February 5th, 2014

Another Craig Oliver Image Success

Tory MPs first clocked something was  up when Rachel Reeves almost sat on Ed Balls’ knee to try and squeeze into shot on the Labour front-bench, along with Harman and Caroline “window dressing” Flint. A nice distraction trick for Ed to point out Cameron’s woman problem, but can only really be used once. Still, it’s not like the Downing Street director of communications has a background in TV management or anything…

Pic via @suttonnick


  1. 1
  2. 3
    Ed Milliband says:

    Don’th worry abouth the quality feel the withdth of thesth girls


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    They are still gutted they still have never had a woman PM and for all Millibands bluster the unions will never ever allow it to happen


  4. 5
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Dave should have asked Miliband why, when there are more women in work than men today, are all the Trades Union leaders all men. Isn’t it time we saw equality in the workplace and for Bob Crowe,Serwotka and Len McCluskey to step down and make way for female Trade Union leaders.


  5. 6
    Stella Ceasy says:

    Why won’t they pick me? It’s not fair. I am fair. I am blonde.

    Oh please pick me.

    Me me me me me me me me mE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


    • 27
      Emily Fivebellies says:

      I am the next leader. MEMEMEMEMEMEME!


    • 77
      Calm Down, Dear says:

      Stella, as an honest, highly respected and very intelligent woman you must surely realise that you are not representative of Labour’s female MPs.


      • 79
        The Deeply Corrupted Labour Party in Waltham Forest says:


        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        You really have fallen for it, hook line and sinker.


  6. 7
    Di Abbopotamus says:

    Why wasn’t I given a place on the front bench to show how many prominent women we have in the party?


    • 20
      Ed Milliband says:

      I was trying to make the point we have lots of women in our party not just one with a big arse.


      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        They would also have to make some structural widening changes to the Labour front bench which would put her knees somewhere near the middle of the mace


    • 90
      Nigel Farage doppelganger says:

      Don’t forg the multi racial card to boot


  7. 8
    Peter Martin says:

    Speaking of anger and disappointment, Mr. M’s Eton vs. Roadean Graun-pleasing diversity over competence number-juggling went really well otherwise, I gather?


  8. 9
    And Ed's point is? says:

    Labours MPs are all a bunch of old women.


  9. 11
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Women showing up on the front bench is not a real political issue.

    Does Dave have a Baldrick like plan to resurrect the Parrot ?

    No – but Nigel does ;-)


  10. 12
    Diane Abbot, inviting answers says:

    Why wasn’t there room for me?


  11. 14
    Angela Eagle says:

    What about us hermaphrodites?


  12. 15
    High Dudgeon says:

    Why should some Downing Street berk decide the seating arrangement of parliament?

    Labour lecturing on gender politics is daring. The party of union bullies has just stitched up a female candidate in Falkirk.


  13. 16
    Anonymous says:

    I, like the rest of the nation, would rather have competent Ministers – of either gender and none – rather than the incompetent idiots who were so highly paid at taxpayer’s expense from 1997 to 2010.

    Quality of Ministers is what matters, not their gender: I’d rather have 24 competent men as Ministers than 1, 2, 3, …23, 24 Incompetent females in those same positions.

    Quite what Mrs Dromey’s obsession with forcing women into taxpaying jobs rather than doing their maternal duty by their family is, I cannot imagine.



    • 37
      was it something I said? says:

      In all fairness, compared to the rank incompetence of most Labour MPs (see 1997 – 2010 for details) you could select 650 random women off the streets, lunatic asylums or care homes for ladies with dementia and they couldn’t possibly be any more incompetent than the last Labour government.

      The problem is that they don’t go to the streets, lunatic asylums and care homes. They pick from an even more incompetent pool. Women (and men) who have been indoctrinated into the Labour party. Unthinking, unprincipled and, outside a safe-seat, unelectable.


      • 82
        Village Idiot says:

        ….One of the things that confuses me (doesn’t take much.) and seems a shame,is the fact that a lot of these politicians and others,have had the good fortune of a university education,ending up with degrees.When it seemed there were only two uni’s of note, Ox an Camb, anyone who had attended and achieved were highly thought of,but,given the appalling decisions and errors committed by these educated people,it has diluted greatly any admiration once held,which is a sad and dangerous state of affairs! ..Recent history supports this!
        I am not anti uni,but wish it could produce pupils of worth,instead of the diluted wannabes that have gone before,and still exist in the top echelons of power!


    • 44
      Buzz Lightyear says:

      Quite so, although your end date should be infinity rather than 2010.


  14. 18
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Dave is going to get the South West issues sorted out, only because he is not keen on P’rince C’harles kicking his arse around St James’s Park again…


  15. 19
    Fuck Labour says:

    Cameron missed an open goal by not mentioning the all women shortlist that Jack Dromey came top in.


  16. 21
    Anonymous says:

    I, like the rest of the nation, would rather have competent Ministers – of either gender and none – rather than the incompetent idiots who were so highly paid at taxpayer’s expense from 1997 to 2010.

    Quality of Ministers is what matters, not their gender: I’d rather have 24 competent men as Ministers than 1, 2, 3, …23, 24 Incompetent females in those same positions.

    Quite what Mrs Dromey’s obsession with forcing women into taxpaying jobs rather than doing their maternal duty by their family is, I cannot imagine.

    allfemaleshortlists, MrDromey?


  17. 22
    UKIP or bust says:

    Lie bore are getting worried that the women voters think Goofey Ed, is not a man, so . . .


  18. 26
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Neds front bench isn’t full of perverts and gayers though. Well not as much as mine.


  19. 30
    altruism in industry says:

    there’s hardly anybody living on the levels apart from the odd hippy


  20. 32
    Persona non grata says:

    There’s life outside of the EU.


  21. 33
    Close parliament down says:

    Another week passes and PMQs passes with but a whimper.


  22. 34
    cherie blair says:

    Check out the so called Labour womwn either worked in social services,the Labour Party or the the Trades Unions they are so far removed ordinary women as the could be,more Labour crap.


    • 55
      Anonymous says:

      There has only been one woman from the Labour side I admired and that was Barbera Castle. Disliked her politics but you knew precisely where you were with her and she took no bullshit from anyone.

      She would loathe these chances at the top of labour now.


  23. 38
    Nemesis says:

    Must say that Mrs Balls was exposing a very nice pair of legs.


  24. 43
    Proftastic says:

    Is this all labour has to offer? Gimmicks to please the average retarded activist?

    This is Harriet trying to justify her presence (she would say right) on the front bench, by building feminist battlements against future reshuffles.

    After this latest campaign she will revert to her natural state: doing fuck all.
    We have seen it all before.


    • 51
      Hit and run - you know where to find me says:

      I made some structural changes to transport when in office.


    • 53
      was it something I said? says:

      Harriet at least had the sense not to challenge for the leadership. She knew that the best she could hope for was as window-dressing deputy-leader and she had no chance against Dave Miliband. By sticking to her job she made sure she got another 5 years of double pay.


  25. 46
    Still my favourite PMQs moment says:


  26. 54
    altruism in industry says:

    It’s a dangerous game isn’t it pissing off Russia ?
    I think things have changed recently, the world feels like a different place.


    • 68
      altruism in industry says:

      this liberal, anything is permissible misunderstanding of the nature of the human will lead inevitably to disaster. A true King needs to emerge who will put things in order and instigate an education of the new generation with proper values.


  27. 56
    Little John Is no Longer Neutral says:


  28. 57
    Ed Moribund says:

    Last week I warned the Prime Minister about global warming.
    This week its raining.

    He has done nothing!


  29. 58
    cherie blair says:

    First we had Gorbals Mich who couldnt string two words together in a coherent sentence and presided over and encouraged one of the biggest public frauds of all time,now this Bercow charachter whose wife has brought shame and ridicule on one of the most prestigious post in British public life.Is it any wonder the public so despise politicians?


    • 63
      was it something I said? says:

      Bercow was Labour’s ‘fuck you’ after their own shambolically partisan sp*ea*ker had to go for sanctioning the arrest of an opposition MP in the HoP on the most spurious grounds in history.

      They picked the most lefty of T*ry MPs with a wife who has stood as a Labour councillor just to remind the T*ries who had a majority and who could do what the fuck they liked just as they had for the previous 10 or so years.

      It simply isn’t possible to exaggerate how wicked and malicious the Blair/Brown years were.


    • 85
      Mandleson says:

      ..Gorbels Mick seemed to be squirrelled away before anyone noticed,and seems to have escaped any public scrutiny,unless I missed it!..Or , maybe there was no need for scrutiny,….nudge..nudge…..


  30. 60
    Patrick Power says:

    Speaker John, and Sally Bercow 11/2 to announce official parting of the ways before General Election-he’s 20/1 to quit role by then.


  31. 70
    altruism in industry says:

    there was some thing a few years ago where it was apparently discovered that nerve cells produced nitrous oxide in order to communicate with adjacent nerve cells. I was quite interested in that because it would explain how you can have a nuance of an idea, a receiver can get a little clue as to what is going on but as a cloud of information diminishing mathematically the further from the release of the gas, I do not know what happened to this concept.


  32. 71
    Fish says:

    Outstandingly stage-managed by Ed’s team today, something that would surely have impressed the boys back in Moscow and Pyongyang.

    It takes you back to the heady days of 1997 when the adoring British public were allowed into Downing Street to see St Tony of Bagdhad anointed (only to discover they were party members bussed in for the occasion).

    I do wonder though whether the aforementioned Bercow was in on the theatre – the majority of Labour members called were of course women (even more if you count Jacqueline Dromey), but of the ten Tories he called, only two were female, despite, by my reckoning at least eight separate female Tory MPs attempting to catch his eye.


  33. 73
    P l e b says:

    Here we go again with Cameron not answering any questions and instead giving a party political broadcast
    Does he not realise the public want answers to the questions not point scoring.
    the speaker should intervene to stop Cameron wasting public time with his pathetic answers.

    He spends four times the time not answering the question


  34. 75
    The Colonel says:

    Am I the only person who would pay a large amount to any charity to be allowed to bend Ed Milibands bloody forefinger rapidly in a backwards direction.


  35. 76
    Anonymous says:

    So labour put all their women on the front bench for the cameras, the Tories have been placing any old Etonian or those with previous fagging experience on theirs since Dave oozed his way up.


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