February 5th, 2014

Bob Crow Wishes You a Fun Journey Home


  1. 1
    thedukeofhunslet says:

    Is it me or does he look like he’s a good candidate for a heart attack?


  2. 3
    Fatwatch UK says:

    Bob Five Bellies.


  3. 4

    Carnival time there now.

    Is he exercising his sausage?


  4. 5
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    If he believes that high earners should pay more tax, perhaps he should pay proportionately more rent on his council house.

    It’s the same principle.

    Wouldn’t that be fair?


  5. 7
    Dee Lusional says:

    Lot of two-faced people on here. An excellent negotiator maxing the return for his “investors” supplying a specialised product in an area of shortage.

    Seem enjoying the fruits of his skills and you all complain about this exercise in rampant capitalism.

    Are you all socialists?

    PS: Vote UKIP


    • 14
      David Cameron Is A Cunt says:

      Except that it is not a particularly specialised product, there is not any shortage, other than the one he and his mate Red Ken Livingstone artificially engineered, and Crow is doing this purely for political reasons and not the best interests of his members.

      In a proper Capitalist system we, the ultimate owners of a public asset like the Tube, could sack the lot of ‘em and start again only this time on wages appropriate for the job and not 40k a year + overtime + whatever else they can extort or fiddle.


      • 18
        London says:

        In a sensible system, the trains would be run by computer, as they are in many other countries.


        • 29
          Anonymous says:

          That’s Boris’s game plan, and that is why its so important he wins this one.


        • 33
          Up yours Crow says:

          Why waste money on computers? There’s a shortage of childcare in this country. Toddlers can be trained to press pretty coloured buttons. Do you see where I’m going with this?


        • 50
          FFS says:

          Split each line up and sell them off to private companies. Ban the unions from closing down the whole netwrok in one go – they can only strike one line at a time.


    • 19
      Right Full Rudder says:

      Middle class glorified bus drivers somehow on 50k a year holding the rest of the city to ransom. The equivalent of bankers going on strike and refusing to restock the cash machines or pay wages into people’s accounts till their demands are met.

      Yet left wingers hear the words union and strike and support them like Pavlov’s dogs.


      • 183
        Piggy Banks says:

        Having received billions in bonuses, while most workers suffer a 2% pay cut over recent years, bankers* should go on strike – and stop being a drain on the nation.


    • 20
      was it something I said? says:

      Train dr*iv*er has to be the easiest job in the world. Red light ‘STOP’, green light ‘GO’. If you get confused and run a red light all the automatic systems kick in and stop you anyway.

      You could train a fucking budgie to peck a lever and dr*i*ve a train.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        “Red light ‘STOP’, green light ‘GO’. If you get confused and run a red light all the automatic systems kick in and stop you anyway.”

        It’s less complicated than that.

        Hmm … which is better, £50k a year for a driver with some basic medical skills, or £37k/yr for a qualified paramedic trained to team-leader level, say £5k/yr extra for tube-specific training and a binding no-strike? Bargain.


      • 80
        Budgie says:

        Who’s a pretty boy then.


  6. 8
    Sally in the Alley says:

    He’s a fucking c-unt


    • 16
      Anonymous says:

      That is a genuine fact.


    • 36
      Mike says:

      Do you really have to express yourself in such an infantile manner? Or perhaps that’s the limit of your vocabulary in which case I genuinely feel sorry for you.


      • 96
        Sally in the Alley says:

        I apologise. Mr Crow is a most objectionable chap, an individual who exhibits the very worst traits of the left, notably hypocrisy, arrogance and self-interest. Mr Crow’s admirers and union members have been successfully manipulated into believing he is one of them and that he cares about the ordinary person, a false image which they’ve accepted because of the very malleable nature of their intellects. All this is resolutely indicative of what an objectionable and unpleasant individual Mr Crow is.

        And he’s a fucking c-unt.


        • 136
          The Guy With The Big Desk says:

          I prefered the executive summary


        • 150
          Dee Lusional says:

          Hypocrisy, arrogance and self-interest are not exclusive to the left!. Why some of my friends in the EU just ooze these wonderful traits.

          Vote UKIP


        • 190
          Piggy Banks says:

          Clearly, if anyone is fooled by this (sub-Daily Mail) attack, then their minds must be very easy to control. For such spin shows just how vile and nasty are some of the people posting this stuff. Then again, you lot would never be happy about working people defending their interests. Concerning “hypocrisy, arrogance and self-interest” – are these not traits of the greedy bankers and their objectionable mates in the City?

          P.S: Check out the latest news on Bankers Bonuses.


      • 159
        Anonymous says:

        get with the program mike


    • 164
      Nicola Stergene says:

      There will be no fucking c-unts in an independent Scotland.


  7. 12
    nell says:

    Usually when his members are on strike he’s found in a five star restaurant surrounded by hangers on , drinking champagne – where was he today?


  8. 17
    smoke and mirrors says:

    Bob is doing his job better than Westminster and City Hall politicians are doing their’s.
    You keep fighting for well paid jobs for working people.
    From an RMT and UKIP member.


    • 24
      Replace Tube Drivers with Polish Workers says:

      Ah, UKIP protecting benefits yesterday, now they’re defending crony jobs for the Boys from Brazil.


    • 26
      was it something I said? says:

      Fire the fucking lot of them.

      Red light – STOP

      Green light – GO

      A child could get the hang of that in 5 seconds and we could pay them in fizzy pop.


    • 39
      Mike says:

      The fact of the matter is that you’ve successfully priced yourself out of a job.


    • 44
      Unions are past their sell by date says:

      Clear to see why the unions oppose automatic tube trains such as the DLR.
      They work and they’re more efficient but they are a little difficult to get out on strike.
      Modernise and watch these creatures from another age die.


      • 52
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Exactly, even in socialist France they are introducing driverless trains on the Paris Metro.


      • 54
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Exactly, even in socialist France they have introduced dri-verless trains on the Paris metro.


    • 48
      Sir William Waide says:

      Roll on automation. Better safety, better reliability, more trains.


      • 149
        Gin O Clock says:

        Did anyone see the child Clegg on TV, trying to convince grown ups that he was a serious type person, ha ha, please forgive him for he knows what he does.


      • 185
        Anonymous says:

        What a great idea. Let’s have un-staffed stations/driver-less and make the Underground safe – for all the criminals/muggers in London?


    • 72
      nell says:

      well paid jobs for working people – oh yes did you see that photo this morning of the ticket office person fast asleep in her chair?

      Or are you suggesting that bobcrow is a working person? not apparently according to the news – although he’s clearly well paid and subsidised by we taxpayers in his council house!


      • 110
        RMT forced into the union person says:

        The lord works in mysterious ways, we have lots of ticket sales people but we haven’t sold any tickets.


    • 145
      thostids says:

      Nah, you got that slightly wrong. Westminster is fighting for well-paid jobs FROM working people!


  9. 21
    Simple Test says:

    Will Labour disown themselves from this arrogant menace?

    Or will Ed Miliband continue to accept the RMT donations?


  10. 23
    Len McCluskey says:

    (Something completely unintelligible in a thick, sort of northern football manager type accent)


  11. 27
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Seeing as there are more women in work today than men, isn’t it high time that Crowe,Serwotka and McCluskey stepped down and the Trades Unions elected at least half the Union leaders from an all women shortlist.

    Or is it do as i say and not as i do from the Liebore party’s paymasters :-)


  12. 28
    Ed Miliband says:

    The Strikes are wrong while negotiations are ongoing. The public have been let down by both sides because the government has acted in a reckless and provicative manner. I urge both sides to put aside the rhetoric and get around the negotiating table.


    • 40
      Silent Majority says:

      What a sock puppet. Never let him near Downing Street, even as tourist.


      • 57
        Adolph Miliband hated Britain and so does his mutant son says:

        Hang on.. make him wear a bulky jacket that appears to have something (dynamite) underneath it, wrap one of those Arabian Shemagh scarfs around his head, then push him towards the machine-gun armed plod.

        Should be good for a laugh.


      • 138
        Ed Milipleb says:

        I would make a vewy weliable passing member of the pubwic.


    • 53
      Bill Quango MP/5 says:

      Erm… I think you said this already.


    • 63
      Fish says:

      x 100


    • 139
      Don't really like Labour says:



    • 165
      Jim says:

      Did I really just see what I thought I saw. I mean, what sort of world does this chap inhabit?
      The way he replied to every question was beyond bizarre. Seriously.
      I now have some pity for this man, because it turns out he appears to have special needs, or a distinct lack of comprehension of the words that are put to him.
      And the most worrying thing is that he probably thinks he does a good job, or that people ‘resonate’ with what he says.
      I’ve said it before, but what kind of place is this where people actually want to give votes to this man in order to ‘run’ the country? Is it people whom watch celebrities all day and so think this utterance is intelligent?


      • 172
        JH348324-03258 says:

        They are just drones out to score points against each other, nothing more. They have the daily gameplan arranged by some PR drone, and stick to it without any creative thought whatsoever which is why you get weird shit like in the interview above. He knows the press are too compliant to broadcast it usually.

        Look at the twat the other day, packing his front bench with every lefty harridan he could lay hands on so they don’t look ‘sexist’.


    • 166
      NE Frontiersman says:

      You can say that again.


      • 168
        Mind the gap - union loonies at work (or not, as the case may be) says:

        ….only next time, it is ‘who’ not ‘whom’. Trying to be posh won’t work if you are no good at basic English grammar.


  13. 30
    Cameron's Lick-Spittle says:

    The right of centre mob need Brother Crow to carry on as he is – great distraction and a very tenuous reason to not vote La-bore


  14. 31
    chief cashier says:

    Lets be honest, if you were about to lose your job as a ticket office employee, he,s the guy you would want fighting for your job, I mean I fucking hate him, but there again I don’t work on the railways!!!


    • 37
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Exactly, he’s fighting for you on the beaches of Rio whilst quaffing Chateau Lafite. LOL


    • 38
      was it something I said? says:

      Nobodies losing their job.

      Nobodies being fired.

      And so what if there are no ticket office employees? Just pay at a machine.

      This is like that union c*u*n*t up in Fucking Scotland who was swooning about the place when Salmond abolished the Forth Road tolls.

      ‘What about the people who operate the tolls?’

      I don’t give a shit.

      We could have ‘full employment’ by having toll-booth operators every 100 yards on every fucking road but that’s not exactly going to be the most efficient use of time or resources. Same with ticket sellers and these fucking train dr*i*ver*s. Train a few fucking budgies to dr*i*ve the trains.

      Red light – STOP

      Green light – GO.

      They’ll get the hang of it.


      • 51
        Unions are past their sell by date says:

        Unfortunately, you’re arguing against the kind of mentality that thinks it is the Governments role to provide jobs, any job lost is a tragedy (regardless that new jobs are created) and that employment evolves.
        A hiding to nothing, some people are content with their stupidity, it pays them well.


    • 77
      Ma­q­bo­ul says:

      Dur, dur, dur…. great to see that the issues are fully understood.


    • 147
      thostids says:

      He’s got the whiff of Arthur “Mad Dog” Scargill about him. He’ll fight to the death of the very last one of his members to keep his salary, perks and emoluments of Office.


  15. 34
    Truthspeaker says:

    Automatic, driverless trains are the future (they’re already on the DLR part of London Transport) and Bully Bob’s confrontations with Londoners can only hasten the day.

    His gravy train is soon to be de-railed but no doubt he’ll have trousered enough in the meantime (no expensive house to buy at London prices) to be able to afford cruises for some time to come while his faithful following of drivers sign on the dole.


  16. 43
    Sir William Wayde says:

    You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Bulging Bob. He must know that Tube drivers will go the way of lamplighters and bus conductors before much longer. Loss of hope brings desperation. Desperation causes anger. Anger leads to the Dark Side.


  17. 45
    Anonymous says:

    i thought we destroyed these bastards in the seventies


  18. 47
    was it something I said? says:

    Here’s an idea.

    Just close down the tube completely and turn them into underground cycle paths. It would be just as fast as the tube PLUS environmentally friendly PLUS good for everybodies health PLUS less accidents on the roads above PLUS it’d be free but most importantly of all the entire fucking city wouldn’t be hostage to that fucking fat C*U*N*T.


  19. 49
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why it shit says:

    Just watching Job Security debate on BBC Parliament,Vince Cable what a wet wanker! just announced Brendan Barber to head ACAS another Labour Common Purpose tosser at the trough.


    • 59
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Wasn’t there a female candidate?

      More do as i say not as i do from Liebore’s paymasters.


    • 60
      FFS says:

      The LibDems appear to be just another branch of Labour with another name. Why on earth they got into a coalition with the Tories is beyond me.


    • 67
      McAdder says:

      Owen gets ACAS after a night out.


    • 86
      It will end in tears says:

      Like Gove, the Coalition are taking their instructions from Gangster Blair


    • 109
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Check out Barbers predecessor at the TUC – I think you’ll find he went off to the EU to fill his marxist boots. Whilst i am at it another dirty quango of yesteryear was the EEF – The Engineering Employers FEDERATION. A ‘federation’ of crooks as well. They have them on the left as well as the right.


  20. 55
    Socialistworker says:

    Has anyone ever tube wrecking twat Crow in the same place as Toon army wrecking twat Ashley? Spooky


  21. 56
    Sally Barecow says:

    That Sarah Gove is going to get a right mouthful of me when I sees her.
    I’m gonna text that cow and diss her good. The fat slag.

    I think I’ll shag her husband. Just to spite her.


  22. 65
    Confused.com says:

    If they win in 2015, will”Iron Balls” will be able to tighten the purse strings as the Unions breathe down his neck?

    Answer next week…


    • 73
      Ed Ballsup says:

      Why would we want to tighten the purse strings? Tory austerity is wrong and is causing the economy to flatline.

      The only mistake the last Labour government made was to not spend enough.


  23. 71
    Margaret Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) says:

    “Rather than threatening to declare martial law in London as part of his ongoing battle with Boris Johnson for the future of the Tory party, David Cameron should be telling the mayor to stick to his election promise to Londoners not to close ticket offices.”…

    Indeed, simple really. Do not make promises you have no intention of keeping, it tends to piss people off


    • 78
      Labour's 2005 election manifesto says:

      We promise that if you elect us, we’ll give you a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution.


      • 88
        The public says:

        Boris made that ticket office pledge at around the same time. Not closing offices in 2006 doesn’t bind him for 2010.


    • 83
      Labour's 1997 election manifesto says:

      We absolutely promise to be tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime.


    • 84
      Labour's 1997 election manifesto says:

      We will ensure everyone has access to an NHS dentist.


    • 87
      Labour's 1997 election manifesto says:

      We will end mixed-sex NHS hospital wards.


    • 89
      Labour in 2003 says:

      We absolutely promise you we’ll find WMDs in Iraq.


      • 188
        Anonymous says:

        No, Tony and his New Labour mates took us to war on a lie. Then again, how many Tories voted for this illegal war?


    • 91
      Labour in 2001 says:

      We promise you: British troops will return from Afghanistan without having fired a shot.


    • 94
      Labour in 2004 says:

      No more than 13,000 Eastern Europeans will move to Britain.


      • 121
        Tories in 2014 says:

        We have no idea how many Europeans will move to Britain and we don’t care. Our corporate donors say Britain needs to be in the EU.


        • 140
          Assistants EU Regional Director 2020 says:

          You are all Europeans now. All media accessible to the public i.e. newspapers, blogs, news channels, posters made for public display etc can only be produced with an EU Correct Media Licence. Any mention of any words or symbols representing Britain or the Union Flag with have their licence terminated.


  24. 74
    BLOB coCROWch says:



  25. 81
    nell says:

    I support the strikes despite being inconvenienced. These people do sterling work for us each and every day and obviously feel backed into a corner.


  26. 85
    London commuter says:

    London Underground management are dinosaurs that show a clear contempt for their workers and the unions that support them, a real, old fashioned, toxic ‘them & us’ pattern of behaviour. The results are all too clear when the only voice the staff ever have is to strike. Not good for them, not good for London and not good for the passengers……and here we are again with the additional annoyance of Boris stirring it up


  27. 92
    Jimmy says:

    Half the country’s underwater and we’ve got an idiot prime minister doing his best to look like Bertie Wooster whilst playing politics with London’s railways.

    At least Prince Charles has been down to Somerset. How far did Cameron get – oh yes Kent a month ago.

    What have we done to deserve this useless bastard?


    • 99
      Majority of the British Public says:

      We did not vote for him

      The fact that he could not win a majority against the Mad Gordoom says it all

      But the choice was between traditional clap and H I V


    • 100
      Mr Helpful says:

      “What have we done to deserve this useless bastard?”

      That is a question that troubles the minds of Left and Right alike, on a daily basis.


    • 101
      Ed Moribund says:

      Theth Stwikes are wong. At a time when something something something we should all agwee to do something something something differwently.


    • 104
      Attaniout Ikeneego says:

      Fake Jimmy!


    • 108
      retardEd Miliband says:

      Jutht wait until I get into Downing Thtweet. Even you’ll mith David Camewon within a few weekth, Jimmy.

      (P-ETH: cotht of living cwy-thith.)


    • 112
      Chris Smith Lab. AWOL. says:

      Of course, only a Prime Minister – and no-one else – can alleviate the flooding in a tiny part of Somerset.


      • 120
        Dimmy Dave is the worst prime minister ever ! says:

        Well, Dimmy Dave’s had three years to spend £5 million on river dredging, but hasn’t “because there’s no money.”

        In the meantime, Dimmy Dave spends £30 million every single day on foreign aid.

        (Eight of the biggest recipients of our foreign aid are nations that are so destitute, they have space programmes.)


        • 131
          NASA says:

          Eight nations have space programs ? Can you name 7 of them?


          • OUT DAVE OUT DAVE OUT DAVE OUT says:

            India. India. India. India. India. India. India.

            Subsidised with U.K. Taxpayers’ money by the thieving fucking lying bastard Camoron


      • 156
        C Rook says:

        It may be a tiny part of Somerset to you, but when your home is flooded out it’s your whole fucking world! It’s not a pleasant state and takes years to get over.


    • 116
      Up yours Crow says:

      You gave us Gordon Brown. Answer your question?


    • 123
      Rightwinggit says:

      You voted for him.


  28. 98
    David Wisteria says:

    There should have been a negotiated settlement to this dispute months ago.

    That there has not been is clearly the fault of Ed Milliband and the Labour Party.

    They are responsible for fathers not being able to get home from work tonight to see their children;

    This is the unacceptable face of socialism in the midst of our capital city.


    • 107
      The public says:

      What time is your strike over ticket puncher?


    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      And what will the fathers beaten up by thugs – because nobody works on the Underground – tell there children? If the cuts go ahead, who would want to go down in the tube station – at any time?


  29. 103
    Larry Livingstone says:

    Not one constructive suggestion from Nosejob to sought out this dispute.

    We are lucky that he and the “muttering idiot ” will never wield power over us.


  30. 118
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Has Bob Crow lost a day’s pay today?


  31. 121
    Bob says:

    The Tories hate the Unions, thatcher did try and completely destroy them, after all they are for the PEOPLE WHO WORK HARD…………………
    Tories bosses can’t have it all their own way and have slave labour, with no back up for poor wages and long hours.
    I’m amazed they have not yet opened The Work House for the unemployed, I see a private firm backed by Tories for out of work and made homeless by their vicious cuts, to pay for their bed, and bread and water


    • 133
      Walking home in the rain because of the Tube Strike... says:

      Learn hard, work hard, bring up your children to be well educated, don’t steal, play fair, and the result? A good life with no sleepless nights.


      • 171
        David Cameron says:

        You sound like just the kind of bloke I’d like to tax more. I’ll get right on to that…


    • 176
      2112 says:

      Bloody Hell, Michael Crichton was right: you reallly can re-create dinosaurs from fossilized DNA!


  32. 127
    David Cameron says:

    I’ve decided this afternoon to cover the Somerset Levels with £20 notes for people to walk on


  33. 132
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the surreptitious (and ever so kept quiet) repealing of the treason laws by Blair and his shyster mates were to be found to have been repealed unlawfully and illegally?

    And if so found wouldn’t there possibly be a lot of politicians running for the exit?

    [MP’s]: I didn’t know; I was ignorant of the law and that’s my excuse … please don’t hang me.


  34. 134
    RMT Spokesperson says:

    In this age of digital technology, smartphones, internet-on-the-go, wall-sized touch-screens, and automatic ticket machines, snoozing rude multi-effnic staff lounging in ticket offices and information booths are ever more necessary.

    We have called this strike to reverse these irreversible modern trends, and protect the sinecures of our members – otherwise we’ll lose their subscriptions.


  35. 135
    fredy says:

    Bob just fuck off to Barbados


  36. 137
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    Oh, dear, the money machine gets a little piece of sand in the wheel.

    Go, Unions!

    It’s all a big distraction from what’s going on down in Cornwall, anyway. Bits of England washing into the ocean, that’s all right with Cameron and the Nasty Party. But a strike in the Tube? Horrors!

    (that last was sarcastic


  37. 146
    The LibLabConners are just the same as Bob's Members says:

    Why shouldn’t Bob’s members stay in their sinecures? There are 630 similar thieving idle bastards in the HoC and yet more in the HoL


  38. 154
    C Rook says:

    Hey! Bob-fucking-neck-less-Crow!!! I do so hope you’re reading this!!! You fucking wanker!

    I was a tourist on a one night visit to London last night and when I came out of the theatre, not only were there no tube trains to get me across the other side of London to my hotel, it was pissing with rain, blowing a gale and no-one had a clue what bus route would get us back.

    That also meant that every fucking taxi had its light off!! After one hour, we were soaked through and I was down to begging people on the side of the road to share a taxi.

    And do you know, you bastard, some very kind human being (a state of living with which you are totally, wholly unfamiliar) offered to share their cab and even take us all the way to our destination. That person deserves a medal, you fuck-wit. You deserve the exceedingly good and painful kicking that so many people on the street with us last night would have gladly participated in.
    Why don’t you stay in fucking Rio and get a good dose of melanoma. you bastard!!!

    (You should see me when I’m really pissed off!)


    • 157
      C Rook says:

      OK….forget the melanoma, that’s not really fair. It’s only a matter of time before Mr B.P. or Mr C O’Lestrol to take his course.


      • 173
        The Funeral Director says:

        I understand that 4 million London commuters will attend Bob’s funeral. So that they can piss on his grave.


  39. 162

    This is why New York has the Taylor Law.


  40. 175
    The critic says:

    Yes, a new version of Animal Farm. Red Len = Snowball. Milliband = Squealer.

    Bob Crow has a minor part (ooh matron) The Cat ‘never does any work and is absent for long periods’

    The Labour Party – They show limited understanding of the Animalism and the political atmosphere of the farm, yet nonetheless they blindly support Napoleon’s ideals with vocal jingles during his speeches and meetings with Snowball.

    When will they be writing the seven commandments I wonder?


  41. 178
    thostids says:

    Did you see that useless cretin Smith, Head of the Environment Agency, who promised funds to wards dredging The Levels. Not a penny spent on the job. He’s been nowhere near the floods. Contribution to solving the problem? Nil – too busy going to the Opera with his boyfriend.
    And what of Cameron? Posh-boy plays the gallery at Davos. Somerset levels continue to flood. PMQ recently, he alleges (wrongly) that his Government is spending more this year on dredging than last year. FALSE as usual. Central Government continue to reduce the spend whilst Local Govt. has increased its spend. Obviously, too busy chillaxing and playing computer games.
    Well it seems that the local peasants have had enough. Cobra sends in The Army, and the peasants send them away as they are no use.
    And what about that Ace pustule, the Sec’ of the Environment. Turns up and tells the peasants that he’ll now go away and his minions will have tea and Biccies and let them know in about 6 weeks.
    We all know that this bloody shambles is all down to a complete failure to undertake routine water-course maintenance for many years. It has been predicted and it has happened. It’s too late to burn down Eton College but if this lot of professional politicians are the elite of the School’s product then we really are doomed.


  42. 179
    Anonymous says:

    And I thought that the dinosaurs had died out. Driverless trains NOW. No more being held to ransom by this commie bastard and his overpaid mates.


  43. 180
    Eisenwolf says:

    What wound me up even more with this even though my train journey is not that far given that obviously some of you have had to endure worse I will keep this short was the looped message at Rickmansworth station telling us there would be “intermittent” Metropolitan service from there.

    As far as I could see there was none and it pissed me off immensely that his so called members see fit to add this kind of thing to a message that is effectively telling us that the line is shut down and the only operator running any kind of service was Chiltern Railways. Unfortunately I had to wait and hour and a half for a train from them because the first three where so full that they had to pass the station completely.

    Mr.Crow is in Rio I personally hope he cops it over there due to the morbid fat slob lifestyle he seems to live he is a fucking hypocritical bastard who lives in a council house and is on £130,000 a year salary and he talks his shit up like he was entitled to do so well nice one Mr.Crow I used to actually respect people who worked on the tube but that’s no longer the case they are neutral to me and as for you I want to see that smug look wiped off your face you twat.

    I will love to see what today’s fun trip on the Transport for Nothing will be.


    • 186
      By the way says:

      How could Mr Crow be ANY nastier than the likes of you – a person who hopes that someone might cop it? But, while making a vile attacks a union leader, you don’t mention the right-wing bastards, the bankers or their mates in the City – some of the very people pushing for low wages and public service cuts. Also, you don’t mention how the unemployed and disabled are paying the price for massive bonuses, tax-avoidance, and 45% top rate of tax. Could all the hard-right BS have anything to do with the latest attacks on workers daring to defend their interests?


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Labour insiders turn on Ed over Powell’s latest gaffe:

“When is he going to stop promoting useless people? He was warned about her.”

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