February 11th, 2014

Stop Ex-MPs Turned Lobbyists Prostituting Access to Parliament

As regular readers will remember, disgraced former Labour Immigration Minister Phil Woolas has resurfaced as a lobbyist. Given that he was found guilty of electoral fraud after attempting to stir up racial tensions in his constituency, Guido would advise any potential clients of Wellington Street Partners to hold on to their money. The lobbying firm is the sleazy brainchild of three ex-MPs (Woolas, Tory Sydney Chapman and LibDem
love cheat Paul Keetch), and was set up to “provide our clients” services “based on our combined sixty years of Parliamentary and Government experience”.

Crucially, all three of the MPs have been given courtesy passes to Parliament as former MPs despite strict rules that ban lobbyists having unchecked access to the Commons. Time to remove this perk which allows ex-MPs to openly prostitute their easy access to parliament.


  1. 1
    Dave Cunt - it's the way I tell 'em says:

    Fuck me – you’d have to be desperate to pay any of those three wankers.


  2. 2
    You know it makes sense says:

    Three lampposts, three bits of piano wire…


  3. 4
    House of Cabs for Hire says:

    Utter scum the lot of them.

    Pack it, Seal it, Burn it, Start again.


  4. 5

    The three men in the picture are all crooks.


  5. 6
    Fed up Joe Public & all voting UKIP ORG says:

    And how much are these parasites, pimps & leeches still extracting
    from the public purse with there nefarious activities ???


  6. 7
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    I can see who’s Larry, but which one is Moe?


  7. 12
    Are they in the Yellow Pages? says:

    60 years of combined parliamentary and government experience.
    If I need advice on incompetence troughing and how to get fuck all done now I know who to call.


  8. 17
    Soaked Beaver says says:

    Time to remove this perk which allows ex-MPs to openly prostitute their easy access to parliament.

    The whole place really is a rotten to the core.


  9. 18
    Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

    Who you gonna call , Gross Blusters ??


  10. 22
    Stop Corruption says:

    Once an MP leaves parliament, he should be banned from the building for the rest of his life, unless summonsed to explain his crimes.


  11. 25
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    It is not that Dave has abandoned Conservative grass roots, it is much more that he allowed Labour policies to drown them.


  12. 27

    There is such a thing as a FREE LUNCH.


  13. 28
    cscopes@onetel.com says:

    I was part of Sir Sydney Chapman’s constituency party when I lived in Barnet in thearly ’90’s He was a very decent chap and dead straight, but as wet as dish water very much to the left of the conservative party. He was No.2 in the whip’s office and I had been reading Alan Clarke’s diary which had said that the best jokes originated in the whip’s office. I was at a sherry party (God help me) and told him a joke my nephew has sent me from the U.S. Hilary Clinton had been shaving her lady garden (this was before it was the norm) and Bill asked her what she was she doing and she replied ‘read my lips no more bush.’ He only repeated it to our lady chairman and her two mates, fortunately, like Sydney, I don’t think they understood the joke.
    I am not sure what old Sydney is doing with the other 2 as I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. The image of little Phil Wooolas being done over by Joanna Lumley will forever be in-grained on the memory.


  14. 29
    never put up with mediocrity says:

    Wake up Guido.

    This news is over 12 months old.

    They have been up and running this side show for ages.

    Any news of Emlyn Griffiths that Lib Dem man of High Street Delph Saddleworth who sought to save the taxpayer the costs of a Council By Election by staying in post whilst absent?


  15. 33
    AJC says:

    Does Denis MacShane qualify for a pass now he is out of prison?


    • 39
      lLuckyian Burger says:

      HE probably has and will use it,if u read his twitter which I do and make the odd comment,all derogatory,some of his mates are congratulating for being out people like Nic Cohen and Andrew Holden.


  16. 40
    Displaced Brummie says:

    The partnership is called Dewey, Skrewem and Howe.


  17. 41
    Woolas returns hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha says:

    wtf would tryst any of these deadbeats?


  18. 44
    Owen Jones says:

    they used me as bait to snare chuka


  19. 45
    Anonymous says:



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