February 12th, 2014

Farage Does Drugs


“Last week, Nick Clegg returned from a trip to South America. Goodness knows what he smoked out there, because he actually made a couple of smart points. First, the so-called War on Drugs isn’t working. Second, we should appoint a royal commission to look into the alternatives. The fact is our current approach to drugs is neither practical nor effective. I strongly believe in promoting individual freedom – but I also strongly believe in reducing the public harm caused by drugs. As a parent as much as a politician, I say we have to accept that current policy has not achieved the reductions in crime or consumption that we’d hoped for. I know he slagged me off in this newspaper yesterday, but on this one I agree with Nick.”

Finally a politician with an interesting line


  1. 1
    Death comes to us all says:

    Tony Benn is said to be seriously ill in hospital. If he goes, I hope some of you show some class and decorum and not rejoice over his death. Whatever you think of his politics, show a bit of respect.


    • 4
      fabians are EVIL says:

      No we will not rejoice like the left did with Thatcher – we will thank him for helping to keep Labour out of power


      • 12
        Anonymous says:


      • 109
        BarryW says:

        and for shutting down so many coal mines


        • 177
          Smart Arse says:

          Just for the record, BarryW, Harold Wilson closed more mines than Margaret Thatcher ever did, and also stopped milk supplies to pupils but we wouldn’t want these FACTS to be let out, would we?


          • catweazle666 says:

            “Harold Wilson closed more mines than Margaret Thatcher ever did”.

            Yes, around 3 times as many and his Minister for Energy at the time who was responsible for the actual closures was Comrade Viscount Sir Anthony Wedgwood Benn Bart.

            Funny how the Lefties invariably gloss over that inconvenient fact, isn’t it?


      • 183
        DavidG says:

        And did you think the behaviour on Thatcher’s death was dignified or reflected well on those doing it? If not, look in a mirror; you are no better.


    • 5
      A true libertarian says:

      nice to see Nigel talking some sense on this. Aside from his libertarian perspective, it is clear the War on Drugs as ‘fought’ since Nixon has been an abject failure. People want to get high, so why leave it in the hands of the criminals and leave the failure cost for society to pick up. How many dead bodies on our streets and more seriously in central and southern america.

      hopefully he will also stop demanding state intervention in flooded areas and leave people to fend for themselves, which is surely also the position of the true libertarian.


      • 13
        Uh-huh. says:

        I believe one or two of the people in the flooded areas may have paid something called, er, what’s its name? Tax! Yes, that’s it. Tax. Some of which, they may have foolishly presumed, would be spent, oh, I don’t know.. dredging rivers and stuff. Perhaps also get the EA out to help deal with, you know, the water?

        Silly them, really.


        • 33
          A true libertarian says:

          but surely when we abolish tax and the state they will have to fend for themselves?

          may as well get used to it now, at least Nige could be honest with them.


          • The Sông Cái Valley says:

            Even if there were no state, the farmers and residents would have to act together collectively to manage the water system, through some sort of shared labour or insurance scheme. People contributing would obviously expect value for money and for everyone to be pulling their weight, including the people they pay to manage and maintain the process.


          • A true libertarian says:

            some kind of collectivism eh


          • Liberty does not mean tax free says:

            Not figured out the difference between anarchy and liberty yet?


        • 172
          Anonymous says:

          In East Anglia farmers pay the EA £1.20/acre for land drainage annually. How the EA can face the rural community I cant imagine.


      • 15
        Dave find unlimited money for the most expensive waterside homes in the UK says:

        Compared to recent floods in York, Tewkesbury and the East coast tidal surge. The limited number of Thames waterside properties is very small, so little wonder Dave can issue a blank cheque.

        But should the taxpayer really be bailing out the likes od George Michael, Paul Daniels and Brucie?


      • 20
        Dave find unlimited money for the most expensive waterside homes in the UK says:

        Compared to recent floods in York, Tewkesbury and the East coast tidal surge. The limited number of Thames waterside properties is very small, so little wonder Dave can issue a blank cheque.

        But should the taxpayer really be bailing out the likes of George Michael, P@ul Daniels and Brucie?


        • 50
          Hint says:

          There isn’t any new money – it’s a scam.


          • Caius Julius Sneezer says:

            The bit of York the Romans built on doesn’t flood. It’s the stuff that’s been built more recently that does.


          • simon say's Gordon done it all says:

            Have you not heard of Quantatative easing the Govenor will just print some moor.
            I know the pound has halved against some currencies like with China but I saved the .
            and it was not all caused by me


      • 46
        Mr Ned online says:

        A true Libertarian chooses whether to help others or not. They do nothave a default position of leaving them to suffer.

        So long as their a billions of pounds in the state budget, (and there is) then some of that money targetted towards buying Ferraris for corrupt leaders in Bongo bongo land, should be redirected to help people suffering here.

        Going forward, people should be aware that they should be much more responsible for the consequences of their own decisions. If you buy a house on a flood-plain, do not be surprised when your house is flooded, or if you buy a house because of the lovely view from your living room of the river at the end of your garden, do not blame everyone else when that river is IN your living room.

        People should understand and accept risk and responsibility of their own decisions.


        • 89
          Does the phrase "flood plain" tell you something? says:

          Jeez, some common sense for a change.
          Look at the Somerset Levels on Streetmap. The rivers are generally higher
          than the land (which shrinks whan it’s drained). No amount of dredging would have stopped the flooding that they have now (and the storm currently raging will only make things worse).

          And there’s going to be “a month’s rain by Friday”…


        • 92
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

          Exactly, they should expect to pay a higher premium to insure their house/valuables.


          • Twampersand says:

            Their houses will be uninsurable.

            A lot of shit is talked about ‘building houses on flood plains’. Obviously it’s stupid, and it has very rarely happened in the UK.

            What has happened is that houses which are not build on flood plains have become vulnerable to flooding due to the corruption, ineptitude and downright laziness of the EA in particular and the Gov in general.

            50 million quid a day to the EU. Build a lot of dykes for a couple of weeks worth.


      • 151
        altruism in industry says:

        If you live in a town and there are potholes in the road outside your house you don’t expect to have to pay for its resurfacing


    • 8
      Westminster says:

      We are going to ban smoking tobacco in cars.


    • 36
      The British media are cunts says:

      Fuck Tony Benn, the left showed Maggie no respect especially the human piss at the BBC.


    • 43
      UKIP or bust says:

      Trouble is, Post No1, I’ve been on this site long enough to know that lefties like to use, what they like to think are, Tory/toff type names to post their feeble ironic smeers.

      They are more than likely to do the same if/when the old commie kicks the buket.


    • 45
      Mitch says:

      “If he goes..” Why – does Benn have some magical left-wing immortality?

      What he certainly had was a gift for being totally and utterly wrong on many subjects, the impact of which caused significant harm to this country.

      I respect the man for his conviction, and I agree with him on some things, and I certainly won’t rejoice when he dies. But he was still wrong.


      • 61
        Hah! says:

        Friend of the IRA, Tony Benn?
        That one?


      • 71
        Death comes to us all says:

        “If he goes..” Why – does Benn have some magical left-wing immortality?

        It’s pretty obvious from the context that it referred to him going or not going in the immediate period of him being in hospital.


    • 69
      Nigel Nigel Nigel says:

      He is dead now according to reports on local radio.


    • 78
      Ah! said that says:

      At the top of the last thread, but less loquaciously. ;)


    • 101
      Kim Jung-un says:

      My sincere condolences to his dynasty


    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      Tony Benn is a cultured and educated, conscientious politician, whose like hasn’t been seen for many years. I wouldn’t say I agreed with him, but I’m really sorry to hear he’s ill. It’s only now I’ve matured somewhat that I can look back and see the contributions that people like he and Michael Foot actually made, by comparison with today’s shallow numpties.


      • 138
        Twampersand says:

        Yup, Michael Foot was a political and intellectual colossus. If only he’d been PM. Or King. Of the world.

        Muppets like Benn and Foot made Labour unelectable, with crackpot, traitorous and utterly useless policies and ideology.


    • 126
      Huw Kares says:

      Fuck off lefty, no libertarian rejoices in anyone’s death, that is purely a reaction of the Hating Left.


    • 134
      Truthteller says:



    • 140
      Chummiebum says:

      Tony Benn may well be a hard-line leftie, but he has at least ONE redeeming feature, not shared by his compatriots – he is a PATRIOT. He rejects our membership of the dreaded EU.!


    • 158
      constituency trainbound says:

      keen mind spoilt by a faux socialist sneer


    • 173
      shit4brainslefties says:

      actually, righties don’t gloat about death because they aren’t stupid like lefties.


    • 176
      Anonymous says:

      quite right. bit of dignity required. no ding dong the wizard is dead


    • 180
      catweazle666 says:

      Like the Left did when Baroness Margaret Thatcher died, you mean?

      But hey, “THAT’S DIFFERENT”, yeah?


  2. 2
    fabians are EVIL says:

    Oh god Cleggie has spotted another Tax opportunity


    • 52
      walking into darkness says:

      except the dealers will still be black market and their dear will be cheaper than the legalised stuff. Only reason the so called war on drugs has failed is because the police are totally bent, it’s pretty obvious who dealers are, don’t exactly need to be Hercule to work it out that all sides are on the fiddle.


      • 115
        Twampersand says:

        Right guv, so that’s 4 kilos for the evidence log, 1 kilo for you and 1 for the lads and meself.

        And there was only 200 quid in cash, honest.


    • 72
      Jeremiah says:

      Why not tax cannabis and make it legal but impose the same law as drunk driving if they are incapable behind the wheel, ground them, just think of the revenue, it would free the cops up to catch other miscreants. I have never been inclined to take canabis the smell of the stuff puts me off. The most used drug is alcohol, it’s known what happens if it is abused for a length of time but HMG make loads of money in duty and Vat from alcohol and tobacco


      • 160
        constituency trainbound says:

        the Americans have chosen the most pragmatic solution and created a controlled supply network of medical prescribed cannabis products and are now moving to use that controlled network to extend to public consumption.

        the realities of particuarly cannabis are not going away and might as well be legitimised and taxed.


  3. 3
    This Charming Man says:

    A scathing review of singer Morrissey’s recent autobiography has won an award presented annually to “the writer of the angriest, funniest, most trenchant book review” of the past 12 months. AA Gill’s Sunday Times review was named Hatchet Job of the Year for saying the memoir was “utterly devoid of insight, warmth, wisdom or likeability”. The book, he said, exhibited “vanity, self-pity and logorrhoeic dullness”.


  4. 6
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    The EU will never allow it.


  5. 7
    Steve Miliband says:

    Can you smoke a spliff in a car with children while doing 100mph in an urban area under UKIP policies? Answers on a fag packet


  6. 9
    Pass the bong Nigel says:

    Excellent, he’s a liberal at heart.


  7. 10
    Mad Woman On A Bus says:

    How the hell we’ll have a look at “alternatives” in any sensible way beats me. The government can’t even deal with electronic-cigarettes in a sensible way, despite these helping hundreds of thousands of people to move away from tobacco. How will they deal with the crack problem?


  8. 11
    Anonymous says:

    We have a degree of institutionalised surveillance that passeth all understanding. Particularly if it can’t be used to address this problem. By identifying and intercepting the profits which power this threat to civilisation


  9. 22
    A Labour supporting 'Smoker' says:

    Why shud I go to work when I can sit at home all day and learn to play the Sitar?


  10. 24
    Bewildebeest says:

    Yet again – a misleading headline and a misleading picture.
    You hacks really don’t understand honesty and integrity do you ?
    Farage probably has grounds for legal action.


  11. 26
    carlo gambino says:


    The quote war on drugs quote isn’t working quote so of course any alternative must by definition work much better (psst that’s not how the world works).

    This country can’t cope with alcohol how tf will it cope with bogof rocks of crack cocaine piled floor to ceiling in Tesco.

    Oh wait – I forgot – drugs would only be sold under the most exacting of regimes – the ‘if anyone wants some they can turn up and have some’ regime.

    Get caught with a Class A drug you’ll be unlucky to come away with worse than a caution. Get caught with cannabis and you don’t even get a caution. News just in, drug use has already been decriminalised.

    And for those drug users that weep crocodile tears about the criminality behind their habit, you could always, you know, just not take them.

    Try real life – I know you have to make that bit more of an effort, but it’s worth it.

    And as for heroin addicts being kept useless for life on methadone – f. me – two weeks cold turkey gets rid of that habit.


  12. 26

    Photo in the Mail of Chris Smith with his arm outstretched and index finger extended.


    Environment Agency chairman Lord Smith visited the Somerset Levels on Friday, when he pointed out where all the water was
    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :roll: :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D


  13. 29
    Spartacus says:

    Biggest load of defeatist claptrap I have heard since that hopeless socialist Ainsworth said he favored legalizing cannabis.

    Cannabis is the street money for the Mafia and organized crime. It is the open door to crack cocaine prostitution burglaries and untold misery and ruined lives.

    The war on drugs is winnable.

    Possession of cannabis should carry a mandatory six month suspended criminal sentence.

    A second strike and you go direct to the slammer (hopefully a prison ship on the North Sea )with no early release .


    • 117
      JH322049234-05324 says:

      I drink. That is legal. I do not however feel the need to suddenly distil my own alcohol and inject it.

      Legalising dope removes the profit for criminals, and will probably not make that much difference to actual consumption levels.


    • 133
      Marcus Licinius Crassus says:

      If it was legalised and not taxed, there would be no market for criminals to exploit. We should be free to grow it ourselves.


  14. 35
    just trying to help says:

    Any conviction for illegal drug use should automatically ban a person from public office or employment for ten years.

    This would have an immediate effect without increasing the prison population.


  15. 38
    Midnight Toker says:

    Nigel’s talking sensimilla for once.

    No wonder UKIP are high in the polls.


  16. 48
    Jack says:

    Seriously though

    Can you imagine legalised white stuff in H of C? The Government

    They are appalling enough as they are

    But do we really want thousands of Paul Flowers?


  17. 51
    Persona non grata says:

    Was the Swiss immigration vote a watershed moment? Norway may be about to offer a vote on immigrant numbers, and there seems to be siren calls across Europe for a say also.



    • 65
      JH322049234-05324 says:

      Does the left really think that the most highly developed human civilisations of Earth will quietly and willingly self destruct in order that said lefties get to feel well of themselves (while residing in lily-white areas)?

      Do they really?

      They’d better understand that things like this are better done by vote now than a violent revolution later on, in which they may well find themselves the first against the wall.


  18. 53
    Jack says:

    Seriously though

    Do we really want to legalise the white stuff?

    It is bad eniugh already

    Can you imagine being governed by thousands of coke heads?


  19. 55
    Brown Command to Danny Boy via Broadsword says:

    We have secured the extremely important site of Eton College against flooding, er that’s it really! Over.


  20. 58
    Anonymous says:

    News just in…GDP revised up to 3.4% for 2014


  21. 59
    Anonymous says:

    News just in…RED weather warning issued for the UK (gusts of +100mph!)


  22. 74
    Hah! says:

    Do you think it even dawned in gormless Ed yesterday, as he stood in flooded roads, that ditching common sense in favour of trendy environmental global warming crap has delivered a massive failure in preparedness for heavy rains in winter..and that he is very responsible.


  23. 76
    Using someone's illness to promote himself says:


  24. 80
    John Prescott says:

    Sorry for all the wind battering Britain. I had fifteen chicken vindaloos last night.


  25. 91
    Ganja Styl says:

    Nice to see Nigel reaching out to the Jamaican immigrant and student populations


    • 105
      He's not one of those Cynical politicians says:

      Except. He’s a Libertarian and does not need to do the cynical reaching out that the LibLabCon do.


  26. 93
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    Interesting line? Guido hyperbole as per usual.


  27. 102
    Mayor Boris of Gotham City says:

    Ban smoking ciggies

    And legalise smoking crack

    Bloody brilliant


  28. 113
    Just an idea says:

    Hanging a few drug dealers on lampposts might have some effect.


  29. 127
    Vinny says:

    Taxing something is never a solution.

    If you tax legalised drugs in any way, you merely perpetuate the price differential that enables criminals to create an alternative market, and you are right back where you started.

    Tax is a left-wing solution and it is a stupid one.


  30. 135
    Cameron's snake says:

    Guido Fawkes’s Blog.

    A blog fit for Smackheads.


  31. 156

    Don’t Bogart that Joint Nigel…………..

    Vote UKIP, dopey!


    • 170
      reggae spliffing the blues says:

      you couldn’t bogart that mini whiff sunny jim … an original bob marley eight skinner is what you’re needing


  32. 171
    nithman says:

    A misleading headline.


  33. 174
    Truth on drugs says:

    He-ro-in is shite. C*ke is shite. Speed is shite. Too much alcohol is shite. Tobacco is shite. Ekstasy helps ptsd & cancer victims but not for everyone. H@sh helps in various medicinal ways but is a demotivator & harsh on the lungs. LSD is mental. Everything is else is shite. Even aspirin can give you ulcers.

    So on that truthful criteria surely a policy on drugs can be figured out.


  34. 184
    dr river says:

    agreed he must be on something.

    we live in one of the least free countries in the west.

    cctv cameras on every corner.

    innocent people dragged to court for made up offences 40 years ago.

    its a joke.


  35. 185
    The Shivering Sands ghosts of Radio City says:

    We old pirates will never forgive Sir Ben Stansgate Wedgewood and half Marx Harold for persecuting us and getting us closed down.


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