February 3rd, 2014

Year Zero: Khmer Bleu Counter-Revolutionaries List

A purge of reform-blocking Labourite quangocrats should really have happened in 2010, a Year Zero revolution removing enemies of the Coalition from positions where they could do harm. Here are some examples of high-ranking public quangocrats who should be first up against the wall:

  • Suzi Leather - Dubbed the “Quango Queen”, Leather has been deputy chair of the Food Standards Agency, chair of Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, chair of the School Food Trust and chair of the Plymouth Fairness Commission. As the £104,999 a year (for a 3 day week) chair of the Charity Commission, expenses guzzler Leather’s nakedly political, failed attack on private schools cost the quango £185,000 in legal fees. She now sits on the General Medical Council.
  • Matthew Taylor - Labour’s Campaign Co-Ordinator and Director of Policy during the 1997 election, helping to write their manifesto. He developed Excalibur, Labour’s anti-Tory attack super-computer, before becoming Labour’s Assistant General Secretary and Chief Strategy Adviser to Tony Blair. Strictly speaking he is not a quangocrat, we’re not sure how to categorise the chief executive of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. He has turned the august institution into a Blairite third-way think tank and made his position impregnable to internal attack from the fellows.
  • Chris Smith - The former Labour MP and now peer chairs the Advertising Standards Authority, a censorious bunch of self-appointing bureaucrats making politically correct judgements in areas they should not go into. To call them a “kangaroo court” would be to insult the powers of jurisprudence wielded by antipodean mammals. His vast experience of Islington drinks parties qualified him to take charge at the bloated Environment Agency. Obviously.
  • Linda Perham - Ex-Labour MP for Ilford North, Perham is now a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Chair of the Thames Water Trust Fund and Chair of East Living, a subsidiary of East Thames Group.
  • James Purnell - Former Labour work and pensions secretary Purnell is paid £300,000-a-year as the BBC’s head of strategy. Prime example of the revolving door between Labour and the Beeb.
  • Godric Smith - Tony Blair’s former political spokesperson is now a £100,000-a-year BBC PR adviser.
  • Jacqui Smith - Now the chairman of Birmingham hospital, no doubt she became an expert on healthcare while she was Labour’s Home Secretary.
  • Naaz Coker - Sits on the board of the National Audit Office. Previously she was chairman of St George’s hospital, where she did nothing about Jane Pilgrim’s status as a taxpayer-funded trade union official.
  • Geoff Mulgan - A former chief adviser to Gordon Brown and Director of Policy to Tony Blair in Downing Street, Mulgan is in charge of Nesta, who oversee the government’s £250 million budget for science and technology.
  • Peter Brook - Director General of Finance and Commerce at the Ministry of Justice under the last Labour government, Brook is now chief executive of Barnardo’s, which says welfare reform leaves people “stranded”.

  • Chris Patten - And finally the most notorious, dripping wet, left-winger of all, not only is twelve-job Patten the chairman of the BBC Trust, he is also chancellor of Oxford University.

One down, who’s next?


  1. 1
    Andy Burnthem (1200 deaths and counting) says:

    .Those fucking Labtard fuckers fucked us with these fuckers.


    • 23

      Sack ‘em all!
      Sack ‘em all!
      Sack ‘em all!
      The long, the short and the tall!
      Sack all the troughers and BBC1s
      Sack all the freeloaders and their bastard sons
      Sack ‘em all!
      Sack ‘em all!
      Sack ‘em all!


      • 51
        David Cameron's Hairy Hoover says:
        Haaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrrrrrryyyyy, Hoooooooooooovvvvverrrrrrrrrr,
            Sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky,
            Sucky sucky sucky sucky....
        Haaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrrrrrryyyyy, Hoooooooooooovvvvverrrrrrrrrr….


      • 56
        Common Purpose says:

        4 years too late!


        • 84
          Democracy now says:

          It is not too late to round up the lot of you. CP is an anti-democratic conspiracy to subvert the constitution and governance of this country and as such you should all be under arrest.


          • Bluto says:



          • pootle says:

            +1 Common-purpose fucks


          • What about Student Union Offices says:

            And what had been breeding on the University Campuses? They are not monkeys in a lab. They wave sticks. They rattle the College gates. They make a stink and a noise.


          • SNARTY says:

            How about the Ex Lab domination of NHS Trust chairmanships and Non-exec directorships?

            In Birmingham alone the two largest hospital trusts (both among the largest in the country) are chaired by Dame Jacqui Smith (at UHB, she of porn-expenses shame) and Lord Phillip Hunt (at HEFT, non-elected career lefty). These are ‘the blob’ types holding up progress on NHS reform.


    • 29
      ASA invent the law says:

      Only last week the ASA banned an advert showing a cyclist not wearing a cycling helmet on the grounds of health and safety.

      Given that it is perfectly legal not to wear a cycling helmet on British roads then they had no just reason to ban this advert.

      I trust that was indeed the only reason for their ban and nothing more sinister such as lobbying from the sports helmet industry. Who have been producing some very dodgy safety statistics about these polystyrene shells, which many outside the industry believe can cause even more severe injuries than no helmet, or lull people into a false sense of security.



    • 31
    • 158
      I dislike socialists intensely says:

      Labour troughing scum .


    • 171
      vile labour ruined my wife says:

      hate to break it to you Guido, revolutions don’t come from your lot, the monied elite, they come from my lot. and your lot are up against the wall, as well as those on that list, of which you are just the same.


      • 174
        Jabba Le Chat says:

        Historically the peasants have never managed a revolution by themselves, because they’re too thick…


        • 187
          Anon says:

          But you lot have to maintain this fiction. For you dare not admit the many revolts and events have given the ‘elite’ a good kick up the a*** – and come close to changing things for the working class. Check out the first Peasants Poll Tax revolt and the early days of the Russian Revolution. No, the really thick ones are the working class Tories that believe your BS.


  2. 2
    Claire says:

    Let the cull begin!


    • 82
      LibLabCon Cabal Propaganda Ops says:

      Don’t hold your breath!


    • 184
      firefoxx says:

      The only easy and practical way to sort this out is to reduce funding to each of the unnecessary quangos. Bring each one down to 100K pa as a start, so in theory they could employ one manager and a temp plus some office costs. Soon most would resign thus no redundancy costs. Then close them.

      How does that sound? I can start tomorrow…


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    That these oxygen thief’s are still in place tells you everything you need to know about boy Dave.


    • 46
      rick says:



    • 128
      Rickytshirt says:

      Who’s he left unmolested?

      The EU – still leeching powers
      The Beeb – bloated and biased
      Quangos – barely dented
      The vast majority of pilgrims – still in position
      Green energy boondoggles – costing bill payers a fortune
      Largely unreformed NHS – pouring money down the drain
      Borders – left open for criminals and benefit tourists to bleed us dry
      International aid – wasted on the Argies
      Civil service – working against reform
      Interest rates – penalizing savers

      Any politician worth his salt would be conveying to the public that he wants to change these things and would then do everything in his power to make sure that it is done.

      On too many of these issues he fails to talk convincingly of reform, let alone actually do something about. Perhaps this is the way he likes it.


      • 170
        Troughfest says:

        Well said. Sometimes in politics it’s hard to change the way things are, but the first step is always to actually want to make the change. In reality we all know that the political class are perfectly happy to fanny around making empty promises while encouraging this troughfest to continue.


  4. 4
    David Icke says:

    You can see Patten’s fake skin starting to slide off.


  5. 5
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    “Not today darling, I have a headache” will be our new campaign to reduce benefit claims.


  6. 6
    UK Fred says:

    These alone are enough reason for Cameron to be hung, drawn and quartered.


  7. 7
    One-term Dave (dragging the Tories to their grave) says:

    By jove, it’s almost like I spent the years 2005-2010 sitting around with my thumb up my árse, making absolutely no plans for government at all!


    Toodle pip!


    • 19
      David Camerøn circa 2010 says:

      Being PM can’t be that hard can it.


      • 96
        David Cameron says:

        Ooh, I think you’ll find some parts can be very hard.

        At least I got my same-sex bum-fucking bill through in that time!

        Arse fuck for freedom…that’s what I say!


  8. 8
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Well Suzi can leather me anytime she wants.


  9. 9
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    It is like shooting fish in a barrel.


  10. 11
    romabobbiebooboo says:

    Disgusting socialist leeches.


  11. 13
    Mitch says:

    Those soldiers appear to be French?


  12. 15
    1569 Rising says:

    Damian McBride – now senior official at CAFOD, the RC charity, renowned for its anti-Tory stance for years.


  13. 16
    Sage Vals says:

    To be fair, Patten was elected chancellor of Oxford University. Otherwise, you make a very fair point.


  14. 17
    Jingleballix says:


    Smith first………(utter incompetence)

    ……..then Leather………(uber-bigot)

    ……….then Patten (we need more time to find him guilty of cover-ups(


  15. 18
    McAdder says:

    WTF is the Plymouth Fairness Commission?


  16. 21
    Where are you Piers? says:

    “Andy Coulson ‘very satisfied’ as phone hacking was discussed, court hears
    Dan Evans says he told former News of the World editor that hacking ‘generated good stories cheaply’ at the Sunday Mirror”


  17. 22
    Ted Davison says:

    Enjoyed the ‘kangaroo court’ line.
    Interested to know how many comparable positions are held by non-Marxists.


  18. 25
    Tim Yeo says:

    How long does a chap have to wait before being given his marching orders?


  19. 26
    Steve Miliband says:

    Lord Smith is also Chairman of the Environment Agency – and we all thought they were Tory floods


  20. 27
    Tory Fat Cat says:

    Many of these are not quangos. Rather they are independent bodies and remain outside of government control

    Still, why let truth stand in the way of a good rant at people you don’t like?


    • 38
      Wahey! says:

      Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation. Seems to fit your description exactly. Except this lot are the perpetuation of the kleptocracy brought in by Blair.

      Fire the lot and don’t bother replacing them.


    • 41
      Telly tax is theft says:

      I couldn’t give a toss who runs them or whether they are independent of Government or not, stop their funding from our taxes.


    • 42
      'Charity' says:

      You know very little about the ‘third sector’ do you?

      Independent except insofar as they take all manner of tax and VAT concessions from the public, and receive public money through the contracts they operate.


  21. 28
    Persona non grata says:

    Handycocks gone then.


  22. 30
    Sue says:

    Utter scum the lot of them.


  23. 32
    bergen says:

    I can’t see why it wasn’t tackled from the start. The Libdems would have benefited equally from a cull so they would not have objected. It was never rocket science that these people would have tried to destabilise the government from within but it’s far too late now.


  24. 33
    I'm not being rude but... says:

    That Chris Smith is a weird looking f***er.


  25. 36
    Telly tax is theft says:

    See where the £100M of telly tax money went at 15:15 today by clicking here:



  26. 37
    Hard Man Dave says:

    I promise I’ll do something about it. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Toodle pip!


  27. 39
    Anonymous says:

    You forgot £381,000 a year Ed Richards of Ofcom – previously Brown Adviser.


  28. 43
    Centre Parting says:

    That Smith ‘bloke’ was quoted by the BBC as saying that there wasn’t a bottomless purse to fund the flood defences this morning.


    • 59
      Perse O'Nalley says:

      He meant a purseless bottom, methinks.


    • 63
      C. Smith (not Cyril but the other Hunt) says:

      Look, money doesn’t grow on trees you know.

      India and its nuclear weapons & space programmes must come first.


    • 72
      Fish says:

      ‘Equivalent quangos in the rest of the world are much smaller, the Environment Agency for England alone has more staff than the Canadian, Danish, French, German, Swedish and Austrian equivalents, combined!’

      Courtesy GF

      It’s not the money, it’s what you do with it


  29. 44
    David Cameron - When you piss in a teacup this is what you get... says:

    There are so many of them, I don’t know where to begin…


  30. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Apparently removing a tiny single digit number of these lefty parasites, leaving an overwhelming majority of labour activists running these quangos, wasting billions of pounds of tax payers money to interfere, control and strange businesses all over the country, is somehow “politicising” these bodies.

    Actually, removing these lefty parasites is de-politicising them.


  31. 49
  32. 53
    Bob Crow says:

    48 hour strike on the Tube will take place from 21:00 Tuesday 4 Feb until 20:59 Thursday 6 Feb. Please check your journey before travelling.

    What me vote Tory ?

    You’re having a laugh.


    • 108
      Election Commision says:

      You could send your postal vote from Brazil !


    • 149
      Fly on the wall says:

      Have you noticed, Bob, that the automation of the underground is proceeding apace? Ere long you will not have any workers to bully.

      Pass the champers, there’s a good fellow.


  33. 54
    Moral Collapse Blair says:

    The Third Way means

    The corrupt non-political way of making millions while claiming to be left wing

    It’s a lovely con, you must admit


  34. 61
    Daedalus says:

    How many of these people are Common Purpose trained?
    They should all go and people from business type backgrounds should be taken on. That is if these quangos need to be there at all.



    • 70
      Fcuking up beyond authority says:

      We are proud to say every one of them has been specially trained by us.


    • 71
      LibLabCon Cabal Parpaganda Ops says:

      They’re not trained…they’re indoctrinated.

      Many of them do have business/professional backgrounds. All they have to do is show some form of commitment to libertarianism, and only then are they linedup for sinecures via Common Purpose “finishing school” indoctrination.


    • 150
      Fly on the wall says:

      Got it in one. No Qango is necessary.

      Their /activities/responsibilities/ powers should revert to where they belong – with the minister in charge of the subject (who extortionate salaries we continue to have stolen from our wallets).


  35. 64
    An offended lady of the female sex says:

    Only 4 of the 13 positions you cite are occupied by woman.

    It’s this sort of casual sexism that is ruining this once great country.


    • 74
      Diane Abbot says:

      W W W W W A A A A C C C C C C I I I I I I S S S S S S S T T T T T


      • 152
        Fly on the wall says:

        Di, dear, can you please explain to us thickies what the connection between sexism and racism is? We are all now very confused.


  36. 65
    Owen Jones, releasing his book in time for winter fuel shortages - Nice says:

    ^^ Mong ^^


  37. 66
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    Do it properly.


  38. 68
    David Camerøn says:

    What’s that famous saying…

    Charity begins at …..

    Nope still can’t remember.


  39. 75
    Persona non grata says:

    I wasn’t aware of this.

    ◾VAT is a European Union defined and imposed tax.

    ◾Some national variances in applying VAT have been agreed and are defined in the Directives but the UK must follow exactly what the EU has laid down in its Directives.

    ◾If these EU rules are not followed then the nation is subject to the rulings of the European Court.

    ◾The UK had not been applying VAT uniformly to hot takeaway food (not just to Pasties but also to items like Somosas and hot food from supermarkets). This was brought to a head by the EU Court ruling against a German hot-dog seller called Manfried Bog (in 2011).

    ◾The HMRC initially tried to claim the ruling wouldn’t affect the UK but the UK accountancy profession didn’t agree and advised companies in the UK that might be affected, for example Fish and Chip shops, to start putting in ‘protective claims’ to the Inland Revenue for the repayment of VAT back tax should it turn out that that they had been treated unfairly (e.g. from September 2011),

    ◾The government had to decide whether to take VAT off items like Fish and Chips (which would be very costly) or to add it to those currently inconsistently zero rated (e.g. Pasties). So in the March budget the government elected to add VAT to the Pasties.

    ◾Then, after a lot of political pressure, there came this ‘climb down’. VAT need not be applied to Pasties ‘as long as they were “cooling down” after being removed from the oven‘. Of course this was not a ‘climbdown’, it was just the government realising that if the pasties weren’t kept hot they would fall under a different section of the VAT rules (they were then ‘freshly cooked products‘ not ‘take away food‘) . It could not execute a real climb down as it is completely bound by EU law on this issue.

    absolutely none of this was covered by the Today programme during any of their bulletins over the weeks this story unfolded. The government motive for this was obvious, it wanted to avoid the damaging political implications of having to admit that it was totally bound by EU rules – something which would not have helped it fight off calls for an EU Referendum that were going on at the time.


    • 88
      Manfried Bog (2011) says:

      Hot dogs make the world go around, the world go around


    • 97
      A tip for you says:

      Replace every use of pasty or fish and chips with ‘gayer’ and you have another EU story.


    • 122
      Fish says:

      You’ve forgotten what happened next.

      Ed Balls takes Weird Ed and Foghorn to a Greggs in Redditch. Balls of course knows the ropes and buys eight for his next dinner party (which, in that weekend’s Guardian food supplement, he claims to make himself).

      But Weird Ed is not so sure. He has never encountered a sausage roll before (having only ever eaten saucisse en croûte (kosher flavour)), or a pasty, or a Greggs for that matter, Kentish Town being a bit off his manor.

      Nevertheless, always quick to jump on a bandwagon, our hero proclaims that there is a ‘thauthage roll cwithith’.


    • 159
      EUHATER says:

      Manfred bog was NOT selling ‘hot dogs ‘ they are a ghastly americanisation, he was running a ‘schnellimbiss ‘.


  40. 76
    Lost in the wilderness. says:

    I would support one quango that would be made up primarily of emminent business experts (no previous Mp need apply) to test the valididty of purpose and cost effectiveness of all other quangos. regular publication of findings should be published and accesible to the public and any interefence by Members from any party would lead to immediate withdrawal of the whip leading to suspension. Shove that up their collective gravy train tunnels.


  41. 77
    Don't cry for me says:

    Left wing Argentina going down the tubes AGAIN

    Vote socialist

    Go bust


  42. 83
    Anonymous says:

    Add Lin ‘banana republic’ Homer – HMRC


    • 104
      Reader says:

      Yes please. An utter waste of space who jammed the doors wide open for every scumbag who wanted to come into our country and suckle on the taxpayers’ teat.


  43. 85
    nell says:

    My word a bigger bunch of losers it would be hard to find wouldn’t it? None of them are qualified for the jobs they are employed in – they’ve all proved ie Chris Smith at the Environment Agency and Chris Patten at the beeb how ineffective and useless they are. And they are all earning 6 figure salaries, at our expense, for working 3 days a week or less.

    Time for an out and out cabinet assault on the quangoes – it’s long overdue.


    • 95
      Owen Paterson says:

      But who will pay for my evenings at the Intercontinental then, if I don’t parachute myself into a quango?


    • 98
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      The next venue for losers of this scale is the cabinet itself, with its EU bound gaggle of mongs who could not organize the proverbial in a brewery.

      That is despite Dave saying pubs can stay open.

      What is David Cameron going to do today to justify his salary ?

      He has 1 hour and 40 minutes until 5PM which could be considered at the late end of a typical ‘working’ day in the public sector.


      • 107
        Cabinet Secretary says:

        We are organising Mr Cameron’s next job with three investment banks and 5 oligarchs

        Please do not disturb this important work

        PS And his non dom status


  44. 91
    Footage leaks of Ed Balls at Labour shadow cabinet says:


  45. 100
    Cabinet Minister says:

    But if you abolished quangos and lobbyists

    We would all be unemployed


  46. 102
    Localtard says:

    It happens at all levels of government. Those booted out of local government office are greased with power at local quangos and public sector offices:

    Roy Fisher was the Labour leader of Blackpool Council, until he was unceremoniously booted out of his own ward in 2007.

    Instead of ‘getting the message’, he was appointed as chairman to the board of Blackpool NHS PCT in 2008, on a part-time salary of £33,000 per year. He still fulfils this role for the Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group.


    Labour isn’t just making itself a permanent part of national governance, but local governance, too.


  47. 103
    Anonymous says:

    I used to enjoy reading this blog,
    not least because it used to criticise idiots of all political persuasion.

    Now it’s all Punch & Judy, taking a pop at anyone that doesn’t share its Monday Club views…

    You produced better journalism before taking the Murdoch shilling.


  48. 105
    Well I never did !!! says:

    The Treaty of Rome guarantees free movement of EU citizens within EU but Theresa May has served an exclusion notice on D~ieudonne M’Bala(he of Q~uennelle fame)banning him from entering UK on the grounds of it being against the interests of the United Kingdom and likely to cause public disorder …Can she legally do this ? Will the ECHR issue a judgement ? Will the Guardian CiF be inundated with comments ? Will the LibDems complain ? Will the BBC interview him ? Will Labour put down an urgent question to the Home Secretary ? Will the Speaker allow it ? So many many questions


  49. 113
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    All fat Jacquie is an expert on is fiddling her expense claims, pornography and over eating. A notoriously inept Home Secretary who appears to have been rewarded by her political mates in the BBC and NHS to go on pigging at the trough.


    • 154
      Fly on the wall says:

      “Inept” does not even begin to describe it. There must be a better word you could have chosen?


  50. 115
    Owen Jones says:

    Pistachio nuts are the bollox !


  51. 116
    frank says:

    This is a bigger story than the Thieves Parliament (MP’s expenses) scandal of 2009. Is it because I am thick that I haven’t heard more about it? Who are Common Purpose and when did charities (and the CO OP bank) start getting run by unqualified pinkos?

    Why doesn’t “Cast Iron” Cameron sort this obvious abuse out? Is he looking for a nice Quango in 2015?


    • 127
      Taxpayer says:

      Cameron is part of the problem

      Like the Cabinet Secretary and thousands of other corrupt revolving doors

      PS Where is Chilcot?


      • 155
        Fly on the wall says:

        He’s at the decorators having his report whitewashed.


        • 168
          altruism in industry says:

          thank goodness for the interweb eh?
          Now that the Septics are building a quantum computer, brilliant, Everything will be there for ever and ever.
          the genius Hockney foresaw this and explained in a lecture about television hundreds of years ago.


  52. 123
    Telly tax is theft. says:

    Watching the HOC select committee on the digital media BBC balls up.
    If MPs were not so thick and had spent some time working in the real world, they would understand more of the evidence being presented AND have a better chance of finding out what is really going on.


    • 126
      The EU Commision says:

      Don’t worry, we will soon render them redundant.

      This is all just part of the process to do away with sovereign boundaries. By deliberately making them corrupt and useless, the masses will demand the abolition of the HoP.

      Then that’s when we come in.


      • 131
        Telly tax is theft says:

        They would get much further if they thought about the evidence being given rather than trying to score points with their mates as to who can ask the most bullying question and ridicule somebody that is clearly not in a position to answer the question rather than trying to avoid the question.


  53. 125
    bergen says:

    James Purnell is the ultimate example of the BBC simply laughing at us. A former Labour cabinet minister, he leaves Parliament for a specially invented and unadvertised highly paid post with them and the BBC claim that its impartiality is not compromised. I think even a Labour Chairman of the Trust might have shown more concern than Patten.


  54. 135
    MB. says:

    Just thing of all the Quangoes that a post Separation Scotland would need. A real gravy train for all Salmond’s cronies.


  55. 136
    Peter Grimes says:

    And that arsehole Jonathan Portes might not be head of a quango but he still sucks at the state teat at NIESR, a so-called ‘charity’.


  56. 141
    Peter Grimes says:

    Purnell is a known liar, too. Remember he appeared on BBC to say that the illegal Abrahams donations had been repaid, when they hadn’t as even the Guardian has acknowledged in the past.

    What price a known liar in a senior position at the unbiased public-benefit state broadcaster!


  57. 148
    Anonymous says:

    The Liebore party spent its time in government sacking every Tory appointee they could get their hands on, ruthlessly and relentlessly replacing them with left wing placemen.

    That power of patronage is one of the privileges of being in government. Palatable, unpalatable, it is realpolitik.

    So where do they get off complaining about the present government preferring its own appointees to replace their fifth columnists ?


  58. 157
    EUHATER says:



  59. 163
    frank says:

    Bugger. Turbine Tim’s demise will take the attention away from this more pressing story. Yeo was an oxygen thief but this institutionalised corruption explains why every public service in the UK is so crap.
    I really mind bent, but crap really grips my poo.


  60. 165
    Labour voting thicko! says:

    Leeching Scum! Fatso Smith in Healthcare? Joke- but not a funny one but a expensive one.


    • 189
      Anon says:

      But the true ‘thicko’ is the working class Tory voter. For s/he really believes that s/he will sit at the top table one day – but not yet!


  61. 166
    altruism in industry says:

    that Suzi Leather looks like she’d be enthusiastic


    • 172
      stun2 says:

      A particularly flattering photograph. Some others may not be entirely to your taste, sir. After the Google search, your ‘bit of a goer’ may evolve a tad. Would you kindly refrain from vomiting on the carpet.


    • 178
      EUHATER says:

      An enthusiastic trougher!


  62. 179
    domino says:

    The unspoken rule of the tripartite corrupt Political Class is “don’t sack our placemen / women in Quangos when in power and we won’t sack yours when we get in”


  63. 183
    Pond Life says:

    I propose that the area formerly known as Somerset should now be known as “Lord Smith Lake” in honour of the great man and a permanent reminder of his tenure of the so called Environment Agency


  64. 188
    Anon says:

    “To be honest, the extreme conscientious objectors have always struck me as cranks,” he said. “The war was dreadful and it was bloody. But unless Britain was prepared to see the rest of Europe turned into some enormous German colony it had to be fought, and most British people saw that.” Reactionary Jeremy Paxman defending The ‘Great’ War on the BBC.

    And yet, how much longer are you lot going to call the BBC ‘left-wing’?


  65. 190
    Jay says:

    Statist Wankers


  66. 191
    Anonymous says:

    No Real Debate Campaign Report:
    Insufficient water cannon may exist, to ensure the northern referendum result desired. Although recent reconnaissance to the south, reveals no shortage of ammunition available.


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Labour insiders turn on Ed over Powell’s latest gaffe:

“When is he going to stop promoting useless people? He was warned about her.”

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