February 14th, 2014

Greens Want to Purge Government of Climate Change Sceptics

Loony lefty Green leader Natalie Bennett’s new 10 point policy plan for dealing with the floods is a blueprint for green totalitarianism, demanding a purge of government ministers and advisers who do not comply with the Party’s views on climate change. In order to “improve the UK’s flood resilience, and to address the underlying causes of flooding”, they want to:

“Get rid of any cabinet Ministers or senior governmental advisors who refuse to accept the scientific consensus on climate change or who won’t take the risks to the UK seriously.”

First they came for the climate change sceptics…

UPDATE: Watch Bennett’s interview with the BBC’s Ross Hawkins below:


  1. 1
    C.O.Jones says:

    That is democracy for you – remove dissent!


    • 3
      jgm2 says:

      If at first you don’t succeed


      • 31
        UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

        Sick mentally ill bigots?

        Thats the green(red)taliban for you, they hate dissent as much as they hate humanity and progress.

        The greens should make any decent persons skin crawl.


      • 63
        Kingbingo says:

        Good reminder on that video. The Greens advocate killing people (including children) who disagree with them. Its Soviet brutality without the competence to actually get it done.


        • 124
          Jimmy says:

          Anyone know where I can get one of those buttons?


          • Psychologist says:

            Just ask Miliband’s supporters for a spare unit. He and the other Marxists will have a pretty good system in place for violently eradicating anybody who fails to conform to their newspeak dogma.


          • Be honest, it's "James" really isn't it? says:

            I know you mean this as a joke, but be honest… deep down inside you really want to don’t you?


          • It started like this in 1930 Germany says:

            F*cking Fruitcake. Bloody good job they do not have access to guns or buttons…and yes Jimmy you and your kind are a fully signed up eco terrorist. Can we be equally intolerant and call for all you rabid dogs to be put down? Just askin, No Pressure


          • Jimmy says:

            Well you could but obviously it would be a radical change in tone for this site.


        • 138
          Cinna says:

          Why are we allowing these foreigners to try and tell the rest of us what to do?
          Fck off home!


          • NE Frontiersman says:

            As Robin Cook said of Portillo’s SAS rant,’ It must have sounded terrifying in German.’
            This lady doesn’t appear to be British; can anyone lead a party here nowadays?


          • c777 says:

            Loads of Australian climate looney’s came here after Abbot booted them out.


          • RichUpNorth says:

            Triple whammy! She’s Australian, ugly, and thick as pig shit! I’ll contribute to pay for a trip to Dignitas for her.


        • 154
          Observation says:

          So what is known about her background apart from the fact that she worked for the Guardian and the Bangkok Post?

          Here Wiki page seems a bit sparse.


        • 181
          Anonymous says:

          can she not be locked up under the mental health act.


    • 123
      Non conducive to the public good says:

      Deport her. Now.


    • 131
      natalie bennett green stained tampon says:

      Maybe we should have a purge of the green taliban?


    • 141
      Anon says:

      ‘kin eco-fascist!


    • 145
      Club of Rome says:

      Only 40 votes difference between the greens and the BNP. Says it all really.

      Mike Kane (Labour): 13,261
      John Bickley (UKIP): 4,301
      Reverend Daniel Critchlow (Conservatives): 3,479
      Mary Di Mauro (Lib Dem): 1,176
      Nigel Woodcock (Green Party): 748
      Eddy O’Sullivan (BNP): 708
      Captain Chaplington-Smythe (Monster Raving Loony): 288


    • 150

      That’s me f*cked. Which way to the Gulag?


    • 172
      Anonymous says:

      Who the fcuk does Natalie Bennett think she is ?

      She has no mandate, she has lost her deposit in local elections more times than she has lost her marbles and is a dangerous bigoted eco loon.

      She should be tied to a dredger and made to eat her own words.

      In terms of lunacy she has exceeded even cast iron with his delusions.

      Natalie Bennett is a swivel eyed eco loon.


    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      nazi bitch


  2. 2
    An Old Person says:

    The future’s shite, the future’s green…


    • 30
      RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

      Proud to be a global warming denier :)


      • 34
        C.O.Jones says:

        Well that’s bad news RomaBob, pity you didn’t watch jgm2’s vid above before making that statement.


      • 79
        walking into darkness says:

        Well said Roma Bob, it’s all a lie, I spoke to a former Labour minister at a party not all that long ago who admitted to me they knew global warming was a lie but they thought it makes politicians look good on tv. Admittedly he was smacked out of his head on coke at the time and I don’t mean the black stuff, but he went on the say the bigger the lie the more likely you are to get away with it, like any of us needed the dubious lecture.


  3. 4
  4. 5
    AnusButtocks says:

    In a 18 mummfs we are gonna have a marxist shitstain wot as never ad a real job runnin the nation on behalf is party’s core vote of professional benefits scroungers, public sector paper shufflers, and people who cant speak english innit



  5. 6
    British Bulldog says:

    There’s a clear scientific consensus that climate change is real, no problem with that.

    But I don’t see the point of energy taxes, rip off green schemes and more. With the rest of the world buying cars, building power stations and chopping down the rainforest, the token “eco” gestures achieve nothing except making the poor poorer.


    • 18
      Larry SilverStein says:

      The Greens will only be happy with a complete cessation of carbon emissions by 2035 ( i.e. Shut down the world as we know it.)


    • 54
      Joe Public says:

      “….climate change is real….”

      And remind us, for how many hundreds of thousands of years has the climate not been changing?


      • 57
        British Bulldog says:


        A little known fact: technically we’re still in an ice age (definition: when both polar caps have ice http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_age )


        • 85
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          Bit of 1st year geology (again)

          “During much of the most recent ice ages, from 1.8 million years ago, the sea level in the Severn Estuary was some 50 m (160 ft) below the current level and Flat Holm was joined to the Somerset coast as an extremity of the Mendip Hills. Sometime since the start of the Mesolithic period, 15,000 years ago, the ice sheets retreated, and the flat plains surrounding the river estuary flooded; the hilltops of Mendip Hills became the islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm.”


    • 89
      Spotty kid says:

      Time for your worming tablet BB. There is no scientific consensus regarding catastrophic anthropogenic global warming or climate change. No one denies that the world has warmed (a massive 0.67 degrees C in 150 years) or that the climate changes.


      • 196
        alexsandr says:

        go to Arran in scotland. look at the u shaped glaciated valleys. scotland used to be covered in ice (in fact most of England too) so there must have been global warming.
        then look at the west coast of arran and look at the raised beaches. caused by falling sea levels.
        stuff is changing all the time and anyone who reckons to know about geography/geology should know that. its GCSE stuff.


        • 206
          Derek says:

          The beaches are raised as much by isostatic uplift, where the land was pushed down by the weight of the ice cap, and is slowly recovering its original height.

          This is also a factor in ‘sea level rise’ in the South East, as the North West rises, the South East sinks.


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    If you think that sceptics are causing material damage to the UK and its population, seems a reasonable position.


    • 40

      If you know that Warmists have caused material damage to the Uk and it’s population by imposing fuel poverty, on the poorest, enriching the better-off with taxpayer’s money in subsidies for green policies at the home level, Making wealthy landowners wealthier by paying them for allowing uneconomic bird and bat-mincers on their land, making the flooding worse with lunatic decisions based wholly on bad science , making energy so expensive that our industrial base is moving elsewhere to countries where common-sense prevails. and that there has been no statistically significant rise in global temperature for 17 years and 5 months despite a significant rise in CO2 levels in that time. Ms. Bennett’s position is totally untenable.


    • 205
      NE Frontiersman says:

      Most of us aren’t Catholic; but although many of us might object if family planning policy and spending were largely in the hands of Catholics, it wouldn’t occur to most of us to ban them from highway design, insulation standards and banking policy, however passionately we felt about a woman’s right to choose.

      I agree with quite a bit of the green agenda, but this woman’s a totalitarian bigot.


  7. 8
    Lord Effingham says:

    The Green movement – where all the British and European communists went after the fall of the Soviet Union.


  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

    No different than calls to remove any Europhiles from the government.


  9. 10
    P l e b says:

    Well said Prince William. Get Pickles lugging sandbags – he could do with losing a few kilograms.


    • 55
      2112 says:

      Actually I think there would be more chance of Pickles actually doing that than a bunch of effete Guardian journalists.


  10. 11
    Politicians are useless says:


  11. 12
    Soaked Beaver says says:

    It’s the sun stupids – here cometh the ice man


  12. 13
    Al Gore says:

    As we have always said, climate change causes low pressure areas over Scotland.


  13. 14
    The last Bastion says:

    As was pointed out on “This Week” last night, people don’t think stopping climate change is possible, and would refere we spent the money on mitigating the effects.


  14. 15
    NotAGreen says:

    If greens want to make policy, they should stand for election
    …oh wait…


    • 164
      surlyscot says:

      send this fecking alien back to Oz where she belongs!! what the hell is an undesirable alien like her doing here anyway? there is enough Rentagreenies in the Uk!!
      Deport the Bitch – IMMEDIATELY


  15. 16
    Common sense says:

    It’s a good thing these green mongtards have no chance at all of ever being in power, isn’t it?


    • 35
      Common purpose says:

      Ah but we have so much influence; Al BBCjera, WWF, Greenpis, Met Office, UEA, EA, & many many charities. Those who don’t sign up can be easily coerced with your tax cash via the usual tax & subsidy levers.


    • 38
      Gay Dave the Windshill bumsex advocate says:

      Quote “we will be the greenest government ever”. Who says they are not in power already?


  16. 17
    Dogsled says:

    Nice to see that the BBC have got this at the head of their breaking news section. I mean the leader of a party who got 0.03% of the total vote at last nights by-election deserves a national platform on which to vent their lunacy.
    Much as I hate them maybe they should ask the slimeball Griffin for his views? I mean the racist scum party only got 40 less votes than the Green Communists.


    • 36
      bergen says:

      The BBC who brought the 28gate meeting of lobbyists and activists and tried to pretend that they were experts.

      Incidentally, now that the IPCC is downgrading its forecasts, the figures produced by the previously reviled sceptics of much less warming are looking more and more convincing even to officialdom.

      This 17 year pause in warming is causing the greens total hysteria because it wasn’t part of the plan.


  17. 19
    John Page says:

    And has the scientific consensus always been right in the past?

    Er, no. Phlogiston? Tectonic plates? Stomach ulcers?


    • 192
      dogsled says:

      There was a documentary awhile back on one of the Discovery Channels where it was mentioned that the two reasons that the Boeing SuperSonic Transport was binned back in the 70s, were the noise from the sonic booms and the effect the exhaust gases from ultra-fast and high flying passenger jets were going to have on the atmosphere.

      A climate ‘expert’ of the time claimed that they would burn off most of the ozone layer and led to massive amounts of skin cancer. So that was scientist actually saying that CO2 emissions were actually going to burn off some of the atmosphere rather than just clog it up.

      Just making it up as they go along, even then.


  18. 20
    Stupid woman says:

    Tell that Aussie to fuck off back home.


  19. 21
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    Is it just me or does the last couple of weeks remind anybody of the so called government under Jonah Brown??


  20. 22
    Yogurt weaver rebuttal squad says:

    The global warming scam has been a handy earner for Dave & Cleggies in laws and the broader green agenda is also subject to large scale manipulation for profiteering cronies. Be under no illusions, just because the brown shirts have been replaced with green or tie die these are not less dangerous than the last lot of fascists.
    Concern for the environment has been subverted by the green movement which will not be unhappy to reduce the ‘human contamination’ of our planet by a significant % – not including themselves of course.


  21. 23
    Fearful flood victims says:

    Vazoline will be arriving at flood stricken village to comfort residents as soon as the TV cameras and press are present.


  22. 24
    The British media are cunts says:

    What we need is a purge of the greens and loony lefties, especially the BBC.


  23. 25
    Hilda Photocopier says:

    “The Liberal Democrats lost their deposit for the eighth time in the 15 byelections in which the party has stood since 2010.”

    The beginning of the end for the enablers of the most reactionary right government in living memory, who to their everlasting shame facilitated the tories destruction of the NHS. Can’t come soon enough


    • 32
      Soaked Beaver says says:

      Drugs are bad m’kay


    • 37
      Twatwatch says:

      Didn’t the NHS kill quite a few of its patients under Labour? Mid-Staffs etc. ?

      Still, as long as the staff are getting paid…


    • 39
      Al Gore says:

      The Tories are shit but the NHS is being destroyed by its legions of fuckwit Common Purpose-trained managers, and it’s starved of money because so much of its budget goes towards generous pensions and PFI commitments incurred under Labour.


      • 48
        british jobs for British workers says:

        The NHS is being destroyed by the hordes of clinicians with ‘overseas degrees’ and the uncaring third world nurses they have employed instead of training and employing British people to work there.


        • 58
          jgm2 says:

          The third world nurses are the only ones doing any nursing. The latest crop of home-grown ones are to be found manning the ‘nursing station’. Too good to clean up any puke or shit. they’ve got a degree you see. Graduates. On the management ladder.

          Now fuck off and dr*i*nk the contents of the flower vase.


          • Sqeezing Pimples says:

            You talk shite. Nowhere in the Francis report was a mention made about drinking from vases. There are sinks between every two beds but you see the lie is still being trotted out by people. The fact that ward was filled with elderly dementia patients had everything to do with behaviour but only one extra death at Stafford was down to lack of care and vases had been banned from wards for many years so who is telling the truth. Francis had no mention of allegation of elderly drinking of water from a vase even when the person had ever chance to say it on oath.


          • Been There Dont That says:

            I spent much of last year in and out of South London hospitals for family reasons. A&E is almost entirely English staff and while slow and under-resourced, they’re obviously sharp people. Once you get into the wards, which is obviously where they cut most of the corners, it’s all foreign nurses who don’t seem very motivated (cheap agency staff?) and, yes, usually an English woman on the desk. I presume that’s because they need one person there who can speak good English because many of the nurses can’t.


    • 41
      Yogurt weaver rebuttal squad says:

      Must be global warming if you have found magic mushrooms in February…


    • 46
      Fubar Saunders says:

      Most reactionary right wing government in living memory?

      that must mean you’re still a foetus then. Plainly you’ve not lived very long….


  24. 26
    Tardkiller says:

    tis a maintenece problem. Norfolk told the EA to get stuffed and maintained its watercourses … and has not flooded.

    Statistically the rainfally is predictable and is NOT global warming/climate change



  25. 28
    Democracy Now says:

    The Greens have stood for election and been consistently rejected at the ballot box by the public. Anyone implementing Green Party policies without public consent is a subversive who is seeking to undermine our democracy: something which in IMHO should be considered to be a form of treason.


    • 70
      Caroline Lucozade says:

      The Greens still have one more MP than UKIP. So your post could have “UKIP” instead of “the Greens”/”Green Party” and it would be more accurate.


      • 105
        Gordon Bennett says:

        But being elected by a bunch of ecoloonies off their heads on weed and an excess of bumsex is hardly a recommendation is it?


        • 167
          Anonymous says:

          Indeed – UKIP can’t even achieve that.


          • Anonymous says:

            The difference is that UKIP regularly poll 20%+ in by-elections however the greens are about as popular as the B&P and always lose their deposits.

            The green party are eco warrier bum bandidts addicted to a diet of lentils, benefits, free council tax and mung beans with a special treat of poppers and old CND propaganda at the weekends.

            The eco loon greens fail spectacularly, except in a few loony hot spots of swivel eyed eco loonism like Brighton.


  26. 29
    Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury says:

    It’s true we have no actual evidence the floods were caused by a few parts-per-million CO2 in the atmosphere. There is plenty of evidence, however, that we are a vastly incompetent agency that spends most of its budget on staff pensions and very little on river maintenance. Indeed, it’s our policy to ensure the safety of molluscs, birds and rare plants as they’re far more important than people. This implies that we keep activity to a minimum as nature knows best!

    I have ensured I keep my personal activity to a minimum by working only 3 days a week, half of which I spend reading Dilbert and sitting on the loo. I get paid a paltry £100,000 a year for my trouble.

    If you want a decent agency looking after people and property, you’re going to need to give me at least £250k and a large stack of French porn, preferably mano-mano.


    • 74
      Gay Mafia says:

      Dear Lord Smith. Thanks for the £30,000 of taxpayers’ EA money that you gave us to support the Gay Pride march. We look forward to seeing you at the head of this year’s march as well.

      P.S. Have you finished the list of all your “friends” yet? We could really do with knowing how many you have personally infected with HIV.

      Love and kisses. And to Dave as well next time you “see” him.


  27. 43
    C.O.Jones says:

    A friend of mine has a lovely minimalist style eco friendly home in the countryside, absolutely idyllic.

    He was not very happy when I pointed out that the lounge had 700W of mood lighting in the ceiling (spots) and 500W in the kitchen.

    I kept quiet about his daily commute in his car to the station.

    Remember folks – talk the talk.


  28. 44
    Anonymous says:

    So no-one believes in climate change then.
    How come London got the Thames Flood Barrier?


  29. 45

    The most fanatical islamist nut case would admire the blind faith and zealotry of the global warming maniacs!


  30. 49
    chris says:

    I think it should be ‘MAN-MADE climate change sceptic, as I don’t think many believe that the climate doesn’t change – most know that climate change is an inevitable consequence of how the earth works – if we didn’t have climate change, this would be a dead planet.

    Disingenuously stating ‘Climate Change sceptic’ is where the problem lies for these slippery Eco-Nutters.


    • 78
      Does Faecal matter? says:

      The greens have to respond with hand wringing and name calling because the facts do not support catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise whilst for 17 to 21 years (depending on whose data set is used) temperatures have not. The Arctic is not ice free, snow is not a thing of the past and the glaciers are just mirroring local precipitation. Too hot too cold, too wet or too dry the weather is to be blamed on the habits of the masses. The solutions (haha) are deindustrialisation punitive taxation and the poor dying of fuel poverty. How the hell did this lot manage to infest the corridors of power – they used to be limited to proclaiming “the end is nigh” from between sandwich boards outside Sainsburys.
      Vote UKIP


  31. 59
    Long john Silver's parrot says:

    Over the years weather patterns change.

    You just have to live with it.

    Even Superman cannot stop the tide coming in.


  32. 60
    Winston says:

    Guido, you need to look closer to your media colleagues, who bar a few exceptions are all endorsing the Green communists rhetoric. They are using the bad weather to link it to climate change which is then linked to carbon admissions (but only those in the UK matter). All these links are unproven, especially the recent weather. Two years ago, we had drought conditions. However, the media repeatedly fails to acknowledge this.


    • 69
      2112 says:

      I would change your one sentence to “(but only those in the Western world matter).” Otherwise, agree with every word.


    • 113
      Gordon Bennett says:

      What’s a carbon admission? A ticket to get into a coal mine?


      • 148
        Black Jack Dromey says:

        I think it might be a high tech dildo.


      • 188
        Wycked Hors says:

        “In every 85,800 molecules of air, 33 are CO2. Of those, humans just produce one. That the UN IPCC and Al Gore claim that one (1) molecule of CO2 in 85,800 molecules of air catastrophically warms the planet is nonsense. That the UN IPCC and Al Gore claim that one (1) molecule of human CO2 causes catastrophic warming while the remaining 32 molecules of Nature’s identical CO2 do not is insanity. ” Hans Schreuder, retired analyst.


  33. 64
    Jimmy Young says:

    I hate Greens !


  34. 68
    Phil from Pentonville says:

    So our Kate has been humping sandbags now.

    That is more than that fat cnut Cameron ever did.


  35. 72
    Displaced Brummie says:

    I have a 1 Point Plan to deal with the Eco-Loons:-

    1) Do not vote Green Party. Ever.


  36. 82
    Anonymous says:

    Can we trade firing ministers denying climate change on the science for firing Green party MPs denying science on fracking? Would only take one sacrifice


  37. 84
    Sqeezing Pimples says:

    I’m going to burn off some waste oil just because man made global warming is a load of crap and a lie. Matches, old engine oil, rag and bin to burn it in. All set here goes.


  38. 93
    Nemesis says:

    Any Green MP should be sacked for ruining our landscape with obscene, useless wind turbines and by making us pay extra taxes for their stupidity. The Green Party is the haven for tree huggers, fracking protesters, out of work deadbeats and idiots who think this country can make one iota of difference to climate change. If these fucking clowns had employment they wouldn’t have the time for protests. They should all be made to live in tents on some barren island and work out how to feed themselves. A Party of loony Luddites.


  39. 97
    None so blind says:

    I don’t know why you keep putting that snowman pic up. Why don’t you put a picture of the Australian bushfires or the weather map with the two new colours they had to introduce because it was so hot?

    Here’s California in January:



    • 115
      Wait - what! says:

      Australian bushfires during an Australian Summer – what’s you point?


      • 143
        None so braindead says:

        The point is he is a true believer who believes any green shite he is given. Hence anything, anywhere, is attributable to global warming.


        • 151
          Yogurt weaver rebuttal squad says:

          “The point is, he is a true believer who believes any green shite he is given. Hence anything, anywhere, is attributable to global warming” – which in turn is caused by evil, hideously white western capitalists.


  40. 98
    Nemesis says:

    Oh and wouldn’t it be wonderful if this windy island of ours was turned into something like the Doldrums because of climate change. That would really make my day!


  41. 101
    Notice:Do not walk on the wing says:

    Mr. Cameron from a well wisher stop saying sorry just kick ass its what leaders do


  42. 107
    It's not CO2, it's the Sun stupid says:

    Three CMEs are due to hit the Earth tonight/tomorrow morning so this should spice the weather up a bit!


  43. 111
    Wounded Cadger says:

    So when this happened 250 years ago, it was green house gasses ….was it…climate change because of not being green…. was probably blamed on the Napoleonic Wars


  44. 112
    Libertie(s) says:

    Shooing is not an environmentally sensible way to get rid of them …theres lead in those bullets you knwo


  45. 117
    Get real folks says:

    She’s mad and dangerous. Remember all that good work that Stalin did to get rid of the counter revolutionaries?

    Vote, or speak up against the Greens – get a bullet in the back of the neck.


  46. 120
    GlisteningLabia says:

    none of this would’ve happened if everyone would listen to Harriet Harpoon, and have every single company & cabinet office & school board headed up by a woman and 50% staffed by women!!


  47. 121
    Kim Jong-Un says:

    I run North Korea in the same fashion.

    Everybody agrees with the consensus as dictated by me, or you lose your job, family, career, life etc etc.


  48. 122
  49. 125
    altruism in industry says:

    whether there is climate change is irrelevant, I would like to live in a green and pleasant land and not a shit hole


  50. 126
    ilma630 says:

    If there is a “sick joke” as Bennett says, it is her as the one who said it. We haven’t fought wars for our democracy and freedom to be dictated to by fanatics like her. And will someone please explain to her that there is no ‘concensus'; it doesn’t exist, but is a figment of her warped imagination.


  51. 128
    Pitkapoika says:

    Climate change has been in progress for millions of years. It is a daily occurrence.
    The effect of humans trying to change, alter, or arrest the process is akin to a mosquito trying to get blood out of an elephant. Been a jolly wheeze for the scientific bods though, who will follow a research grant like a greyhound after a rabbit, and will produce results, conclusions, ifs buts and maybes, to suit all tastes and popular standpoints ad infinitum. ( with acknowledgement to David Attenborough for the numerous zoological references).


  52. 132
    Torquemada Redux says:

    Bring back the Inquisition! Burn all the heretics! Er…on second thoughts, compost all the heretics!


  53. 133
    Rob says:

    Britain’s embryonic version of the Khymer Rouge wants dissident opinion purged from Government, eh? Let’s instead purge them from government and State funded media.


  54. 134
    Cinna says:

    Shit for brains.


  55. 137
    Kim Il-Sung-Green says:

    Feed them to the dogs!


  56. 139
    Waffen-Greenpissgruppe says:

    Natalie is right! We are going storm Owen Patterson, swing from from him and plant a banner on his head.


  57. 144

    Quite the persuasive charmer isn’t she ?

    Given a platform by the BBC even though she’s never won a public election

    just wonderful


  58. 146

    Perhaps Nutalie should eat a sandbag full of sand. Not a lie innit.


  59. 147
    EyeSee says:

    We already have legislation to deal with people like her though. They are ‘enemies of the state’ as her utopia is a Marxist controlled country in which she has a berth in the elite section. Thus dodging what she implements. Fancy people being allowed to think what they like! I mean, when you have a clear and apparent scam running, you need some protection. The consensus she and Robert Winston on QT last night refer to, is some zealots and some fund seeking scientists of low or no morals and a huge number of anti-capitalist activists. Any debate involving a proper scientific method they lose, hence not ever having one and wanting anyone close to government who objects to totalitarianism to be purged.


  60. 149
    Dr Evil says:

    This woman is deranged. Even the IPCC acknowledges that there has been no global warming for 17 years. Also there is little point the UK or EU doing much when India, China and the USA continue to pump ot huge amounts of carbon dioxide…………..so why has global warming stopped? Could it be that there is no link? the most important greenhouse ‘gas’ in the atmosphere is water vapour. CO2 is still what’s called a trace gas. Does this hary not care about plants~? It’s a major plant nutrient! She plantist.


  61. 153
    Stupid woman says:

    No dissent in Government…where do you this is,.Stormont?


  62. 155
    lloydJ says:

    Start the fires, the previous time that 95% of scientists agreed, sceptics were called witches and burt alive or drowned.
    Their crime was declaring that the world was not flat.

    Question, how much money could have been directed at protecting us against the consequences of climate change (which nobody can argue does not happen) if we stopped this assumption that the small carbon dioxide change in the atmosphere was due to man-made (notice not women-made) action?


  63. 156
    Doubtful Stan says:

    Did the greens come from Mars?


  64. 157
    Sunny Jim says:

    Far better to purge the Greens


  65. 158
    Anonymous says:

    Get rid of the eco-loons. They are costing us a fortune and are just a bunch of sad old trots.


  66. 159
    The Boy Plunger says:

    Sir Stuart Rose, don’t we all love him.

    Just landed a job at the NHS.

    Nice one Stuart.


  67. 160
    Truthteller says:

    Will no one rid me of this turbulent loon?


  68. 161
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Lynton Crosby needs to lock Dave and co. in a room until they can recite these facts in their sleep.

    1. Little furry animals don’t vote but angry farmers/residents do.

    2. Motorists vastly outnumber cyclists.

    3. Electricity & gas bill payers vastly outnumber eco-loons in Islington.

    4. Tony Abbott just won a landslide in the Aussie general election against the eco-loony Labour party.


  69. 162
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    I can’t understand all these eco-loons like Cameron,Clegg,Milliband,Lucas,Prince Charles,Moonbat etc. opposing independence for Scotland.

    They should be supporting it.

    Let the jocks own all that nasty, smelly, polluting oil & gas. We can run everything with windmills & solar panels.

    That’ll teach the jock twats for Bannockburn :-)


  70. 163
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Only 3 men had any knowledge of what is going on in the history of climate/weather.

    1. Milankovic – Astronomer who showed the correlation of the ice ages/warm periods with the cycles of orbital dynamics of the earth-moon-sun system (i.e. variations in the earth’s axial tilt and its precession every 26000 years and the longer term precession of the earth’s elliptical orbit.)

    2. Maunder – solar astronomer who noted the correlation of the little ice age in the 17th century with the complete lack of sunspots during the period. The so called Maunder minimum.

    3. Lorentz – mathematical physicist who showed that the equations used by weather forecasters to model the weather are chaotic, meaning that a infinitesimal error in the initial conditions mean that no model no matter how powerful the computer its run on or how accurately you measure the initial conditions (pressure,temperature etc.) can predict the weather with any accuracy beyond about 14 days.


  71. 165
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Sea levels have been much higher (previous warm periods) and much lower (ice ages) in the geological past when humans were far fewer in number than today or didn’t even exist.

    As i keep saying to the eco-loons, what caused all the extremes of weather, as recorded by the ancient Chinese,Romans,Egyptians,Myans etc; when the worlds population was a fraction of what it is today and no fossil fuels were being burned?

    40 years ago the eco-loons were predicting another ice age after a few cold snowy winters in the 70s.

    20 years ago they were predicting that we would become like the Sahara desert after a few dry hot summers in the late 80s/early 90s.

    Can their oh so brilliantly successful computer model tell us what next summer/winter will bring?


  72. 166
    oioi says:


    • 197
      Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

      Looks like one of Taliban For London’s dodgy minicab fleet.
      Shoot the driver as there’s another planeload on it’s way to keep taxi driver’s wages down.


  73. 169
    green people are sentencing 30,000 people to death this winter says:

    I think the boys and girls at the CPS should forget all about sex, sharpen their pencils and get these Green people arrested.


  74. 173
  75. 178
    Ed the singing oyster says:

    This green lady will soon be advocating that only 3 farts per person, per day, is to be allowed, and that anyone found in breach of this edict will face immediate rectum occlusion.


  76. 183
    quelle surprise says:

    Calling Natalie Bennett a loonie lefty is very very unfair to loonie lefties. She’s soooo loony she wants to have an opinion on stuff but has zero knowledge of anything at all othet than how to get herself publicity. Why does she even get BBC publicitly when her party has no MPs of any note (or rather, no MPs in possession of common sense) and runs the nuttiest local council ever headed by a man named after confectionery?


  77. 186
    The Boggin Green Tùurd says:

    Can you smell the Bullshit Miss Direction?


  78. 187
    Nick Bogginson's Same Auld Tricks. says:

    The BBC has practically sunk every penny of licence fee payers money in Green investment. They will never admit it is WRONG in anyway whatsoever.


  79. 189
    David B says:

    Be afraid be very afraid the thought police are out there and they are coming for you if you disagree with them


  80. 190
    Anonymous says:

    A (false) mildly aggressive orchestrated interview to push an agenda!

    See through it!!

    Wake up plebs!!!


  81. 191
    Anonymous says:

    A (false) mildly aggressive orchestrated interview to push an agenda!

    See through it!!


  82. 193
    Not innocent face says:

    The fascist Left declares fatwah on thought crimes


  83. 194
    Precariat says:

    How about taking the Children away from them too love?. You Eco-Nazi.


  84. 199
    Penfold says:

    Perhaps we ought to purge Natalie Bennett and all the other Climate Change scamsters…….
    Always two sides to a purge or razzia…..;-)


  85. 202

    The ecolunacy is a massive disinformation operation reminiscent of the the type of thing the soviets used to get up to with the help of ‘ useful idiots ‘ in the west .
    Cui bono ? The communist Chinese are impervious to all the infantile bleatings of the bunny huggers, they are building hundreds of coal fired power stations every year while the idiotic Western governments are adopting every nonsensical ‘ green ‘ initiative the ecolunatics dream up , making industry western uncompetetive in the world markets .


  86. 203
    Left a comment says:

    These green zealots are mad and the trouble is they are winning the argument by telling lies, manipulating the truth and if anyone hasn’t noticed just lately, using a softly, softly approach where they don’t totally disagree with you but excuse their past lies and exaggerations as well meaning but misguided enthusiasm for their cause.


  87. 213
    Steve P says:

    She is however correct that ACTION is what is needed.

    Not to change CO2 emissions – horse bolted and we are too small to matter.

    But responding to risk of rougher weather IS sensible WHATEVER THE CAUSE.

    It is often possible to reach a consensus on WHAT should be done so long as you do not insist that people agree WHY.


    • 214
      The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

      The problem is Steve P, that the people who will actually solve the problems are the engineers not the Eco-nutters like the woman in the video. She does not know what is involved in reducing carbon and she has not accepted that the answers she would like such as solar panels, wind turbines, biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps don’t bloody work well enough to meet the demand of an ever energy hungry population. Does she not realise the size of the problem? She should go right to the cause of the problem…over population of the planet. But will she raise that issue. Not on your Nelly. She is as gutless as she is stupid.


  88. 216
    Ex-Labour says:

    The lefty nutters fucking flooded the Somerset Levels on purpose.

    How convenient for their lies about AGW. Cos they do really think the masses are stupid.


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