February 6th, 2014

US Assistant Secretary of State: “F**k the EU”

According to Kyiv Post, this is a leaked recording of US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland discussing a plan for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to help sort out the situation in the country:

Assistant Secretary of State Nuland: “That would be great I think to help glue this thing and have the UN help glue it and, you know, f**k the EU.”

Ambassador Pyatt: “Exactly.”

Always good to hear our transatlantic allies share our values…


  1. 1
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Get Britain Out !

  2. 2
    Mustang Sally says:

    I’ll give it a try!

  3. 3
  4. 4
    Mike Hunt says:

    He’s trying, but Liebour and the FibDems are doing all they can to prevent it.

  5. 5
    Herman van Rumpboy says:

    This meanz War !

  6. 6
    Little Englander says:

    Good to hear we’re not the only ones who have a special relationship with our former colony across the water.

  7. 7
    Tony Blair's Butt says:

    It seems someone is bugging top level communications

    NSA buggers gettibg buggered?

    Rather suitable methinks

  8. 8
    Fuck the EU says:

    Wonder if she reads this site.

    Great minds think alike and all that… ;-)

  9. 9
    All the world says:

    Doesn’t that mean that they are on our side?
    Fcuk the EU

  10. 10
    Too fast? says:

    And Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said Wallis would be the subject of a misconduct process “as soon as possible”, adding that his actions had “fallen way below the standards that me, my fellow police officers and the public demand”.

    Jesus Christ, the head of the Met doesn’t know the difference between ‘me’ and ‘I’.

    We’re doomed.

  11. 11
    Historian says:

    The US has become a rogue state

    Illegal wars, rendition, torture NSA and criminal banking system and Lady Gaga sub culturr

    They should be kicked out of Europe

  12. 12
    Mitch says:

    Good look getting the UN to sort out the Ukraine! Those jokers couldn’t even find the place.

    What are they going to do when Russia veto’s the plan, though?

  13. 13
    Mitch says:


  14. 14
    Baroness Ashton, in the foetal position says:


    {sob, sob}



  15. 15
    kick out the US says:

    And people think the Special relationship is desirable?

    I would not want to be associated in any way with a toxic foul mouthed ck.nt like that

  16. 16
    The jocks wan't to walk away Scott free after Darion two says:

    Bloody agency staff

  17. 17
    SNAFU says:

    After reading that comment I have a warm and fuzzy feeling towards the USA.

  18. 18
    The British Public says:

    Good luck with that.

    Mind if we watch?

  19. 19
    self buggery says:

    You are into fucking yourself I suppose?

    Or is the UK not a member of the EU.

  20. 20
    Fuck the EU says:

    There are bigger c’unts closer to home, just across the channel in fact…

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    From listening to that I get the impression that when she says: “F*ck the EU” she’s means sort out Ukraine by sidestepping EU involvement because they are a bunch of useless gobshites. Obviously she has met Catherine Ashton before.
    Based on that recording alone she seems like a sound lady.

  22. 22
    Another thieving EUrophile says:

  23. 23
    The ugly stick says:

    I bet that’s the first half-decent offer you’ve had in years

  24. 24
    RomaBob.... Beeeeg Issue! says:

    F*ck ‘em both!

  25. 25
    Jack says:

    10 years after the facts?

  26. 26
    Fuck the EU says:

    I didn’t vote for it to be in the EU, and neither did anyone else.

    Fuck the EU.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Ha, America got the picture last year with their pivot to Asia. Europe is a doomed, decreped state that now in a spiral of decline. Will Britain follow? Depends how long they stay in the EU

  28. 28
    CALL MTHAT JUSTICE???? says:



  29. 29
    vote UKIP get UKIP says:

    Sounds like the Ambassador has changed from Ferrero Rocher to Evo Stick.

  30. 30
    seriously? says:


    No time for having that muppet Ashton grandstanding about the place and trying to kid herself and the world that she’s on the same footing as the US Secretary of State.

  31. 31
    Ejukated under Laber says:

    At least he didn’t write “to my fellow officers and I”.

  32. 32
    Just wondered says:

    Was the money ever repaid?

  33. 33
    You call that justice! says:

    It’s a joke.

  34. 34
    C.O.Jones says:

    Long live the People’s Republic of Continental Europe.

    Vote UKIP.

  35. 35
    Fish says:

    Another marvelous victory for (Labour’s) Baroness Ashton of Upholland and The CV of the Third Sector.

    I see from wiki that she saw the Lisbon Treaty through the Lords on behalf of the traitor Gordon Brown.

    Perhaps when he time is up at the EU she be forced to live there, in Brussels, forever in perpetual purgatory

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Listen to the full call, the Yanks deciding who they want to govern another sovereign state.

  37. 37
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls

  38. 38
    seriously? says:

    ‘…. If it does begin to gain altitude the Russians will be working behind the scenes to torpedo it…’

    That’s some hi-tech fucking torpedoes those Russians have got.

  39. 39
    Just wondered says:

    Using the MacShane formula, he’ll be out in 12 weeks?

  40. 40
    Dave *careing look* says:

    “Britain’s foreign aid budget worth £11billion should be immediately suspended with the money diverted to help areas in the UK devastated by flooding, Nigel Farage said today.”

    See, I told you they were ‘fruit loops’

  41. 41
  42. 42
    seriously? says:

    Look, this is serious business. We haven’t time for jokes like Ed Balls.

  43. 43
    Just wondered says:

    Spot on.

  44. 44
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    This kind of confirms that the EU as an entity for projecting certain aspects of US Foreign Policy is not up to scratch.

    It also demonstrates that the EU, despite it being sold as the biggest trading bloc etc. etc., is considered by real power brokers to be a pain in the arse that is really irrelevant to power politics and what is really going on in the world.

    The sooner the UK is out of it the better: Any influence that the UK may hold in the EU is worth: ZERO. The Eurozone is just a shoddy asylum for keeping what could be individually quite good and successful nation states contained.

  45. 45
    The BBC says:

    Great. We will book him for next week.

  46. 46
    seriously? says:

    He sounds like he’s cracking one off on the phone while he’s talking to her.

  47. 47
    Mrs. Ball-Scooper, TRIPLE FLIPPER says:

  48. 48
    Vince Cable says:

    My Door is always open.

  49. 49
    Germany says:

    Hey! What have we ever done to you, eh?

  50. 50

    Does her Fuck the EU correspond with our Fuck the EU, though?

    Coitus comes in so many forms and varies with taste. (Wish I hadn’t said that last bit but my backspace key is not working…)

  51. 51
    lojolondon says:

    I am sure it wasn’t. But it should have been!

  52. 52
    The Conservative Party, pissing-away your money because we're hate you, says:

    Look, you may be up to your necks in contaminated floodwater, but as you slip beneath the toxic waves you can look up at the sky and say, “I paid for that Indian satellite orbiting overhead, and that makes me proud!

  53. 53
    Moley says:

    The US has at last recognised the fact that the EU is an insult to democracy and a threat to peaceful co-operation between Nation States.

    And not before time.

  54. 54
    Duty Pedant says:

    I think she mis-spoke.

    One uses Surface to Air missiles or Sea to Air missiles when taking out targets that have altitude.

    Spot on about the EU.

  55. 55
    Pass me some expenses forms says:

    I’d do 6 weeks for £13k.

  56. 56
    Just wondered says:

    Police entirely respect verdict of jury – how very nice of them:


  57. 57
    Our EU membership fee: 22 billion reasons to vote UKIP. says:

    I’m intrigued – it wasn’t long ago that America was telling us the EU was absolutely brilliant.

    They never offered to pay our £22 billion annual membership fee, though. Or take our place.

  58. 58
    lojolondon says:

    Unfortunately he is a lying cop, so he will be out in 12 months.

    Thieving MP’s – out in 12 weeks.

  59. 59
    Mitch says:

    Last time I looked Russsia were on the security council and had a veto. And they’re not stupid, either. Ironically, the EU might be their better option.

  60. 60

    The do a lot of alan sex across the pond.

  61. 61
    EU Watch says:

    The EU has comprehensively failed to deliver on free and fair elections in K’osovo. Most of the Eurozone is a complete basket case now.

    The only organization the US wishes less to deal with is the UN.

  62. 62
    lojolondon says:

    This chick said what Obummer fears to say – “fuck the EU”. I would vote for her on that basis alone.

  63. 63
    oh my, the footwork! says:

    So will Obambi give us permission to leave the EUSSR, sounds like a few people in the clouds far distant from us trash have realised what the people of Britain have been shouting for years.

  64. 64
    PC Plod says:

    We’ll get ‘im.

    “Oh look, Mr Roache, your brake light’s not working” *Kick*

    “You’d better come down the station, Mr Roache.”

    “Oh dear, you’ve fallen down some stairs, Mr Roache.” *Kick*

    “What’s this we’ve planted found on your computer, Mr Roache?”

  65. 65
    Calling the braindead, europe needs you says:

    Camoron reroute part of his pension plan to help the people, yeh, pigs seen flying around Somerset laughing their fkin heads off.

  66. 66
    Casual Oberver 6 says:

    The question on U’kraine is whether the US is willing to directly confront Russ!a.

    They sidestepped in Syr!a, but this might be different.

    Amusing thing is, that if they press the right buttons, war in Europe will be here much sooner than many at present consider imaginable.

    Should be swift. Real question is how much EU territory will be conceded to Russ!a, and what price will G’ermany be willing to pay for it’s gas ?

  67. 67
    Vladimir Putin says:

    Fuck the EU.

  68. 68
    The Office of Gordon & Sarah Brown says:

    We wouldn’t get out of bed for £13K.


  69. 69
    Nigel says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  70. 70
    Jingle bells says:

    That thing Cooper is there just to wind the problem up from a minor problem into a major problem and then into a war with plod and the Conservatives.

  71. 71
    Mitch says:

    The Ukraine is a big problem and it’s not going to be sorted out by a puppet government. And yes, Russia simply will not accept US interference.

    Oh, and Turkey isn’t far away..

  72. 72
    Raving Loon says:

    That should be UKIP’s motto.

  73. 73
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    So I’ve heard.

  74. 74
    MacShane is in the Money says:

    Over two grand a week tax free.

    Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  75. 75
    UKIP or bust says:

    “Fuck the EU.”

    Hmmm, I’ll go with that.

    Can we have her on the front bench?

  76. 76
    Vlad the Impala says:

    They will revert to type by bitching and moaning and blaming Bush.

  77. 77
    Vlad the Impala says:

    Book him, Give him a Department to run more like.

  78. 78
    Guido Fawkes's zioloon handlers says:

    Use of the words “Germany” and “gas” in the same sentence is verboten on this blog.

  79. 79
    Perse O'Nalley says:

    And if they disagreed, what would you say then?

  80. 80
    Guy News Room says:

    Dear Fellow Right Wing Bloggers,

    As partners of the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF), we fully support their recent decision to donate £50,000 to help farmers and rural communities that have been affected by the severe flooding in Somerset.

    Our thoughts go out to the families and farmers that are facing such severe hardships and devastation as a result of the relentless adverse weather conditions.

    If you’d like to help or make a donation to PCF you can find out more information by visiting their website http://princescountrysidefund.org.uk/news-events/news or you can Text PCF to 70300 to make a £3 donation to the Prince’s Countryside Fund and support our rural communities.

    Many thanks


  81. 81
    Casual Oberver 6 says:

    Russ!a is not going to give up the Black Sea, or it’s port at S’evastopol without a fight, or the ports in Syr!a. The U’kraine is still a very important source of grain for Russ!a.

    T’urkey they would prefer to remain floating – provided T’urkey does not open up gas pipelines to compete with G’azprom, from !ran, or if T’urkey / G’reece were in a political state which could see the Black Sea access to the Med cut off for them.

    The US interest is purely in further containment of Russ!a, and reducing further their military capabilities. Cutting off the Black Sea is a very important goal here for which direct military action is certainly on the cards.

    Ironically, Russ!a is quite interested in U’kraine being politically stable which is why they are irritated with the EU’s efforts to destabilize the country.

    That the EU has essentially been running US Foreign Policy in this regard tells the UK all it needs to know about the value of the EU.

  82. 82
    Flooding the media with illusions of Prime Ministerial Action says:

    Given the devastation in the “Somerset levels” particularly Moorlands in view of the EA’s decision to stop dredging why is Chris Smith Head of Environment Agency still in position ? Has he even visited the area ? Why hasn’t he resigned ? Why has he not been sacked notwithstanding that his term of office will expire 13 July 2014 ?

  83. 83
    Thomas the Tank says:

    My money is staying in my pocket thank you very much.

  84. 84
    The British media are cunts says:

    Why are people always surprised when a natural disaster happens like the current flooding and the political elite and civil service are hopeless?

    If you wanted to get something fixed would you call out a proper engineer or a mong with a degree in PPE from Oxford university?

    Look at politics, banking, the media and the civil service. It’s populated with the same clone mongs, same university, same degree.

    How long before they have to turn the whole thing over to the military to get sorted out?

  85. 85
    Lobster Politics says:


    “Listen to the full call, the Yanks deciding who they want to govern another sovereign state.”

    Why not, they’ve done it here…

    The influence of intelligence services on the British Left


  86. 86
    Grant Shapps says:

    roses are red violets are blue
    show me your ass
    so I can dump my load in you

  87. 87
    Observant says:

    So that is £2166.66 per week without deduction for bed, breakfast & the services of big bubba. That should keep him in Anusol for a while.

  88. 88
    Who you gonna call ? says:

    Ghostbusters !

  89. 89
    Ah! say says:

    There are big economic benefits for the Dutch in leaving the EU, finds a major study

    If the CAP doesn’t fit…..

  90. 90
    You do not know who I am says:

    I will consider making a donation only when Ken Barlow’s accusers are publicly named.

  91. 91
    Noah says:

    “Why are people always surprised when a natural disaster happens like the current flooding and the political elite and civil service are hopeless?”

    They didn’t surprise me!

    If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.

  92. 92
    seriously? says:

    I doubt the EU is doing the US’s foreign policy for it. The EU is simply doing what it did in R’omania and all those other Eastern Europ*an shithole and looking to expand as far and as fast as possible.

    Russ1a, naturally enough, doesn’t like to see all its former satellites jumping ship and so is stirring the pot to resist.

    All three are pulling in opposite directions with the U’kraine stuck in the middle.

  93. 93
    broderick crawford says:

    “alan sex ” Schrod … is that similar to an allen key and does it perform a similar or identical function please?

  94. 94
    Politicus says:

    Pleb-gate bent copper gets jail. Andrew Mitchell vindicated.

    Will Ed Miliband apologise?

  95. 95
    Ah! say says:

    in a sentence ” He’s guilty, we failed to prove it “

  96. 96
    Ah! say says:

    The EU is already fucked.

  97. 97
    Pancake tosser says:

    “EU is a decreped state” – have they no pancakes at all? :)

  98. 98
    broderick crawford says:


  99. 99
    Dick the Butcher says:

    Or the hideously pretentious “myself”.

  100. 100
    The British People says:

    We concur

  101. 101
    broderick crawford says:



  102. 102
    broderick crawford says:

    Probably forgot where you put the keys Vince.

  103. 103
    Eric Blair says:

    Unfortunately Tweedlecamer & TweedleMilli do not believe the “subjects” of this island state should have a democratic say in staying in or out….

  104. 104
    The Cheshire Cat says:


    Don’t you mean TweedleDum & TweedleDumber??

  105. 105
    FFS says:

    The problem with Yvette Copper-Balls is that every time she pulls that pursed-lip look of hers I am reminded of every bitch of an English teacher I ever had.

    Cameron should do something, she’s right. I suggest having Yvette Copper-Balls arrested and tortured. Live on televsion.

  106. 106
    Our EU membership fee: 22 billion reasons to vote UKIP says:

    There might be one or two economic benefits for the UK in leaving, too. :-)

    And I don’t just mean it’ll stuff Nick Clegg’s pension.

  107. 107
    Denis Healey says:

    I will donate a £1,000 when the Chilcot Report is published.

  108. 108
    broderick crawford says:

    he could have gone the whole hog and used the Royal We.

  109. 109
    Threads says:

    Screw you.

  110. 110
    broderick crawford says:

    on the contrary 14 .

    I think the lady is a grand dane in the Maggie mould .
    lI agree we should fuck the EU just prior to filing in the Channel Tunnel . Then we should embark on a new tunnel Bristol to New York .

    About a days journey by very high speed US-Star i would hazard .

  111. 111
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    The reason for absorbing those East Euro states is to push Russ!a back and extend the European sphere. That has a net effect of reducing the costs of European peace and security for the US.

    i) European countries have less chance of conflict with what would be otherwise Russ!an controlled or failed states. (Russ!a itself saves $ here which is why they do not really care too much about losing influence there)

    ii) European countries have less chance of conflict if their industrial output is allocated towards supporting and integrating these states rather than on direct issues of national importance.

    With Europe less likely to engage in war, and on a path to being just an economic backwater with no real power the real global powers are free to get on with business.

    Importantly, the US can reduce its security costs safely.

    Looking at the style and economics of the Eurozone expansion there is no way a rational independent entity would have proceeded on the path that it has.

    Russ!a only cares about it’s key strategic installations – in a similar vein to the UK. eg. Would the UK give up G!braltar without a fight ?

  112. 112
    Spartacus says:

    how about a candidate for next year’s election?

  113. 113
    Bent Copper says:

    My next step will be an industrial tribunal to claim my 400k compensation.

  114. 114
    Lord Stansted says:

    Vote UKIP. Simple

  115. 115
    broderick crawford says:

    …… in the Grande Place

    In the open

    In all weathers

    Beside L’Enfant Qui Pisse.

  116. 116
    seriously? says:

    Tunnel-wise the North Atlantic ridge could prove a little problematic.

  117. 117
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    If they saw 3 foot of water and human faeces floating around their lounge they would perhaps be a bit quicker taking action ?

  118. 118

    @broderick crawford

    No. I don’t like saying the other type when I have just had a bath. Otherwise I feel I have to wash again…

  119. 119
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The £100,000,000 wasted by the BBC on their failed computer system could have better spent on flood defences.
    Why is the BBC allowed to get away with it?

  120. 120
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Yep, only a quarter of his sentence served behind bars. A quarter.


  121. 121
    Táxpáyér says:

    UN normally goes before the words “sex scandal”.

  122. 122
    The British media are cunts says:

    The House of Commons is full of turds

  123. 123
    The British media are cunts says:

    Will the BBC and Newsnight say sorry?

  124. 124
    Táxpáyér says:

    Turnabout is fair playski

  125. 125
    broderick crawford says:

    i ve lost the fraeking audio on the full version mid stream !!

    Have GCHQ Just cut it ??

  126. 126
    The BBC says:

    Because we are the propaganda arm of the LibLabCon cabal.

  127. 127
    Nor me says:

    …Yeah, and the same goes for that other bloke,William Roache!

  128. 128
    seriously? says:

    I’d have thought Russ1an control of the Black Sea (and for that matter The Caspian) is about as strategically relevant as Italian control of Lake Como.

  129. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Hands up those who expected anything else

  130. 130
    M102 says:

    I hope he hasn’t caught crabs in there. :)

  131. 131
    Hopeless Ed Miliband says:

    Polls continuing to close, still 15 months to go. Wish I had the mid-term leads of Michael Foot or Neil Kinnick.

  132. 132
    The British media are cunts says:

    Because no one in the media will ever cross the BBC, not if you want to work in the media in the future.

    Look at all the scandals involving the BBC over the years, not once has ITV, Channel 4 or Sky ever gone after the BBC.

    However, the BBC happily goes after the others, it went after Sky over Andy Gray and Richard Keys, also it’s tried and succeeded in stopping Murdoch taking over the whole company.

    The BBC also went after Channel 4 over the Undercover Mosque investigation, the BBC wound up the West Midlands police to go after Channel 4 only for the plods to be made to look fools.

    While the Police and CPS have now apologised, they have yet to explain why this apology was not issued in response to the widespread public outcry during 2007 about their targeting of Channel 4 or even to the total rejection by OFCOM of Police/CPS complaints on 19 November 2007. It had to be forced on them by the courts. The intransigence of the Police and CPS has seriously undermined public confidence in both institutions.


    UPDATE: (Aug 17) The Guardian reports that Kevin Sutcliffe has accused the BBC of lazy journalism. They reported the WMP complaint to Ofcom as just another “TV fakery” story, when it was no such thing:

  133. 133
    The very sorry BBC says:

  134. 134
    M102 says:

    I always get her and M. Beckett mixed up.

  135. 135
    The British media are Presstitutes says:


  136. 136
    Gooey Blob says:

    No, the BBC is the propaganda arm of Labour alone.

  137. 137
    Sir William Waide says:

    If Obama’s State Department gets involved in the Ukraine, expect civil war.

  138. 138
    Honest John says:

    + 60 million

  139. 139
    broderick crawford says:

    ok caught the full taoe on youtube

    so whats this about Joe Biden

    Is “attaboy” Biden s new nickname in the West Wing ??

  140. 140
    Sir William Waide says:

    What’s unsex? Oh, I think I know.

  141. 141
    broderick crawford says:


    Oh … Ed Balls … thst s you is it ?

  142. 142
    The BBC Bias unit, headcount 14,263 and rising says:

    Because we can.

    Our records show you owe us £145.50. Please pay immediately.

  143. 143
    The Jury says:

    And we respect the work of the Police (straightest possible face).

  144. 144
    broderick crawford says:

    Well… after that piece of phone hacking of which certain uk tabloid editors would have been proud , it only remains for Obama to do his

    ” ….. I’ m shocked Vladimir — shocked I tell you — to find the Soviets hacking into encrypted diplomatically covered telephone conversations …….
    ( we did nt think you had the technology !)”

  145. 145
    Village Idiot says:

    ….A long, long time ago,a person would start work,often at 15years of age,they would learn the job or trade over a period of years,working in nearly every area of the job.Often,they could end up heading the company,or at least progressing to higher levels within the company,the system usually worked..Then,so it seemed to me,in the 80,s,public services and industries,took graduates from uni,and,put them in high grade jobs,even though they had no experience,often their first job,which they started when they were 25, ten yrs after some people started work!….We can see the result of this flawed policy in everything today!
    ..Also,people who started work at 15 ,who looked forward to finishing at 60(women) and the goal posts have moved and now it is 63 or 4…Unfair,unfair,unfair!

  146. 146
    The USA says:

    There are some conversations you want the Russians to hear, and others you don’t.

    You don’t bother encrypting the conversations you want the Russians to hear…

  147. 147
    Táxpáyér says:

    >Would the UK give up G!braltar without a fight ?

    Yes. If the people in Gibraltar passed a referendum that said “Let’s join Spain”.

  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    UKIP have some vacancies !

  149. 149
    Dimmy Dave is the worst prime minister ever ! says:

    To be fair, it’s not the BBC’s responsibility to maintain flood defences.

    It is, of course, the government’s job. And, as Dimmy Dave keeps saying, “the government can’t afford it.”

    Although, curiously, Dimmy Dave’s government can afford to spunk-away £100 million on foreign aid every 3 days and 8 hours. To countries that are planning to send men to the moon.

  150. 150
    Táxpáyér says:

    >There are big economic benefits for the Dutch in leaving the EU, finds a major study

    Not sure that study’s made it to AlJabeebya.

  151. 151
    Sir William Waide says:

    Look, I’ve already paid for decent flood defences ten times over through taxation, but the deluded nincompoops keep throwing my money way on EU membership, incompetent bankers, envirobollocks and foreign aid. 11,000 staff at the Environment Agency and they can’t dredge a couple of rivers once a decade!

  152. 152
    Sir William Waide says:

    Well, what else would they have spent it on? More TV tosh?

  153. 153
    Anonymous says:


  154. 154
    Anonymous says:


  155. 155
    Sir William Waide says:

    Indeed, my nephew has a first-class honours degree in PPE from Cambridge, is now 34, but has never done a stroke of useful work in his life.

  156. 156
    Bemused of Suffolk says:

    I was thinking about that recently, and drawing similar conclusions. It’s incredible how many companies have got managers who are basically fresh out of uni. And it’s not Uni as we remember them from 30+ years ago, it’s Blair’s Universities of Mediocrity.

    Half my company’s clients are companies with dysfunctional IT departments managed by twenty-something morons who’d be stumped if they were told to sit down and write a letter without resorting to txt-spk, or multiply two numbers without using their fingers.

    Still, we make good money out of their incompetence.

  157. 157
    Bemused of Suffolk says:

    Seems to be a theme. Ed Miliband did PPE at Oxford, is now 44, and has never done a useful day’s work in his life, either.

    Although he did, I believe, drop philosophy, and didn’t get a first.

  158. 158
    guyh76i says:

    No, they are not on your side, they are owned by Israel.

  159. 159
    FTFofff says:

    No, matey, Better the EU than USrael.

  160. 160
    FTFofff says:

    He’s a thick Tabloid reader

  161. 161
    D Notice Dave says:

    He could have gone further still and told us what is so important about Gerry McHunt, that the police, government and both left and right wing media (including our host) are all happy to forget their differences and do all they can to cover up for him.

  162. 162
    Fircombe Hall says:

    For a casual observation, that is deeply profound.

  163. 163
    Anto Nym says:

    I, myself – the solecism.

  164. 164
    Fish says:

    Newsnight kept the Mitchel thing going for weeks, so much so that other media commentators expressed surprise. But their objective was to get a Tory.

    When Paxman welcomed Mitchell onto the show this week, he should have told them to fuck off.

  165. 165
    Lord Magledbrain says:

    I prefer the Brazilian flange

  166. 166
    M says:

    Change the fuckers tax code to pay the money back , don’t get pissed off about the prison time you nobs coz you’re paying for that as well ,
    Make the fucker work then get the money back FFS

  167. 167
    The EU is a crimilnal racket says:

    The profundity has a great depyh.

  168. 168
    The EU is a crimilnal racket says:

    oer I carnt spel ither

  169. 169
    Biffo says:

    Actually I thought there was a cluster of ‘em in London – 650 or thereabouts.

  170. 170
    I worry for my grand-children says:

    My generation (born just before 7 just after WW2) has been lucky. No question.
    We left school able to choose a career or job and stick with it as long as we wished.
    We could afford to but our own homes. We enjoyed proper health care. We were able to retire at 65 or 60, depending on gender, WITH a Government pension.

  171. 171
    Teh Grauniad says says:

    Have we hit our quota for convicted criminal columnists yet?

  172. 172
    No to the EU and US says:

    Yes, but it’s spoken by some neo-con loon who’s complaining their shit stirring and attempts to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government aren’t working because of the EU.

    Victoria Nuland Bio

    These people are just determined to start a war somewhere.

  173. 173
    No to the EU and US says:

    And you think the US is much further behind?

    There are in a demographic death spiral heading to third-word-dom, that’s if economic meltdown and civil unrest doesn’t get there first.

    The same groups wrecking Europe at the top are even more entrenched in the upper echelons of the US administrations.

    The way they are going, I seriously doubt there’ll still have as many as 50 states in 50 years time.

  174. 174
    Philby says:

    We have more in common with Russia than the USA

  175. 175
    Anonymous says:

    If the French ever elect Le Pen, watch Washington go ballistic and try overthrow her in the same fashion they’ve gone after Ukraine.

    The US as one of the biggest pushers of multiculturalism and PC dogma, is fast becoming a menace to Europe (that’s Europe, not the EU).

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Even better news

  177. 177
    English Heretic says:

    Hilary vs Herman in a UFC transatlantic diplomatic death match – I’d pay good money to see that.

    My money’s on Hilary though.

  178. 178
    English Heretic says:

    + 1

  179. 179
    Jounalist says:

    This lady has form


    She was foreign policy adviser to Mad Dick Cheney of Iraq fame

    She is married to leading neocon Kagan

    She was at the origin of the State Department coverup about the murder of US Ambassador to

    A thoroughly nasty pece of work

  180. 180
    Chlöe Sal Gerbeeba says:

    Whatever – the BBC needs a thorough purge. Its actions are indefensible so I’m all in favour of it getting flooded out.

  181. 181
    Jounalist says:

    I quite agree

    One Scotland has voted for independence and England has left the EU

    iIt will be a totally isolated and irrelvant offshore money laundering centre

    Like Belgium with a few nukes

  182. 182
    Katniss says:

    No there will be 13 Districts including the Capitol, do keep up.

  183. 183
    English Heretic says:

    Underneath the L’enfant Qui Pisse?

  184. 184
    Gen. Robert E. Lee says:

    Where? Ukraine or US?

  185. 185
  186. 186
    Jounalist says:

    The USA has become a menace to the world

    Just look at the succession of war crimes and disasters since Clinton and Bush

    The list is long and continues

    Watch out not only in Ukraine but Syria and Iran

    The Senate wants to force Obama into wars AGAIN

    not to skeak of the fucking US bankers who brougyt the world economy yo its kneed

  187. 187
    "....Welease....the wockets..." says:

    No way! Merkel would drub Clinton

  188. 188
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Trouble is you’ve never been to bed together in the first place.

  189. 189
    Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

    Only when Labour give it back to Spain.

  190. 190
    peech imspediment says:

    ‘ Sort the situation out ‘. What kind of bullshit is that Guido. The most biased and perverted comment I’ve ever seen you make. Down, down, down.

  191. 191
    Cost-of-Labour-crisis says:

    His Politics and Economics are shit – that’s why.

  192. 192
    Truthteller says:

    Ban Ki-Moon and the Japanese Twins Fook Mi and Fook EU!!!!

  193. 193
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Quelle surprise.

  194. 194
    Tom Catesby says:

    ‘Fuck the EU’ Sounds about right to me.

  195. 195
    Displaced Brummie says:

    As the UK has been f**ked by the EU for a couple of decades, it’s nice someone else is proposing to do this to the EU.

  196. 196
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    DEFRA the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or before that the Ministry of Agriculture should be in responsible dredging and draining the Somerset levels.

    However the trend in government has been to put an “Agency” between the delivery of a service and a Ministry and their Minister. That way no politician can be held accountable which makes government a farce. So George if you want to save billions get rid of the Agency or the Ministry or preferably both.

  197. 197
    fed up in britain says:

    out of the eu . if only if only…….

  198. 198
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    “……..you know, f**k the EU.” Never thought that the Yanks would come around to our way of thinking!

  199. 199
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    As a Pun(jabi) taxi driver once ranted to me in Vancouver about de-gene-rate Cana”dian” pre-pubes/cents “They are al-ready having You-and-I sex!”, which I took to mean “Unisex”.

  200. 200
    SH says:

    Look, how many Assistant Secretaries of State are there? Serious question, answers welcome and I will google it now. Do we expect the US to be monolithic? Eg is this just office gossip? Do we expect the US *not* to intervene – surely they should? Is US contempt for the EU a really big secret? I think not.

  201. 201
    SH says:

    From googling, maybe 6 or 7, but this could be way out. Anyone got better information? My point is that one should not take the conversation of underlings as indicative of state policy.

  202. 202
    name says:

    If your backspace key isn’t working, my granny always recommended a table-spoonful of syrup of figs.

    Hope that helps.

  203. 203
    name says:

    GOOD!! Then maybe all the effin immigrants will effoff back where they came from and leave us in peace?

  204. 204
    name says:

    … and, of course, the Criminals’ Protection Service…

  205. 205
    Benjamin the Netandyou says:

    You are obviously on another planet if you believe that Obama would protect Israel or Japan, or ANY of its allies.

  206. 206
    Baroness Ashton the Ugly says:

    I will have you know I have been there and had a cordial meeting with the President. He assures me he is not dictatorial but a very benevolent leader, and I have the piece of paper to verify this (waving it in the air).

  207. 207
    Old Brit says:

    No worries, I say that all the time in old blighty.

  208. 208
    The Cheshire Cat says:

    Seventy six eyes…..or is it virgins? Still hating people for the RoP?

  209. 209
    Assistant Secretary of State says:

    I was referring to that incompetent EUSSR foreign minister Ashton.

  210. 210
    Just Saying says:

    Good grief where do you get your facts from?
    She has been an advisor to Bush and is now a spokesperson for Clinton and Obama. In other words a very experienced foreign affairs person who has operated effectively in both camps up to now.
    She has not gone on air since this and the latest is she has been moved.
    So we can all trust the Russians are monitoring Kiev as they are doing Damascus and the UN.
    If you think the American administrations are hard on the EU then you should hear what they say about the UN and even other of their own departments.

  211. 211
    Just Saying says:

    Last bit on Libya is wrong. She was one of the spokespersons answering questions on a Hillary cover up, but not an originator – that was a State Department and Hillary coverup.
    Perhaps the missing “r” in your moniker says it all.

  212. 212
    Vlad Putinit says:

    Little Russia is ours and always will be. Even Tchaikovsky agrees.

  213. 213
    Big Momma says:

    Yes but they did much better in the old days when their degrees were in the classics.
    Now they know everything about nothing and lack the energy to do anything.

  214. 214
    BBC - Labour Says, LABOUR SAYS. says:

    Yes but we will support the Lib Dems as the next coalition partner of Labour.

  215. 215
    Left Foot Sideways. says:

    Funny that today Left Foot Forward came out with an article stating that academics at Cardiff University had investigated allegations of left wing bias in the BBC and found them unfounded.
    Beggars belief – and they have one of their attack dogs biting the people commenting and laughing at this ridiculous article and pointing out the bad process of their research.
    Laugh a day.

  216. 216
    Obamarama says:

    That’s my excuse.

  217. 217
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Exactly! You know Obummer hates us and his urging us to stay in the EU was absolute proof!

  218. 218

    We need the Ukraine like a hole in the head.

  219. 219
    Keep the Faith says:

    Completely agree: Fuck the EU – the woman should be given a seat in the House of Lords for her services to the United Kingdom. The very last thing we want is to have anything to do with the Ukraine.

  220. 220
    Anonymous says:

    What the hell is this, the UK arm of the USA propaganda blog ?

    The UK has been fucked by the EU ?
    The House of Lords ? Lords of what exactly ? Hypocrisy ?

    If you don’t want to be a part of the EU just leave.
    Quite frankly that would be for the best since the only thing you have to give is a fucked up financial center of hypocrisy.

    In fact why don’t you change your name to HK – Hypocritical Kingdom

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