February 6th, 2014

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Mensch v Jones

Owen Jones reckons there has been a “Hopkinsisation” of political discourse, as he struggles to come to terms with people being closer to Katie Hopkins on welfare reform than him. Actually, the Guidoisation of politics has been taking place for ten years now.

On that subject, scourge of lefty twitterati Louise Mensch has come up with the most offensive thing anyone can say to get under Owen’s skin:

1-0 Mensch. 

You win some you lose though, judging by this earlier discussion on MPs’ deselections:

Easy mistake to make…


  1. 1
    A Quango Gone Rogue says:

    Brillo has just said that the EA had taken the decision to return the Somerset Levels to Marshland and that is why they stopped Dredging.


    • 6
      A Quango Gone Rogue says:

      Lord May an ex Chief Scientific Advisor told Brillo that it was just plain common sense that the drainage channels should be dredged. That is when Brillo told him why they had stopped dredging. Lord May looked gobsmacked.

      How can a Quango have the power to do this? Which departments let them? Someone needs to be locked up for this.


      • 12
        I Beat The Tube Strike So I Can Surf The Internet At Work says:

        Let’s find out who the board members are, where they live, and then flood their houses and gardens. I am told there won’t be a hosepipe ban until next Wednesday at the earliest.


        • 41
          The Board of the Environment Agency says:

          Lord Chris Smith (Chairman)
          Paul Leinster (Chief Executive)
          Robert Light (Deputy Chairman)
          Peter Ainsworth
          Karen Burrows
          Dr Clive Elphick
          Emma Howard Boyd
          Richard Leafe
          Richard Macdonald
          John Varley
          Jeremy Walker


      • 126
        The Critic says:

        To dredge a 1.2-mile section of the Parrett, the Drainage Board got a quote of £7,500. For five miles dredging of the same river, the Environment Agency claims it will cost £4 million. By then assessing the economic cost of flooding agricultural land as zero, it is then very easy to show that flood prevention is not “cost effective”.

        And Chris Smith talks about difficult choices? A 1200 million pound budget and he can only find 20 million to clear water courses?

        If he cannot make a difficult choice, let’s make one for him – sack the waste of space and drop him off in the Somerset Levels


        • 130
          Barren of Finsbury says:

          Lord Smith was re-appointed as Chair of the Environment Agency for a further three years by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman in 2011.

          Caroline Spelman? the one with the stairod user son?


          • Are all public schools as institutionally abusive to children as Nick Cleggs old school ? says:

            Caroline Spellman? Her of the claiming her nanny did secretarial work for her ‘cept she didn’t ? I would say that was fraud yet Camoron backed her. Tells you all you need to know about the charlatan in number 10.


    • 33
    • 45
      Jabba Le Chat says:

      Richard North clearly establishes the hand of the EU in the Somerset dredging fiasco



      • 51
        Designer Floods says:

        The naivety of the politicians on this, though, is wondrous to behold. Only a few days ago, we had John Redwood observe of the BBC Today programme:
        They should first have explored the issue of whether it is a deliberate policy of the Agency to allow large parts of the country to be flooded, as they seem to wish to restore old landscape prior to the draining of the land to create homes and farms for people. It appears from various EA statements that they do hanker after more wetlands and fewer farms and homes in certain areas.
        That, of course, is the case. The flooding is the result of deliberate policy, mandated by EU law. These are “designer floods”, made to order



        • 80
          Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

          I have absolutely no connection with Somerset, but I’m shocked and disgusted at what is happening to those people there. They must all be due for nervous breakdowns.

          What Redwood said is clearly the truth. It should be plastered over every MSM outlet. But you can bet it will be covered up, just like the £99 billion that has somehow gone missing from the EU coffers (ignored by BBC TV all this week.)


      • 81
        Someone needs to sort this out says:

        This raises more questions than answers.

        We have EU law saying dredged silt is waste so if spread on the land it must be taxed. Is this the intention of the law or is it being wrongly interpreted by British civil servants, or have the environmentalists that seem to control the EA seized the law as a weapon in their fight to restore the levels to wetlands.

        Who in government allowed the EA to make a decision to ruin people’s lives and livelihoods ? Did Government actually know?

        I remember when all this stated an eco spokesman who was obviously keen to return the levels to wetlands said it was now illegal to dredge under EU law.


        • 88
          FFS says:

          I always knew that the Gramscian Marxists wanted to bring Britain as we know it to its knees, but actually submerging it under the waves is definitely going way too far.


        • 118
          Cinna says:

          Have the farmers and residents of the Levels ever been informed of this policy of allowing the land to be returned to marshland?


      • 145
        Marie Antoinette says:

        I love it

        We have designer v a g I n as

        And now we have designer floods


    • 55
      UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

      Our lords and masters in association with the green taliban would rather have the Somerset levels as a stinking rotting swamp than grade A productive farming land for thousands of people. Who cares about people, as far as the EU/green taliban axis are concerned people are the pollution. We know who to vote for come May dont we?

      Vote UKIP.


    • 63
      Yeah, right.. says:

      Roger Mellie. Superb.


    • 67
      Bill Quango MP/5 says:

      My 2nd home village is about 5 miles from the worst of the flooding.
      2 years ago it flooded a little. So the village petitioned to have the brook dredged. The EA said it wouldn’t make any difference. And I agreed as the width between banks narrows to just feet in places.

      However- locals all got uppity and as a prominent and respected member of parliament I had to lend my weight and influence to ensure clearing and cleaning and bank scouring and minor dredging took place.

      Anyway – this year, despite worse rain, no floods.
      So the EA was wrong and the dredging/clearup did work.


      • 113
        How does that work? says:

        ..Surely common sense and a little thought should be enough to understand how water flows in a ditch? ….Choked ,overgrown,neglected through idleness ditches will have a sluggish flow; cleared,deepened ditches,correctly maintained,will have a better,faster flow!


        • 150
          Anonymous says:

          In Los Angeles, they have the extensive system of drainage canals to deal with flooding, famous from countless movies from “Grease” to “Terminator 2″. In Holldand, they have the largest ocean barrier in the world. In Hong Kong, they have a massive underground network of flood defences.

          In England, we have quangos, directives, and environ-MENTAL objectives, all leading to mass flooding, year after year after year.


    • 85
      Dave says:

      My gut feeling is that this is the result of Global warming and not the silted up drains.

      To this end the EA has my full support and I will order a second phase of wind farms.


  2. 2
    Shooty* says:

    Love the ‘off you toddle’. Nice one, LM.


    • 13
      Mitch says:

      I think Mark Wallace did the deadpan response better :-) Not a lot she could say after that!


      • 58
        M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

        He may be dead but he’s still claiming his second home allowance mind. One of the benefits of being the Invisible Man of the People’s Republic of Teesside. Nothing has really changed for the tribal fools who elected him.


      • 60
        Mr Ned online says:

        “No, I have lifelong convictions which I back up with facts,”

        I have yet to see him do that once, the pretentious, arrogant, posh, out of touch little shit.


  3. 3
    Jonny says:

    She was a shit MP and fucked off to america when she realised she wasn’t going to get promoted for a being a woman. Why is Louise Mensch still relevant?


  4. 4
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We want to Frack on rich peoples land, its the only fair way to help the poor.


  5. 5
    Fish says:

    Stupid Lynne Featherstone talking about FGM on the Daily Brillo.

    Spent £35m on the matter…been to Burkina Faso (with the emphasis on the word Burk).

    How can we stop this, she is asked ‘…spend money…speak to community leaders…speak to Imams…educate people…wring hands.’

    NO. Get all girls examined, Where it is happening charge and prosecute their parents. Jail the cutters and throw away the key.

    Where asylum seekers take their kids ‘back home’ to Somalia to be cut, don’t let them back into Britain.


    • 73
      non taxable pikey says:

      I’m always gobsmacked when passing through Birmingham airport at just how many Somali “asylum seekers” are either going to, or returning from, a holiday with the relatives in Somalia.


    • 74
      Bilda Berger says:

      I get emails from Burkina Faso. They seem to have plenty of dough. Just this morning I had a message from a real live prince, who just needed to borrow my bank details for 24 hours. When my $45,000,000 comes through tomorrow I’ll be off on a holiday like Bob Crow’s.


    • 102
      Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

      Can’t do that Fish! It’s part of their ‘culture’, isn’t it?

      I don’t recall hearing Germaine Greer or that other foulmouthed ‘feminist’ on Twitter saying anything about it either.

      The possibility of being labelled a ‘racist’ by some backward lefties is obviously too much of a deterrent to the sisterhood.


      • 122
        Jasmine Beckett says:

        If they weren’t here in the first place it wouldn’t be a problem we would need to spend money and resources on.


    • 141
      Idiots for every occassion. says:

      Lynne Featherstone is possibly the stupidest person in Parliament and thats saying something.


  6. 8
    pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Pippakins Hardly Relevant File (Dustbin to you) and commented:
    I remember a twitter bitch fight although it was less a bitch fight than an ambush. But look on the bright side it did go viral well sort of lets just say that those who knew…knew. I wonder did this one do the same or did it fail by a country mile.


  7. 9
    Fucking oxygen thief says:


    • 10
      Mitch says:

      He may have a point about ‘mixed’ communities, but nobody envisaged people on £140k+ being in a council house!!


      • 38
        FFS says:


        Council Housing started with this act:-

        “Housing of the Working Classes Act 1890″

        Long before Labour got involved. See that phrase? Notice it says “working classes”? Not really aimed at people on £140K a year then, I’d say, even if they put on accents to make themselves appear working class.


        • 48
          Mitch says:

          That’s the point I’m making. I agree that it should be ‘mixed’ in the sense that there’d be people on benefit plus people on low to middle incomes. But £140k is an automatic exclusion.

          If Mr Crow was a Conservative would Owen be so generous?


          • M­a­­q­bo­­­ul says:

            His view would then be the complete opposite. Katie is just protecting one of his own although he’s on a loser with that one.


          • Mr Ned online says:

            So I would have to tell some poverty stricken homeless family that they have to stay on the waiting list, so that the rich fatcat Bob Crow can keep living in social housing?

            That Owen Jones must really hate the poor


          • FFS says:

            You get the feeling that Owen is probably one of those Labour supporters that actually believes Labour invented council housing and the NHS.


      • 66
        Bill Rook says:



    • 14
      cheche says:

      Its also economically beneficial ,, I can buy more champagne and lobster cos I pay little rent



    • 18
      Owen Hopkins says:

      The convoluted logic of the left! Anyone from a council house background with anything about them has always aspired to own their own home.


    • 21
      Confused.com says:

      London councilhousing are an absolute eyesore. Thrown up in 5 minutes to replace houses that were built over centuries after Hitler decide he didn’t like the wallpaper. Monotone, identikit, concrete sheds. A complete blight on the area.

      The “Build more social housing” brigade really should go and take a wander around some of the sink estates and ask themselves would they rather live in a house that an individual owned and was able to look after, or a council who really couldn’t give a fuck about anything other than a statistic.


    • 37
      seriously? says:

      ‘Council housing originally intended to support mixed communities, not be ghettoised for the poorest’

      Bollocks. It was originally to give the poorest a roof over their heads until they’d saved enough or organised a job that would allow them to buy a home of their own. It was originally a stepping-stone to self-sufficiency not a life of handouts. They lying c*u*n*t.


    • 129
      The Critic says:

      Indeed. So neither Owen or Bob have considered for one moment that Crow could afford his own house but by choosing not to do so,he is probably denying a home to someone who does not have that choice. And Owen thinks that’s OK. He also thinks housing those who are unable to afford a home of their own ‘ghettoises’ them. So why does he therefore oppose a benefit cap,which will presumably de-ghettoise them?

      Owen,of course rewrites history quite regularly. Year zero every day.Strange what Trade Union gold can do to your principles isn’t it?

      In fact almshouses were the first examples for ‘poor,old and distressed folk’ Not mixed communities.


  8. 11
    Fish says:

    Jones: ‘No, I have lifelong convictions which I back up with facts, which unabashed self-publicist like yourself will never understand’

    No. Your MO is;

    1) Abuse someone (on the right)

    2) Introduce some obscure ‘fact’ that you have just Googled…or more often than not made up. (Opponents will have difficulty refuting those)

    3) Shout to intimidate people…or talk over them to stop them making their point

    4) Get all huffy and flounce around like a big girl’s blouse when someone calls you out

    5) Block your Twitter opponents


  9. 15
    Beat It says:

    Why is it Roache, LeVell and others get acquitted in court and everyone accepts their innocence, but Michael Jackson got acquitted and still lots of people believe he was a nonce? The whole thing’s off the wall, I tell you.


    • 23
      I Beat The Tube Strike So I Can Surf The Internet At Work says:

      Roache doesn’t live in a nursery with a funfair in the grounds or spend millions of dollars on buying off his accusers parents.


      • 29
        Beat It says:

        I take your point and agree it’s dodgy but it’s not proof in and of itself.


        • 34
          Sir James Saville OBE says:

          I was never convicted


          • Batchelor Bwoy says:

            And hopefully thanks to these deliberately expensive fail trials, the CPS will decide its not in the public interest to pursue better connected people, especially ones living abroad in countries with no extradition treaties.


  10. 20
    Ah, now I can see where Owen is coming from says:

    If my IQ were 84 I don’t think that I would use it as part of my twitter-name as Owen seems to have done. Still, with an IQ of 84 there would obviously be ‘issues’.


  11. 22
    The real Roger Mellie(off the tellie) says:

    Roger Mellie priceless !


  12. 24
    Gromit via sign language says:

    I’d love to tie Owen to a chair and be forced to watch repeated viewings of the Wolf Of Wall Street :)


  13. 25
    The real Roger Mellie(off the tellie) says:

    I think Owen Jones should be known as Roger Mellie forthwith


  14. 26
    The real Roger Mellie(off the tellie) says:

    And henceforth !


  15. 28
    The BBC says:


  16. 30

    I had to look up the name Katie Hopkins as I have never heard of her. After reading a few of the 2m finds, I am really none the wiser.

    Owen Jones only finds some 20% of her total. With him, I am even less the wiser than with Hopkins.


    • 46
      FFS says:

      She was all set to be the winner of “The Apprentice” when she stepped down at the last minute and said she wasn’t interested.

      At the same time she was exposed in the tabloids as being a super-ambitious ball-breaking bitch that had a penchant for stealing the husbands of other women and having sex with them in their car apparently in front of the paparazzi.

      Basically she is yet another with severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder being thoroughly indulged by our media. No doubt we will hear at sometime in the near future she has developed an eating disorder or checked herself into rehab as the media interest in her fades.


      • 52

        You didn’t mention any talent that she might have so must assume none.

        She is entirely manufactured by the BBC and so probably has even less value to society than a striking tube driver would.

        Good for the tube drivers who have reported for duty, BTW!


      • 53
        the only good narcissist is a funny one says:

        I like her. She talks bollocks but its the sort of bollocks that annoys the left, and anything that annoys the left is a good thing.


        • 103
          FFS says:

          It’s quite funny because I think the left-wing media actually thought if they put Katie Hopkins as a spokes-person of the right (I don’t think she has any actual connection as far as I can see) then everybody’s natural hatred of her would extend to the views she espoused.

          In fact, the media have created a monster. Katie Hopkins has become very popular for her forthright views and people cheer her on. She is now in a virtuous circle where he comments are now viewed with favour which means she is viewed with favour and thus further comment are viewed with favour and so on.


        • 125
          Cinna says:



      • 54

        You didn’t mention any talent that she might have so must assume none.

        She is entirely manufactured by the BBC and so probably has even less value to society than a striking tube drіver would.

        Good for the tube drіvers who have reported for duty, BTW!


        • 59
          Londoner says:

          Yes. And the other staff who came into work this morning and opened a few more stations. If this had been a longer strike it would have crumbled by tomorrow anyway.


        • 75
          the only good narcissist is a funny one says:

          A thing doesn’t have to have any practical use for me to like it. I also like David Cameron and George Osborne, and they are useless too, but I still like them.


        • 104
          Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

          She was in one of the girls platoons of my intake at RMAS. She was a pain in the arse then and she’s a pain in the arse now.


        • 106
          FFS says:

          I wouldn’t say she is without talent, she is genuinely astute and very kick-ass. However, she isn’t really bright enough to back up her comments with real logic unfortunately, otherwise she would be like Thatcher on steroids.


        • 127
          Cinna says:

          Her talent is getting up the noses of Lefties. I’ve seen her a couple of times on the Wright and Schofield chat shows. She’s deadpan and gets right up their noses.

          I wish she had a fan club.


          • Katie Hopkins an arsehole for all seasons. says:

            Im sure you could find a suitable phonebox to hold your fan conventions.


  17. 39
    The British media are cunts says:

    The dredging of rivers and the clearing of drainage ditches, streams etc. was stopped at the same time the climate change myth was created by the left.

    Te idea was to convince people things were getting worse due to their evil activities like driving a car. The same technique was used by Red Ken when he had the traffic light sequencing changed in London to make traffic congestion worse, thus creating the myth that London was clogged and therefore needed a congestion charge.

    Of course the meeja knew all of this but the entire meeja has bought into the climate change myth so doesn’t question anything, Eco loons like Moonbat who have no qualifications in science, land or waterways management spout their shite on a daily basis and the likes of the BBC or channel 4 give them airtime.

    Just take a look at the land, rain is not the problem, it’s the lack of adequate drainage that is creating the problems and that has fuck all to do wig CO2 levels but about basic maintenance of the land and waterways.

    As I pointed out yesterday Jon Snow on Channel 4 news stated as fact that the current problems were as a result of man made climate change. This is simply a lie and even their own report that followed his lie did not say so.

    What we have is flooded land that won’t drain away because the rivers are clogged up.

    Mongs like Snow need to be outed for the lefty shit bags they are.


    • 71
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Nothing to do with the fact that it has been pissing down none stop for weeks with January’s rainfall the highest ever recorded?

      Nice to have scapegoats and kneejerk solutions but sometimes these things happen and there’s fuck all that can be done.


    • 91
      Free money says:

      Litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation, litigation, compensation.


    • 144
      The Daily Mail pimps for Clifford says:

      Well said.


    • 157
      Harreit Harman QC says:

      As I pointed out yesterday Jon Snow on Channel 4 news stated as fact that the current problems were as a result of man made climate change.

      Wimmin were just as involved perhaps moreso in the creation of climate change. Jon Snow should apologise for his sexism.


  18. 40
    seriously? says:

    ‘The same technique was used by Red Ken when he had the traffic light sequencing changed in London to make traffic congestion worse’

    They did the same thing in Dublin in order to justify their comedy trams.


  19. 44
  20. 57
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    So if the Environment Agency led beyond its authority to return Somerset to Marsh land, does this not directly blow the global warming arguments out of the water, so to speak ?


    • 62
      Prioritize says:

      Let’s just arrest them all for malfeasance in public office and sell off their property to compensate the victims.

      We can worry about the bogus science next week.


    • 82
      Joined-up thinking, Dave-style. says:

      How does this fit with Dave’s stated aim of concreting everything and building 200 houses every day for 20+ years, just to house immigrants?


      • 93
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        That is a very Maoist statement if Dave did state any such thing.

        I find that incredible not because Cameron isn’t a ‘useful idiot’, but because it is beyond belief that such an utter wanker is capable of coming up with anything so profound.

        The argument for DfID money to be redirected to help the area is excellent trolling from UKIP, and a very good idea. However, simply liquidating the public pension allocation of the current Environment Agency board and using those funds to fix the immediate problem would be a much better idea.

        The situation in Somerset and the apparent loss of control of the Environment Agency is an extremely powerful argument for reducing the current size of government.


  21. 65
    BLOB coCROWch says:


  22. 78

    If Diane Abbott cannot afford a house in her constituency, on her lowly salary, why does she not do as other people do and move to a cheaper area. Try Manchester, Cornwall or Kingston.


    All in Jamaica.


  23. 90
    The Diary of Owen Jones aged 13¾ says:

    - Just had a spat with Pandora on twitter. She is sooo annnoyying! So annoying and soooo pretty tooo! Oh…the anguish.

    If only she knew what a deeply sophisticated and intellectual giant I am, she would fancy me. Miliband says she has a boyfriend. And he’s tall and well built and charming and successful and rich. I can’t imagine what she sees in him.
    Girls are strange aren’t they?

    I shall hide my disappointment with Pandora by spending time working on my ‘People’s republic of Putney flag. Its coming along brill! I’ve used 22 out of the 36 colours in the tin.

    Miliband’s nan got him the 48 colour tin for his birthday. He has ‘Duck a la’Orange ‘ and “Wheatgerm toast” in his set. They would go well around the edging by the image of me heroically holding a sledgehammer and smashing the banks.

    I wonder if I have enough pocket money coming to gety the 60 colour set! Ha! Miliband would go green with..with envy. And probably a bit green with sick if he’s been with me and mum in the car to WH Smiths to get them. He still doesn’t travel well.

    Right! Down to work! And take my mind of that obnoxious, foolish, pretty, soft, dreamy girl!



  24. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Own Jones has this fucker ever done a days graft in his life? most of the working class people I know wouldnt piss on him if he was on fire first because he is a lazy bastard and second because he is a poof.He spouts more shite than the Thame sewarage.


  25. 109
    Anonymous says:



  26. 112
    Workah says:

    Can’t they bring The Word back? That’s the platform a little twat like Owen Jones deserves. The new Terry Christian


    • 128
      Cinna says:

      Christian is doing a week’s stint on Matthew Wright on 5. He’s spouting the usual lefty, anarchic shit.


  27. 117
    Anonymous says:

    the usa could be attacked with hundreds of air attacks and toothpaste bombs


  28. 131
    Anon says:

    I couldn’t stand that Hopkins woman until I seen her giving Diane Fatbot a going over on the BBC this week programme now I can’t get enough of her.


  29. 132
    David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    Fair do’s Mensch has totally got that wanker Jones’ number. He is indeed Roger Mellie!


  30. 133
    MandyPickleSniffer says:

    So, does this Mensch chick have a landing strip or an Amazon jungle?


  31. 135
    Raptor says:

    So the Environment Agency was “acting beyond authority” in allowing the Somerset Levels to revert to marshland.

    Now where have we heard that phrase “acting beyond authority” before ?


  32. 137
    John says:

    Unfortunately the comments on Jones’ Indie article were firmly disabled yesterday but what did seem to elude our favourite left wing child is that C5 were clearly assembling the worst group of antagonist gobshites they could get (Katie Hopkins, Kelvin McKenzie) and yet when they needed someone for the red corner they phoned Jones!

    Personally I would have been f**king offended but Jones – twat that he is – couldn’t resist a bit of telly.


  33. 138
    Pete says:

    So tightly are you lot locked into your tiny bubble of a world, that you cannot see the obvious: I implore you – show the Tweets between Mensch and Jones to your parents, to your neighbours to anyone not rooted in your mindset. Every person I have shown these to says the same: who in the world does she think she is? It’s strange now to think that just a few years ago Jones’s book Chavs was favourably revlewed in the heavy papers across the political spectrum; Mensch’s books were universally derided. You’ve got this one very badly wrong.


    • 149
      JH38492384032949 says:

      Of course Jones’s book was well received – it allowed the left to feel well of themselves as they indulge in their pet hobby of patronising the white working class – at the same time as being hell-bent on engineering their ethnic cleansing out of the streets they had lived in for generations.

      As for Mensch, she is recognised for what she is on here, believe you me. That does not mean she is no bang on the money with her analysis of little Owen – they are both playing a similar game for similar prizes.


  34. 146
    broderick crawford says:

    Hideous Londoners forced to travel above ground

    THE twisted troglodytes who inhabit London have been forced to expose themselves to daylight.

    The near-blind, cannibalistic subhumans, who usually live their short brutish lives in either tunnels or offices, are now groping their way through the capital’s streets.

    Nathan Muir, whose slimy green-white skin began to smoke and blossom into flame when touched by the sun, said: “The yellow eye in the heavens judges me.

    “It burns me for my ugliness, because I defied the Lore by exposing my flesh to the Roofless World.”

    The stunted goblins are trained from birth never to make eye contact with one another and use their holy text The Met Roe to hide their faces.

    Their subterranean world is paralysed by a vicious war between the Riders and the Drivers begun by the Drivers’ megalomaniac leader, Crow.

    Anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher said: “Crow demands an increase in tithe for the Drivers, insane idiot savants who spend their whole lives shackled to the controls of vast mechanical worms.

    “Life is unimaginably awful down in the tunnels. There is a form of crude poetry inscribed on the walls, but it’s not anything a normal human could enjoy.”


  35. 151
    Displaced Brummie says:

    I have lifelong convictions… Yes, Owen, all 16 of those years, huh?

    I wonder what Owen hopes to be, if he grows up?


  36. 152
    Displaced Brummie says:

    And as for Mr Bell being dead, he’s doing the same job now that he always did for his constituency. Though now he has an excuse for his lack of action.


  37. 153
    OhSoBoring says:

    Same Louise Mensch who does not know what potentate means;

    “I will apply for US citizenship … as my husband and three children are all Americans – the children of course all have dual citizenship– and it seems wrong to be the only non-American in the family,” she told the Guardian.

    “Of course I will remain a British citizen and am endlessly patriotic and proud. But I love America and now it is my family.”

    The former parliamentarian said she had not previously taken up the chance to become a citizen following her first marriage to property developer Anthony LoCicero because of the terms of the US oath, which calls for renouncing “fidelity” to other nations. “It was the oath of allegiance that stopped me from taking citizenship the first time around,” she said.

    However, to become a US citizen, Mensch must state she will “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen”.

    “Having parsed the words very carefully,” Mensch said, “they call for me to renounce my allegiance to any ‘prince, potentate, state or sovereignty’, and since Her Majesty is none such, I do not regard them as being treacherous.

    “If it said ‘King or Queen’ I would have more difficulty. So as written, I feel I can swear the oath with a good conscience,” she said.


    Mensch and jokes deserve one another.


  38. 156
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Posh? POSH??


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