit in.

    One of the reasons Venezuela has been going broke is because whilst Chavez was redistributing wealth and building his socialist paradise, he was also assuming debt from other LATAM countries (notably A’rgentina) and selling oil at below market prices to fellow socialist countries and other chosen nations around the C’aribbean.

    C’uba was a prime cut price customer.

    Whilst such dual pricing flies in the face of what most assume is a well established free and fair international market for the number one commodity, this is not how Venezuela does business.

    One of the reasons for the economic problems now is the history of selling oil at below market prices whilst using future revenues to underwrite massive public funding, and purchasing junk bonds with the effect of bailing out spendthrift nations such as A’rgentina.

    This should make clear how when oil went over $100 a barrel, C’uba was able to keep its cars running as normal.

    It should also get into perspective why there exists a certain amount of fraud now in the international commodity markets. Primarily because certain producers, mainly socialist ones, have been pricing incorrectly, and distorting the global markets.

  132. 132
    FFS says:

    It is extraordinarily dangerous to use a foreign currency as your own currency because just when you run into economic problems at home you find all that cash has shot outside the country elsewhere. Probably not such a big deal for a poor nation but for a wealthy nation with a lot of net disposable income it could be a big problem.

  133. 133
    jgm2 says:

    I can believe he’s never watched it. Neither have I.

    But it’ll be an outright lie to claim he’s never heard of it.

  134. 134
    cornwall storms says:

    what makes you think that the likes of diane and the labour party believe in ‘due process’ ?

  135. 135
    jgm2 says:

    He’s a Labour MP. He’s lying.

  136. 136
    FFS says:

    Sadly he’s dead, which means that even after Maduro takes socialism in Venezuela to its dystopian end, Chavez will still be hailed as some kind of hero.

  137. 137
    cornwall storms says:

    The truth is diane and owen and the rest of the labour shills have been used by m a d u r o as useful idiots.

  138. 138
    Chris Bryant's Pants. says:

    Chris Bryant’s pants!

  139. 139
    FFS says:

    I think someone that is shadow welfare minister might have been expected to watch one of the most contraversial TV series on welfare, one that everybody is talking about.

  140. 140
    Blowing Whistles says:

    CO6 – part of the problem which many gloss over is that the US may be seen to say that they have provided $20m to counter the traffickers – but $20m is a drop in the ocean and i say that the US govt is making a fucking packet from the easiest earning going. Frankie Sin was bringing the 5hit in with many of his mates decades ago. There are those in the higher echelonUs who positively are seen to be countering when in fact they are profiting and with immunity and legal trickery – if you know the right people that is? It is not a multimillion dollar business after all is it?

  141. 141
    Para Handy says:

    If you were born in Cornwall and live in Scotland you can vote in the Ref.
    If you were born in Scotland and live in Cornwall you can not vote in the Ref.

    If that is Scottish logic it is a good thing they they demand independence.

  142. 142
    Dr Frankenfreud says:

    If they were all dead, whio would you be able to seek meaning in your life by hating?

  143. 143
    The British media are cunts says:

    Once again Newsnight giving airtime to a convicted criminal. The BBC has no shame. I guess an organisation that employed Jimmy Savile for decades has no moral compass.

  144. 144
    Jungle Jim says:

    Abbot is Caracas.

  145. 145
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Of Beenies discussion – Why does Owen Jones promote renewables and thus Climate Change while both labour and Tory millionaires (and libdems btw) are both milking it from ‘subsidies’ for themselves?

    Owen Jones is an enigma in himself.

  146. 146
    White rabbit says:

    Agreed. Or, if you stay, makes the decision about what to do about all this treachery and destruction a very simple one.

  147. 147
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking Fawkes modding and deleting posts again.

  148. 148
    Herman van Rumpboy says:


  149. 149
    jgm2 says:

    ust when you run into economic problems at home you find all that cash has shot outside the country elsewhere.

    I’m guessing that a lot of cash has already left Fucking Scotland. Which is why Alex is so increasingly stampy-footed, whiny and petulant. He’ll have to have currency controls in place post-independence or anybody with a pot to piss in will move their cash out of his (and the inevitable Labour clusterfuck) hands.

  150. 150
    Anon. says:

    He’s fishing here,did he really bother to watch three episodes this morning?

  151. 151
    Benefits Street = B.S. says:

    So why couldn’t C4 book someone who could actually contribute to the benefits Street debate, rather than skidmark, another tedious Labour mouth-on-a-stick stirring up class envy by moaning on about the Bankers and rich pensioners?

  152. 152
    White rabbit says:

    Too right he’s lying. Written like a relief map of the Himalayas over his disturbed wonky boat race.

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:


    The shadow minister for welfare has no knowledge of benefits st WTF!!!!!!!!!

    Holy fuckety fuckety fuck. Can you imagine the bloodfest if a Tory minister said that. Jeez labour they are unfit to govern anything

    Anyone got a clip this ones gonna be a keeper.

  154. 154
    jgm2 says:

    We think you’re a c*u*n*t. Hope that answers your question.

  155. 155
    Don't let facts get in the way of a spiteful class hating socialist rant says:

    Re Tory millionaires. Be advised there are more millionaires on labours front bench than the Tories

  156. 156
    A sewer rat says:

    She would eat us out of house and home!

  157. 157
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    SC missed out another major nation which uses the $ as an unofficial main currency: !ran.


    – No questions were asked by the folk who sold !ran the Heidelberg printers…

    This has happened again more recently, and since the US changed the design and certain security features of its bank notes.

    There exist only limited number of options for stopping a foreign government doing this.

  158. 158
    John Tandy says:

    Showing your age now!

  159. 159
    John Tandy says:


  160. 160
    Euro Boone says:

    If we are outside then those transactions would be done in London and profits made to shore up and increase the savings That’s what the EU hates . This Tobin tax would be the last gasp of a discredited socialist currency experiment. When it fails, and it will, the Euro will collapse.

    The icing on the cake would be the jocks outside the poond and trying to join the euro when it happens

    Hahahaha .. Mwwwhahahaha

  161. 161
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The left being loose with the facts again:

    The people didn’t really have any other choice.

  162. 162
    Sooty and Sweep says:

    We had fingers stuck up our arses!

  163. 163
    Anonymous says:

    That chair does not look sufficiently sturdy

  164. 164
    Blowing Whistles says:

    i can only wish and require that many mp’s do click on the link and that they get physically sick when they watch it – and for their utter slovenly pathetic eslfless fucking greed.

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    They don’t need to its taken as read these days

  166. 166
  167. 167
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Zionism is a disease.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    What total rubbish and spin. To defend against yet another Color Revolt, is it any wonder Maduro issued a warrant for the arrest of the country’s rebels? Protesters, many violent, were arrested by government forces and three people were shot dead. Many reporters were overly-quick to use unconfirmed accounts to blame armed attacks (by motorcycle gangs) on the government. Given what appears to be a second attempt to subvert and undermine Democracy, it is understandable if the Venezuelan government blocks the accounts and images posted by likely trouble-makers. If such events happened in the UK – would not our government do the same? Also, as with events in Syria, time is likely to show that this sexed-up ‘People-Power’ revolt is fake.

  169. 169
    The Cheshire Cat says:

    What ever happened to Ken’s oil deal? And of course, the celebration of Chavez’s birthday? Who funded that I wonder?

    I wonder if any of the hapless fools in the Labour ranks would like to take a tour of the N Korea gulags on expenses to support the progressive regime there? Perhaps take tea with the dictator?

  170. 170
    Flabbutt says:

    Tea, cakes…..pies….count me in

  171. 171
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Did i not mention both; and did i not include the likes of huhne and Co?

  172. 172
    FFS says:

    Might be a bit of an exaggeration given that the UK lost only 500,000 citizens in the whole of WWII.

  173. 173
    All Joking Aside says:

    This HAS been promulgated before.
    Who will investigate?

  174. 174
    Fill it in and send to your Doctor says:

    And Not to be confused with this one. I think I am reasonably intelligent and am finding this a little confusing, so others must be too.


  175. 175
    Owen Jones says:

    The elections were rigged, but I am not saying

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Well this dis-information needs to be defended – by order of the boss.

  177. 177
    jgm2 says:

    I thought Minime-Chavez was elected by about 52% to 48%. Or as governments everywhere like to call it ‘a popular mandate to do whatever the fuck I like’.

    It was the same kind of resounding mandate that got the US (and therefore us) involved in Gulf War I. A senator or two either way and all that killing and knock-on killing could have been avoided. But no. We simply had to protect those world renowned democrats, the Kuwaitis.

    We really were that close to avoiding Gulf War I, very possibly 9/11, Gulf War II, etc.

  178. 178
    Grim Reaper says:

    You are a disease. Now f@ck off & join the KKK

  179. 179
    Mebyon Kernow says:

    Free Kernow

  180. 180
    Anonymous says:

    Well this dis-information needs to be defending.

  181. 181
    jgm2 says:

    With the US printing umpty billion dollars a month I think it would be churlish of them to have a go at Iran or North Korea just for printing a few billion a year for their own use.

  182. 182
    Anonymous says:

    That chair does not look that strong

  183. 183
    Owen jones 1st class traveller says:

    This thread is fucked yet again. Why severe thread on socialists fucked?

  184. 184
    jgm2 says:

    Could be faked. Just like Syria and Ukraine. And Egypt. And Libya. Could be foreign shit-stirrers making it difficult for the heir to Chavez’s glorious revolution.

    Or it could be that Minime did only just win the election and so there really are about 48% of people who voted for somebody else and really are infuriated watching this incompetent jackass destroying the economy.

  185. 185
    muslim is a disease says:

    is this some telly program about people who live on benefits all gathered together in one street ?

  186. 186
    Oh... the irony says:

    They’ve just boosted the anti-immigration/fuck the liblabcon/fuck the EU vote in one night.

  187. 187
    No warrant Required. Medical In Confidence destroyed. says:

    Police will have ‘backdoor’ access to health records despite opt-out, says MP
    David Davis says police would be able to approach central NHS database without a warrant as critics warn of catastrophic breach of trust


  188. 188
    Presidente Batista says:

    Comrades – The lefties are at the gates.
    I say .. let them have the place. It will be good for the world in case anyone in the future wants to get first hand experience of what 1959 was like.

  189. 189
    Channel 5 says:

    Right then it’s settled!
    Immigration is good and enriching, if you don’t like it you’re a racist twat.

  190. 190
    Left lefty says:

    They enjoyed it. They believe in vote rigging. They beleive in killing their oponents. They wish they could do more of it here.

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    One says it does not affect your care the official one says it does. It seems like all my private medical stuff will be distributed to any takers if I look like I am going to die except in my own surgery waiting room

  192. 192
    TM says:

    You over-estimate him. What you see is an idiot. That is all there is to him.

  193. 193
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    @BW: Take a moment to look at Bel!ze on Google Map, and look it up on the C’IA Factbook site.

    What you should note is the size of the country. Small in terms of border, land mass and population size.

    It is less than 1/10th the size of the UK, with a population of just over 330,000, GDP per capita is $8700. $20m goes a long way there.

    To your point, the US Govt. is not itself making a packet from this aspect of the trade. That will come if Bel!ze is destabilized.

    The US has however raised the minimum costs of doing business in the country for the Cartels, and has set in motion with the aid the steps needed to change the Bel!ze government.

    That of course will happen after the current government has been thrown out by the people or military, perhaps after violence with the Cartels in the country escalates.

    The article which J!mmy posted above, the $10m from Venezuela back in 2009, that was an attempted inducement of the wrong kind. If you check the article I referred above about the Venezuelan military involvement in shipping cocaine to Europe, this should become crystal clear.

  194. 194
    By the way says:

    When did this site EVER ‘expose how evil Capitalism is’? Far more interested in putting out insults, lies and dis-information against the left-wing.

  195. 195
    Anonymous says:

    All kicking off in Stockton apparently…

    Terry Murphy or FBH ‏@TerryFBH 1h
    @LouiseBaldock hang on. You are a resident of Stockton. But a #Liverpool Councillor. How does that work? Is it the allowance?

  196. 196
    jgm2 says:

    The UK would have lost a hell of a lot more citizens if, instead of having to fly to Germany to kill the opposition they’d settled for just bombing our own cities.

    Which is what was (and is) happening in Iraq.

    Thank you Tony Blair.

  197. 197
    Presidente Batista says:

    So you too agree with me that Presidente Cameron should arrest and imprison the Miliband insurgency?
    Close the reactionary anti-government newspapers of the Guardian and the Daily Mirror, and the Independent. And the Observer and Socialist Worker although no one actually reads them.
    End the distribution of lies and false propaganda by the left wing broadcasters of Channel 4 and BBC and replace them with Sky as the state broadcaster?

    Shut down twitter terrorists such as Owen Jones and Diane Abbott who try to bring revolution to the peaceful loving peoples of the UK?

    And perhaps he does need to send tanks and drones into the northern heather strongholds of the rebel SNP ?

    yes, my friend. I think we agree.
    Its better not to allow any ‘opposition’ at all, eh?

  198. 198
    muslim is a disease says:

    I could go with the multicultural thing if we didn’t end up with all the fuckwits

  199. 199
    Anon says:

    But don’t the right-wing loons have an unreasoning blind hate for Owen Jones?

  200. 200
    jgm2 says:

    lies and dis-information against the left-wing.

    Awwww. The poor ‘left-wing’ is feeling insulted. Awww, bless.

    There, there. Nursey will kiss it better. Why don’t you and Alex Salmond form a support group?

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    Then again, the first line of the above could just as well apply to Tory Boy.

  202. 202
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Given the scale of printing the UK has been doing as a result of QE, would you then say that justifies !ran, S’cotland or anyone else counterfeiting UK Banknotes ?

    There are real national security issues presented to the US by this kind of activity. There recent monetary policy may have been partly designed to price the counterfeiters out of the market.

  203. 203
    Louise says:

    He’s that bloke on the telly yet again.

  204. 204
    jgm2 says:

    I see what you did there.

    Very good.

    The problem is that the bedwetters won’t see what you did. They really do think they should have the powers to arrest political opponents, curtail free speech and confiscate others property. Because they’d only use such powers for good you see.

    Because they’re good you see. And they have a book telling them how to think to prove it.

    Not like the other lot who’d only use such powers for evil.

  205. 205
    The BBC says:

    These people are taking part in spontaneous street parties celebrating the great El Chavismo and his glorious successor. Now shut up and pay your telly tax, peon.

    We eagerly await our instructions as to how the socialist golden dawn can be achieved on this hideously white island.

    Hail El Presidente!

  206. 206
    Voice of reason says:

    What on earth is unreasoning about it??

    Surely LIKING him is unreasonable.

  207. 207
    jgm2 says:

    With the US and UK conterfeiting their own notes I think we (and the US) would have a fucking cheek having a go at anybody printing off a small fraction for their own use. I wouldn’t mind so much if, having printed 375bn quid (is it?), they just posted me my share. But no. All they do is launder it through bonds and banks and then use it to pay the public sector.

    And, with the double kicker that printing all that cash means that the banks don’t need to pay any interest because they’re being given free money to lend AND what cash I do have is being devalued by the governments own counterfeiting operation.

    No wonder they took eveybodys guns off them.

  208. 208
    Universal Hiss says:

    Of course saving under con/lib is so worthwhile.

  209. 209
    Anonymous says:

    And the latest propaganda, sorry, ‘News’, is funded by the C1A.

  210. 210
    We are the losers says:

    Could be do it to them before they do it to you, id cards were the lefts slippery slope to gagging the people.

  211. 211

    Africa is awash with fake $US. I was invited once to buy a suitcase full of them. It would have only cost me £2,000 and I would have had some $1m – all of it fake. The palaver to present me with this had to be seen to be believed. It was magic, glitter, candles, talcum powder, counting magic beads and God knows what else. I just burst out laughing, which rather offended my interlocutor. He thought he had hit gold dust with me.

    What happens to all this stuff? I am talking some 14 years ago. Who is printing it all? It clearly has a market of its own but once someone tries to present it in the USA, it is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

  212. 212
    Universal Hiss says:

    Err,I think you will find it’s the same principle that the Chinese or the French don’t vote in UK elections,unless they are resident.

    The whole of the UK government agreed to this ages ago.

    As usual Scotland was ignored as an irrelevance until recently. Didn’t really matter.They’ll never go it alone.Too stupid.Too poor.Too pissed.Most people who don’t live there have no interest in the country.

    I think the stupid fuckers in Westminster have finally woken up.

  213. 213
    jgm2 says:

    You do what you want with your money. Keep it in Fucking Scotland if you like. I saw the writing on the wall and left before Alex got a majority and I can guarantee you that if the little emperor gets his independence there’ll be a hell of a lot more people who’ll wish they’d fled while the fleeing was easy.

  214. 214
    Owen Jones says:

    Venez who? Never heard of it.

    I imagine the problem is they don’t have enough socialism.

    I went in first class on a train today, it was mint. I could get used to that. Some will say it is a bit hypocritical, but when you are doing worthy, hard, important work like me every little luxury is a big help.

  215. 215
    Sooty and Sweep says:

    How many at real uni remember this…

  216. 216
    Owen Jones says:

    Er, it’s not exactly a ‘list’ is it? It was a bit of paper with


    written on it.

  217. 217
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Gulf War I would have been avoided if the US had not (accidentally) given the green light to S’adam that they were Ok with him invading K’uwait.

    Destroying the Ba’athists was an inexorable objective for both Bush Sr. and the CIA from that point forward.

    The US had to stop what it had started back in 1959.

    9-11 should perhaps not be conflated with the wars in the Gulf.

  218. 218
    Universal Hiss says:

    Are you saying that my savings will vanish in Scotland?

    You really,really are?

    Where do you suggest I park them then?

  219. 219
    jgm2 says:

    Well you have a point. When postal voter fraud is endemic in Labour constituencies. When Labour has rigged the electoral boundaries whereby they start off with a 7 or 8% majority before a vote is cast. When they arrest opposition MPs – in the House of Commons FFS – on wholly manufactured charges.

    Just how much of a ‘heads-up’ do the Tories need?

  220. 220
    Bertram Russet says:

    They don’t believe there is such a thing as evil. They believe in amoral relativism.

  221. 221
    The people says:

    Does that mean we are allowed to rebel now?

  222. 222
    jgm2 says:

    One of the excuses for 9-11 was the US getting involved in Gulf War I and killing so many arabs just because they could.

    Now it may be a shit excuse but it was certainly an excuse we didn’t need to be giving the fuckers. There really was no need for Gulf War I. Saddam had been a US ally against Iran. Egged on by the US he killed a million or so at great loss to his own country.

    The Kuwaitis, like all the Gulf arabs (particularly the Saudis) are just a bunch of smug bastards who, by a geological accident are richer than they know what do to with it.

    It would have been better for all concerned (including the US) if Saddam had strolled into Kuwait AND Saudi and taken over. Then we’d only have had one guy to deal with PLUS those evil Saudis wouldn’t be in any position to spread their hateful religion any further.

    Funding cut off for the genocides in Sudan. Funding cut off for T*al*ib*an etc etc.

    We backed the wrong fucking horse. But, worse than that, we were obviously backing the wrong fucking horse. It wasn’t a 50:50 wrong. It was a nailed on faller at the first fence.

  223. 223
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The logic of your argument on the right / wrongs of counterfeiting is flawed.

    When a monetary authority prints its own currency, that is never counterfeiting. It may debase the currency if done to excess, but this is perfectly legal. In the case od a UK bank note that carries the promise of the Bank of England / UK Govt / UK Sovereign to honor the debt instrument it represents.

    When a non-monetary authority prints, that is counterfeiting, which is completely illegal. That bank note does not carry any promise from the UK, and if the relevant authorities honor it then the UK has just been directly defrauded by whoever produced it.

    Further, the credibility of the monetary authority is weakened as well, reducing the perceived value of the currency that has been counterfeited in the eyes of foreign trading partners. That further defrauds wealth from the UK in the case of counterfeit UK bank notes.

    The money which is produced through QE is used to manage the interest on debt which was issued in somewhat large amounts during the 2000s. It is the creation of cheap money used to purchase up national debt held by foreigners which suppresses the yield curve and has kept the economy relatively normal.

    This money is not real, and it will never be converted into a printed note and pushed into the economy.

    Our share of this though has been felt through price stability and relatively low price inflation in essential goods and services.

  224. 224
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Probably sourced from !ran.


    I got stung with some of their earlier efforts down in South America a good few years back – That was from a cash point withdrawal, fake $20 bills.

  225. 225
    T May says:

    Yankee go home

  226. 226
    When politics puts fiat money at risk there is only one option says:


  227. 227

    We see it as an opportunity to make the election of a labour government virtually impossible great move well worth it , giving the vote to ignorant 16 year olds was a master stroke.

  228. 228
    jgm2 says:

    Yes. Your savings will vanish.

    The Scots have become used to a lifestyle funded by oil. They are like white arabs.

    There is massive (Scottish) state employment at London rates of pay. Their second city is about 80% dependent on welfare.

    They have the curse of oil.

    Very soon after independence Labour will promise that all this and more can be theirs for free if only they will elect Labour. And the S&P will be forced to match these plans to remain in control.

    So there’ll be more and more free stuff. Firstly all paid for by oil. But then somebody will hit on the wheeze of buying more free stuff right now by issuing bonds secured on future oil production. Why wait? Let’s have more free stuff NOW.

    Then, one morning the oil will run out or we’ll discover cold fusion.

    But the voters will have to be kept in the manner to which they have become accustomed. Just as they were molly-coddled since 2008 while the rest of the UK was losing public sector jobs and ‘investment’ money. No such spending problems for Alex or his voters. No worry about balancing the budget. Let some other fucker worry about that.

    So there you’ll be. Surrounded by 5 million people who are in the habit of lots of free stuff. And no means of paying for it.

    Who do you think they’ll come to to make good on all their promises? Anybody fucking stupid enough to have any cash or assets in Fucking Scotland. That’s who.

  229. 229
    MOSSAD says:

    Zionism is the cure for muslimism.

  230. 230

    Ask the maoists ,ask Barroso he’s one.

  231. 231
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The reasoning for 9-11 has been much debated and distorted: I would ignore most of what the US Govt. and especially the media have said about reasoning.

    S’adam was no friend of bin L’aden and vice versa: The bin L’aden narrative that claims reasoning based on Gulf War I simply does not add up. It is a very credible propaganda though.

    9-11 was used in part to justify GW-II, but that was a distortion put out by the US administration after it realized that 9-11 gave them the chance in a generation for getting rid of the Ba’athist regime in !raq.

    If S’adam had done as you suggest in the 90s, he would have become and would still be a massive regional power today. Given the nature of the guy, he likely would not have stopped there, but continued.

    He would likely have sought to control all oil production in the region, and would not have been adverse to pulling the West’s chain in a similar way to what happened during the oil shocks of the 70s.

    T’aliban funding would not have been cut off as Europe / US and perhaps Ch!na would have had to have funded them directly in order to counter S’adam’s enlarged power. The question of what !srael would have made of all this is not moot as they would have likely been forced to promote the regional conflicts into a nuclear one.

    The only appeal of the Ba’athist regime is that it is secular, but Ba’athism is also a socialist ideology, national socialist.

    The US for sure backed the wrong horses, but that was of necessity to enable the containment policy of the Cold War.

    The UK for its part has generally backed the right kind of horses, but unfortunately ours seem to either get killed or deposed a little too easily.

  232. 232
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Further, the credibility of the monetary authority is weakened as well, reducing the perceived value of the currency that has been counterfeited in the eyes of foreign trading partners.’

    In a way that printing 375bn to artificially depress bond yields thus allowing you to take on more debt and pay your public sector doesn’t reduce your credibility?

  233. 233
    jgm2 says:

    ‘He would likely have sought to control all oil production in the region, and would not have been adverse to pulling the West’s chain in a similar way to what happened during the oil shocks of the 70s.’

    I don’t believe that. He was polite enough to ask for the yanks permission to invade Kuwait. I don’t think he’d have been anything other than a great unifier of the arab world and a stout ally of the US.

    I know in the US that 9-11 was just an excuse for Gulf War II but I reiterate that Gulf War I was just a monumental mistake. Gulf war II, an even more egregious mistake was simply an attempt to cover up for GWI. A huge amount of arab ill-will stems from that although I take the point that the religion of peace seems to have a bottomless pit of grievances so there’s little point worrying overly much about any single one.

    As for cold war containment. Gulf War I occurred after the fall of the wall. Even the Russians went along with it. Presumably to garner favour with the Gulf oil producers.

  234. 234
    muslim is a disease says:

    if there exists a secret society within government that has organized killings of UK people to manipulate events affecting UK population then I think we should be aware of who’s side they are on.

  235. 235
    muslim is a disease says:

    whose ffs

  236. 236
    Pedant says:

    2008, not 2009

  237. 237
    muslim is a disease says:

    So when this girl spoke to me in middle English I became aroused just with the sounds she was making. There was an earthy, fertile communication there. a softness remembering a different time where things were more completely understood as to the purpose of doing things.
    But today the language is more contrived and apologetic.

  238. 238
    Pedant says:

    Article from 2008, not 2009.

    Jimmy seems to be forwarding the official rebuttal unit response — where else would he dig up this old crap. Is he paid to do this? doesn’t strike me as the old retiree type.

    I suppose he’s on benefits and we’re paying for this.

    Also, tories being Hunts don’t make Labout less so, Jimmy.

    Do you ever respond to the people here who ask whether you supported the murder of all those sand-n1gga kids by Labour?

  239. 239
    John Bellingham says:

    There was a substantial operation in Johannesburg run by a team of six people, all but one of whom is now dead. They printed USD $100 bills, Swiss Francs and DM ( this was 1991-1995). They were busted and had their printing presses, copiers, engraving equipment etc. seized; however their trial came to nothing as the Attorney General decided that the relevant act making their actions a crime only applied to local currency.
    They were back in business quite quickly despite representation from the US authorities. A lot of the funny money went North and was most certainly used to pay for diamonds, cobalt, tantalite and the services of African leaders and their soldiers. The USD (old style small Ben) were just about perfect. Four of the lads were shit dead in car “hijackings”, one fell down the inside of the Ponte building and the other left the country for parts unknown. One of the team was ex-Military Intelligence and another ex-Police–I am convinced that it was a semi-officially sanctioned spook job.

  240. 240
    Presidente Batista says:

    Next time ask for a Zil.

  241. 241
    muslim is a disease says:

  242. 242
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The containment policy I mentioned as that is what got S’adam into power in the first place, and kept him there – encouraging him in part to build the kind of state machinery which took two Gulf Wars to dismantle.

    After the wall came down in ’89 the Russ!an’s were in no fit state to object. They did not go along with anything, they simply had no real alternative: Economically they were trading cucumbers, their political elite were at best a’lcoholic burn-outs, their military was still recovering from the humiliating defeat in A’fghanistan, and what was left was being pillaged by quickly forming oligarchs and organized crime as what passed for civil society broke down.

    S’adam would not have remained a loyal ally of the US had his conquest of K’uwait not been stopped. The US did make a policy mistake (perhaps deliberately) by issuing the Green light.

    That cable is apparently here:


    S’adam was primarily concerned about his power in !raq being weakened as a result of concerns about cutting pensions to !raqi veterans from the !ran-!raq war. The language employed seems to be goading a little the US also. If he was truly savvy he would have realized at the time that he was in a catch-22.

    Going to war to pay off pension obligations from a previous conflict is not a just cause, and what would have happened when the pensions for the K’uwait war came up ? Also tacit was his desire to control the price of oil and increase it to cover his costs: Extrapolate that point.

    Gulf War II primarily happened because after the first, and despite two no-fly zones, continuous bombing, and a lot of on the ground covert support, a local replacement to topple his regime could not be brought in to being. And the opportunity came up.

    There are no redeeming features about S’adam H’ussain: He got what he deserved, and arguably so did the country for not being able to deal with him when they had the chance.

    It should be noted that G Bush Sr. does have a fairly ignoble record in how he operates with those he does business with most closely.

  243. 243

    I had meant to say that the countries I mentioned in my original post don’t even make any pretence of having their own currencies. They just choose to use one of the reserve currencies. In the case of Montenegro, it has actually worked quite well for them. Masses of US money flows in there from the rich and famous who want to keep something out of their homeland. They were basket case before and are semi-respectable now. On the coast, especially Sveti Stefan and surrounds, it is millionaires’ playground. Most of Podgorica is a relative shit hole in comparison but that is as much because most of the buildings were Communist Brutalist, the city having been virtually destroyed in WW2. Needless to say they were not looked after well.

  244. 244
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Provided you do the printing slowly and do not otherwise disturb the market or impact your counter parties wealth, then yes it is perfectly fine.

    This is how a sovereigns manage their debt.

    Some sections of the left media, in particular Russ!an outlets, have been stirring up a lot of irrational feeling about this. They have been doing that as they would prefer the economies of certain nations to be destabilized.

  245. 245
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Apologies – fat thumb.

  246. 246
    Táxpáyér says:

    When did this site EVER ‘expose how evil Capitalism is’?

    It did. It isn’t evil at all. If you want evil think about income tax.

  247. 247
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    They already take foster children back in to care from parents who sign up to opposition political parties: As with the UKIP couple in R’otherham not so long ago…

  248. 248
    muslim is a disease says:

  249. 249
    Táxpáyér says:

    pockets are not spelled F R U I T.

  250. 250
    Tom says:

    No mention of it on the BBC.

  251. 251
    non taxable pikey says:

    The lady living next door to me who is Scots and would like to vote said exactly that to me. She detests Fishy by the way, or as she put it “obnoxious little turd.”

  252. 252
    Busted news says:

    ATOS declared unfit for work.

  253. 253
  254. 254
    Anonymous says:

    They keep on mounting up. You win find that 500,000 is probably an underestimate now
    Add another 50 from last night in the latest round of car bombings.

  255. 255
    Anonymous says:

    Just wondering how many dead you need before you finally accept socialism is not only evil is abhorrent

  256. 256
    Anonymous says:

    JGM well said. That pretty much summed up the events of the years of terror 1997 to 2010. It sums up what will happen between 2015 and 2020 if MIlliband, BAlls and union paymasters get into power.

  257. 257
    Anonymous says:

    With Venezuela in mind if you vote Labour back into power in 2015 then you will never get rid of them. They will do anything to retain that power and will like any good socialist government use the plod and the army to suppress any dissent.

    Expect massive gerrymandering, massive voting fraud and arrest of any opposition as standard ( they have already done all of that as a practice in the years of terror 1997-2010.)

    You have be warned

  258. 258

    Wash your mouth out!

  259. 259

    Watch yourself and wash your mouth out!

  260. 260
    and..... says:

    Twas the owner of Pimlico Plumbers, Charlie Mullins.

  261. 261

    Is this a new sneaky form of moderating , the deliberate misplacement of replies?

  262. 262

    If the Jocks try to join the Euro do you not think that the EU Kommissars would not wet themselves with glee , you miss the whole point of the Euro it is not so much a currency as a political instrument !

  263. 263
    Miliband man of destiny says:

    When Ed Miliband stood in the flood waters of the Thames, little did he know he was striking such a magnificent pose.
    I normally have little respect for the man, but clearly he’s made of sterner stuff. Britain, take note!

    Copyright belongs to the original owner. Editing work by Oli Walker, unless otherwise credited. Please link to the blog; don’t just nick the pictures without crediting. Thanks.


  264. 264

    You know he’s an idiot I know he’s an idiot , even the Labour voters in some ultra safe Labour seat will know he’s an idiot , but that won’t stop them voting for him come the next general election .

  265. 265
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    It was very illustrative as the “lefties” in the audience shouted out and drowned anybody that dared to voice alternative views to theirs…democracy is ok if you support left wing views but if not then beware…….of course left wingers are very vocal about THEIR rights

  266. 266
    Anon. says:

  267. 267
    Anon. says:

  268. 268
    Anon. says:

  269. 269
    The Countess of St Denis says:

    Perhaps this is the way one should deal with troublemakers.

    Perhaps one should send a Junior Minister to investigate and prepare a report from a five star hotel

  270. 270
    Anon. says:

    Looks like this is his job,moaning about Russia.

    TIME: 1 – 2pm, Wednesday 12th February 2014

    VENUE: Committee Room 16, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

  271. 271
    M102 says:

    I don’t want to see Ms Abb0tt’s name in the same sentence as “turnout”.


  272. 272
    The Environment Agency says:

    We are trying to establish a clear stretch of water between England and Cornwall, or Kernow as you like to call it.

  273. 273
    Fly on the wall says:

    I await with bated breath to hear just how they propose to get this loony infant out of his country.

  274. 274
    My name is Michael Caine says:

    With every Pint!

  275. 275
    Anonymous says:

    Liebor have been fiddling the boundaries for years and postal voting is a liebor wet dream, especially with the muzzie vote. When will this useless government wake up and stop this crap?

  276. 276
    Cinna says:

    First class tosser.

  277. 277
    That rat still smells even after all these years says:

    Interesting history lessons, but none of which explains why two very tall solidly built towers pancaked as a result of a couple of planes (is that even true?) crashing into the upper floors of them. Neither does it explain why that other building totally unconnected with the towers also accidentally fell over 20 minutes AFTER its collapse was announced on the BBC.

    The best explanation I have heard was that it was all done by powerful interests in the financial sector who were in the deepest of doodoo as a result of their frauds and shenanigans. After all, the vast majority of folk who perished were employed in finance and/or insurance and two pancaking (ha bloody ha – tall buildings just do not go down like that unless the bottom few floors are completely blown out of them) towers was a first class way to get rid of all the evidence. Just watch how professional building demolition teams take down talk buildings – lots of video on the net – and then compare and contrast with 9/11.

  278. 278
    Happy expat says:

    Just make sure you take every last penny of your assets with you – leave nothing behind.

  279. 279
    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Carswell voted for press censorship and is therefore not to be trusted…

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    ‘Freedom Fighters’ at work in Syria. And the House of Comments, nearly voted to send in air strikes, to support such terror gangs.

  281. 281
    Anon says:

    But did not MPs vote to send ‘aid’ to these be-headers?

  282. 282
    By the way says:

    If you are fed up with all this dis-information and general BS, watch The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

  283. 283
    Anonymous says:

    Watch: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

  284. 284
    Head of Fox News says:

    No! No! No! After all the effort we have put into dis-information and spin, cannot let people know that there might be another side to this story.

  285. 285
    Anonymous says:

    So you lot REALLY do not understanding history, or the way Uncle Sam attempts to undermine People Power in the area? Sorry, just cannot believe that.

  286. 286
    Anon says:

    At last, your hard-right spin and general BS has gone right over the top – keep it up!

  287. 287
    Anonymous says:

    Just check out the fact about Libya, Syria. Ukraine and the Color Revolts.

    Also, what per cent of vote did Bush get in by the first time?

  288. 288
    Keitho says:

    It resonates with me having lived through the insanity that was/is Zimbabwe. Every crisis is the result of government action or inaction yet they will blame everybody else. The spectre of home grown saboteurs or external interference is always dragged up yet the short term , populist, measures are always the cause while the ruling party tries to retain power.

    The total economic and political ruin that is emerging will take a long time to repair and the pain will be taken by ordinary Venezuelans while fucking madmen like Abbott and Jones and Livingstone will just keep on feeding off of their notoriety. The left is a fucking disgrace.

  289. 289
    Anonymous says:

    Then again, unlike Daily Mail readers, many Brits continue to consider that fascism is not very good idea. And yet, unlike some Labour-haters, many more consider it better to allow a REAL opposition Party. For despite having failed to undermine Syria, and then the Ukraine, the Masters of the Universe now return to Venezuelan. Hopefully the reactionary nature of this (Color-type) Revolution will be highlighted on TV.

    Given recent sexed-up information, and fake ‘People Power’ revolts, I trust people will agree to take time and consider the violent nature of this ‘opposition’?

  290. 290
    Anonymous says:

    Not just Labour, when have MPs EVER admitted that they get things wrong?

  291. 291
    Anon says:

    So, if it’s not blind-hate, does that mean it’s well planned fake-hate?

  292. 292
    By the way says:

    Is anyone here aware of Venezuela’s New Labour Law?

    Chapter 2 – Guiding Principles, Articles 18 -24

    “…The law is based on the following principles: social justice and solidarity, the “untouchableness” of worker rights and benefits, and the prohibition of any discrimination according to race, age, gender, social condition, creed, or any other condition.

    Teenagers doing work that could affect their “integral development” is prohibited…”

    What, strong Workers’ Rights, AND the end of Child Labour – now that is really evil. For how is business to make it’s (excess) profit?

  293. 293
    Anonymous says:

    Leak reveals plot to destabilize Venezuelan govt

    “The Venezuelan Strategic Plan” includes: “creating crisis on the streets, facilitating the intervention of North America and NATO forces with the Colombian army,” power cuts, food shortages, support and financing of the political opposition. The document writes that violence should also be encouraged and “whenever possible lead to deaths and injuries.”

    RT, November 06, 2013

  294. 294
    Anonymous says:

    For a ‘Casual Observer’, you sure put a lot of work and investment into your remarks.

  295. 295
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Shut the fuck up, you fat fucking bitch!

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