February 3rd, 2014

Burnham ‘State of the NHS’ Update: Still Exists

In October 2011, Andy Burnham said there were just 72 hours to save the NHS.

In March 2012, he said there were only 24 hours to save it.

Fast forward almost two years, and Burnham is this afternoon giving a speech on “The State of the NHS”. Update: it still exists.

No mention in Burnham’s speech of those who died at Mid-Staffs either, though he does stress the need to “raise the alarm about what is happening in the NHS”. It’s a shame he never did before it was too late…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:

    I can hear the clink of crystal cut flower vases being raised in a toast.


  2. 2
    WelshRacer says:

    Very little coverage of this speech in the media.

    it is all MICHAEL GOVE


  3. 3
    Gordon Brown October 2009 says:

    ’50 days to save world’



  4. 4
    Táxpáyér says:

    For thousands of NHS victims starved to death by a lack of care, it’s too late to end the National Death Service.

    Put the NHS on the Liverpool Pathway.


    • 13

      If ever there was a case for arraignment before the Hague Court of Human Rights, Andy Burnham and the NHS should be joint defendants.


    • 31
      LibLabCon Cabal Propaganda Ops says:

      One could be forgiven for thinking that Burnham was put in charge of the NHS in some deliberate ploy to so discredit the entire organisation so as to actually the facilitate the speeding up of the process of privatisation.

      A right-wing shill perhaps?


      • 34
        Táxpáyér says:

        You can’t really think the NHS is a good idea?


      • 38
        Anonymous says:

        Burnham is the epitome of the modern politician, no real work/job experience, went along with Blair’s “Target Terror” regime which has caused so much grief. He does not understand complex system management and hence the damage that has been done to the NHS. Up to 1400 people killed by South Staffs hospital in a few years, figures the Taliban could only dream of, and they have weapons.

        As a consequence he is genuinely angry when accused of incompetence and also genuinely believes he is a fit and proper person to be leader of the Labour party, and by definition, Prime Minister of this country.



      • 40
        wonderfull nhs,tell that to my dead sister says:

        no a left wing shill,it’s never been the right that are the danger to the nhs it’s the left,biggest ever transfer of taxpayers nhs money in to private hands happened on their watch.coincidence?top rate of tax 40p on their watch,coincidence?banks deregulated on their watch,coincidence?everything the labour party coms department tell people the tories are the evidence would suggest the opposite


  5. 6
    Mid Staffs Ghost says:

    I look foward to the day that man hears the prison doors clang shut behind him.


  6. 8
    The British media are cunts says:

    According to the BBC nothing is the fault of Labour.


    • 14
      The BBC says:

      Labour do have faults. They were at fault for failing to win the last election and remain in office to herald the glorious Revolution of the Beebatariate under the leadership of Comrade Airbrush.


    • 15

      Well, it’s not wrong if the Left is doing it. Rule 1


    • 18
      The Grauniad says:

      Anything Right of Left is evil.


    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      Anyone listen to The Now Show on Friday?

      I was quite surprised the BBC were allowed to broadcast it without the caveat “…and now follows a party political comedy show on behalf of the Labour party…”


  7. 10
    Londoner says:

    I have just changed my GP. Hopefully, the old one won’t kill too many people before he is eventually struck off or makes a break for the Caribbean.


  8. 21
    Tim Yeo says:

    How long does it take to count me out?


  9. 22
    Diane Abbott says:

    Ban all private schools!

    Except the one I sent my kid to.


  10. 23
    Burnham deserves to die in agony says:


  11. 24
    FFS says:

    I can’t understand why Labour keep this bizarre little pecker-head Belsen Burnham as Shadow Health Secretary. He has no credibility at all.


  12. 25
    nell says:

    How andyburnham , responsible for so many deaths in the failed nhs he produced, has the brass neck to open his mouth and pontificate about the NHS now is beyond belief.


  13. 29
    John Bull (British Bulldog) says:

    229 days left to save the United Kingdom.


  14. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Totally without an ounce of shame or a shred of decency. What an absolute scumbag.


  15. 36
    Killer Bercow says:

    He is even more proficient at killing than I am.

    *innocent face*


  16. 37
    Zanu Labour kills. says:

    See how much politicians care, Nicholson – both Tory and Zanu Labour allowed him free rein.

    Shite practice begets shite staff, massive money squandered on fuqwits who know fuck all, leads to the current state of collapse, malpractice, maltreatment and a [NHS] death rate which would embarrass a banana republic. Compared to, the pittance spent on hospital catering – funny thing, in that good food leads to improved recovery time – it seems everybody except the NHS knows that.

    FFS between – Labour who back this monolithic organization to the hilt and so too do the Unions preserve it! NHS it is – a festering and corrupt, inefficient, bent, nepotistic monster…… and employs criminals – some with records but mostly just the equality and diversity brigade……………http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2333207/Craig-Alexander-NHS-director-250-000-sacked-job-disgruntled-worker-discovered-robbed-shop-gunpoint.html

    Typical of the rot at the top, is Nicholson who is a serial bungler and useless bureaucrat, the man who started his trail of destruction under Thatcher and shut the mental wards of units across the country [care in the community – see how that’s working]. Nicholson, has his hands covered in shit – a communist party member, Nicholson was at the helm of Staffordshire in 2006, Labour did nothing and then made CinC by the coagulation in 2011 – bent as they all are – and his girlfriend’s behaviour:


    Overpaid, overstaffed and loved? and still marching on – it the NHS which needs to be starved to death


  17. 43
    Nostradamus says:

    I met Burnham a few years ago. He was incapable of making small talk or communicating on any basic human level, instead opting to bark out dull Labour soundbites.


  18. 44
    Graham says:

    Burnham has been very quiet recently. Still no apology for Stafford and other hospital deaths.


  19. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Some politician once said: “We can’t go on like this. I would cut the deficit, not the NHS”. (Was that DC, or AC? No matter.) At least he was right about the former. Humanity’s dilemma being: That difference between a mental rendition of reality and actual reality, only tends to become apparent to most when excrement impacts the impeller.


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