February 5th, 2014

SKETCH: Many-Headed Monster Delightfully Out of Control

Unusually, the Prime Minister called the Speaker. It’s usually the other way round.

The noise from Labour was so great – the raucous enjoyment of their weekly Ten Minute Hate – that on two occasions the Prime Minister shook his head and gestured towards the Speaker indicating he should intervene. The first time, the Speaker got up at once to call for quiet. The second time Cameron had to say: “Mr Speaker, really,” and up the Speaker popped up to do the bidding.

What a change!

Hard to say who won on noise.

As for the argument – gender politics. Not my subject, really.

Ed Miliband had prepared his attack by packing as many women as he could into his front bench. At 11.59 they’d managed six women to three men in the first nine. They needed another. Rachel Reeves looking almost sexist she’s so gorgeous (as I say, it’s not really my subject) went to sit on Ed Balls’ knee. What with his wife two seats down, Balls had to bump her off and onto the bench and that brought the male/female front bench numbers to 70/30 in favour of the females.

The pound gained 3 per cent against all major currencies.

“A picture’s worth a thousand words,” the Labour leader gloated, waving that funny thing he’s got at the end of his arm. There wasn’t a single woman on the Conservative front bench.

At best, Cameron had a woman right behind him. Anne MacIntosh tweeting, possibly. “Take that, Ed, ha!”

Cameron said the Tory female figures were 24 per cent of something and 48 up from 17 of something else. This was very good. Or a disgrace, depending on where you were sitting.

Cameron’s “We had the first woman prime minister,” produced goal-scoring celebration from Tories. “Yeah, and she actually won elections,” Miliband responded which drove his fans to their feet. Everyone having a terrific time.

Speaker’s turn for the worse

Suddenly the Speaker burst a blood vessel. He’d stood up and shouted for order, no one had paid him any attention and he’d sat down again. Now he addressed the Education secretary (we bullies know who to pick on). “Mr Gove!” (Laughter) “You really are a most excitable individual!” (Dissenting noises from Labour. They wanted a different description.) “ORDER!” (Looking as though he was going to hit someone) “You should write out a thousand times, ‘I must behave at prime minister’s questions!”

But his voice was going, and the noise actually increased. The House was out of control and the Speaker could only let it roar.

On occasions like this, we see how the Tory loathing, the product of years of abusive treatment from the Chair, is still bubbling beneath the surface.

Back to gender rage

Ed made the point that Cameron had greeted a high-profile business woman at a reception with the words: “Where’s your husband?”

The pound lost 3 per cent, and the output gap widened.

Miliband may be right that his core vote will be energized by hatred. Odd that such a mild-mannered, decent fellow should hope to become prime minister of Britain on the basis of a hate crime.

On with the show

Jack Dromey stood up. Robert Buckland called out, “Where’s your wife?” – or so Labour’s Kevin Brennan tweeted. Feelings about Mr Dromey are strictly non-party political.

The Birmingham MP told the House: “Queen Victoria was on the throne when the Dunlop factory in Erdington started making those big black things – what are they called? They’re circular, you know, they get pumped up really hard, fully-inflated some of them are enormous. Some of them so gigantic you think ‘No, too big for me, it’ll never fit!’ TYRES! Thank you!”

If he didn’t say that I must have drifted off half way through.


  1. 1
    Spartacus says:

    like the uropeein parliament?

  2. 2
    Diversity Offica says:

    Was Miliband playing the who’s got the most game?

    What a coque.

  3. 3
    WelshRacer says:

    Seems every speech Dromey makes begins with “Queen Victoria was on the throne when the Dunlop factory in Erdingtonzzzzzzzzzz”

  4. 4
    WelshRacer says:

    Today was the “Harmanisation of Politics”

    Maybe for next pmqs the Tory backbenches could all turn up wearing dresses?

  5. 5
    Check Facts First says:

    Milibands a big girls blouse. Just look at the time and effort that was put into this charade by Labour. For what? No one cares a toss about how many women there are in his gang. Blair`s Babes didn`t last long nor will Millipede after today’s performance. The contrast with his gravitas acting performances a few weeks ago could`t be greater. What next, my conkers bigger than yours.

  6. 6
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    When will Labour introduce all men shortlists?

  7. 7
    Mr Dunlop says:

    and black!

  8. 8
    Wilson Pickett says:

    Er, I think that Bercow was having a go at Gove for the article written in this mornings’ Daily Mail by Mrs Gove (aka Sarah Vine) which was not that complimentary about Sally Bercow.


    And here’s a tribute to Must-tongue Sally

  9. 9
    Diane Abbot says:

    Flat tyres are so racist. When you drive them they go wop wop wop.

  10. 10
    Will H says:

    Bercow’s on the shortlist

  11. 11
    I dislike socialists intensely says:

    Miliband would just about hold his own in a junior school debating class.
    What a plonker.

  12. 12
    was it something I said? says:

    Why didn’t Cameron just throw their own front-bencher’s words back at them? ‘Window-dressing’.

  13. 13
    Diane Abbot, survived the modbot says:

    Flat tyres are so racist. When you dr1ve them they go wop wop wop.

  14. 14
    McAdder says:

    Was he counting the Eagle brothers as women?

  15. 15
    When I said "turn on the TV" ... says:

    They do it at weekends, is that not enough?

  16. 16
    Santiago says:

    That’s not what the white guy’s telling me bro.

  17. 17
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    ’70s Ed.
    I can feel myself warming to this theme. 70’s Ed.
    Sometimes him and Balls walking beside the rusting docks and strike closed car plants of his industrial heartland. Sometimes him and Hattie, platform shoes, afro headed,splurging cash in a Saturday Night Fever excess.

    70’s Ed.

  18. 18
    Jackie Dromey, Ms says:

    They already have but they label them “all women” shortlists.

  19. 19
    More tea, vicar? says:

    Jack Dromey: “Queen Victoria was on the throne when the Dunlop factory in Erdington started making those big black things…”

  20. 20
    McAdder says:

    There’s certainly not an under representation of quare types in the House.

  21. 21
    David playboy Blunkett (wanna play with my poochg babe?) says:

    The Opposition front bench looked good on radio.

  22. 22
    Creationist Franke Maude says:

    Those big black inflatable items so loved by Jackie boy, LOL.

  23. 23
    Baroness (as honest as a day in the arctic winter is long) uddin (where's my £300) says:

    Oh the irony – does no one in Labour have a brain to have Black Jack Dromey-Harman asking a question when Moribund goes on women’s representation – how did that all female shortlist go again again Harri – oh no you were unable to make the confirmatory meeting ….. funny that – nothing wrong with family and hereditary positions as long as they are for the deserving

  24. 24
    Salli says:

    Don’t pick it, you’ll only make it worse.

  25. 25
    Any MP you want to name as they all seem to have the IQ of a centipede says:

    I find that flat tyres are only ever flat at the bottom.

  26. 26
    Creationist Franke Maude says:

    Wiki Guido will testify to that.

  27. 27
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    It wasn’t uncomplimentary. Gave slapper Sal quite a lot of faint praise.
    Really only the last lines were a little damning.

    In many ways she’s the Jade Goody of politics: insecure, needy and vulgar.
    Ultimately, though, she’s more in need of our sympathy than condemnation.

  28. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Arrr yes Jack Dromey the only man ever to get selected on an all women short list

  29. 29
    Oooooooooh Santiagooooooooooo says:

    .. and I’m often to be found hiding on the throne when I’m er, er, researching those big black things.

  30. 30
    U50 Kg class says:

    Shortlist to represent 16-18 vote. Stature fits.

  31. 31
    Winnie Mandela says:

    Burning tyres are so inclusive.

  32. 32
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Bercow did lose control today.

    Miliband’s gender politics idea was about as flat as Dromey’s tiresome speech.

  33. 33
    Winnie Mandela says:

    I prefer burning tyres myself.

  34. 34
    Mrs Gove Takes Avenge says:

  35. 35
    Creationist Franke Maude says:

    Jack Dromey: “Queen Victoria was on the throne in the Dunlop factory in Erdington when they started making those big black things…”

  36. 36
    Wait - what! says:

    These really are fabulous sketches – keep up the good work Sir!

  37. 37
    was it something I said? says:

    She forgot ‘stupid beyond the power of the written word to convey’ and ‘dying of cancer of the front bottom’. Although you never know.

  38. 38
    Goves v Bercows says:

    So that’s why Little John had a go at her husband.

  39. 39
    Dick Heads all says:

    Another MP you just have to laugh at.
    Dromey, his twittering favourite Santiago
    Bryant, his underpants photo for a gay site
    Darling, house flipper extraordinaire
    Clegg, liar … even saying sorry

    You surely can add your own!

  40. 40
    Londonder says:

    The lives of millions of our citizens are beng made miserable because the London underground uses the technology of the last century and Bob Crow has brought his luddites out on strike. So what are they arguing about in Parliament? Nothing that matters to the public in our nation’s capital.

  41. 41
    was it something I said? says:

    Indeed. It’s a pleasure to read.

  42. 42
    Alexander Pope’s satirical “Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot” says:

    Damned with faint praise.

  43. 43
    was it something I said? says:

    Bob Crow is just doing his bit to encourage people to vote T*ry. Or UKIP. Or even Respect. Anybody but Labour in fact.

    Thanks Bob.

  44. 44
    The Public says:

    Bercow is a disgrace.

    Isn’t there a real man left in the House of Cuckolds willing to tell the poor sap to divorce the bitch?

  45. 45
    The Public says:

    Bob Criw is doing what Bob Crow does. The question is, why is our government so weak they let him do that?

  46. 46
    was it something I said? says:

    She forgot ‘breathtakingly fucking stupid’.

  47. 47
    Boris and his Johnson says:

    If I could I would automate the HoC and the HoL

  48. 48
    was it something I said? says:

    Because Bob Crow secures more T*ry votes by striking than he does when he’s working.

  49. 49
    The Public says:

    Bercow is a sad excuse of a man.

    If he had a single ounce of self respect he’d sue for divorce.

  50. 50
    was it something I said? says:

    Just shut it down. We have more than enough laws already.

  51. 51
    EUHATER says:

    Milibands Mingers !!!

  52. 52
    The Public says:

    Bercow is a disgrace. He has no self respect. What kind of sap lets himself be humiliated by a slag like her?

  53. 53
    A centipede says:

    Do you mind?

  54. 54
    Wimmin says:

    So, at the Labour leadership we had one woman who only made the shortlist because one of her rivals voted for her.

    The one capable woman was Yvette Cooper and of course her thunder was stolen by the fact that her lard-arse waste of space spouse decided to throw his considerable weight in the ring first and scupper her chances.

  55. 55
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    I already have.

  56. 56
    Abdel from Tooting says:

    I told you that Underground is infested with rats and it is all the fault of David Cameron and his Coalition Government which far from being a non partisan Government for the people stops then getting to and from work on their Oyster cards.

    It is not fair I tell you.

    Why did they not sit down and negotiate a solution months ago to avoid this disaster ?

  57. 57
    Reader says:

    I don’t give a shit about Tory votes. I want a country that isn’t a banana republic; where cynical politicians and the twats who egg them on don’t rub their hands with glee whenever the public is being fucked around.

  58. 58
    Mick Butcher says:

    £52k for a tube driver?

    Sack them and get some Poles in to do it half price while we invest in driverless trains. Cheaper, more reliable and everyone wins… except Bob Crow and his Labour-funding army of disruptive stooges.

  59. 59
    Chris underpants Bryant says:

    Don’t look at me.

  60. 60
    UKIP says:

    Fuck the centipede, what about the good old imperialipede?

  61. 61
    was it something I said? says:

    Yvette Cooper will be the next Labour leader in June 2015.

  62. 62
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    The Golden Shower Girls.

  63. 63
    Gordon Broon says:

    Not Sue again?

  64. 64
    The national debt not decreasing by the day despite Austerity says:

    “Yvette Cooper”……………..”capable” ?

    You have obviously been on those illegal herbal cigarettes again.

  65. 65
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    ..And a suspect personal hygiene regime.

  66. 66
    David Wisteria says:

    Let us be clear about this.

    The Labour Leader is a “complete mug” and his Shadow Chancellor is a “muttering idiot” .

    I can give them a good kicking in 2015.

  67. 67
    Sally Bercow says:

    I gargle most days.

  68. 68
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Without Brown we wouldn’t have had Blair. Without Blair we wouldn’t have had Brown. Without Murdoch we wouldn’t have had either Blair or Brown. Murdoch you Rsewipe.

  69. 69
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Good to see the EU helping out people in times of need in bad weather.

  70. 70
    David Cameron says:

    He’s not Happy !

  71. 71
    check it out, man says:

    The message for the female electorate, my fact checking friend, is that the Tories don’t like women. The Tories have no interest in you ladies, so don’t vote for them.

  72. 72
    Fish says:

    On this post, we’ve had (in no particular order):

    Rachel Reeves; ‘She’s so gorgeous’

    Ed Miliband; ‘Mild mannered and decent fellow’

    Yvette Cooper; ‘Capable woman’

    This irony thing is quite hoot.

  73. 73
    Knob Ed says:

    I made a mistake at PMQs and I apologise. I counted the Eagle sisters as front bench women but I accept they’re really blokes.

  74. 74
    FFS says:

    That really isn’t a flattering picture of slapper Sally.

  75. 75
    was it something I said? says:

    Can her own-brand fragrance be far behind?

  76. 76
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Foul play, Ed. The Eagles shouldn’t be counted.

  77. 77
    Keep repeating the mantra says:

    It was the right thing to do.

  78. 78
  79. 79
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Blame my mother.

  80. 80
    Herman says:

    And on another of his mistweets, Jack told me he was this big.

  81. 81
    FFS says:

    Except it doesn’t really wash. There are multiple women in the Tory party and a former PM. Not only that, most of the women in Tory ranks don’t annoy the tits off everybody.

    It’s yet another one of those Milliband wheezes which look good for about a week but then sink below the waves once reality bites.

  82. 82
    was it something I said? says:

    You’re right. I was going to add ‘pig-ugly’ to the list of traits she shared with Jade Goody but, in fairness, that ain’t true but you wouldn’t know it from that picture.

  83. 83
    Anony says:


  84. 84
    FFS says:

    Maybe they are swingers. Perhaps John was doing that jungle bunnie’s ebony other half in the back passage.

  85. 85
    JH348324-03258 says:

    Is that where you send 10’000 bureaucrats to do the work of 100 men with shovels?

  86. 86
    FFS says:

    Dildoes, Jack. They’re called dildoes.

  87. 87
    Mick Butcher says:

    Who will replace her in 2017?

  88. 88
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Wasn’t your daddy of scottish Rite legger decent?

  89. 89

    Should cock fighting be banned in the Commons?

    We need to be told.

  90. 90
    was it something I said? says:

    EU Civil Protection Mechanism Working = We had a meeting at which we agreed to send a letter of support to Slovenia.

    It’s like sending that glaikit (see, Fucking Scotland is good for something) imbecile Ashton off to Libya and declaring we’re helping them with their civil war.

  91. 91
    In my dreams says:

    They can only look at this woman and weep
    Same goes for Harriet, Patricia, Hazel, Emily, and all the rest of the harridans.


  92. 92
    FFS says:

    Herman receiving messages from space again. I think they are downloading new software to his brain. That’s why his arms have stopped in that awkward position.

  93. 93
    was it something I said? says:

    A black man? Married?

    Tee hee.

  94. 94
    Herman Achille Van Rompuy says:

    I said ‘stands ready’ , I never indicated we would actually do anything.

  95. 95
    Mornington Crescent says:


  96. 96

    she’s more in need of our sympathy…

    Is she prepared to wait?

  97. 97
    was it something I said? says:

    Somebody untainted by the 1997-2010 idiocy.

  98. 98
    Not the BBC says:

    The Struggle fought by Comrade Crowe is a class struggle – the multi ethnic, inclusive and diverse working class fighting for its survival against white, male Bullingdon toffs.
    For this reason, coverage of the strike will receive our special attention.

  99. 99
    Oh Lordy says:

  100. 100
    Wait - what! says:

    Want to help with flooding?
    Give Rompuy, Baroso, Ashton and the rest of the troughing nobodies that were unelected, shovels. Then point to a pile of sand & a heap of bags and tell the buggers to get filling.

  101. 101

    Can you think of a more revolting idea then Jack Dromey teabagging Angela Eagle?

    Unless it was Angela Eagle teabagging Jack Dromey.

  102. 102
    Lord Mandelbum of Fondelboys says:

    They’re not the Eagle sisters, they’re the Regal sisters, introducing themselves, as is their wont, as AngelarEagle and MariarEagle. Oh, and sisters is their description of themselves, not mine!

  103. 103
    Cassius Clay says:

    I’m gonna flout like an Eagle and sink like a BBC

  104. 104
    No no no says:

    Get them to use the shovels to dig their own shallow graves

  105. 105
    Where your taxes go... says:

    Policeman who smashed up OAP’s car receives £400k pay-out

  106. 106
    was it something I said? says:

    Then get them to beat each other to death with the shovels. Idi Amin had some good ideas.

  107. 107
    Sally in the Alley says:

  108. 108
    Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

    Only on Halifax bank TV adverts.

  109. 109
    altruism in industry says:

    the question that has been troubling me for a while is
    “Is it necessary to kill in order to progress ?”
    Is there an alternative society of gangsters who are in charge ?
    Is obedience of an army required to retain society ?

  110. 110
    Where Is my Right of Recall? says:

    She’s trash.
    He’s trash.

    We are they still both suckling away at the public teat?

  111. 111
    Denzel Ffitz-titely says:

    I for one will decline a sniff of it.

  112. 112
    Ed Balls says:

    That’s 3 questions!

  113. 113
  114. 114
    Blind Pew says:

    Be sure to only use oyster cards when there is an R in the month.

  115. 115
    FFS says:

    I didn’t say they were married.

    But you’re right, a black man with a black woman? Not in this day and age. They spend their time getting white trash blondes up the duff. Sally is just one of those white trash blondes.

  116. 116
    Bill Stickers says:

    That’s my wife you’re talking about. So you’ve started persecuting her now?

  117. 117
    Parasites R Us says:

    Because we can!

  118. 118
    was it something I said? says:

    400K into his pension because he over-reacted and then couldn’t face his colleagues taking the piss?

    I trust there will be an ap*p*e*a*l.

  119. 119
    Fish says:

    Indeed.. I think that there’s only one left in the UK, Nottingham, sadly.

    Angela Eagle in a Hooters uniform? Mmmm.

  120. 120
    Fish says:

    Are you sure Ed. Numbers aren’t your strong point…but if we can get to three, that is progress.

  121. 121
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Yes: http://www.hootersnottingham.co.uk/

    Sadly, I never did get to fly with Hooters’ airline.

  122. 122
    Walking home in the rain because of the Tube Strike... says:

    Hear hear…

  123. 123
    FATFUCKER says:

    When you have to factor Bob Crow into decisions about how you get to your workplace something is very wrong

  124. 124
    Gooey Blob says:

    You can rule out anyone who remains on the front bench during what will be a disastrous election for Labour. The ones to watch will be those who resign before then in order to spend more time with their families.

  125. 125
    Jon Snow says:

    What’s your neck size

  126. 126
    Walking home in the rain because of the Tube Strike... says:

    They all seem to be slightly mad…or on class A drugs, or of for goodness sake it’s still raining and Bob Crow is a c*nt…

  127. 127
    Ned Ludd says:

    Bob Crow has brought his luddites out on strike.

    Do you mind? We wouldn’t go near that fat, lying, cheating crooked bastard. I hope he dies of something lingering and nasty.

  128. 128
    Jack Ketch says:

    Sore like an Eagle?

  129. 129
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    He’s Grumpy.

  130. 130
    was it something I said? says:

    R17 but I sometimes prefer a bigger radius because they hold more petrol.

  131. 131
    To be fair says:

    To be fair to the speaker he has a lot on his mind at the moment like his wife making an absolute c unt of him at very turn.

  132. 132
    was it something I said? says:

    I hope he dies of something lingering and nasty.

    He is. He’s carrying it around with him every day.

  133. 133
    was it something I said? says:

    Makes you want to vote Labour doesn’t it?

    Thought not.

    Bob Crow’s ‘workers’ are punishing other workers while Labour’s farmed and hand-reared benefit class sits at home watching daytime TV totally oblivious to who’s on strike.

    Meanwhile, in Falkirk, unions conspire to parachute their bosses girlfriend into a Labour safe-seat.

  134. 134
    Another one of Cleggs old teachers convicted of child abse I see says:

    One is careless but 5 is institutional.

  135. 135
    The legal establishment says:

    Rewarding wankers, thats what we do.

  136. 136
    Anonymous says:

    one of his worst was we got yasmin aly blabber whinging ex hamilton achie via ugandan 70,s clearout

  137. 137
    rank rank says:

    Blair had his Babes, Cameron has his cuties, Milliband will have his munters

  138. 138
    Old Bart says:

    He’s getting on with the job.

  139. 139
    altruism in industry says:

    if we are fortunate a true king will arise and rid the realm of fornicators and pederasts, a brave with charm and charisma and strength who will instill in the nation a confidence and a direction and give the new generation a purpose and a social understanding that we may all move forwards creating a better world.

  140. 140
    Hohoho says:

    The only Labour woman worth her salt is Kate Hoey …. But it baffles me how she can remain a member of such a discredited shower of shite party.

  141. 141
    John says:

    Ed Miliband is such a fucking knobend.

    I t was only a couple of weeks ago that he was trying to sell the idea that he was going to try and get away from the playground exchanges which have so dominated PMQs for ages and be more serious, more assertive.

    And here we are barely two weeks later, with the Government’s finances in the shit, with unemployment a problem, with Labour trashing the EU debate in the Lords, with the Scottish referendum bearing down on us, with education reforms being announced and what does he focus on?

    … The number of women MPs on the Government front bench today. What a useless fucktard this man is. He is too fucking stupid to even be leader of the Labour Party.

    For the record Ed, with a group of witless harpies you’ve put into you Cabinet as an example of diversity, you’re not doing the argument much good – I mean look at that roster of dull, moaning fucking failures; Cooper, Harman, Reeves, Eagle… jesus wept what a bunch…

  142. 142
    Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

    Spread Eagle….?

  143. 143
    Just Saying says:

    See the video of him and his mate attacking the car of a disabled pensioner and you wonder what on earth the Cumbrian police are all about.
    Police internal enquiry said they were innocent and excess force not used, yet they paid £20000 for car damage. Its only public money.

  144. 144
    Just Saying says:

    If ever there was a case for LESS women in Parliament it is the names and record of the Labour women MP’s.

  145. 145
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Quite right Lord Mandypoo

  146. 146
    Psyche the Dog says:

    M, so would you be if your wife was doing what Aunt Sally was doing.

  147. 147
    Castrato says:

    Ed will have his very own gender issues when his Balls get cut off.

    Being a Leeching Hunt of a Labour MP is nothing to be proud of.

    Time for Ed to get his own ideas & stop scrounging from the poor!

    Ed is having another of his crap idea crisis!

    Ed wants us to count the stupid cows that make up the Union funded Labour Party. Glenda Jackson is androgynous so she does not count. She does David Bowie impersonations on her day off.

    Still waiting for Labour to come up with a decent policy that does not destroy the economy. Labour is closed for business while Ed’s bimbos don’t have a clue about the real world. Step forward Rachel Reeves!

  148. 148
    Suzie says:

    I don’t care if they are male or female I just want the best MPs possible. Not that there is a lot to choose from, all as bad as each other.

  149. 149
    Jim says:

    And for all those Scot-bashers on ‘ere;

    Dunlop, what nationality was he again…..?

  150. 150
    Ride a cock horse etc says:

    Yes Cameron missed a wide open goal there when Milipede was on about female numbers in parliament.

  151. 151
    Ride a cock horse etc says:

    yet tyreless…

  152. 152
    Ride a cock horse etc says:

    Back from Rio then is he? Why was he let back in? Should have been arrested on the spot for traitorous economic sabotage.

  153. 153
    Ride a cock horse etc says:

    decent or descent?

    Life is so confusing when folk can’t spell simple English words correctly.

  154. 154
    Mind the gap - union loonies at work (or not, as the case may be) says:

    The fat Crow does not seem to realise that a huge number of workers on the London tube system are of ‘ethnic descent’ who will all be out of work once the fully automated tube comes into being. Where are they all going to go then?

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George Galloway says of his former Respect candidate the UKIP MEP turned Tory, Amjad Bashir…

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

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