February 17th, 2014

How Long Before Burnham Sleeps with the Fishes?

Ed might yet regret not sacking Andy Burnham. Last week the Labour leadership vetoed the Shadow Health secretary’s plan to hand over control of billions of pounds of NHS funding to councils. And, as Guido revealed in yesterday’s Sun column, Ed’s allies have slapped down his one-time leadership rival after he threatened to oppose the high-speed rail line that will run through his seat. A Miliband henchman whispers: “If Andy wants to be leader, he better learn about loyalty.”

Which reminded Guido of what Chuka Umunna used to boast: “One of the things Ed has been so clear about is he will not tolerate any of that kind of behaviour. If anybody is found briefing against anybody, you are out – there will be no discussion. That is not the way Ed Miliband’s party does things.” What has Ed done to deserve this disrespect?


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    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Knife him in the back, Ed. Or send round some Union ruffians to give him a Chinese burn.


    • 65
      Jeremiah says:

      “Ed’s allies have slapped down his one-time leadership rival after he threatened to oppose the high-speed rail line that will run through his seat.” Does that mean he is one of the few MPs who is actually listening to his constituents who do not want anything to do with the Cameroon Folly or anything to do with it, what a complete wste of money. If it goes the same way as Crossrail as far as esculating costs are concerned where I read the costs are expected to be £15 Billion now, the project will be £80+ Billion they love debt


      • 98
        Graham says:

        You seem to forget that Liebour started the whole HS2 idea. Why are you blaming Cameron. Liebour Hunts have a very limited ability to remember, particularly the events between 1997 and 2010.


  3. 3
    Andy Burnham says:

    Sleep with the fishes

    The Labour Codfather

    What’s with all the fishy innuendos ?


  4. 5
    Don Ralph Millibandi says:

    I never intended for Fredo to be the head of the family.


  5. 6
    Same shit says:

    So, are we all to play down the IRA letter bombs sent to murder Army personnel, or postmen, in recruiting offices?
    Do we have to pretend this is a different IRA just to help Snn Fein out of a pickle?


    • 11
      Fat Eric says:

      Did someone mention pickles? I love a good pickle. Pickles for breakfast, pickles for tea. Pickles with chips, burgers and pickes with mash. Pickles in sandwiches, or pickles as snacks. You can’t beat ‘em. Pickle by name, pickle by waste-band. That’s me.


    • 25
      Bert O'Reilly's ice cream van says:

      As somebody once said a few years when all this nonsense was big business: WTF don’t we just flatten the centre of Dublin. Put a stop to it in less than 24 hours.


    • 63
      davemcwish says:

      Doesn’t matter really; a united Ireland will happen, it’s just a question of when. Untill then the politicians, who know all this, are managing public opinion.


      • 72
        Jeremiah says:

        Let them have it and watch things go bang, it would also reduce the UKs unemployment figures


      • 75
        a Loyalist says:

        As if.

        Even the Catholics in Ulster don’t want a united Ireland anymore. Years of fuck -ups south of the border have put that idea on ice for the foreseeable.


      • 95
        Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

        It will – when the Irish offer to return the republic to the Crown, and apologise for its condition.


    • 91
      Twampersand says:

      The whole Good Friday deal was centred around Adams’ and Marty Kneecaps’ ability to control their goons.

      This never happened, the IRA never disbanded, never stopped funding itself by drug dealing in Belfast and never stopped summary punishment beatings for anyone who can see what a bunch of wankers they are.

      As they have failed, the agreement has now palpably failed, all those released from prison under the agreement should be re-arrested and Adams and Kneecaps should be treated to some of their own ‘justice’, then dumped in the Shankhill Road with Union flags stuck up there arses.

      And Blair can swing too, while were at it, for ever agreeing to such utter stupidity. Amongst othet things.


    • 97
      aghast says:

      On ITN news last week some loon from the back office suggested these packages didn’t matter as they would only burn victims not kill.
      Have I fallen into a loony parallel universe?


    • 112
      IRA says:

      They’re not IRA.
      IRA were a noble band of Freedom Fighters, who ended 700 years of cruel oppression.
      They’re just lunatic dissidents.
      Don’t worry. They’ll go away. Eventually.


  6. 7
    Maria Miller says:

    Have I resigned yet?


  7. 9
    Andy Burnham says:

    Come and try it f**face.


  8. 14
    Civil War says:


  9. 18
    I feel fubarred etc says:

    What has Ed done etc? Nothing much, merely consistently shown that he is as thick as pigshit, has not one idea in his little head, and commands no respect from anyone in his party who has more than one functioning brain cell. Like his brother when he was in office, this rabble continue to make the UK the laughing stock of the world.

    That halfwit who won last week’s badly rigged election said he thought Ed was the bees knees. If this lot get in again in 2015, then watch out for the sticky stuff/twirly thing interface.


  10. 22
    Dummies don't tell tales says:


  11. 31
    UKIP or bust says:

    Goofy Ed looses it to Big Len


  12. 33
    mark Wouters says:

    sovietsalami63 Here ,
    The tory squirt Hague is “ALL MOUTH AND NO TROUSERS” where is it today !,has it been flooded???


  13. 36
    It's only business says:


  14. 37

    Google News UK has crashed. USA is available. Anyone else having problems?


  15. 38
    Ann D Burnham says:

    Looks to me like this patient hasn’t applied his foundation very well. And as for his eyeliner……yuk!


  16. 50
    John Bercow says:

    Some nights it smells like I’m sleeping with the fishes.


  17. 52
    It's only business says:

    Venezuelan police kicking the shit out of their own people.

    Where is Owen Jones when we need him?


    • 56
      Owen Jones says:

      I only went there to observe how to rig elections it’s not like I’m gay for the place or nothing.*facepalm*


      • 70
        (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

        Real socialists know you have to take a beating or two on the way to a true left wing utopia.
        Ask Kim Jong and the rest of the boys.
        Up the workers!


    • 60
      Scenes we can expect if Labour get back into power? says:


  18. 53
    Tom Watson says:

    Ed never put a hit out on anyone but his willy has been whacked a few times.


  19. 54
    Before Ed re-educated him says:


  20. 57
    sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

    We will all be sleeping with the fishes if Labour win in 2015 and the UKIP mong will ensure that even though a Labour victory will mean no referendum,you couldnt make it up.


    • 59
      Dave is treacherous says:

      And Dave has stated that he will NOT take the UK out of the EU. So UKIP it MUST be.


      • 104
        Gooey Blob says:

        I’ve always voted Ukip at the euro elections. However, it’s the Ukip posters here and especially at The Telegraph that have persuaded me not to vote Ukip again.


      • 114
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        … Farage and Farage and Farage and the rest of them.


    • 99
      Twampersand says:

      So we should continue with the shower of shit we have now? Just because they are not Labour.

      Your’e the mong, mong.


      • 102
        A Labour Spokesman says:

        It’s the difference between being pissed on or shat on. At least with the Tories there’s always the chance of a bit of sweet corn or a lump of carrot to keep us plebs going …


  21. 61
    Dandy Burnbum says:

    The electorate will be asked if the NHS is safe in Dandy Burnbums hands.


  22. 64
    Labour, the source of All wealth? says:


    • 71
      'Cradle to the grave' updated under Burnham says:

      ‘from the abortion room bucket to the piss soaked bed.The NHS will look after you.


  23. 78
    Brave Belly says:

    My grand plan is to have the new railway up here when we go Devo Max after my abject failure that a 15 year old would have predicted.


    • 88
      FFS says:

      Ah Herr Salmond, I would have thought after banging the independence drum for 40 years you would have worked out a better fairy tale to tell your compatriots than the ridiculous ill-though out nonsense you’ve come out with the last few weeks.

      Anybody would think you and your cronies didn’t really want an independent Scotland after all…..


  24. 81
    Penfold says:

    “If Andy wants to be leader, he better learn about loyalty.”

    BUT, it’s only through disloyalty and having a massive ego that you can become leader, by usurping the incumbent.
    Otherwise, snuggle up to the unionista’s.


  25. 82
    Bob Amser says:

    What does Clegg take the electorate for ?

    He has aided and abetted some of the most right-wing, divisive and devastating policy initiatives ever seen in this country, only to seemingly disown them as it becomes ever clear that the election is lost. The Tories haven’t “changed for the worse” overnight, they’ve set out their stall since Day One.

    It’s hard to adequately describe my contempt for the bloke and it’s evident that many Labour MP’s feel the same way.


  26. 84
    Brave Belly says:

    Yer all fackin sassenachs, ya ken nothin bout Scorchlan, deep fry mars bars, oil or bankin.

    Infanyinfany you all got it in for me.


    • 90
      FFS says:

      So at what point did your family stop being English and start being Scottish Herr Salmond? Was it before or after the Battle of Culloden?


  27. 86
    cornwall storms says:

    Oh I do hope not – he needs to stay as shadow minister for health – everytime I see him I remember, like countless others, his absolute disastrous tenure as minister for health under the last labour government, proof if ever we needed it that the NHS was NOT safe in their hands.


  28. 94
    Stabilo Boss says:

    Burnham is a “good constituency MP” but useless at anything higher. Long may he stay in the Shadow Cabinet.


  29. 105
    Marlon Brando says:

    Do you want baloney with your macaroni?


  30. 109
    Brave Belly says:

    Fools fools ……when I drive scorch land onto the rocks yer will all sae I tell yer so laddie but at least I will have got rid of those ‘tard banks including the one I worked fer, probable everything else too but we will be free, free ……free, ha ha ha



  31. 110
    Geordieboy says:

    Local councils running the NHS , that will be 6 million more social workers on the public payroll.


  32. 111
    Joggin is Boggin says:

    Fit for the sewers. Who wants a cereal killer in NHS as Labour leader?


  33. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Andy Burnham leader? Leader of what? That has to be a wind up, please tell me it’s a wind up…


  34. 116
    Anonymous says:

    “If Andy wants to be leader, he better learn about loyalty.”

    Or better yet, for the welfare of the rest of us, devise a new narrative. That has more testable inherent logical consistency, than that guesswork possessed and promoted by the other muppets?


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