February 3rd, 2014

Labour Dominates Quangocracy
Labour Placemen Waging a Gramscian ‘War of Position’

Labour view the quangos as their hinterland in exile; with six-figure, three day-a-week sinecures for their failed politicians. This public-sector intensive care system keeps them in the game even when they are out of office, allowing them to wage a Gramscian war of position sniping at the likes of Gove. Index-linked gold-plated pensions, offices, expense accounts, staff, drivers and all the other accoutrements of a quangocrat. Typically they will also have a semi-private / public arts sinecure in their portfolio as well to provide canapés and a bit of glamour. It really is time for a Year Zero clear out of these placemen and placewomen from public life…


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    Ah! Clever says:

    Gove warned not to rely on ‘yes men’

    Difficult advice.


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      Yes Men says:

      We are nothing if we are not reliable and loyal, yes?


    • 24
      Burn Them says:

      As long as their positions are scrapped and cease to exist forever more.

      Simply replacing them with Tories should not be acceptable as Quangos are supposed to be the ultimate enemy of Tory free market ideology.


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        Leon and Cliff - Mistletoe and Wine says:

        Chillax – Dave gave a cast iron guarantee to have a bonfire of the quangos.

        He’s put one of his best men – Frankie Maude – on it.

        What could possibly go wrong.


    • 64
      Fish says:

      ‘Values are expressed as a percentage of those declaring political activity rather than as a percentage of all appointments’

      Then of course there will be those Labour supporters heading Quangos who have not declared their political activity, sympathies or affiliations


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        Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

        Spot on. And we now have the BBC peddling the Labour Party lies day and night, spinning it for all it’s worth – e.g. on Today this morning, Naughtie: ‘We know this story is going to run and run.’

        Yes, because the BBC is going to make it.


      • 177
        low resolution fox says:

        A nice drop of lefties dropping out in the last year.

        Let’s see, if she makes herself out as a martyr on the BBC, she’s probably expecting to see herself parachuted into some comfortable job. All for the cause, what’s the cause again? Under-educated, under-working peoples of the world getting overpaid for unnecessary jobs – unite!


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    Village Idiot says:



    • 101
      But how?? says:

      It really is time for a Year Zero clear out of these placemen and placewomen from public life…

      Again YES


      • 119
        The Public says:

        It was time for that about 10 years ago.


        • 140
          Leon and Cliff - Mistletoe and Wine says:

          Chillax – Dave gets it.


          • broderick crawford says:

            Yea 139 but dave has done FA about it in four years and his mandate is nearly up .

            everyone knows nothing meaningful gets done in the last eight months prior to a pre declared election date ( vide the USA farce every four sorry three years) and you can extend that to twelve months if you are in a shambolic , fragmenting , bickering coalition as is the case now .


      • 157
        Fly on the wall says:

        Definitely – and put full responsibility back where it belongs with the ministers that we pay to do such things.


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    himindoors says:

    Wonder what the stats for 2012-13 would show? That any balls had been grown?


  4. 4
    dai laughing says:

    you mean the quangoes are like the farming racket

    a swindle on the taxpayer


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:



  6. 6
    One Term Dave says:

    I promised I would have a clearout, so it’ll never happen.


  7. 8
    nell says:

    cameron promised a bonfire of the quangoes so when is it going to happen?


  8. 9
    Mornington Crescent says:

    We need not just a Year Zero clearout of these placemen and women but a clearout of the pointless organisations that they run.


    • 29
      The Remittance Man says:

      My thoughts exactly


    • 35
      walking into darkness says:

      piano wire at dawn is the answer, rather than sweep them away all at once, what you should do is get them sniping at each other, competing for budget, might take a bit longer but it’d be worth the entertainment value watching them bitch at each other and laugh at the decline of others whilst their feather their own guillotine


  9. 10
    LibLabCon Cabal Propaganda Ops says:


    …hang on a minute, isn’t David Cameron one of those?


    • 43
      Irma Grease says:

      I’ve done the CP course, I’m entitled to a non-departmental public job. It’s the rules.


      • 51
        Who will rid us of these Communist subversives? says:

        You are entitled to a five-year stretch and a lifetime ban from public office


    • 47
      Judge Dreadful says:

      Yes, there is a clear conflict of interest.

      Irrespective iof what he gets up to in his current position, for being a member of Common Purpose alone, David Cameron should be under arrest for anti-democratic activities which subvert the constitution.


  10. 11
    Fishy says:

    The loud squeals from the BBC, Labour, the Guardian and the rest of the left show how desperate these Quangoistas are keep Socialism in government while in opposition. Someone’s touched a nerve

    Gove should be encouraged by the opposition that he is getting..it shows he’s on the right track. Sally Morgan’s outburst tells us something about a lack of judgement – not in keeping with someone who sees herself as a professional able to put her politics to one side.

    Interesting to see how many of these people have links to the BBC. Labour’s Naughtie, said on Today, this morning, that this will run and run. I bet he’ll make sure it does.


    • 73
      FFS says:

      I’m loving the fact that they think anyone other than dyed-in-the-wool Labour activists actually give a fuck about this woman and her contract being allowed to expire.


    • 144
      bergen says:

      This struck me as an extraordinary non-story. Office holder stays in office for duration of contract. Did she not understand that fixed term contracts are for fixed terms ?


      • 163
        (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

        Of course not!
        She is a Labour apparatchick and, as such, is entitled to leech off the public until she decides to retire and continue to leech off the public.
        Up the workers


  11. 12
    Eric Pickles never says:

    It has been absolutely obvious to me for some time that the coalition either have no idea how the levers of power operate – or they would have cleared out this den of theives, or they do understand it, and have so many Common Purpose graduates infesting them as well, that they are unable or unwilling to take the action necessary.

    What these figures don’t show is that for people further down the management scale who want to work in the charitable sector, it is almost impossible to find work UNLESS you are a Labour Party supporter. This is an ‘equal opportunities’ issue as much as anything else.


    • 52
      Bluto says:

      “What these figures don’t show is that for people further down the management scale who want to work in the charitable sector, it is almost impossible to find work UNLESS you are a Labour Party supporter. This is an ‘equal opportunities’ issue as much as anything else.”

      Absolutely correct. The way the Labour party dominate this sector and appoint ideologically is a scandal.


      • 92
        The BBC says:

        Move along now, move along…nothing to see here!


      • 162
        Fly on the wall says:

        Yes, but remember that if all these charities achieve their stated aims – complete removal of poverty, all the Children Saved for example – they would all be out of a job.So exactly where is the incentive to do anything like a proper job?


  12. 12
    janus says:

    Its not just Labour – its the Tories and the Lib-Dems as well – they are all at it.


    • 25
      Literate Reader says:

      Read the graph and you can see how it’s predominantly Labour, they have more stooges than the other parties combined and some more.


      • 130
        LibLabCon Cabal Propaganda Ops says:

        Stooges for whom though?

        Try not to be taken inby the LibLabCon tribalsim, that’s just a divide and conquer technique to dupe the masses.

        Unless of course you are a party stooge(shill) with their very own sinecure.


    • 99
      strawbrick says:

      The problem with the graph is that shows “appointments” rather than changes.

      A list of all the “party” quangos etc with a coloured time scaled bar (red: Lab, blue: Con, orange: LD & white for none) alongside would show exactly what has changed. I would suggest a start date of 1 year before Blair came into power.

      Such a chart would also how many quangos have been closed down …


  13. 14
    Sue says:

    The Marxist “long march through the institutions”.

    Multi millionaire socialist & fake charity boss Gordon Brown stuffed the public sector & charity sector with Labour place “people”.

    If Cameron had any sense he would have seen that these were there to be Labours sainted attack dogs.

    As for David Laws bleating about Morgan – as ever I demand from Mr Laws:



    • 50
      Winston says:

      “If Cameron had any sense”



    • 150
      bergen says:

      This is the outcome of the collapse of Eastern Europe twenty five years ago that I didn’t see coming and I’m not sure how many did.

      Marxist/Leninism having failed to deliver the entitlement of the left wing intellectual establishment, the theories of Gramsci were put into effect instead and with far more (silent) success.


    • 152
      EUHATER says:

      Brown was not the culprit it was his tormentor Blair who put these people in place with an eye not only to any incoming conservative government, but to frustrate Brown as much as anything.
      Cameron if he had the guts would have cleared them out on day one,much as the americans do when a new president is elected.


  14. 15
    FrankFisher says:

    Well yes. And Dave has barely touched the quangos – why? Because he’s quite okay with socialism infiltrating every aspect of life. And why? Well I think we can guess that, can’t we?


    • 85
      FFS says:

      Perhaps more importantly the ONLY Tory that thinks it is a problem that needs addressing is Gove.

      Once again he demonstrates he’s the only real non-Socialist amongst the lot of them.


      • 126
        Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

        That’s why the Left hate his guts. That’s why they will find any excuse to attack him. Because they know he is the real enemy. Schools are where the socialist indoctrination begins.


        • 149
          Vogon Poetry Corner says:


          They know he ‘gets it’.

          The rest of the pseudo-Tories are ‘mostly harmless’ Golgafrinchans who seem not to have a clue what they are dealing with.


    • 146
      Village Idiot says:

      …….You mean that our ,conservative,eton educated, prime minister is……du du der……..A Socialist?….oh my, what a fool I am,some might say ,idiot!…Ah well, UKIP it is!


  15. 16
    Basil Brash says:

    Indeed Guido. I thought the useless head of the Environment Agency sounded familiar, then I realised Chris Smith used to be a Labour MP.


    • 26
      Dopey Dave says:

      But he really is well qualified for the job, I heard him say he likes all things Gaia or that’s what I thought he said.


      • 129
        Irma Grease says:

        Chris has helped immeasurably in promoting Pink Farming and his help in setting-up the new animal husbandry centre for gay and lesbian sheep has been invaluable


      • 151
        Jack Ketch says:

        He is highly qualified. He is head of the Ramblers’ Association and once worked for a housing charity. He is HIV positive and has, according to his Wiki entry “a close association with the world of the Arts”


    • 49
      Fishy says:

      And his predecessor was another Labour Peer, Baroness Young.

      And while the BBC have been giving Owen Patterson a good kicking over the floods in Somerset, it’s worth noting Young’s wrong turn back in 2000 having accepted the advice of the Swampies’

      From the Mail:

      ‘Labour peer, Baroness (Barbara) Young of Old Scone was put in to run it (The Environment Agency) in 2000, she and her officials decided on a new priority.

      Instead of managing the Levels as farmland, large parts of them should be allowed to return to being a swampy wilderness as nature reserves for birds and other wildlife.

      As Baroness Young famously once observed: ‘I’d like to see a limpet mine put on every pumping station.’ ‘


    • 168
      The Remittance Man says:

      His socialism is not the problem, especially when one considers he was reappointed to his role by the current regime.

      Chris Smith was educated at an independent day school (George Watson College, Edinburgh) and Oxbridge (Pembroke College, Cambridge).

      Since then he has done bugger all except work for charities or in politics.

      He’s yet another perfect example of the politico-apparatchik class that pollutes modern Britain. What colour rosette he wears is immaterial – he’s an establishment shit right to the core.


  16. 19
    Two in the head for every CP cult member should do it says:


    These pointless bodies and organisations exist to bypass the democratic process and provide a power base for common purpose to spread its evil and grotesque message and expand its poisonous influence throughout all national and public institutions. A dangerous parasitical cult consisting of the planets dregs and human vermin intent on leading us into a nightmare state.

    Guess which political party is the only party that can and will deliver a quango/common purpose extermination plan leading to a final solution of the CP problem?


  17. 20
    Bonfire of the quangos says:

    Well said, Guido! However, I thought Cameron promised to have a bonfire of the quangos, so why hasn’t he done it?


    • 27
      Googlebot says:

      He has. Francis Maude has been doing the incinerating.



      • 34
        Where It Matters says:

        Francis Maude has done practically nothing


      • 45
        The Remittance Man says:


        I’d hardly call 106 quangos axed or sold off from a total of 2100 or so a bonfire. More like a birthday cake candle.


        • 76
          Sue says:

          How many new ones created?


        • 83
          Take a Chainsaw to Whitehall says:

          Total is about 1200. So over 1 in 10 have been scrapped. I’d prefer 1 in 5 but it’s good going, nobody else has managed it.


          • The Public says:

            It is pathetic. Only a Westminster/Whitehall insider would be proud of such a miserable level of non-achievement this long into the life of the government.


          • The Remittance Man says:

            The result was that rather than having a bonfire of the quangos, Tony Blair presided over an orgy of them. A Telegraph investigation found that over the first decade of his administration, the number of quangos had soared to more than two and a half thousand

            From Dan Hodges’s article in the Torygraph


    • 31
      Criff Lichard Wishes You a happy Chinese New Year from Barbados says:

      Because he was lying


    • 42
      The Real Governors says:

      Ever since I were old enough to understand about governments and politics. I have heard every opposition party promise to burn the Quangos and it has never happened once. Quite the opposite in fact as there are now more Quangos than ever.

      I assume this down to the permanent government, the government which really runs the country (increasingly entwined with Europe) , the civil service.


      • 96
        The Public says:

        Of course: Whitehall loves the ‘third sector’ as a means of subverting policy, paying for people to ‘lobby’ them to change the law the way they want, for paying people to do things they are not allowed to get up to, and, of course, as a source of jobs for themselves or their mates. They channel hundreds of millions of pounds to tame ‘charities’ every year. The tame Charities Commission ensures that what happens with this money is not transparent or accountable.


  18. 22
    Anonymous says:

    The most disgraceful thing about the 2008 crash is Labours economy was in serious trouble in 2003. The warnings continued up to the crash. Labour must have been desperate for such a crash and they got it

    Remember though the damage had already been done


    • 57
      The BBC says:

      Shhhhh. STFU will you.


    • 141
      Rewriting history.."EVERYTHING for the past 40 years is the Tories' fault, got it ?? says:

      Get on message. EVERYTHING that happened during the period 1997 -2010 and into the 70’s is to be blamed on the Tory Party. If they had not been such a useless opposition Bliar would not have been able to wage illegal war and if they had not supported slack financial regulation of the city the crash of 2007/8 would never hve happened and finally all the cuts and slashing of services is the Tories fault ;the housing shortgage is all the Tories and Thatcher’s fault;the lack of industry and mining and shipbuilding is all Tories and Thatchers faultLabour would have got us out of the mess within 12 months and everyone would be still getting all the benefits they wanted and life would be rsy


  19. 28
    Oh oh says:

    Used to think that life was sweet,
    Used to think we were so complete,
    I can’t believe you’d throw it away.


  20. 30
    You just know Chuka is not sad at all. And why should he be anyway? says:


    • 56
      Ah! 'm sad says:

      Hoffman wasn’t tweeting on Chuka’s demise.


    • 58
      Jmf says:

      “Just seen the tweets on Philip Seymour Hoffman. So sad. A great talent. RIP.” I would bet a pound to a penny that fool Chuka has not seen any thing on the large or small screen with Hoffman in it. Have bandwagon will travel.


      • 95
        Chukka says:

        Just been to “That’s Entertainment” today – great deal, three used movies for a fiver. Got this blokes top three movies and will be watching them tonight.


    • 61
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Just seen the tweets? (what a prat).


    • 139
      Den says:

      I like to think I’m not exactly uninformed but really I’d never heard of him.


      • 166
        (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

        Decent actor chappy and sometime sm*ckhead.
        Just the type of”victim” Chukka and his buddies would venerate.
        Mr Umana, you are a dic*head.


  21. 32
    Jimmy says:

    Could somebody mention this to the BBC? They are apparently quite innocent of any notion that the Labour party might be a touch over-represented on the quango front.


    • 37
      Lenin Henry says:

      Have you ever looked at the ‘good causes’ which the BBC raises funds for?


    • 38
      Hugs Boaden says:

      No the staffing levels contain a far higher proportion of dangerous swivel eyed right wingers than our baseline – as judged by Lucy (Jackie O) Adams


    • 160
      James Naughtie - Firm Friend of Labout says:

      BBC ‘logic’ goes something like: a Tory heading up a quango results in bias but a Labour Party member heading up a quango results in impartiality. As least that’s the impression I got from listening to the Today Programme this morning.


  22. 40
    widescreen2010 says:

    Now THAT is the sort of job I’d like to get hold of.


  23. 44
    Jmf says:

    The NHS comes to mind when thinking about Labour Placemen and look what a success that was.


  24. 53
    non taxable pikey says:

    Apparently corruption in the EU is about £99 Billion a year. This according to a Swedish report.
    Vote UKIP


    • 105
      Causa Kinnocka says:

      Does the report say where the money goes?


    • 131
      The Welsh Windbag says:

      And I am proud to have done my bit by sacking Marta Andreasen in 2002 after she highlighted serious shortcomings in the accounting system for the EUSSR, which was leaking like a sieve (which is just how we like it of course). That’s why I got rid of her, so that I and all the others could continue troughing without interruption.

      How else was I and the missus going to become millionaires? Not by setting up our own enterprise, that’s for sure.


  25. 60
    DG says:

    Harriet Harman has accused the government of appointing men to public posts. Of the ten human rights commissioners on the EHRC eight are women and most appointments have been made under this government.


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      Black Jack


    • 79
      Jack Dromey says:

      Disgusting sexism is in the Tory blood – here in Labour we even have al women shortlists – DOH


    • 111
      Equal Rights for Women says:

      I think we should appoint more female binmen, road sweepers, drain cleaners, sewage workers, front line soldiers, coal miners and fishermen. Oddly enough, we just don’t seem to be able to attract the right calibre of applicants for these dangerous and dirty jobs. Perhaps the pay is too low.


    • 171
      I M H O says:

      8 female commissioners? Now THAT explains an awful lot of the idiocy we are being subjected to. A woman’s place is in the home looking after the kids.


  26. 62
    Questions of our time says:

    The wrong question has been asked.

    The correct question is:

    What is Dave going to do today that is not going to justify his salary ?


  27. 63
    Burlington Bertie (from Bow) says:

    Hodge the Hypocrite is a prime candidate for removal.


    • 69
      Questions of our time says:

      Will Hodge pay her tax bill before she goes b’ankrupt ?


      • 98
        Fish says:

        She won’t go bankrupt.

        ‘Lady’ Hodge will eventually worm her way into another well paid nothing role, troughing at the public purse and continuing to despoil the face of public life.


      • 180
        Burlington Bertie (from Bow) says:

        Only what her accountant says she has to pay, after the fiddling bit.


  28. 67
    Ziggy says:

    Regardless of the politico games if this woman is doing a recognised good job why replace her? But of course we need more failing academies to remove the costs and responsibilities for mass education from central c government. This and the last apology of a government is effectively dumbing down and pricing out good education for the majority of the less well-off families. It will come to pass that only the siblings of the wealthy elite will be able to undertake a full education thus protecting the positions of influence within the country to the elite to self-perpetuate themselves!
    Why should Ministers be allowed to undertake important duties when seriously under-qualified to do so?


    • 82
      Tulip says:

      Education in the hands of the masses is a dangerous weapon for any government as it allows understanding and questions decisions!


      • 109
        Komrade Miliband says:

        And it leads to aspiration.

        And aspiration in the hands of the masses is a dangerous weapon as it leads to independence of the individual from the state, eroding our core support and in turn, our control.


    • 155
      Shit-hole Britain says:

      Quite…she was actually pro free schools and academies. That hardly makes her a typical leftie !


  29. 68
    The Remittance Man says:

    Of course the most amusing thing about all this posturing from the left is the one thig that is not being reported at all – Sally Morgan was appointed as the head of Ofstead in November 2011.

    Nope, that’s not a typo.

    Sally Morgan, Labour placewoman and subversive leftist agent of influence, was appointed to the post by the same Conservative led government that is now removing her “for political reasons”.

    this is nothing but a Westminster Village storm in a teacup.


    • 77
      The Remittance Man says:

      Sorry, that should read March 2011.

      Doesn’t change the fact she was appointed almost a year after Cameron’s Tory – LibDem colition took office and that arch Tory, Michael Gove took possession of the big office at the Dept of Ed.


      • 112
        Eh? says:

        Yes, Gove actually pointed out that HE was the one who appointed her and her 3 year contract expired.


        • 127
          Fishy says:

          And he’s keeping her on for a further 6 months while they choose a replacement.

          After her outburst I’d get the security guards to empty her desk, hand her her personal possessions and escort her out of the building, publicly confiscating her staff pass in the process.


  30. 72
    Ah! Hope says:

    That Guido’s love in with DL is reciprocal.

    Dalai Lama ✔ @DalaiLama
    We must design education that provides for both knowledge and a healthy mind, creating a sense of compassion that responds to all humanity.
    Retweeted by Guido Fawkes


  31. 80
    Mornington Crescent says:

    FFS, it’s nearly 11.00. The Beeboids have been leading on this Ofsted crap for over 24 hours. WTF??

    Who cares about a Labourite placewoman who’s got the hump and a LibDem who siphoned off £40k of public money to his g@y lover with impunity? Seriously, the BBC are mentally ill.


    • 91
      Give a little Whistle says:

      Other than the carefully selected Question Time audience and the staff at their Guardian print version, no one takes the BBC seriously anymore these days anyway. So don’t let it spoil your day too much.


    • 116
      Eh? says:

      It’s hilarious really.

      The Beeb seem to be quite intent to shred what’s left of their reputation.

      I’m beginning to wonder if they have been infiltrated by Tory placemen doing everything in their power to tear down the organisation from inside.


      • 133
        Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation says:

        We should be so lucky.


      • 134
        The BBC supports "responsible capitalism" says:

        Not hilarious. Far from itThe BBC knows exactly what it’s doing…it’s campaigning for a Labour government bu using certain phrases repeatedly…”Bedroom Tax”, “Cuts” and giving prominence to Labour politicians even when covering set speeches by Cameron or Osborne.They give more air time to Miliband and Balls and Opposition than they do the government.It was the other way around in period 1997 – 2010 and will be again when Labour gets in in May 2015 and you underestimate the BBC’s influence at your peril


  32. 81
    I want to Take Offence says:

    How long before the professional I want to be outraged sector have another go at top gear.

    Last night they did a Hill climb at the Pikes Peak circuit and of course they had to rename it Pikeys Peak.


  33. 84
    Howdy do dere honey says:

    Yes Siree !

    It’s looking like “Black Monday”

    FTSE 100 6490.59
    -19.85 -0.30%


    • 94
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Not off by much.

      It is Ch!nese New Year holiday at the moment – so perhaps those with cash on the hip are simply not buying. Plenty of bargains to be had when they get back to their desks.

      In the mean time – that poor performance is wholly reflective of the fact that the Eurozone economy is in no way beneficial to the FTSE.

      Are people waking up to the fact that poverty is on the increase in G’ermany, a country which is meant to be defying economic gravity and leading the Eurozone to riches not rags at the moment ???


    • 100
      Diane Fatbott says:



      • 123
        Speech therapist and anti-rhotacism campaigner says:

        Medical literature indicates that anti-racism campaigners are no more likely to suffer from rhotacism (inability to pronounce the English phoneme ‘r’) than the rest of the population.


    • 108
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      We’ve come a long way up since Ed & I drove it down to multi-year lows, just above 4,000.


  34. 87
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    Oh, this is all very important, I’m sure.

    But more important than the impending break-up of the UK?

    Our great Union is sleepwalking towards the humiliating fiasco of national disintegration.

    226 days and counting. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

    Ask yourself – what are YOU doing to preserve our great United Kingdom?


    • 93
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Absolutely fuck-all, Sir.

      Unlike many people, I’m quite happy that only the Jockanese get to vote for independence: they want to leave us, not the other way around.

      So, if they vote to leave – cheerio. If they vote to stay in – fine, but stop fucking whingeing.


    • 103
      Charlie Kennedy says:

      Drinking as much Scotch as I can hold


    • 114
      Can the Scots save England from Labour ?? says:

      87% of the English(those who actually have view or even know about the referendum in September) ddon’t actually give a fuck and want the Scots to either shut up moaning about hard done to they are(RFLMAO on that one)or fuck off BUT if they vote to stay then the English demand that the Barnett formula is scrapped and that Westminster MPs representing Scottish Constituencies are not allowed to vote on issues that do not affect their constituents as they are devolved matters.

      Finally the biggest plus point for Scottish Independence is that we’ll get rid of 60 plus Lanour and LibDems MPs in one go


      • 136
        One Man One Vote says:

        We will also rid ourselves of the farce of one vote in Scotland being considered the equal of 5 votes in southern England. If the Scots vote to stay in, they will have to remain on the basis that they have constituencies the same size as English ones. The same reforms should go for the Welsh valley constituencies and some of the Northern rotten boroughs.


    • 120
      Chasing the Deer says:

      The Union is fucked even if the Scots vote to stay…all Cameron has done is woken a sleeping giant of English nationalism which will get worse if the Scots are offered Devo-Max as a consolation price and the English are still expected to pick up the tab for the Scots cushy benefits system


  35. 90
    Liar.Politicians says:

    David Cameron claimed he’d have a “Bonfire of the QUANGO’S” if he gets in to gov in 2010. Four years later, and nothing. Still same crooks in charge taking £Billions of taxpayer’s money for doing nothing.

    More brittle “cast iron” guarantees from Cameron. a five year wasted term that only has seen more oppression via GCHQ, and cuts to those at the very bottom, as the corporate welfare continues to rise.


    • 97
      Dodgy D. Laws says:

      We FibDems are standing in his way

      We are the guardians of probity, fairness and transparency.


      • 113
        UKIP or bust says:

        Not only that, however many are cut, wheb the evil party get back in power they will just reinsate them and more. Which will mean twice as many gold plated pensions, and of course thevile Bbbc will notmention anything about it.


  36. 106
    Prime Minister Comrade David Cameron says:

    We would like the poorest in our society to be allowed to vote several times in each election.


    • 118
      Fishy says:

      Miliband’s latest incarnation is that of a sockpupet


    • 122
      Postal Votes 4 Bennies says:

      Yes master. We will gladely vote for you Mr Elasticband. Our cousins in Islamabad said it was right to voter for the Liebor. We can ensure future voters at treble your western rate and populate your schools with not english speaks.


    • 124
      Never underestimate the overall gullibility of large swathes of the electorate says:

      Vote early; vote often and don’t forget that postal vote either


  37. 115
    Batchelor Boy and The Scouser says:

    We cannot remember anything. We are not men. We are now nothing.


  38. 135
    LibLabCon Cabal Propaganda Ops says:

    With all these millionaire, so called, “socialists”, surely one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps they are all shills fora right-wing dergulatory agenda that has taken place over the last 35 years.

    Especially with the abolition of clause iv and all.

    Didn’tonly last week Ed Balls and Chuka claim not to be anti business/anti competition?



  39. 145
    New Broom says:

    The entire state needs rebuilding from scratch. From the Monarchy to taxis the country needs fundamental reform to regain pride and authority. The people are exhausted by the same agenda of uselessness, the quangoes are just one small part. Try Australia as a model.


  40. 159
    Still on hols down under, pleasant 29 degrees today folks and thats celsius says:

    In Oz almost everything works well. True, there are some probs presently with union barons, construction contracts and dosh but Abbott takes no shit from anyone including muzzies in boats who were fettling the tubs when in territorial waters. Result:- no boat entries this year. ABC (their BBC) in hot water for supporting everything leftie including obselete union baron dominated canning companies, car companies and the like now all destined for throat slitting.


  41. 169
    Theodore Agnew says:

    The position is mine. I paid for it.


  42. 170
    Anonymous says:

    Where Smith late of the Dome now head of nature lovers and house wetters. Is he the invisible man??


  43. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Did we have head of educational standards who can’t read and understand a contract.

    Three or four years is fairly easy to understand – unless you are a labour clown!


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