February 16th, 2014

Marr: Boy George and Barroso


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    Karma says:

    George’s song was ok though


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      Boy Geore Osborne says:

      Look like EU lunch expenses are better than the BBC’s or what a mere pop star can make


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        Boy George Osborne says:

        My Eton English teacher told me bad grammar makes me look like a man of the people.


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          Nairn says:

          Anyway George, well done for telling Salmond where he can get off over the poond. He’s getting a pasting in the comments sections of the Scottish press today. The only case left for the ‘Yes’ campaign is the emotional one.


          • Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

            Maybe that’s precisely what he wants.


          • Clint Osborne says:

            That’s as may be, but at least the campaign has at last got to the nub of the matter.

            There is a no guaranteed, no-risk economic el-dorado waiting for an independent Scotland. Scotland will have to stand on its own two feet in a risky world.

            Scots are a well educated people and are capable of running a sophisticated economy, but they will have to do so with a neighbour to the south who they have been pissing off for quite some time, whether they have meant to do that or not. An England free of Scotland will be able to take atotally different course than the one it has been contrained to accept with Scotland aboard. Many English feel that without the Scots their nation will finally be allowed to go in a better direction for them.

            Will the Scots do as well if they go it alone? Maybe the Scots will be lucky if they do. The Scottish nation has to ask itself, do they feel lucky? Do they?


          • Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

            The oil,gas & whiskey revenue will go 12 time further in an independent Scotland. (5 million people versus 60 million) :-)

            If the Scots bottle it they will be forever known as haggis eating surrender monkeys, a bunch of pussy-whipped slaves forever under the English yolk.


          • Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:



          • liblabconmen says:

            No.11 Nairn

            Your easily pleased….


          • Nairn says:

            If the vote comes down to heart v head, I reckon that the sensible folk will outvote the faux tartan oatcake nostalgics.


          • Expat Geordie says:

            What no-one seems to have pointed out is that if Scotland becomes independent and yet keeps the pound, they will have to surrender their own pound notes anyway. Currently the Channel Islands, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man are in the Sterling Zone and print their own money. However, although this money is “Sterling” it is not accepted in the UK as legal tender, simply because they do print their own money and the Bank of England has no control over it.

            The Bank of England does have control over how much the Scottish and Northern Irish banks print at present, and hence allows these two nations to have their own printed currency which is valid within the rest of the UK. Once the BoE loses control of the Scottish printing presses Scottish notes will be about as much uses as Guernsey ones. So Scots will have to take normal (i.e. UK) notes in Scotland, but will have to change their own notes into UK notes whenever they leave Scotland.

            With someone like Salmond controlling the printing presses, I can actually see a separate exchange rate for Scottish and British pounds. It’s either that or get rid of the various Scottish pound notes.


          • Marie Antoine-Salmond says:

            Let them eat haggis!


          • Wee Eck says:

            Just to show there’s no hard feelings, we’re going to give Glasgow back to Wales.


          • Táxpáyér says:

            Can eveyone in England get a vote to say “Yes!” to New Darian?


          • john in cheshire says:

            I fail to understand why the Scots, if they choose independence, need either the pound of the EU. If it was my country, I’d have my own currency, devoid of banker interference and would avoid the EU like the plague. Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert covered this superficially a few weeks ago and suggested that Scotland could benefit from having a crypto-currency. Maybe it’s time for the Scots to start thinking beyond the traditional. It could be their making and we might learn what freedom feels like, if they do.


          • FFS says:

            It is perfectly OK for Scotland to have its own currency. Norway does ad it has a smaller population. That’s not really the problem. The problems are:-

            1] M. Alexander Salmond was under the impression he could just go on using the £. Which is like divorcing your wife but insisting you can still have sex with her. It has made him look a bit of a fool that hasn’t thought these things through very well.

            2] There are quite a lot of costs associated with having your own currency. You need your own central bank and your own Mint. These costs, along with many others that would end up on the shoulders of an independent country, would be born on the shoulders of just 5million people instead of 60million.

            3] There would be currency exchange costs associated with all deals between Scotland and its major trading partner the UK. There would be a danger that the rest of the UK would consider trade with Scotland a bit of an annoying waste of time, causing low demand for the Scottish $ and thus a persistently weak currency.

            4] There would be currency risk for Scotland which would have to consider building up large reserves of gold or other currencies to protect itself from currency shocks.

            5] The EU will in any case not allow Scotland to re-join the EU without a full re-negotiation of terms which will include Scotland having the Euro. M. Salmond appears to have forgotten that.

            To summarise, M. Salmond looks more and more like a twat that didn’t think ahead very far.


          • Longshanks says:

            Salmond was caught off-side by the Euro catastrophe as he had originally planned to “escape” England and then immediately sign his freedom over to the EUSSR.

            Of course the Euroze financial melt-down made that seem not such a good idea after all, so he is now scrabbling around for alternatives.

            It’s all Mel Gibson’s fault really, with all that Brave Sporran nonsense.


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          Anonymous says:

          GO didn’t go to Eton you dunce.


        • 96
          Anonymous says:

          An Eton ex pupil told us this so its best to ignore them both


          • The Truthmiester says:

            How much lower can we sink

            As Churchill said in 45 “This is our finest hour”
            He was a proper statesman, unlike the present shower
            These sycophantic Europhiles have bought us to our knees
            Now Cameron’s asks Barosso “Can we have some power please”

            I need to go back with a ruse to stem the UKIP flood
            The whole backbench will rise as one baying for my blood
            They want a referendum, not tomorrow but today
            I need to claim a victory to keep them all at bay

            We’ll fill it all with weasel words to let you off the hook
            I know it’s smoke and mirrors but its how we make it look
            You need to help me out here Boss, as PM I must stay
            If I should lose then kiss goodbye to 50 Mill a day

            This UKIP mob have pulled the rug from underneath my feet
            If I can’t claim a victory here I’m staring at defeat
            This Ferage chaps percentage vote is going through the roof
            I just don’t understand it, all he does is tell the truth

            I’ve lied and cheated schemed and stalled and gave a cast iron vow
            The cat alas is out the bag and no one trusts me now
            It’s time for you and Rumpy to step up to the plate
            With false negotiation spin before it gets too late

            Cameron is in an utter panic and will say anything in the hope it might get UKIP supporters to return. Firstly he cannot discriminate against Romanians/Bulgarians so any action he takes MUST apply to ALL immigrants and possibly UK citizens. Failure to do so would be deemed racist. Those from the EU have a legal right to all benefits available to our own citizens. Secondly the Children’s Act would make it illegal not to offer accommodation to families regardless of where they come from. Thirdly and something I am sure he will evade in his next speech is the fact that if he makes social housing unavailable for families he MUST put families up in the private sector for which the tax payer will be funding. Stand by for yet another speech of useless propaganda and phoney sound bites.
            UKIP was right all along Barosso will tell Cameron to piss off


          • magaluf Engerlander says:

            And Nige Farage and his magic garage is the answer?
            “Frailty, thy name is woe, man!”


      • 244
        Errant JOURNALIST, Gags Journalists says:


      • 330
        Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

        Either way, we’re paying.


    • 60
      I'll Get my coat. says:

      Do EU really want to hurt me?


    • 65
      The Lucky Bastards says:

      Have to say If I lived in Scotchland and there is no chance of joining the EU, then I too would vote for independence.


      • 262
        A Scot says:

        Heres the rub , Salmond and co will want Scotland in the EU come hell or high water. The EU know this and will dictate the terms most favourable to them in allowing Scotland to join. Scotland will have no independence once they sell out to the EUSSR? As others have said, I am a unionist but would vote yes if I thought it would result in Scotland not getting into the grand Soviet.


    • 70
      Thank You Kind Sir. says:

      That’s nice. This unelected communist will grant a Sovereign Nation a “little freedom”.


      • 274
        Che Guevara's pet Parrot says:

        Freedom comes from the barrel of a gun.


      • 410
        John Bellingham says:

        Barroso is not just a communist–his background is the extreme left Maoist faction-he was, as a student a leader of the snappily entitled “MRPP” (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later the “PCTP/MRPP”, Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat)—the Party was not successful in getting ballot papers printed in A3 format and thus he became a “conservative”.


    • 144
      dulan says:

      http://adf.ly/d40Ro viwe this link


    • 150
      Mr Oddbod says:

      ‘Now that the US is pushing for the Chemical Weapons to be out of Syria by end of March, Russian figures suspect that a new war option will be on the table.’

      All the big news eh Guido? You fat useless fucking drone for the elite. You really are scum Guido, utter fucking scum.

      “Daddy, what did you do in the war?”

      “I sat around spreading misinformation and fear to whoever paid me the highest amount of money dear”

      “Daddy, you are utter fucking scum”


      • 155
        A Reader says:

        ‘Tittle Tattle, gossip and rumours about Westminster’s Mother of all Parliaments’

        – Not:

        ‘Global News Agency’

        There is no way Dave could get political support for war in Syr!a now, especially after his failure last year and with the public sensitized to abject government failure on the issue of flooding.

        Dave could help weaken the A’ssad regime if he signs a deal to let the Envrionment Agency take over their waterwyas management, and maybe get the MET do their weather forecasts.


    • 156
      Jeremiah says:

      You mean to tell us that neither of you two Geedeses was invited to appear and ask Barroso some pertinent questions, well, I call that a liberty, not inviting either of you, tut tut, what are things coming to.


    • 188
      Maggie the dog says:

      Barroso shhh we want Scotland to vote yes


    • 199
    • 216
      Táxpáyér says:

      Owen Jones wet dream


      Venezuelan Government tries to arrest opposition party leaders.


    • 238
      DLT was in Court for this says:


    • 373
      Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

      Finally they’ve found the WMD.
      Weirdoes of Mass Delusion.


    • 397
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      “Never a meteorite when you want one”! Now THAT’S funny! Priceless, in fact!


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    F**k the LibLabCon (Guido stole my handle) says:



  3. 3
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Who’s that queer fucker next to Boy George?


    • 158
      Jeremiah says:

      It’s not either of the of the Geedoes, surely one out and out gayer is emough for you surely Ma­q­bo­­ul?


  4. 4
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Who’s that que­er fucker next to Boy George?


  5. 6
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking hell yet more queens.


  6. 7
    Marr says:

    George,do you take this man to be your unlawful unwanted dictator?


  7. 8
    T May says:

    Who let that fraudster Barroso into the UK without arresting him?


    • 22
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      doesn’t he look the smug fucker


      • 92
        FFS says:

        Wellk fair play to him, he never expected to become leader of Europe when he was a Portuguese student Marxist. I’d be looking pretty smug if I found myself having over-achieved to the extent he has.


    • 205
      Táxpáyér says:

      Any journalist ever asked him how much the magnitude of his mistaken faith in Maoism was?


  8. 10
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    BBC taking the piss again?.


  9. 11
    Persona non grata says:

    Hungarian MP throws EU flag out the window.


  10. 13
    Nemesis says:

    Where did Marr dig up these two wankers from? Sorry for Marr’s ill health of the past but since then he’s been gradually losing it. Time for a replacement.


  11. 14
    The British media are cunts says:

    Ugly fat lefty bitch on Sunday Politics just stated Rachel Reeves would make a good leader.

    I can’t stop laughing.


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      If you hang a bell round her neck.


      • 26
        Xi Jinping says:

        I actually think she’s pretty sexy. In fact I have l0udMOuthRachel as my password for China’s nuclear weapons launch system


    • 24
      cornwall storms says:

      as militwit is finding to be a credible leader you need charisma and he doesn’t have it – rachelreeves has even less.


      • 115
        Gooey Blob says:

        I can’t see anyone among Labour’s front benchers of sufficient calibre to lead this country. Miliband may be a bit of a joke, but I can’t see an electable PM between them. Perhaps if Chuka grew a pair and resigned from the front bench he might be able to take a more Blairite Labour back to electability after Miliband loses. But I can’t see him stepping down right now.


    • 45
      Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

      Did they mean Rachel Riley? Easy on the eyes but a shame she is on that unwatchable prog.


    • 81
      John Bellingham says:

      When there are storms in the channel, she could stand on Beachy Head and warn passing ships of the proximity of rocks in a light, conversational tone.


  12. 17
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I see myself as a young new radical, but I am really a minor extension of a dominant Cultural Marxist influenced political correctness.


  13. 29
    Boy George (not Osborne) says:

    ‘Never a meteorite when you want one’

    Do you really want to hurt me?


  14. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Wrong Boy George for a meteorite


  15. 33
    The British media are cunts says:

    What is wrong with male journalists? Why do they try to look manly when they’re not. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see one of the preening queens standing with his legs apart in 6 inches of water or standing next to some ‘butch’ soldiers or in front of some pump that they call ‘gigantic’

    Having worked with pumps that really are gigantic I can only assume they judge gigantic by their boyfriends 4 inch cock?

    Give it up gents, the women in the media re more manly (especially Kay Burley and Cathy Newman). Stick to being hen pecked girls.


  16. 34
    The Bellend in Number 10 says:

    I’m well on course to achieve my ambition of a Labour landslide in 2015.


  17. 35
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Twat in a hat between two twats :-)


  18. 36
    marrsbar says:

    fackin Freak show


  19. 41

    England population: 53,012,456
    Scotland population: 5,313,600

    But: Scottish MPs may vote on English matters. English MPs may not vote on Scottish matters.

    Yet: Scotland pays for University fees for any resident of Scotland or indeed any resident of the EU, with the exception of those resident in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    This is flagrantly in breach of EU treaty law. The same EU, incidentally, which Scotland expects to be admitted to if it secedes from the EU!

    Give the English a chance to vote on Scottish Independence! We will surely boot them out. Let the Scots live outside the UK, outside the EU, without a currency they can control and even without their own language. And we can put the only UK visa office in Scotland on Fair Isle.

    Total UK figures also include:
    Wales population:              3,063,456
    Northern Ireland population: 1,810,863


    • 51
      Mel Gibson says:

      Scotland’s population wouldn’t stay at 5 million for long once the ‘pension time bomb’ and ‘good for business’ meme hits.
      Salmond and his EU mates will fill the place up with anyone and everyone from around the globe to do the jobs the ‘lazy Scots’ wont do.


      • 62
        I feel fubarred etc... says:

        If they vote No, can we then ‘undevolve’ them back into the fold? Then the boundaries can be redrawn properly and several of those north of the border mini-constituencies can be disappeared. I suspect there will also be lots of other cash and savings to be found – eg sort out the west Lothian nonsense once and for all etc – if the job is done properly.


    • 52
      King Feckless Eck the First says:

      Some misconceptions here, pal.

      We will not need a currency because everything will be free.
      We don’t have a language – just grunts. One grunt is, “Gies the benefits”. Two grunts, “Gies mare benefits.”
      Is the Faery Isle in a Disney film? How dae ye get there, pal?

      Geezabrek, Nicola an’ pass the Jonnie Walker.


    • 56
      The British media are cunts says:

      Before they fuck off we need to put up a proper border, one with mines and machine guns to keep the fuckers out.

      Every English cashpoint seems to come with a drunk jock asking for “spare change”


    • 57
      The Duke says:

      Aside from your anti-Scots argument, the population of England is surely far higher than that – what with half the fucking third world flooding in here night and day.


      • 60
        CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        I refer you to the above!


      • 76

        The population of the United Kingdom, as it now stands, is 63,181,775.

        If you are referring to postal votes, then the situation is very different. We have to add in the following:

        Pаkistаn: 182,490,721

        …giving a total of 245,672,496. Subtract those not of voting age and you have over 200m, mostly able to support Labour.

        Correction to original post:
        The same EU, incidentally, which Scotland expects to be admitted to if it secedes from the UK!


        • 80
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          I fear you made an error.

          Using New Labour mathematics as defined by Ed Balls and other learned left wing luminaries of our time, including the number-crunchers at Labour List:

          ‘… giving a total of 245,672,496. Subtract those not of voting age and you have over 200m, mostly able to support Labour.’

          Should have read:

          ‘… giving a total of 245,672,496. Subtract those not of voting age and you have over 300m, mostly able to support Labour.’


          • Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

            Correction, you forgot to add in all the dead since records began, making a total of well over 1 billion.


          • Obergruppenführer Andy Burnham, ex NHS-SS says:

            If you check hospital records more closely, you can make that 1.5bn.


          • You will have to forgive me as I was using historical cost accounting methods whereas you appear to be familiar with IFRS requirements under IAS 29 Financial Reporting in hyperinflationary modern economies which prescribes Capital Maintenance in Units of Constant Purchasing Power. :-)


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            I think your method more accurate – EU auditors would even sign off on your figures.

            But the left are very pedantic about getting their figures right.


          • 1. The left hold that there is only one side to a balance sheet: Liabilities. They balance these out by calling them investments.

            2. My impression is that they have a completely different concept of what constitutes “double-entry bookkeeping” but, since this is a family blog,…


          • Táxpáyér says:

            i = sqrt(-1)
            scottish economy = sqrt(fuck all).


  20. 54
    The British media are cunts says:

    I see the BBC are still peddling the lie about the jetstream being moved on a permanent basis by man made global warming, despite several experts saying it’s not.

    To the BBC mongs. Start reporting facts not your fucking lies and wet dreams. Shouldn’t you lot be out r*ping more kids today?


  21. 63
    Anonymous says:

    Really weird story:


    I assumed fake – but absolutely no-one seems to be saying anything!


    • 112
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      5pillarz are not the most reliable source.

      Birtwistle has been speaking out on the issue of opportunities for the young recently, and positively on the subject on apprenticeships.

      G’alloway seems to be running with this now:


      • 406
        Unless, of course, he is the c#nt he appears to be says:

        Is Galloway the most subtle racist in the known universe?

        If so, he’s playing a blinder.

        Here he is, a white British man of Christian culture originally, attacking a “moderate” Islamo for being anti Islamo.

        It’s pure fucking genius.


  22. 67
    Marr isd a bad un says:

    Andrew Marr on the Jonny Woss show last night said he was working too hard and that caused the stroke.

    He then explained that the “hard work” was jetting all over the world on expenses, filming for a telly show.

    No mention of him in the press groping the producer’s bottom or super injuction to stop the press reporting that he was shagging out of wedlock and making little Marrs, which then turned out to be some one else’s bastards.


  23. 73
    Guy News Room says:

    Happy 55th Birthday Adam Boulton


  24. 74
    Jimmy says:

    A little harsh but it’s important to use your vote wisely in May to prevent Barroso being replaced by another rightie.


  25. 75
    Jack Ketch says:

    What a pleasure to see Mark Carney smoothly destroy the moronic lefty claptrap put forward by Andrew Marr. So much more impressive than the vacuous politicians normally on the show. Interestingly, Bob Crow appearing on the Sunday Politics show was impressive in a similar way: he pointed out that his job was to promote the interests of his union members, no more and no less and that none of the three main parties, especially Labour, represent the working man. His ideas re: the Green Party and his (understandable) Luddism may not be palatable–but at least he talks straight and displays honesty unlike ANY SINGLE MEMBER of the Labour Shadow cabinet, ANY MEMBER of the Liberal Party and all but two people on the Tory front bench and a few UKIPPERS.


    • 79
      Mr N F says:

      Crow has one very good redeeming quality. He hates the EU.


    • 89
      Expat Geordie says:

      Not Crow’s greatest fan but he is right about today’s politicians not giving a shit about the working man. The last one who did was kicked out of Downing Street in 1997 – John Major.


      • 106
        FFS says:

        Crow is talking bull-crap as usual. Most of his members are ethnics, having displaced the British working man some time ago. I don’t hear him bleating about the damage being done to the prospects of the working man of mass immigration. Bloody lying hypocrite, using the TV to misrepresent his true position as usual and you lot are falling for it. Scargill used to come up with the same bullshit.

        Fact is if Crow had the working man in mind the tube strikes would have been on a rolling line-by-line basis to cause problems only for the employer and not for the people using the tube. He’s playing politics like the rest of these Marxist crack-pots. Looking forward to seeing him burn in hell.


        • 137
          Naffo says:

          Bit cheap and pointless of Neill to show that fat cùnt on a deck chair photo though.


        • 335
          Thatcherite says:

          As an unreconstructed Thatcherite I disagree, especially about Arthur Scargill. Scargill might have been misguided, he might have lost and both he and Thatcher and MacGregor might perhaps have been fighting over an industry that was just doomed anyway. But he always unashamedly did what he thought was right for British miners’ interests, even to the extent of acting illegally over miners’ pension funds. Ask yourself: Would you want your pension managed by Arthur Scargill or by one-time Labour MP Robert Maxwell?


          • Vin says:

            Scargill was only interested in Scargill. His inflated ego and seeing himself as the next overthrower of a democratically electected Tory gov’t were the main reasons for his ongoing action. And that is why he split the miners’ unions.


        • 367
          Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

          Those ethnics are as British as the rest of us.
          Bob and the RMT are against the free movement of EU workers in to the UK because they allow corporations to lower wages.
          You’ve fallen for Establishment propaganda you retard. post less and think more,
          Vote UKIP


          • Lord and Lady Establishment-Stooge of Brussels says:

            And a proud RMT member


          • FFS says:

            I was married to an ethnic for 20 years. If you think they are as British as the rest of us think again. Today British, tomorrow Australian, day after tomorrow American. They frankly don’t give a damn.


          • It is very tiresome but.. says:

            The reputed remuneration of many rail personnel is around 60,000 quid a year. Not exactly a pittance is it?


    • 211
      Táxpáyér says:

      Mark Carney also talks bollocks.


  26. 86
    The totally unpoliticised MET Office says:

    It never rains…


  27. 98
    Dave is a Gay Loving Weak Bastard. says:

    Meanwhile, has Gay Dave sacked Gay Smiffy yet for the inexcusable of expenditure of the Taxpayers’ £30,000 on the Gay Pride March, etc. etc.? Of course the t(u)rd hasn’t.

    Just do it, you cnut.


  28. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Jack Ketchs analysis is spot on,I disagrre with everything that Crow stands for but at least he stands for something unlike the wankers infeting the Labour Partythe LimpDems are eternally fucked anyway so who gives a shit and the Tories? they have a year to redeem themselves but time is slipping away.


    • 108
      FFS says:

      Bullcrap. Crow is playing politics and just misrepresenting himself. Scargill regularly did the same.

      If Crow really wanted to help the workers the tube strike would have been a line at a time shut down, not shutting down the whole system at once which put the problem vbery much in the lap of the tube users, rather than the employers. He’s a liar playing politics, thus more or less a politician.


    • 128
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      The idea that Crow represents the working man is absolute bullshit,he first of all represents himself and then his Marxist beliefs,beliefs he dosnt really understand because he has not got the intellect to deal with,Scargill a much brighter individual than Crow was exactly the same,but he still found the time to support the right to buy,the epitome of Thatcherism.The working class are basically thick thats why the Scargills,Crows and McCluskeys of this world prosper.


  29. 101
    Fried Mars Bar says:

    We will not be voting for Scottish Independence,we are stupid but not that stupid!


    • 127
      Bill Cash says:

      A sizzling smorgasbord of scintillating, socialist soliloquy…


    • 141
      Scots bonnet says:

      Give the English a chance to vote in the illegal referendum and we could help the Scots will get their independence, if they like it or not., it’s illegal because the United Kingdom all the countries should vote , not one country, but then these corrupt b,stards in the house of thieves and the eu, you can’t expect anything else, no wonder nobody goes to vote 38% of the plebs elected an MP, corruption everywhere.


      • 169
        Union ? What Union ? says:

        We will have our chance once Scotland votes for independence. A lot of what then SNP is proposing is totally undeliverable by the Westminster government especially the currency union on the terms that SNP want.

        At that time there needs to be a demand for the rest of uk to have a referendum on the terms of Scotland breaking away from UK. I suspect that if they vote for independence that it will also be a significant part of 2015 GE campaign with parties having to state what they will do


        • 181
          The British media are cunts says:

          Labour will probably give in to the SNP a deal will be done where Scottish MP’s can sit in Westminster to vote on matters that affect Scotland and England. This will allow Labour to maintain its jock stranglehold on England.


  30. 131
    cornwall storms says:

    What effect would there be on the number of MP’s in the HoC and it’s political balance by a yes vote in scotland? Surely this would remove a large number of labour mp’s and leave a very weakened labour party in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. ?

    I think a yes vote for scotland would be good for the rest of us.


    • 135
      The British media are cunts says:

      It would make it very hard for Liebore to get a majority in England. It’s not just losing the jock Labour MP’s but the SNP, Limp Dims etc as well.

      When the Tories first came into power they should have had a hit list of things to ensure that those who oppose them were dealt with.

      1. The BBC and the Guardian
      2. The Labour party
      3. Scotland
      4. The Greens


      • 145
        As if by magic... says:

        Labour would more than likely decide to contest elections in Northern Ireland to try and make up the shortfall.


        • 163
          Union ? What Union ? says:

          I think that Labour would have as much chance of being elected in Northern Ireland as they would in Surrey…zilch.

          We could have an interesting scenario if Scotland votes for independence in September. The existing Scottish Constituencies would still legally be able to put a MP for Westminster. Let’s imagine that Miliband wins on the basis of the Scottish Labour MPs. He would be in government until March 2016 a bare 10 months and have to be in charge of negotiating Scotland leaving the Union which would tie up hours of parliamentary time with Tories in the Commons and Lords fighting him every inch of the way. His legislative program would be difficult if not impossible and would grind exceedingly slowly
          He would in March 2016 cease to have a majority as Labour, LibDems and SNP MPs were immediately disbarred from the Commons and the Tories would launch a motion of no confidence as they did in 1979 against Callaghan.

          Miliband and Labour would be criticised from all sides by the Scots who would feel that Labour was dragging its heels on legislation to create an independent Scotland and the remainder of UK feel that too much parliamentary time was being devoted to it. All the time Labour would be under continued assault from the Tory Press.

          Independence for Scotland may be disastrous for the Tories but it would be cataclysmic for Labour


          • The Welsh Dragon without wings says:

            Hey boyo, we will be next to get independence. Our Labour led government will quickly show you all how to really drag a country down into the pits of false economy.


      • 157
        cornwall storms says:

        I rather think that if scotland gets the yes vote it will greatly diminish labour’s cancerous influence on the rest of the UK. That can only be a good thing.


        • 179
          The British media are cunts says:

          Don’t see it. Labour will find some scam, unlike the Tories Labour are professional snakes.

          1. Labour will pass a law that allows Scottish Labour MP’s to sit in the Commons until the next election.

          2. Labour will re-arrange the voting boundaries to remove more Tory seats to favour themselves

          3. Immigration will be speeded up to ensure that all major white areas left are over run in as short a time as possible.


          • BBC Heart Labour says:

            2015 will be the last time any other party besides Labour will get a sniff of Number 10. UK freedom game over after 2015 (what’s left of it).


  31. 133
    The British media are cunts says:

    I wish the BBC would fuck off with promoting Ed Mongoband’s latest bandwagon. Why is it the BBC never challenge anything this rubber faced inbred mong comes out with?


    • 298
      BBC - Bring Back Communism says:

      We are a left wing organization spending public money and taking our orders from the Guardian, Labour and Unions. Please keep up.
      Read our latest right wing news in the Independent where our resident Comrade Professor in the University of Cardiff has come out with a report stating that the BBC are a RIGHT wing organization.
      Stalin would be so proud of us.


    • 303
      BBC Heart Labour says:

      They won’t. Ever. Deal with it or take action.


  32. 134
    • 140
      • 142
        'Refudiating' this from Commander in Jeans, Owen Jones says:

        ‘Cute’ considering Labours recent track record on entering into bloody conflicts with high mortality rates.


    • 171
      Jimmy says:

      So Daniel Hannan’s argument from authority is a link to an article by Daniel Hannan?

      Well that settles that then.


      • 212
        Baronet George Osborne says:

        It was a quote from the boss of the nationalist branch of your brothers, Adolf.


        • 214
          Jimmy says:

          Not everyone takes his quotes as uncritically as you do.


          • Ban The Left says:

            ‘We are socialists…’ : From the National Socialist party with a big red socialist flag, wanting to bring real socialism to Russ!a by defeating the communists, and expanding the state to run camps housing political prisoners, and others the socialist state wanted to kill in order to progress to a one nation ideal ?

            Casting a very critical eye on the quote I would say that there is more than enough smoke for this fire, and I am not making an allusion to crematoria.


          • Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

            Jimmy, not in Egypt but in a permanent state of denial.


          • Jimmy says:

            “Working classes are the bedrock of ukip vote”

            Nigel Biggles MEP


          • FFS says:

            Left wing does not mean socialist.

            Presumably you were under the impression that being left wing meant socialism? You are an ignorant fool.


      • 218
        FFS says:

        Ever the flippant comment, never the dealing with the harsh realities.

        H!tler was a socialist
        Mao was a socialist
        Stalin was a socialist

        suck it up, then wise up.


        • 234
          Ban The Left says:

          Don’t worry.

          Jimmy and other assorted lefties will be back later with equally insightful political arguments and reasoning to help us all understand that Daffy Duck was in fact a rabbit with a Brooklyn accent, and Porky Pig should be banned because muzzies don’t like bacon.


  33. 136
    The British media are cunts says:

    So Ed Milimong just stated on the BBC that investing in clean energy will stop the flooding.

    So how does that work then Ed?


    • 139
      Mong the Miliband says:

      Pour resources into a really big sponge to mop up.


    • 159
      cornwall storms says:

      On whose watch was the dredging of the Somerset Levels stopped in 2000/2001?

      As for clean energy – how many worthless failing wind turbines , caught fire, blew up or fell down in the last storm ?


    • 222
      FFS says:

      I’m getting to like Milliband. He is totally unelectable and yet 40% of those polled want to vote for him. It’s an extraordinary testament to the stupidity of the people I am sharing this island with.


  34. 138
    Anonymous says:

    A must for Friday caption.


  35. 147
    The BBC must be destroyed says:

    What next for the Marr show, Marc Almond and Andy Bell? I for one, really value the opinions of someone who kidnaps rent boys. The BBC is as dumb as a post.


    • 331
      JH2349302823-09-590 says:

      Yeah… imagine if it was a Tory male who had imprisoned a teenage female prostitute.

      No. I’m sure the BBC would have soft-soaped him as well. Impartial, you see.


  36. 148
    Ray says:

    Inside the EA have updated news of £300k spent on staff bonuses, six-figure redundancies (even thought staff increased from 10,000+ to 11,000+), £250k on expensive private venues, £30k on a gay parade, etc. Real eye-opener.


  37. 149
    Questions of our time says:

    Why did Lord Smith feel it necessary to purchase a large number of gay mugs when he has a staff of over 11,000 of them ?


  38. 152
    Lord Snott says:

    The modern day Marx brothers: Gropo, Corrupto and Bummer.


  39. 160
    Strange perception says:

    People often say right wingers are racist, sexist and hate gays. Reading the comments on this blog on any given day of the week, I wonder what ever gave them that idea?


    • 167
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      Eff off ou effnick poof


    • 170
      Ban The Left says:

      The lies spread by the left.


    • 173
      Tallybanners says:

      Never mind the mild comments on this blog.

      We will sort the gays out in the glorious Sharia paradise that the LibLabConners are creating through all their multicultural bleeding heart immigration policies.

      We will also sort out the thieving politicians. Ten beheadings and a hundred amputations will deter the rest of the Westminster scum and solve the problem.


    • 193
      Lord Snott says:

      People often say left-wingers are hysterical, pious and po-faced.


    • 226
      FFS says:

      “People often say right wingers are racist, sexist and hate gays.”

      Yeah, so what’s wrong with that?


  40. 162
    Ray says:

    A few recent key stats for the Environment Agency:

    £395 million on wages (£592 million incl pensions) vs £219 million on capital projects + £20 million on maintaining rivers
    £5 million spent on redundancies but permanent workforce increased from 10,701 to 11,177 in the past year
    The real employment levels at Environment Agency actually stood at 12,252 people (temps and contractor personnel)
    Budget and staffing levels that rival French, Danish, German, Swedish, Austrian and Canadian Environment Agencies COMBINED
    Directors at the agency declined bonuses but 38 managers shared a pool of £334,000
    Past two years, 14 employees left with six-figure cheques, some in excess of £150,000
    Spending on maintaining culverts and channels to help the flow of watercourses dipped by £1.3 million last year
    £3.6 million was trimmed off the budget to build or improve embankments that protect communities from floods
    Environment Agency spent hundreds on ‘equali-tea’ gay awareness mugs… and £30,000 on gay pride marches
    Spent over £250k from 2011 to mid-2012 on meetings at private venues, despite having over two dozen offices around the country
    Nearly 7,000 vehicles (plus trucks) – more than one official vehicle for every two employees
    Environment Agency bosses spent £2.4 million on PR alone (excluding staff wages) but refused £1.7million dredging in Somerset
    Single water abstraction licence for Avoncliff costing £152 cost the taxpayer ~£611,000-£1.5 million
    A £2 million Environment Agency case ended with a fine of just £1,000
    20-25% of business travel costs lost to fraudulent cases costing an estimated £1.8-£4.5 million
    Significant number of man-hours lost in abuse of flexi time, home working and annual leave


    • 165
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      We need a smaller state now!


    • 168
      Screwed Taxpayers. says:

      WTF is Dave doing about this gross abuse by the EA?

      Nothing — WHY ???


    • 202

      By what stretch of the imagination does the disease ridden sodomist Smith believe that it is the responsibility of any government agency to promote repulsive sexual perversion ?


      • 220

        It’s because he is a promiscuous gay pervert.

        The real problem is that the supposedly “straight” Camoron still hasn’t sacked Smiffy, who has clearly misappropriated taxpayers’ money.



  41. 166
    Ed Milibandwagon - making Michael Foot look competent says:

    The nextht Labour Guv’ment will cut Tory taxeth on energy-thaving lightbulbth. Exthept for millionaireth.

    Thith will thop the Tory Cotht of Lighbulb cwithith. Oh, yeth.


  42. 174
    Death Wish says:

    I don’t want to speak ill of the dead, and I have sympathy for the guy’s family and friends, but the mind boggles at the 29 year old who died last week after mixing a bottle of wine with a can of lager, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey and drank it all within a couple of minutes. He did it after being “NekNominated”, a recent trend in which people online dare each other to drink ridiculous amounts quickly. He immediately felt sick, was taken to the bathroom where he threw up and then collapsed. He died later in hospital.

    I like a drink, I like getting pissed every now and then, but anyone with half a brain cell knows drinking that much alcohol so quickly will kill you. At the risk of sounding cruel, I have to say that the NekNominate game is attracting lots of candidates for the Darwin Awards.


    • 213
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      Why dont you want to speak ill of the dead?he brought this on himself thru gross stupidity.


    • 228
      Mother Nature says:

      Legalise all drugs — then good ‘ole Evolution will slowly eradicate all those stupid fuckers as well.


    • 288
      Why can't we blame the parents? says:

      “if your friends told you to go jump in a lake, would you?”

      He obviously would.


  43. 176
    ANON says:

    It’s funny how on Planet Salmond, anyone who disagrees with him are accused of not knowing what they are talking about whether they are head of the EU, head of the Bank of England, Chancellor of the Exchequeur etc but if a bloke in the pub tells him something then he believes it.

    A councillor in Argyll came up with the crackpot idea of a campaign to get people to refuse to accept English banknotes. A plan guaranteed to hit tourism and have Scottish banknotes refused completely anywhere outside Scotland. Shows the standard of SNP politicians and the amount of bigotry amongst them.


    • 190
      Be nice to all Scot peoples says:

      Socialist!, be nice to the man, if his YES vote wins then things will have to change in England as well, SNP all the way to winning freedom for the Scots from us nasty English, but tieing the knot with the EU..


  44. 177
    Paddy Fields says:

    If and when Tony Benn dies, don’t forget we owe Britain’s Concorde to him.


    • 184
      Pathway across estate ist verboten says:

      And Radio 1, from then on the destruction of the airwaves was assured.


    • 197
      Kim Jong-un says:

      Yeah. He came up with the complete set of blue prints in between scoring 18 holes in one and inventing the Little Chef bender brunch. He was years ahead of his time where spurious claims to goggle-eyed socialist grandeur were concerned. We can all learn a lot from the old fraud.


    • 217
      sunderland is a labour ghetto that why its shyte says:

      Yeah Benn that champion of the working class brought us Concorde,the chosen mode of travel for the super rich you couldnt make it up,he and his family have sucked on the teat of the public purse for nearly 70 years.When he finally departs this wicked capitalist world for his Socilaist heaven I intend to show the same respect for him as did the Left when Margeret Thatcher died.


      • 371
        NE Frontiersman says:

        A leathery ex-police sergeant of my acquaintance is adamant that Benn has been MI5 all along.
        Reflecting on his ability to pop up and foul things up for the Party of the People at critical junctures, he may be on to something.


    • 322
      MB. says:

      ‘if he dies’?

      It’s only Tony Bliar who has done a deal with the Devil to be immortal.


  45. 178
    fed up in britain says:

    a fucking plague on all their houses.liblabcon. ukip all the way.


  46. 182
    OT but right up your sodden street, darling says:


  47. 201
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Interesting little piece in ‘t Graph on Sun Biz section B2 – At last, Britain is taking errors in eU accounts seriously …

    Umm – Kamal Refs to Marta A – but stops short of throwing well deserved 5hit in Kinnocks face.

    btw not so sure of that namecheck to BW on that other blog and of a 60 Y/O nuke bunker …


  48. 219
  49. 221
    Paddy Fields says:

    Osborne should enter Carney for Crufts.

    He’d walk away with best of breed in the poodle category.


  50. 225
    Bill Cash says:

    One of the best comedy sketches ever > The Two Ronnies – Crossed Lines: http://youtu.be/N6jWCVO38iA


  51. 227
    Just because lefties celebrated Mrs Thatcher's death doesn't mean you should do the same for Benn says:

    Tony Benn is a good man. Whatever his politics, and I personally don’t agree with them either, have respect for the individual and the conviction of his principles. At least he had some principles. Miliband just takes his orders from Len McCluskey.


    • 232
      Phnaarr says:

      And your principles are ….?


    • 242
      A free man says:

      I neither respect the individual (he was a tax-leeching drone for his entire life), nor do I respect the incoherent gobbledegook aimed at enslaving me into the borg which you claim were his ‘principles’.


    • 244
      RIP Tony Benn (Practice) says:


    • 259
      Just asking says:

      What are Cameron’s principles?


    • 260
      FFS says:

      He didn’t have any principles. He was an Intellectual Narcissist which means he continually spouted his own opinions on all manner of subject regardless of his knowledge of them, without listening to anybody else’s opinions and purely for his own self-aggrandisement.

      His personality disorder got worse as he got older. He got paranoid and loopy. Bristol decided it had enough and got rid of him.


    • 263
      C.O.Jones says:

      Tony Benn stuck to his principles.
      Adolf Hitler stuck to his principles.
      Uncle Joe Stalin stuck to his principles.
      Mao Zedong stuck to his principles.

      Your starter for ten. All the above politicians were principled. Who killed the least amount of people, if any?

      For five points. During his time in office, who lost the greatest number of jobs?

      For five points. Who served as a pilot in South Africa and Rhodesia?

      For five points. Who attempted to remove public references to their private education from Who’s Who?


      • 311
        The Arctic Convoy says:

        ‘Serving’ as a pilot in South Africa?

        You mean, which cowardy custard sat out the war as far away from the action as possible?


    • 283
      cornwall storms says:

      We on here, of course, have no idea what you’re talking about. We leave militwit and gordon to ‘celebrate’ dreariness as we get on with living life,paying those escalating energy bills caused by militwit’s energy policies during the last government and coping with a reduced pension because gordon grabbed most of it whilst he was in office.

      Who is this benn person you are talking about? What did he stand for?


  52. 235
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    This is his first real job, dear. Give him a while to think that one over.


  53. 237
    DLT was in Court for this says:


  54. 246
    Deep Fried Mars Bar Collective says:

    Together with wee todger salmon we must stand together to ensure that future bennies are paid on time and directly to the boozer, bookies and dealer.


  55. 247
    The peasants are revolting says:

    If I did not have enough hatred for the EU before I’ve got even more now. Some jumped up fucking unelected EU monkey offers to give me!! an Englishman!! a little more freedom” WTF!!!!! Message to you


    “Jose Manuel Barroso – I don’t see a contradiction between deepening the Euro area and giving the UK some freedom #marrshow”


  56. 250
    Dave Watch says:

    Apparently the £1.3 trn national debt is understated by err….50%. FFS, Dave get a fackin grip. Clever off sheet accounting including Liebour`s much loved PFI, unfunded pensions liabilities are to blame.


  57. 252
    Anon. says:


  58. 256
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    Why is Marr standing there looking like a raspberry ripple? Is he claiming benefits and does not want to be seen on telly without a walking stick?


  59. 269
    Not really paying attention says:

    Are you saying Wedgie has died?


  60. 270
    FFS says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. A former muzzie friend of mine told me that the muzzie men have come to the conclusion it is OK to do what you like with white women because they are all non-believers so it kind of “doesn’t count” if you cheat on your wife with them and treat them like meat-bags.


    • 313
      FFS says:

      FFS, FFS. Where the F have you been? FFS that has been the case for nearly 20 years now FFS. Even the BBC reported this donkeys years ago. The problem is getting the Plod to investigate and social services to act because they are shit scared and ill prepared to do so.


    • 351
      altruism in industry says:

      the muslim does not have a concept of English society because they are brought up in a disease. The English education USED to teach people to think for themselves as opposed to instilling shit in minds.


  61. 272
    Mooz Baby Bennies Breeders says:

    Postal votes for the non English speaking grannies remain guaranteed says Ed.


  62. 273
    BLOB coCROWch says:



  63. 279
    bogtrott says:

    curly larry and mo,the three stooges


  64. 281
    Ramsbottom Republic says:

    Why deride the Germans,they lose 2 wars and still on top,the British win both wars and come out NEAR the bottom.
    Accept it,Britain is in terminal decline,Southern Ireland gone,Scotland on its way,next Wales (good riddance),then Ulster,then Cornwall,then the North,
    midlands, Hemel Hempstead ???,and finally the Shiny Sewer ,London.
    A bit like the 6th century,the last time the Germans had an easy run.


  65. 282
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:


    Watch out, there’s a dinosaur behind you.

    Taxyouraresoff Rex.


  66. 290
    coarncil house waiting list says:

    Surely driverless trains means fattie can fack off. The trains will not be members, they are metal, me old china. They cannot vote for strikes.


  67. 293
    cor blimey says:

    Pay Simin Crr now.


  68. 296
    cor blimey says:

    Don`t try and comment on un`ion fat bastard above, modbot on overtime in operation.


  69. 297
    The British media are cunts says:

    Obvious question NOT asked by the BBC. Why is it the military doing the survey of our flood defences? Let me guess, the EA can’t do it as they don’t employ enough engineers because all they’ve done over the last few years is employ more manager (usually women) on massive salaries with degrees in meeja studies, gender equality or art.

    Now they need to get thousands of people out actually doing a decent job they find they haven’t got the expertise to do it.

    Same thing happened with Railtrack many years ago, they fired all their engineers and employed women to sit in offices filling out diversity applications from sub-contractors and when they suddenly had all the broken track problems they didn’t have enough people to do the job.


    • 306
      Taxpayer says:

      You are describing almost the entire public sector.


    • 314
      Power to their elbows says:

      The power companies over christmas had the same problems, they got rid of power engineers and went over to contractors, the contractors on daily contracts most must have decided to have christmas off, the ones that went in would have made a few bob, now their all working the hotels must be doing well when it’s finished who knows.


      • 345
        The British media are cunts says:

        It’s the biggest scandal of the last 30 years, the Guardian reading elite getting rid of engineers (male) so they can bring in more birds on big salaries to meet their diversity criteria.

        Of course these bints are totally useless when the shit hits the fan, I bet the offices of the EA were still full of them whilst the mi,Italy were out filling sandbags.

        Don’t expect the media to pick this up though.


        • 388
          Sickening says:

          And they are completing the survey in five weeks, instead of ‘the usual’ two years
          End this fucking waste, Cameron you cowardly fool.


  70. 300
    An ancient Chinese philosopher says:

    If a website promotes another website, which is fake, does that make it a fake website?


  71. 301
    Daily Mail Reading Cretin says:

    Oh, got it – a homosexual, a foreigner and the victim of a recent stroke!

    Yes, they are scum are not they!


    • 307
      FFS says:

      A violent kidnapper, a cocaine user and a follower of a mass murderer.

      There, that’s put that right for you.


    • 309
      Couldn't care less cretin says:

      The singer boring, the foreigner, considering 27 countries with 250 million people, he pops us and acts as a dictator by telling 6million they can’t join “his” club, so expect him to be knocked down, the vitictim of a recent stroke, should stay at home and have a longer rest, he gets paid from our tax and if the company he works for has a doctors note then stay at home, if it doesn’t then he’s fit for work, he’s back where the pressure is , if he can’t take it fine another job, like working for Liebour, he’s done enough for them so why not.


    • 317
      Rogues' Gallery says:

      An adulterer, an ex con and a communist.


  72. 316
  73. 318
    Ted Heath says:


  74. 321
    Ah! guess says:

    Thousands of workers on six-figure salaries living in council homes because of rules that mean they CAN’T be thrown out

    There’s got to better campaign name than a ” Crow Tax “


  75. 324
    fitz says:

    Since when does Independence mean 1. becoming the slave of Berlin and 2. having a sharedd currency ?


  76. 325
    Ah! guess says:

    You need a spad for this.

    Prime Minister David Cameron says the recent flooding has been a “tragedy for all those affected”


  77. 332
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:


  78. 333
    Anonymous says:


    • 340
      Blowing Whistles says:

      i smell rats and trickery about Barso’s hot air – ‘extremely’ difficult … Barso believes

      or just one more big ruse?


      • 349
        FFS says:

        “Spain is the only major country in Western Europe that has not recognised Kosovo, mainly due to concerns about perceived implications regarding its own issues with independence movements in the Basque Country, Galicia and Catalonia. Nevertheless it has given indications that its stance could change in the future.” – Wikipedia


      • 355
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        There are tricks and ruses going on, but would not worry too much about Barroso. He no longer has the confidence of M’erkel, and in any case will be stepping down soon.

        As a politician he is an adroit operator – which incidentally should be very deeply respected irrespective of his actual politics – but to that point your question is far from trite.

        There probably isn’t any real alterior motive this time – on matters relating to the UK he has been consistently straight. One suspects that he would prefer to see the UK remain singular, because if Scotland becomes independent, no force on earth will be able to keep S’pain together.


      • 357
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        - Oh – and other than S’pain, as someone else pointed out above, the question of K’osovo becomes much more complicated.

        One suspects that the EU would prefer K’osovo to rejoin with S’erbia, and the whole of S’erbia join the EU. With K’osovo independent, which is not working nor is sustainable, S’erbia is using the EU’s support of K’osovo as a sticking point in its own accession talks.

        It is simply quid pro quo for the EU – but independent Scotland followed by a disintegrated S’pain would make it impossible for the EU to do anything other than support K’osovo independence, which would see S’erbia remain out, possibly remaining independent of realigning with Russ!a.

        A look at the map will explain why the EU needs S’erbia in perhaps more that splintered member states, parts of which would have to independently go through the accession process again.

        This aspect of member state self determination I do not think was ever on the radar screen of the Federalists.


        • 392
          It is very tiresome being thick.. says:

          But Scotland is already a member of the EU with all the chains firmly attached – so what is big fat barrel boy on about when he says they can’t join his club? Is he also proposing to kick them out? I thought his whole agenda was to enlarge the place and keep those already in, still in.

          Clearly I am missing the point here.


  79. 336
    Ah! Let 'em go says:

    A row has broken out over an NHS trust’s ‘nonsense’ advice on controversial homeopathic treatments.

    NHS Tayside has come under fire after telling patients the alternative remedies are ‘very safe’, ‘stimulate the body to heal itself’ and trigger improvements in the majority of cases.

    Doctors and politicians have previously slammed the availability of the treatments on the NHS – claiming the remedies are ‘scientifically implausible’ and ‘perform no better than placebos’.

    This is also the view of the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.

    However, the Scottish Government recently stated the therapies ‘may offer relief to some people’.


    • 346
      Doh says:

      The Scottish Government should have stated the therapies ‘may offer relief to some wallets’.


    • 375
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Ben. Franklin saw at once they were ‘very safe’ – especially compared with what a lot of medicine was like in his day – because they only contained distilled water or alcohol.
      They certainly fulfil the first rule of medicine – ‘Do no harm’.
      Stuff-all else, sadly. Ben saw that, too.


  80. 339
    Ah! now it's Miliband Phd. says:

    Britain is “sleepwalking” into a crisis in which people’s homes, businesses and livelihoods will be destroyed by more extreme weather events, Ed Miliband has warned.

    The Labour leader said “the science is clear” that climate change is to blame for floods that have swept across the country – and will lead to more such events.


    • 393
      Fly on the wall says:

      The only thing “clear” round here is that Millipede really is as thick as two short planks (with apologies to all things wooden). Did his mum drop him on his head when he was a baby?


  81. 341
    We don't want CUNTS like Barroso in out soveriegn country says:

    What’s my name, what’s my name…..


  82. 342
    David T says:

    Dodgy postal voting in Wythenshawe was a disgrace. There are some constituencies in other parts of the country too where it’s beyond a joke.

    How can I find out which wards had the most postal votes? Is there an official record?


    • 350
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      You can try the electoral commission reports, but Twitter / Wiki is a fairly good resource.

      On Twitter, Lord Ashcroft, and local news reports – need to go back through the timelines – often have the breakdowns captured on the day. May also find links to local newspapers which often report this information.

      If you have a genuine interest it is best to keep an eye on the elections / reporting as it happens and capture into your own spreadsheet. Not perfect for historical – but that can be backfilled using the above resources.


  83. 343
    altruism in industry says:

    I understand that to divorce in Scotland that you just need to put an ad in the newspaper 2 weeks running


    • 395
      Oldy but goldy says:

      A Texan walks into a lawyer’s office

      “I want ta git me a da-vorce.”

      “Do you have grounds ?”

      “I got me … a ranch.”

      “Hmm. Do you have a case ?”

      “I got me … a HOLD-all.”

      “I see. You want to instigate a suit ?”

      “I only wear… DEN-im.”

      A brief period of contemplation

      “Sir. I need a bit more from you than this. You need a good reason. Is your wife a nagger ?”

      “No sir, she ain’t no nagger, but the baby is – and that’s why ah want me a davorce”


  84. 344
    Silence of the Mongs says:

    ‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’ – Archbishop Desmond Tutu



    • 354
      A spade etc says:

      This guy isn’t a ‘neutral’.

      He’s a fully paid-up promoter of the murderous, dehumanizing, evil that is socialism.


  85. 347
    Silence of the Mongs says:

    ‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.’ – Archbishop Desmond Tutu



  86. 348
    altruism in industry says:

    Rise up, people of Ireland and Wales and England shrug off the parasitical Europeans. clear the decks for a future with people who are determined for success in industry and in creativity. If you see a person who is not Welsh or Irish or English then it is your duty to report them to the exportation department.


  87. 352
    Dave really should have resigned by now says:

    This is what the 1922 committee should be saying…


    • 356
      Joss Taskin says:

      Has he been reading from the Ukip manifesto then ?


      • 359
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        Here is Cameron’s 2013 Bloomberg Speech on Europe:


        Judge for yourself.


        • 361
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Thanks for that …

          There is another speech he delivered about the EU – which was actually written by some young bint. i do believe she included the words ‘Common Purpose’ in it and that Davey Crotchless doesn’t want to refer to that or his maiden speech in the garden at no 10 for some or other reasons … too.


        • 363
          Blowing Whistles says:

          As an afterthought – i have been thinking about the following for a while – would it not be prescient of many in the tory shires to look back at all of those who – were ‘pushing the boat out’ when they were convinced, manipulated, cajoled into voting for the moron to be their leader?

          i.e. Is there a sort of money / lobby trail / paper trail of who was really steering the rudder?


        • 366
          Nigel Mirage says:

          Here is me obfuscating as usual.


  88. 353
    Blowing Whistles says:

    i would have put in a few more comments today – but have had to deal with some deluded marxist communist bitch elsewhere – who has revealed her hand and her trickery.

    i read the book review btw in the 7 graph mag – very interesting indeed … of the zio nutjobs.


  89. 362
    altruism in industry says:

    if there is a finger or an arm or a leg that is diseased then you should chop it off so that it does not infect all of the body


  90. 364
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    It started in Kirkcaldy.


  91. 370
    altruism in industry says:

    I see that Breivik is moaning that his video games are childish, he should think himself lucky that they did not give him an Xbox


  92. 374
  93. 379
    The British media are cunts says:

    So Ed Milimong wants to stop climate change. Here’s a message to the British media, please ask how he intends to do this? Will he stop the sun shining, the Earth turning or orbiting?

    Will he stop volcanoes erupting, the rain falling? Is the rubber faced dickhead from Islington god?

    And what sort of climate does he want? What we had 100 years ago, 500, 5000, 50,000?

    Perhaps some others might want a different climate. Is Red Ed now speaking for the whole of humanity?

    Or is he just spouting shite? shite that any half decent hack could rip him apart over in seconds.


  94. 381
    76889 says:


  95. 382
    altruism in industry says:

    negative advertizing works what is that called ? is it some targeting at the opposition ? like if I say ” Muslim is a disease” would that be a successful statement as an advertizement ?


  96. 385
    muslim is a disease says:

    a friend of mine died and it set me off thinking, what is the purpose of living and what is the thing about dying. If somebody dies what happens ? well nothing for ever more and ever and ever happens for the dead person but what of the people who knew the dead person ? what do they think ? they think I knew a person and now he is a dead person. Why would somebody want to die and be thought of as an idiot ? why would somebody want that ?
    In all time judgement will be made by our offspring and the watchers.


  97. 399
    Franc Skynna says:

    Three mongs on TV
    Mrs T still dreaming
    13 years of Labour
    never stopped believing


  98. 401
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  99. 403
    Bernard Manning's Unwell says:

    So, right,
    a commie, a gay and a champagne socialist walk into a tv show …


  100. 405
    David Cameron, call me anything you like says:

    Is Dave going to fire Chris Smith, or is Cameron still owned by the gay n’once fraternity ?


  101. 412
    Mr Astronomer says:

    The meteorite quip – pure genius !


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