February 4th, 2014

New Photo Emerges of Sally and ‘Friend of Dromey’


  1. 1
    Robert says:

    Question is after this will she ever go back?

  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    Is Mustang Sally fussed who she is straddling?

  3. 3
    WelshRacer says:

    It’s not Chuka Harrison Umunna is it?

  4. 4
    Talwin says:

    That is one classy lady.

  5. 5
    Little Johnny B13COW says:

    Picture of a champagne socialist.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    to being classy? doubt it ….hahaha

  7. 7
    Itchy Scrote says:

    Racist prick.

  8. 8

    Great guy got three knees, blue, green and brownish!

  9. 9
    Sir Tony Robinson says:

    It’s a H&S Inspector making sure she doesn’t slide off that slippery chair-arm.

  10. 10
    Jordan says:

    This woman is bringing us cheap slappers into disrepute – init!

  11. 11
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Does Bercow have a beard?

  12. 12
    Jimmy says:

    2014 and still nothing excites righties quite like the idea of black hands on a white female.

  13. 13
    JMF says:

    To be honest I don’t really blame her, being married to Bercow is enough to drive anyone over the edge.

  14. 14
    A Wounded Badger says:

    Judging by that green thing between her legs…it could be an Alien.

  15. 15
    Sparafucile says:

    Addled, straddled and paddled

  16. 16
    Paddy Doherty says:

    Ah, bejezus that’s a nice tan I’ve got

  17. 17
    A Fan says:

    She’s a game girl and I like her more and more. No cameras round my place Sally!

  18. 18
    Moley says:

    Obviously the incredible Hulk. The Green leg is a give away.

    Where is the other denim leg?

  19. 19
    One of Chukka's £2,500 tailor-made suits says:

    No. Chukka wouldn’t wear jeans.

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Legs astride. That’s an unusual position for her

  21. 21
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    …who happens to be the Speaker’s media-crazed wife.

  22. 22
    Scandal. Maybe. says:

    .. or the wife of the highly esteemed Speaker being happily groped.

  23. 23
    Selohesra says:

    Piddled, fiddled & riddled

  24. 24
    broderick crawford says:

    I must say I do appreciate the upholstery . Ve ry upmarket .

    All best leather Chesterfield armchairs and sofas .

    Very pricey Chesterfields these days . Around £1500 an item for the real mc coy . That s why I can t afford them and make do with Velour !!

    Jess Sayin ‘

  25. 25
    Dr Julian Lewis says:

    Pissed in day light during winter?

  26. 26
    Centre Parting says:

    Can you prove his prick is racist?

  27. 27
    Pete Grunshaw says:

    If she sat on Bercow’s lap he’d be squashed alive

  28. 28
    Sally's legs says:

    We never close.

  29. 29
    broderick crawford says:

    Is that really our Sal ?

    She actually looks pretty in profile . Has she had a nose job ?

  30. 30
    retardEd Miliband says:

    Ath thith photo clearly illuthtwateth, under thith Tory-lead govewment there are not enough theatth to thit on. Thith ith a lack of theating cwy-thith.

  31. 31
    Jimmy says:

    It will no doubt come as a shock to the mummy’s boys here unfamiliar with the mechanics but the couple in the picture doesn’t appear to be doing anything. Perhaps a Guido series on where babies come from?

  32. 32
    Sir William Wayde says:

    How do you know it’s a man?

  33. 33
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    Say what the fuck you want Jimmy.

    That tired, dog eared race-card just won’t work any more – even when perhaps it should.

    You’ve abused it, and now there will be consequences.

  34. 34
    All socialists are scum says:

    The Squeaker’s slapper.

  35. 35
    broderick crawford says:


    Anyway Sir , we can confirm that Mr Umunna ” dresses” on his left .

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Bringing into Disrepute surely that happened years ago

  37. 37
    Bricktop says:

    Its a woman FFS !! Check out the hands, bangles & beads & rings & tings.

  38. 38
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    And a Labour loving socialist to boot. Or should that be old boot.

  39. 39
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ummuna doesn’t do trash.

  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    You sad sad sad little man

  41. 41
    broderick crawford says:

    are you referring to the female or male of the gender ?

  42. 42
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:

    All very innocent looking.

  43. 43
    Bilda Berger says:

    That green thing isn’t his knee …

  44. 44
    Pricky Vyce says:

    One of Huhne’s crabs ?

  45. 45
    Private Member says:

    So we have to pay for this woman’s existence to live in the Palace of Westminster, gain public attention from being a slapper whore and set a ghastly example to Britain’s youth, just in order for you to be able to feel a right on bro? Got it?

  46. 46
    Bilda Berger says:

    Jimmy has just been pwned.

  47. 47
    Have you ever seen Sol Campbell with a bird? says:

    He’s big, he’s black, she takes it up the crack.

  48. 48
    Robert says:

    Connecting with Labour’s core voters

  49. 49
    broderick crawford says:

    a bit lije eddie sphericals paramours if he ever took anyone in the missionary position .

  50. 50
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Sally Bercow is taking the piss out of her husband, and also taking the piss out of the tax payer. John Bercow must resign as speaker. Time for Bercow’s constituency to deselect him as their MP.

  51. 51
    Jabba Le Chat says:

  52. 52
    Have you ever seen Sol Campbell with a bird? says:

    You obviously have a lot to learn about the fashion sense of our negro compatriots.

  53. 53
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Ed Miliband has taken the historic step of still taking the unions money, hence still taking orders from the unions.

  54. 54
    Jack "Utter Twat" Harperson says:

    MMMM lucky lady, could go for some of that.


    I mean I was searching for a big black cock holiday and accidentally clicked the wrong button.

  55. 55
    Sir William Wayde says:

    You’re quite right, old bean. As Lady Wayde would say, “Chikomekome cha mkuyu, mkati muli nyerere”, which pretty well sums it up.

  56. 56
    Stoobie says:

    One of the Eagle Sisters? Looks blokish enough

  57. 57
    broderick crawford says:

    ” the handbags and the gladrags that your hubby had to sweat
    so you could buy “

  58. 58
    Scandal. Maybe. says:

    Looks like a prelude to a fuck to me, mate.

    Certainly, if she was my wife, whoever she’s sitting on would be spitting his remaining teeth on the floor of an ambulance. If he was lucky.

  59. 59
    Have you ever seen Sol Campbell with a bird? says:

    You should respect a woman’s right to choose.

    Especially if she’s choosing ten inches of throbbing black cock.

  60. 60
    A Man From Slough says:


    This isn’t a party political matter. I guess you’re probably unmarried. If my wife was photographed sitting on some other man’s lap I’d want an explanation.

    If I were the Speaker, and therefore the person who is supposed to embody the dignity of the House of Commons, I’d be bloody furious that her behaviour was bringing the role into disrepute.

    See? It’s neither right nor left: it’s about the trust a couple have for each other and the public perception of members of the HoC.

  61. 61
    broderick crawford says:

    Is that a white glove she s wearing on her left hand ? no ?

    goodness what has she been up to ??

  62. 62
    Paddy the Pikey says:

    Wait till I get my hands on that twat!

  63. 63
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Shoddy journalism… it may not be what it looks like.

  64. 64
    Pox doctor's clerk says:

    What is this man thinking of? He’s no idea where she has been and is at risk of catching something nasty.

  65. 65
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Chukka doesn’t do women up the back passage.

  66. 66
    Lord Smith of Much-Wanking-on-the-Heath says:

    How did all this water get here?

  67. 67
    Slutty Sally Swinger says:

    Our marriage arrangements suit my bank balance just fine thank you. If you deselect my little Johnikins I’ll be forced to trade him in. Is Lembit still an MP?

  68. 68
    Scandal. Maybe. says:

    He’s already caught something nasty. Slutty Sally.

  69. 69
    Jimmy says:

    “I guess you’re probably unmarried.”

    Funny that was my guess about most of you.

    “This isn’t a party political matter.”

    I never suggested it was.

  70. 70
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:

    Tell me about it.

  71. 71
    Jimmy says:

    As would she no doubt.

  72. 72
    Scottish Chav says:

    Give me an S
    Give me an L
    Give me an U
    Give me a T
    Whats that spell … ? Sally Kate Bercow!**

    **(it does if you went to comprehensive during the labour dumbing down years)

  73. 73
    Hoddy says:

    I love you John,
    Honest I do…………we have known each other for 24 years and been married 11 and you are the most important man in my life.
    nasty sun newspaper………..no kissing a BBC is totally ok and as for straddling 1 it is equally as fine !!!!!!!!

  74. 74

    Caption contest?

    Concealed figure
    “if I release the grip on my left hand, I have with my right, my fingers will slip down into her damp little crotch. I hope there’s soap in the toilets”

  75. 75
    bogtrott says:

    my moneys on chucka or bubba

  76. 76
    cured lefty says:

    jimmy you really are of no consequence here your just entertainment

  77. 77
    Jimmy says:

    Order order: you’ll come for the racism, you’ll stay for the misogyny.

  78. 78
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Open goal and Jimmy blew it.

  79. 79
    a voter says:

    No he saves that for his constituents.

  80. 80
    Dan Hodges says:

    Look .. I’m not saying Blair was right to go to war. I’m just saying that when he did, most of the time, he won.

    He could whip that cowardly Miliband’s ass in a fight.

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    Never ceases to amaze me that Jimmy says it does not look like theyare doing anything
    Oh do piss off
    This is the speakers wife and whether she is or is not she does not act in this way
    No wonder labour drove us into the ground

    I wonder if that dickhead jimmy would take the same view if the speakers wife was married to a Tory
    Jimmy > hypocritical left wing twat

  82. 82
    black man dem ting says:

    The homophobia is nice this time of year too.

  83. 83
    jimbooo says:

    Except your first point was to erroneously try to make a point about “righties”. I do have sympathy for you though Jimmy, given the left gave us Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung you must spend the rest of your life thrashing round trying to say something bad about conservatives.

  84. 84
    Have you ever seen Sol Campbell with a bird? says:

  85. 85
    Jimmy says:

    “if the speakers wife was married to a Tory”

    Ah bless

  86. 86
    Captain Jack Dromey says:

    Be honest though Jimmy. Even though she’s as red as they come, you wouldn’t, would you?

    And neither would any but the most foolhardy, depraved or already infected from this site.

  87. 87
    Libertie(s) says:

    How are the Crabs Chris? Has Carla had them too

  88. 88
    Jimmy says:

    I never said anything about “righties”, you backwards types need to realise it’s 2013 now.

  89. 89
    Ted Lowe says:

    Polishing some balls on the billiard table.

  90. 90
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    I actually feel sorry for Mr Bercow.

    And the black guy.

  91. 91
    Jimmy says:

    Mr. Bercow is a very lucky man.

  92. 92
    jibbajabba says:

    Every time any argument starts with “In 2014….” in a pretence of moral outrage you know you’re dealing with a twat. And Jimmy rather proves it. The left has brought starvation, war, socialism and indeed lots of racialism – but for the left we would have remained a white country without any racial tensions or lives blighted by prejudice. Yet the left want to keep making the problem worse and their only response to being called out is to play the race card. To describe Jimmy and his type as intellectual midgets is an insult to midgets. Good to see him so thoroughly owned on this site.

  93. 93
    Maggie's Thatch says:

    Anyone could beat jelly Milly.
    But could Blair take me on? Lets see how long those super smilers stay in his gums, The champagne socialist posh boy.

  94. 94
    Sue Denim says:

    But he doesn’t pwn a calendar. It’s now 2014.

  95. 95
    Jimmy disagrees with what he ought to hate. says:

    Picture of room … UK Swingers(?) invitation only. Or other exclusive London Club. Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. . Exclusive. No oinks …. Jimmys.

  96. 96
    White Dee says:

    I knar wha she is dun wrong! She forgot to get half a dozen sprogs out her womb to make a life on bennies! Silly cow!

    PS – Vote Labour.

  97. 97
    Rev. Flowers says:

    Carrying one’s self with decorum is only for the little people. Booze, fags, drugs, sex, fraud, you name it we’re rolling round in it like an Oaten in shit. You rubes can only dream of freedom like this. Now get back to work and stop smoking in your cars you dirty selfish oiks.

  98. 98
    David Cameron says:


  99. 99
    Sunny Jim says:

    “All you want to do is ride around, Sally…
    Ride, Sally, ride…”

    Bloody earworm…

  100. 100
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    I almost feel sorry for Jimmy.

    And the patronised black guy.

  101. 101
    Bob Crow says:


  102. 102
    Sue Brown says:

    Come on Guido! There is a hidden agenda here! Have the courage and inform us to what that hidden agenda is! Fooling no one!

  103. 103
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    Said the saddo who lives on this site.

  104. 104
    He's big, he's black, he takes it up the crack says:

    That’s not the only slippery thing she won’t be sliding off.

  105. 105
    Sally Barecow says:

    My Husband and I have a special relationship. Its like the one the Yanks have with us.

    I’m like Obama. I can do anything with anyone I choose.
    And John is like Cameron. He gets to either join in, watch or shut up about anything I want to do.

  106. 106
    Crabina Trimingham says:

    We’re waiting for the 2015 Election and the Lib-Crab pact.

  107. 107
    A pretty straight kind of guy says:

    Hallelujah brother.

  108. 108
    Helpful says:

    So who was it in a “private gathering” where she felt she could relax betrayed her by supplying the photos. Perhaps she is not liked by even her own side?

  109. 109
    Ed Moribund says:

    These strikes are wrong at a time when talks are still going on. We need to blah blah blah..

  110. 110
    Grope watch says:

    Which arms are Sal’s?

  111. 111
    Herald Ree says:

    Is it the speaker’s new coat of arms?

  112. 112
    Dill Doe says:

    She found the Golden rivet then.

  113. 113
    Ed Moribund says:


  114. 114
    S.Bercow says:

    Party like its 1972 Bob, you’re getting a fat salary for it.

    PS I have big hands *hump-a-chesterfield face*

  115. 115
    Black Rod says:

    It wasn’t me.

  116. 116
    Ed Moribund says:

    What is a spliff anyway? Is it some sort of zip?

  117. 117
    Chris Huhne says:

    I hope he likes Crab.

  118. 118
    Whose idea was that? It was Sue I think. says:

    10/10 for use of exclamation marks!

    You do realise that the thing about hidden agendas is that they have to stay hidden?

  119. 119
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Or even like Militwat and the unions….You’re like the Unions and do what you like, and Militwat does whatever they tell him.

  120. 120
    Anonymous says:

    And you wonder why most of the British public think ALL
    parliamentarians are scum and in it just for the money. Wouldn’t be wrong by a mile would they!

  121. 121
    Santiago says:

    Nor me

  122. 122
    Sally "no time for work" Bercow says:

    She has had a change of clothing. No wig or not dyed.
    Different day. Same man?
    Picture above, is she wearing marriage ring?
    The women to the right same material/coloured trousers? Coincidence. Entry rules? Dress code?

  123. 123
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    gottle o’gear.

  124. 124
    You haven't though that through Jimmy says:

    Whatever floats your boat.

  125. 125
    Benefit of the doubt says:


    Many women have had the experience of innocently sitting in the lap of a large gentleman whilst p!ssed.

    Happens all the time.

    That is the Handycock defence.

  126. 126
    What can she possibly be thinking of? says:

  127. 127
    moderate me would you? says:

    How’s the punchy pikey going to take this news?

  128. 128
    Podiceps says:

    You can call Sally all kinds of things, but ‘parliamentarian’ isn’t one of them.

  129. 129
    Context says:

    And tomorrow, Mrs Bercow will be explaining that the context of the compromising pictures of her with a large dancing bear were nothing more than a Children’s in Need fund raiser that got a little out of control after she cracked open the Strongbow…

  130. 130
    David Cameron, call me loser if you want says:

    Anyone ?

  131. 131

    Ovulation, Ovulation, Ovulation.

  132. 132

    Good Lord! Are you on your estrous cycle, Jimmy?

  133. 133
    Bill Quango MP/5 says:

    Is that something green between her legs?

  134. 134
    Ctesibius says:

    Could it be that the gentlemn concealed behind her rear is none other than John Bercow, MP? The fact that his head is not visible above the throng suggests that it might be?

  135. 135
    White Dee of Benefits St. says:

    Clearly she likes the old jerk pork sword.

  136. 136
    Barry Island says:

    Record numbers of children pushed into poverty, bread line wages and below breadline benefits, record homelessness, essential social care services withdrawn from the most vulnerable, and idiot Gove turning our education system into a propaganda machine to churn out Tories and try and secure the Thousand Year Neoliberal empire. Its a fight to the death between compassion and greed, a decent life for all and destitution.

  137. 137
    high plains drifter says:

    Jimmy is very relaxed about black guys (or white come to that) snogging his missus whilst she’s pissed; does wonders for his street cred.

  138. 138
    Ah! Zoom in says:

    ..and the nails seem to be painted…..hairy arms…..and Sally seems to have hairy rms.

    Fishy to me.

  139. 139
    Ah! nice says:

    Triples then.

  140. 140
    For Sally says:

  141. 141
    RomaBob.... Buy Beeg Issue! says:

    A Great Dane?
    or even an Afghan Hound?

  142. 142
    Google Maps Street search says:

    Any taxi driver recognize the street? Walking distance of Parliament. Google maps street search.

  143. 143
    RomaBob.... Buy Beeg Issue! says:

    That is f*cking disgusting ! WTF is the modbot when you need it…… Jack must be sooooo jealous!

  144. 144
    Nworb Nodrog says:

    you backwards types need to realise it’s 2013 now.
    Errrrr, and its still Christmas (:^)

  145. 145
    Sally's counterpart says:

  146. 146
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Why don’t the Tory constituency of Buckingham deselect Bercow, and at one go get rid of the worst Speaker parliament has had in living memory and at the same time rid us all of this disgraceful women?

  147. 147
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    The easy pink or the tight brown?

  148. 148
    13 years of Labour edukashun says:

    “I never said anything about “righties”, you backwards types need to realise it’s 2013 now.”

    2014 actually, which is very helpfully displayed above your comment.

  149. 149
    Ed millichump's former classmates says:

    It’s what the cool kids wouldn’t pass to you at the parties you weren’t invited to.

  150. 150
    A tidy street where? says:

    A street in London? Taxi driver any idea. Street view on maps?

  151. 151
    White Dee of Benefits St. says:

    Another public enquiry? Sikhs are calling for an enquiry in the SAS involvement in the storming of the Golden Temple.Why dont we just up a permanent Board Of Enquiry we can look at our involvement into the slave trade,the relief of Mafeking,WW1WW2 etc only in Britain ffs

  152. 152
    Jethro says:

    …cuddled, puddled, and fuddled.

  153. 153
    faggotsnpeas says:

    I say, that’s a very ornate ring.

  154. 154
    Peter Grimes says:

    So it’s after penetration, is it?

    Big boy, but I bet Mustang Sally can ride it!

  155. 155

    Is it a three line whip?

  156. 156
    Russell Hobbs says:

    If the crown agent sisters want to silence me they could send Mrs Bercow round to wear me out.

    I love clapped-out old posh tarts

  157. 157
    Cinna says:

    Worst Speaker? What about Gorbals Mick?

  158. 158
    Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrane says:

    Is you some kind of commie. Boy?

  159. 159

    Incredible colour. He must have been on the tanning machine for days…

  160. 160
    Anonymous says:

    The poison dwarf can very easily be confused with a Labour loon to be fair.

  161. 161
    Norman the first says:

    I should apologise for the massacre of the Anglo Saxons.
    But they were white. And wore blue colours. So no one cares what happened to them.

  162. 162
    Heightist bastard says:

    John Bercow is 5′ 6″ tall.
    Sally Bercow is 5′ 11″ tall.

  163. 163
    Cinna says:

    Then if you have nothing pertinent to add.

  164. 164
    Ah! agree says:

    Can’t somebody tweet Neo or Guido?

  165. 165
    Libertie(s) says:

    Can I buy her trousers?

  166. 166
    Tincturist bastard says:

    Khaki rugrats in Big Ben?

  167. 167
    Libertie(s) says:

    I doubt Sally is that good looking

  168. 168
    Big bad John says:

    PMQs tomorrow. I feel unwell.
    Anyone fancy standing I for me? It’s easy. Just say Aiiiiirrrrrrrrrrddd Milllllllllliiiiiiiibbbaaaaarrrrrnnnnnnn

    Piece of piss.

  169. 169
    Jack Dromedary says:

    This needs censorship? Photoshop out that disgusting woman.

  170. 170
    Cinna says:

    Unusual position? With her legs wide open you mean?

  171. 171
    Cinna says:

    Funnily enough, that was my first thought.

  172. 172
    Alan Sex bastard says:

    How long did you watch it for?

  173. 173
  174. 174
    Wanker From Slough says:

    You lying fucker, Jimmy called you all out perfectly here, it is about a white woman (albeit a white woman with a clunge on her like a windsock) being done by “one of them”. Don’t get me wrong I got nothing against any of them, I used to watch John Barnes and I own a couple of Terence Trent Darby albums. But you know, when they start brown holing our women then something needs to be done.

  175. 175
    Lord Stansted says:

    He’s probably a BBC news editor.

  176. 176
    Keitho says:

    And yet black women love white guys. Go figure.

  177. 177
    Karen Karen Caren says:


    You big fucking tard.

  178. 178
    Anonymous says:

    Slapaz r us.

  179. 179
    Ctesibius says:

    Could it be Peter Haine?

  180. 180
    Adolph says:

    I always listen when a German starts talking about a threat to peace

  181. 181
    The Descent of Man says:

    Sex pheromones trump monster cocks every time. Fucking good thing too! :-)

  182. 182
    Adolph says:


    Mate seek help. Terence Trent Darby, how could you?

  183. 183
    Toby Young's Ugly, Bullied Children says:

    Why are you so obsessed with big black c0ck? Your user name suggests you are fantasizing about one of you sporting heroes, every comment you have made seems to suggest you are constantly thinking about a huge, throbbing, glistening dark member. You are imagining how it will feel inside of you, the texture on your lips and tongue, the salty taste as it forces its way to the back of your throat. You feel yourself loosening as you gag, your nuts tighten as you imaging the head breaking through your relaxed arsehole. Don’t even fucking deny that you are rock hard right now.

  184. 184

    Given the motivational factors which combine to form Mrs Bercow’s traditional life decision processes, one is inclined to the conclusion that he would not measure up to this occasion.

    Also, to employ the wrong reasoning here might be referred to as a phallusy.

  185. 185
    break in g. says:

    breaking ne ws.

  186. 186
    Ve Churmans are not a varlike people... says:

    …but if you Inglenders vote UKIP ve vill be forced to take Aktion.

  187. 187
    John Profumo says:

    My life was ruined because my eye wandered to a tidy piece of arse in 60s London. I didn’t parade my unfaithful whore of a wife in the papers. I didn’t give my wife an STD I got having gay sex before having her lie for me to the police and then dumping her for a lesbian. I didn’t lurk in the House of Commons bar looking for young men, or grope female candidates, or pick up schoolgirls, or molest kids with Jimmy Savile or Stuart Hall, or go to cottaging spots on the motorway, or pretend to be dating hot female Labour MPs when everyone knows I take it up the bum. I was also a war hero and dedicated most of my life to charity.

    They should change the film’s name from Scandal to Actually One Of The More Decent Ones.

  188. 188
    The Labour Party says:

    Cameron must also apologise to Germany and the brave German people.

    For 6 grueling years, brave hardworking Germans had to work in munitions factories, making bombs to drop of Britain in WW2.

    Had the Tory-led government of the day accepted the domination of Europe by the brave German army, those brave German workers (who were exploited because of the Tories) would have had pleasant happy lives.

    When will Cameron accept responsibility for this crime, when will he apologise, and – most importantly of all – when will he resign?

  189. 189
    carlo gambino says:

    Certainly, if she was my wife, whoever she’s sitting on would be spitting his remaining teeth on the floor of an ambulance. If he was lucky.

    Unless he was black and six foot three.

  190. 190
    la loo la says:

    after ice cream for the forces.
    all pray for the dessert.
    your cat
    meera cat,

    all merri,

  191. 191
    White Dee of Benefits St. says:

    I am just about to sit down for dinner Iwas going to have scallops and black pudding,I think I might just stick with scallops.

  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    Except that’s a bit difficult in Handycock’s case, as they’re probably in a wheelchair.

  193. 193

    Sally has only slept with one man, her husband.

    All the others kept her awake.

  194. 194
    P1ssed as a f@rt says:

    ‘Ere, this chair feels lumpy.

  195. 195
    Rt. Hon. (!) David Laws MP, stealer of £40K but somehow not rotting in prison, says:

    You wouldn’t have even been selected today.

    Only the lowest of the low make into Parliament now.

  196. 196
    White Dee of Benefits St. says:


  197. 197
    DavidBailey says:

    If the much more XXX photos doing the rounds a few years ago are anything to go by, then she isn’t fussed at all. I wonder what happened to those JPEGS?

  198. 198
    Fish says:

    Child’s six inch step stool, £7.95 (also available in black). Job Done

  199. 199
    Slutty Sally says:

    That is like so not true!

    I only like slept with other men because like they were going to like buy me beer. And then when they like banged me, I like rushed out and found another man who would like buy me beer, too. It’s like private enterprise innit?

    So like it’s not like they kept me awake, but like I had to like get to the Offy to like get more beer like.

    John does like bore me though because he’s like very small like.

  200. 200
    Bob says:

    Sally went home with 2 doormen mates of mine from turn mills in the 90s and knackerrd them both out, they ended up doing her with an empty bottle of Smirnoff. She like being slapped and spat on, who in hell marries this kind of woman? All these antics represent resumption of normal service.

  201. 201
    Ctesibius says:

    You are right, cat. More likely an introduction from that nice Mr. Dromey.

  202. 202
    Will the Conq says:

    They said they had come from Stamford Bridge so we did them. F*cking Chelsea scum.

  203. 203
    The British media are cunts says:

    Yet more lefty bollocks from Channel 4 news over Syria. They ran some film that they claimed showed the Assad Government bombing Aleppo, yet the film came from the Jihadists themselves with no independent verification, something Channel 4 news failed to point out.

    Additionally, Channel 4 news also claimed that Aleppo had been bombed from air by a barrel bomb, even though none of the video showed that and these barrel bombs would NOT reduce a building to rubble as the so called video evidence showed. Anyone with any knowledge of explosives could tell you that.

    Channel 4 news then showed a clip of a helicopter dropping a barrel bomb again NOT from the jihadists website but just some random footage.

    If proof were ever needed that the British media really are cuunts this is it. They are also out and out liars. They claimed that it’s so dangerous now that independent reporters can’t operate in Syria, yet turn over to RT news and you see their journalists travelling around Syria all the time in both Government and Jihadists areas.

  204. 204
    Open All Hours says:

    Sally’s spoken to the Evening Standard and basically implied they have an open marriage. She says she likes to go out and have fun and that not all marriages are the same but theirs works for them.

    I have a feeling it’s only Sally who gets to make use of it being an open marriage. John just sits at home waiting up for her with his cock in one hand and a kleenex in the other.

  205. 205
    Pots of gold on Englands streets free for anyone with a grudge says:

    Sackcloth and ashes time, the wholesalers of these materials must be making a fortune from these lunatic politicians or could that be the lawyers who are conniving to to bring in these unneeded inquiries..

  206. 206
    Ed "Schools must not produce winners" Balls says:

    Yeah, to be fair, Labour did kind of wreck the education system.

    And the nation’s finances.

    And we did increase the gap between rich and poor.

    And we flooded the country with four million immigrants so now you find it hard to get a job with a decent wage, or a home that you can afford.

    And we covered up the mass slaughter taking place in NHS hospitals.

    And we lied and started an illegal war that killed half a million men, women and children.

    But, yeah, apart from all that, we’re better than the Tories.

  207. 207
    . says:

    pizzazz says houston calling.
    ice cream says
    the life of pi.

    nirula, cannaught place, delhi – the new house.

  208. 208
    Living off the public tit says:

    Sally last seen “celeb nightclub Number Five Cavendish Square”. Far enough away from London’s riff-raff.

  209. 209
    frazer says:

    For Sally its a straight choice between Bercow’s chipolata or a 15 inch black pudding.

  210. 210
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Er, I don’t wake up for her. The more she’s out banging anything that moves, the less I see of her.

    Fuck yeah!

  211. 211
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Wait, not wake. And also, when she’s out and about, she’s not sozzling her way through my whisky collection.

    Fuck yeah.

  212. 212
    Jack Dromey says:

    I know the feeling, love. For me it’s a choice between my hand and a 15 inch BBC.

  213. 213
    We need a war, any war, and now! says:

    The gassing scam back fired, so the neo-con loons are having another go.

  214. 214
    Lee Jasper says:

    You white boys are obsessed with black men’s tackles.

  215. 215
    cured lefty says:

    you got nuttin better to fink about

  216. 216
    Psyche the Dog says:

    She is starting to look a bit rough, oh well, tempus fugit. “Who is the mysterious man Sally is straddling here?” it’s not one of you two is it? Your gaffers would kill you if it was you, but of course it’s not either of you, you would do such a thing, poor old Bercow you have to feel sorry for the little fella.

  217. 217
    MacGuffin says:

    What a rancid, disgusting whore.

  218. 218
    Jack Dromey says:

    Once you’ve had black you never go back. :)

  219. 219
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Surely you feel sorry for him, she doesn’t seem bothered about embarassing photos, and the Speaker has to do his job with this lot going on.

  220. 220
    Character refrences for every occassionN says:

    Considering the sleaze , corruption and hypocricy which characterizes our Parliament I would say Sally is the perfect poster girl for the den of iniquity .

  221. 221
    Psyche the Dog says:

    He must be a lizzard

  222. 222
    Sally Bercow says:

    At this time of year I get very sexually emotional.

  223. 223
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    If war is wanted: Pre-emptively attack G’ermany.

    Job Done.

  224. 224
    David Camoron says:

    It was my judgement that we should have entered the war in Syria. Try not to remember that at the elections.

  225. 225
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    You forgot :)

  226. 226
    E.D.R. Meen says:

    Dis only be de foreplay in Kampala

    Mrs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    My favourite breakfast nunchies

  227. 227
    Heart of the matter says:

    That is maybe a different guy, There appears to be hair just behind Sally’s left shoulder.

    Is John in need of a puncture repair kit ?

  228. 228
    The cesspit at the heart of Government says:

    Well said Sir, and another thing you never had the fucking audacity to write an article on Loyalty inthe Guardian after betraying your wife and family for another woman amongst other things.

  229. 229
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Not a single comment about the Speaker of the House, Sally Bercow and Black Rod yet, I’m disappointed.

  230. 230
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Cuff him and stuff him.

  231. 231
    Psyche the Dog says:

    You lot are asking for this one I believe!

  232. 232
    The British media are cunts says:

    It’s so pathetic, we get more totally unfounded claims of children being pulled from the rubble (it just so happens that someone with a high quality video camera happens to be standing around) but we never really get to see anything in details.

    Reminds me of that fake picture of the woman that supposedly had the bullet in her womb. Another fake that both the BBC and Channel 4 fell for.

    Remember how Channel 4 also claimed that the Syrian government were dropping nerve gas from helicopters in barrel bombs as well? Now these plastic drums are bunker busters levelling entire buildings, something that even a 2 or 3 ton proper bomb wouldn’t do.

  233. 233
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Sally Bercow must be the UK’s biggest benefit scrounger. I believe it comes under the heading Grace and Favour + Speakers salary + expenses.

  234. 234
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Could you please re-phrase that M, that could have another meaning judging by previous comments.

  235. 235
    CSA says:

    and all the time shouting “Daddy, daddy, Nooooo!’

  236. 236
    The cesspit at the heart of Government says:

    To be fair to Sally I don’t think she can be accused of bringing parliament into disrepute as they have done a good job in achieving that themselves in recent years.

  237. 237
    Shoved to a higher chamber says:

    You refer to him Baron Martin of Springburn

  238. 238
    Blowing Whistles says:

    i ‘captured’ that late blog last night and many of the comments on it – before it … disappeared.

    That’s all i have to say tonight – save ‘a false case’ somewhere out there has been dropped …

    The wigs in this country better start getting their excuses in fast because the public have found out most if not all; of the most despicable judicial ruses that have been going on for fucking decades.

  239. 239
    You ain't seen any thing yet says:

    If she remains wedded, when Bercow stands down and leaves the Commons, he is very likely to be made a Lord.

    Just get used to it. Maybe, just maybe, by june 2015 it will be:

    Lady Sally Bercow to you.

  240. 240
    Haven't seen you in ages says:

    Sally heel height 4″, John 1″. Place three old yellow pages underneath stool. John can now look Sally in the eye.

  241. 241
    Kennel Club says:

    Lap Dog. This one is very obedient.

  242. 242
    Paddy McGuinness says:

    No ITV. tbc to appear Take Me Out

  243. 243
    JACK DRILLME says:

    Where’s that bum sex clip gone ?

    Err disgusting as it was

  244. 244
    UKIP does what it says on the tin says:

    BBC employee?

    Hysterical nonsense from Barry about Gove so he may be from the NUT, taking great care to indoctrinate our children.

  245. 245
    Labour Party general Secretary says:

    Was that found on a Paris hotel website?

  246. 246
    Graham says:

    Has the Palace of Westminster ever had its own brothel and call girl ? And has any Westminster incumbent been a pimp ?

  247. 247
    vanity to be considered first says:

    Chukk does nothing without photographing and pasting to twitter feed

  248. 248
    More money wasted to appease those who hate the British people says:

    Remember that multiple millions Bloody Sunday Inquiry that went on for a decade?
    Did you now that the PSNI have now assembled a team of investigators and have announced plans to interview 1000 witnesses……

    It never ends.

  249. 249
    Non-stop Uproar in Parliament says:

    “Order Order” does not work on her then he has lossed the house

  250. 250
    Dirty buggers says:

    And they spat on her?

    What sort of fucked up shit is that?

  251. 251
    Shameful says:

    Isn’t this vile woman a mother of young children too?

  252. 252
    curb crawller seen near Bercow says:

    She wears the boots
    She wears the trousers
    She wears out everything

  253. 253
    Fabians are EVIL says:

    Labour certainly knew what it was doing when it put Mr & Mrs Bercow into that position and Sally continues to ensure that their cunning plan is working. Surely it is time to stop both of their antics?

  254. 254
    Ed (Too Fat must Fast for Flat Waistline) Balls says:

    “And Mandingo pulled her on like an ‘old sea boot'”!

  255. 255
    Alien visiting earth. (Learning English) says:

    Just laid down. Seattie ing. Preparing for take-off. Hold on. Think of ……….

  256. 256
    Podiceps says:

    The Silver Cross pub in Whitehall is the country’s only legal brothel. A licence granted to it by Charles I has never been revoked. It is said that it no longer operates in this capacity. Probably it is no longer needed now that MPs have private offices.

  257. 257
    Leaving home says:

    drink drink drink shit shower shave. out.

  258. 258
    Monday Night says:

    piss up, pick up, fuck up.

  259. 259
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I heard our Sally was a bit of a goer when she was an undergraduate.

  260. 260
    Doing the best for Britain since 2004 says:

    Is this an experiment in cuckolding a dwarf ?

  261. 261
    Early, late amd early hours says:

    I’m bumming around,
    i’m bumming
    Lets make a bum in the oven

  262. 262
    Helen Grant says:

    It certainly doesn’t look like Dwarf tossing.

  263. 263
    Smack My Nigella Up says:

    #BigBlackCocks innocent face ;-)

  264. 264

    Ode to Sally

    The penis is a tiny thing
    Tho’ its owners think it’s great
    But when it needs to do its deeds
    The whole world must needs wait.

  265. 265
    Anonymous says:

    pretty what?

  266. 266
    Too much liquid says:

    How do you know when Sally has had enough? Her eyes are weeping.

  267. 267
    Jimmy is a twunt says:

    Were you dropped on the head or touched in an inappropriate place as a child? Are you know as Jimmy because “Jim Fixed it” for you?

    You really are a hopelessly sad tw@.

  268. 268
    Re-used says:

    John 6″, Sally strap on 8″
    John used weekly, Sally used hourly.

  269. 269
    Táxpáyér says:

    >You sad sad sad little man

    Exactly what we think of you Jimmy.

  270. 270

    I have reason to suspect the involvement of Sir William Waad…

  271. 271
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Surely Blair’s ‘Things can only get better’ mantra and the rest of it, built a Labour party for the 21st Century ?

    It is good to see that Ed is admitting the party is not fit for purpose.

  272. 272
    Doesn't bear thinking about but here goes says:

    In order to rebalance things Jimmy you should fuck Fatbot.

  273. 273
    I've just finished my 5th pint annd things are still bad says:

    Sally RAABA………Rough As A Badgers Armpit

    I’ve got my beer goggles on ……. and I just couldn’t…..that IS rough.

    Bringing the speaker into disrepute?? No….bringing human beings into disrepute…yuk yuk.

  274. 274
    EU Watch says:

    Women protesting abortion laws by getting naked in Spa!n:

    A bit sick when you realize that the women are throwing their underwear around because they want the right to terminate unborn children.

    As a pro-lifer – unless there is a medical reason – that is murder.

  275. 275
    I've just finished my 5th pint annd things are still bad says:

    is he going to construct in Lego?

  276. 276
    And the fattest cunts in England live in... says:

    Copeland, Cumbria – 75.9% of people are overweight or obese (fat сunts to you and me.)

  277. 277
    EU Watch says:

    The true face of the extreme left is now being exposed in G’reece:

    – Parallels with the Unite Against Fascism retards in the UK.

  278. 278
    Podiceps says:

    It was his son, plain William, who owned the place.

  279. 279
    EU Watch says:

    This has been a bit under the radar:

    The EU plan mirrors the moves in the US relating to blackboxes being installed in cars, and made accessible to police. In the US case the civil liberty issue is privacy, as the government will not only be able to monitor all vehicle movements, but issue automatic speeding tickets if the vehicle data shows it has been exceeding the speed limit.

  280. 280
    EU Watch says:

    Some further details on the fatalities:

    Golden Dawn were very peaceful – all trouble exclusively with the left.

  281. 281
    Battersea ally says:


  282. 282
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    :) :) :)

  283. 283
    EU Watch says:

    Another stunning victory for the EU:

  284. 284
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:

    We do love to tax you mugs.

  285. 285
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Good to see C’harles taking a stand on the Somerset issue.

    This will help his PR quite a bit.

    Now he has visited the people, been wheeled around on a tractor to keep his feet dry, and generally seen a chunk of his kingdom in a state not seen since the Medi-eval times, perhaps after he has finished kicking Cameron’s worthless arse up and down Pall Mall he will be able to get the right buttons pushed to ensure this does not happen again.

  286. 286
    Bercow drinking says:

    “Sally drink”?
    “I’ll go out for Baileys”
    “On Saturday it was Walkers”
    “Probably Daniels”

  287. 287
    yu 'ol dog. says:

    you are a spotted dog.

    now spit high and let lnd on yr spot, all the best beatie.

  288. 288
    Anonymous says:

    That was taken at the opening of the Intercontinental Westminster…good party as I remember….

  289. 289
    Liar-spotter says:

    Jimmy says:
    February 4, 2014 at 5:12 pm
    2014 and still nothing excites righties quite like the idea of black hands on a white female.
    Jimmy says:
    February 4, 2014 at 5:48 pm
    I never said anything about “righties”, you backwards types need to realise it’s 2013 now.

  290. 290
    Sir William Wayde says:

    You seem to equating ‘people in wheelchairs’ with ‘people who are vulnerable to sexual predators because of some mental problem’.

  291. 291
    WTF says:

    errr #2…it’s “Must-tongue Sally”, if you please.

  292. 292
    EU to me says:

    Just think how open ended that would be, if someone had a crash or hit a moving vehicle and blaming the engine stopping on them as they were maneuvering by the vehicles, the ambulance chaser lawyers would have a field day, how could it be proved one way or the other, the courts will be full, what happens it the electronics fail and stop a car on a railway crossing, what happens if the electronics fail and let a vehicle carry on travelling when the plod are waiting for it to stop, just quality, you can’t miss the quality ideas coming out of the EU menagerie.

  293. 293
    WTF says:

    Swingers only!

  294. 294
    Evening hours says:

    Can’t be arsed, Arsing around, Up arse.

  295. 295
    Staged events for news channes dot com says:

    Yes that video showing the young girl being pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building looked such a set up. She wasnt even bruised by the looks of her. Poor mite looked scared stiff mind you.

  296. 296
    Charlie Nicholas says:

    …and all whilst swigging champagne!

  297. 297
    Táxpáyér says:

    Floods caused mainly by environment agency not draining rivers like they used to before they became the “gaia-worship humans are evil” agency

  298. 298
    not talking Thames says:

    Pass water, drink water, your in deep water.

  299. 299
    tut tut says:

    Totty, Totty Watched, Hot Totty, Tut Tut

  300. 300
    Táxpáyér says:

    Look up Pallywood.

  301. 301
    RaBrd says:

    ISI got your back covered. -

  302. 302
    Charlie Nicholas says:

    LOL, this has to rate as one of the funniest blogs ever…I would actually pay to read most of the above comments…:)

  303. 303
    Tailor measures says:

    John 30″ flaccid, growing, 28 and diminishing occasion 6″ above, clarkes shoe 4.
    Sally 36″ D dropping, 34, 38, ann summers 9.

  304. 304
    Andrew Mitchell MP says:

    If a cop ever steps out in front of me again in the future…I’m just going to run the fucker over!

  305. 305
    FFS says:

    Because as a black female friend of mine once said “Because black guys are a waste of space that are only interested in trashy blonde white bitches”. Looks like the black guy in the photo has found one of those trashy blonde white bitches she was talking about.

  306. 306

    The Vagrancy Act of 1824 was the first piece of legislation to mention the term “common prostitute“. It was not until the Suppression of Brothels Act of 1885 that the law eventually attempted to get to grips with the oldest profession.

    So William was acting perfectly legally. History does not seem to record what the prices were in 1674 although a carpenter earned 36d a day in London (twice the Oxford rate and three times that of Canterbury). Accordingly, one might expect the price of what the Japanese would now call “a happy result” might have been around 3d to 6d.

    Another interesting thing to note is that the 36d mentioned had doubled from 18d at the turn of the century.

  307. 307
    Not an NGO says:

    Should’ve voted UKIP!

  308. 308
    UKIP or bust says:

    In many ways it is more worrying what they want to do, and not weather it will work or not.

    Not that the Lib/Lab?Con are much better.

    It’s the mere fact that the EUSSR are completely untouchable so they can live out their nightmare people hating fantasies with impunity.

  309. 309
    Storm Blasted South West. says:

    After weeks of false alarms tonight’s storm was not forecast and it was the most violent of the winter so far. Cheers MET office.

  310. 310
    Anonymous says:

    White Dee wants to stand as an MP ffs,although then again she will be at home amongst these troughing c u n t s

  311. 311
    Loon Watch says:


  312. 312
    FFS says:

    We are not actually interested in banning ciggies. We are only interested in the techniques that might be employed in banning ciggies as a test.

    We are more than a bit miffed that the capitalists invented the e-ciggie and pulled the rug right from under our feet. Again.

  313. 313
    T May says:

    Yankee, go home.

  314. 314
    Roll up, roll up...see something you have bever seen before says:

    …erm…a J e w i s h dwarf.

  315. 315
    Sue Lawley says:

    Excuse me…do you realise my knickname at university was “yo-yo knickers”?

  316. 316
    Rancid, disgusting whore says:


  317. 317
    FFS says:

    She’s long in the leg whilst he is long in the body. As long as they are lying down they probably manage just fine.

  318. 318
    White D 4 MP says:

    Good on her. I would certainly trust her more than 90% of the current batch of MPs.

    If she goes Labour, Ed Mili will have a culture shock, if she goes UKIP then there ain’t much that the MSM currently digging into UKIP will find that is not known

  319. 319
    Mrs Jack Dromey says:

    Please don’t spread such rumours!

  320. 320
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Isn’t he a coal-miner?

  321. 321
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:


  322. 322
    A tax payer says:

    Look’s like he’s up Sally’s alley

  323. 323
    Ed Milliband says:

    The Labour Party ith having a cwithith

  324. 324
    Easily Turned says:

    Well it’s convinced me.

  325. 325
    Anonymous says:

  326. 326
    FFS says:

    How long will it be before the technology is updated to lock you in the car so you cannot escape?

  327. 327
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    From what I have heard most of these Somerset levels are BELOW sea level. So how exactly could dredging rivers possibly help?

    Think about it.

  328. 328
    Bob Cockrow says:

    Do the idiots who worship Bob Crow not feel even a little bit of irritation when they see that fat fuck sunning himself on a beach in Rio? The c-unt takes home a six figure salary plus expenses and lives in a free house and yet he and the brothers paint him as a salt of the earth hero fighting for ordinary people.

  329. 329
    Ambiguous says:

    And what about Mrs Bercow?

  330. 330
    Michael Hastings says:

    6 months ago!

  331. 331
    Nemesis says:

    She’s a right old towser.

  332. 332
  333. 333
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    That can already be done.

    As can disabling your breaks, and controlling modern cars like in that Bond film.

    This applies to newer models with the full CAN systems on board.

    There is a safety issue with exposing the ability to switch the engine off to police. If they can do it, within a week, so will any criminal. Good way to take someone out – as per Boston brakes.

  334. 334
    FFS says:

    Yep. Don’t treat her like a celeb. More like a depressive with alcohol problems that seeks solace in the arms of whoever happens to be near.

  335. 335
    BBC Watch says:

    LOL!… I can safely say, that is definitely not Sol Campbell!

  336. 336
    times and places says:

    John up at 6 in flat, 8 in the house, 4 in the house, 7 in the flat, 11 in his bed.
    Sally comes in 6, 8 in the bed, 4 in the flat, 7 in the pub, 11 in the club, 2 in unknown bed.

  337. 337
    Mrs John Bercow says:

    She is one lucky bitch!

  338. 338
    WTF says:



  339. 339
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    You are quite right to point out the inflationary effects of prostitution.

    After the happy result, there is usually a period of deflation.

  340. 340
    Mrs John Bercow says:


  341. 341
    Mandingo says:

    Only meeeee!

  342. 342
    Bollocks says:

    That argument falls flat on its face, considering her celebrity Big Brother gig and posing in a bedsheet for the tabloids.

    Act like a Z list celebrity, get treated like a Z list celebrity.

    Then there is the small matter of her being married to the most important Westminster politician in the country and living in a grace and favour prime location penthouse.

  343. 343
    A solemn Fiona Bruce says:

    In a separate development, the BBC “understands” (arched eye brow) that Mrs Thatcher was alive during WW2…

  344. 344
    how low can you get says:

    a dwarf’s hand me down

  345. 345
    Blowing Willies says:

    Just watching Christine Lagarde giving the Richard Dimbleby Lecture on BBC1.

    Literally, the last shot was of Mark Carney, Governor of the BoE, listening to Lagarde sat on the dge of his seat…sitting just next to him, equally attentive, was the Chief Rabbi.

    Seriously…you couldn’t make this shit up!

  346. 346
    Podiceps says:

    Can’t find any 17th-century prices in a quick search, but at least I have bracketed the target.

    A Mirror for Magistrates of Cities, 1584, quotes prices from 2d (~1p) for a quick up-against-the-wall in the street to 10s (50p) for a luxury session with room and bed.

    In the 1730 trial of Elizabeth Scott of St Giles’s in the Fields, a notorious slum, for stealing a client’s watch, she said that she had asked him for 2s 6d (~13p).

    In Harris’s lists of the 1740s prices are given for the better prostitutes.
    Mrs Grafton, 40 years old and said to give more pleasure than a dozen girls half her age, cost 5s (25p). This was a quarter of a day’s pay for a naval captain.
    Harris mentions a really pricey one:
    ‘Miss B____rn. No. 18 Old Compton Street, Soho….This accomplished nymph has just attained her 18th year, and fraught with every perfection, enters a volunteer in the field of Venus. She plays on the pianoforte, sings, dances, and is mistress of every manoeuver in the amorous contest that can enhance the coming pleasure; is of the middle stature, fine auburn hair, dark eyes and very inviting countenance … In bed she is all the heart can wish; her price two pounds.’

  347. 347
    Great fall says:

    Dwarf clears up big mess

  348. 348
    John "the Cuckold" Bercow says:

    “Act like a Z list celebrity, get treated like a Z list celebrity.”

    Fuck off!

    She’s “A-List”…she’s on a list!

  349. 349
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Sally seems to have her mind stuck at age 16.

  350. 350
    Why Doesn't Little John Tell her to stop digging? says:

  351. 351
    non taxable pikey says:

    Kick the stool away when he gets to the vinegar strokes, instant contraception. Priceless.

  352. 352
    The Great Floods says:

    Dwarf stranded at home. Wife stranded outside.

  353. 353
    Rabbi Lionel Blue says:

    Maybe, but they won’t be eligible for entry to the JFS!

    She is a Goy.

  354. 354
    Ah! I give up says:

    The Daily Star says Deirdre Kelly, from the Benefits Street TV programme, is considering becoming an MP.

    The sad thing is, she might be better.

  355. 355
    Cop on door step says:

    Shut up or i’ll shut the door

  356. 356
    Mr Speaker says:

    Only if they are crotchless!

  357. 357
    Ah! for one moment.. says:

    Just watching Christine Lagarde giving Richard Dimbleby…

  358. 358
    Dry the levels UK gets hotter says:

    Flooded levels means wetter Somerset means evaporation meaning more Clouds. Its been getting colder over the last decade.

  359. 359
    Shameful says:

    CÙnts like Prince Charles are the reason this Eco madness has fucked places like Somerset. He’s the problem.

  360. 360
    Ah! Delicious says:

    Sally discovers the fifth taste….Umami.

  361. 361
    Shameful says:

    Farcical to ditch Pieterson

  362. 362
    Ah! but says:

    She obviously preferred black.

  363. 363
    Ippikin says:

    Sally says:

    I’m so sorry to embarrass you John, but it was all Jack Dromey’s fault; he said he wanted me to meet a close friend of his and I didn’t want to seem rude.

  364. 364
    Can Little John survive? says:

    Watch Bercow get monstered at PMQs tomorrow. When he says one of his pathetic “calm down, man” or “the public don’t like it” lines, the reaction will be merciless. He’s lost all authority and is now just a laughing stock, a cuckold as speaker.

  365. 365
    Ah! don't forget Guido says:

    ….You owe Sally a bob or two…

    Big increase in your stats ;)

  366. 366

    @CO6: Are you making a mountain out of a molehill? :-)

    The admirable thing about the Victorians was their industriousness. They attempted everything and mostly succeeded.

    Socialism was not yet on the horizon, Marx’s ideas had not yet gained traction in the UK, where he had written much of them, and Britain was the powerhouse of the world.

    Yet that word Suppression gives some insight into how things could, and would, go wrong.

    Nothing was actually suppressed, it just went underground. But the feeling of power probably encouraged people to believe that it was much more effective than it really was. Newspapers were still not yet widely read although literacy had been rising steadily. Broadcasting did not exist.

    These both were hastened by the two World Wars which, in so many other aspects, arrested the development of normal life.

    The cost of these wars did change so many other things including the nature of money itself, possibly one of the most brutalising acts of all time. Sure the tens of millions killed in combat or concentration camps was awful enough but there was another way in which the lives of billions became blighted by the destruction of value itself.

    Nowadays people probably get politically involved at the pettifogging level they do because the important levers have been placed well beyond their grasp or even imaginations.

  367. 367
    Ah! Maybe says:


  368. 368
    Trotsky's Ice Pick says:

    Whoever that woman is she looks so OLD!

  369. 369
    Ah! Fear not says:

    Too late for the ‘green’ wood.

  370. 370
    Paparazzi Watch says:

    Some “close friend” must have sold that pic for big bucks!

  371. 371
    Ah! fear not says:

    ‘I go out and have fun but I’m not Ash Amed,’ says Sally…

  372. 372
    Child's Play says:

    Nothing wrong with having fun, but is she ever with her kids? Seems like she spends 90% of her time getting bladdered and opening her legs to random men.

  373. 373
    John Bercow says:

    I wonder what it’s like to be a REAL man?

  374. 374
    Gordon Brown says:

    Don’t ask me.

  375. 375
    Podiceps says:

    There is a defence against this: drive an old car. You can get very nice restored Morris Minors from a firms such as Charles Ware in Bristol, without any electronics at all. The rich will prefer a Vicarage Jaguar Mk II (I would really love one of these).

  376. 376
    Anonymous says:

    No better under Thatcher. Poxy gits were always on strike. We often had a PE teacher for maths and physics because he was not in the union.

  377. 377
    Anonymous says:

    Blair never went to war. Scum like him never do. They just send other people instead.

  378. 378
    ubercow says:

    She’ll never get the rest of that green thing in. Look how stretched that trouser leg is.

  379. 379
    Chucky O'Bama says:

    I told you London clubs were full of trashy wannabe’s

  380. 380
    Anonymous says:

    Once you’ve had black you never go back…to work.

    So sick of pretending that nig nogs are the same as normal people. Don’t bother calling me racist, I don’t find it offensive.

    As for white trash fornicating with them, words fail me.

  381. 381


    I can’t quite get as late as the mammothly expensive, but enticingly described, Miss B of Old Compton Street. Expensive fare indeed.

    The address is now a cheap-by-London-standards restaurant where you can get any combination of egg, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans for a fiver. True, there is an option for a sausage. Under the banner of healthy eating the closest to a happy result becomes porridge at £2.90, only 45% more than the prospect of a delight fraught with every perfection for which one could enjoy the pianoforte as well, all this after an elapse of 270 years!

    My data was taken from the: Wages and the cost of living in Southern England (London) 1450-1700:


    There is an Excel file here which one can pull down.

    The London carpenter saw his wage dropping after the date I mentioned to the end of the century, though it seems the provinces remained unchanged.

  382. 382
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus !, oh sorry..

  383. 383
    Anonymous says:

    I could not give a toss about ragheads in India a 100 years ago. Should have shot a lot more.

  384. 384
    Wrecked Britania says:

    Labour in government, Bercow in the house of Lords with Lady Sally and white Dee as an elected MP.

    Christ on a bike where the fuck did it all go wrong?

  385. 385
    Anonymous says:

    Theft is ok when gayers do it. In fact the law should be changed to stop the discrimination against gayers being investigated for anything, other than how normal and great they are.

  386. 386
    Anonymous says:

    And a bottle of Smirnoff is normal?

  387. 387
    Anonymous says:

    We’d lose. Badly.

  388. 388
    Podiceps says:

    SC: thanks. It looks as if your estimate of 3d to 6d was on target for a cheapish session in 1674.

    I used to work in Old Compton Street in the 1970s and there were plenty of tarts around then, though also a lot of interesting shops, including a really hardcore French cheese shop where you were expected to prod the produce to gauge whether it was ripe enough for your taste. Most of the shops have gone now, replaced by rubbish boutiques, but the tarts remain.

  389. 389
    Wrecked Britania says:

    Just imagine how Crow would react if it was revealed that a six-figure banker or wealthy Tory minister was occupying a council house and denying a deprived family on the waiting list a roof over their heads, while swanning round the Caribbean and Copacabana.
    Labour, too, would go Looby Loo. But because the ‘fat cat’ in this case is a union leader and self-proclaimed Socialist, we haven’t heard a dicky bird of criticism from Ed Miliband or any of his MPs.
    Nothing too good for the workers, eh, Bob?

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2551275/RICHARD-KAY-Barbados-Bob-great-train-robber-uses-industrial-brute-force-make-rail-passengers-stand-deliver.html#ixzz2sP9FGE3J
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  390. 390
    Anonymous says:


  391. 391
    More appalling arrogance from the police. says:


  392. 392
    Anonymous says:

    The Labour website looks like an advert for the Somalian Tourist Board.

    Absolute scum, that have irreversibly wrecked the country, along with the current nob and previous incumbents going back 40 years

  393. 393
    Anonymous says:

    Do people really think that exposing themselves and behaving like morons is going to help their ’cause’?

    Pro choice is fine. The woman can choose to use contraception or not to have unprotected sex at all.

    Killing your kid because you are too selfish to change your lifestyle to raise it is indeed murder.

  394. 394
    Anonymous says:

    Gov will ban them. Or force retro fitting.

    I shouldn’t worry too much, the Old Bill don’t know which end the bullets come out of the gun, except when they’re pointing it at a black, so they’re not going to be able to use this tech correctly.

  395. 395


    In those days, I managed to work for two companies on either side by a few streets. Great Queen Street in Covent Garden and, after that, Vigo Street, just off Regent Street.

    I would always take the opportunity to go to Foyles and the other bookshops in Charing Cross Road. I knew it well from my school days, in the previous decade, and we had then a number of pub crawls along there. The best one was along The Strand and across to the National Film Theatre. It had a club bar which served Wyborowa Vodka, the last word in trend-setting at the time and essential to remain undetected on the breath when we got home! Happy and (relatively) innocent days.

  396. 396
    Anonymous says:

    Moronic slags are already causing problems in Parliament, we don’t need any more.

    Long term unemployed should not be allowed to vote.

  397. 397
    Bob says:

    she sounded a bit depraved, liked to lick their arses while jerking them off and stuff. She should have worked for Club 18/30

  398. 398
    Blowing Rentboys says:

    Don’t get too excited, he always makes these cryptic predictions but they never come to pass. He’s like a Tesco Value Alex Jones.

  399. 399
    Blowing Rentboys says:

    It’s back up there at post number 126. You can’t miss it, it’s the one with the bum sex in it.

  400. 400
    Bob says:

    you’d almost have to be a LibDum to want to shag Sally

  401. 401
    Gemayel Travel Agency says:

    If you wish I can arrange with my contacts to get you into Aleppo so that you can report truthfully first hand on just what is happening there. We can supply an armoured car and AK47 but suggest you bring your own helmet and flak jacket. Also advise that the latter is not the model with the big white cross on it. These were found to be lead magnets by those who wished to view the Algerian countryside recently.

  402. 402
    a voter says:

    Of course they feel irritation but they know if they can keep the scam going long enough one day it will be them sunning themselves in Rio.

  403. 403
    Podiceps says:

    SC: I remember when Wyborowa (which means ‘choice’) was the last word in sophistication. I used to make Martinis with the vodka kept in the freezer — at -18°C it went quite viscous — and the vermouth in the refrigrator. Ice formed on the outside of the glass. It was way cool, man. What a pretentious little shit I was then.

  404. 404
    Anonymous says:

    free house
    council house worth 500k

  405. 405
    Tapper says:

    That’s a woman’s hands

  406. 406
    Anonymous says:

    Bloodcarrrt woman.

  407. 407
    Biffo says:

    Shoddy friends as it must have been one of her pals who circulated this.

  408. 408
    albacore says:

    If a lady’s prime ambition lies
    In having herself tried on for size
    Though, lately, she’s not much of a prize
    Then, maybe, it’s time to advertise

  409. 409
  410. 410
    Owen Jones says:

    That would be me then

  411. 411
    Anonymous says:

    High Time these winter storms washed away the current political class.

  412. 412
    The Critic says:

    I see – a liitle like Falkirk selection processes. However it may look, it’s all innocent and above board.

  413. 413
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    I value the diversity * cuckhold face *

  414. 414
    The Critic says:

    Both alternatives would be preferable to your ramblings

  415. 415
    God's holy trousers says:

    Feel sorry for Bercow? Er no. He is disgrace and so is the slapper he is married to.

  416. 416
    Taking an eternity to get to work says:

    Fuck you, Bob Crow. Fuck you. Fuck you. A pity you didn’t run into one of those violent drug gangs in Rio, you fat, smug sack of shit.

  417. 417
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    “Been dere. Done dat.”

  418. 418
    Grant Shapps says:

    Typical of the nasty Tories threatening strike legislation against the wonderful Bob Crow as he whoops their arse, yet again.

  419. 419
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    Look how long the arms are.

    Bercow’s are barely long enough to reach past his shirt cuffs.

  420. 420
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Reminds me of the decadence at the Palace of Versailles (just substitute Palace of Westminster} that led to the French Revolution, that goes for the lot of them not just Sally and Squeak.

  421. 421
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Good point, don’t want to smear Jimmy with the Dromey malaise. How’s about..

    Open goal and Jimmy hit the corner post.

  422. 422
    A commuter stuck at a tube station says:

    May I offer my congratulations to bob Crow. You have successfully fucked up the lives of millions and cost the capital and the country billions in loss revenue. Of course this was the point all along as you cannot stand the fact the Tories are repairing the damage done by the Labour years.
    Hope you die of some fucking awful painful affliction you left wing hypocritical Cnut

    07:40: RMT leader Bob Crow said: “As we expected the action is rock solid this morning and has reduced the network to a skeleton service with only a few ghost trains running through closed stations.

  423. 423
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    Here’s to Bob Crow. For he’s a jolly good fellow!

  424. 424
    It's all about stopping the recovery says:

    John Allan, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “Just as the economy is starting to pick up, small firms are naturally deeply concerned about the impact strike action will have on their ability to do business.”
    Sky news

  425. 425
    David Cameron says:

    Morning plebs.

    Today’s Agenda

    #1 – Rumour going around someone in the country has had the nerve to aspire to earn more money. Must think of a new way to tax it. Can’t have people wanting to keep their own money
    #2 – Errr….

  426. 426
    Anonymous says:

    Has this site got its own Utube strike?

  427. 427
    Anonymous says:

    Bollox but nice try. Try looking at Millibands plans

    Tories the reducers of tax, labour the destroyers of worlds

  428. 428
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    We in the Nasty Party would like more people to claim benefits, it creates a more equal society

  429. 429
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    You sure?

    We nuke Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dresden (last one just for the craic) and we’ll be chatting with them in a railway carriage in no time.

  430. 430
    Mansion Resident says:

    i dont see any reductions

  431. 431
    Sally Bercow says:

    “Women have opened their legs but not their brains”

  432. 432
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    It’s not simply a case of dredging but managing the land there properly. Like many other things, if you take the authority and responsibility out of the hands of local people and give it to some centralised state authority (as happened to the Levels) sooner or later things go wrong.

    Dredging can actually make things worse by increasing the speed of the river and causing bank erosion and therefore more silting and flooding. It has to be done intelligently and not by idiots.

  433. 433
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Not ashamed but I’m sure your little hubbie is.

  434. 434
    Spartacus says:

    20 pct vat

  435. 435
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We are the aspiration nation, we aspire to live under water, in a Trade Union controlled submarine.

  436. 436
    MP says:

    I shouldn’t say so but we’re all laughing at him.

  437. 437
    Same old labour lies and disinformation says:

    The Collins report into Ed Miliband’s union reforms has just been published, and it’s clear that there’s a significant disconnect between what has been spun over the past few days and what has actually been agreed.
    The most important thing is the “opt in” system – whereby individual trade union members join Labour as union affiliates – has not been signed off. There is abstract talk in the document of “positive consent”.
    There is no “opt in”. There is an Implementation Group. It could agree to sign up individual Labour members by sending them a form and insisting that they tick a box. It could agree that those members will be assumed to have granted positive assent if they don’t return the form. It could agree that if they put a plant pot on their window in the first Tuesday of December then they are members of the Labour Party.

  438. 438
    Anonymous says:

    So labour are in agreement then

  439. 439
    Guido Fawkes says:

    Embrace the tube strike by not going to work.

  440. 440
    Guy News Room says:

    Guido Fawkes suggests Danny Alexander should be sacked after Mr Alexander ruled out top rate tax cuts before 2015

  441. 441
    MacGuffin says:

    I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by this.

    Mrs Bercow has often expressed her admiration for the BBC, its in-depth probes, its longevity, and its rich output.

  442. 442
    Blue Peter Goldish says:

    Any other ‘Business’ other than the Labour Party would have been put into administration a long time ago and their ‘Directors’ banned for 5 years.

  443. 443
    Dinosaurs says:

    Time to move ahead and introduce driverless trains. Fuck the union.

  444. 444
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    To be honest SC, I don’t think Sally has left many penises waiting.

  445. 445
    It's just disgusting says:

    How does Harriet Harman remain in her job given her past and PIE?

  446. 446
    altruism in industry says:

    I think a German should keep quiet concerning wars in Europe

  447. 447
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    For ‘anti-fascist’ can we just translate to ‘usual bussed-in shop-smashing rabble just out for a ruck’.

  448. 448
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    The only read ‘manager of the land’ is mother nature. We are ants clinging to the side of a mountain.

    The idea that a flood plain is suddenly not a flood plain because some arsehole built a house on it is laughable.

  449. 449
    Lord Stansted says:

    Indeed. It suggests perhaps that the Germans know something,

  450. 450
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    NO, he gets a free pass because he is ‘one of them’ and ‘on their side’.

    Google ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

  451. 451
    Doing the best for Britain since 2004 says:

    You can tell the ginger twat his job is to make sure the taxpayers get tip top value for money public services at the lowest price possible.

    That means he should always be working to keep taxes down.

    Reading what he has said he seems to think he can continue to pay himself and his mates well and tax people out of sight.

  452. 452
    Bollocks says:


    You haver no idea about modern farming,

    One man and his tractor which is many more times powerful than a JCB can easily rip apart a thousand or so acres a year. The “local” “farmer” no longer gives a shit. The people you see on the news are small holders, most of whom made their money in the cities and sold up, are just tinkering around playing Monbiot lookalikes.

  453. 453
    2112 says:

    That’s some serious projection going on there.

  454. 454
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Yellow card for Danny Alexander !

  455. 455
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    One word.


    Get these surly, lefty arseholes out of positions where they can meddle with people who do actually want to work for a living’s lives.

  456. 456
    JH8594594359-045 says:

    The left can pick a team, go to the relevant mosque and sign up for the fighting then.

    It’s a proxy war between Iran and Saudi and by extension two sects of Islam, and approximately fuck all to do with us.

    If Aids and Cancer want to have a battle to the death, I’d say we should just let them.

  457. 457
  458. 458
    Moderated by the Guardian for saying what a bunch of Cunts. says:

    Still can’t take to the Italians. Not after wot the Romans did to us.

  459. 459
    Razor drought says:

    Don’t know who he is but he’s got a huge great green…

  460. 460

    I agree, JH etc.

    But I just had to get it out!

  461. 461
    Taxpayer says:

    Perhaps at the bottom. For anyone striving to get on it’s only going up. More people than ever dragged into the 40% bracket due to fiscal drag ( nice to see them adopting the old Labour trick they were so vocal to oppose when in opposition), marginal rates of over 50% between 50k & 60k due to child benefit reforms and crazy marginal rates of over 62% above 100k ( and increasing every time the tax free allowance increases). But it’s not all bad as anyone on over 150k now gets a tax cut!

    Face facts, Cameron loves millionaries, Cleggy loves the low paid. They both detest and loath the middle classes which is why they’ve hammered them with tax rises ( 299 at the last count I believe?).

  462. 462
    Libertie(s) says:

    She really does have a drink problem doesn’t she

  463. 463
    Displaced Brummie says:

    My word. I bet it was hard for him with Sally sat like that…

  464. 464
    Morgan's Organ says:

    Please tell me this isnt another shaggy dog story!

  465. 465
    Sally says:

    Black Rod can knock on my door any time.

  466. 466
    Poor Bastard says:

    Fancy being married to an old sow like that.Ugh.

  467. 467
    John Bellingham says:

    …and I get moderated for saying “Labour Party”

  468. 468
    That's the way to do it!! says:

    She has discovered how to translate a few thou in bennies to around 100,000 in one evening!

  469. 469
    Jack says:

    Mine too.

  470. 470
    A certain ex-PM says:

    Don’t ask me – it just happened…

  471. 471
    Disenfranchised Buckingham elector says:

    Bercow is not a member of any political party and so can not be de-selected by the party.

    Neither Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem local parties put up a candidate against him at the election based on instructions from Westminster.

  472. 472
    Disenfranchised Buckingham elector says:

    Bercow is not a member of a political party and so can not be de-selected.

    Neither Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem local party put up a candidate against him at the election on instructions from their Westminster bosses.

  473. 473
    Psyche the Dog says:

    Keitho, I noticed that many years ago in the YMCA where I helped run a disco, the white lads just grouped together, the white lasses and black lads got together, and the black lasses grouped together, strangle old world.

  474. 474
    ron Vibbentrop says:

    No he saves that for the dwarf bumming he’s going to give when Sal takes him home

  475. 475
    The Remittance Man says:

    When the photos of Sally in her bedsheet came out, I began to think she was the sort of woman who with less outlets for her exhibitionist tendencies ends up sending polaroids of herself to the readers’ wives pages of grumble mags. Now I’m begining to think she’s like one of those housewives who owns a website packed with videos of herself getting rogered by assorted chavs.

    In general I have no problem with ladies of this sort – they provide entertainment to many and bring jollity to the nation. But if they are married to one of the more prominent people in parliament one does wish they’d exhibit a little more self-control and decorum.

  476. 476
    The Remittance Man says:

    Erm, a typical barrel that’s easily moved by one guy in the space of a helicopter cabin would probably be about the size of a standard beer barrel. That’s 36 gallons, 164 litres or 0.164 of a cubic metre.

    At an SG of about 0.84 that gives us 140 kg or 308 lbs of ANFO. Take it from a mining engineer who does know about explosives* – that’s quite enough to flatten a house. For chuff’s sakes! A couple of houses in Essex have just been flattened by a bit of gas getting naughty.

    *If you think a government licence to work with bang stuff, a couple of certificates in blasting technology and 20 year’s experience qualifies me to claim that.

  477. 477
    Not innocent face says:

    Sally Bercow. – Swallowed more black sea men than Moby Dick

  478. 478
    Foxie says:

    Crack house whore. Wonder if she charges £250k like Samantha

  479. 479
    Foxie says:

    We’ll give you Acton without a fight… It’s not been ‘Ingleand’ for quite some time.

  480. 480
    Foxie says:


    Well said.

  481. 481
    Sally Can't Dance says:

    “I’d rather not say…”

  482. 482
    Foxie says:

    Comment of the Year!

  483. 483
    Foxie says:

    Would old slagging slapper do?

  484. 484
    Foxie says:

    Rearrange the last 5 words… any combination will do.

  485. 485
    Foxie says:

    Her parents must feel so proud.

  486. 486
    Mrr Bercow. says:

    Looks like she taking it up the downstairs department, round the back. I will have a word with her when she gets home.

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