February 5th, 2014

WATCH: Awkward Ed Miliband By-Election Moments

The Telegraph have done up Labour’s Wythenshawe and Sale East candidate good and proper. Mike Kane almost squirms out of his chair as he is asked why he voted for David Miliband to be Labour leader:

“Errrrrrrrrr, I am perfectly happy Ed Miliband’s leader, errrrrrrrrr, I just don’t accept the premise of your question. Do I pivot to the cost of living crisis? Ed’s doing a really good job…”

Balls’ face is classic.


  1. 1
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    There was not a single tube strike under Stalin.


  2. 2
    Labour Meltdown says:

    “do I pivot to the cost of living crisis?”

    He’s had media training but still falls flat. The voters might as well elect a tub of lard.


  3. 3
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    “But officer… these Mini Cheddars are for personal use only. I’m not a dealer and had no intention to supply. You’ve got to believe me!”


  4. 4
    All the world says:

    balls, milliplonk and this nobead are all tw@s


  5. 6
    Return to your constituencies says:

    Candidate is a complete wank bag


    • 31
      was it something I said? says:

      He’ll still be elected with a thumping majority. Safe seats. Doncha just love ‘em?


  6. 9
    Gromit via sign language says:

    Sally the beard has let the chutney ferret out of the bag?


  7. 10
    Len McClusky says:

    Have this Mike Kane bathed and delivered to my quarters.


  8. 12
    Ed Miliband, Labour Saviour says:

    As it was written.


  9. 13
    The Labour Party says:

    We have a useless candidate crisis.


  10. 15
    JH348324-03258 says:

    Oh come on, the guy is just the usual drone about to be parachuted in to a safe seat.

    You can’t expect him to have any actual principles or anything.


    • 22
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      Judging by his accent at least he is a local candidate for local people. Labour don’t want no trouble ‘ere.


    • 43
      NE Frontiersman says:

      ‘I do a lot of teaching about leadership in my Movement for Change work…’
      This used to be the David Miliband fan club: what does it do nowadays?
      Does his leadership work consist in saying ‘Don’t vote for the wrong leader the way I did?’


  11. 18
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Are all these Labour drones based on the Stepford Wives?


  12. 19
    I'd never vote Lieber in a million years, but... says:

    I don’t see why Citizen Kane shouldn’t have supported David M. Everybody else did, apart from the unions.


  13. 25
    Ed Miliband says:

    What is the bloody point of committing Fratricide when everyone insists on mentioning it?

    I’m so fed up I could scream.


  14. 26
    Ed Balls-Up says:

    It’s telling that a Labour member’s first instinct when asked a tough question is to “Pivot to the cost of living crisis”.


    • 38
      Proftastic says:

      It’s all they know, they have created them throughout labour’s history. I also give them an A* for creating several abroad, that’s a true gift! Being tallented enough to damage economies both at home and abroad, even when not in power.


  15. 28
    Keith Harris says:

    It’s like watching a bad ventriloquist show only there are two dummies.


  16. 34
    FrankField's Buttplug says:

    Mike has been a naughty boy – I will need to him to come to my study and bend over for six of the best. I can be quite strict when I have to be ducks.

    He isn’t there yet and he’s already entered the Westminster Wanker Of the Year Contest. I’m a bit put out about that, because I usually have the stickiest handshake in Parliament Cheeky cat.


  17. 35
    Orson Cart says:

    The nodding dog’s head will fall off one of these days.


  18. 36
    Truthteller says:

    Who on earth is going to vote for him?


  19. 41
    Anonymous says:

    “I teach leadership…it’s about vision, guts, gravitas”.


    Parliament is now infested with this kind of middlebrow, middle-manager, platitude-spouting prick.

    I doubt this ass will ever have more “vision” than is necessary to fill out an expenses claim…


  20. 42
    Fatty Pang says:

    I thought a seat in the Commons was a kind of welfare for unemployable former parliamentary aides…


    • 45
      NE Frontiersman says:

      JS Mill described the Empire as ‘A vast system of outdoor relief for the English middle classes’.
      Now we’ve got nowhere useful to get shot of them such as a tea-plantation in Assam, they’re cluttering up the public sector.


  21. 44
    NE Frontiersman says:

    In the creepily bland cult-speak that can be found on the Movement for Change website comes a strange turn of phrase:

    ‘We believe that the way to achieve lasting change in local communities is by bringing people together and building their power to act collectively for common purpose.’

    CP used to be the old expression for a criminal conspiracy, by strange coincidence.
    Is it one of those trigger-words for the brainwashed to act out their programming, like the Queen of Diamonds in the Manchurian Candidate?


  22. 52
    David Miliband says:

    Thank you for supporting me. I do wish you were a union leader though….


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