February 11th, 2014

Picture Special: Inside New Tory Headquarters


  1. 1
    Bob Crow says:

    itZ AlL faCHaZ folT!!!

  2. 2
    Maxxed-out Clifford says:

    There was anger among some locals, including the deputy mayoress of the Windsor and Maidenhead, Margaret Lenton, who accused the opposition leader of seeking a photo opportunity and blocking volunteers from doing their work of rescuing people from rising waters.

    As Miliband gave an interview to Sky News from the school hall, Lento called out: “You people get out,” and Miliband and his entourage were ushered away.

    “I am really angry,” Lenton told the Guardian. “What is he doing here? Where have they been all this time? He was standing in the middle of a working organisation where we are trying to get people rescued. He turns up for a photo opportunity when we are now down to hard cases of rescuing old and vulnerable people.”

  3. 3
    Ah! taxi says:

    EXCLUSIVE: I fought off sex beast in minicab, Chris Huhne’s daughter reveals

    ( Standard )

  4. 4
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    All a bit “Thick of it” looking isn’t it.
    Is that Peter Mannion in the doorway?

  5. 5
    Lord Rennard says:

    Anyone we know?

  6. 6
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I am worried about all the doggers and dogging sites in Somerset, we must send in the army to save them.

  7. 7
    Her dad's a Huhne says:

    She’s surprisingly attractive, given her parentage.

  8. 8
    Short Term Dave says:

    Is it still ‘wet’

  9. 9
    The British Public says:

    The Tory party: an organisation built on tears, lies and the broken promises of generations of politicans who all banded together in the hope of making it big at the expense of the British public they have betrayed.

  10. 10
    DEFRA type says:

    Can badgers swim?

  11. 11
    i don't need no doctor says:

    The UK is suffering from a flood of politicians and media in wellies crisis. Could someone provide a politician/media standing in water map so that these sites can be avoided.

  12. 12
    Ah! taxi says:

    So you know who her father was then?

  13. 13
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Yes like badgers.

  14. 14
    Bonjela Eagle says:

    I am looking at increasing the number of dogs in Somerset.

  15. 15
    A State of National Emergency says:

    It will not be possible to hold any gay marriages on the Somerset Levels for some weeks to come.

  16. 16
    The British media are cunts says:

    Trust the Guardian mong to prattle on about climate change

  17. 17
    Persona non grata says:

    Are you having a laugh, she looks like a demented owl.

  18. 18
    Ah! happy to oblige says:

  19. 19
    GoogleMops says:

    Can we help?

  20. 20
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    This government is finally prepared to everything that it can to reduce the rising tide of negative headlines. Let us spare no expense. Now that we know that this natural disaster, that occurred to a handful of farmers on a flood plain, to which a platitude and sympathetic expression should normally suffice, might now effect Conservative voters, no stone will be let undredged.

    Let me reassure the people of Tory voting areas that the tepid response that we gave to predominantly Lib Dem areas will now be more robust.
    The government would like to reassure hard working stockbrokers that we felt that the Liberal areas were in need of a good wash to get the smelly hippies to realise dancing round windmills won’t stop the rain.

    But now the floods have reached proper areas where normal people live, drastic action will be taken.

    Dave Cummerbund – Ship’s captain

  21. 21
    Nick Clegg says:

    Good to see Winston. One of the greatest is not the greatest Liberal MPs

  22. 22
    Mr Tiny todger Dave says:

    Where is my photo?

  23. 23
    M102 says:

    I thought the same thing :)

  24. 24
    i don't need no doctor says:

    0/10 must do better.

  25. 25
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Now that is funny LOL.

  26. 26
    Flumixed says:

    You should have put where you have the tory party, insert your nasty political party here, I would have put the Liebour party.

  27. 27
    Fed up Joe Public says:

    as they prepare for opposition after being decimated at the EUSSR
    & G E in the very near future…..

  28. 28
    The public says:

    Order some of those badges that lefties used to like in the 80s..
    Just revised a bit for modern times

    “If I’m flooded please keep Miliband away.”


    “Now is not a good time for a photo opportunity.
    you twat.”

  29. 29
    Brussels says:

    Failure to meet the gay marriage quota will result in a 50,000,000,000 euro fine

  30. 30
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Are the residents of the Somerset Levels floating voters?

  31. 31
    David Cameron says:

    I will cut the deficit, not the NHS.

  32. 32
    David Cameron says:

    They are now…

  33. 33
    The public says:

    We hate labour. I mean HATE them. You think that because we have a posh twat for a PM we will welcome you back.
    Well, we will welcome you back. But when you disappoint us we are going to give you the betrayal kicking of a lifetime. Gordon brown’s implosion of an election will look like a Tony landslide after we finish with a Milimong that breaks the economy, AGAIN!

  34. 34
    Ah! we've had our marbles now says:

    Britain should return the Elgin Marbles, says George Clooney.

  35. 35
    Andy BurnThem says:

    Better to cut the NHS and save the deficit. Saves more lives that way.

  36. 36
    The British Public says:

    They may all be the same, but the Tories are the ones letting us down the most this week.

  37. 37
    It's a silly game says:

    The USA should return Pennsylvania, says the Duke of Westminster

  38. 38
    SNAFU says:

    Give America back to the Sioux, Comanche Apache etc.

  39. 39
    Surplus to requirements under the Torees says:

    After driving thousands to their deaths via welfare ‘reform’ Cameron suddenly announces there is money to help those in need after all.
    Meanwhile it’s lucky he didn’t get rid of any more soldiers isn’t it?

    Funny how people losing their temper after being pushed to the brink achieves results. Perhaps we should do it more often

  40. 40
    Shameless Ed Miliband says:

    Wet?! Where? Write me a soundbite and get the helicopter ready, I smell a photo opportunity!

  41. 41
    I haven't got a clueney says:

    Its only envy, he’s lost his so thinks we should lose ours.

  42. 42
    Pig Society says:

    So, the South West suffers devastating flooding, but no-one goes near them for ages. The Home Counties suffers a similar fate and lo, the place is awash with politicians in their wellies promising unlimited funding for the clean-up. Anyway, does this rush to step in with state-funded assistance not go against everything the Tories hold dear? What happened to their much-touted model of self-reliance? Surely Dave’s heart should be gladdened by the sight of all those volunteers helping their local communities in the absence of trained professionals?

  43. 43
    Sham Pain Socialist says:

    We have delivered 500 bottles of Bollinger to the residents of Wraysbury.

  44. 44
    Lenape says:

    The USA should return Manhattan, says the survivors of the Delaware nation

  45. 45
    Gooey Blob says:

    Miliband will be doing very well if he wins 230 seats next year.

  46. 46
    Save democracy - shoot every one of the cunts says:

    Dave Cummerbund – Ship’s captain (RMS Titanic)

  47. 47
    Dave - balls of steel - Cameron says:

    Self reliance is for the little people. A podgy fucker like me needs his snout in the trough at all times.

  48. 48
    Ah! at least one please says:

    i think you may have missed the “static.quim” bit.

  49. 49
    Mars Attacks! says:

    Well constructed sentence, Nick. Is it time for your hourly medication?

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Shameless Ed Miliband says:

    When the call went out to send wellies to Windsor, I misheard and thought they said “wallies”.

  52. 52
    Fairies flying at 3 o'clock says:

    Now let me see, who is the government this week, Liebour or Camorons Conservatives and the other vile crowd, mmmm I wonder, got me, just can’t remember.

  53. 53
    True Blue says:

    Like the first picture – Thatcher’s just caught sight of Cecil oiling up his todger, Major’s seen Currie with her knickers round her ankles and Winnie’s butler has just opened a third bottle of Pol Roger.

  54. 54
    Sally Berns-Cowal says:

    Looks like Alf Garnett’s living room.

  55. 55
    Abdul the Envelope Stuffer says:

    I shall be invoicing for a few more than that, but I suppose the result depends on whether Dave and Eric have sorted out the Labour Returning Officer scam in time.

  56. 56
    Ah! every cloud says:

    Ordnance Survey will have to redraw a few boundaries.

  57. 57
    Lance Cpl Jones says:

    They do like it up ‘em!

  58. 58
    Competition Time says:

    It’s flood competition time. Pictures required showing the politician or media reporter that has waded through the deepest flood water. The deepest water shot will win a galvanised bucket.

  59. 59
  60. 60
    One Man One Vote says:

    Don’t forget children, a vote in Na h-Eileanan an Iar will be worth five times as much as a vote on the Isle of Wight.

  61. 61
    Ah! It didn't take long says:

    Cameron, Clegg and Miliband all at the bottom of the hole on the M2.

  62. 62
    The thick as shit says:

    “What a sterile, tomb of a building? Have I walked into an architect’s idea of a condom? It makes the empty souled, joyless, new Labour tribute office that is the Guardian look like a day at a theme park.
    Not a good theme park, granted. A shit one. Thorpe park maybe. But better than this cold, dead, passionless seepage from inside a disapproving mumsnetters knickers,eh?

    Is that John Major on the door? They put a picture of everyone’s favorite loser up? look at him. Doing the two handed wave like drowning semaphore signaler. “help me- The euro sceptics are drowning me and my mistress is less attractive than Lord Rennard.

    Comm’on Olly – let’s get over to our HQ . See if the fucking Mili-Blands have turned that into a.. sterile… acute medical trauma unit.. for people suffering from some tropical disease that makes their faces go like modeling clay left by a fan.
    Not an office fan. One of those jet blowers you see in warehouses in the remotest part of the Amazon Fife warehouse. One of those blast furnace heaters.
    Common my little lone ranger. Play your William Bell-end theme and get your dick out of Tonto and let’s go.

  63. 63
    Ah! Wonder says:


    Who cut the red tape?

  64. 64
    Roses are red , so is Ed, roses smell nice says:

    Seems Liebour did a great job with it’s whitewash or is it just a short memory problem, if the civil service wasn’t full off Liebour deadbeats and the EA was run by a real person not a failed Liebour politician then things may or may not have been different, the “welfare” reform was used by Liebour for it’s own purposes like voting opportunities, some people need a kickup the arse publicly to get the to do somthing, well done to the lady.

  65. 65
    Shameless Ed Miliband says:

    Just shut up and hold the camera steady. “These strikes are wrong…”

    Wait, we’re talking about floods today, aren’t we? Okay, let’s go again.

    “These floods are wrong, at a time when…”

  66. 66
    Gordon MacBreath says:

    He sooo looks like me.

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    Glad to see they that odious bitch Margaret against a wall where she should have been put.

  68. 68
    Dave has warned says:

    ” Heads will roll, if the dead start floating from graves”

  69. 69
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    I know its not helpful now but..

    To the man in Windsor walking from his flooded home to chuck a bucket of water from his house back into the river. ..Well.. if you poured the bucket into the wheelie bin you were standing next to, and pushed the wheelie bin to the river, you could save 90% of your walking time.

  70. 70
    The ancestors of Mattahoon says:

    The Swedish government should return the lands stolen by Minuit from the Delaware and Susquehannocks tribes in 1638. We only sold them an area marked by “six trees” – the rest of the land occupied by the Swedes was stolen. All subsequent claims to our land by the Dutch, British and United States governments are based on fraud.

  71. 71
    Pop Psychiatrist says:

    Shock and devastation does strange things to peoples’ problem solving skills

  72. 72
    Young Whitby says:

    To be fair Ed Miliband and the Labour front bench should have went down with a load of supplies, you don’t just turn up somewhere suffering a catastrophic event empty handed and expect everyone to be happy to see you.

    If he had the right PR handlers he would have been photographed handing out fresh water and bread and medical supplies to people and digging a trench for sandbags and looking like a man of the people and like he actually cares instead of getting embarrassingly thrown out and looking like a wally.

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

  74. 74
    seriously? says:

    For some reason I am reminded of ‘Deliverance’.

  75. 75
    Old bag says:

    Why all the sand bags. What do they do other than filter out the condoms?

  76. 76
    Suffer in silence says:


  77. 77
    Podiceps says:

    Perhaps if they were a bit more open, things would go more to plan.

  78. 78
    seriously? says:

    I think it was supposed to be Miliband. Although I agree, devastation-wise, he as a lot more in common with Brown.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Loving the aerial shots on sky of the Thames valley trying hard to feel sympathy for all the poor victims with their outdoor swimming pools filled with flood water and their boats bobbing about about.

  80. 80
    Podiceps says:

    Or Night of the Swimming Dead.

  81. 81
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Just leave the H20 in the bin for the council to collect, they can re-cycle it.

  82. 82
    seriously? says:

    I think the fact that 50% of the people are of below average intelligence might have something to do with it.

    And average is only an IQ of 100.

  83. 83
    Nick Clegg says:

    Not without House of Lords reform they won’t.

  84. 84
    Western Isles SNP MP, electorate, 12, majority 5 says:

    Waaah. Waaah. Scotland is under-represented. It’s not fair. Waaah. Waaah.

  85. 85
    The open door labour party 1997-2010 says:

    The only floods we want to see in this country are floods of immigrants.

  86. 86
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Where is this money, that they’ve been telling us we don’t have, suddenly coming from?
    If money is no object, Dave, how about investing some in an overstretched NHS, or the Fire Brigade….or stop your mate Boris from enforcing ticket booth closures on the Underground and help keep hardworking folks, you claim to stand for, from losing their jobs.
    Cuts, cuts, cuts…..unless it buys you and your sorry bunch a bit of positive PR.

    The odour of Bovine Faecal matter is immensely strong all of a sudden.

  87. 87
    The open door labour party 1997-2010 says:

    They were labour. They were expecting to mooch some supplies for themselves.

  88. 88
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Lynton Crosby needs to lock Dave and co. in a room until they can recite these facts in their sleep.

    1. Little furry animals don’t vote but angry farmers/residents do.

    2. Motorists vastly outnumber cyclists.

    3. Electricity & gas bill payers vastly outnumber eco-loons in Islington.

    4. Tony Abbott just won a landslide in the Aussie general election against the eco-loony Labour party.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, they appear to have put the pictures of Maggie and Major either side of the gents’ toilets! [Used to work in the building]

    Whilst it would be appropriate for Major – and his successor (what was that again about a Mr Lynton Blair being done for cottaging?) – I don’t think Maggie would have approved…

  90. 90
    seriously? says:

    If you can’t stand the smell of BS then I suggest you move out of Labour HQ.

  91. 91
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    24 months.

  92. 92
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    Sinking in the rain

  93. 93
    The British media are cunts says:

    The BBC will probably sack Paul Hudson for suggesting that the sun might be influencing the weather.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Sounds totally made up to me.

  95. 95
  96. 96
    Dee Hydrated says:

    30 years from now there won’t be any fag packets for them to write on. What’s going to happen to policy making then

  97. 97
    tonto says:


  98. 98
    Owen Jones says:

    Death to Churchill. Inshallah.

  99. 99
    Harriet, Emily, Hazel, Eagle A. Eagle M, Patricia, Chris B, Rachel, etc says:

    We are actually thinking of moving there.

  100. 100
    WH Auden says:

    Post modern poetry

    I like it

  101. 101
    David M says:

    Ed should return the Labour Party to me.

  102. 102
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Isn’t it strange that ‘never’ seems to be the time for the British Public to be allowed to vote on leaving the EU.

  103. 103
    Tosser alert says:

    Why?…are you such a cùnt that your envy of those who have done ok in life makes you want to see them suffering?
    Go fuck yourself, ballbag

  104. 104
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    ♫ Raindrops keep falling on my head ♪♫!, but…

  105. 105
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  106. 106
    Tony holding Wendi's hand says:

    We can wlk on water if yiu want

  107. 107
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The picture of Cameron is in the toilet :-)

  108. 108
    Reuters says:

    And Alaska says our Vlad

  109. 109
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Can we return the tomb / monument in London to Karl Marx back to Hell?

  110. 110

    I was wondering what the difference is between George Bush and David Cameron. I mean, they are both self serving scumbags with superiority complexes, Bush is a white supremacist and Cameron is a class supremacist.

    Both have no principles and are image obsessed, both only acted long after a disaster happened because they were worried they were starting to look bad not because they genuinely wanted to help people in distress.

    Bush served corporate interests and Cameron also places corporate interests ahead of the national interest.

    Both are incredibly lazy individuals.

    So I was struggling to come up with a significant difference between the two useless articles, and then it struck me……

    Bush served two terms.

  111. 111
    Its grim ooop north says:

    Another welly waving politician?

  112. 112
    Lord Smith AIDS and bar says:

    Shit works overflowing upstream from London

    Will pass though Westminster tomorrow

    As much shit as is spoken in Parliament

    Public Health Warning no 1

  113. 113
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    And Ted Heath’s is in the toilet bowl :-)

  114. 114
    Doctor fucking Who ? says:

    I based it all on Ali Campbell of course.
    Except for that air of malevolence I exuded, like a land shark.
    I got that idea from Gordon Brown.

    I just modified into a charismatic persona instead of that sad sack, little plaster polio boy change collection shop doorway figure, pathetic, last turkey in the cheese shop, so wrong it’s almost but not really right, incompetent that he was.

  115. 115
    P. Doff says:

    13,950 peer-reviewed scientific papers on climate change issues since 1991 and only 25 disagree with man-made climate change and yet there are still numerous politicians and a whole political party that dispute anthropogenic climate change, including the Environment Secretary . Vested interests are running our climate change policy in the wrong direction.

  116. 116
    Lord Smith AIDS and bar says:

    Whi is next to the Ladies?

    Or are they not allowed into CCHQ?

  117. 117
    Shouty* says:


  118. 118
    Anonymous says:

    Follow the money…

  119. 119
    stun2 says:

    Bloody Swiss, nicking our mountains.

  120. 120
    Big Farmer says:


    Houses flooded in Somerset – about 40

    Houses flooded this week (Severn and Thames) – about 800

    Houses flooded in December from the North Sea – well over 1000. Mandela died, so nobody in the media cared.

    Houses flooded in 2007 – 22000 in Yorkshire alone.

  121. 121
    Loose Canon and Balls-Up says:

    End-of-Pier reviews fell out of favour many years ago.

  122. 122
    Malcolm 'fucking' Tucker says:

    There’s always a contingency Mooseface.
    This is government. Not some single mum who’s spent her last £5 on a scratchcard and now has to walk home or blowjob her way back.
    There is as much money as you want.

    They don’t keep it in fucking jars and in a big fucking TIN on a big Fucking mantlepiece in an office marked ‘money room’.
    Even your tiny amoebic brain must realise that they don’t go we got £100bn in here and spent £100bn there so /…uhh ohh..On Thursday that’s it. No more NHS or pensions or your favourite gender sex swap ops.
    Its a fucking country.

    Now fuck off out of here and go and canvas some doors and say that if you are flooded under a labour government Diane Abbott will come round and bung up your doorway.

  123. 123
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Time for Wet Wet Wet to go on a comeback tour :-)

  124. 124
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The 25 weren’t given a nice government grant.

  125. 125
    Ghost of Margaret Hilda Thatcher says:

    Miliband is so wet he makes a flood plain look like a desert.

  126. 126
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Meanwhile back on Planet Earth……

  127. 127
    Downing Street says:

    I can see the problem with that photo.

    No-one called ‘Gold Command’ is directing the traffic wearing a hi-viz jacket.

  128. 128
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Yes definitely blocking volunteers… I saw Miliband rugby tackle a bloke pulling a dingy. Disgraceful. It was above shoulder height.

  129. 129
    British Jobs for British Workers says:

    Lynton Crosby should fuck off back to wherever he came from. If he wants to give advice, he can do it on Skype.

  130. 130
    K. T. says:

    Not forgetting both are extremely successful, reached the top of their chosen careers while you are some failure venting all your frustrations into cyberspace.

  131. 131
    Shouty* says:

    They’d be more at home on James Turner Street.

  132. 132
    Ladies' Normal Hill says:

    Into every rain some life must fall.

  133. 133
    Call Centre Chic says:

    A mediocre place for a mediocre bunch of guys.

  134. 134
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Return the Elgin Marbles? We should swap ‘em for some steelies at least.

  135. 135
    a dopey EU munter in London says:

    “The most powerful parliament in Europe is the European Parliament. Seventy per cent of laws in this country are co-decided there. There will be no repatriation of EU powers.”

    I think the police should get involved here. That’s a direct incitement for people to take the law into their own hands and riot

  136. 136
    Gok Wan says:

    Er, no.

  137. 137
    Its not Camerons fault but he is doing what needs to be done says:

    people flooded out say this is unprecedented people living in their area for over 50 years have never seen such a situation

    I remeber the storms of 1962/3 so thats saying something

  138. 138
    seriously? says:

    See that counter on the screen. 450 Days…

    That’s the next election date I’ll bet.

  139. 139
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Don’t tell me, you were one of the miners who lost his job because of Thatcher destroying manufecturin in Britain? Or you are a pizza faced student who wasn’t even born when she came to power.

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Actually Paul Hudson on the BBC pointed this out, not that it will stop the climate change nonsense.

  141. 141
    Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

    Are the Tory HQ’s getting smaller as there’s a phone box outside my house that the can use in 2016.

  142. 142
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Is that Keir Hardie second from the left? They didn’t have photo ops either in them days.

  143. 143
    No Representation Without Commensurate Taxation says:

    The funny thing is, no-one in the Western Isles is willing to pay five times as much tax.

  144. 144
    Ma­q­bo­­ul says:

    Typical socialist prat: if there’s a problem, throw the taxpayers money at it. Until it runs out.

  145. 145
    Podiceps says:

    It’s when the lease runs out. After that they’ll be meeting in a garden shed in Bexley. All three of them.

  146. 146
    Its not Camerons fault but he is doing what needs to be done says:

    the problem with cnuts like you is that it matters not what he did because you as an armchair warrior armed with pixels will find fault with anything he does do and spout your crap across the airwaves.

    tell you what go down and do something to help otherwise just FUCK OFF!!!!

  147. 147

    George Clooney and Bill Murray can fuck off.

  148. 148
    Mon Dieu! says:

    and New Orleans say the Frogs

  149. 149
    Kinockio and teat feeding family says:


  150. 150
    I hope Cameron, Clegg and Milipoodle die of cancer says:


    It’s effectively saying (admitting), “your politicians sold you out. We have invaded. We run your country now.”

    When the LibLabCon canvasser comes knocking on your door, punch the fucker.

  151. 151
    Spot the Labour Troller above says:

    thousands to their deaths….Ok I’ll bite Evidence for this please?

    Bear in mind the statistics for Stafford and the pensioners and low paid dying because Brown removed the 10 p tax rate can not be added to the total since 2010 except its received by a Labour postal vote.

  152. 152
    Paddington says:

    Bare not Bear but agree with the sentiment ;-)

  153. 153
    Eco-loony melons should be doused in petrol and burned alive says:

    Recent headline: “It’s not rained this much for 260 years”

    Translation: “This has happened before. The last time was 260 years ago. It’s not man-made global warming.”

  154. 154

    The euro parliament is the most toothless parliament on the planet after those of the other two remaining communist powers China and North Korea .

  155. 155
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    That picture was taken when we had an empire stretching a quarter of the globe and ran it with fewer staff than the Environment Agency.

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:

    What’s the problem? After all no doubt they bought their boats to deal with the prospect of flooding as they knew the dangers of having that lovely river view.

    Super Dave has been playing the blame/fear game to get into power with the whole the countries got no cash bullshit and when some Tory voters find that their house prices are going to be a lower, all of a sudden there’s plenty of cash for them.

    Remember the states evil but it’s ok to help those who can help themselves.

  157. 157
    David Cameron is a spineless traitor and moron says:

    They’re downsizing in anticipation that the EU will shut down all British political parties.

  158. 158
    will of stratford says:

    Let it work; For ’tis the sport to have the engineer. Hoist with his own petard


    Some good news.

  159. 159
    Ike spots Farage on the Thames says:

  160. 160

    EXPERTS say it hasn’t rained this much for 260 years, they must be getting on a bit then!

  161. 161
    Al Campbell and Tony Blair murdered D r K e l l y says:

    Woods, paracetamol, little bit of briefing, job done.

  162. 162

    Back to User

    I’ll be keeping my detached retina on that………

    Stewart Jackson MP @SJacksonMP
    Tickets going fast for our Great British Dinner with Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP on 27th Feb #PeterboroughConservatives facebook.com/events/5955245…

    9:07pm · 10 Feb 14 · web

  163. 163
    Only saying... says:

    pig society you are a dick

    The PM was in Dawlish today and Cornwall and no where near Windsor at this point. I think you mistook him for that useless oxygen thief Milliband on a photo shoot and annoying the residents trying to do something.

    He will get to Windsor but he is on the ground now with us in the South west with the direct authority to override anything he likes and make things happen. That is what is now happening and what I would expect.

    This is unlike Brown previously and Milliband now who probably couldnt find Cornwall and Devon even if they were using Google Maps

  164. 164
    i don't need no doctor says:

    C4 News out shit stirring as usual. If someone sees Jon Snow please push the old fart over. He is in Datchett, Berkshire. Thanks.

  165. 165
    Confessions says:

    ….Lovely word , quim….Victorian for vagina!….Origins I do not know!

  166. 166
    One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

    You forgot my parliament. I bravely accepted a record rise in Britain’s EU contributions to an eye-watering £22 billion p/a.

    There are no circumstances under which I would take Britain out of the EU.

    I will do whatever the EU says. Spiffing!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go and pretend to care about horrid little English oiks like yourself whose hovels have flooded.

    Dull dull dull, eh, what what what?

    Tally ho!

  167. 167
    Skeleton Bob says:

    Dimwit Dave says the UK is a wealthy country. If we were a wealthy country we wouldn’t be drowning in debt.

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Message to Channel 4 news. Stop wanking on about climate change, no one is listening to your fucking lies you lefty shit stabbing mongs.

    Not so long ago you were prattling on about how America was going to be destroyed by hurricanes which would get worse because of your myth about man made global warming, well what happened to all the hurricanes then?

    You lot should stick to bumming each other.

  169. 169
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    We borrow money to give away in foreign aid, pass more anti-smoking laws to control the masses, give up on the infrastructure in the country, close swimming pools so those affected by the floods cannot escape but no worries….. let’s move HQ :)

  170. 170
    i don't need no doctor says:

    And Ed Miliband will be making their tea.

  171. 171
    Only saying... says:

    tosser alert totally agree

    He is a socialist and a leftie ignore. If they don’t have it themselves they don’t want anyone to have it

    Labour always a race to the bottom except for the ones at the top.

  172. 172
    Anonymous says:

    Keep your kids locked up, the Channel 4 bum boys are in town.

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Poly Toynbee has a house there????

    Who Knew?

  174. 174
    Bob Krow says:

    Can I give you a BJ?

  175. 175
    Cameron Is A CUNT says:

    wet — hopefully,if the flooding appears there by the end of the week it will be!!
    can’t wait for the fallout from Londoners flooded out of their homes … yummy

    such vanity is inappropriate in 2014 don’t you think!! IDS is still sanctioning unemployed and disabled people who can’t get to a jobcentre because of the floods – fucking tory shit

  176. 176
    Brittania says:

    …England back to the “English”.

  177. 177
  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    PM addresses @jameschappers. “James Chapman, Daily Mail,” as chappers

    Can you imagine Brown doing similar ? probably call everyone Omaha

  179. 179
    Anonymous says:

    Are you saying there’s a chance that her story was the fallback option after she tried to do a runner without paying the fare?

  180. 180
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Dave’s fixation on gay marriage among other things, whilst the problems started by Labour were allowed to continue under his watch, negate your otherwise good argument.

  181. 181
    Observer says:

    At least they were just fucking each other rather than fucking us and the country as Labour did

  182. 182
    Lib Dummies on on their way to extinction says:

    we will vote it down

  183. 183
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Arnie “Illegal Immigrant” Graf should fuck off back to wherever he came from. If he wants to give advice, he can do it on Skype.

    There, fixed it for you :-)

  184. 184
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    She is Daddy’s little girl…

  185. 185
    Nasty Smell says:

    He’s been smoking in the bog again.

  186. 186
    Atlantis says:

    he could cut to the quick and just bail the river to make the level go down to avoid that long walk

  187. 187
    Bloodsucker Watch says:

    GRG section of RBS coming under the spotlight on Channel 4. About time.

  188. 188
    Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

    1. The NHS is shit Always has been, always (until it’s privatised) will be. Under Labour, it slaughtered thousands. It is a disgrace. Its employees are callous killers.

    2. The fire brigade. Well, let’s see.. men in a red van with a ladder on the roof and a hose on the back. They travel to fires (apparently, I’ve never seen one) and they attach the hose to a tap, point the hose at the fire and then turn the tap on. Apparently. This is not fucking difficult. Any stupid c*nt could do it. Don’t for a second think these van dr!vers are ‘heroes’.

    3. Ticket office closures. Sorry, this is what happens when worthless Lefty mongs insist on ever-higher wages. They price themselves out of their job.

  189. 189
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    So what caused it to rain so heavily 260 years ago when the worlds/UK population
    was a fraction of what it is now and no fossil fuels were being burned?

  190. 190
    Beeboid Breaking News says:

    indeed Harold Wilson closed twice as many mines in half the time

    Oh sorry wasnt meant to mention that

  191. 191
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    You should see their new film.

    The critics are with you.

  192. 192
    New Orleans is great you have to go there before you die says:

    It is an interesting fact that in New Orleans no one is buried but they are all in above ground mausoleums for this very reason.

    Sad maybe but very true. Buried 6 foot over.

  193. 193
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Sounds like Dave has been listening to Test Match Special :-)

  194. 194
    The real Nasty Party says:

    if it was Labour they would have turned up with handfulls of postal votes

  195. 195
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Dead floating from their graves is possible.

    Quite a few plague pits in the affected areas. If Dave is really lucky, he could contract small pox.

  196. 196
  197. 197
    Sandbag Watch says:

    Why have local councils and the army failed to deliver enough sandbags in time?

  198. 198
    Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

    Channel 4’s still going?

  199. 199
    Fuck The EU says:

    How much case today was wasted on EU Pig Fuckers like Viviane Reading, and how much was not spent on sorting out the flooding problems ?

    End of.

  200. 200
    broderick crawford says:


    ” owen and me we re like peas in a pod …from the same motha ”

    So , different fathers then i e a couple of bastards .

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    I remember the City of Bath flooding in the 1960’s. (yes I know Bath floods etc joke joke)

    It was appalling and almost cost the city is very being. To us it was what happens every now and again and no amount of flood defense would have protected us. Its a beautiful place now though so do visit

    it happens despite whatever we do it just does.

  202. 202
    seriously? says:

    Even a single peer-reviewed paper that disagrees means that the ‘science’ is not settled.

    Science isn’t a democracy. Science is either right or it’s wrong. That’s the beauty of science. It’s not waffle. It’s not arm-waving. It’s not dodgy ‘climate models’ that go asymptotic as soon as they’re asked to predict what will happen next year.

    Which is all we have from the self-appointed geography ‘science’ departments that we have at present.

  203. 203
    seriously? says:

    Not to give the warmists any succour but I’m guessing that they’re only quoting 260 years because we have no records before that.

  204. 204
    Planet Earth says:

    Cameron, successful? Are you high?

    David Cameron was parachuted into a safe seat and failed to beat the completely and utterly useless Gordon Brown in the General Election FFS. And he lives off his wife’s cash, which she inherited!

    The only things Cameron has been successful at is getting high and smashing up restaurants.

  205. 205
    Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

    My theory is, they’re still queuing at the Post Office. They’re either stuck behind the old hag who’s a bit confused about renewing the car tax on her 1982 Austin Metro “in new money”, or they’re measuring/weighing the sand bags to determine if they can go as “large letter” rather than “small parcel”.

    Or the councils have wasted all their time on “equality and diversity agenda meetings”, and voting themselves higher pensions.

  206. 206
    You Kids have never had it so Good says:

    I remember the great storm of 1267 if my memory serves me right, bloody awful it was. I went down to the river to catch me breakfast and have a wash, only to find bloody river had silted up and changed direction 10 miles away.

    Now thats saying something

  207. 207
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    PM addresses @jameschappers. “James Chapman, Daily Mail,” as chapper.

    After reading this blog for a bit, James may realize he has just been dissed by the Prime Mongoloid, David Cúntermong, aka. ‘Spoon Face’ (on a good day).

  208. 208
    Only saying... says:

    it apparently stops the bullets hitting Milliband while standing in the floods during one of his photo shoots.

  209. 209
    broderick crawford says:

    ” No Daddy no get off ! It s called incest and it s not allowed even under the Speeding Tickets (2002) Convention !!!”

  210. 210
    Slapper Sally says:

    tried that with the legs and it didnt work

  211. 211
    The British media are cunts says:

    Nice to see the media bleating about all those politicians poncing around in their wellies. Of course the same gormless fucking media were complaining the other day than NO politicians were poncing around in their wellies.

    So which is it you fucking media dross?

  212. 212
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The bankrupt Greeks would only flog them for a few bottles of ouzo anyway.

    They are much safer and better preserved where they are.

    Now kindly FOAD Mr. Looney

  213. 213
    Doctor Poo says:

    Who the fuck drilled glory holes in the Tardis toilet cubicles, eh ?

    And don’t give me no bullshit about the fucking Daleks…

  214. 214
    The British media are cunts says:

    More that the media only took notice once their house were at risk. Thousands of cocaine snorting BBC and Channel 4 mongs live in the posh parts of London now under water.

    They didn’t give a shit when it was those nasty white folk in the south west, you know the ones *illy Fagg lives with.

  215. 215
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Dave should go full Heath, and tour the flood affected areas in a yacht, stopping off to pick up some kids from the local children’s homes en route…

  216. 216
    Labour's supporters are worthless retarded subhuman filth says:

    What I want to know is why was Viviane Reding allowed into our country.

    It would have sent a powerful message to have banned her. “Viviane Reding’s presence in the UK would not be conducive the public good.”

    Also, ban every other c*nt who works for the EU.

    Cameron, where are your balls?

  217. 217
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The ban-krupt Greeks would only flog them for a few bottles of ouzo.

    They are far safer and better preserved where they are.

    Now kindly FOAD Mr. Lonney.

  218. 218
    seriously? says:

    To be honest I can’t see the bones of plague victims floating to the surface. In fact most of those old cemeteries will be ‘lucky’ to have any cadaver less than 60 years dead in them so I really don’t see a zombie rafting apocalypse on the Thames.

  219. 219
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    *Looney even :-)

  220. 220
    seriously? says:

    Why bail it out when you could buy a pump and simply pump the river dry.

  221. 221
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

  222. 222
    Universal Hiss says:

    Well,it’s near enough.

  223. 223
    Its not Camerons fault but he is doing what needs to be done says:

    Mousa Koussa

    The coalition Government have done precisely what they should have done. They put aside money to deal with such situations that are beyond living memory. Its is something Brown never did and ran a deficit during a boom.

    They can now react to the situation despite the fact more should have been done during the years of terror and Brown should not have stopped funding in 2003.

    This is what a good government does and the money will come forth and on this occasion despite what you rabid left wing zealots think its there and available.

    The situation cannot be changed in just 3 years but the reaction to years of mismanagement by the previous THREE TERM GOVERNMENT can. That’s what we are doing and even if they have to borrow more at least its for a genuine reason and not some left wing fancy idea where the money is pissed up against a wall and never seen again

    So just do one with your lefie bollocks its not needed and just ignorant

  224. 224
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    You do know that the ancient Chinese,Romans,Egyptians,Myans etc. recorded similar extremes of weather, when the worlds population was a fraction of what it is now and before fossil fuels were even known to exist let alone burned.

  225. 225
    Universal Hiss says:

    Water on the brain comment.

    Ring for help.

  226. 226
    Junior trying to impress says:

    Always rolls his own, with three papers.

  227. 227
    Ah! BBC News ( every 5 minutes ) says:

    We must warn viewers that the following images may contain flashers


  228. 228
    By the way says:

    Where is Room 101? (Home of much hard-right BS put out by this site)

  229. 229
    Eric Prickles MP says:

    I took up most of the TV screen

  230. 230
    broderick crawford says:

    the one on the extreme right has got beautiful boobs .

  231. 231
    sunderland is a labour ghetto thats why its shot says:

    In the 60s I worked in Dean Stanley St for a couple of years about a 100yds from Smith Sq.Why the Tories ever left that building is beyond me.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    ffs :roll:

  234. 234
    Don't like games iliband says:

    Mistaken identity. Miliband has never played any form of contact sports.

  235. 235
    Somerset Resident says:

    A very depressing thought.

  236. 236
    Churchill a great Leader says:

    a true fact

    After D Day and France was liberated the allies moved on towards Germany. Churchill visited the Siegfried Line. While there a wicked smile came upon his face and he and the general Staff unzipped their flies …..wait for it!!.. WAIT FOR IT!!

    and pissed on the Siegfried line. Fact

    So the position is my view is quite apt and would have certainly have appealed to the sense of humour of the best PM we have ever had.

    Before anyone says he hid behind the lines he stated he wanted to be at DDay. King George V said tried to talk him out of it but could not. The king then said that as Winston was going then he therefore had to go also. Churchill would hear none of it as the King could have been killed. To which the King said well Winston, ”

    I have a replacement in the wings…you do not.”

    Churchill reluctantly remained in London and became the greatest of Britain’s.

  237. 237
    Royal Mail says:

    We tried to deliver them but you were out.

  238. 238
    Shite Dee says:

    I can get yer sum on the black market we all smoke em rand ere even though were skint and have to go to food banks etc etc e..

  239. 239
    Breaking News says:

    Danish authorities have downplayed rumors that Marius, the 2 year old Giraffe who was killed in Copenhagen earlier this week, had been sexually molested by EU president Herman van Rompuy.

    Zoo spokesman, Tobias Stenbaek Bro, has said on the record that such allegations are ‘complete fiction’, however admitted that Marius had been off his food and depressed in the weeks leading up to his termination.

    No one from the EU was immediately available for comment, but officers working on operation Yewtree have confirmed that they had received complaints from concerned members of the public.

    In other developments, S’ainsbury’s have announced that they are halting deliveries of their famous Giraffe bread and silk stockings to Brussels until further notice.

  240. 240
    The Indian Space Program says:

    How will we ever manage without him?

  241. 241
    British Bulldog says:

    Looks good!

    I hope they can add a new picture of Cameron storming to a majority in 2015. Keeping out Ed Miliband and the left-lurching Labour Party is a patriotic duty that would stir Lady T and Sir Winston alike.

  242. 242
    Lancastrian says:

    Well what did you expect putting a London luvvie in charge. PS You can never trust what a Yorkshireman says.

  243. 243
    Mornington Crescent says:


    Bland, joyless, soulless, anonymous. Perfect for a party led by Cameron and bankrolled by the likes of Ashcroft.

  244. 244
    Dear Rebekah says:

    Not true

    I put Dave’s wellies on regularly when I am not in the Box




  245. 245
    Oh!, go on,go on says:

    Surely he would do more good for the country if he went to India, for starters we would have less fkin photo ops from him in his newly bought wellies.

  246. 246
    British Bulldog says:

    Who people expect the State to provide them with sandbags?

    Show some resilience and order some sand yourself. The entitlement culture goes from benefits to sandbags. Disgusting.

  247. 247
    Anonymous says:

    one comment to one term


    Signed through the back door by Labour. Just a tidying up exercise and remember it was stated when refused the first time nothing changed on the second except the title

    So fuck off

  248. 248
    THE TRUTH IS OUT says:

    The truth was actually broadcast on PM this evening.

    The floods are not even serious as floods go, just 500 houses affected, the media and Politicians have hyped it out of all proportion.

    The run of wet weather caused by the jet stream tracking a bit further South than usual due to low solar activity which was last seen in the little ice age.

    And this was by a BBC climate expert who studies these things

  249. 249
    Universal Hiss says:

    Do sandbags actually do anything?

    Real question. Seems rather pointless. 6″ sandbag 2″ water might be good. 6″ sandbag 7″ water total rubbish.

    Water is really good at going round sandbags too.

  250. 250
    Taxpayer says:

    Are you describing the Chipping Norton Set?

    They are throwing hunt Ball this evening

    It’s piano wire time

  251. 251
    Ah! Getting a grip at last says:

    David Cameron has warned that if the floods are allowed to reach cemeteries, heads will roll.

  252. 252
    Universal Hiss says:

    You’re easily pleased.

  253. 253
    Anonymous says:

    how does Abu Qatada manage to own a detached house in Harrow when those that are true Brits work bloody hard and get ripped of by the train companies and taxes yet have to commute and could never dream of living in such an area let alone house?

  254. 254
    Lancastrian says:

    Further you lossed the 1485 in the Battle of Bosworth Field. You will get over it after many a day. Stop trying to make a martyr out of your last leader Richard Plantagenet the nephew killer.

  255. 255
    The Referendum Lies and Gay Marriage says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  256. 256

    George Clooney’s main residence is in Los Angeles. So let’s start there.

    The Getty Villa is at 17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades. I have been there and it is beautiful. The only trouble is that it is stuffed inside and outside with both Greek and Roman treasures. They were all paid for. There are no allegations of theft.

    Notwithstanding that, one may presume, using the same argument, that these should all be returned too.

    This is just a start and I shall refer to some more treasures, in California and the USA, in a while.

  257. 257
    Podiceps says:

    The main flaw in this scenario is the left-lurching Conservative Party.

  258. 258
    seems Like a Nice Boy says:

  259. 259
    Sally Bercow says:

    What gift does one have to give on Valentine’s to get anal?

  260. 260
    Shareholder says:

    + 1000

    Jail the extorting bastards

    RBS was organised crime – probably still is

    Their thieving is documented

    Or has the Rule of Law broken down in Britain

  261. 261
    Labours Winter of Discontent says:

    Ha wouldn’t happen to us we didn’t even bury them hahahaha

  262. 262
    Jack the Ripper says:

    You’ll have to ask Merkel where she threw them.

  263. 263
    Henry and co says:

    Aquitaine back to the English King

  264. 264
    Cockney says:

    your having a giraffe

  265. 265
    The Gay Marriage Twat Doesn't Care About God's Acre says:

    That’s a bit stiff

  266. 266
    We should be told says:

    Is he going to the local take away instead?

  267. 267
    Who is She? says:

    That woman with the red hands, who is she? She was Ed’s tour guide for the day and appeared in or near all his flood Holiday snaps.

  268. 268
    George of Winsor, Grandson of Charles says:

    Pay your taxes and sod your representation. Look where it has got you.

  269. 269
    Hey Ho says:

    the main flaw if UKIP who cant win fuckall where it matters and will let the marxist twat into No 10
    then UKIP become irrelevant

  270. 270
    Universal Hiss says:

    What a shame.

  271. 271
    Ed Soggyband says:

    Richard Ashcroft? Something’s humming, but it’s only Ed’s underpants

  272. 272
    When Chuka is PM.... says:

  273. 273
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Surely a phone box would be big enough?

  274. 274
    UN Observer says:

    We signed Treaties old chap

    You should have listened when de Gaulle slammed the door in Britain

    But you came knocking

    Entirely your own fault

    Stop complaining and get a life

    PS Clean up the Cesspit City while you are at it – London is worse than Palermo nowadays

  275. 275
    The short answer says:


  276. 276
    dont call me Surely says:

    I mean stop just one moment. Whatever party you are surely, surely we cannot elect this absolute moron to No 10. Yeah Brown got it by default but FFS pleasssseee this muppet would be absolutely ridiculous. All he needs now is to be caught holding a banana

    Wheres Ed BALLS by the way. Ignore him at your peril

  277. 277
    Loot, looters and receiving says:

    Paid for? Paid off a smuggler more likely.

  278. 278
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Whilst what you say is very likely true, the problem with these situations is that there is reality, and there is perception and mood.

    The reality is that right now nothing can be done. Infinite amounts of money will not fix the problem immediately. All that can happen is to wait for nature to take its course and then ensure that the preventive practices which had been stopped by the EA under previous Labour government and not resumed under the coalition are restarted tout suite. Will take a few years to fix, but next year the risk should be lower.

    Cameron is fully culpable as he has totally mis-managed things in particular over the past 5 months or so: Those things include his own image.

    Quick run down – and these are concerns from the right not the left:

    i) Syr!a – rush to war
    ii) Pleb Gate / Failure on EU Referendum / messing about with immigration bill / R’omania + B’ulgaria immigration / not handling the EU properly.
    iii) A lot of shit in December, topped off with a photo op to sell help to buy with an estate agent, and global warming lies being fully outed.
    iv) More shit throughout January, culminating in the floods, which brings us to now.

    If Cameron was really on top of things and deserving of respect as a regular person, let alone a leader, then he would have perhaps done something to change his tack after the Syr!a debacle.

    He hasn’t.

    He has already lost to UKIP, and now it is just a waiting game until he goes.

    His real problem is that he has pushed things so far that even if he did produce a magic wand and fix everything overnight (which is impossible, in his defence), that still would not change the situation he is in now, or repair his political / personal credibility in the eyes of the country.

    Miliband and Clegg are really not that far behind him – Miliband’s only defence is that he is not in office at present. However, in opposition, he did worst than fuck all by not highlighting the problem.

    UKIP in the mean time are gaining much more support right now.

  279. 279
    Anonymous says:

    he looks like he is doing like pelvic thrusts at that woman similar to the Flier Slackbladder

  280. 280
    Bob Crow says:

    I surrender

  281. 281
    Wikipedia says:

    Charles De Gaulle insisted that a brand new french franc be issued BEFORE the invasion and that only that money, issued by him, would be acceptable by any allied troops in France.
    Naturally Britain would print the money at our expense and de Gaulle would set the exchange rate.

    All this was just a few days before the invasion. If the demands were not met then French troops could not participate in D-Day.

    Winston told him to get stuffed.

    During the general conversation which followed with those present, de Gaulle was involved in an angry exchange with the Labour minister, Ernest Bevin, and, raising his concerns about the validity of the new currency to be circulated by the Allies after the liberation, de Gaulle commented scornfully, “go and wage war with your false money”. De Gaulle was much concerned that an American takeover of the French administration would just provoke a communist uprising.

    Churchill then also lost his temper, saying that Britain could not act separately from America, and that under the circumstances, if they had to choose between France and the U.S., Britain would always choose the latter. De Gaulle replied that he realised that this would always be the case. The next day, de Gaulle refused to address the French nation because the script again made no mention of his being the legitimate interim ruler of France. It instructed the French people to obey Allied military authorities until elections could be held, and so the row continued, with de Gaulle calling Churchill a “gangster”. Churchill in turn accused the general of treason in the height of battle, and demanded he be flown back to Algiers “in chains if necessary”.

  282. 282
    Ed, looking concerned says:

    Where are all the TV people, journos and cameras? What kind of shit photo-opp is this?

  283. 283
    Ex Tory supporter says:

    I quite agree

    There must have been a dirty deal when they sold Smith Square

    It has real history – and now they have a steel and glass biscuit box

    No soul, no spirit, no class and no future

    Rather like the Tory Party since Empty PR Conman Cammy took over

  284. 284
    Universal Hiss says:

    Although I take your general point,I’m glad you won’t be there if I call 999 with a fire in the house or a heart attack victim.

    I’ve yet to see a privatized fire service & BUPA et al don’t do call outs do they?

  285. 285
    Lateral Thinking says:

    Judging by how Ed looked so stiff in all his photo’s today, I would say she was probably his fluffer.

  286. 286
    Fuck you chuckka says:

    Interesting that a leftie should say this and given that they seem to lose every PMQ’s and debate therein.

    If you cannot win shut them up. A true Marxist, communist view indeed.

  287. 287
    paul Merton's joke book says:

    Bloke sat behind a giraffe in the cinema.

    “Oi, spotty ..I can’t see”
    “Sorry mate – but I’m a giraffe! I have a long neck.”
    “Well at least take your hat off”

  288. 288
    McShame says:

    I couldn’t even get my head in there

  289. 289
    receive and bathe says:

    I like the bubbles tickling against my skin. I only order 500 a month only twice what young kids drink. Only a little luxury.

  290. 290
    The Indian government says:

    Who is this bloke who’s not now coming? Did you know he was coming? Is he a friend of somebody? Are we supposed to pick him up from the airport?

  291. 291
    K'eep C'alm, V'ote U'KIP says:

    All the more reason for you to Vote UKIP.

  292. 292
    Its a beybee its a baybee Kay Burtley says:

    we seem to be having an issue with our equipment

  293. 293

    The Getty Museum is at 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA.

    I have been there too. It is also beautiful.

    The only trouble is that it is stuffed inside with European paintings, drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts dating back to the 8th century. A few pieces from the collection of 44,000 Greek and Roman pieces at the Villa are always on display too. They were all paid for. There are no allegations of theft.

    Notwithstanding that, one may presume, using the same argument which Mr Clooney proposes, that these should all be returned too.

    I have not finished. Not even in LA. Not in California. Not in the USA.

  294. 294
    Aloysius says:

    Not only can they swim, they’ve also got a club:


  295. 295
    New York Times editor says:

    Hello Tom

    When are you going to leak the next episode of the Tony Blair/Wendi saga?

    You must like character assassination by leaks and smeaars no?

  296. 296
    John Bercow's pants says:


  297. 297
    S-stutter says:

    They can both f-fade away, as far as I’m concerned.

  298. 298

    The Getty Museum is at 1200 Getty Center Drіve, Los Angeles, CA.

    I have been there too. It is also beautiful.

    The only trouble is that it is stuffed inside with European paintings, drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts dating back to the 8th century. A few pieces from the collection of 44,000 Greek and Roman pieces at the Villa are always on display too. They were all paid for. There are no allegations of theft.

    Notwithstanding that, one may presume, using the same argument which Mr Clooney proposes, that these should all be returned too.

    I have not finished. Not even in LA. Not in California. Not in the USA.

  299. 299
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    It does happen. Think more of landslides in areas where there are burial sites on the side of a hill.

    Happened in Leigh on Sea I think a few years back.

    Oh – and it was nothing to do with global warming, just natural land slip after some rain…

  300. 300
    A sith lord amongst us. says:

    This is “Jimmy says” captured on film. Who is the one with the nasal talking problem? Miliband?

  301. 301
    Harrison says:

    Yes, it should just be an hour of slow panning shots of a beautifully lit Chuka Umunna.

  302. 302
    Students, enrolled for another 18 months says:

    we will vote you out.

  303. 303
    Excalibur back from Down Under says:

    So as Cameron worries about floods hitting London voters (it was not a problem in LibDum zummerzet ), suddenly we are a rich nation who can afford anything needed. Strange then that we have had to put up with years of pulling on the rope together, subsidising immigrant lives and foreign offspring and paying muzzle countries anything to stop them bomb’ing us.

    Time to get real and start from a new base where Brits come first.

  304. 304
    Editor of Titler glossy mag says:

    She looks like Higella’s younger sister

  305. 305
    Lord Howell says:

    Most successful minister ever is back.

  306. 306
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Only 3 men had any knowledge of what is going on in the history of climate/weather.

    1. Milankovic – mathematician who showed the correlation of the ice ages/warm periods with the cycles of orbital dynamics of the earth-moon-sun system (i.e. variations in the earth’s axial tilt and its precession every 26000 years and the longer term precession of the earth’s elliptical orbit.)

    2. Maunder – solar astronomer who noted the correlation of the little ice age in the 17th century with the complete lack of sunspots during the period. The so called Maunder minimum.

    3. Lorentz – mathematical physicist who showed that the equations used by weather forecasters to model the weather are chaotic, meaning that a infinitesimal error in the initial conditions mean that no model no matter how powerful the computer its run on or how accurately you measure the initial conditions (pressure,temperature etc.) can predict the weather with any accuracy beyond about 14 days.

  307. 307

    The Norton Simon Museum is in Pasadena, within LA county. It only boasts 12,000 items.

    Yes, I have been there as well. It is also beautiful.

    Art and sculpture from the 14th century onwards. They were all paid for. There are no allegations of theft.

    Notwithstanding that, one may presume, using the same argument as the Loony Mr Clooney, that these should all be returned too.

    I have still not finished.

    How is that idea going, George?

  308. 308
    Cynic says:

    I feel that you may be over-emphasising the impact of the help to buy fiasco, but otherwise, this is a fair summary.

    The danger with a leader who realises that ‘he has pushed things so far that even if he did produce a magic wand and fix everything overnight (which is impossible, in his defence), that still would not change the situation he is in now, or repair his political / personal credibility in the eyes of the country’, is that two or three years into their term of office, many leaders are mad enough to make the attempt.

    This, as often as not, in a British context, involves trying to fix a foreign policy problem in a spectacular way, which frequently means threatening force.

  309. 309
    Podiceps says:

    He’d light quite easily, I think.

  310. 310
    Anonymous says:

    Close but no chapati.

  311. 311
    Anon says:

    Yes, both George and Dave have been successful – at conning the voters and getting into power without a majority.

    P.S: If you are that powerful, why use cyberspace to vent your frustrations at the way the internet gives a voice to people?

  312. 312
    sending work aboard says:

    Call center work. Max telephone rate would make their advice excellent value for money.

  313. 313
    Historian says:

    57% of Londoners are foreigners

    It’ too late to turn the clock back

    Britain is already globalised without apparently realising it

    No one gives a shit what a minority of a minority thinks or wants

    People like Cameron and Millie are just there to serve one term before pimping themselves to any diubtful bidders – following in the sordid steps of Blair

  314. 314
    Mary Tudor says:

    The Frogs should return Calais to the British Crown

  315. 315

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art is on Wilshire Boulevard in LA.

    One would struggle to call it beautiful but the 100,000 piece collection is a fine one. Of course, I have been there.

    One of the structures is called the Ahmanson Building. On its second floor is the ancient Greek and Roman art collection which was donated by William Randolph Hearst, after WW2, and subsequently added to.

    You may be getting the picture by now, George. They have all got to go back…

    There is more.

  316. 316
    Stranger things have happened at sea says:

    They should be more worried about the British public shutting down the British political parties.

  317. 317
    Rex Mundi says:

    Are those the thousands killed at North Staffordshire Trust or are you just talking deluded garbage

  318. 318

    San Antonio Museum of Art is in Texas

    Naturally, I have been there. Masses of Greek, Roman and Egyptian.

    Bye bye to all of it.

    George! Are you still there?

  319. 319

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art with its vast collections of Greek and Roman Art.

    It is going to look awful empty there, George!

  320. 320
    Winnie Mandela says:

    I’d chain him to a tyre and add a gallon of petrol. Just to be sure.

  321. 321
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The only safe thing about Dave is that he errs on the side of doing nothing.

    Mentioned the Estate Agent Photo shoot as that is perhaps a factor in why he has been camera shy, and unwilling to go out in public before the camera’s. I suspect that Dave generally only does ‘rigged’ photo ops.

    He also got chased off in Kent shortly after for being useless on a photo op there when they had some flooding.

    If he had gone out when the problem became apparent, taken a bit of flak, but stood strong and showed he was with the people – maybe take direct control of the Environment Agency problem and make that an organization to sort out before he leaves office, he could have turned all that around.

    It is the apparent lack of interest, and the apparent lack of motivation to get to grips with real problems that are alienating the public.

    In a way he is doing the UK public a favor. It is better if they become less dependent on central government and more self reliant, much needed if government is going to be reduced in size.

    The problem he has if this is his deeper thinking (which I do seriously doubt) is that people have paid for government to do certain things, and are now finding out rather directly that they have been lied to. And then Dave follows through with a clear second lie about climate change.

    Other than the EU b/s – the flooding at present is all about pushing up insurance premiums.

    People should be preparing for another major stock market drop when the insurance companies have to free up capital to cover the claims which will be coming there way over the next few months.

    That could derail the myth of recovery which has been peddled recently.

  322. 322

    Did I mention the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC? :-)


  323. 323
    Anonymous says:

    Nick clegg visited yesterday. They have been flooded for weeks.
    Now this…

  324. 324
    Red Gloves says:

    How many times a day does he need to stuff a sock down his trousers?

  325. 325
    Anonymous says:

    They are trying to raise cash for themselves on the back of the floods. Shameless.

  326. 326

    There are hundreds of others. When you have given the contents of all those back, don’t forget to return all those lands you stole from the Red Indians before you make your sorry way back home, all 300 million of you, George.

    BTW Wanna buy a nice pad? Three beds and two loos (bathrooms to you.) Will cost you a few mill.

  327. 327
    Anon says:

    Could this be why the Guardian (and Channel 4 News) should “prattle on” about climate change?

  328. 328
    The British media are cunts says:

    Yes but if you’re a lefty shit stabber who likes bumming small kids that makes you an expert in everything, especially climate change.

  329. 329
    The British media are cunts says:

    57%? Have you been to London lately? It’s more like 90% foreign.

  330. 330
    I've got no loo anymore says:

    Nice. It will really hit the fan if there’s a cholera epidemic.

  331. 331
    Mr Nobody says:

    If you were to put Mr Bean on a pantomime horse and enter him into the Grand National he’d probably make a better fist of it than Miliband is of leading Labour.

    Just what the bloody hell was that utter dipstick Ed doing today? A useless cretin parachuted in just to put in an appearance for the news and more of a hindrance than any sort of help. Where will his focus group send him tomorrow?

    Come on Labour, pull yourselves together and ditch this twonk.

  332. 332
    Anon says:

    Despite the subject being the new Tory HQ, and most of the talk being about floods, isn’t it strange how someone always manages to mention the EU?

  333. 333
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Yes but it should provide a boost in the local economy as the households affected by the floods spend the insurance money on repairs/replacement items (carpets,furniture etc.).

    It will see a transfer of money from insurance company profits to the local retail/service sector in the run-up to the election thus providing a further boost to jobs and growth.

    It should work in the Tories favour :-)

  334. 334
    EU says:

    We had him neck nominated.

  335. 335
    Hey around the corner you hoo! says:

    Whats the money for, to buy some dredging equipment or to buy a good lawyer, because when the floods go down a bit the good people of Somerset will not be looking for scapegoats but for the Libcrap party who let them down.

  336. 336
    The first elected minister for EU is... says:

    No British Elections, only European for pan-European party. We will only vote something we can possibly recognize, accepted by all, probably football related term.

    Berlusconi is making a come back as Europe’s first Prime Minister. Nigel Farage would very much go along with that.

  337. 337
    UKIP or bust says:

    Oh, how well I remember the fancy sock man Jon Snow standing in a dry basin with his ugly old boat all screwed up, snarling and snapping about climate change and how we all must have hosepipe ban’s.
    February 21, 2012
    This was what the experts were saying then.
    “Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman declared that after two dry winters, South-east England is officially in a drought.

    East Anglia has been in the grip of a drought since last autumn. Next month the Environment Agency is to name more areas under threat.

    It is also planning for what the water industry would see as a nightmare scenario – three dry winters in succession.”


  338. 338
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Behind every single top banker in the UK who has never had his collar felt ‘properly’ for blatant fraud and corruption – are legions of legals unlawfully protecting them.

    To say that the most senior members of the judiciary (going back decades) have been complicit and acting ‘in concert’ with the bankers in protecting the banks for their rampant thieving in a conspiracy against the uninformed public who are considered ‘fair game’ by the worlds shysters is only the tip of the iceberg and of the flood that is going to darken all of their lives.

    RB of S faced off in the ‘Strand’ a ‘winding up order’ because they were insolvent back in 2007. They are all going to reap what they have sown – and not befor due time.

  339. 339

    Jimmy, you are wasted – here.

  340. 340
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    That’s not a sock, he’s got an horizontal dick.

  341. 341
    Mr Nobody says:


    How in the name of all that is brown and less than fragrant did Labour come to be led by this abominable fumbling photo-opportunist of an ass-hat?

    Pray tell, are Labour genuinely intending to present this arse at a general election? What are they saying exactly? Are they effectively mooning the UK?

  342. 342
    Anon says:

    All the rich (but wet and flooded) backers of cuts to the Council Tax must be wondering – was it such a great policy after all?

  343. 343
    chuntney monkey says:

    the only way that socialism may work is to kill everyone until only a pair of identical twins are left living.

  344. 344
    cornwall storms says:

    CCHQ welcomes visitors with Thatcher and Churchill .

    What does labour’s HQ welcome visitors with? the economically illliterate gordon and balls, the dithering miliband and the w a r m o n g e r i n g bliar?

  345. 345
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Can we return the nomad moneygrubbers back to the pale from whence they came – and bomb the fuckers?

  346. 346
    Londoner says:

    Sometimes it’s higher than that.

  347. 347
    Ed Miliband says:

    Quick, kick a few dustbins over so I can be filmed picking one of them up for News at Ten. Then bring in one of the supporters we helicoptered in so I be seen talking to someone and looking important!

  348. 348
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Government – proper government has ceased to exist much less function. If the old brigade of tories who allowed blair to get away with his murderous acts against humanity cannot bring themselves to admit they were fooled / duped by him – they are all equally culpable for his crimes as well … WHILE THE GENERAL PUBLIC – are not guilty of anything.

  349. 349
  350. 350
  351. 351
    Chillaxed Dave says:

    As soon as the sirens went off around COBRA, I knew it could only mean one thing – there were toffs in trouble.

  352. 352
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Jimmy is always wasted :-)

  353. 353
    Lloyd George knew my father says:

    And Jock Colville WSC’s faithful Private Secretary ensured that the latter order was never executed

    Because WSC was too drunk when he gave it…

  354. 354
    Big Farmer says:

    Hey, I only live the wrong side of the Pennines. Doesn’t mean I come from there…

  355. 355
    Lampshade says:

    As soon as I heard there was to be a meeting of COBRA I knew that something very trivial was about to be undertaken by some very trivial people.

  356. 356
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The people of Somerset have suffered enough.

  357. 357
    Lloyd George knew my father says:


  358. 358
    Lampshade says:

    If that were true and the state had shrunk, I might think it was worth it, but sadly, the state is bigger than ever. The national debt and and our tax bills continue to be massive. In return, we get bumbling, self-aggrandizement and incompetence from the so-called ‘leaders’ in our public services.

  359. 359
    Lloyd George knew my father says:

    + 1000

    But Cameron has destroyed the “old brigade of Tories”

    Hence the vacuum in British politics created by discredited Labour/Libdem/”modern” Tory parties just in the game to see how much they milk the system

    And the vacuun being – sort of – filled by UKIP

    But UKIP has come 20 years too late and will never be strong enough to win in FPTP

    So the future is rather depressing unless there is a real revolution which seems difficult…

  360. 360
    Speechwriter says:

    Instead os saying we are being conned

    We should now say we are being Cobraed

  361. 361
    Anon says:

    Clearly, many of these people have done very nicely – many due to on-going bonuses and tax avoidance. So do the likes of you really believe that people – many suffering low wages and/or cut backs – will feel sorry for the bankers and their greedy friends in the City?

  362. 362
    Millitwatery says:

    no don’t
    he prevents single highhandedly a utter catastrophe is Labour getting in after 2015

  363. 363
    what have we done to these tossers in charge says:

    Camoron, the favourite words we have heard for years from these vile politicians, “lessons will be learn’t” another depressing spinner in charge, god help us, it’s going to be long long time until May 2015, vote UKIP they can’t be as bad as the LibLabCons, can they?.

  364. 364
    Millitwatery says:

    no one has ever in the history of elections won from the position Cameron was in. You know that though already.

    Just sick of that bullshit being pedaled all the time because its bullshit. To win against gerrymandered seats would have put Cameron in the Guniness book of records

    The odds were always stacked against him based on Scotland and the red rose donkey benefit vote. You already knew that though as a leftie shrill

  365. 365
    The British media are cunts says:

    There’s a professor doing a tour of the media from Reading University pointing out you can’t link the current bad weather to climate change. He’s been on Sky and AlJazeera.

    Guess what? He’s not been in the BBC or Channel 4 news. I wonder why?

  366. 366
    Sock Puppet's says:

    He constantly does contact sport by wanking always, but mainly to the left.

  367. 367
    Anonymous says:

    bollocks it negates nothing. you cannot correct what we were saying was going wrong in 2003 in only 3 years while getting to grips with the massive issues left by Labour.

    We told them they ignored us

  368. 368
    Anonymous says:

    we did Labour ignored us

  369. 369
    Anonymous says:

    evidence for this or perhaps you talk bollocks , perhaps it was just hard fucking work


  370. 370
    Anon says:

    Bet the Tories made sure that their new HQ was not built on a Flood Plain?

  371. 371
    UKIP or bust says:

    It really doesn’t matter about the British parliment, read the quote of the day, Goofy Ed, Shiney silver faced Dave, or the Dutchman, they are all the same Barroso’s fiddlling sticks.

    I only hope UKIP deliver otherwise it’s goodnight nurse.

  372. 372
    Speechwriter says:

    Excellent analyis

    To which I would add one point

    The whole Coulson Brooks story and its ramifications create a suspicion of deep corruption in Dave’s entourage

    Plus th role the appalling Blair has been playing with Cameron especially over Syria – people did not vote forbthe Tories to have more Blair

  373. 373
    Atlantis says:

    seriously they should have us in charge it would be sorted in a flash (flood)

  374. 374
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    I’m a dandy highwayman..

  375. 375
    UKIP or bust says:

    It is when it come to votes.

  376. 376
    Sandbag Truth says:

    I’ve given up counting the sandbags I’ve seem over the years that have been put down to stop the floods and never stop the floods. Why doesn’t someone stick his hand up and say ” Please sir, but isn’t sand porous?”.

  377. 377
    Anonymous says:


    It happened under Labour government with pyjama parties at Chequers?

  378. 378
    Anonymous says:

    they protect Millband from the bullets while he is engaged on a photo shoot. See up thread

  379. 379
    MI5 says:

    ALL the major US and UK banks were saved by the US Fed which is another highly dubious organisation – especially the Federal Reserve of New York which is actually controlled the the leading NY banks

    And the two TRILLION DOLLAR bailout by thr NY Fedcwas hidden from the public for 3 YEARS

    I have already put all the references on this site…

  380. 380
    Anonymous says:

    of course they complain in front of the cameras while.. err poncing around in their wellies

  381. 381
    Anon says:

    Churchill’s Finest Hour was when he stood up to the upper-classes (and Royals) that wanted to ‘cut a deal’ with Hitler. But please don’t gloss-over his mistakes.

  382. 382
    Anonymous says:

    above commenter at 286 is brain dead

  383. 383
    Political placard says:

    Somerset Lib Dems

    “Swimming here”

  384. 384
    MI5 says:


    And why do the Tories need a large new HQ?

    To fill it with worthless spinners, PR cnunts and pollsters

    They should all be sacked

    And election staff hires to run thevGenerao Election campaign

    Suc contract policy to think tanks

    End of story (and all this filthy corruptihg of the major parties)

  385. 385
    Anonymous says:

    no he said money would be no object

    well at least for once its goiing to the right people

  386. 386
    Anonymous says:

    so they were fucking sensible then. Whats your point?

  387. 387
    Anonymous says:

    The g@y Labour MP Ben Bradshaw on NN now talking about the floods.

  388. 388
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Bendover Bradshaw on Newsnight. What a wank stain.

  389. 389
    altruism in industry says:

    EU Commission vice president Viviane Reding can fuck off

  390. 390
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    i quote from a source (and very attentive of you to note i haven’t named it):-

    “Confidence trick? Will the British establishment, like Harold Wilson in 1975, pull off another loaded referendum victory?”

    “Won’t get fooled again?”

  391. 391
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Every Local Council in the UK is being run as a ‘criminal enterprise’ – they work in partnership with their local pigstabulary. Every pigstabulary in the the UK is corrupted by the fact that they are all private businesses who only seek profit – from the unsuspecting public.

    This country has become a judicial tyranny – wherein the judiciary are the ‘only appointed’ bastards who can call black white and white black as and when it suits ‘them’ and their lesser suborned political tribal monkey’s who need them (wiggs) in place to protect themselves MP’s. They are a mutually protective society (of the left and the right) of duplicitous bastards.

  392. 392
    Anon says:

    Do you really believe all that right-wing BS? For while it is likely to give someone a reasonable living, almost no one gets to be that rich by hard work alone – so it must be something else. Get lucky, be born rich, do someone down, rob, avoid taxes or become a Banker seem likely ways.

  393. 393
    The On High says:

    Verily the UKIP member was scorned as a prophet in his own country when prophesying retribution, gay marriage being sanctioned and yet, and yet, the land is truly covered in enormous flood and there be no end in sight.

  394. 394
    By golly..... says:

    The same Rana Kabbani who wrote articles for The Guardian?

  395. 395
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Sir David Omand was talking through his fucking Rse a few weeks ago when on CH4 news – it is fucking deluded and duped old boy gits like him who have steered this country into danger – because his ilk have had their heads up their rses for decades. Former second Sea Lord Rear admiral Brigstocke is just another head up his Rse deluded duped and so easily ‘fooled’ Rick P – he actually thinks he performs a ‘function’ of some worth … in his judicially appointed role … what he does not recognise is that he is just a deluded fucking ‘functionary’ of the marxist brothers.

  396. 396
    Wilson , Wilson , milk snatcher says:

    Wilson also stopped free school milk from secondary Schools in 1968 .

  397. 397
    And Who pays for the EU social fund? says:

  398. 398
    The British media are cunts says:

    More lefty bollocks from Newsnight. Trying to blame the Tories for the mess over the F35. In fact the fault is with the one eyed bum bandit from Fife who only wanted the carriers to be built with English taxes to make him look good. Had Labour built the carriers with cats and traps they’d have been able to fly a variety of aircraft off the carriers. Also it was the one eyed gayer who scrapped the Sea Harrier leaving the navy with no fixed wing aircraft, having to borrow the RAF Harrier which was totally unsuited for fleet defence.

  399. 399
  400. 400
    The British media are cunts says:

    They do stop bullets though.

  401. 401
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    The pa3dophiles were ‘getting’ away with it because of the tacit complicity of many members of the GLC as it was then known.

  402. 402
    A little old lady from Tooting Beck says:

    When the East End of London was repeatedly bombed Winston Churchill appeared among the people and was welcomed. Maggie Thatcher in her years did the same but for different issues and problems.

    Have we as a country and a people really lost this spirit? Have we lost the ability to deal with whatever is thrown at us we are unable to prevail.

    We are British and we will never ever surrender to any enemy or element

    FFS We survived the reign of terror 1997 – 2010 so compared to that anything else is a walk in the park.

  403. 403
    The British media are cunts says:

    As I pointed out gayers think sticking your cock up a mans anus makes you an expert on climate change.

  404. 404
    Wilson , Wilson , milk snatcher says:

    And dropping them off on the way back

  405. 405
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  406. 406
    The British media are cunts says:

    We give billions to the EU and get a fraction back. Only a lefty mong thinks that makes sense, but then agin look how they ran the economy for 13 years,

  407. 407
    the shoveler says:

    That’s why they put it in plastic bags….

  408. 408
    Britannia says:

    But we have been disarmed and the government are now our enemies.

  409. 409
    Fish says:

    If we all end up wearing hi viz jackets, how will we get spotted in a crowd?

  410. 410
    I says:

    Get a sense of perspective and you will be happier.

  411. 411
  412. 412
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    The latest legal b/s excuse being used to get away with downloading the wrong kinda stuff be it child or adult dirt is “I downloaded it by accident”

    e.g. Today’s Daily Mail Tuesday 11th Feb 2014

    However ………. the ruse / excuse started out when a bloke used the ‘excuse / ruse’ back in march 2013 – see the Dauily T’graph Sat March 9 2013 pg 17 over downloading adult porn.

    The key is the ruse of CLAIMING to be ‘downloading it BY ACCIDENT’. like f..k OFF – YOU LEGAL SHYSTERS – JUST FUCK RIGHT OFF.

  413. 413
    Only saying.... says:

    I am in the business of this area and I can tell you right now the following:

    Anyone that negotiated a contract that meant that it was MORE costly NOT to build the a ship , any ship than to actually build it would have been hung drawn, quartered, burnt at the stake, hung again, received a lethal injection, then another just in case, faced a firing squad, received the electric chair and finally dissected through a beef mincer before being finally dismissed for being the most useless waste of skin and oxygen thieving, waste of space that even came out of a gene pool with no pay and no pension.



  414. 414
    Fish says:

    We have become used to the Government solving all of our problems, making all of our decisions, bailing us out.

    This was the end product of the years of terror when empowerment and personal accountability was replaced by the Marxist big state and control freakery.

  415. 415
    Anonymous says:


  416. 416
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    The Tip of the iceberg – i bet he now wishes he had become the justice secretary / minister like ken clarke!?!?

  417. 417
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Lib Dummys

  418. 418
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    fuck off you Knobend – excuse merchant troll.

  419. 419
    Fish says:

    The Sloany Socialist, Rowenna Davies (PPC for Labour in Southampton) is doing the newspaper review on Sky in a minute.

    Always good for a laugh. So dim she’ll be on Labour’s front bench if she gets elected.

  420. 420
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    i will be happy when the craft and its equal and opposite common purpose are burned.

  421. 421
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    Lloyd George was an out and out ziozit, fuckwit, selfish, deluded – perhaps duped and blackmailed even Rsole.

  422. 422
    Ob says:

  423. 423
    Ob says:

  424. 424
    Ed Miliband stands next to a black man says:

  425. 425
    Liebour enemies of the people says:

    First thing the dimbo went on about was climate change, do these Liebour “brains” have a usb socket in thee back of the head so they can be reprogrammed with the correct answers before they go on telly,she’s become to “expert ” on everything except how to wear a microphone and how to stop waving her bloody hands everywhere.

  426. 426
    The British media are cunts says:

    If yo pu listen to the BBC you’d think the mong from Fife was never in charge and that the Tories ran everything from 1997, it’s like the BBC think we’re North Korea.

  427. 427
    Podiceps says:

    It’s happened already. When these things came in, they were worn only by people doing exposed and dangerous things like working in the middle of a busy road. And when you saw that bright yellow, you thought ‘My God, take care!’

    Now you get whole classes of schoolchildren wearing them just for a walk in the park. Workmen wear them inside houses — to avoid passing trains? There are even street signs that colour.

    And the result is that no one takes a blind bit of notice of hi-vis jackets now. All they show is that the wearer is under the control of the Borg.

  428. 428
    Ed's drainpipe trousers empty into his wellies says:

  429. 429
    non taxable pikey says:

    Lossed, is that from the local NW England vocabulary? If so you have lost the plot up there.

  430. 430
    non taxable pikey says:

    When it’s costing us a b,loody fortune on a daily basis I’ll mention it as often as I like.
    F’king Danegeld!

  431. 431
    non taxable pikey says:

    Even I have been there. Their roof leaked for a while thereafter.

  432. 432
    non taxable pikey says:

    Ah, the politics of envy.

  433. 433
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:


  434. 434
    non taxable pikey says:

    You know Bill I said just that to she who must be obeyed when we saw that clip. Lateral thinking always achieves the best result.

  435. 435
    Fish says:

    Spin doctor: Now Ed, can we have the mean and moody, Daniel Craig look….doesn’t matter if your really a Belgian….EXCELENT, THAT’S IT…but just point with that left hand will you.

    GREAT. Now say after me:

    I’m a little teapot, short and stout
    Here is my handle, here is my spout
    When I get all steamed up, hear me shout
    Just tip me over and pour me out!

  436. 436
    ChristoperBryant'sAnus says:

    Churchills and thatchers were enemies of socialisms

  437. 437
    Blowing Fairytales Away ... says:

    p.s. see Picture post circa 1936 … published into the public domain.

  438. 438
    Big Farmer says:

    Leaving out Arrhenius is a bit mean.

    He proposed the Greenhouse Effect in 1896, calculated climate sensitivity was about 2C per doubling of CO2, and thought that if we could cause such a thing, it would only do good…

  439. 439
    Big Farmer says:

    What I want to know is – where do they go after they’ve all been dished out?

    If I lived on a flood plain, I’d keep a stack in the shed just in case.

    Anyway, they only slow the progress of the water. You need sandbags AND a water pump.

  440. 440


  441. 441
    Casual Observer 6 says:


  442. 442
    Wolf-crier says:

    No witnesses. Why believe anything a Huhne says?

    If it happened, it might have been her dad expecting her to “get him off”

  443. 443

    If Cameron had the balls he could easily have cancelled any of these contracts that are obviously not in the public interest,

  444. 444

    Why do they imagine that by surrounding themselves with ‘ethnics ‘ it is going to endear them to the indigenous voters?

  445. 445
    New Statesman says:

    Whose look is Ed Miliband trying to copy ?

  446. 446
    Caption Competiton says:

    Ed: Look mate, I think you forgot your trousers.

  447. 447
    Papparazi says:

    Oi Ed ! Give me fear ! ** snap ** Cheers darlin’

  448. 448

    Just imagine the coverage if this piece of filth had been a UKIP councillor!

  449. 449
    oink says:

    so in the age of austerity Britain is a very rich country – maybe he means he is –


    cameron and the tories should resign being being liars as well as crap

  450. 450
    Questions of our time says:

    The essential question which has not been asked by the political chattering class is this:

    Who will be missing tomorrow’s PMQs because they will be crying in the toilet ?

  451. 451
    One Nation Ed Miliband says:

    Check out Ed’s upcoming new serious look:

    The empty space on the left is just itching to be filled with policies, and other reasons to Vote Labour.

  452. 452
    From all on the good ship lollipop farewell says:

    Shirley Temple RIP

    youngsters will never understand

  453. 453
    Floating voter never voting Labour says:

    sorry what? McDonalds?

    err…. I think there is one down there somewhere

  454. 454
    Anonymous says:

    by fuck I thought there was no way to provide a device that was needed to dry the hair and then here it is

    a mmm how much is it?

  455. 455
  456. 456
    Super - Wimp spotted says:

    you really have to imagine in that picture the superman music and a person looking for a vacant phone box

  457. 457
    You need to check your facts before shilling for the left says:

    Actually no he cannot easily cancel anything. That iss the problem here he is legally and commercially bound by the last government.

    well ok he’s not but the court expenses and damages would be absolutely horrific

    (think McRetard and carriers)

  458. 458
    In my view says:

    … needs a tap on the head…

  459. 459
    In my view says:

    Now that is callous…..

  460. 460
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Except the Earth has huge oceans and hordes of living creatures on it and a molten core with plate tectonics etc. You can’t use something as simple as a greenhouse in your garden and scale it up to model the Earth.

    Computer models are even worse and are subject to massive errors due to extrapolation from a tiny amount of data and therefore suffer from the butterfly effect (see Lorentz chaos theory).

  461. 461
    Anonymous says:

    I bet Labour love this after all

    1) it stalls any recovery so they can blame the government

    2 ) anything else

  462. 462
    In my view says:

    You forgot the greatest insult to us plebs – gay fucking marriage.

  463. 463
    In my view says:

    Yup, but please don’t forget that you lot up there were the ones who voted this cvnt into the HoC.

  464. 464
    In my view says:

    Ah! Ella and the Ink Spots would be proud of you grandad!

  465. 465
    A thief in the night says:

    … also sneakily signed by Brown AFTER he had been voted out of office and therefore had no legal authority to append his crayon mark on behalf of the UK.

    So wtf don’t our politicians and Qangos just tell the EU to effoff back to Brussels and mind their own effin business – and stop giving them all our money?

  466. 466
    Bluto says:

    Alway trying to indoctrinate the young.

  467. 467
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    With blood covered hands like that, she can only have been our Tone’s ex-political adviser.

  468. 468
    The Red Hand Gang from Streatham Common says:

    … turns people off politics etc ….

    Yes, Chucky just like your raving hypocrisy and oh so boring speeches.

  469. 469
    Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

    Cameron didn’t get us into an illegal war: Bush did that’s the difference

  470. 470
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    So if we paid more Council Tax it would stop raining?

    Tosser, all right.

  471. 471
    Stating the bleedin' obvious says:

    You describe the Labour Party very well

  472. 472
    M­a­­­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Jimmy Jock Juice, I suspect.

  473. 473
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    So, was the Vice-Admiral’s vice the Rear-Admiral’s rear?

  474. 474
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    So the fucking shysters who drew up these idiot contracts knew exactly what they were doing. Kerching!

    Now, when it makes eminent common sense to just tear the contracts up…. there is a teeny weeny clause hidden away on page 7,354, sub par 3(ii)v(a) of the contract setting out the possible legal problems such a decision might bring. Kerching! again.

    Now, just who should be first up against the wall this weekend?

  475. 475
    Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

    Cameron “has the direct authority to override anything he likes”.
    Typical Tory nonsense.
    Why would Dave override things he likes ??.

  476. 476
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    We still have sharped spears and pitchforks – and we are also probably among the best for urban guerrilla warfare if that is what the cvnts who ‘rule’ over us really want. The muzzies have shown us how relatively simple it is to severely damage specific targets….

  477. 477
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    Temple and Kojak – Lollipops United.

  478. 478
    Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

    “On the good ship Milliflop” ????????

  479. 479
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    Indeed, there are 60 odd million folk in this country, so just how do these airhead bimbos manage to get themselves chosen to demonstrate their stupidity and ignorance to the world? Is Owen Jones in charge of the PR department?

  480. 480
    The Red Hand Gang says:

    +1 LOL!!

  481. 481
    JH322049234-05324 says:

    What is it with lose/loose and now lossed?

    Are phonetics to blame? People did not used to do this – there is some arsehole pushing a trendy educational agenda somewhere with questions to answer.

    If it doesn’t stop I am going to loose it.

  482. 482
    The Pink Hand Gang says:

    +1 LoL

  483. 483
    The Pink Hand Gang says:

    Damn blog’s gone innumerate again. 473 and 5 were in response to McD remark at 446.

  484. 484
    Hodor says:


  485. 485
    Sally Bercow says:

    “Money is no object. We’re a rich country” says David Cameron. Brilliant. Stop cutting and start spending then you pillock of a Prime Minister !

  486. 486
    UKIP or bust says:

    Man in brown boots: “If that’s to deep for you sir, over there might suit you better, it’s a bit shallower”

  487. 487
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Ed “Twelvety” Balls must be doing the numbering :-)

  488. 488
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Dimmer than one of those new energy saving light bulb :-)

  489. 489

    Suspicion should have been aroused immediatey a Labour Government starts blowing money on the armed services , since when have they bothered in the past .
    These two carriers served a double purpose, firstly as a ‘make-work’ for Browns constituency ,and secondly to place a time bomb in the defence budget that could only be de -fused by embarking on massive cuts, thus leaving the services a toothless shadow of their Former selves.
    Surely these are sufficient grounds to cancel this project and tell the contractors tough luck .

  490. 490
    Spartacus says:

    and your point is?

  491. 491
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Morning all, everyone alright? You look alright.

  492. 492
    R. Youshore says:

  493. 493
    Owen Jones says:

    David Cameron says “money no object” for flood help, now Guido Fawkes says “no blank cheque” – who is right?

  494. 494
    JH322049234-05324 says:

    If moisturiser and scalp-sheen is flammable, I’d stand well beck when he goes up.

  495. 495
    Hah! says:

    ….your money or your life!

  496. 496
    JH322049234-05324 says:

    What a fucking nerd.

    The more people see of this guy, the better.

  497. 497
    Thames Valley Residents says:

    Where is Vaz?? There are so many cameras and TV teams here but we can’t see Vazoline. Can anyone help?

  498. 498
  499. 499
    Skeleton Bob says:

    Yes it is not as if we are drowning in debt, you silly cnt.

  500. 500
    EU to me says:

    Welcome to the Britain you lot the EU created commissioner, not nice when you are personally affected is it, now buzz off to your masters and put in an over bloated claim on your over bloated expenses.

  501. 501
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    Has the self-styled TaxPayers’ Alliance condemned Dave “money is no object” Cameron? Usually fast to attack public spending.

  502. 502
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    I see the Su Burrows show continues on the news but still no coverage of Milliband getting chastised by the Reading Mp.

  503. 503
    Anonymous says:

    Well we now have more spears than thanks to immigration.

  504. 504
    I don't have a dream or a wet bed says:

    Seems the Somerset Levels as far as the media is concerned has had it 24hours of news, so now they are up and down by the Thames, why bother, just go onto the English Heritage site, Britain from the air and you can look at the 1947 floods along the Thames, that’s the trouble with repeats, much the same.

  505. 505
    Horizontal Man says:

    Are you still the Vertical Man?

  506. 506
  507. 507
    Rightwinggit says:

    Scargill obtained 98% agreement during negotiations with the then government, but STILL went ahead with the strikes, thus leaving the pits to stand, and therefore become unworkable.

    His lords and masters didn’t want the UK to be self sufficient.

  508. 508
    Big Farmer says:

    Obviously. There wouldn’t be any free oxygen (how weird that we have such a reactive gas wandering about in the atmosphere) without cyanobacteria.

    But he did work out why the earth isn’t 20C colder, and for that you have to give him credit.

    Note that he thought a warmer world would be GOOD.

  509. 509

    They never object to proper spending only to waste.!

  510. 510
    Anon says:

    Having looked after their own self-interest, it’s a shame the Tories did not give the same consideration when allowing homes to be built on Flood Plains. Is not that Sucking Fensible?

  511. 511
    Anonymous says:

    And you lot claim that lefties are vile and evil.

  512. 512
    Anonymous says:

    But what about the private health firms that, having given money to the Tory Party, have been rewarded with £1.5 billion worth of NHS contracts?

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