February 11th, 2014

WATCH: Hammond Confronted by Angry Flood Victim


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    Tooth fairy says:

    That lady should be Environment Minister.


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      Cheshire Cat says:


      Today the BBC, Lefty Comedians, the EU, The Guardian & the Socialist Worker Launched Flood Disaster Appeal to help fellow British citizens suffering from unmitigated disaster……………….various showbiz personalities…….yeah right


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        nackered of neston says:

        send the lolly to cheshire – mr cat – and for heaven’s sake try to keep a straight face

        these are serious hand-out times


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        Ah! I've got it says:

        A WET FEET DAY.


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        SPaD says:

        Ole King Cameron should take a leaf out of Prez Obamas book. He helicoptered in to the NW states disaster just days before the election & hey presto! swung it by making some vacuous speech….then did nothing.

        Cameron is doing a GW after the New Orleans/Louisiana flood disaster…..


    • 12
      mrs mopp says:

      inside my hi-vis coat!


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      She loves the attention tbh says:

      Why haven’t they slept for 4 weeks when Berkshire only flooded a few days ago?


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      Pope Francis says:

      A classic example of the disconnect between politicians, the public sector and the needs of the public, they are supposed to serve, now in the UK. Over the last 30 years their pay and pensions have gone up astronomically while at the same time their services and dedication to the public have massively declined, There is no better example than this of how these supposed elites now serve just themselves, not us. Self serving parasites!


    • 17
      dai swinging says:

      one of the (several) funny aspects of FLOODGATE is that it has hit swing-voter land – the politicoes can’t put a foot wrong but can’t see where they stand


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        F**k the LibLabCon says:


      • 198
        Marlow resident says:

        Fine by me. We have no flooding. We used to, because they held the water back to prevent London from flooding. But they built the Jubilee river and the flooding’s moved downstream a bit. But London, which let’s face it RULES, is currently OK. I’d be delighted to see the Thames barrier fail.


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      At last Someone who knows what they are doing. says:

      Bloody Hell.

      They should put that woman in charge.


    • 91
      All in one boat says:

      Hammond handled that completely wrong.

      Instead of pretending Gold Command and Cobra know what they are doing (how can they?) he should have fessed up and put her on the payroll for the duration.

      It’s bleeding obvious that locals will have a better handle on their own situation and instead of rushing about like blue arsed flies it is common sense to work with the locals and not against them.


      • 103
        Joe says:

        They always think they know what’s best, that’s the problem.


      • 159
        Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Isn’t that what he said? That the locals know more than the police and army? And it wasn’t his fault Gold Command wasn’t communicating with her, either.

        I thought he was really trying to understand her and act on what she said.


        • 230
          Jim says:

          Me too.
          But I think it was also set up by the Media, they appeared to know her and what she was going to say. They were hoping to take the story further like they did with Pickles.


          • Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

            And he got it right in the end – unlike Pickles. Prime Minister material.


      • 188
        Shoot the cunts says:

        “Gold Command”?

        A few clueless wankers talking bollocks to each other and fuck the British people.


        • 203
          seriously? says:

          Haven’t they got some Brazilian illegals to double-tap?


        • 227
          Lord Stansted says:

          Why do they use these fucking stupid names? They are like a bunch of kids playing in the school yard. Gold command? More like golden shower for the lot of them. Of course we would have to remove the LibDems first – they might enjoy it


    • 130
      Democracy Now says:

      Hammond should leave public life. We don’t need lazy, patronising gits like him any more.


    • 161
      Jeremiah says:

      How true, maybe she is not in the right party, all this has shown that the government just couldn’t run a pissup in a brewery. It has been flooded for 5/6 weeks and only in the past 11/2 weeks have the politicos appeared for the usual photo op and slowly started to do something, it would appear that they are trying to crisis manage now from a distance, which as the good lady says is useless, so much so she has been acting as co-ordinator telling the coppers where they are wanted. The floods are creeping closer to Londonistan watch how fast they move when their and their buddies comfort zone might be affected. How high has the Thames got to rise to overflow the embankment at high tide?


    • 186
      Dave says:

      Calm Down Dear.


    • 226
      broderick crawford says:



    • 228
      broderick crawford says:






    • 236
      The voice says:

      She should be at home tidying up and perhaps cooking a meal and doing the ironing for her family


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    CBE, Can’t be everywhere.

    Silly woman, Wraysbury is just one of a huge number of places effected around the country.


    • 31
      Fish says:

      She has been on Sky, losing it every hour, for the last 24 hours


      • 98
        If shegets elected she will be another Nadine says:

        Is it her bad week ?


      • 167
        Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

        I think what she shows, is that the Govt are now throwing resources at the situation so that they can say they are doing something, but what she is saying is that whatever they say, they aren’t providing what her community needs right at this moment.


      • 237
        The voice says:

        And on the subject of Sky why send Burley there, she’s a complete cold fish and a renowned bitch…hardly what was needed especially when they have so many hot cuteys in their stable.


    • 158
      Stiff upper lip says:

      The rolling news people always,seek out the loudmouths and hysterical types-meanwhile the majority are getting on with coping with a mostly natural disaster.


    • 168
      Jeremiah says:

      But where is CBE?


    • 201
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      I thought that Hammond handled the situation very well ,He listened and then
      gave the lady the assistance that she required .


  3. 3
    walking into darkness says:

    Just a thought, but why don’t we build some reservoirs along the route of the Thames, jobs and flood protection and maybe no stupid hosepipe ban in the summer


    • 89
      It's raining, raining in my heart says:

      Land mmm, price of land for a reservoir and how much can be got if the land was sold as housing, the water companies are great landowners how many reservoirs did they close and use electric pumps to move the water around .


    • 93
      john in cheshire says:

      Because the EU won’t permit it. See the Christopher Booker article in the Telegraph from 2012, entitled ‘Keeping the Country short of water is now government and EU policy’.


      And I believe this stems from the UN Agenda 21. The people who are perpetrating this flooding outrage are following a plan which was laid down decades ago, with the connivance of all major political parties in our country. The preponderance of quangos is not accidental, it is a deliberate policy to ensure that there’s always someone else to blame (other than the politicians) when the consequences of this evil become apparent to ordinary citizens of our country. If we don’t rigorously oppose what is being done to us, then things like this flooding will happen more often and with equally dire results.


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    A She wasn’t that angry

    B He dealt with it well


    • 29
      Whiffler says:

      Bang on.

      Good luck to the local lass, she has obviously been working long & hard for her community and it’s unsurprising that request was for ‘the army’, then ‘just six’, then ‘fifty’.

      Same location they are asking for sandbags, then saying the water is coming up through their drains.

      Hammond was most impressive of politicians so far, but then again he’s local and has a lot of manpower. He’s also watched the vids of how not to do it.

      Where are all the job seekers ?


    • 42
      Bewildebeest says:

      Ah yes but then Guido’s headline wouldn’t fit the reality…oh hang on…
      Why do journalists have this inability to understand and relay the truth ?


      • 61
        Corrie-and-Tits-watcher says:

        I wonder whether Gheedough’s gonna take the hints and stop claiming the online Sun costs £1 per month next time


    • 114


      What agenda is being followed here?


  5. 5
    The Minister of Defence says:

    Where is the Army when I need it?

    Or the Diplomatic Protection Plod?

    They all seem to have gone AWOL…


  6. 6
    poumista says:

    Lets cut more from the Flood defence budget, and let nature take its course.


    • 191
      Jeremiah says:

      I suppose that you mean cut it in the rest of the UK but increase it for Londonistan ?


      • 205
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        Why do you appear to hate London so much ?


        • 234
          Jeremiah says:

          Because the most has been spent in London eg Thames Barrier for one the only trouble with that the water is going the other way. I live 160 miles away from Londonistan, why do you hate socialists, a bit like the rabit right kettle calling the looney left black


  7. 7
    Angry citizen says:

    Given that we are in the Katrina Syndrome

    She is doing the only thing she can…

    Organising her community

    Good for her

    Shame on the useless government and local authorities


    • 37
      Fish says:

      Shame on the useless government and local authorities


      Why? They haven’t made it stop raining?


      • 64
        Member for Windsor says:

        There are millions of local authority workers, councillors emergency service workers etc

        Why can’t they help people and organise this all on the ground?

        Other countries can and do

        I have never seen so many headless chickens running around Britain

        And such little organisaion


        • 142
          Fish says:

          I doubt very much that you have seen any headless chickens…apart from those in the media (particularly the BBC) rushing round inventing their own take on things, misreporting and omitting to mention what is being done. The media have their own self interest in deconstructing things and selling us stories of chaos.

          There is one exception, I grant you. The EA and Lord Smith in particular…who by my reckoning have taken five different positions on dredging since this time last year.


        • 152
          Union official says:

          ‘cos we’ll put a stop to it, that’s why


      • 138
        Taxpayer says:

        But they have been useless.

        Sack ‘em.


      • 145
        Village Idiot says:

        …How is all the manpower that is clearing all drains,all ditches and clearing water digging channels,the ones not underwater,but have been neglected for some unknown reason(EA pension pot?),all town and country drains many of which seem blocked up should be cleared as a matter of course! Laying sandbags in an efficient way seems to be lacking,there is a skill in it that no amount of Degrees and Phd’s can be useful for!….The Quangcrats must be brought to heel,they are such a waste of money,where only vested interests seem to matter!..It is criminal,it is fraud,it is incompetence,it is neglect which has cost a fortune!


  8. 9
    Green Dee says:

    New, from the makers of Omnishambles and National Buffoon’s Petrol Panic, it’s:

    National Buffoon’s Flood Fiasco

    In an abandoned High Street near you, NOW


  9. 10
    altruism in industry says:

    I neknominate Pickles to eat a whole giraffe


  10. 11
    What's In A Name says:

    As soon as you hear a phrase like “Gold Command” you just know it is crap and it will not be a good outcome.

    Phil might just as well get indoors and put his feet up with a cup of tea!


  11. 13
    peterthe painter says:

    Brilliant lady.


    • 22
      She loves the attention tbh says:

      The way she’s talking makes me suspect she isn’t just an interested resident. She seems to be a local agency employee?


      • 112
        Airey Belvoir says:

        If she can swing a few more gobby media appearances she will be moving up into MBE territory.


      • 144
        Taxpayer says:

        Whoever she is, she is clearly better than the twat she is talking to.


      • 242
        Glenn says:

        She was in tears on Sky News yesterday talking to Lorna Dunkerley, begging the government for help. That is why Sky got her to talk to Hammond.

        As an aside I thought he was great. A politician who actually wanted to do something rather than just get his face on the telly. Judging by the follow up reports it worked too.


  12. 16
    Col. Nut says:

    The government have known about sink estates for years.


  13. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Only 40 houses have been flooded in the flood plain that is Somerset. Village near me had more than that flooded in 2012. Didn’t see an MP, SKt TV or the Daily mail then.


    • 38
      i don't need no doctor says:

      They must have had another story to stir the shit.


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      What about the businesses, the productive farmland, the cattle and sheep (food producers, supplying local butchers etc). There is a knock on effect, transport, food supply, getting to from work. This is now affecting a large part of the UK and your comment is childish.


  14. 19
    Ah! History will record says:

    The Dutch had one lad, one finger. Success.

    The EA had eleven thousand employees, forty-four thousand fingers.


  15. 23
    Cross Party Ineptitute and Corruption says:

    Gold Command!!!!!!

    Bloody good job it is just a biblical flood and not Putin unleashing his nuclear arsenal…….can you imagine!!!


    • 88
      Bronze Commander says:

      We are real and present I will have you know

      We are organising the evacuation of the Coalition to higher ground

      We dont want them Cobraed do we?


    • 109
      Fancy names for incompetent overambitious fools says:

      Gold Command ? I hope thats better than Silver command as I seem to remember them being frozen by indecision which led to the death of an unfortunate Brazilian on he underground.


    • 147
      Gordon Brown says:

      I sold the gold.


  16. 26
    i don't need no doctor says:

    That lady is frustrated and tired having done her best for her community. How sad that Sky and the BBC keep winding her up, and set up her meeting with Hammond purely to get an headline. The BBC and Sky do not give a fuck about the floods, only attacking the government.
    Residents should not be taken in my the agenda of the media.


    • 70
      Lost in the wilderness says:

      Totally agree. Didn’t see your post before I posted similar below. The reporters really are not helping the situation any more.


    • 95
      Dirty Digger says:

      You must know that we only do Vile

      Anything Vile and we will be all over it like the clap

      Guido has known that for years


      • 126
        altruism in industry says:

        There was some “can people text in their views” on the BBC radio a couple of weeks ago asking whether motorists avoid driving through puddles or deliberately tried to splash soak pedestrians. The presenter said she was astonished the number of her colleagues who said that they were of the “deliberately soak pedestrians because it’s funny” brigade. I thought that there was an interesting truth about the people who choose to work at the BBC


  17. 27
  18. 33
    Inshallah mate says:

    All they need to do is say they’re m*slim and the government will help them.


  19. 35
    Cowboys Without The Indians says:

    Cobra, Gold Command, I feel sure there are endless other acronyms, they are like a bunch of kids in the playground what is today’s macho name!


  20. 36
    A ginger tom cat says:

    I have learnt something this morning: never engage in a debate with anyone wearing a high visibility jacket.


    • 43
      Fish says:

      Especially a brand new one


      • 206
        Anonymous says:

        Notice that despite working tirelessly for days that jacket doesn’t have a speck of dirt on it. Working in the wet and the mud they usually get dirty very quickly.

        Something is amis here, lokks like some skillful manipulation to me.


  21. 41
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Shame we don’t have those green goddesses anymore with their pumping capacity.

    Now i wonder which monocular jock retard wanker sold them off just like he sold off 400 tonnes of gold at rock bottom prices.


    • 76
      Gay Gordon says:

      I’ll have you know sir my skills are in great demand all over the world, there are endless mugs out there who pay me good, nay, very very good money to hear tell how I saved the world from catastrophe!

      Only Blair earns more and he’s just lying all the time he has only ever saved himself!


    • 178
      Gordno says:

      We sold Gold Command years ago.


  22. 45
    Eric "Dutch" Pickles says:

    Anyone seen a dyke, I’m ready to put my finger in!


  23. 46
    a great time to be a Tory says:

    So that is Hammond Pickles and Patterson well and truly finished.

    Best to tell Tessie May to keep her head down and fly out of the country for some high level meeting.


  24. 48
    Gold Commander says:

    I got my outfit from Poundland.


  25. 49
    The Sod says:

    Hammond handled it well. She should have asked “why do you take orders from the EU instead of using common sense as in the past”, But she probable supports the EU and the greeny idiots.


  26. 52
    The British media are total cunts says:

    The Beeboid reporting from Westminster on BBC News 24, Norman Smith is a complete an utter total fuckwit. He has brought the art of pouting verbal diarrhea to new heights.

    Doing his bit to protect the establishment of course.


  27. 54
    Hollywood says:

    Newsflash: It looks like the good ship lollipop has just gone down.


  28. 55
    Dave the tit says:

    Well, it’s nice to see the a big Society plan finally coming together, isn’t it?


  29. 55
    Ah! I know says:

    And where do you think the water that cannot invade Holland ends up? Bastards.


  30. 57
    Proper Job says:

    But Why did Cameron come to Newquay?

    We haven’t got any floods down here in Cornwall and the sun is shining.


  31. 58
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    1 good womn is better than 10 pressed men.


  32. 59
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    1 good woman is better than 10 pressed men.


  33. 61
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    Seems like she started with good intentions on the various meeja channels a couple of days ago and now she is becomming a bit of a diva. Most likely through exhaustion but prodded and cajoled by the different broadcasters looking for an explosive confrontation with a minister. Someone should hand a bucket to those wasters (reporters).


  34. 68
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The problems of Britain cannot be tackled until all eco-loons have been lynched from the nearest tree/lamp post and then anyone wearing a hi-viz jacket has also been lynched from a tree/lamp post.


  35. 75
    Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

    If our so called elected SERVANTS are now starting to get the message
    just wait until the elections….

    Its time to sweep all of these pimps, parasites & leeches out of there
    solid gold Tax Payer Funded life style for good……

    NOW is the time for real change not reshuffling the deckchairs with the same
    fat arses filling them up for there own nefarious ends…….


    • 90
      tigerowl says:

      So are UKIP going to stop the rain among their many policies? UKIP argue for LESS public spending. With less cash, how are they going to protect the flooded areas in the future? UKIP shoved a leaflet through my door telling me all the plans it had. More public funded items. UKIP do not seem to understand economics – among many other things they lack credibility on – that if you cut to allow the rich – like Farage – to pay less tax, there is LESS money to spend on public sector items, LIKE FLOOD PROTECTION. Shows if UKIP is the answer it really is a stupid question.


      • 120
        Anonymous says:

        Read the EA whistleblower website, then you will know where the money for flood defence has gone – not where it should have been spent, that is obvious!


      • 132
        Truthteller says:

        F@ck UKIP, we need real change. B’N’P


      • 154
        CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        £55,000,000 per day buys a lot of flood defence plus another £12,000,000.000 of the foreign aid budget each year.


      • 180
        Village Idiot says:

        …..Would you be in the pay of the EU,or any of your close aquaintances on the payroll?


        • 224
          The 90% who don't vote UKIP says:

          He realises that UKIP are a bunch of day-dreaming loons who say anything to anyone, with policies as robust as rice paper and who wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do about the floods.

          You don’t have to work for the EU to come to that conclusion; you just need to have half a brain.


  36. 78
    tigerowl says:

    Going to cost billions to repair. Going to cost billions more to protect for the future. Are those people who keep saying we must pay less in tax now getting what they deserve? Environment Agency in this town built a protective wall on the river bank and stopped the town flooding. Cost a lot of money, but it worked. Looks like reality has hit home and your nice big houses need tax payers to protect you. WELL PAY UP. And all the moaning about not being able to get to work because the rails are closed…. well live near your work like the rest of us. Commuting has meant locals are priced out of their homes. So do we move money from the North to look after those in the South because they feel they are being hard done by? Get used to it. These floods are here for years to come.


    • 96
      It's not rocket science says:

      Dredge the Rivers.


      • 162
        Lord Smiff of the EA says:


        *dredging doesn’t work / dredging will not help / dredging is only part of the answer / dredging might make some difference / dredging will make a significant difference / the government haven’t given us enough money to dredge.

        * Please choose an appropriate answer from this selection, offered by the Environment Agency and Lord Smith over the past few months


      • 196
        M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

        How would dredging rivers help exactly when the flooded land is at sea level or below, Mr Rocket Science ?


  37. 80
    Hammond Organs says:

    He makes nice Organs though.


  38. 83
    Londoner says:

    I have just been to visit an East London clinic for an NHS blood test. The scene resembles those refugee camps one sees billions of pounds being spent on: literally hundreds of people milling around, none of whom knew who was next. Every seat taken in the waiting room, as was all the standing room, members of the public were standing round in the corridors and crowding round the door to the clinic. The ticket machjine had been taken away in the hope it would discourage ill people from seeking aid from the medical professionals who were supposed to be takign their blood samples. There was no-one in charge.


  39. 85
    Why do so many Hollywood stars end up right wing Republicans in old age? says:

    Following her venture into television, Shirley Temple became active in the Republican Party in California. In 1967, she ran unsuccessfully in a special election in California’s 11th congressional district to fill the seat left vacant by the death of eight-term Republican J. Arthur Younger from leukemia. She ran as a conservative and lost to law school professor Pete McCloskey, a liberal Republican who was a staunch opponent of the Vietnam War. She was appointed Representative to the 24th United Nations General Assembly by President Richard M. Nixon (September – December 1969), and was appointed United States Ambassador to Ghana (December 6, 1974 – July 13, 1976) by President Gerald R. Ford. She was appointed first female Chief of Protocol of the United States (July 1, 1976 – January 21, 1977), and was in charge of arrangements for President Jimmy Carter’s inauguration and inaugural ball. She served as the United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (August 23, 1989 – July 12, 1992), having been appointed by President George H. W. Bush.


    • 94
      Democracy Now says:

      Yet another unqualified mong rejected by the public at the ballot box who is nevertheless granted preferment because of who they know, not what they know.


  40. 101
  41. 102
    Noah says:

    All aboard


  42. 105
    Blow up the flood gates says:

    Get the army were to blow up Teddington Lock.

    That’ll solve the problem at a stroke. The weir is designed to keep the river level unnaturally high for the navigation of what are these days pleasure boats.


    • 115
      Quick Build Another Yeomill says:

      I am more than a little surprised that the Environment Agency have not arranged for the Thames Barrier to to firmly shut.

      Baron Smith of Loads A Money could proclaim a grand victory.


  43. 106
    Fishy Business says:

    Bloody hell! what prised Hammond out of the Cobra secure bunker, at least we know what did it for Dave, he just wanted the traditional meal at Rick Stein’s at Padstow.


  44. 116
    Humpty Dumpty Pickles says:

    This has all become too much of a circus for me

    I am off to Sochi to do some ski jumping


  45. 118
    A Shower of Shit says:

    We are your elected representatives, now do behave.


  46. 119
    Gold Commander says:

    Have I earned my bonus yet?


  47. 124
    An apt turn of phrase says:


  48. 127
    Tucker from Grange Hill says:

    When did Todd Carty become a copper?


  49. 131
    Bring in the big boys says:

    I demand Presidents Barroso, Van Rompuy and the Nazi one sort this crisis out. This is Europe. It’s too mportant to leave to local fools like Cameron. We need our leaders in charge


  50. 133
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Our Labour Council hasn’t cleaned drains or ditches since its inception in 1974. Yet the previous Tory council cleaned all drains every week and all ditches on a regular basis.


    • 139
      Truthteller says:

      So why do they keep get voted in????


      • 214
        John Forth says:

        Because Labour exploit the most gullible in society.

        50p tax might raise enough for 70 minutes of government spending.

        tax cuts for millionaires (no a millionaire will pay no tax, it’s a tax on people EARNING £150k+ per year) Tax was much lower under Labour at 40%

        Bullingdon club

        Women %


        Any argument over 10 words with any words over 6 letters is lost on Labour voting drones. Logically Labour shouldn’t exist, but the unique inbred inverted snobbery of Britain props it up way beyond it’s lifespan.


  51. 135
    Ah! simps says:

    Easy time for the Job Centres.
    Send ‘em to fill sandbags. Men as well.


    • 146
      Anonymous says:

      The Germans actually mobilize the unemployed to keep the country going when there are problems with the weather.


      • 164
        CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Great idea, set all the benefit scum and pikeys on peoples unprotected houses !


      • 174
        Fish says:

        We used to do that when there was snow to be cleared. Each Labour Exchange had a set of instructions and plans to enact when there was severe snow and the unemployed were effectively conscripted to clear pavements (on pain of losing their dole for up to six weeks)


  52. 140

    Rob Wilson has just confirmed that the Conservatives are a left wing party.

    He stated: I don’t think we should have any truck with a pact with Ukip, because by doing so we’ll lose more votes in the centre ground than we would gain on the right-wing.

    Now since UKIP are, for the main part, following the route that Margaret Thatcher would have chosen, that means that Wilson’s centre ground must be considerably to the left of that.

    Thank you for that clarification, Rob!

    ref: http://tinyurl.com/q6zf75v


  53. 143
    Jersey Cow says:

    Every time I hear “Gold Command” I think of Gold top milk.


  54. 149
    Sandy Beech says:

    What about all these beaches getting destroyed?


  55. 153
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing to worry your pretty little head about, my dear. Just wait ‘til the fly-fracking backfires, and that should really give you something to fret about. Question: If there is no danger from re-emergence of the ‘we-are-not-permitted-to know-what’ being pumped in. Why not use these wells as a safe repository, for all those perilous chemicals we need to get rid of?


    • 187
      M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

      For fracking, what is being pumped in is water, and in huge volumes. This is hardly a state secret. While there may be loads of it about now, where will it all come from in a dry summer because you can be sure production will not be sacrificed for the sake of sucking a river dry?


  56. 176
    It's Magic says:


  57. 185
    Psychologist says:

    What a (typically) hysterical woman. Someone should tell her that the Prime Minister is busy running a country with 60M+ people living in it. Maybe she should blame God for the weather, or get busy with filling out insurance claim forms. She is probably a local Labour party stooge.


  58. 199
    David Bailey says:

    Now for the photo, I want you, you and you to put a hand by you mouth and appear to be thinking. Hold it!



  59. 200
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Ok let’s send the army into Wraysbury and then when someone in the next village starts screaming on SkyNews, then send them there.

    BTW the army is in Afghanistan so it will take a little while for them to get there.


  60. 208
    Claggy says:

    I am not opening any letters ever again.


  61. 209
    A Wounded Badger says:

    Dithering Cameron is probably History…6 weeks before action and only when Conservative areas get hit….


  62. 210
    Anonymous says:

    She’s had the 15 minutes of fame she wanted. Now move on!


  63. 212
    Newsnight in the dock? says:

    Toading Paxman interview of Toad Smith did not cover: Norfolk Broads minimal problems and no EA influence. Somerset Levels OK for 350 years, from bad 2010,11,12 to now under EA being main player. Flooding problem has grown. Offer public bodies, monies collected by who is responsible? Smith this is your only reason for being in the EA. Responsibility of maintaining the pumps was never discussed. In the 70s and 80s they lowered the water table excessively from a twitches prospective. Impact of EU farming policies not mentioned. Put in an agreed pumping regime. What is it? Did Smith only appear on Newsnight having cleared what questions were to be put?


  64. 213
    John Forth says:

    I think we should pay for it all from the ‘bankers bonus tax’. Use that money to build a massive umbrella over the whole of England. #EdAlert


  65. 215
    John Forth says:

    One word:- #CostOfLabourCrisis


  66. 216
    friendly fire Sue says:

    Hammond wishing he was in Afghanistan


  67. 218
    John Bellingham says:

    Back in the 1950s and 1960s there was an outfit called Civil Defence. Although the prime mission was emergency assistance after a nuclear attack, its subsidiary role was aid to the civil powers in the event of a natural disaster. Members got a uniform, all the tea they could drink and training in First Aid, Firefighting, traffic control, rescuing folks from buildings, train smashes and such stuff. Food, tents, pumps, medical supplies and lashings of tea were stored at strategic locations around the country and over 200,000 volunteers were on call plus another 50,000 WVRS ladies. The organisation included the Auxilliary Fire Service (all part-time volunteers), mountain rescue, coastguard, the RNLI and useful folks like amateur radio operators, people with skin-diving qualifications, potholers, nurses and men who could operate cranes and bulldozers. Even the Boy Scouts were trained to run messages and direct traffic in those pre-smartphone days.
    They did sterling work in the floods of 1947 and 1952 and were disbanded by Harold Wilson in 1968.


    • 241
      Anonymous says:

      Now you just get political wallies in wellies when that is they are not supping tea and biscuits in a Conference.


  68. 220
    MyWatersAreRising says:

    There is no sight more distressing than flood waters rising very rapidly in residential areas and threatening to wash away a politician’s career.


  69. 231
    Too fast? says:

    I’d prefer that Mr Hammond spent his time defending us against something more potent than a drop of rain.


  70. 232
    Tin foil top hat says:

    They take our taxes and then laugh at us.


  71. 235
    Anonymous says:

    Though sympathetic I am not sure what the resident means by ‘do something’. Magic the water away? Not sure a few squaddies and sandbags will make any difference.


  72. 238
    fedz says:

    Ol’e Hammond really couldn’t care less, could’t be more distant if he tried!


  73. 240
    Anonymous says:

    Remember amuse your children with the new activity book I spy Wallies in Wellies.


  74. 244
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    TBH I thought Hammond did OK.


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Have you read the last bit of Animal Farm?

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My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

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You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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