February 9th, 2014

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  • Labour MP Jamie Reed charges services of a private physio to expenses. Doesn’t he value the NHS?
  • Find out why Tory grandee Sir Peter Tapsell offered £10,000 from his own pocket to CCHQ
  • Did Dave want Lords to pass the EU Referendum Bill? Is it better for Tories to be seen fighting for it rather than pass it?

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  1. 1
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Rear Gunners?


  2. 2
    David you're-all-in-the-shit-together Cameron says:

    I must have a word with whoever’s in charge at the BBC this week.
    What the BBC needs is a new political program to help me get my message across.
    I’ve got a great title for it : Grandstanding


    • 54
      Weird Ed says:

      That ith a bweach of copywight


      • 154
        Mr Nobody says:

        The polls keep closing, Ed. Tories will have a small lead by the end of the year and by May that lead will be in double figures. Resign now and save your party.


        • 182
          Paul Flowers BA (disHon), Rev (susp) says:

          That’s right, Ed, save your party with the Co-op. They can offer you extremely generous terms, and much more besides. ;)


          • Co-op Bank customer about to move says:

            Co-op Bank is crap. Six days to move money by Direct Debit from my Co-op a/ c to Paypal and it’s still not got there. The Co-op have also “misplaced” some my money; they’ve found it but I’ve yet to have an apology. If you are thinking of the Co-op, do yourself a favour and don’t.


          • Caring Sharer says:

            Co-op lent 33 million to the IRA’s Jock Soccer team at 1.5% p.a.
            They also set up Derby with a bunch of crooks (now jailed) a few years ago and it was dealt with “internally”.


    • 405
      JH3245942303-2905 says:

      What would the BBC make of this?

      Switzerland votes to curb immigration

      THAT is what happens in a DEMOCRACY.

      To any Gramsciian little c’unts who don’t like it, REAP IT.


  3. 4
    David Cameron says:



  4. 5
    Yippeee!!!! says:

    “Teachers supposedly tremble. Badly behaved schoolchildren supposedly bow their heads and learn their times tables, before hurrying to Bible classes.
    Actually, they don’t. Mr Gove is not a conservative. In education and other matters, he seeks to follow the (almost wholly useless) agenda of the Blair creature, whom Mr Gove has long admired, almost as much as Wendi Deng, former wife of Rupert Murdoch, admires him.”



    • 9
      Barmaid at Loulou's says:

      I find Hitchens rather mild nowadays

      The real problem among the people cited is incestuous relationships and wife swapping


    • 20
      Trust me I'm a politician says:

      Gove is first a politician, so like all politicians can’t be trusted, so whatever he says has to be taken with a pinch of salt, if he happens to change things people like on his sojourn up the slippery pole to power, we have to take it as a accidental bonus .


      • 36
        C.O.Jones says:

        Gove is trusted by most parents in his quest to upgrade education and he is doing an excellent job. The obstacles in his path tend to be the unions and the Labour party – both of which have little interest in the actual state of the educational system or the quality of its output.

        I will give you a classic case – Ed Balls when he was Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families removed science exams from the assessment of KS2, teachers loved it, the unions loved it, little was heard about it in the media at the time.

        The assessment of eduction at various levels is crucial to understanding the performance of children, the teachers and the schools themselves. Any failure to monitor performance or dampen down the national curriculum is a scandal in itself.

        Gove has done a good job so far and has taken the difficult route of trying to improve education. If you want a classic example of failure then look at the drop in standings on the International League Tables under Labour. Go on, LOOK at the tables under Labour instead of spouting your uninformed crap.


        • 49
          Sue Denim says:

          + infinity


        • 286
          Jeremiah says:

          With schools it starts at the age of 5 to 7, if they get that wrong they have built a weak base to build further up the education levels. the sclools attainment should be measured by the increase of the childrens attainment, for example to start with bright pupils unless the the school is total crap those children will will always do well and do better. What really matters is how far the middle and lower attainers have improved in their level of achievement, if they do not improve attainment that school is failing those children.


          • C.O.Jones says:

            Unfortunately some children are turning up to their first year in education and they are not even potty trained. Its a fact!

            When you look at the levels of attainment required of secondary schools – it is 5 GCSE’s grade A* to C to include maths and english.
            What is happening in many state schools is they are putting the kids into the foundation maths GCSE exam which can only achieve a grade C at best, this is being done in year 10 in some schools. Once they have achieved grade C they drop maths in year 11 as they have met the required grade for reporting. These kids are now at a HUGE disadvantage as they are denied maths at sixth form colleges at level 3 (A levels). To study maths and further maths at sixth form you need a grade B minimum at most colleges.

            So from reception to completion of secondary schooling we get frustrations for both teachers and students. This forum does not have a page long enough to cover the problems faced by both teachers and students.

            At least Gove is going in the right direction.


    • 52

      Truth goes around in circles until it rams you up the arse.

      It’s good soap opera. It entertains and diverts. But it is a big fat fake, and if you go on being fooled by it you will get the country you deserve. – Peter Hitchens

      It’s funny. I am sometimes inclined to think that of Peter Hitchens’ own writings.


    • 58
      Officer Dibble says:

      You only have to listen to the hysterical mocking Gove gets from the trendy left-wing comedians on the BBC to realise they must be scared of him.

      Clearly they have no intelligent counter-argument to his proposals, so can only make derisive personal attacks.


      • 106
        Marcus brigstocke says:

        I say, that’s unacceptable. In no way whatsoever could I be plausibly labelled a comedian. I am a boring cùnt


      • 270
        Anonymous says:

        Well stated Officer.They don’t like the message,so shoot the messenger.


      • 287
        Jeremiah says:

        Just like Fawkes and others on this blog denegrade anyone who is not on their planet, you know, Miliband, Brown, B’Liar and even Dave Boy Cameron, getting down to personality traits.


        • 482
          Officer Dibble says:

          Yeah but Guido doesn’t charge me £145.50 a year, with a threat of a criminal conviction, whether I read it or not. Nor does the government reimburse Guido for free copies of this blog to people over 75, or fund a “world wide” edition of this blog out of general taxation.

          So a bit different really.


  5. 7
    P l e b says:

    “Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says the government “made a mistake” and should have dredged the flood-hit Somerset Levels.”

    Therefore we should drag him along the bottom of the waterways with his mouth open.


    • 16
      Cina says:

      Well of course he meant previous Labour governments. Meanwhile Nige has been on Sky saying the foreign aid budget should be used to sort out the mess at home. Some hope. I note there are now bad floods in Bolivia. How soon will it be before rye DEC are on the Beeb asking for contributions?


      • 235
        The Cheshire Cat says:


        Why haven’t Coalition spokesman pointed out the culpability of the Moonbat Miliblands??


        • 254
          It's gonna get worse before it gets better says:


          • Jeremiah says:

            Sounds as if the upper reaches of the Thames now likely to flood so the Thames will start to rise in Londonistan in a few days time. Rest assured Fawkes has given his pesonal cast iron guarantee that all this is absolutely nothing to do with global warning.


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            Nothing to do with global warming.

            All to do with a failure of basic waterways management, and a slightly wetter than average winter.

            Wait until it freezes over later this month, or we get snow at Easter ;-)


          • Fog says:

            Jerry – not global warming. The climate changes. The question is whether we’re causing it, or if it’s just changing as it always has and always will. Politicians will use it as any excuse to take our money away from us and use it for their crazy schemes


    • 39
      UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

      Yeah right it was all a mistake, not a planned EU/green taliban driven and designed policy at all was it?

      Honest mistake guv, selling the dredging equipment by mistake, wildly overestimating the cost of dredging was merely an understandable error, it wasnt a deliberate long term secret plan to return the levels to a stinking swamp just a long series of honest mistakes, yeah I get it now.


    • 64
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Pickles no.

      People who should be:

      i) ‘Lord’ Chris Smith

      ii) Previous Labour idiots who were in charge of the Department:

      – M’argaret B’eckett
      – D’avid M’iliband
      – H’ilary B’enn

      iii) Previous Conservative idiot in charge:

      – C’aroline S’pelman

      iv) Current and previous coalition Mongs in charge:

      – O’wen P’atterson
      – D’an R’ogerson
      – G’eorge ‘useless’ E’ustice
      – Lord de M’auley

      v) Dave

      There should be enough there to clear the rivers.

      Curious history anyway: Being set up as a response to the foot and mouth outbreak failure of MAFF – the outbreak most likely being caused by infected meat being brought in from Eastern Europe.

      This department still has questions to answer over the horse meat as beef issue.


      • 88
        John Bellingham says:

        Generals in the Army and Admirals in the Navy get fancy salaries, chauffered cars, houses and lots of salutes in peacetime, but if they go into battle and make a complete effup they get sacked immediately. If you take the money, you take the responsibility–it is clear that the Environment Agency is not up to scratch; the management should be kicked out into the street with ignomy. Everyone will applaud except the scroungers in similar sinecures.


        • 131
          Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

          Errrr? Can you point out anyone of Senior Rank from the Armed Forces that has been sacked because of Iraq or Afghanistan? Trust me we do not sack senior officers. The Americans do but we don’t.


        • 145
          Cris I'm not resigning Smith says:

          There is important work to be done. I am the person to do it since I am an important person.


          • Vlad the Loudhailer says:

            Wasn’t Chris Smith, sorry Lord Smith one of those peers who was caught clocking in and out of the Lords to claim his £300/day expenses. How could he possibly find time to visit the Somerset Levels when more the important work has to be done in London!


          • The Cheshire Cat says:

            The Labour Party did not drain the Levels because there were no minorities living there & there were no votes in it. Simples.

            Far better they thought to build wind turbines to change the direction of the Gulf Stream

            Milibands & Moonbat are totally responsible. Not this government.


          • Expat Geordie says:

            People in Somerset don’t vote Labour, so they don’t deserve any flood protection. My home village flooded in June 2000 – the first time in over 800 years – and within four years they had an £80 million flood protection system in place. Of course my home village has always voted Labour so they deserve protection. Then again no-one seems to have asked the important question, why would a village with no record of flooding actually flood in the middle of summer? Answer that and you could probably have saved £80 million.


      • 125
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        No one at the EA is denying that the plan was to let the Somerset Levels revert back to swamp land.

        Will Cameron force a few heads to roll- I doubt it he hasn’t got the balls

        This has been known since 2008 so what have the local MPs been doing

        If Cameron was having a bonfire of the Quangos the EA would be a prime target but alas another broken promise


        • 147
          Lord Stansted says:

          The EA like the Met-Office is full of fucking greens. Blame Common Purpose. The county’s fucked and the only thing left to do is to vote UKIP.


      • 171
        Dreary Steeples says:

        Owen Jones=Food security?.


        • 349
          Dr Lecter says:

          He is irritating. I like my food. No thank you, but may be i’ll prepare a meal for a glorious UNITE knees up.


    • 140
      B E L P says:

      It was Labour that stopped this and Milliband in particular. Why are lefties like pleb so fucking thick their hypocrisy constantly bites then in the ass.


    • 191
      Farage walks on water says:


      • 259
        Lord Stansted says:

        Better than walking on water, he didn’t prat on about doing “important work” like the House-of-Lords-clocking bastard Smith


    • 546
      NE Frontiersman says:

      ‘Mistake’ is the one thing it was not: it was policy, aimed at destroying British peoples’ property and livelihoods, hoping that nobody would notice or demand compensation.



  6. 8
    Barmaid at Loulou's says:

    Why do you refuse to print my scoop on Tony Blair’s butt in the Sun Guido?

    Far more interesting than wife swatting Gunners


  7. 10
    William Roache says:

    Meet me there on Friday nights. Bring your ducklings along. Love yourself



  8. 11
    Dr Freud says:

    Is Jamie Reed’s physio Ugandan?


  9. 12
    Slotgob says:

    I am not amused

    My human rights have been bleached


  10. 14
    Tony Blair says:

    If living off other people’s immoral earnings is pimping

    I’m a super pimp


  11. 17
    Tim Yeo, Top Tory. says:


    • 19
      Tony Blair says:

      Yeo is the Macshame of the Tory Party


      • 69
        Weird Ed says:

        Who is this Dugher person? Something to do with being a Labour attack mouse?


      • 302
        Handycock Vulnerable Constituent Abuser. says:

        I am the McShane of the Liberal Democrats but won’t get sent down because I am of the Brotherhood. Boaz.


        • 305
          Portsmouth City Council is the most corrupt Council in the world says:

          Robert Mugabe, Goodluck Johnathan, Fidel Castro and the ghosts of Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung. Well said Handy, we are all following your progress and running a sweepstake on how you are going to get out of it this time. We see you have thrown a sickie; no doubt you and the Grand Master have hatched a plan with the masonic Council officers in your corrupt Council and the corrupt masonic Hampshire police and CPS. Boaz.


        • 474
          Adolf Hitler's Ghost says:

          I wish I had known you when I was German Chancellor, Handy. I would never have banned the Freemasons, but knowing what I know now, I would have joined them. I would have ended up ruling the world instead of ending up dead. Boaz.


  12. 21
    Token Woman says:

    Rachel Reeves reeled off a preposterous range of Labour policy promises on the BBC this morning – even Marr was taken aback.


    • 33
      Excalibur back from hols says:

      All delivered in a monotone that would have any voter jumping off cliffs. A strange mix of Sarth Landon and some polytechnic in the midlands. Probably very good at rote learning at scoo-ule but about as spontaneous as a tax form. One imagines orgasms always having to be delivered in a prescribed manner.


      • 42
        Mindbleach required ASAP says:

        Do you mind? I don’t need the mental image of Foghorn having an orgasm. You can bet her type is probably the likes of that prize twat Sion Simon. Didn’t Lucky Luciana let Sion blow his beans up her muff?


      • 107
        Horn says:

        I had a hangover this morning, the remote was on the floor at the end of the bed. I was ok with the tv on, even whilst little Owen was blabbering, but when that droning ear assault from Reeves pierced my brain, I had to make a move. God, i pity the poor bloke married to that


    • 75
      Fish says:

      She says that she will maintain the Pensions triple lock to safeguard the Pension, but on Brillo says that she will include the State Pension in the benefit cap.

      Which is it?

      FFS is there anyone on the BBC who has got the nouse to to ask her?

      Another Marr fail


      • 96
        Common Porpoise says:

        To be fair to Marr, anyone listening to her would lose the will to live after about 10 seconds, let all concentrate on what she was droning. It’s only when you read the transcript that you realise it was all a load of bollocks that could be pulled apart by a four year old.


      • 143
        B E L P says:

        The BBC never ask or challenge Labour MPs even when what they have said is pure fairy tale and they are allowed to continue in interrupted.

        In contrast any Tory asked a question is attacked with interviewer challenges before the first sentence of the response is completed and never gets to answer.

        Don’t take my word just watch.


    • 213
      Gordon Mc Doom says:

      The bankers bonus tax spent for the twenty eight time.


  13. 22
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Seeing as McShameless is showing no remorse for his crime, the judge who sentenced him is well within his rights to order him to serve the rest of his sentence :-)


    • 576
      Fly on the wall says:

      The idiot naive judge who only sentenced him to six months needs to be charged himself with perverting the course of justice.


  14. 23
    Free DLT says:

    Most women will tell you that being groped back in the 70s was not a big deal. No one’s life is shattered by having their breasts felt. That’s not to condone it. But women I know say it’s ridiculous that someone should be hauled into court 30 years after having allegedly felt up a woman. The CPS should focus on prosecuting real predators and nonces, including those who like going on a Summer Holiday.


    • 25
      Debutante of the year 1975 says:

      I was a groupie in the 70s and 80s like thousands of other girls

      I loved being groped and even moe – innocent grin

      I married a Tory MP and lived happily thereafter

      He loved my stories and still does


    • 92
      John Bellingham says:

      My aunt who, had she lived, would be 92 now worked for the Bachelor Boy’s production company in the 1950s and 1960s. According to her the negative stories about kiddy-fiddling were first circulated by a member of his backing group after a jealous spat over a girl. The company spent a fortune on private detectives over the years and concluded that while he was maybe a bit on the Bi side with his “religious counselor” a possible bumchum, the kiddie stories were unfounded.


  15. 24
    Von Rumpoy killed our giraffe. says:

    If inbreeding is dangerous, why haven’t the EU culled half of the British Establishment ??


  16. 27
    Chuka says:

    Time to look at my Wikipedia profile for the 597th time today and see if anyone’s added any embarrassing information about me that I should edit out.


  17. 32
    UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

    Look at the facts the putrid corrupt stooge media always neglects to investigate.

    With just 130 vermin in ermine turning out to support the bill its as plain as the nose on your face that Honest Dave called his dogs off at the last minute while encouraging his liblab comrades to kill the bill by turning out in just sufficient numbers to issue the coup de grace. We are seeing a game of illusions, the illusion of choice for the electorate when in fact there is no choice but just one three faced party called the liblabcon. The bill was meant to fail and wouldnt have been honoured even if it did pass and the Tories won the election, just like Dave himself it was a total cynical fraud.


  18. 34
    Steak 'n' Ale Pie says:


    • 67
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      It is quite humiliating if they are confronted by Keith Vaz at the airport outing them as being gay.


      • 79
        Liebour Bennies Breeder, god is great says:

        Note unusual serious politician face, reserved for all needy cases to my cause of UK dilution.🎀


    • 71
      Joe Public II says:

      Yet more propaganda by the gay mafia. Why don’t they just close the cottage closet door and bugger each other quietly, and stop endlessly parading the disgusting practices and lifestyle in front of normal people.


      • 80
        Nursing Times says:

        An increasing number of sexually-acquired shigella dysentery cases have been reported in men who have sex with men (MSM), leading Public Health England to launch a new campaign.

        Among MSM the infection is usually passed on through the faecal-oral route during sex, either directly or via unwashed hands.

        Symptoms often develop one to three days after sex, including:

        – Frequent and explosive diarrhoea lasting more than 48 hours.
        – Stomach cramps.
        – Feeling feverish with flu like symptoms.
        – Some people report vomiting.
        – Feeling weak and tired.

        Risk of infection can be reduced by avoiding oral contact with faeces during sex.

        Posters and leaflets are being distributed in nightclubs, saunas and other venues, plus sexual health clinics, highlighting the symptoms of Shigella, how it is transmitted and how to avoid it.

        Dr Gwenda Hughes, Head of STI surveillance at PHE, said: “Shigella is on the rise.

        “We’re also seeing increasing HIV and gonorrhoea diagnoses among gay and bisexual men in the UK – indeed, most of the men with Shigella had been diagnosed with other STIs including HIV.”


  19. 37
    #expenses says:


  20. 40
    Give us strength says:

    Changed channels to Sky News, they must be running out of steam on the Levels, so they have brought in the nutters, that horrible green woman who doesn’t stop to breathe when talking, the other one I just give up on ,I’d rather believe my runes than these “experts”


  21. 44
    The Huddersfield Examiner says:

    A man broke wind at a police officer before hurling racist abuse at him, a court heard.

    Malcolm Gill pleaded guilty to a charge of racially-aggravated harassment towards a police officer.

    Kirklees magistrates heard that the offence happened on January 16 this year.

    James Weekes, prosecuting, said: “The defendant turned around and turned his posterior towards the officer.

    “He broke wind towards him twice.”

    Mr Weekes said that Gill then called him a ‘terrorist’.

    Magistrates were told that the officer was upset by Gill’s language and told him that he was under arrest for that offence.

    Mr Weekes said: “The officer describes being harassed and distressed.”

    Magistrates gave Gill a 12-month community order as a direct alternative to custody.This includes 30 days of activities and a one-month curfew.

    He must also pay £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge.


  22. 46
    Cardinal Richelieu. says:

    who tried to chat up Klass then? Lab OR LIbdemaCom


  23. 47
    Throw away the key on DLT says:

    A country populated by shrinking violet gayers, gay asylum seekers, muzzies from scuttled Med boats and East European assortments is hardly a good testament to the future of the UK.

    What is to become of us?

    What would Winston say now?


  24. 55
    Ian Smith says:

    Universal Credit will be delivered on time and on budget. I may now be the only person who believes this.


  25. 61
    Free DLT says:

    I wager that the woman whom DLT allegedly groped was a bit of a goer who already had a reputation for letting men touch her up. We’ve all known women like that. Good time girls who enjoy being felt up and look on it as harmless fun. That she waits 30 years and suddenly claims it amounted to assault is just pathetic, particularly as her breasts are now probably droopy and by her knees. She’s just bitter no one wants to cop a feel any more.


    • 73
      Mike form Portsmouth South says:

      They’re all like that in my personal experience. They all want it. All the time. All of them. All asking for it.


    • 84
      Alt. Ernative says:

      Or feel a cop even.


    • 130
      Matteo Messina Denaro says:

      We do not have that problem with women in Sicily. All Sicilian men are gay, especially the mafia. We only feel each other up and we really enjoy it. We just ignore the women and let them get on with the cooking.


  26. 70
    George Davis is as Guilty as Fuck Campaign says:

    Yeah! George was guilty alright. We all knew it too but we painted all those messages on bridges to say he was innocent. He robbed the LEB an’ all.

    But he never robbed a tiny percentage of what all those bastards in the House of Commons did…


  27. 81
    Freedom fighter says:

    Can you please publish a list of lobbyists with Parliamentary passes?

    To see how corrupt Parliament hss become?


  28. 82
    Windi Wong says:

    My Toni has love love ass. He big man all over and big big boy, te he.

    Call me soon.


  29. 89
    Err says:

    Gunners Ace in Romp.

    Did he shoot straight?


  30. 93
    Bennies 4eve says:

    Layba too win in withmongshore


  31. 95
    Ah! Dr. says:

    800 police officers are off sick with stress in England and Wales costing the taxpayer £29million a year, figures show.

    Is there a medical condition known as stress? Can it be faked?

    What is the treatment?

    Drugs or watching the telly?


  32. 112
    Citizen Khan says:

    Hilary Benn. You are a fucking lying twat.


  33. 126
    Auntie Duggan says:

    Dont fink we have gone away no justice no pizza!


  34. 127
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The insult to injury in the Blair-Deng affair is that whilst Blair was seemingly cuckolding M’urdoch, he was successfully soliciting funds from M’urdoch to his ‘foundations’.

    Talk about having cake, and eating it.


  35. 128
    Cardinal Richelieu. says:

    Watched that fucking foghorn Reeves this am,how can she be a possible cabinet minister what a c u n t


    • 132
      Little Ed says:

      Rachel is one of the brightest stars of the Labout Party, and most important of all, she’s a girl!!!! She can deliver any ridiculous policy with a straight face, whereas I still can’t control my schoolboy smirk when I announce anything.


    • 162
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Is she any relation to Vic Reeves? Is she labour’s dove from above? So many unanswered questions.


  36. 134
    Shergar says:

    Clare Balding is starting to get on my fucking nerves,how the fuck did she get where she is? Is she a dyke?


    • 152
      McAdder says:

      I read ( did not watch) we won a bronze at snowboard slope style whatever that may be. Whilst I see downhill or cross-country skiing as Olympian sports, I see nothing Olympian about overgrown rich kids arsing about on snowboards.


      • 172
        Freedom fighter says:

        + 1000


      • 173
        Sir William Waide says:

        Downhill skiing seems no less ridiculous than snowboarding to me. What’s the point in establshing that one jock can slide down a mountain without falling over in 0.2 seconds less than a near-identical jock?


        • 179
          Bob says:

          Go drown yourself in the Levels your idiot toff


          • Abdel from Tooting says:

            There were thousands of those American and Canadian athletes at the opening ceremony but there were only six from Zimbabwe and three from Jamaica.

            This is not fair/


          • Editor of the Mail says:

            I love the Jamaicans

            I hope they get to the bottom of the bob run in one piece

            They must all be as high as our Reverend Oh Happy Days and Flowers


        • 242
          Cina says:

          Downhill skiing is far preferable to uphill gardening.


      • 195
        Village Idiot says:

        …I found the snowboarding brilliant,better than beach volley ball,very watchable and the boarders are fearless and fantastic.
        Well done Jones!


    • 237
      Proftastic says:

      Blame the widescreen format. If not for that Balding wouldn’t fit on the telly. (I don’t like Jo Brand either, nothing fatist about it, I just don’t like talentless feminista window dressing.)


    • 294
      Claire Balding says:

      I’m a posh horsey public schoolgirl pal of the likes of posh horsey public schoolgirls Sandi Toksvig and Miranda Hart. And we ove a night out with Sarah Brown. Might have missed a few out, but you get the picture.


  37. 136
    White Dee says:

    Get a job.


  38. 159
    Lord Chris Sinecure says:

    Should I stay or should I go now.

    Der der, derder, der der der der der, der de de de de.

    Any todgers want relief?


  39. 163
    Anonymous says:

    Former spin doctor Alistair Campbell says he is back on anti-depressants as he continues to fight mental illness
    Former spin doctor has been back on anti-depressants for six months
    Said he ‘had a bad bout’ of illness last year and decided to take medication
    Has previously battled alcoholism and had a nervous breakdown

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2555137/Former-spin-doctor-Alistair-Campbell-says-anti-depressants-continues-fight-mental-illness.html#ixzz2spm3TR8N
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    • 165
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Chilcot. Now that should make him feel worse.


    • 167
      Sue Denim says:

      He obviously isn’t taking enough tablets. I recommend he takes them all in one go.


    • 168
      Ali Coholic says:

      Where can I buy a Get Worse card?


      • 180
        Alastair Campbell Murderer says:

        I think if you make your own cards, it shows more feeling, it shows that you cared enough to spend time and effort creating something unique.

        In Campbell’s case, it’s tempting to send a hardmade card with the photos of half a million Iraqi corpses on it, and inside the words, “YOU ARE A F*CKING LIAR. YOU MURDERED THESE PEOPLE”, with the words surrounded by a few hundred or so paracetamol tablets, and a couple of razor blades.

        (Note to Ed Miliband: You’ve hired this liar and murderer as an advisor? Are you taking the piss?)


    • 175
      Freedom fighter says:

      + the recommended dose of whisky

      You know it is the right thing to do Alky


      • 205
        Village Idiot says:

        …A clear conscience is something he and the others,who shall remain nameless,can never,ever have,and I hope it troubles them! You reap what you sow!


    • 216
      Dr Freud says:

      Cant he enter a top yourself pact with Fry

      That would get rid of two horrors in one shot

      I find it very boring their going on about wanting to top themselves

      Just do it I say

      Begone with you


      • 246
        Shergar says:

        Can I volunteer to take both of them to the Dignitas Clinic,by the way if I was as unfunny as Fry I would want to top myself.


        • 360
          Fish says:

          It takes about 45 minutes for what they give you, to work


        • 395
          Lateral Thought says:

          With the Swiss vote on immigration cap one suspects they really don’t want his kind down there.

          Could try sending him to Belgium in a nappy.


    • 296
      the ghosts of 100,000 murdered children says:

      We may be dead and we may be gone
      But we will be right by your side
      Until the day you die
      This is no easy ride
      We will haunt you when you laugh
      Yes, you could say we’re a team
      You might sleep
      But you will never dream.


    • 364
      The Bru has got to get thru says:

      Pity he’s not a fucking giraffe.


  40. 164
    Jack Dromey says:

    Sally Bercow and me are having a Black Wednesday this week. Can’t wait!


  41. 169
    The Sun says:

    Romp tot slur boffin snub boob shock ace horror sex row fear OAP perve love rat nest babe flop kids hot MP celeb bling!


    • 186
      Labour's edjerkayshun policy says:

      Just add “selfie”, “totty”, “booze” and “Corrie” and you’ve got the entire vocabulary of the average under-25 state-educated Briton.


  42. 174
    Barry Chuckle says:

    What happens when Simon Cowell takes Viagra?

    He grows taller.


  43. 184
    Ruddy marvellous says:

    Thanks to the EU, the UK taxpayer is paying several million pounds for the extermination of ruddy ducks here because the Spanish government (that’s the one that is always harassing the Gibraltar people) don’t like them flying south for the winter and breeding with their own ducks (a clear case of avian racism and discrimination).



  44. 185
    Floating Pickles says:


    • 196
      One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

      By jove, of course we’re not going to divert foreign aid to help silly little oiks in Britain!

      That foreign aid makes you PROUD! As you look at pictures of flooded houses and people in despair at their ruined livelihoods, you should say to yourself, “yes, the £30million that David Cameron spends on foreign aid every single day could have been spent on flood defences here, but I am proud to watch British people suffer, proud in the knowledge that the £30 million that Dave spends on foreign aid every single day is helping Pa***tan build nuclear weapons and helping India build nuclear weapons and send men to the moon. Hurrah for David Cameron!”

      Tally ho!


      • 236
        Taxpayer says:

        The best example is paying India to launch satellites when we lack satellites ourselves FFS


      • 253
        Flooding the media with illusions of Prime Ministerial Action says:

        Keep the pressure on and Cameron will relent especially the nearer it gets to the elections..if the in-house Tory Magazine(the Mail)is persistently running articles and editorials about the collosall waster of sending aid for vanity projects abroad whilst people in UK suffer from floods you know you are on to a winner…..the Tories cannot sustain the argument the more the floodwaters rise the lower goes the Tories chances


        • 580
          Fly on the wall says:

          .. and just WTF are they planning to waste 100 billion on a new train set that nobody wants while half the rail infrastructure in the west country is kaput?

          Priorities,priorities,priorities…. bungs, bribes and backhanders.

          Let’s hope people who live along the proposed line grow some balls and vote anybody but Dave come the election. That should cost him 20-30 seats and we will be rid of his loony style of socialism.


  45. 188
    Wanker Watch says:


    • 226
      A correspondent from says:

      Hello Dave

      Good ideaas

      Flied lice good for you

      I like your butt




      • 256
        It's gonna get worse before it gets better says:

        Gesture (photo-shoot?) politics in its purist form.

        Every PR man would be proud.


    • 248
      The Birds have it ! The birds have it ! Unlock !!! says:

      Tessa Munt MP on Sunday Daily Politics replying to ecologist from Oxford University who suggested that people had signed up to Plan 2030 to return the “levels” to grasslands by then…”You still need to drain and dredge the area because even grass won’t grow under 4 foot of water !”


  46. 201
    Roma beggar says:

    Hello please. Money please. Now please. Or my brother Rulav will beats you please. Thank you please.


  47. 206
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Of bets struck so far with Hills for Scottish Indie Referendum, 53pc have been placed on Yes,(3/1), 47pc on No (1/4).

    Just Saying.


    • 249
      Reality Cheque says:

      Just proves that well intentioned punters, mainly Anglo, are in for the usual bookie’s clean out.


    • 278
      Expat Geordie says:

      If Hills are offering 1/4 then that is a fairly certain 25% return on your “investment” and probably a lot safer than sticking it in the bank.


    • 284
      Jacobite half-seas over the water says:

      Stop spending your money on betting for Scottish Independence and use it to support Scottish Independence. It is “all for our rightful king”. Not for that nitwit Hanoverian waiting in the wings. (May he wait for ever.)


  48. 207
    John Bercow says:

    Sally hasn’t had sex with me in years. I’m such an emasculated cuckold. I sit at home watching Emmerdale while she’s out getting drilled by a Black & Decker.


  49. 208
    George Moonbat says:


    • 219
      Anonymous says:

      The problem s these ” crisis” are media driven and they seize on anything to make the story. Quite often their is no crisis but one is established to feed the media frenzy. The BBC is particularly like this.
      Dredging would not have saved the Somerset levels. Its an easy claim though.


    • 264
      Cina says:

      For heavens sake. Bugger off you and your ilk have caused enough problems.


  50. 217
    • 225
      This is turning into Dave's Katrina - Expect lots of finger pointing says:


      • 239
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        An expressed sentiment which is both credible, and honest.

        Now where is that cast iron prick Dave on the issue ???


        • 280
          JadedJean2 says:

          It’s all about International Socialism versus Socialism-in-one-Country (aka National Socialism)

          But as we all know National Socialism is strictly verboten in the UK. as we don’t want to upset one special group.


        • 300
          Jack Ketch says:

          Quangos appear to be stuffed full of unqualified pricks, the Environment Agency being but one example, would we see better performance if, instead of golden bye-byes for failure, there were prison sentences for criminal dereliction of duty?
          (I would like to see shooting, but that is a Byng too far)


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            As a hyperbole, there should be hanging.

            To your point though yes: Those who fail in public service so obviously should face criminal sanction.

            If this was a private company they would likely be looking at law suits for criminal corporate negligence among other things.

            There is a fraud behind all of this – it is to do with Flood risk re-insurance. Think of the effect this event is going to have on premiums – perhaps nationally…


        • 357
          Was it something I said says:

          An expressed sentiment which is both credible, and honest

          Oh do fuck off. Jeez people like you are part of the problem. He will come back with less understanding than anyone. No one gives a flying fuck about him and he’s only getting in the way.

          An expressed sentiment which is both credible, and honest my fucking arse


      • 251
        Reality Cheque says:

        Plain common sense, well expressed, top man.


    • 367
      Fish says:

      Nigel Fromage goes to Cheddar. Does he (the man with no MPs and who keeps loosing his MEPs) think that he’s important or something?

      He’s a bit like an English (?) Alex Salmond


  51. 218
    Guy News Room says:

    Meanwhile Mayor Boris Johnson’s decision not to meet with Mr Crow has been called “macho nonsense” by Guido Fawkes,a right wing political blogger.

    The Mayor described comments by Guido Fawkes as a “right wing political bloggers assault”.


    • 222
      Anonymous says:

      Fuck crow. Taking to the twat gives him some sort of credibility.


    • 279
      Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and occasionally dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

      Bojo is losing his mojo.


      • 304
        Jack Ketch says:

        He is not standing for Mayor a third time, so he can leave it to his successor to eat crow. (Tessa Jowell has a big enough gob?). He needs to spend the next two years lining up for a leadership bid.


      • 331
        Why why why Delilah says:

        As he loses his hair

        He loses his mojo

        Quite classical methinks


  52. 220
    Foreigners Say The Funniest Things says:

    After a concert one time, there were people selling bootleg merchandise. One of them was an East European chap with posters. As the crowd around him grew and he began invading his space, he became angry and said “Don’t make me disturbing!”

    One time on the tube, the train paused at a stop for a few minutes. An Iranian family wondered why it was taking so long. I was with an Iranian friend who later told me that one of them said “They’ve stopped to get petrol”.


    • 265
      Reality Cheque says:

      At a waterfall in Victoria, Aus., a lady muzz on seeing a snakes sign went into a manic attack, …snakes, snakes, snakes.

      Cue slender blonde Aussie girl walking from the direction …. “Too cold for snakes” with a wry smile on the idiot.

      Muzz…. “Too cold for snakes, too cold for snakes, too cold….” And walked through reassured.

      Jan 2014


      • 582
        Fly on the wall says:

        Many years ago I was assigned an overseas stint to one of the less developed countries. We had been advised to stock up before departure on a year’s supply of essentials. So my wife and I went to the supermarket, took a trolley each and proceeded to fill them with essentials, including disposals cups and plates, kitchen roll, tins of coffee, other dried goods etc etc.

        At the check out there were two old dears behind us watching in amazement as we cleared the goods through. Half way through the process, one old dear turned to the other and in a loud whisper said to her mate: “I think they are going to have a party”.


  53. 221
    This is turning into Daves Katrina - Expect lots of finger pointing says:


    • 227
      Anonymous says:

      Friends of the earth,. Ha! Bunch of utter fuckwits that have done more damage through ignorance that they have saved. They would have us back in caves


    • 269
      Cina says:

      Best tell the Chinese and Indian governments to stop building coal fired power satins then.


      • 282
        GMBH says:

        New German coal fired stations are OK though.


        • 299
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Coal and Steel is the bedrock trade which sets the tone of peace in Europe.


          • JadedJean2 says:

            I take it that comment is said in jest?

            The raison d’etre for whole EU project was for the de-industrialisation of Europe to prevent another war.

            Between 1945 and 1952 the USA gave, yes gave, Europe $25Bn in aid to promote reconstruction of war shattered countries. The Soviet Union and its allies were also offered the aid, but refused it.

            It’s worth doing some research into the history of the Morgenthau vs Marshall Plan including what Bretton Woods and what the World Bank/IMF were all about.

            To understand how The Marshall Plan (and OECD and EU Project) came about one has to know what the relationship between was between the USA State Department and Treasury at the end of WWII, and that whilst the USSR was an erstwhile ally of the USA, France and Britain, The Morgenthau Plan was the first draconian policy towards Germany and essentially amounted to economically bombing it into a cabbage patch. The architect was Harry Dexter-White (a Soviet agent so the historical record has it although see the CIA official account on White too).

            Look into how Dexter-White was allegedly working with the Soviets to drive West Germany and the rest of Europe into the Soviet sphere by de-industrialising it (making it much like Thatcher was to render Britain and Mandelson etc afterwards in fact). A good source is “The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet influence on American postwar policy” By John Dietrich available on Google Books.

            The Marshall Plan was a US State Department volte-face when they woke up to what the Soviets were up to according to Dietrich. There was nothing charitable about it at all. Economic union was a big part of the overall strategy of the World Bank/IMF and Bretton Woods – there should be no surprise that the USSR would not be part of this.

            Just bear in mind all the Libertarian Political Correctness over extent decades, and just look at how our EU economies and Britain’s have almost been turned into “cabbage patch economies”. Little “metal bashing”, erosion of armed forces etc. Does this remind you of anything? It should. Does any group figure in this at rates which directly reject the statistical Null Hypothesis?

            Is everything and anything which is personally unfamiliar a “conspiracy theory” or “weird” i.e “strange” – worse still “wrong”?


          • Cardinal Biggles says:

            Yes, the European Coal and Steel Community; the great great grandfather of the European Union. Whether or not it is the guarantor of peace in Europe only time will tell. I have my doubts.


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            @JJ2: My remark was meant tongue in cheek. Yours was a good post to qualify the history which as Cardinal Biggles points out has led to a state of affairs which is far from certain.

            Perhaps you see my point about how the trade in coal and steel, particularly between F’rance and G’ermany is what sets the tone of peace in Europe: Be it one of mutual co-operation, or G’erman occupation.

            I would question the concept of Libertarian Political Correctness. That is anathema – libertarian thought inherently believes that all thought and expression is free so therefore any notion of a political correctness should be rejected. This does not excuse for aggressive modes of expression which are inherently immoral, but which the LibLabCon are desperately trying to legislate against (also anti-libertarian) in order to preserve the old PC system.

            ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a construct for distorting an individuals perception and upsetting their ability to objectively interpret events and draw conclusions. Whilst they can be fun for parlor gaming, they should be considered hostile and not be internalized or believed.

            For sure they should not be considered weird or strange, and as they are offensive weapons in the hands of propagandists and those who wish to fight in psychological sphere cannot be considered wrong, but should be objectively considered: incredible.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            … and there was us all thinking that it was NATO that kept the peace – sod all to do with the EU and it commies.


      • 333
        Coal is the future says:

        50% os US electricity generated from coal


  54. 228
    Anonymous says:

    Handycock in hospital apparently. Heart problems


  55. 233
    Guido, too much Targeted Advertising on this site! says:

    If I come to this site from, say, having looked at the web page of a random hotel in an obscure part of the country, why am I then bombarded with Ads for that hotel, in neat square or rectangular boxes down along this page?

    If that’s what Google Ads is all about, then it’s too intrusive and a step too far.

    Is this site subsidised by Google?


  56. 241
    David Ward MP says:

    I blame the g@y J*ws for the floods.


    • 273
      Reality Cheque says:

      Strange how breeding goes on despite the shithole state of the place. Against natural human instinct, one would have thought.


    • 466
      non taxable pikey says:

      Gaza, a shit hole in the desert into which Scandinavians and other well meaning fools throw money only to see it vanish without trace. If Hamas need money they have only to head to Northern Cyprus and hold Mrs Arafat’s feet over a fire until she tells them where the 1.5 Billion her husband squirreled away has been banked.


  57. 271
    It's all about the floods, stupid! says:


  58. 277
    Diane Fatbott says:


    • 281
      Expat Geordie says:

      Didn’t Corbyn got to Angola back in 1976 to witness the trial and execution of British mercenaries by the Marxist government? Also, doesn’t he support Tamil and Irish terrorists?


      • 301
        C.O.Jones says:

        I remember reading an article by a British squadie who had been a POW during the Korean war.
        While in captivity they had to endure hardship that entailed beatings, lack of food and re-education lessons involving the ideals of Marx, Lennin etc.
        One day they were suddenly given full meals, baths and haircuts and restrictions were relaxed.
        The next day they were paraded in front of selected journalists from The Morning Star, Socialist Workers Party, UK Communist Party that were on a “fact finding mission” to North Korea.
        When these POW’s eventually returned home after a couple of years of starvation, denial, beatings and indoctrination, they came home to a public that were aware only of how well they were treated in North Korea.
        He (the squaddie) was really angry at the articles that his parents had kept for him about the “holiday camps” they were interred in.

        You cannot trust a left wing journalist IMO – they will lie to defend the cause.


      • 332
        cheche says:

        Funny how the independant BBC forgot to ask Diane and Jeremy how much they got from Bob


      • 342
        Diane and Owen with a terrorist says:


      • 380
        CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

        Corbyn also visited Gaddafi with Scargill (or one of his NUM cronies) during the miners’ strike to tap the Lybian for funding. Corbyn seems to have no problem hob-nobbing with people who wish harm to this country.


  59. 303
    It's all the EA's fault! says:


  60. 307
    Sally Bercow is an Alchy (again) says:

    John Bercow is thought to have asked Sally to get help for her drinking



  61. 316
    The Silence of the Lambs says:

    Must say that Labour have been very quiet on the flooding problems.

    Their silence is almost defeaning.


  62. 336
    Wrinkled Toes says:


  63. 346


    To pick up the threads of discussion from the previous page and add another piece to the jigsaw:

    Davide Serra (ex-Morgan Stanley), from Algebris has said: If you are a bright engineer in Germany you work for BMW or Mercedes, you do not become a banker

    He criticises the German banks (rightly) but is more generous to the Bundesbank saying: I think the ECB exercise will actually allow them to do what is right. That is one of the reasons why the Bundesbank has been very forceful – requiring auditors to be in the process. Why? They need a legal piece of paper so they can go to the local Landesbanken and say: ‘Sorry, game over’

    Poorly performing property loans are the cause of this but dig deeper and the principles emerge. They never should have got to this stage in the first place. We will put this right now (or soon). It will hurt for a while but the situation will not then drag on for years. That is the approach which I am broadly in favour of.

    Naturally they will then seek that the ECB demands the same of all other European banks and it is not hard to see where it will hurt much more. Some will call it German imperialism but it is none other than good housekeeping and the others only have themselves to blame.

    The Bundesverfassungsgericht page which you posted was indeed the correct source of my report. Good find. I agree that the ultra vires approach is easily the most effective especially as the ECJ is the supreme court. But it cannot ignore such a charge without incurring great scrutiny and neither can the ECB for that matter.

    Justice Lübbe-Wolff, in his separate opinion, even alludes to the spectre of an exit from the Monetary Union whilst acknowledging this remains a political matter. Very cunningly crafted in!

    Agree about how the US attitude to a car differs so drastically to a European one or indeed a far east one. You have spent some time there and it is like moving to a different world. But it will take a long time to break down, if it ever does. Think of Dallas/Fort Worth. You can dr!ve 30 miles to go to the shop you want (if it is in the wrong city) and 30 miles back, all to buy something inconsequential. People will do that for big things in the UK but not as a matter of course. Of course, the roads across there are built there to do that easily.

    The modalities are so different that you may never see that occur across this side, whether UK or Europe.


    • 356

      …Justice Lübbe-Wolff in her separate opinion (oops!) :-)


    • 358
      tachybaptus says:

      3/10 Not offensive enough.


    • 382
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      The point made about the best engineers is very relevant.

      In the US, the best generally end up at a defense contractor, or become self made in their own right. In Canada they generally go into civil engineering or mining. Ch!na and !ndia – well they are much the same.

      It is only the UK which really wastes its talent on activities such as banking – but that reflects the fact that the UK is a service sector economy. The only requisites for banking are a good head for figures and a degree of honesty and moral sense.

      The only point I really wanted to make about the difference in perception of what is essentially just a finished good with utility value (automobile, watch, take your pick…) is the notion of status etc. attached are merely Marxist artifacts of successful advertising rather than rational perception of the item in question. When this difference in US perception is understood, many other things become clear.

      The sentiment about the Bundesbank and the G’erman regionals is fine – but one should not be under the illusion that the G’erman banking system is less corrupt than anywhere else. In some ways it is more so.

      The real legal issue concerns the constitutional court and its standing vis a vis. the ECJ. The European court cannot ignore such matters as ‘ultra vires’, but at the same time whether they will actually take notice of the constitutional court is a different issue entirely.

      The constitutional court cannot really make an explicit ruling as they do not have the authority to do so – they understand the ECJ.

      If the ECJ do decide to ignore then I agree with you that on such a fundamental matter as ultra vires, then the ECJ itself essentially invalidates its own authority. But to the point I made about inter-judicial language, such a situation is somewhat likely to come to pass without that full impact being recognized.

      Standing back further, and considering the element of G’erman exposure to certain unfunded liabilities attached to the Euro, many of which were undertaken without explicit treaty agreement or agreement of the G’erman public, then the Bundesverfassungsgericht could be perceived as a mere spasm of the G’erman Federal worm as it wriggles on the hook of those liabilities.

      The purpose of such a release is more to do with reassuring legitimate public concern in G’ermany about what the collapse of the Euro and events that have taken place in the Eurozone the past few years mean for them.

      The more relevant question for G’ermany is whether their best interests will be served by continued use of the Euro. Looking into the crystal ball, that currency appears to be finished, from their point of view.

      Just to clarify, my thoughts / opinions here are not anti-G’erman, but an attempt to take an objective look at what is an important and relatively complex picture. They are as screwed as the rest of continental Europe, a situation of their own creation.

      (Why did they not call G’reece out on its joining the Euro ? It is incredible to suggest that they did not know exactly what was going on vis. G’oldman S’achs…)


      • 430
        Taxpayer says:

        “Adegree of honesty and moral sense”

        Is that your hope? Or are you taking the piss about the generalised crime that has existed for years in the Cesspit City of London?

        Have you read the multple reports and condemnation of the UK banks by regulators and the UK Parliamentary report?

        Or are you in denial?


      • 450

        Will have to accept that I did a lot of lasting development work in banking but will never be appreciated for it. :-)

        The Marxist point is a fascinating one. I travelled to all the Marxist economies when they were under the communist yolk and have to confess that particular aspect missed my attention. Now to remain objective, other people say I don’t miss much, so what is going on here? I have this vivid memory of going into a mini-supermarket in Dresden around 1986 and seeing that most of the shelves were empty. I went into dozens of such places on numerous visits.

        Perception can be entirely irrational without needing to bring Marxism into it. Think Endemol! But on the ground it translates into money and, argue about it as I might, I cannot odds the result… even if I hate it, which I do with a passion!

        The whole point of my post (as indeed the article I referred to) was that the German banking system is corrupted!

        You stated explicitly what I implied, namely the ECJ itself essentially invalidates its own authority if it ignores the ultra vires point. There is an important aspect here that affects us feeble mortal individuals. My own existence is worth nothing but my flagging up the issue together with a number of others in different forums makes the point very strongly. It reaches the state where it cannot be ignored without losing any ethical vestiges of credibility, inter-judicial language be damned!

        We have all heard in the last week the words of Victoria Nuland, “Fuck the EU”. But she/they are just as likely to say the same about the UK, or any other nation. What a wonderful recognition of realpolitik she has inadvertently afforded us!

        I say this whilst I actually like the Americans FFS! As individuals, not as a political entity.

        The whole fucking world is screwed, CO6, especially US and particularly China. India is set to supersede them soon and guess what…?


        • 462
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Lack of produce on the shelves was a function of a break down in production. Recall that the west was engaged in bankrupting the economies of those countries at the time, and had distorted their pricing mechanisms, leading to economic output stalling. Communism has no reliable mechanism for determining value, that has nothing at all to do with Marxist philosophy, but everything to do with flaws in Marxist / Communist political economy.

          The Marxist angle I allude to is the aspect of pure Marxian philosophy which places the physical above the spiritual, manifest in consumerism and many of the odd beliefs towards finished goods which I mentioned.

          From a philosophical point of view, what is it that drives people to covet so ? Coveting possessions – which goes against a commandment even, and helped forge a major religion once Christ pointed out it was wrong – is a kind of innate trait like tribalism, love and altruism.

          But, coveting items not because of their utility value, but because of a belief that they bestow status is Marxian thinking.

          Referring back to the Christian teaching: It is the placing of the physical above the spiritual which is at fault.

          This is very profound. The difference in perception of consumer goods in the US can be understood quite clearly when it is realized that US eyes do not perceive through a Marxist veil finished goods: They generally perceive the utility value only.

          Europe does need a realpolitik wake up, and the UK especially so.

          The US do regard the UK in roughly the same way – however whilst they still hold some respect for the UK they will remain more guarded. The UK would also not take such words to heart, and would respond in kind.

          The world isn’t screwed, but peoples perception of it is.

          To quote from your post above – here is part of the real problem with that perception (in bold):

          ‘There is an important aspect here that affects us feeble mortal individuals. My own existence is worth nothing but my flagging up the issue together with a number of others in different forums makes the point very strongly.’

          Why such negativity about yourself and your own views in the context of a passage where you are really talking about a problem with the world and with certain aspects of political leadership ?

          Reinforcing the belief that individuals are feeble, and collectivizing that idea, exposes a little bit of socialist programming. ‘My own existence is worth nothing’ – I know you are not a nihilist but… WTF ? :-)

          This is not to score a points off of you or attack yourself, but the self defeating approach is part of the problem which leads to things like Somerset and the mess that is the EU. It is generally widely held.

          If one adjusts that, and then deals directly with the real problems then the powerful point you make is hammered home much harder.

          The inter-judicial language I was referencing I reference from various publications I have read on the relationship between the ECJ and member-state constitutional courts / domestic courts. It is in my opinion a b/s argument, but with the way that pecking orders between court authorities are determined is relevant.

          Here is an article to give you a flavor:


          The ECJ will likely find a way to re-validate itself, but to be frank I suspect that G’ermany, as H’olland, I’taly and of course the UK will not be putting up with the EU as it is for much longer.

          The problem is that there is a game of liars poker being played out, and no one wants to be first to blink.


        • 465
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Slightly m’odded – my response is at 450 below… :-)


          • R U Yoking, mate? says:

            … “all the Marxist economies when they were under the communist yolk and have to confess that particular aspect missed my attention”.

            Was it not drawn t o your attention that “a communist yolk” always leaves one with egg on their faces…


          • If I were to be paid for this, no doubt I would get the sac.


    • 414
      Jack says:

      Of course when I see “ex Morgan Stanley”

      I think of someome who worked for a bank which was saved by the Fed fron going bust

      And guilty of “multiple criminal offences” (Charles Ferguson”Inside job” which you no doubt know
      And which won an Oscar for best documentary)

      It remains astonishihg that these criminals continue to be “cited”

      The very people who created trillions in fraudulent securities sold on to other banks including German banks, who trusted them and then lost billions

      PS Look up Morgan S New Century


  64. 348
    Our girl over the pond says:


  65. 351
    Hamspam Chowder says:


  66. 353
    The people have spoken says:

    Hmmmmmm…..I can’t believe it was that close…anyway…result for the Swiss….what about us Dave “Clan” McCameron



    • 388
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Indy reporting is total shit.

      ‘Against all expectations…’


      The only thing which is a bit unbelievable here is that the margin in favor of immigration caps was not unanimous.

      Good on the Swiss – now let’s see the EU pressure them to rerun that referendum and see the cap vote increased. Obviously for some lefty retards who describe themselves as ‘journalists’ in London, their expectations might be shattered next time round.


  67. 359
    Was it something I said says:

    An inconvenient truth


    It is utterly clear that there has been nothing unusual about levels of rainfall, so what has been going on in Somerset? This is where the locals in Muchelney make their views plain. There is, however, one awkward challenge that has to be made to the villagers. The Somerset Levels were built to flood. The name of the village derives from the Saxon for “great island”. If people choose to live on a historic floodplain, how can they possibly complain when it floods?

    “Yes, the fields are meant to flood, but it is too much now,” says Maxine Grice, a long-time resident of Muchelney. “It comes too quickly and it stays too long. It used to happen every 10 years and it was never this deep. People have been flooded lately who never were before. It’s because the rivers haven’t been dredged over the last 20 years. They have silted up.”


    • 368
      Di Rear says:

      So was most of East Anglia andHolland, what are you advocating let that flood as well?


      • 379
        Lord Stansted says:

        No, he’s advocating dredging; i.e., managing the land properly and not giving it over to some eco-paradise. That also means not blaming global warming as Pickles has done. Global fucking warming is such a convient hook on which governments can hang their useless inactivity.

        Vote UKIP.


        • 393
          altruism in industry says:

          I wonder if crocodiles would survive in the temperature, or hippos. It should be possible to make an exciting themed Eden waterworld, what with the little islands sticking out. Income could be generated from tourism and would please the eco-warriors. People could still live there by building elevating houses/hotels on stilts.


          • Podiceps says:

            And since these are both exceptionally dangerous carnivores, it would be a useful way of reducing the population of an overcrowded island.


          • non taxable pikey says:

            Hippos are in the main herbivores only becoming carnivorous when the greenery disappears. So really just slightly omnivorous stroppy, bloody minded, territorial b’stards t


          • non taxable pikey says:

            That attack when they have had a bad day. Even to the extent of making you drop your iPad…… I hate the buggers.


        • 397
          NMDS says:

          Have you noticed most of the recent storm/flood damage is on Victorian or earlier construction?

          Nothing wrong with the construction at all except maintenance has been let go.

          Brunnel could never have imagined that the line he put down by the sea would still be in operation. There is another line into the Far south west over Dartmoor, perhaps they should re-open that (still hauls Quarry stone from Oakhampton)

          All the harbours except major ports are still original construction, designed to protect from South West, so were caught out by Wednesday’s un-forecast stormforce Southerly coinciding with High Water . Incidentally yesterday’s forecast of storms down here was way over the top and there was nothing exceptional and the TV News with all their satellite equipment located down here over egged their reports.

          Somerset Levels designed hundreds of years ago and the essential part of the design is regular dredging. EU regulations now class river silt as waste so it is taxed if spread on the land as it used to be as a fertiliser and land height booster. But we could have ignored that guideline except ecoloons in the EA and EU planned to turn the levels into marshland for the birds and force humans out.

          Hayle Estuary will soon be silted up, used to be kept clear by massive tidal pool that released its trapped sea water at low water to blast the silt away. EA are having none of this.

          Man Made Global warming AKA Climate Change seems to br perfect excuse for Politicians to shrug off blame.


          • Cornish pasty says:

            Billions that should have been spent on dredging,flood barriers,
            coastal strengthening etc have been wasted for 20 years
            on surveys and discredited climate change experts spouting their

            The bloated Environment Agency itself has blown millions on
            ridiculous salaries,expenses and dubious schemes with impunity,
            while tax payers are ignored and families suffer repeated floods,
            destroying homes, businesses and livestock.

            Chris Smith is an incompetent liar who commands no respect and lacks the background or any knowledge in the subject. A Labour placeman who’s clinging on for the big pay-off in 4 months.Shameful.

            Those affected by the floods and storms can’t wait 4 months. Smith must
            resign or be sacked.Spend his pay-off on some sand bags.


          • The Verne says:

            Chjris Smith should be arrested for being a tit in public office and forced to work out his sentence with a shovel.


    • 449
      govern us as one says:

      The land bridge from UK to Europe, no, Europe to UK, was destroyed a few hundred years ago. It is clear effecting our personalities and make us very little minded. EU URGENTLY NEED START BUILDING A NEW ONE


  68. 363
    Chris Smith's doctor says:

    If you think Chris Smith’s HIV induced neck lymphedema is bad , you should see his scrotum.


    • 373
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      I’m opting out of the NHS plan to put every-bodies personal medical details online (just as soon as I can find out how you are supposed to do it).


  69. 370
    Enough of these grubs says:

    Dame Julia Slingo …… She needs to sling her fucking hook too. Stupid old bitch.

    These are the global warming zealot bastards who have conned the country for so long.


    • 403
      E C O Charge says:

      Odd how so many of the high state spending brigade signed up for new green taxes to pay for government spending.


    • 567
      Post hoc says:

      Must be related to Dame Celia Molestrangler…. but agree she can sling her lefty hook.


  70. 374

    “We have senior ministers who can’t be bothered to make the checks themselves. There’s a ‘one rule for them, one rule for us’ attitude at the heart of this government.”

    [chris grayling. not a recent quote obviously]


    • 387

      “As you will know, even unknowingly employing anoverstayer is still an offence, punishable by a fine of up to £10,000.I urge you as Chief Executive of the United Kingdom Border Agency to fulfill your statutory duty as requiredunder the Act and enforce the law”

      [friend of grayling on behalf of the gobshite centre, also not recent]


  71. 376
    Eric Fucking Pickles says:

    I’m a fat sweaty fuck who talks a load of disingenuous fucking bollocks.


  72. 377
    Barbara "Just Add Water" Young says:


  73. 386
    Tragic says:

    Not sure how running a two stroke engine indoors can be blamed on the floods though.

    It doesn’t take long at all for CO to build up, even setting up the carb on a little chainsaw in a large garage can’t be done for more than a few seconds before the fumes are too much.


  74. 390
    @theswedishchef says:

    Börk Börk Börk!


  75. 392
    The British media are cunts says:

    More lies from Labour. Some bearded mong on Chanel 4 news is spinning the lie that the lack of dredging is down to Tory cuts.

    Dredging stopped under Labour, why did it stop then?


  76. 394
    Louise Mensch says:

    The Environment Agency doesn’t regulate Norfolk dredging! So, no floods!


    Won’t let me post the tweet for some reason.


  77. 399
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Lol, The Day of the Swans:


  78. 401
    Send her to jail after all this says:

    I’d like to see alimpet mineput on every pumping station.

    Baroness Young


  79. 415
    Rhetoric Dave says:


  80. 420
    It's getting really bad now says:


  81. 421
    Saffron says:

    Somerset levels and all those poor people who are up against it with the flooding.
    This lack of past action to prevent this and all the excuses which are being trotted out in fact have one origin and it is the EUSSR barstewards and their barmy directives on protecting wildlife rather than people and their living.
    The envronmental agency past and present have now been exposed as a bunch incompetant nomarks.
    When oh when are we going to get real professionals really running the country rather than mediocre politicos who are only interested in votes and the gravy train that follows.


    • 426
      Johnny Major's Blue and White Army says:

      That the Tories inflicted Edward Du Cann upon the good folk of Somerset really says it all .


      • 532
        Flood says:

        Every single MP and Lord who recently voted against an EU referendum (however much that was a fraud anyhow) need held to account


  82. 423
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    As a result of the Swiss vote, I will be calling for a complete ban on the sale of toblerone’s and thongs in the UK.


  83. 425
    The Boy Plunger says:

    As of midnight all inflows and outflows of cash between Switzerland and the EU are stopped and any attempts at movement are to be reported to local Police Stations.

    All Swiss Citizens living within the UK or simply visiting must register at their local Police Station by 5.00 p m Friday 14 February 2014.

    All UK citizens presently resident or holidaying within Switzerland are ordered to return to the UK within the same period and report to a Police Station within the same time scale.


  84. 427
    Saffron says:

    England and the flooding crisis.
    Question:- Which countries are now coming to our aid,answer none.
    EUSSR even if we asked would take months.
    Do we do the same with other countries who are in distress no we do not we provide cash.
    11 million in international aid to various rich countries is not on and is a reflection of what our government thinks of us.
    As Farage said today CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME WITH YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND NOT IN FOREIGN LANDS,I for one support that view.


    • 429
      A swiss refugee with a wife and three kids says:

      Can you put me up for a month friend and fellow citizen?


      • 441
        Keep Calm, Vote UKIP says:

        If you can share the secrets of fondue and cuckoo clocks, mi casa su casa, friend.


      • 448
        average joanna says:

        Most people support that view.
        Politicians need to start listening.

        Stop foreign aid,forget HS2,and start spending our high taxes
        on flood defences and strengthening our coasts and infrastructure.


        • 451
          Ukipity-KIP, Dave's got to quit says:

          Or exit the EU and use the membership cash on projects for the homeland.

          Job done.


    • 459
      half-hour visit says:

      A peculiar chap from Londonistan did visit. A tractor stopped his drive out. Had to wait an hour. Donations? Could have filled up his wellies with flood water. Did not.


  85. 432
    Mark Oaten (LibDem) says:

    Most prisoners share a cell with bunk beds, with an uncovered and sometimes unscreened toilet.

    When can I pay a visit to a fellow LibDem ?


    • 497
      Cool Hand Luke says:

      Why haven’t these thousands of prisoners been taken down to Somerset and put to work on sorting out the flooding?


  86. 436
    UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

    Eric Pickles desperately trying to blame the floods on a global warming that stopped over 17yrs ago and trying to tell us that spending over ten billion pounds a year in foreign aid would help stop the flooding here in the UK.

    Who does he think he is kidding?

    The floods were caused by heavy rains and a deliberate policy stopping the dredging of the rivers in order to turn low lands back into rotting swamps, and this was done on direct orders from Brussels.

    No wonder Pickles is frightened to death of people finding out who was to blame.


  87. 438
    Ed Miliband says:

    Evening all. Hope you are all well?


  88. 440
    I IS a shinin star ....I IS a shinin star ....I IS a shinin star ....I IS a shinin star ....I IS a s says:

    Just 70p in the shops or just £1 a month to subscribe online…

    ROLFS !!!


    • 444
      Meanwhile.....in the real world...... says:

      The Sun is a pile of shite, employing endless quantities of “got a PPE but don’t fancy working” bleaters.
      Seeing Guido posting his bollocks on there comes as no surprise.


  89. 447
    National Socialist says:

    The Tories not thinking through the consequences of their actions on something so fundamentally important as cutting funding for flood defences shows you their incompetence and ineptitude in glaring detail. They fucked up big time and are busy pointing fingers elsewhere, well, it doesn’t wash, it is pathetic


    • 464
      Teacher says:

      They are pathetic. Labour are pathetic. The LibDems are pathetic.

      What can we learn from this children?


    • 475
      Fish says:

      The EA have plenty of money…it’s far bigger than the sister organisation in the US. They prefer to spend the money on themselves


  90. 454
    Action Man Dave says:

    These COBRA meeting are getting boring. I know we have to show that we’re on the case but swilling Bollinger and watching pole dancers gets tedious after a while.


  91. 455
    Hu Flung Dung says:

    I see Pickles is blaming the Environment Agency. A better use for the bloaty oaf would be as a supplement to sandbags.


    • 461
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      But according to Archimedes theory, if he fell in, the weight of fluid displaced would wreck Brighton Pier.


  92. 456
    Toby le Rone says:

    The Swiss have just voted to clamp down on immigration and stop the free movement of people from the EU. Swiss rolls all round.


  93. 457
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Nice to hear Pickles has come up with a solution (no not H20), send another £10 billion pounds abroad.


  94. 460
    The Rev. Paul Flowers of the Environment Agency? says:

    No qualifications, no experience, no luck and no clue…


  95. 463
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Lack of produce on the shelves was a function of a break down in production. Recall that the west was engaged in b’ankrupting the economies of those countries at the time, and had distorted their pricing mechanisms, leading to economic output stalling. Communism has no reliable mechanism for determining value, that has nothing at all to do with Marxist philosophy, but everything to do with flaws in Marxist / Communist political economy.

    The Marxist angle I allude to is the aspect of pure Marxian philosophy which places the physical above the spiritual, manifest in consumerism and many of the odd beliefs towards finished goods which I mentioned.

    From a philosophical point of view, what is it that dr!ves people to covet so ? Coveting possessions – which goes against a commandment even, and helped forge a major religion once Christ pointed out it was wrong – is a kind of innate trait like tribalism, love and altruism.

    But, coveting items not because of their utility value, but because of a belief that they bestow status is Marxian thinking.

    Referring back to the Christian teaching: It is the placing of the physical above the spiritual which is at fault.

    This is very profound. The difference in perception of consumer goods in the US can be understood quite clearly when it is realized that US eyes do not perceive through a Marxist veil finished goods: They generally perceive the utility value only.

    Europe does need a realpolitik wake up, and the UK especially so.

    The US do regard the UK in roughly the same way – however whilst they still hold some respect for the UK they will remain more guarded. The UK would also not take such words to heart, and would respond in kind.

    The world isn’t screwed, but peoples perception of it is.

    To quote from your post above – here is part of the real problem with that perception (in bold):

    ‘There is an important aspect here that affects us feeble mortal individuals. My own existence is worth nothing but my flagging up the issue together with a number of others in different forums makes the point very strongly.’

    Why such negativity about yourself and your own views in the context of a passage where you are really talking about a problem with the world and with certain aspects of political leadership ?

    Reinforcing the belief that individuals are feeble, and collectivizing that idea, exposes a little bit of socialist programming. ‘My own existence is worth nothing’ – I know you are not a nihilist but… WTF ? :-)

    This is not to score a points off of you or attack yourself, but the self defeating approach is part of the problem which leads to things like Somerset and the mess that is the EU. It is generally widely held.

    If one adjusts that, and then deals directly with the real problems then the powerful point you make is hammered home much harder.

    The inter-judicial language I was referencing I reference from various publications I have read on the relationship between the ECJ and member-state constitutional courts / domestic courts. It is in my opinion a b/s argument, but with the way that pecking orders between court authorities are determined is relevant.

    Here is an article to give you a flavor:


    The ECJ will likely find a way to re-validate itself, but to be frank I suspect that G’ermany, as H’olland, I’taly and of course the UK will not be putting up with the EU as it is for much longer.

    The problem is that there is a game of liars poker being played out, and no one wants to be first to blink.


    • 507

      Would really like to think that the approach of the west was as targeted as you imply regarding the downfall of the Eastern Bloc but I do not think it was and I say this having closely observed both sides at close quarters at the time. It was the philosophical difference which brought the other side down. I believe that because the resulting after-effect was exactly the opposite of what I anticipated. The west moved to the left! I am still flummoxed by it now. I have had almost two decades to come to terms with it and it just does not make sense to me.

      Thank you for your exposition of the Marxist angle upon consumerism and I now see your point entirely. It is just that the reality never met the theory, as you will well know, so I suppose I wiped it out as being credible… which is actually correct really. Alas, being correct in modern life is not a criterion of anything!

      The next point is linked to it. You know I hold views and strong ones too. But I also appreciate that I am not representative of how a majority of people are, or so it would seem. Therefore I do not set myself up to be a philosopher king. I see the ego as being a very poor guide to how one conducts one’s life. Accordingly my arguments have to justify themselves without my presence being part of them. By reasoning this way, I set myself a very stiff test. But if I meet that requirement it makes my argument all the stronger for it. It also protects against the criticism of being self-serving.

      But individuals are susceptible anyway. They can become mad, disincentivised, feeble with age and everyone dies eventually. So the corroboration of others becomes a great bastion against assaults from the inevitable detractors. You are perfectly correct. I am not a nihilist. I see myself much more as a catalyst. But I have worked towards insulating myself from the vagaries of modern politics. A a result, I am not getting the daily pinpricks experienced by those who are still trying to get to my state of being. Sure I still get some but not as many.

      This goes to your point of self-defeatism. I actually wish to encourage those who are still fighting an uneven system from which I have managed largely to escape. I certainly do not wish to pontificate in a pompous style along the lines of “I have done it all right and everyone else is therefore foolish”. Much more along the approach of “Here is a different way. Your choice.”

      The trouble is that the party I used to support does not even respect those who do the real work any longer.

      Very interesting article from Dr Gunnar Beck, the more so as it emanates from Matrix. What on earth is happening here? Is this the equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson or Andrew Neil in the BBC? A token voice to emphasise their “balance”? :-)

      Agree wholeheartedly with the last two paragraphs.


      • 558
        Eye eye says:

        Too many I’s’


      • 569
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        Strongly held beliefs are fine, and I wouldn’t mark yourself down. Catalyst, or protagonist of change / imparting correct ideas is a good thing. Insulation from the daily barrage of distractions is a good way to clear the mind, and keep it clean. Do real academics sit watching TV all day, or hang out at the mall etc. ?

        Glad you got to the ‘matrix’ metaphor. All of this is really smoke and mirrors clouding the images which are being projected on the cave wall.

        Seeing as the battle for the control of minds takes place in the psychological realm, with some help from modern techniques such as subliminal messages, psychotropic agents, and carefully constructed arguments, the intention of Dr Beck is at first uncertain.

        I would suggest that the EU edifice, irrespective of personal beliefs, is in part rational and has the capacity for reflection. Not that this legitimizes it in any way, but the real distortion of what it is has and is meant to be has been projected by member state governments at their people. In the UK this is most certainly the case, and the image cast on the cave wall is so distorted that it really does scare the children.

        You (and anyone else interested in aspects of the real EU Federal question) may be interested to have a look through some of the papers published here:


        Other than giving an insight into the European Federalist mindset, these papers also expose the EU Federal Union idea as really being that of a bunch of civil servants who are actually quite good at what they do (and who also care passionately about what they do), but who are fundamentally uncertain that what they are doing is the right thing.

        It is interesting to see things discussed in their context of pure administrative function / framework for implementation and development of coherent policy, and in the context of a stable organizational units. It is refreshing to see a non-political angle.

        This should also bring some of the arguments and points put forward by UKIP – and branded ‘lunatic right wing politics’ – into sharp relief. Most of UKIP’s views on the EU are actually developed from these deeper arguments and discussions. They are emphatically not political, but in the face of an establishment not willing to deal with reality are unavoidably politicized.

        Politics, as a state of fear for the elites, is exposed neatly.

        Getting beyond the fact that governments are in fact frightened to ask their people to give them consent to proceed, they are fundamentally scared stiff at the notion of what really would need to be done in order to sort the EU Federal Union out properly.

        Whatever happens, the Eurozone and EU as we currently know it would need to be dissolved for a finite amount of time in order to allow the transition from a supranational system based on treaty, to be replaced by one based on an agreed constitution.

        When it is understood that it is the fear of relinquishing control, for what in practice may only be a few seconds whilst the relevant papers are signed, then one has I think a much deeper understanding of the kind of insecurity which really dr!ves those who consider themselves to be in power.

        Remember that half the battle is won when you have your enemy thinking they have lost.

        The public are no longer thinking they have lost. ;-)

        The West aiming to take down the Eastern bloc was the main aim of the Cold War. One should recall that at the time (as now really) mutually assured destruction by thermonuclear assault were the cards at the table.

        The realpolitik which was exposed in the Nuland call (think also: That was a secured private line – who the hell could have tapped it ???) is still very much alive today and belongs to the realm of power politic which Europe has broadly stepped away from – dragging the UK with it.

        I would not underestimate or soften the Wests real intention towards the Eastern bloc then or now. That the West has apparently gone left is questionable. Most of the West has remained where it was back in the 80s – at least the US has, shifting a little leftwards under O’bama. But much of the rest of the world has shifted quite a distance to the right.

        That shift has in part been stimulated by US Foreign policy, preferring the eradication or liberalization of nation states where the state owned and controlled most industry. This is in order to allow that capital to enter the global free market where it is easier to control.

        The shift also helps in the important post-Cold war business of ensuring the complete destruction of communism, and also prevents credible peer competitors rising to counter US power.

        It is against that global backdrop that EU interference in the affairs of the UK should be gauged, and it is clear that much harm has been done to real national interests. The stupid thing is that the UK has really been engaging in a period of self harm for the past generation: That is a state of affairs which needs to change.


        • 573

          Have been reading an amount of this interesting stuff (5 or 6 of the articles) and my mind keeps coming back to the reunification of the two Germanys in 1990.

          The Solidaritätszuschlag was just one aspect of this (I was working in Germany during periods at the time so heard much about it, mostly of a stoical nature but some quite vehemently against) but the granting of parity between Deutschmark and Ostmark seemed to me to be a step too far by Kohl as the latter was worth almost nothing. It created as many problems as it solved too.

          The arguments at the time that Germany would have paid off Russia for possession of East Germany to the tune of hundreds of billions of Deutschmarks was one of those arguments from which one could justify anything. We suspected it was going on but we did not learn what the leaders had in their minds until some time later.

          My point here is that this appears to have set a marker for monetary union and the atmosphere was very heady which allowed bad thinking to get by unopposed.

          Big subject this. It almost runs away from you quicker than one can appraise it.

          The amount of red tape that has entered life and made it barely worth starting a business from scratch I see as a move to the left. I see it not only in the UK but in several countries here. Potential business people are assessed by those who could never run a business in their lives but are kept off the unemployment registers by a non-job, paid for by the productive sector. In my book that (and other similar indicators) makes us far more left than we were 25 years ago.

          And so to bed…


  96. 467
    UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

    The Tories are going to get destroyed at the coming by election and then the May elections, its no longer a question of UKIP coming 2nd its whether the Tories will lose their deposit and then come 3rd in May.

    Time really is running out for the Tories, look out for a truly terrible by election result.


    • 469
      UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

      In fact you could call it a Bye Bye election for the Tories.


    • 471
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Ten Matabele Gumbo Beads says the Tories will win with an outright majority.


    • 472
      Wicker Man says:

      Ooooh look over there.

      UKIP not yet capable of crushing Labour. Unless UKIP buck up and start destroying Labour it looks like the country is in for a dire time in the coming few years.


      • 487
        English batsmen have technical flaws says:

        If UKIP win in Wythenshawe that would really spice things up


        • 490
          Bill Quango MP-4 says:

          Ed Miliband’s party is on 61%, while Ukip (15%) is just ahead of the Tories (14%) in the battle for second place.

          No chance of anything but a labour hold.
          This place is redder than Milband’s dad’s pajamas.


  97. 480
    Mark Oaten Lib Dem says:

    Off to Somerset in the morning to see if I can spot some floaters. :-)


  98. 489
    Captain Jack Dromey says:

    I’ve been watching the BBC

    Lovin’ it.


  99. 491
    Ah! They shoot giraffes don't they,for inbreeding says:

    Why not Mu55ies?


  100. 492
    Steve Simply says:

    I know there are people who comment here who rate Pickles, but I have always thought he was an indolent dolt who has failed us big time due to his inability to see the extent of the mismanagement and corruption in our local authorities.

    His latest idiotic nonsense justifying the useless performance of the government over the floods and acting as an apologist for the green foreign aid lobby just confirms for me that the man is a total waste of space.



    • 500
      Jingle bells says:

      Stopped bothering heard Pickles this morning, him and his wally mates have had 3 years to attempt a return from the lunacy of a Liebour government, all we find is they are as impotent as a local village council, all the conniving and action and corruption is taking place in a small country called Belgium and a load of corrupt unvoted for slimes in an organisation laughingly called the European Union, a union that only exists in the mindset of Pickles and his mates but not in the mindset of most of the people Britain, time will come when the truth will get out.


      • 589
        Mme Guillotine says:

        … and not only Britain either. Large numbers of ordinary folk across Europe want out – and if they don’t get their way, what we are seeing in Greece, Italy,and Spain will seem like a 5 year old’s tea party. Pitchforks at the ready…


  101. 496
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    Threat of Thames breach in Berkshire results in Army and Royal Navy personnel being deployed. But it took weeks for the Royal Marines to be deployed in Somerset levels. Cameron says ‘Know your fucking place rural plebs’.


  102. 501
    Anonymous says:

    After witnessing storm surges and flash floods abroad, I have for 25yrs advised people not to buy houses next to beaches or rivers.
    Now I who bought responsibly on a hill am expected to subsidise their foolishness?
    Jokes on you who patronised this sound advice.
    (I don’t include the Somerset Levels in that btw, that’s proven Labour incompetence begun in the 1990s.)


  103. 503
    Eric Pickles and Dave says:

    Dear Wurzels

    Please pay no attention to Mr Farage. His offer to divert money set aside for foreign aid to yourselves is pure populism. We are sure that you agree with our aid policy to support the Indian Space program and the African Spice girls rather than dredge your drains and build your river banks.

    Keep up your pecker, we are behind you all the way.

    Eric and Dave


    • 506
      The Public says:

      Thanks for your concern Eric and Dave.

      We are thinking of removing you from public office. Don’t be surpised when this happens.

      Best regards,

      The Public


  104. 508

    It beggars belief that we are ruled by an organisation that actually had a fucking giraffe slaughtered . What possible threat to these fuckers is posed by a harmless herbivore they have finally gone over the edge .


    • 511
      The EU Bastards says:


      • 518
        Marine & Nigel says:

        Come the 22nd of May we’ll throw Barroso to the Lions.


      • 521
        The EU Bastards says:

        Took some finding to get a video of the giraffe slaughter that was not restricted to over 18 because of the content. Which is strange as videos of Humans being slaughtered in Syria have no such restrictions


    • 548
      Athelstan says:

      There are nice Danes and there are nasty Danes.

      Most of the Danes I have met have seemed civilised and nice at first, but sadly there are quite a few who have turned out to be Hunts.


      • 557
        CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        As an illustration of the reach of the EU Kommissars this could hardly be bettered, just what business is it of any government, never mind a supranational organisation, of the parentage of zoo animals.
        The directors of the zoo should have told them to fuck themselves !


        • 562
          @--@ says:


          Like the EA the zoo was hiding behind EU guidelines because it suited them. Most shite that comes out of Europe is advisory only.


          • Herman van Rumpy Pumpy and Cuddly Barosso says:

            Hey guys, some advice:

            Kill your cute animals, and publicly feed them to your nasty ones.

            We don’t like G’iraffe’s, and S’chultz really hates j’ews Maus.


  105. 509
    Ebb and Flow says:

    When the Thames Barrier is shut to stop the tide coming up to London. What happens to the river water coming down to London?


    • 513
      Bob Rook says:

      It goes down the Tube. Ha Fucking Ha.


      • 519
        Podiceps says:

        The Thames-side Underground stations have flood doors which can be shut quickly.


        • 523
          Bob Crowsaurus says:

          Not unless you pay my members door closure money they won’t.


          • A Tube Door Shutter says:

            Dangerous and highly skilled work innit.


          • Geeks r us says:

            They were installed in 1939 on the older lines and may have been replaced but the 3 ton doors could be closed manually or by the push of a button, so management could do it.

            from Britain’s Railway at war 1939-1945 by OSNock


        • 531
          Wayne and Waynetta says:

          You are truly a knowledgeable bird, Podiceps.

          We ignorant plebs are now completely reassured that everything is under control in Dave’s LibLabConner paradise.


    • 517
      Podiceps says:

      The Thames is tidal up to Teddington (= ‘tide end town’). Flow from upstream of there goes over a weir into the tidal Thames. Below the weir, if the barrier stayed shut for a long time, the river level would gradually rise. But much more water flows in from the tide than comes down from upstream, so it would take several days to reach a dangerous height.

      Unless, of course, the barrier was lowered at high tide, so that the stretch between the barrier and Teddington was full. If this started at spring tide level, the Embankment might overflow within a few hours hours. There was one recent case of lowering the barrier at high tide: the day of the river procession for the Queen’s golden jubilee, when they kept the water level as high as possible for a few hours to let people see the spectacle more easily.


      • 537
        Lord Chris Smith says:

        Wanna job Podiceps? We could do with someone who understands water.


        • 568
          Post hoc says:

          No, the environment agency has already spent far too much on salaries, more than they spent on operations in fact. Something that didn’t seem to bother Hilary Benn one whit.


  106. 511
    altruism in industry says:

    Did I hear Cleggys gone off on a fact finding mission to South American to learn all about the effects of making mind altering substances more freely available. Very important issue, much more important than the destruction of the fucking Nation.


  107. 515
    Mother Nature says:

    Don’t fuck about. Legalise the lot. Let the stupid bastards poison themselves if thy want to. No treatment on the NHS. Let them rot. Soon deter the others.

    Simples. Evolution at its best.


    • 533
      C.O.Jones says:

      They deny treatment to smokers because it is self inflicted. Yet prop up the habits of heroin addicts.

      Yet smokers are singled out. Seems stupid to me when smokers die so much younger freeing up resources for the obese, alcoholics, sun burned, aged joggers getting new hips and kneecaps, bulimics, anorexics and the suicidal – all also self inflicted.

      Now where is me methadone (taxpayer provided, pity they could not pay for me fags as well, will have to use me bennies for that)?


  108. 522
    Dave in a Panic says:

    Shit. Oxfordshire, Thames Valley and London getting half an inch of flooding.

    Crisis — continuous Cobra Meeting needed 24/7.

    Fuck Somerset, all hands to the pumps to save the Westminster LibLabConners immediately.


  109. 524
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:


    • 534
      Some pretend most just lie says:

      Far to late for badly photoshopped pictures, get used to UKIP getting headlines, the more you try your best to bring down UKIP the more you keep them in peoples minds and the more chance they will vote for them in the EU voting.


    • 545
      Everyone's a critic. says:

      The recently made remake of Walter Mitty is a fantastic film.

      The Walter Mitty character turns out to be dynamic, effective, thoughtful and fun.


  110. 529
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:



  111. 530
    Well done the Sikhs says:

    Sky had an interview with the Sikh who had brought his disaster relief tem to help out in Somerset

    They go all over the world helping in such disasters so they know the ropes. Before they went down to Somerset they phoned all the usual contacts to see what was needed and find those in control. And there was no response other than to say do not bother they are sure everything is all in hand.

    So anyway the team got together, went down to Somerset and found that the locals were basically doing self help and their aid was very much needed.

    Loads of ministers, loads of press. Royals, PMs, but Not one aid team or aid worker. They were made welcome at the pub and proceeded to get their hands dirty and work alongside the locals.


  112. 536
    Just up the road from the Somerset Levels the EA spends £10 million on the EA says:

    A new Bristol office block has been named Britain’s greenest building

    The Environment Agency’s £10-million headquarters in Deanery Road, behind the Council House, has achieved the highest score ever awarded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for its environmental credentials.

    The building replaces the boarded-up Cabot House, which had been empty since the early 1990s.

    Developer Westmark said it used the latest technologies, innovative design and stringent site management to ensure a high level of environmental performance in both the construction and use of the building.



    • 539
      A Green Temple to ECO Lunacy says:

      So the EA’s greenest building in Britain HQ, could not grasp that blocked land drains means flooded land?


      • 542
        The British media are cunts says:

        No, because all these lefty mongs read the shit in the Guardian by mongs like Moonbat and Harramong at the BBC and think it’s all down to global warming.


        • 560
          altruism in industry says:

          I don’t imagine that it is made out of mud nor has a nice thatched roof made from the reed beds on the levels instead I imagine it is made out of steel and concrete and ceramics with lots of glass, all of which take huge amounts of energy and pollution to produce which are probably not counted in the “green description” but then I don’t know that I’m just guessing.


  113. 541
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Danny?


  114. 544
    Anonymous says:

    At least they text to tell you it’s raining. :???:


  115. 547

    The Graun must really hate Chris Smith.
    That picture of him looks like an overblown toad.

    Which, come to think of it…


  116. 553
    Ah! fuk html and toads says:

    I’ll work it out tomorrow.

    Nightcap and bed


  117. 554
    Boring Snoring Rachel Reeves says:

    It’s a cost of living bedroom tax 50% top rate double dip crisis.


  118. 556

    Great feminist song from the Faces:

    And in the morning,
    Please don’t say you love me,
    Coz I’ll only kick you out of the door.
    Yes, I’ll pay your cab fare,
    You can even use my best cologne,
    Just don’t be here in the morning
    When I wake up… :-)


  119. 559
    Mark Harper MP says:

    Has everyone forgotten about me already?


  120. 561
    Sally says:

    My kids understand that mummy has to be out 7 nights a week getting bladdered and shagging random men. I’m sure I’ll see them in a few months. My first priority is Leroy.


  121. 571
  122. 574
    Brace yourselves says:

    another big Lib Dum bumming story about to break, apparently involving minors


    • 577
      Morris says:

      I wish the yellow pervs would leave my back seat in peace.


      • 590
        Michael Foot says:

        woudl it be weirder if it were miners? In view of who we are talking about it woudl be weirder if it was adult females. That lot need putting on the bromide


  123. 581
    English batsmen have technical flaws says:

    I would just like to thank Mr Singh for all he is doing on the Somerset Levels and I would like to blow a great big Raspberry in the direction of Messrs Cameron Pickles and Farage and suggest they stay in that nice state of the art office with all the latest technologies that have been built for them at our expense in Bristol.


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