February 12th, 2014

Mitchell ‘Did Call Officers F**king Plebs’

Just when you thought it was over, one of the Plebgate cops has this morning given an interview to the Times insisting Mitchell did call officers “f**king plebs”. Ian Richardson was the first person to speak to the officer who claims Mitchell used the word:

“I said ‘Write that down and ring the skipper because you just threatened to arrest the Chief Whip in Downing Street — there’s likely to be some problems’.”

Which was prescient, to say the least…

Richardson blames the Police Federation for using the Downing Street policemen’s story for their own political ends and the bent cop who wrote up a false witness account, saying that despite all this the original account is correct. This might be closer to the truth than a lot of what else has been written about Plebgate…


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    Jabba Le Chat says:

    Rings true, especially as Mitchell has always come across as an arrogant little prick…


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with you.


      • 8
        Norfolk's Finest says:

        As insults go, ‘pleb’ barely registers. I really don’t understand the hoohah about this. So a government minister got grumpy with a jobs worth. Big ****ing deal. Talk about massive overreaction from both the police and the media. The fact that the policeman threatened to arrest a Minister of the Crown (i.e. someone who, in years gone by, he would have deferred to as a matter of course) should be the issue at question here, not the grumpiness of Mitchell.

        It’s pretty clear that, no matter what Mitchell did or did not say, these particular policemen seem to believe themselves to be better than anyone else. And, as all sorts of scandals have made clear, that is not the case.


        • 11
          Skeleton Bob says:

          Police officers are liars. End of.


        • 75
          thostids says:

          I entirely agree. What is this objection to the term ” Pleb”? It is a very mild, non-smutty, name for a member of the great unwashed. The Hoi Polloi. It may suggest that the user of the term has a Public School education, which is not, yet, a criminal offence. As for “f*ck” one might be unlikely to hear it used on the News channels but it is common currency. The issue that led to Mitchell’s rustication was the false evidence given by the Police Officer who is now in jug.


        • 151
          Anonymous says:

          Spot on, their degree of self importance in this situation is fecking unbelievable. I still think he was set up to be honest.


        • 155
          Tom says:

          Michell’s a classic gobsite and I’d wager if you saw a kid behaving like that you’d want Officer Dibble to clip his ear.
          Michell is older, should know better – certainly to the point of understanding that if you piss chaps off day after day there’ll come a point when they get even.


      • 112
        CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        These are the same Police that spend their time strutting around in their Robbo Cop uniforms armed to the teeth skulking behind the Dpwning Street railings.
        If they are such sensitive souls may I suggest that they transfer to less arduous duties such as helping old ladies across the street ,because clearly if they are upset about a mild insult without being able to laugh it off, when confronted by a real criminal they would probably dissolve in floods of tears demanding counselling and sick leave ,not to mention the compensation .


    • 15
      Someone old enough to know better. says:

      What are you saying? That the police and politicians are out and out liars?

      I think I need to lie down.


    • 25
      Mandy says:

      He probably said “plod” not “pleb”. Like that time I definitely called someone a “chump”


      • 37
        Whiffler says:

        And this plod is not a witness to Pleb being used, only its reported use.

        Good of this guy to go public after 17 months. Fcuking Plod. Oh – and The Times £


        • 73
          Just Asking. says:

          Does he believe he is in the Navy?
          Personally I do not believe any of these people.
          “Plod” does sound more sound than “pleb” – perhaps it was a combination of Mitchell’s accent and police hearing?


        • 100
          Anonymous says:

          If he’s serving he’d be crucified for talking to the papers.


        • 105
          IFA says:

          Probably waited 17 months until he’d retired and secured his indexed linked pension for the next 40+ years.


          • Anonymous says:

            Average age of death for retired UK policeman – 71. Average retirement age – 55. Don’t get me wrong, the pension is great but the life expectancy isn’t.


        • 115
          Hell for Leather says:

          It’s irrelevant now whether the term “pleb” was used.

          The police response has been far worse than any behaviour one would associate with that word — not just common and vulgar, but corrupt.

          Police credibility is shot to such an extent that Richardson’s comments at this stage aren’t worth reporting, let alone taking seriously.


    • 42
      Jeremiah says:

      Looks like rather a big one to me. All he had to say, was what did he say, he resolutely refused to say during all the time of the hallaboo when the brown stuff hit the fan. If he did say the f and p word and it comes out it will be far, far worse for him, still he he has Dave’s full backing, watch your back Dave. From memory, I am sure on this blog, Mitch had had a lunch and accessories at a club before going to Downing Street for the cabinet meeting.


    • 58
      F*****g plebs have shot yet another innocent says:

      Much of the police’s version of events and statements have been proved to be falsified. In any other case they would have not been classed as a credible witness and their testimony thrown out. The Police are proven liars. The question is why the once great Times would print such drivel and why so long after the event.


      • 91
        Anonymous says:

        Ok Dave, we know you’re best mates with Andy….


      • 119
        PJ says:

        The question is why the once great Times would print such drivel and why so long after the event….

        It wouldn’t be to try and help their mates in The Sun in a libel action would it?


    • 121
      school for Scoundrels says:

      I’m not sure anyone has mentioned threatening to arrest Mitchell before..


    • 122
      Eddy Balls says:

      Still hearsay and did not hear the offending word himself. I believe Mitchell before the lying fuzz.


    • 125
      A member of the public says:

      It doesn’t matter as the police evidence has been thoroughly tainted by the shenanigans of one of their number.


    • 141
      Dougie says:

      So, more hearsay. Move along, nothing to see …


    • 153
      Reggie Reader says:

      He’s quite tall, actually, I think.


    • 154
      Right of Centre says:

      I believe that Mr Mitchell thinks highly of you too!


    • 156
      ancientpopeye says:

      But the lying officer is still in post? Not resigned or investigated?


  2. 2
    Jonny says:

    Mitchell is a fucking fringed twat


    • 13
      Skeleton Bob says:

      He may very well be but that doesn’t mean that the word of any police officer is any more believable than a politician.


      • 46
        Jeremiah says:

        Sometimes in a statement they do not always write down exactly what has been said, audio statement recordings should be taken as well as written staements, then there is no arguement on what has been or not been said


      • 52
        PDubya says:

        So Richardson,on hearsay from the gate keeper, suggests he writes down the argument. I would not think that would prove much.
        Let’s say hypothetically that the gate keeper, in a fit of pique, said to his mate “Mitchell called me a fxxking pleb” and having said it he could not very well retract without calling himself a liar could he?
        If the veracity of the Downing street plod is as credible as the Police federation witnesses at the select committee hearing I would be inclined to support Mitchell’s take on it.


        • 57
          Twampersand says:

          Police and politicians are all worthless, incompetant, lying scum. I don’t care which one loses their job.


          • Prince Rupert says:

            The three Police Federation chaps in the Midlands were caught out fibbing when Mitchell taped their conversation, they lied, no if and no buts. The plod outside the gate also lied, and has been given a spell in prison for this. So, who do you believe, as this is not a case of one person saying one thing and the other saying something else, this is the case of the police accusing a man of something and now four of the police involved have been proved beyond doubt to have lied. The obvious conclusion is that the police are telling lies again. They cannot be trusted on this, which is a worry as they are being trusted to guard No 10.


      • 80
        Just Saying. says:

        Especially politically motivated policemen.
        Yesterday on radio 4 we had a “past” senior cyber policemen berate the current government on not protecting children on Facebook and other social media. He conveniently forgot the last government’s Ministers’ could not even use a computer let alone a smart phone and did not fund the police to address this issue.
        Police and BBC political? Never!


    • 128
      wotchoo on abaht says:


      is that a lefty-retard euphemism for something?


  3. 3
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    I see it is still the Su Burrows show on the news. No coverage of Milliband getting his marching orders from the Reading Mp which was much more fun.


  4. 4
    lojolondon says:

    Which Mitchell specifically denies. He said, she said. Where to now? If a Labour MP was involved this would have died 18 months ago.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Ian Richardson insists Mitchell did call officers “f**king plebs.” Except he admits he NEVER heard him say the words.


    • 16
      Mr Reasonable says:

      Just waterboard Richardson and the other plod for a week or two, pull out their teeth and fingernails, apply a red hot iron to their genitals. They’ll tell us what really transpired.

      Then shoot them.


    • 18
      ɐılɐɹʇsn∀ ɯoɹɟ ǝʇɐW ɹnoʎ says:

      My mate down the pub told me so!


    • 21
      Weygand says:

      Exactly, he is simply reporting what he was told not what he heard.

      This does not ‘prove’ one claim or the other.


      • 44
        Doggie Fashion says:

        Correct. I think that Toby Rowland, a bored Policeman, had a very, very small altercation with a politician and decided to embellish it, so that the ‘fucking pleb, phrase was invented at the outset. There is something about Richardson’s statement that just doesn’t ring true ‘Write that down and ring the skipper because you just threatened to arrest the Chief Whip in Downing Street’, seriously would he have said Chief Whip, I think not.


    • 103
      Let Him Have It says:

      Loitering with intent to help the police with their inquiries.


    • 120
      PJ says:

      Didn’t the official police log say that passers by were visibly shocked by the altercation?

      So if this is true (and the CCTV recording clearly faulty) then Richardson must have heard it.


  6. 14
    Jingle bells says:

    Right or wrong who cares, the idea was they get rid of Mitchell as he was getting up the slippery pole to fast for others, it worked, nothing to see here, please walk along.


  7. 17
    BC says:

    Who really cares ? Mitchell is just one more self important p***k.

    The country is daily falling apart at the seams, being led by the proverbial donkey’s of the public sector.


    • 55
      Jeremiah says:

      Who leads the donkeys in the public sector, why Cameron, Milliband, Clegg and Farage & Co of course, their role is to go to the troubled washouts and sagely shake their heads, yes they will provide funding, yes they will get the armed forces out (or what’s left of them), but most importantly have the photo op showing how concerned they are, then try to shift the blame to onto each other.


    • 79
      Hello, hello says:

      Because he lost his job – even self important pr===ks , even those that write to blogs – are entitled to fair treatment.


      • 88
        thostids says:

        Is that “fair” as in a politician’s vacuous speeches which means nothing, but makes the listener feel happy because they can agree to the proposal and imagine everyone gets everything that they wish for. Or is it “fair” as in a skilled, non-partisan tribunal who will dispense equity and Justice fearlessly and without prejudice?
        Or what the media dish out with no regard to accuracy?


      • 104
        The Electorate says:

        It is not his job. It is our job.


    • 129
      CB says:

      I really care. Not for or because of Mitchell, but because the police lied.

      When plod think they can do this to anyone, let alone a member of a government, then we are in deep shit.

      The fact you don’t realise this means you should not be entitled to vote.


  8. 20
    Bean counter says:

    Will HS2 or H2O ending up costing us all the most?


  9. 22
    Paul Collins says:

    Trying to use ‘hearsay’ and a made up statement to prove Mitchell called officers ‘plebs’ hasn’t worked.

    I’m sure words were said between the ex Minister and the Police officers, but it really is time to drop it. The Police have come out of this looking very bad. They dug themselves into a hole using a false statement. Its time to stop digging.


  10. 27
    Too fast? says:

    I’ve never understood the problem here.

    Taken as a group, they ARE plebs.


  11. 29
    Lord Bumwatch says:

    He admitted swearing didn’t he – for that he should be guilty!


    • 36
      C.O.Jones says:

      Hold on, we heard Miliband swear on a photoshoot yesterday!


      • 71
        Jeremiah says:

        OK Jonesy next time you are out on the town with the lads, just go up to a policeman and swear at him, you should be given warning to desist, if you keeping swearing at him you will be charged, cuffed and thrown in the police daft bus out collecting drunks.


  12. 31
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    This is probably the truest account yet. The officer at the gate did immediately speak to other officers after the incident. The findings by CPS acknowledge this and infer that other ‘witnesses’ muddied the water. The off duty officer who fabricated evidence of being at the scene has been dealt with at court. I would like to know who was the ‘member of public’ that falsely claimed to have recorded/filmed the incindent in an attempt to help out Mr Mitchel.



  13. 32
    a non says:

    How to Play Chinese Whispers!

    The point of this game is not to have a winner, but a good laugh.


  14. 33
    G says:

    So how many lies didnt the police tell about a certain incident at a football ground involving liverpool fans?


  15. 35
    Centre Parting says:

    Sinkhole on the M2 – is it Chris Smith?


  16. 38
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ian Richardson did not hear the conversation, he is just repeating heresay. Move along.


    • 95
      David S says:

      That’s true, but what he does do is corroberate the fact that the officer who allegedly heard the word “pleb” (Rowland) reported it to his colleagues immediately at the time of the incident.

      That increases the likelihood that Rowland genuinely believed he heard that word. The alternative hypothesis is that, on Mitchell having sworn at him, Rowland immediately decided to embellish what had been said.

      Both are possible, but on balance the former seems more likely. However, since there are no independent witnesses, it is impossible to prove either way, and will remain so.

      I think Mitchell was a fool to sue The Sun for libel. He will have to prove on the balance of probabilities that he did not use the word. He may well be unable to do this.

      Then again, Rowland has sued Mitchell. The same difficulty applies in reverse, although I think Rowland has slightly better chances of success than Mitchell.

      Both would be well advised to settle the proceedings and get on with their lives.


      • 106
        On the fence says:

        17 months later, I don’t think his alleged ‘corrobration’ takes this matter very much further forward either way.


      • 132
        CB says:

        One liar lying about another liar who lied originally does not corrobate a fucking thing.


      • 143
        Anonymous says:

        Agree with moving on but Mitchell could have sued for peace long ago. He chose not to. I strongly suspect that the trials will show if it was a conspiracy it was concocted in seconds by Rowlands assisted by people with whom he had no contact and using a word he had never used or heard of before. As such Rowlands will make a credible witness and the conspiracy allegation thin at best. The Rowlands data trawl will show an absence of contact with others and an absence of use of the word before he was alleged to have heard it from mitchell. This is a killer piece of evidence and one on which the cps no doubt relied as well as the unseen video. If Mitchell loses to the Sun he will have no choice but to settle with Rowlands and he’d be wise to do so. This probably explains why Liberty are trying to stay the action from rowlands .

        I expect the investigating officer to feature heavily in the trials.


  17. 39
    Worried says:

    What’s that imbecile Osborne up to now? He’s been far too quiet, you know, like when a child is up to something he shouldn’t be…


    • 65
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Osborne is readying his pre-election budget of March 2015 in which he denounces man-made climate change as a massive socialist tax fraud and that he is abolishing all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas, thus leading the Tories to the biggest landslide victory in history on May 7th.


      • 86
        Jeremiah says:

        Tha cracking up lad, ” he is abolishing all taxes on petrol,electricity and gas” highly doubtful those are the Cons favourite taxes duty and VAT, why, even Guido has been known to have sung the praises of VAT, it could be that Gideon may raise VAT to 221/2% he would be daft to do so but…..


  18. 40
    SNAFU says:

    Its strange it has come out now, taken the Plebs/Plods this amount of time to come up with a new story. Also what is all this rubbish about “threatening to arrest” this is new one Sounds like Bernard Useless-Howe is writing the script.


    • 107
      The Scriptwriter's Union says:

      Is he allowed to do that?


    • 113
      Corner of The Yard says:

      We plods tend to get into all sorts of trouble by leaking information to the press. If nothing else, Rowland and Richardson have displayed a better sense of self preservation than a certain number of their colleagues. Until now. I suspect Richardson may yet end up in the brown stuff for speaking to the Times. And that’s where Mitchell has the advantage. He can lie as loudly as he likes to whomsoever he likes.


  19. 45
    Laid Back Observer says:

    Of course he did. It’s what he does…


  20. 47

    It woz the butler wot did it.


  21. 48
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    “Money is no object”.


    “We are all in this together” .


  22. 50
    The public says:

    No surprise on that. The word “pleb” is not now in common useage and only someone of Mitchell’s age and education would be inclined to use it.


    • 92
      Jeremiah says:

      That could quite possibily be true, it is trying to say I am a patrician and you are low life. It is interesting that one Julius Caesar was a member of the Plebeian Party, a much more successful general and commander than Mitchell was.


  23. 53
    Ace Ventura says:

    This saga has been one gigantic waste of money and a massive pit of vengeful balderdash. Here’s the thing, why would two police officers lie about what Mitchell said? How were they to know that their logs would be leaked and used by others for political gains. So they added in a single word to their logs on the off chance someone higher up would read it, leak it, and make a massive story out of it?

    They’d risk their jobs and reputation to get a Tory whip sacked?


    The most telling incident was when Portillo admitted that Mitchell used the word ‘pleb’ in private. He then retracted it the next day, knowing that he made a big mistake by telling the truth. God forbid.

    Mitchell, you have wasted so much money, so much time and effort and the public still don’t care about you.

    Give up. You pleb.


    • 72
      Hello, hello says:

      What you are missing is the absence of any corroborating (independent) witnesses. That the word “pleb” was entered in the log does not make it fact .There are lots of words people use in private but that does not mean that use them in other circumstances.

      At the moment he is “alleged” to have used the word and so it will remain until tested in caught of law or an admission.

      One day you maybe pleased that it requires evidence to prove someone’s guilt – not just the word of a police officer


      • 93
        Jeremiah says:

        Mitch does not consider himself of the common man, he considers himself as a Patrician.


        • 142
          PDubya says:

          How the fxxk can you say what he considers himself to be?.
          You are a left wing penishead and I’m guessing here, possibly related to the same Jones gene slime that Owen crawled out of, and I claim my £5.00


      • 101
        Ace Ventura says:

        Of course he allegedly said it. We will never truly know if he did or not. Who cares?

        But you’re missing the point. The idea that the coppers added the word ‘pleb’ into their logs because they had the incredible foresight to see the chain of that would lead to Mitchell’s sacking is a nonsense.

        They somehow knew it would get leaked by the powers that be?

        They knew how the Police Fed would act?

        They knew that some random officer would email in?

        The knew how the media would latch on to the word pleb?

        All to get rid of some Tory whip?

        No chance.

        You talk about courts of law, evidence and guilt.

        I didn’t know Mitchell was accused of murder. When is his court appearance?

        He’s on a rampage and it’s cost this country far too much money pandering to his whim.


    • 74
      Twampersand says:

      ‘Why would two Police Officers lie….’

      1. Force of habit
      2. Class Spite
      3. It’s in their DNA
      4. Once he’d uttered the lie, he couldn’t retract
      5. They’re bastards
      6. The truth is what say/wish/hope it is
      7. The Gov had just announced Police manpower and overtime cuts
      8. They are arrogant pricks who think that they should be obeyed, instead of the law

      I’ve got more if you want them.


      • 90
        Tony Bliar -Head Honch and Wendi House Lover says:

        I politicized the police under my namesake, who is now a Lord.
        I learnt a lot from comrade Stalin even though I am not a true Socialist.
        Comrade Brown tried to carry on my task but failed to convert the military.


      • 108
        thostids says:

        The central question which keeps being asked and not answered is why should a group of coppers, with a cushy job, derive the idea to bring down the Chief Whip?
        One can anticipate, perhaps, a collusion to fit-up a token Asian Officer who was unpopular and dishonest. But Mitchell could hardly be considered as a target of opportunity. There must have been some really-senior Officer input. Especially after the primary allegations were gaining traction. AND what political input from whom that intensified an utterly pointless complaint about Mitchell’s use of a schoolboy’s insult to an unnecessary, officious interference with him. It certainly suited Cameron to have Mitchell removed and a willing chum put into his place. Nothing is mono-causal, but somebody engineered this and there are senior Police Officers and murky politicos smirking at a job well done. I did think that it was very brave of the Copper with nearly 30 years of pensionable service just chucking it down the pan to provide dishonest evidence to back up the story. Still, there might be something useful he could be found when he comes out. There was a vacancy in the Met Strategic Riot Reserve?


  24. 68
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Hearsay evidence is not admissible in court, especially from lying corrupt coppers !


    • 98
      David S says:

      Actually, hearsay evidence is generally admissible in civil proceedings.

      In any event, the relevance of Richardson’s evidence is his direct (i.e. not hearsay) evidence of what Rowland said to him at the time. That evidence (if true) shows that Rowland’s account that Mitchell had used the word “pleb” was his immediate account at the time of the incident. That is relevant to the credibility of Rowland’s evidence.


  25. 78
    Anonymous says:

    To get to the bottom of all this, we could stick with casting Runes or reading the entrails of disembowelled herbivores. But as this is allegedly the twenty first century. Why not shove the lot of them into an MRi scanner, and view brain activity under questioning? Making up answers requires a massive increase in activity in relation to simple memory recall.


  26. 85
    Mad Woman On A Bus says:

    I love this blog. The comments are even funnier than the stories!


  27. 89
    Displaced Brummie says:

    You hear this kind of thing a lot from the police.

    “Yeah, well, ‘e was guilty as sin. Well, as guilty as we could fit ‘im up to be! So, ‘e might not ‘ave really, actually called us f**king plebs, but we all knoo that was wot ‘e was really thinkin’! Bloody Tory!”


  28. 99
    Oink says:

    They would say that. The police are still political campaigners, working collectively to keep their hands in everyone else’s pockets.


  29. 102
    UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

    Of course he called those coppers “plebs”, its clear that this ruling class hold us common people in complete sneering contempt.

    Mitchell is in with the in crowd, one of the special self anointed elite and they really do view us a feudal baron saw his serfs.


    • 110
      Twampersand says:

      Please do not conflate the ‘common people’, as you call them, with the militarised, politicised thugs that today pass as police constables and officers.

      The days of the police being civilians, and civilians being police, as Peel himself insisted upon when he formed the ‘Bobbies’, are, sadly, very long gone.


      • 116
        Corner of The Yard says:

        You seem to be very familiar with the police service. Had many dealings with us then? I have a mind to deploy some of my paramilitary chums to spin your drum!


    • 117
      Displaced Brummie says:

      Could “ow-born, undistinguished, vulgar,” describe our police officers? Or only those willing to try to fit people up for politician gain?

      If the police don’t want to be mistaken for plebs, best not act like plebs, yes?


  30. 114
    thostids says:

    Unfortunately, twampers, you are judging the General Countrywide Constabulary by the standards all to often prevalent with The Met’.
    Today, if there is a complaint of domestic violence at the same time as a report of a murder, then the priority requires the domestic incident is attended first!
    The Police Force is being used as yet another tool for social Engineering rather than the ordinary maintenance of common law and Order.
    Just as the Fire Brigade is now the Fire Protection and Rescue Service, so our Trenchardian Police Force is now the Police Service and will become “An Executive. Agency of the Department of Social Services.


    • 138
      Twampersand says:

      I am familiar with both types of constabulary and the Met appears to be the example to be followed, a testing ground for legalised law-breaking, thuggery, murder, indolence, graft and social engineering, amongst other things.

      If you are ever in trouble, avoid the Police at all costs.


  31. 123
    Marty DiBirgi says:

    Trouble is, Plod has completely undermined any trust in anything any of them say as a result of this issue and other recent shenanigans.


  32. 124
    Rattyman says:

    Funny that despite the officer who was called a pleb stating clearly in his version of events that people in the street nearby heard events and were visibly shocked – this second police officer who was standing closer than the public heard none of it…


  33. 127
    Crassus says:

    I never did and still do not believe a fucking word of any Plod account on this matter.

    It is a typical lefty’s steroptype of what a “toff” would say – it’s a pedestrian revolutionary’s wet dream.



    • 134
      Displaced Brummie says:

      There was a case when a well-known actor was arrested by the police some years ago.

      They tried to fit him up by claiming that he was shouting at them using what amounted to catchphrases from his hit comedy TV show, in which he played a effeminate nancyboy.

      The police had, according to the court, mistaken his TV role for what his real persona would be like. In fact he had married twice and had several children.

      They lied about him, just as they lied about Andrew Mitchell.

      And yes, all Tories call people “Plebs” attended Eton and so on and so forth.


  34. 130
    PC49 says:

    Dog ate my notebook


  35. 139
    Check Facts First says:

    Slight flaw in this officer`s account. There were no grounds for an arrest under s5 POA as a heavily armed officer in one of the most secure streets in London could hardly be put at alarm or distress by a middle aged man pushing his cycle and wearing cycle clips. Which is why we had the creation of the mythical crowd outside Downing Street. Tell one porkie and then you have to tell another and then the credibility of what originally happened comes crashing down around your ears. I predict The Sun will settled quietly out of court and the Police Federation will not back the proposed libel action against Mr Mitchell.


  36. 144
    nick says:

    We don’t know whether Mitchell called the cops plebs or not. But I agree with him. wankers might be closer.


  37. 146
    Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance that the same scriptwriting team worked on Hillsborough and Plodgate?


  38. 149
    Ian Brealey says:

    I guess we all, even Guido, hope to find there is after all one cop telling 15% of the truth about this saga out there. Mitchell admits ause and of course he could have said plebs. Odd though that Labour and the Fed had a go before at pinning plebs on a minister in April 2011 (Mirror 30 April 2011). That story though ran into the Royal Wedding and Death of Osama. My money is still on there being an inspirational copy of Michael Dobbs House of Cards in the DPG restroom. The unique phrasing of some of the “toxic phrases” and how to create a political scandal template is to be found in there. The serialisation can be found on Youtube. FU was played appropriately enough by Ian Richardson and of course the judge in the Wallis trial was named Mr Justice Sweeney. The Sweeney was another cop drama. Turning to the real life House of Cards the CCTV shows this Ian Richardson was OUTSIDE the gates was he not? He walks smartly over to what Police describe as the only possible witness to anything Mitchell might have said the guy in the white shoes. Yes the one real witness who looks awfully like an off duty cop. Still some twists to the plebgate saga to come methinks.


  39. 150
    Ian Brealey says:

    Richardson describes walking over AFTER hearing Rowland warn so that, rather unhelpfully to Rowland, places the action as Mitchell describes it as he is getting off his bicycle and passes Rowland.


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