February 11th, 2014

Flood Hit MP Asks Miliband: Why are You Actually Here?

Ed was confronted by an angry Reading resident on his travels this morning. Click below to see what happened:

Better late than never Ed might say, but Tory MP Alok Sharma’s question of what he was actually doing there is a fair one…


  1. 1
    Nigel Nigel Nigel says:

    He actually meant “why are you here on earth you useless, no necked wanker” but that bit was edited out.


    • 6
      Girls on Film says:

      On the Video of the clash. Miliband walks away saying Shit.


    • 12
      The Time is not Now and it Never is says:

      Why is now not the time to talk about Dredging? I can’t think of a better time.

      It’s like the Europhiles saying now is noit the time to have an EU referendum.


    • 36
      drowning street says:

      waving – actually


      • 78
        broderick crawford says:



        • 97
          Tom says:

          Alok Sharma is a knob of the highest order.

          He voted FOR cuts to flood defences, and then cruising about on a press the flesh opportunity himself uses it to brown nose the powers that be at CCHQ.

          Wanker calling a wanker a tosser situation.


    • 75
      Jeremiah says:

      Young Teddy thought I might as well go to see the floods the other lot have been 3 weeks before they turned up knowingly nodding their heads, photo ops, then bogging off so I might as well make an appearance, might get a photo myself, who knows.


    • 76
      broderick crawford says:

      i did not know milliband had no neck ….. .how does his food and drink intake finally reach his large intestine ? …is he tube fed through tbe solar plexus to save time ??


    • 106
      Suzie says:

      We ask that every day?


  2. 2
    Tooth fairy says:

    wun wabbit wun.


    • 21
      Toading Newsnight says:

      Toading Paxman interview (monday) of Toad Smith did not cover: Norfolk Broads minimal problems and no EA influence. Somerset Levels OK for 350 years, from bad 2010,11,12 to now under EA being main player. Flooding problem has grown. Offer public bodies, monies collected by who is responsible? Smith this is your only reason for being in the EA. Responsibility of maintaining the pumps was never discussed. In the 70s and 80s they lowered the water table excessively from a twitches prospective. Impact of EU farming policies not mentioned. Put in an agreed pumping regime. What is it? Did Smith only appear on Newsnight having cleared what questions were to be put?


      • 32
        Shallow end says:

        Hammond showed a greater grasp of detail than either Paxman, Newsnight researcher and Smith all together.


      • 84
        El Sid says:

        The fact that this rain has all come from the west and so Norfolk has had normal amounts of rain this winter, whereas Somerset has had more than double the normal amount might be the reason there’s been no flooding in the Broads.


    • 114
      Bosun says:



  3. 3
    Tom from Burnham on Sea says:

    Get filling them sandbags boy.


    • 99
      John says:

      Use *him* as a sandbag – finally something he could actually be qualified for, except that he’s so fucking wet he’d probably add to the water table.


  4. 4
    Guido Forks says:

    To get votes?


  5. 5
    BC says:

    They are ALL to f***ing late ! What a show of utter incompetence.

    Who was it said we are now a third world country – Oh f**k, it was me !


  6. 7
    Steve Miliband says:

    That’s what they say when the Shadow Cabinet meets


    • 27
      Celebrity style presentation first says:

      And when Blairs cabinet met. Remember IRAQ, one two hour and one one hour full cabinet meetings. Cut their salary to ordinary MP.


  7. 8
    GAS says:

    Don’t remember you expressing the same sentiments about Farage


  8. 9
    Tom King from Bridgwater says:

    Is there any Leader of any British political party who understands that it is normal for land lying by the Rivers Severn and Wye to periodically flood ?


  9. 10
    Penfold says:

    Box ticking from Red Ed, seen the floods, spoke to the people……..TWAT.


  10. 11
    Podiceps says:

    Will someone please make a loop of 1’12″ to 1’14″?


  11. 14
    lLuckyian Burger says:

    Millitwits Rochdale moment its all Sues fault!


  12. 15
    i don't need no doctor says:

    Did Miliband advise Sharma in advance that he would be visiting his constituency?


  13. 17
    Just askin, because no one else does? says:

    Is Ed going to build those 200000 houses a year on flood plains?


    • 22
      blog regular says:

      If that’s where the immigrants are going to live then I’m all for it. I hear black people swim like bricks.


      • 29
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        This is when immigrants come into their own because they always buy old property in poor areas which the locals do not want .


        • 34
          A Smackhead from Benefits Street says:

          Oh yeah, that is why Kensington High Street is choc a bloc with Arabs and Orientals and African Queens.


        • 73
          Anonymous says:

          Correction most people can’t even afford to buy even the cheapest whereas a immigrant is able to.


      • 38
        Anonymous says:

        Not if they have been taking swimming lessons courtesy of Nelson Mandela and his ex wife as the burning tire around their neck keeps them nice and buoyant.


        • 58
          Brittania says:

          …I haven’t seen any effnics on telly recently,apart from the beneficial,contributing effnics doing an English test,that this country benefits so much from,with the rich diversity and lovely multi ethnic people,who love this country so much,they will do the right and honest thing for this country,which we benefit from so much……Lookout…….FLOOD …of immys’


  14. 18
    Anonymous says:

    As in the great Miliband egg attack, (http://order-order.com/2013/08/14/the-line-of-duty/) his spinner is standing there with a rueful grin.


    • 69
      Blodwen says:

      Indeed. You can see ‘train crash’ all over his face. He had the demeanour of ‘anywhere else but here’.


  15. 19
    The Greater Good says:

    Most people have not been flooded. Those that have been flooded say it has never been this bad before.

    It does make one ask if those affected have had it worse because of the defences around those not flooded.


    • 42
      Tom from Burnham on Sea says:

      Once a year I hire a JCB and dig out a ditch and pile the earth high up .

      I put plastic sheeting against the brickwork when there is any bad rains forecast.

      Keep the Environment Agency away from me.

      If they have brand spanking new offices in Bristol how about converting them into flats for the immigrants.


  16. 23
    i don't need no doctor says:

    How much fossil fuel was being consumed in the time before Moses built his Ark ready for the great flood. Was there man made climate change during that time?


  17. 24
    MyWatersAreRising says:

    Did Ed by any chance leave the microphone on when he got back in the car?


  18. 33
    burn them in their sleep says:

    The government and the quangocrats have made it clear that they don’t give a fuck about us. The more the country crumbles the more they will yell Global Warming and demand even more of our money for even less service. We are at the point where a crappy but functional democracy is transforming into a mafia society. Farage can’t help because even if he was PM the civil service would sabotage and undermine everything he tries to do with the BBC and other channels waging a 24/7 propaganda war supporting them.


    • 72
      Fly on the wall says:

      If he was PM, his very first task should be to close every single ministry and qango (including the BBC) and start again with hand picked people. We only really need four or five ministries to run the country quite efficiently. The rest can be delegated to locals – whose funding would be withdrawn if they continue to fuck everything up.


      • 89
        burn them in their sleep says:

        If he was PM the left would create so much unrest and disruption that the country would grind to a halt and the value of the pound would reach parity with the Thai Baht. The people would then have a choice between an eternity of left wing boots stamping on the face of the country or civil war. I quite like the idea of civil war myself so I’m voting UKIP.


    • 92
      The Critic says:

      and the hidden Lefty government – in the Lords, in quangos, in local authorities, in think tanks,in charities.


  19. 35
    Post hoc says:

    All his comments are shit, why bother with a microphone.


  20. 37
    James Alexander Gordon says:

    Alok Sharma 1 – Ed Miliband 0


  21. 44
    Clint McClintlock says:

    Maybe he should have asked him why he put peoples energy bills up 25% under the guise of paying to protect us from climate change only for the money to be spent on employing friends of the Labour party.


  22. 45
    I hate them so much says:

    BBC bastards ramming ‘climate change’ into every fucking report. I’d love one of the bastards to slip into the fucking Thames


    • 55
      burn them in their sleep says:

      They have won. Most of the country sees what is happening as climate change. Anyone trying to point out the truth will just get shouted down or ignored as I learned in the pub recently. The masses have been duped and will call for ever greater taxes and prohibitions to be brought down upon themselves. The future of the right wing lies outside of politics. Just get rich and fuck the little people. They deserve everything coming to them.


      • 68
        Beau Nanas Kin says:

        So… what does this climate change do during the rest of the year when there isn’t a meterological crisis?


    • 61
      Beau Nanas Kin says:

      It can be arranged.

      Would you prefer the concrete shoes or the piano wire option?


      • 65
        burn them in their sleep says:

        There won’t be any piano wire retribution. Don’t you get it, they won. They control everything. The masses are parroting their lies and will turn on you way before they think of turning on them. The only option for the right wingers now is to just be a part of the oppression. The little people have spoken and they want to be robbed, controlled and lied to. Why fight for people who want this when you can just take advantage of them?


    • 87
      Jeremiah says:

      That might happen as the Thames starts to rise as it proceeds to the estuary via central Londonistan where it might revert to the bog it used to be. To those who fear gobal warming those well known layers Fawkes, Fawkes & Shyster (formerly Fawkes & co.) give their cast iron guarantee (just like Dave’s) that global warming will not happen, there makes you feel better.


  23. 46
    Ziggy says:

    Just listened to the Hammond debacle, the man is like all politicos just looking for media exposure and appears totally ineffectual. These politicians are underlining the perception in the country that they are totally out of touch with reality! It just proves that if there was one ounce (er, gram for the EU) of ability within the House of Commons there would be a far greater understanding of the real needs of the people in these flood hit areas. For fucks sake, ban all these useless MPs from these photo calls and allow the military and the front line workers to do whatever is needed to attempt to bring concerted action to this situation. Instead of diverting £millions of our money into the hands of third world dictators and corrupt officials, for fucks sake spend it at home to resolve these well-known issues. Why must British tax payers fund the Chinese and the Indian space programme when they are not allowed to fund projects at home to benefit our own population? If Cameron is anything like a leader he should concentrate on getting the right people in position to manage the situation and concentrate on finding the funding to finance the requirements. But then again management is something foreign to the man!!!


    • 67
      Noah on his Ark says:

      Surely the Chinese, Indian and Philippines rescue teams must have arrived in the south of England by now with their cash and aid as a return favour.


    • 90
      Jeremiah says:

      I think a bunch of Sikhs went to help in the west country. Photo op is the name of the game, a complete waste of time unless they are prepared to get their hands dirty and do some real work. I haven’t noticed any of them (the politicos) rolling up their shirt sleeves and get cracking and do some work, totally fake to turn up in posh suit, posh wellies (supplied by the D of Enviroment). It’s no good or any use just turning up poncing about, ordinary folks know what that’s all about.


  24. 47
    Fish says:

    ‘You and I should work together…’ This is the parasite Ed, muscling in on someone else’s territory and trying to climb on their bandwagon.

    It’s the same way that he dealt with his brother; see an opportunity, steal his toys and shove him to one side. Miliband’s pathology is fascinating.

    BTW: Not much water there, where Milband chose to visit – it’s largely passed by. Why didn’t he go to the flooded Levels? Frit?


  25. 48
    Frank says:

    “it’s not about politics” /0\


  26. 49
    Post hoc says:

    Spectacular Millibore photo bomb on SKy 12.45 – upstaged by angry intellectual blond woman.


  27. 50
    Help the volunteers, Cameron! says:

    The Times blogs/comments moderators are acting as government propagandists. They’re holding comments critical of the government’s relief non effort in permanent moderation queues.

    Only the posts of (government interns?) disgracefully slagging off the valient volunteers are allowed through the moderation queue.

    The government must be in meltdown.


    • 56
      Ziggy says:

      ‘The government must be in meltdown.’

      If so it should be considered as a potential threat to the planet, increased Global Warming?


    • 79
      Banana Republic Britain says:

      The Times mods are a bunch of lefty cants and comment under their own monikers arguing with people who actually pay a sub.

      Fack ‘em.


  28. 51
    Side Show Bob says:

    “I’m in Wraysbury with that lovely lady Kay!


  29. 52
    Side Show Bob says:



  30. 53
    Excalibur, back from down under says:

    Help to Buy extended to cover Isl@mic Lo@ns…………Bloomberg.

    Why, ???

    Still pussyfooting about FGM but let’s prioritise sensitivity towards paying interest, the poor lambs need protection and equality.

    Frightening trends in the UK continue daily.


  31. 54
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    Must have blinked because I havn’t seen this on Beeb or Sky unlike Hammonds ambush.


  32. 62
    Excalibur, back from down under says:

    “Met Office say more wind and rain to come…..” BBC opening new headline

    Will we will be in a holy mess (sorry muzzies) if there isn’t.


  33. 66
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Reading has marginal seats dummy! Why the hell else do you think he was there.
    Showing up in Windsor or Henley wouldn’t do the fvcker any good.

    Oh and people who live near rivers should stop bloody bleating about getting flooded! Rivers occasionally burst there damn banks, especially after the heaviest rainfall in January for 250 years.

    And for fvcks sake! The home counties flood araound the Thames and its’ tributaries because if they didn’t, more water would flow into and flood London, and that would cause a lot more trouble and disruption.


    • 91
      Jeremiah says:

      Anyone wanting to but a house in a relatively low lying valley area should first go to http://www.oldmaps.co.uk and look at the first series OS maps, it does show “liable to flood” areas, because as sure as eggs are eggs that area will flood at some time, especially if a river runs down the valley


  34. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Two MPs having a pointless argument – this could have been done in Westminster


  35. 74
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Run away Wallace! Run away!


  36. 85
    Hugh Jend says:

    If minicock had put his arm on my shoulder in such a patronising way, I’d have broke it at the elbow.



  37. 93
    peter mandleson says:

    haven’t these people suffered enough? why send another drip to people that are flooded?


  38. 96
    Comrade Barroso says:

    Ed Miliband is such a cnut thinking he has the power to turn back the waves


  39. 101
    sallyintheally says:

    Goodness me what a gormless individual did you see the nerdy idiotic grin as he walked away.
    Apparently it makes his wife wet between her legs when he does it home wearing nothing but a scarf and his wellington boots as he props her yp against the wall.


  40. 102
    Jumbo says:

    The Labour party didn’t seem unduly concerned about the threats in 2000:



  41. 104
    MacGuffin says:

    So why the f*** was the Tory MP there if not to get his own photo-op?


  42. 105
    MacGuffin says:

    Why the f*** should a Labour person care about floods in Somerset and the Thames valley? That’s LibDem v Tory country. Move along, nothing to see there.


  43. 107
    Thing is says:

    WTF is going on BBC crapping on about who is to blame etc etc fuck all about self help, how to use sandbags, where to get them, how to monitor river levels on the EA website.

    Great to see Wallace out of his depth. Briefing to politicos: grass green, mud brown, tarmac black. Time to stop treating countryside as a theme park and the locals as caretakers for the metropolitan elite AKA Lord Smith. Stick to Covent Garden. Arse.


  44. 108
    Broderick Crawford says:

    The body that was dredged up was later identified as the Labour leader.


  45. 110
    The Critic says:

    Ed would have a use in this situation. Perhaps as the contents of a sandbag.


  46. 115
    Derek Chapman says:

    This ” angry resident” wasn’t any such thing: as usual when the Tories put up a “resident” it’s actually a Tory stooge, in this case Alec Shameless, the local MP. It’s a bit rich for Sharma to complain about anyone doing a media visit, as the only time he is shows himself in the constituency is for a photo opportunity.


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