February 7th, 2014

Reverse Ferret! Yasmin Qureshi Says Sorry

Someone has finally had a word. Yasmin Qureshi’s statement, out at 5pm on Friday evening:

“The debate was about the plight of the Palestinian people and in no way did I mean to equate events in Gaza with the Holocaust.

 I apologise for any offence caused.”

 That wasn’t so hard, was it?


  1. 1
    Cinna says:

    You’re personally hurt. That’s right, make it all about you.


  2. 2
    Newsfox says:

    Quite something – this MP has suffered far more negative publicity than the hundreds who voted for the Iraq war. Now THAT was grotesque.


  3. 3
    David 'Sturmbannführer' Ward says:



  4. 4
    Ah! at last says:

    Guido undertakes female cerebral mutilation.


  5. 4
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    Guido writes a story here. He sees an apology there.

    Soon need a slave by his desk to whisper ‘remember, you are only a man.’


    • 11
      Ah! one thing's certain ( probably ) says:

      If you unplug your modem and router, you will be reborn as Bill Quango MP.


  6. 7
    Ed Milliband says:

    Itth a cwisis of apologieth


  7. 8
    Ah! one thing's certain says:

    She wasn’t reading from the same hymn sheet.


  8. 9
    Chris Smith says:

    Well, I’m not sorry. In fact I’m proud of my staff, and even more proud of myself.


  9. 10
    Proftastic says:

    Not good enough – resign! Surely this is worse than not wearing a Nazi uniform?


    • 15
      Ed Moribund says:

      Thory MPs who don’t wear a Nawzi uniform must wesign!
      And tho mutht the pwime minister who overseas them.

      Wesign! Wesign!


  10. 12
    Ted Crilly says:


  11. 14
    Hard Face Liebour Clones says:

    Is that Flint?


  12. 16
    Ken Barlow says:

    ” That wasn’t so hard, was it?”


  13. 17
    Huge Grant says:

    I’d have a BJ from her!


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    A HoC politician apologising? It’s against the rules. It cannot be true.


    • 64
      Lord Stansted says:

      No. She apologised “for any offence caused” – not for any mistake made by her. It could be have been worse, of course; at least she didn’t apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  15. 20

    Interesting article
    While we have closed our coal mines , to help prevent global warming , resulting in sky high energy prices for us and we are now tottally reliant on imported fuel
    because we signed up to the stupid EU’s carbon emmission cuts
    Germany are building another 25 coal fired powered stations and all along we have been funding building coal fired power plants via our over seas aid programe



  16. 21
    Chris Smith says:

    Fucking Somersetians, was it Sue’s idea?


  17. 25

    ‘Sorry, sooooo sorry for upsetting myself.’ They can’t say sorry can they?


  18. 30
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    This is the troughing bint who got bint who got a driving ban for a mixture of speeding and using a mobile whilst driving and then gave the tax payer the bill for all the taxis she used during the ban.

    How much more of this crap is the electorate going to take.

    Whilst she is thinking about the Palestinians she may want to ponder why the richest nations on the planet i.e. The Gulf States and Saudi Arabia send little or no aid to them.


    • 92
      Mornington Crescent says:

      The electorate don’t have to take it but I fear the denizens of Bolton South East really are too stupid to vote for anything else.

      More intriguingly, is ‘The D-word’ now approved for use in this establishment? Let’s try: drive, driving, DRIVE.


    • 155
      seriously? says:

      They’ll have sent them plenty of aid. Ak47’s, explosives, K*rans, you name it.


    • 237
      ... says:

      Liar! That’s what happens when thickos get their “news” from hatemongering Tabloids.
      Arabs contributed about 20% of aid to Palestine since 2006.


    • 339
      FFS says:

      Saudi Arabia provides 10% of all Palestinian aid. 55% comes from EU nations. 10% comes from the US.


  19. 31
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Is she Caroline Flint’s twin?
    Ed Miliband brags about all the women labour MPs in the party. I would keep quiet if I was him as the women are either stupid, arrogant, obese, or ugly.


  20. 40
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    What was labour’s plans for the Somerset Levels from 1998 to 2010. What dredging and land maintenance was carried out while labour were in office? Drainage rivers do not clog up overnight, although Sky and the BBC would have us believe the problem has only happened since 2010.


    • 119
      Anonymous says:

      Nothing was done for years.


    • 131
      The BBC says:

      Everything that went wrong during our sorry Labour’s 12 years in power was due to massive underinvestment by the Tories


      • 229
        The BBC supports "responsible capitalism" says:

        It is a well known fact that had the Tories held Labour to account during 1997 – 2010 none of the horrendous things that occurred from lax Bank regulation to foreign wars would have happened


      • 362
        Miss Legarde says:

        Cameron’s design’s to leave the Swiss Confederation will have major implications.


    • 227
      Flooding the market says:

      Labour refused plans to divert the rail track inland around Dawlish in 2006 when fears of the vulnerability of the track to regular flood/storm damage etc were first muted…not a lot of people know that and the BBC certainly don’t care to publicise it either


      • 357
        Fly on the wall says:

        By whom were they muted?

        If they had been mooted a bit louder some folk might have taken notice and taken appropriate action.


  21. 41
    Quelle Surprise says:


  22. 45
  23. 46
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Her apology is as about as sincere as Abbott’s after the Tottenham riots.

    She has a safe seat; all her constituents are Asian and the postal vote is locked down.


  24. 48
    Little old lady from tooting beck says:

    Benedict Brogan – seen elsewhere

    “Given what we were warned to expect by Labour the absence of a crisis in A&E so far this winter is a big story indeed.”

    Indeed and has any of the doom laden predictions from Labour come true. I think the big story remains that Labour always always always get it wrong. Meanwhile their leader makes speeches that he knows openly damage the best interests of this country and the unions Labour paymasters and military wing attempt unneeded industrial action to bring the capital to a halt

    Expect more as we approach 2015 and do not even think about what is going to happen after the election


    • 54
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      If labour win then you have seen nothing yet. The 1970’s will seem like a walk in the park. How anyone can vote for labour is beyond comprehension, those that do must like to suffer, and make the rest of us suffer as well.
      You can also be sure that there will be a mass exodus of business and investment. Labour voters may be stupid but business is not.


      • 56
        Where are Tony Blair's expenses says:

        Labour voters are very very stupid and they vote for the taxpayers to pay for their bennies.


        • 106
          Podiceps says:

          Which is actually quite an intelligent thing to do, in the short term.


          • FFS says:

            But as the Telegraph pointed out, not so bright in the long-term when those bennies are being funded by just 300,000 taxpayers that could up sticks and move to Monaco at a moments notice.


          • Labour first ruined the pensions sector and then the country says:

            Spend the Banker’s Bonus Tax —again for the twentieth time…once again Labour demonstrates its grip on economics


    • 83
      Táxpáyér says:

      Maybe the immigrants who crowded out locals at A&E have fucked off home?


      • 121
        Village Shopkeeper says:

        Well, the two scruffy and unkempt Bulgarian/Romanian immigrants who are said to have arrived in the UK after the removal of transitional controls appear to still be here, as they came into our shop today, and were obviously looking for anything worth stealing, so they clearly haven’t gone back home.


  25. 52
    UK Kleptocracy says:

    Does anyone, anywhere think that this creature actually means “sorry”?

    Anyone really think that she holds any “British” values?

    Labour replaced the traditional working class in this country because we voted for Lady Thatcher – they are punishing us to this day by turning us into welfare junkies & importing a new voter base “to do the jobs the British won’t do”.

    And Cameron is just the same.


  26. 53
    Westhoughton Observer says:

    She’s not even British. – Now I take the view that only British Citizens can vote and logically only British citizens can stand for election. Yo use the language of the period she uses, she’s defo untermensch


  27. 59
    Denying History says:

    Too little- too late!


  28. 59
    Nigel Farage says:

    You may have noticed that the floods are happening in the Tory Constituencies.

    There has NEVER been a flood in a UKIP Constituency.


  29. 63
    David Cameron says:

    All these whinging people living on the Somerset Levels. Haven’t they got insurance? After all, that’s the Tory way.
    We’re all for small government now, so if they want the ditches dredging, they’d better pay for it themselves.

    Pip pip!


    • 68
      George Nobsore says:

      I just don’t understand it, Dave. They must all be socialists, expecting other people to pay for their damage.
      It’s just not on.


      • 69
        David Cameron says:

        They must be Labour voters, George, they believe in the magic money tree. Why did I bother going down there?


    • 78
      Sir William Waide says:

      The dredging worked well for decades until the Environment Agency took it over, with their soggy Gaian touchy-feely leftie ideology.


    • 111
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      The yokels would have got it sorted had they been told that no other c’unt could be bothered.

      Of course they would want the tax which they are currently paying for this service to be refunded.


    • 137
      Bob the Builder says:

      Every few years, I used to clear out all the moss, silt and dead leaves that had accumulated in my gutters, in order to stop them overflowing during heavy rain.

      But the Environment Agency tell me I’d got it all wrong, and they actually overflow due to climate change.


      • 226
        Chinese engineer says:

        The Dutch sorted the Levels problem 350 years ago

        Are you all so dumb you cannot even maintain their system..?

        Without involving Charley Bigears, Call me Dave, COBRA and a dozen fuckihg Ministers?

        Or do you need mighty sledgehammer to crack teeny hut?

        PS If I were that incompetent I would be sent to Inner Mongolia


  30. 67
    Persona non grata says:

    Cameron and Obama haven’t turned up to Sochi then. G*y rights innit.


    • 150
      Jim says:

      Far more interesting withoiut those two narcissists taking selfies of eachother

      I found the opening ceremony excellent and great ballet

      A breath of fresh air compared with the permanent vile and decadence in Britain


  31. 70
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    Too little, too late!


    • 76
      RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

      Labour trolls must be busy in the champagne bar tonight, no sign or them :)


    • 85
      On a pitch by me says:

      Just got rid of Roma and partner who have been on their ‘pitches’ for over 6 years. They are supposed to be ” roofless “. Stupid residents subsidising their transport home by car. Challenge the buggers. Check their licences. Beeeeeeg go home.


  32. 72
    john in cheshire says:

    Are we supposed to believe anything that a muslim says?


  33. 74
    Sir William Waide says:

    Congratulations for saying ‘equate’ rather than ‘compare’.


  34. 75
    Anonymous says:

    The Labour Party never appear to discipline their own. But demand other parties to do so for the slightest thing.


  35. 84
    Fake Jimmy says:

    Labour MPs never apologise


  36. 86
    Guido Fawkes also says:

    Labour MPs never apologise


  37. 89
    Sarah from Kirkaldy says:

    Why are ageing socialist gays all useless?


  38. 94
    Ah! I'm getting old. says:

    In my day they put individual kids in ‘ Special Measures’

    These days it’s whole hospitals.


  39. 95
    Anonymous says:


  40. 97
    Ah! I'm getting old. says:


    ” In the women’s two-man bobsleigh”


  41. 98
    Daily Express Headline Writer says:

    More winds, rain, storms, bad weather….Great.


    • 104
      McAdder says:

      Otherwise, it would have to be Di, M@ddy, or house prices.


    • 107
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      What are the real odds on snow by Easter ?

      Frozen flooded areas in Somerset, whilst bad for people and livestock will make for fabulous footage to demonstrate the lies that have been spouted about Global Warming… ;-)


      • 127
        Ed Dafty says:

        Tut tut. Don’t you know?
        More rain than usual = more snow than usual= windier than usual= hotter than usual= colder than usual = climate change = global warming.
        Now pay your green taxes scum!


    • 153
      Jimmy says:

      CNN have just anniunced that their experts believe in the next few years the whole of East Anglia and the South West will be permanently flooded

      Take away Scotland and that does not leave much left


  42. 103
    Noose Watch says:

    So now that is dealt with, what’s being done about the hanging of Chris Smith ?


    • 170
      Albert Pierpoint says:

      If we truss him up, throw him into the flood waters, but tie him by the neck to the top of a tree, when the water levels finally drop he will be slowly hanged out to dry.


  43. 112
    Lord Smith says:

    Don’t be surprised that I’m rubbish at everything I do. I was part of Tony Blair’s New Labour. And just like Tony, I’m making lots of money. Fuck you, plebs. And remember to vote Labour.


  44. 116
    Anonymous says:

    Big fan of Yusuf al-Qaradawi .

    “Graham Tope, leader of the London assembly Liberal Democrats, backs Tory calls for an investigation into the visit of Yusuf al-Qaradawi to City Hall earlier this year (Livingstone faces formal investigation, November 11). Muslims in London should remember this when the general election comes and the Lib Dems come calling at the local mosque for Muslim votes. Qaradawi visited City Hall to speak alongside a broad spectrum of speakers against the French ban on the hijab and other religious symbols, although the subject of the conference is not mentioned in your report.

    Livingstone was right to speak on a platform against this reactionary policy. Those people who have spent their time attacking the presence of Qaradawi would do better to express their solidarity with Muslims whose religious freedom is threatened by the French law”.
    Yasmin Qureshi
    Prospective Labour candidate, Brent East



  45. 124
    Alex Salmond, formerly the cleverest man in poltics says:

    My challenge to Dave is to come up to the Auchtermuchty pizzeria and we’ll settle this by who can eat the most pizza, doners, chips, pakoras, chicken tickka, naan bread, onion rings and Irn Bru. Ya bas.


    • 142
      Ah! Ma says:

      Don’t forget the pudd.


      • 256
        Bullingdon Man says:

        Salmond will suffocate to death after his plate topples upon him. If does not get him, he will drown in every bodies else puke. If that doesn’t get him it will be that massive turd that gets stuck in his rectum and stops the body ejecting its poison.


    • 295
      Salmond is a wee scot says:

      Bull-ing-don man is up for the challenger but AS will be crushed if his plate topples upon him. If does not get him, he may drown in every bodies elses puke. If that doesn’t get him it will be that massive turd that gets stuck in his rectum and stops the body ejecting its poison.


    • 298
      Salmond is a wee scot says:

      Problems to face up. His plate of food falling upon him may be crushing.


    • 303
      Salmond is a wee scot says:

      I hope he can swim in the sea of puke that us Bull – ing -don boys always come up with.


    • 308
      Salmond is a wee scot says:

      Lastly, and not least, a massive turd will need to be passed. If it gets stuck in his rectum Salmond is no more.


  46. 125

    “We’re the party of the working class,”

    [lemon party by-election leaflet, wythenshawe]


  47. 130
    Anonymous says:

    The sheikh had been due to attend a House of Commons meeting on Wednesday evening along with Labour MPs including Jeremy Corbyn, Richard Burden and Yasmin Qureshi.



  48. 133
    Anonymous says:


  49. 135
    Anonymous says:

    A new MP who went from law-maker to law-breaker days after getting elected

    “The Labour MP, who was not in court, apologised to magistrates through her solicitor who said she would now have the “inconvenience” of having to use taxis and public transport”.



  50. 136
    Anonymous says:

    She looks a bit stressed out to me. I would advise a nice night out on the town chilling with Mrs Bercow and chums. She’ll wake up tomorrow feeling a whole lot better.


  51. 143
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Labour=The Nazi Party


  52. 148
    Anonymous says:


  53. 154
    Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

    Well well wasn’t that interesting hope those of you who read the initial blog and a comment about the dirty EU plans that have been going on kept a record of that now disappeared blog. Ha! Ha! Ha!


    • 159
      GCHQ NSA says:

      We have the full recordd

      Just call us in Cheltenham


      • 162
        Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

        What would you like me to call you – fucking low-life low intelligence monkeys?


      • 163
        Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

        i tell you what – i will call you all fucking Israeli firsters – you spinless gutless ‘owned bastards’ how about that?


    • 194
      Not Blowing Whistles says:

      Your rather good post about the EU in Somerset ? Still there.

      Or were there some other dirty EU plans ?

      All EU plans are dirty, so a little more clarity is required.

      My own speculation: Who are the EU going to assassinate next in order to keep their sham going, or rather, suppress dissent – particularly that emerging in Holland now ?


      • 244
        Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

        ahh you mean this do you

        Blowing Donkey Whistles says:
        February 7, 2014 at 4:41 pm
        oops wrongblog
        EU policy: deliberately flooding the Somerset Levels
        Dr Richard North explains the EU angle to the Flooding story. Strange that no one else seems over inclined to point this out.
        No surprise that the pro EU Westminster troika forget to mention it. Nor is it any surprise that the media fails to point this out.
        EU policy: deliberately flooding the Somerset Levels
        Monday 3 February 2014
        It is all very well for Chris Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, to prattle on about “difficult choices”, and to tell us that “more must be done to protect the Somerset Levels”. But in the flooding crisis over which he is presiding, there is one which Smith’s Agency, at the behest of the EU, deliberately allowed to happen.
        Allowing the flooding is a matter EU policy, introduced by a 2007 Directive and consciously adopted by the Environment Agency in 2008, which then sought to increase the frequency of flooding on the Somerset Levels.
        What then makes it impossible for the people on the spot, like Owen Paterson, is that they are having to deal with decisions made years ago. Only now are the consequences of those decisions becoming evident, while the people (or agencies) who contributed to this disaster are entirely invisible.
        In the “invisible” class is that classic elephant in the room, the European Union, which was behind the last great change in British strategy, heralded by a Defra consultation document in July 2004 called “making space for water”, introducing “a new Government strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk management in England”.
        The clue as to its provenance came on page 23, under the heading “European Dimension”, which told us that flood risk management was being discussed at the EU level, and the themes under discussion were “all consistent with this consultation and the current approach in England”.
        The outline of the EU approach had in fact been published in a COM final, (2004)472, the very same month as the Defra document, signalling the “European” interest and warning of further activity to come.
        At the time, Charles Clover, writing in the Telegraph was very far from being impressed. He complained that, while Defra calls it “Making Space for Water”, others called it “flooding”. And, in those few words, the future government policy was revealed. Flood defence was to give way to “management”.
        Government consultation continued into 2005, making it very clear that a “new strategic direction” was involved, one which involved changing the emphasis from flood protection to allowing certain areas to flood.
        For Somerset, this had already been spelled out in an EU-funded conference in Warsaw in 2003. Flood defence for farm land, along with high levels of subsidies, was for many years an important element of Britain’s production-orientated agricultural policy, wrote the authors. Many floodplain areas benefited from publicly-funded flood defence and land drainage schemes which reduced crop damage and facilitated a change to more intensive farming systems.
        Recently, however, they continued, policy emphasis has been placed on environmental enhancement, on greater diversity of economic activity as a basis for sustainable rural livelihoods, and on public enjoyment of the countryside. Funds previously committed to support farm output are increasingly diverted to encourage land managers to deliver environmental benefits.
        In this context, we were told, there is reduced justification for high standards of flood defence for agriculture. Indeed, there may be substantial benefits if some floodplain land is returned to its previous unprotected, un-drained condition.
        Therein lay the death knell for the Somerset Levels, as a new term was to dominate policy: “Washland”. This was an area of the floodplain that was to be allowed to flood or was deliberately flooded by a watercourse for flood management purposes.
        Unacknowledged by either government, the media or even Chris Smith in his current diatribe, this policy was given legislative force, not by the Westminster parliament but by an EU directive 2007/60/EC of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.
        There, in recital 14, we saw spelled out the requirement that flood risk management plans should focus on prevention, protection and preparedness. But, “with a view to giving rivers more space, they should consider where possible the maintenance and/or restoration of floodplains, as well as measures to prevent and reduce damage to human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity”.
        There, writ large, was Defra’s “making space for water” policy and all that was needed for an already Green-dominated Environment Agency to abandon the Somerset Levels.
        The shift in policy can be seen with brutal clarity on the Coimmission website which gives priority to the “environment”, citing a raft of EU measures, including the Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive. The Floods Directive, we are sternly warned, has to be implemented by 2015.
        Just so that there should be no doubts as to where the policy thrust law, DG Environment in 2011 issued a note, stressing that flood risk management “should work with nature, rather than against it”, building up the “green infrastructure” and thus offering a “triple-win” which included restoration (i.e., flooding) of the floodplain.
        By then, the Environment Agency needed no encouragement. In its March 2008 plan it had decided that, “providing a robust economic case for maintenance works on the Somerset Levels and Moors remains a challenge” (p.131).
        We believe, the Agency said, that “it is appropriate to look again at the benefits derived from our work, particularly focussing more on the infrastructure and the environmental benefits, which previous studies have probably [been] underestimated”.
        We have, they said, “international obligations to maintain and enhance the habitats and species in the Somerset Levels and Moors, and it is within this context that all decisions have to be made”.
        And, with that, they were “doubtful that all the pumping stations on the Somerset Levels and Moors are required for flood risk management purposes. Many pumping stations are relatively old and in some cases difficult to maintain. It is necessary to decide which ones are necessary particularly in the context of redistributing water”.
        Of six policy options, the Agency thus adopted the sixth, to: “Take action to increase the frequency of flooding to deliver benefits locally or elsewhere, which may constitute an overall flood risk reduction”. This policy option, they said, “involves a strategic increase in flooding in allocated areas” (p.141). The Levels were to be allowed to flood, as a matter of deliberate policy.
        Thus, when the BBC reported that the government had been “slow to act”, it could not have been more wrong. It had been there years before, planning to make the disaster that has overtaken the people of that part of Somerset a routine occurrence, not so much man-made as made by government.
        By the time Owen Peterson arrived to try to deal with the situation, he was years too late. Between the EU, the previous Labour government and the Environment Agency, the damage had already been done


        • 254
          Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

          Funny thing this a’noon i tried in my nromal style and they let it through – then near the later blogs it went off into the eth.er!

          p.s. perhaps a reverse strategy plan could be that Camoron actually ‘is promoting’ by being vocal (peeing people off) the seperation and thereafter he and his puppetmasters will then connive to dri.ve us all into the arms of the faux saviour – with dour predictions of dooom if you don’t vote for the EU monster?

          ‘Round like a circle in a spiral
          like a wheel within a wheel
          never ending or beginning
          on an ever spinning wheel

          umm Spinning …


      • 266
        Queens Bench Vii says:

        i like this moniker and shall wait to see how long it be before they ‘take it down’.


  54. 160
    i [the person] Blowing Whistles says:

    Aren’t there just too many fork tongued politicians and religious mouthpieces; who fail to take a look in the mirror at their pathetic and pitiful hypocrisy. Do they truly believe that they are right and that the masses are wrong? Do as the people tell you Cameron ‘enough of your blather’ and b/s about lesson have been learned.

    And btw – aren’t the pathetic and queer drama queens making right fools of themselves … The irony being of last nights CH4 tatchel mob piece from a gay bar [there wasn’t any broadcast from a straight bar – with the normal (98%) persons having their right to a say] followed by the Caldicott school piece of men abusing boys [i am sure the irony was lost on tatchel] but then the drag queen from dublin on tonight topped it all off – her/his last comment being of her/his want to look at ‘boys’ … [boys] Oh dear what a pitiful one eyed self centred agenda.


  55. 161

    Rat faced harridan.

    Sorry for this. I may repeat it soon…


  56. 164
    Little Johnny Bercow says:

    The wife’s off shagging again this evening

    I’m in my bath singing

    The working class

    Can kiss my arse

    You know the rest…


  57. 167
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Remember towards the end of last year when labour told us there would be an A&E crisis. Andy Stafford Hospital Deaths Cover Up Burnham spewed his evil – what’s your answer labour?
    Ed Miliband also went on about energy prices and how this would increase the number of old people that would die – what’s your answer labour?
    Ed Miliband also said he would freeze energy prices for 20 months if elected PM. What he failed to tell us was how much we should be paying for energy – your paying too much means nothing = what’s your answer labour?
    Labour have been very quiet on the Somerset Levels floods, apart from saying the government was too slow to react. Could it be because of Lord Smith-labour – being the chairman of the EA. Could it also be because no dredging took place while labour were in power.
    Oh for some honest detailed reporting from Sky, C4 and the BBC.


  58. 171

    Fuck off Scotland!

    *How’s that, Dave?*


    • 175
      Democracy Now says:

      It’s strange, Dave wants everyone to tell the Scots what they think, but he doesn’t want to give them the means to do so through the ballot box. Anyone would think he doesn’t believe in Democracy.


    • 176
      Dynamic Dave says:

      Exactly right Pussy.
      If Salmonella succeeds, than every fucking Scot in England will be an illegal immigrant. I’ll send all the bastards back to their midge infested shit hole forthwith.


      • 198
        Roses are red , so is Ed, roses smell nice says:

        The Irish have always been able to come and go without any problems, so if the Scots say hopefully yes then I don’t see any reason why they can’t come and go, the only difference will be is no Scots Liebour MPs, they can all go home and build a Sottish Liebour redoubt, vote yes Scotland, if we had had the same referendum the English people would set you free from our slavery.


    • 196
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      I cannot agree with that sentiment. Scotland and the regular folk up there are not the problem. The nationalists are, but they are more a problem for the Scots than they are for the English.

      ‘Fuck off Cameron back to Scotland and don’t ever set foot south of the border again.'; Now that is a sentiment that could be justly supported.


      • 239

        I sometimes tell my best friends to fuck off. The comment requires a deeper interpretation to understand it. I am actually a unionist at heart. :twisted:

        But not at any price!


        • 253
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Gotcha – I think a case of Poe’s law misunderstanding.

          On reflection your debating style is certainly a bit better than Cameron’s.

          I would imagine this:

          AS : So ya wee little southern poofty, ye ken why we should stay ?

          DC : Yes, well let me be clear, I give you a cast iron guarantee that remaining in the Union is best for S’cotland because of global warming, lessons learnt blah blah.

          AS : Aye, ya weak piece a yellow p’iss – ya na ken idea aye ?



  59. 172
    Mummy Jones says:

    Sally, leave my Owen alone you slag, you know he’s feeling a little qu eer.


  60. 173
    Small Business says:

    Well, we are coming towards the end of the business year, and I find my company has a bit of spare cash to invest in some new office equipment, furniture etc. in the next couple of months.

    Not quite an economic miracle, but a more satisfactory situaton than a couple of years ago, all the same.


  61. 181
    UKIP or bust says:

    Lots of talk about “chairman of the Environment Agency”, “Cris Smit”, “Lord Smith”, even “a former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister” but no mention of what party he belongs to.

    Strange that, what can the MSM be up to?


  62. 182
    Wayne in the factory wot does the work. says:

    Named parking spaces for successful directors like you are always a good idea, together with a tropical fish tank to distract visitors from the receptionist’s tits. They’ll guarantee the business will go belly up within a couple of years.


    • 190
      Small Business says:

      Receptionists? What do you think we are? The local council?

      The fish tank is a good idea though.


  63. 183
    Guy News Room says:

    Gay pride flag will fly over Owen Jones’ flat after all.


  64. 191
    One less day till the European elections says:


  65. 192
    Graham Norton says:



  66. 199
    Anonymous says:


    • 205
      Fuck the EU says:

      S’panish, F’rench and G’erman in five seconds, with Google Translate:

      – Joder la UE !
      – Baiser de l’UE !
      – Wir ficken die EU !


      • 231
        Engineer says:


        Learn Spanish to order your d rugs on the beach like flies in Ibiza

        Sick bucket


        • 277
          EuroVom says:

          EuroVom Sick Bags combine a rigid plastic mouth piece for ease of use with a tough plastic bag for collecting anything that the politician has produced. The plastic mouth piece can be placed over the nose and mouth and held in place quite easily, with plenty of gaps around the sides for the free circulation of hot air.

          After use, the top of the bag can be twisted round to close it and then secured in the plastic slot on the underside of the mouth piece, ready for recycling at the next election.


    • 212
      Dave the Invertebrate says:

      Sorry folks, I’ve already committed to doling out wads of cash to all my mates in the charity sector.


    • 213
      Tax is R us says:

      Saves spending it on GPS for taxis in Indian cities.


    • 214
      Mornington Crescent says:

      “MPs tell Cameron” only today? Nige told Cameron that a week ago.

      Get ahead. Vote UKIP.


    • 217
      Ah! ey says:


      I thought Russel Brand TOOK the piss.


    • 232
      Dave from Witney says:

      I feel that the British people who are stronger when all of us are in Union together feel immensely proud of Britain’s record on Foreign Aid…it brings a tear to my eye with pride every time I think of the billions that we have sent to India to finance their Space Program and I feel sure that such thoughts will warm the hearts of all those plucky people of Somerset as they huddle together singing cheerful songs as they watch their homes disappear under the flood waters.


    • 387
      JadedJean1 says:

      Yet another eternal victime


  67. 207
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    That chapatti looks a bit pale, sorry not caption competition.


  68. 210
    Bennies 4eva says:

    Vote Labour.


  69. 211
  70. 216
  71. 220
    Owen says:

    Chutney Ferret? :O


  72. 225
  73. 257
    Ah! can see it now says:

    Next Year….”The year the Floods came”

    Five years on” The 2014 floods ”

    Ten Years on ” Our floods are worse than theirs ”

    2034 ” call them floods FFS ”

    2044 ” Skating on The Thames “


  74. 258
    David Cameron needs a cock up his arse because he hasn't got a backbone says:

    So what did David Cameron do today to justify his salary ?


  75. 259
    Queens Bench Vii says:

    The person is important say i.


    • 270
      Russell Brand's nemesis says:



      • 305
        Queens Bench Vii says:

        What! – the only issue in question of how sachs’ was managed and manipulated into remaining silent and not complaining to all and sundry that he ‘felt offended, harassed etc [add mantra words etc yak yak … blah blah blah] harassed’ over your BBC public utterances … of course if the BBC are controlled by the Ziozits / EU well they wouldn’t want a full blown criminal court hearing would they?


    • 279
      Pan says:

      I’m still on version V #confusedface


  76. 261
    Ah! can see it now says:

    BBC over to “Our reporter from Glasgow.”

    Wearing a Primark Reject.

    I can now understand why the give ‘em free Berghouses


  77. 264
    Ah! can see it now says:

    In a century…watching Fiona wondering whether it’s the Fiona News or the Fiona Antiques Roadshow


  78. 265
    Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far to the left says:

    Some are beginning to say it as it is:


    • 290
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Owen Jones is fit to lick the boots of David Buik.


    • 320
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      I think what Mr Buick meant to say was that Jones is a complete fuckwit, talks shit all of the time, and knows fuck all. But Mr Buick is a gentleman so I will say it for him.
      Have a nice weekend Mr Buick.


  79. 269
    Anonymous says:

    Another win for the Z!oni$t lobby…


  80. 272
    Victoria Nuland says:

    Fuck the EU


  81. 273
    Paddy Power says:

    It’s still 1 – 6,000,000


    • 282
      Queens Bench Vii says:

      those odds were being touted in the early 1900’s – i’m going to re-read the original copies i have of picture post and them ziozits from about 1936. night night be not feraful of those who tout fear – ‘cos they’re 5hit scared and its blatantly obvious to those who KNOW NOW.


  82. 285

    Germany’s top court has issued a blistering attack on the European Central Bank, arguing that its rescue plan for the euro violates EU treaty law and exceeds the bank’s policy mandate. – Telegraph

    Also: The sovereign states are the “masters of the EU Treaties” and not the other way around.

    The times they are a changin':



  83. 291
    Ah! I've not log to go so says:

    As a white drinker ( ex red ) what do i do with 1 Bottle ( amongst lesser valued ) of Chateau Latour 1969. Drink or Will?


  84. 296
    Ah! I've not long to go so says:


    i don’t n eed no doctor

    Might just go before me.


  85. 297
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Salmond can’t wait for any non scot to say something about scottish indepenence as it allows him to dodge the real issue. The real issue being that he is not telling the scots the truth. Salmond and the SNP are all smoke and mirrors.


  86. 299
    Who says religion is on the way out? says:

    Island Parish ( replay )

    9 in the choir.

    5 in the congregation


  87. 300
    The Winter Olympics In A Nutshell says:


  88. 313
    Scum of the first order says:


    Read the profiles of these useless tossers.
    Up to their necks in guilt for causing the extent of these floods through their determination to deliver EU directives.
    They should hang


    • 316
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      I would hazard a guess that non-dredging started under labour. It must be the reason Ed Miliband is so quiet about the Somerset Levels, plus Lord Smith is a labour peer.


      • 322
        Ah! dear says:

        It’s late i know…but how can non-dredging start?


      • 329
        Fish says:

        As was his predecessor and the Chief Executive – all at the time when the EA decided to return the Levels to water… all so the birdies could go for a paddle.


      • 332
        I know whay you did in the last government says:

        Ed Milliband was the Environment Secretary……………but I guess that has slipped the BBC’s tiny mind.


      • 335
        Cassandra says:

        307 – you are correct it was Labour and they used the EU as cover, saying the EU didn’t want dredging and if any was undertaken then the silt removed was not to be spread back on the fields but could only be deposited with the range of the bucket arm removing it. Usual utter Labour/EU madness, quelle surprise.

        They also sold off for scrap all the expensive dredging equipment.


  89. 330
    Ah! I can guess says:

    Met Police: Three diplomatic officers held over ‘obscene’ images

    The Eagle Sistas & Harman


  90. 331
    non taxable pikey says:

    She has the looks of a constipated Cocker Spaniel.


  91. 333
    Gordon McDoom says:

    I found love on the Internet.

    And he’s georgeous.


  92. 334
    Homo Games says:


    Putin’s games get off to a bad start.

    One ring short!


  93. 336
    Fish says:

    Bliar’s property empire continues to expand, this time his kid, Euan, is shacked up in a £3.6m pad (he’s earned so much for such a young man).

    Strangely, this story says that the property is jointly owned with Slotty, not his missus. To try to understand why I am finding very taxing.



  94. 337
    Dark Baron Mandlescum says:

    I’ve a spare one, anything for Vlad the impaler!


  95. 341
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Never heard of her but she has that ‘MILF’ look, although her hair looks a bit shite.


  96. 344
    Lord Smith is a pig fucking cúnt says:

    Has the retarded sack of filth resigned yet ?


    • 345
      Dr Frankenfreud says:

      ICD-11 is expected to replace the term “mental retardation” with “intellectual disability,” and the DSM-5 has replaced it with “intellectual disability (intellectual developmental disorder).”

      However, retardation is generally considered to be a generalized disorder appearing before adulthood, characterized by significantly impaired cognitive functioning and deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors.

      Most children with milder forms of mental disabilities learn how to take care of their basic needs, but they often require training in self-management skills to achieve the levels of performance necessary for eventual independent living. Those who don’t may end up joining a political party where their inability to make and sustain friendships and personal relationships becomes a positive advantage in climbing the greasy pole of power.

      Some of the behaviors observed in such politicians with mental disabilities are difficulties accepting criticism, limited self-control, and bizarre and inappropriate behaviors. The greater the severity of the mental disabilities, generally the higher the incidence of behavioral problems and the greater the chance of membership of the shadow cabinet.


  97. 346
    F**k the LibLabCon says:



    Why all the personal attacks and pathetic nitpicking?


  98. 349
    Bob says:

    Labour folk aren’t racist! They prefer Big Black Cock so deffo not racist. Just ask Sally Bercow and Jack Dromey.


  99. 350
    Jimmy says:

    “I believe that we have to force the sea back and keep it out, not retreat from it, as we have done for years.”

    [neil parish mp dusts off an old policy proposal]


  100. 351

    “I believe that we have to force the sea back and keep it out, not retreat from it, as we have done for years.”

    [neil parish mp revives an 11th century policy proposal]


  101. 367
    albacore says:

    Well, now, if we’re talking of Holocaust
    When will the LibLabCon traitors be forced
    To stop denying that’s what they have planned
    For the English people here in England?
    Rates of breeding of invading races
    Will leave the British as fading traces
    Wiped out not in any nuclear war
    But by enemies that they voted for


  102. 370
    Seymour says:

    She didn’t apologies for what she said, she said I apologies for any offence caused that is a not-apology.
    Another evil labour shite.
    Oerhaps she should focus on the real evil of her homeland pakistan,; Christians murdered for being Christian and the courts backing the murderers, Ahmadis murdered for saying they are muslims. Pakistan has anti-blasphemt laws that result in the legal murder of any one who doesn’t fit their idea of what a muslim is.
    She should piss off back to pakistan and take her evil thoughts with her.


  103. 381
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    That Caroline Flint is not ageing at all well you know.


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