February 2nd, 2014

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  • No Electoral Commission record of gobby Owen Jones’ promised donation of Lord Ashcroft prize money.
  • The Raabel MPs left the whips cursing.
  • The boss of a “community brewery” who appeared in Labour’s new PPB with Ed Miliband to blame the government over no bank loan has huge debts and a wound-up company.
  • Yet another “miscommunication” in a Lib Dem sex scandal.
  • After £11,750 painting, Diane Abbott expenses a £350 photo.

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  1. 1
    Ma­q­bo­ul says:

    Is there a page 3 in the Sunday edition?


  2. 3
    hang on.. says:

    It’s not £1 a month to subscribe. It’s a £1 trial for the first month, then it goes up 800%.

    “After any trial or introductory offer period has ended, Sun+ costs £2 a week” – Sun+


  3. 6
    R Hon DC says:

    I say you chaps, have you seen this articles about Civilas and a report they are going to publish with special interest to Londonstanis, by Jove they have got something there, I wonder why I didn’t think of it. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/feb/01/rich-overseas-investors-uk-eu-housing-market


    • 210
      altruism in industry says:

      “It says that over the past two years only 27% of new homes in central London went to UK buyers”

      yes it would be interesting to know how many houses from the total number of UK houses are owned by people not born here.


      • 307
        dryht5u67ye says:

        Why? What about brits who own property abroad?


      • 355
        Sad Sue says:

        Many of the ‘UK buyers’ are actually ‘students’ from overseas helping their rich but corrupt parents to launder money into the UK property market.


      • 378
        Táxpáyér says:

        I wonder is there some sort of Adma Smith approved capitalist tax on land that would capture the gains of this speculatory activity?


  4. 8
    Marr and Gove on Sunday Politics says:

    It doesn’t become gentlemen to point out the hypocracy of Lady Harman going on about lack of cushy government jobs for (rich connected) women. Best to stick to the scripted waffle because we’re all in this together.


  5. 10
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men
    Harriet is inferior to men


  6. 11
    Red lobster union fat get says:

    Me and me pina colada are well chuffed, you peasants can fucking well walk. my boys in de Tube are the best. Any one want a fight?


  7. 13
    Eastend Jessie's family says:

    We’d like to thank the Sun for splashing a vulgar story about us all over the front page at this, our time of grief.

    We particularly appreciate the empathy Mr M urdoch must feel having his own familial problems such as the squarks of his wife being fawked up the ‘Aris by Blair while the deaf old bastard is still changing his “adult diapers” in the en-suite.


    • 21
      Jessie Slagpants says:

      U you slagging off?


    • 27
      R Hon DC says:

      Who on earth watches that rubbish, besides, it it is on the Beeb which you lot don’t watch or say you don’t


      • 33
        Eastend Jessie's family says:

        We watch it cos our Jessie is in it.

        Well, we don’t really, shouty miserable shit that it is; but we can deduce simply by reading the screenshot of the front page above.


      • 268
        Ophelia Gently says:

        Still maintain that half the country’s ills are down to that wretched programme! Every time I’ve ever inadvertently flicked through it, it’s been 2 characters, toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, SCREAMING at each other. Problem is, the great unwashed think this is real and this is how to behave. But if it keeps the proles happy and undermines the country’s morale it’s OK by the BBC.


        • 311
          Village Idiot says:

          ….I totally agree;it is ,quite simply,a bad example,especially to those that cannot distinguish between fiction and reality!

          Is dirty den still in it,and did ange’get over the fake cancer?


        • 375
          That's very snobby says:

          So when two gangs of social misfits act like imbeciles at PMQs it’s ok ?


          • Ophelia Gently says:

            Not in the slightest. Leadership should come from the top. Besides which, everyone one of those lying troughers need to be introduced to some piano wire with a complimentary free trip to the nearest lamp-post.


  8. 15
    Still on hols down under and its well into February, 29 degrees C today says:

    Is it still raining? Saw some pictures of rain the other day, does it fall from the sky? Not seen the rain this year, arf arf.


    • 32
      R Hon DC says:

      Not where I am, sun shining cool but pleasant don’t know care about Londonistan


      • 148
        Fly on the wall says:

        Judging by the footy on the telly yesterday, it was a lovely sunny day in London, but persisting down in Liverpool.


  9. 18
    We need help says:

    Sunday Politics has that Green thing on, sloping shoulders seem to be the order, but climate change we need to act on, no wonder we have problems.


  10. 20
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    E’mma G’ilpin J’acobs : Was she r’aped or pushed ?


    • 53

      You can imagine it, can’t you?

      They probably all gathered together one weekend, whilst Nick was in Brussels, and banged the shit out of every orifice she possessed. All the old favourites were there my Princess, there is probably a tape if you look far enough.

      Then they decided that she wasn’t much good for any purpose, tried some small boys who happened to be on hand instead (What we stand for explained), and then gave her marching orders along the lines: We have been thinking about your future and want you to get on in life. Have you thought of working for charity?

      Nick comes back and denies all knowledge, you know the form…


      • 118
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        With the tawdry state of the Lib Dems regard for intimate relationships your imagery is not unwarranted.

        Thinking on a slightly higher plane (and as this is a Lib Dem story – that is a stretch), Nick Clegg’s behavior with respect what he was expecting his Director of Comms to deal with perhaps has violated her career in a most bloodied and brutal manner.

        If she hadn’t left, she would have been held to blame. Or – to my original point – is that what has just really happened ?


        • 139

          I have had a history of shocking myself sometimes over what I say and the imagery I use.

          Then, with increasingly shorter intervals, as time progresses, I discover that what I said fell some way short of the mark.

          The old expression known as Murphy’s First Corollary Law, If it can happen then it will, holds as true as it ever did.

          It is where it can happen which is the only variant. Every party is susceptible but, as you have alluded, the Lib Dems are Olympic holders of this territory.

          If that is accepted as a given (and I am sure some would contest it, albeit unconvincingly), then the role Director of Comms is doomed from the moment they decide to recruit for one.


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            I think that even a hardened bastard like Al Campbell may meet his match with this role in the Lib Dems.

            It is a shame we will never find out, seeing as with the blood of the babies he helped to murder still clearly visible up to his elbows, he is perhaps too beyond the pale even for the Lib Dems to hire ?

            Will Clegg risk ridicule and possible criminal prosecution with another ‘I’m sorry’ video ?


          • Solipsism occurs with every politician, it is only the effects which differ. The party system must bear the lion’s share of the blame here.

            Labour are obsessed with controlling people, employing an egalitarian front, and thus enriching themselves. Blair is the extreme exponent of this.

            Lib Dems are obsessed with sexual deviation (to all comers: tell me this is not true!), employing a front which is based on some hazy notion of fairness, except that in the end it is just their fairness-to-self they are interested in.

            Conservatives support the work ethic but, somehow, they have allowed this to become an imprisoning situation rather than a liberating one – probably due to their feeling that they had to be like Blair in order to beat him.

            It is for this very reason that UKIP have become so spectacularly popular.

            We have yet to see, beneath all the breezy and spontaneous approach, how they will respect the truly traditional but carve off the sham totems that have been set up by all three parties over the years. It is too early for them to be talking about that yet. But its day will come. Maybe suddenly.


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            I cannot think of anything which the Lib Dems have really achieved, other than Cables fire sale of the Royal Mail, beyond sexual deviation.

            Conservatives are still stuck in some odd funk. Maybe they have gone down the workhouse road to counter Labour, but as that path is counterproductive and stifles competition in the modern workplace it is an odd decision. Thatcher and the 80s administration had all of this down just right, the fruits of which were enjoyed in the first half of the 90s.

            UKIP will have a lot of tough decisions to make but provided they do not renege on the referendum question there should be no problem. If they do well in the Euro elections (as expected) then having a strong presence in Westminster will actually be in the countries interest.

            Having closer alignment between the state government and the EU Federal representation would help present a more unified face for the UK in Europe. The other member states have been able to take the p!ss in part by playing on the divisions within Westminster and between Westminster and Brussels.

            UKIP will need to call the referendum within one year of 2015 GE – and before that stimulate a proper formal public debate.

            Out of the EU is the way forward, but until that end is reached being stronger within the EU is an improvement as the UK exit should not be perceived as a defeat or a retreat.


          • Gooey Blob says:

            Don’t get your hopes up, Ukip’s best chance of a seat is in Labour’s heartlands. But if Ukippers vote Tory where Tories can win and Tories vote Ukip where Ukip might stand a chance at beating Labour, you never know. They may get a say in the next government. It all remains highly unlikely, however.


          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            Agreed GB – but it is better to think more positively about such an outcome.

            Strictly, no one knows at all what the exact outcome of 2015 will be, assuming it is in fact a free and fair election. That is the nature of elections.

            Being positive about the libertarian party on a libertarian blog shouldn’t be a bad thing. If the trend seen recently continues then there is the possibility of UKIP forming part of the coalition which is likely to emerge if they do not get a majority ;-)


          • Fly on the wall says:

            A free and fair election remains an impossibility until the boundaries are adjusted and postal voting is forbidden completely.


    • 85
      Anonymous says:



  11. 28
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Cameron’s VAT hike has cost pensioners £825 per household as millionaires received a tax cut http://www.itv.com/news/update/2014-02-02/vat-hike-has-cost-pensioner-couples-825-say-labour/


    • 36
      R Hon DC says:

      Gideon and I though it was the right thing to do, make the plebeians pay then there is more for me and my chums, what, what.


    • 97
      Táxpáyér says:

      On the one hand pensioners are the asset richest sector in the country so I can’t really complain, but VAT hurts much more than them, it’s a tax on work (those adding value) so causes unemployment to those who pay off the debts run up by pensioners.


      • 153
        Fly on the wall says:

        If you look a little more carefully I suspect you will find that the majority of pensioners are living debt free having repaid in full what they owed. It is the younger generation who have dug themselves deep in the shit by trying to live beyond their means to impress the Joneses next door.


        • 196
          Middle Income Middle Aged man says:

          They had the advantage of being able to buy houses at three times their income, rather than nine.

          Wonga-types are another kettle of fish.


          • Village Idiot says:

            …..15% interest,no MIRAS, two jobs,overtime,…..it was easy?


          • Ophelia Gently says:

            Agree entirely VI, remember it well. And the diet of bean (singular) on toast.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            You forgot that in general salaries were nine times lower then than they are now. Pensioners were not responsible for the idiocies of the politicians who dispensed with the sensible rules we used to have to operate under.


    • 134
      David Cameron says:

      Goodo! Can’t have my millionaire chums paying tax. That’s for those awful middle classes to do. Just keep up this reporting of people on 100k being filthy rich and we’ll happily carry on taxing them at over 60%.


  12. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Mirror following the sun story

    A veteran entertainer is to be ­arrested by police investigating the Jimmy Savile sex attack scandal.

    The comedian, who is a household name in his 70s, will be held in the next few days over allegations of sexual abuse.

    In a separate development, a second entertainer who was quizzed under caution in November on similar allegations, is also set to be formally arrested.

    The man, in his 80s, is believed to have written to one of his alleged ­victims to express regret.

    A source close to Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree inquiry said: “The latest big name to be ­arrested will be a real shocker to a lot of people. He’s not somebody you would have associated with this sort of thing. The other celebrity will be even more of a surprise.”


    Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook


    • 40

      FFS! The police are becoming more about entertainment than the entertainment industry is.

      Stop these pre-announcements like: “You will be really surprised.” Just get on and do your job properly for a change.

      Then people might begin slowly to regain trust in the police again.


      • 98
        Spoiler Alert! says:

        It’s J i m m y T a r b u c k and C l i f f R i c h a r d.

        The police have pulled both of them in for questioning before and there are rumours all over the internet about them, mostly relating to E l m H o u s e.


        • 124
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Could this be further fallout from J’ohn A’ffleck’s book ?

          The S’tingemore / M’cSweeney trial is coming up soon – that is one to watch.

          R’ichard would probably be able to help with investigations as he was moving in the same circles at the time (as photographs show), but if he was directly involved or not is a whole different question.

          Whoever it was who wrote that letter expressing regret to a victim should be case closed as the apology will constitute an admission of guilt. Which should make it clear why L’ord R’ennard is not budging on that issue.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            So, anyone know when the corrupt and lazy coppers are going to start going after those senior politicians,lawyers and judges we hear about now and then who are alleged to be/have been up to their, er, ears in similar activities.


          • tjf56 says:

            No, they are honourable and square.


        • 216
          Silly Bercow says:

          Hello Spoiler, Sweetheart.

          I think for legal reasons you’d be safer putting a smiley at the end, or a wink.

          What are you doing tonight, Spoiler? My husband, John, The Speaker at the House of Parliaments, is off troughing tonight so I’m free to give you a smiley at *your* end if you like with a nice w*nk. ;)


    • 41
      Eastend Jessie's family says:

      “The latest big name to be ­arrested will be a real shocker to a lot of people. He’s not somebody you would have associated with this sort of thing. The other celebrity will be even more of a surprise.”

      Is this how the plod communicate these days?

      What’s more surprising than a “real shocker”?

      Buy a shit paper tomorrow for the next update.


    • 65
      Slebs dont have D notices says:

      Never mind the stupid slebs. When are the old bill going to go after the politicians?


  13. 31
    David The Goliath of Politics says:

    Well, only another 15 months of pretence to go, by jove time flies. Who would have thought that you could fool all of the people all of the time and do absolutely zilch about anything. Tony was right, the nation is full of half wits, tell `em anything he said, and I did.

    Mr Rumpley, Herman, old boy.. which role shall I perform circa May 2017 when the lecture tours finish?


  14. 34
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    45,597,461 people registered to vote in 2010, 10,703,654 voted Tory, so 76.5% did not vote for Cameron as PM…


    • 42
      Podiceps says:

      And 5,752,381 of those who voted Labour didn’t exist.


      • 90
        Labour Party says:

        10,000,000 voted for us 1945 are dead and buried.


        • 277
          Anonymous says:

          When Blair came to power the Tories got a larger % of the vote. Due to the constituency set up they got many less seats. The same situation arises now where the Tories need to e 6 points ahead of Labour in the polls just to get an equal number of seats.

          So you can take you’re proxy fucking left wing %’s and shove up up your arse.


    • 46
      R Hon DC says:

      Not suprising really, folks are put of from voting because they do not see their lot improving no matter whoever they voted for the previos time proves to be as bad as the previous lot. Londonistan has a very fluid population, a few boroughs lose 50% in one year replaced by the same number.


    • 63
      Stats or percentages says:

      Population 60,000,000 so 1 in 6 not 1 in 4


  15. 37
    Persona non grata says:



  16. 39
    Persona non grata says:

    LibDumbs following official EU policy. http://tinyurl.com/p4tjwfg Anti EU demonstrations in Fr*ance today. The mighty Brussels starting to crap themselves.


    • 45
      Commissioner UpYoursDalors says:

      Yeah, crapping our way all the way to the bank to check our salary, expenses and pensions. What the fuck are you going to do about it? Vote for the Tories? Hahaha. Vote UKIP and let Millionaireband in? Hohohoho.

      Go on, do one! Swivel on this middle digit, sunshine. Now let’s check onto the Ryanair webist — I don’t want to use up too much of my expenses



      • 50
        Persona non grata says:

        This autumn, for the first time, the euro states handed over plans for their national budgets to the EU commission before they showed them to their national parliaments.

        This kind of budgetary supervision goes to the core of the national state, yet there was little debate about it in each of the member states, either when the legislation was in the making or after the fact


        Is this known generally, or has the cat been let out of the bag.


        • 224
          Anonymous says:

          Handed the plans over to a organisation that has had its own accounts fail to pass audits for 20 years.

          I did hear about this but to be honest I thought it had been shelved. If this is the case then we are already in a federal state and just one state in the United States of Europe with an unknown Belgium as its head.


  17. 43
    David The Goliath of Politics says:

    And what will become of Gove? The man has three brains which must be sated.


    • 47
      Red lobster fat union get says:

      `e can come and do the tickets on der stations. `e will be well suited wif a cap on ees bonce.


    • 48
      3 Cheers 4 Gove says:

      Good Bloke.

      Woman Quangoess appointed for 3 years.

      Works her Contract.

      Gove extends her contract while he seeks new HeadQuango.

      Ungrateful Quangoess thinks the world owes her a living and has an attack of the vapours all around Westminster press Luvvie land

      Thus proving Gove was correct not to appoint her for another 3 years


      • 160
        I know my men says Jack D says:

        I can’t see what Laws’s bf seems in the guy.
        Coy David evidently has no balls.


      • 257
        Ma­q­bo­ul says:

        If she were black she’d be screeching racism. She’s been enjoying a nice salary for four meetings a year as chairman and now the party’s over. Back to being a geography teacher in a comprehensive. No wonder she’s miffed.


    • 49
      R Hon DC says:

      Well he will not become PM.


  18. 51
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Apparently, there is a “row” about some Labourite being fired from some quango or other.

    A “row” is media-speak for “shit, there’s absolutely fuck-all happening anywhere; let’s concoct something – anything – to get the punters to read us”.

    I don’t remember the Beeboids complaining in the same way when Bliar created a whole load of pointless quangos and stuffed them all full of Labourites.


    • 54
      A Labour Quango is for Life says:

      The stupid woman is now I hope unemployable.

      Where in her contract did it say that when her contract was over that she must be given a new contract.

      She seems to think that she should be kept on the gravy train for life.

      Good riddance.


      • 74
        Village Idiot says:

        …If lefties’ don’t get their own way,they huff in exasperation!..Harriet did it today,on Marr,and Vic Derbyshire did it the other day on R5!…Could become a good game,wind up a lefty to hear them huff!


      • 89
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        BBC radio and tv in full apoplectic rage as one of their own lefties is given the bullet.Don,t remember them complaining when Bliar was stuffing every public body with his chums and doners,many of who are dug in like limpets.Education standards need to be raised,maybe she was part of the problem?.


        • 175
          Fly on the wall says:

          Yes – she had no balls to stand up the ejekashun sekatree Balls. Good riddance.

          Let’s hope Gove does not appoint somebody from Cambridge or Birmingham who wishes to expunge the apostrophe. Such ignorance of their importance to grammar is an affront to us all – especially as we probably pay their salaries.


        • 230
          Lord Stansted says:

          Rdaio4’s 1pm News was up to form. I distinctly heard Michael Grove say that he was ruling no one out. The BBC translated this to he was ruling no Tory-party donar out. And then the BBC complains when they are accused of bias.


          • hang on a min says:

            I look forward to a full list of all quangos and other bodies,like the BBC and civil service, which have been stuffed full of Labour placemen over the past 20 years.


          • In your fucking dreams says:

            Don’t worry – Dave (ably assisted by Frankie Maude) has made a cast iron commitment to reduce the quangocracy.


  19. 57
    Makes me weep says:

    FFS who’s idea was it first to do away with the rivers board and replace it with a politically biased “environment agency”.

    And then put a Labour gayer in charge who’s only qualification is a PhD thesis on Coleridge and Wordsworth?


  20. 58
    Makes me weep says:

    FFS who’s idea was it first to do away with the rivers board and replace it with a politically biased “environment agency”.

    And then put a Labour gayer in charge who’s only qualification is a PhD thesis on C0leridge and Wordsworth?


    • 66
      appearances says:

      That Smith looks a bit queer.


    • 177
      Fly on the wall says:

      Miss Issippi, I think her name was.


    • 214
      Mr. Maria Eagle says:

      I blame the Tories, whether it was their fault or not. On this occasion, the Tories abolished the National Rivers Authority, while Labour appointed that nice, softly-spoken ‘gay’ person to be head of the Environment Agency. He is of course completely blameless. You, on the other hand, are a homophobe, and should be exterminated without further ado.


    • 236
      Lord Stansted says:

      I hope the good folk of Somerset remember this when the Election arrives – and vote UKIP.


      • 250
        do me a favour says:

        The Environment Agency is totally useless.
        Stuffed full of eco-Labour supporters who are
        more concerned about voles than people.


  21. 68
    Harri Hatefulperson men in particular says:

    As Channel 4’s Jon Snow admits that he thinks about sex every time he meets a woman,………….D T.



    • 78
      Green Party Arched Brows Goddess says:

      Your feelings are not reciprocated. And I thought you were feeling a little queer.


    • 178
      Fly on the wall says:

      Can someone introduce him to our favourite Hippo? That might cool him off a bit.


      • 220
        Silly Bercow says:

        Yes, but he’d still be thinking about sex.

        “What sex is it?” :)

        You know I’m only kidding Di, love. We should meet up do some student bars some night. Woohoo big boys! ;)


    • 282
      Alexsandr says:

      don’t rich people put their coal in sex?


  22. 69
    Village Idiot says:

    …..Andrew Neil,sunday politics,..had a yellow/gold tie on,and,in his jacket ,top pocket,..a purple ,possibly silk,handkerchief!..Which political party colours,are those?


  23. 71
    Anonymous says:

    Sally Morgan a Labourite? you having a fucking laugh,part of the New Labour clique in the Reign of Terror who couldnt give a fuck about working class kids and their education.Is she married to that other fat useless bastard Boulton?


    • 76
      So the Boulton Household is now on Benefits Street says:

      Mrs Boulton Eh? I had no idea. So that’s why she is getting so much attention and sympathy from the Meedia.


      • 83
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        I had never heard of her before all this.


        • 104
          Bilda Berger says:

          I still haven’t heard of her, and I’m grateful for that.


          • Michael Gove says:

            First to arrive. Sits at the back of the class and says nothing. Never raises hand. Never asks to go to the toilet. Last to leave. Wears make up and never in uniform. School report: could do better.


          • Headteacher says:

            I sent her a letter asking her not to come to school anymore. She reached school leaving age thirty years ago.


          • Day time visiting places by social worker says:

            Lots of people like to get out of their houses during the day, even longer.

            Long time get out of the house prefer prison. There’s a bed, TV and three meals provided.

            The get out of the house during the day go to: GP, Hospital, Library, Pub, Shopping Center or sit in a train all day. Sitting in a classroom is new and more are doing it.


      • 184
        Fly on the wall says:

        So does that make him Baron Morgan then?


  24. 73
    Anonymous says:

    No its the other Blairite groupie Anji Hunter.


  25. 75
    HappyUK says:

    Leah McGrath Goodman continues to do sterling work on the Jersey abuse scandal, and was even banned from the island for a while.

    Worth circulating and/or tweeting:



    • 107
      Bilda Berger says:

      What about the Cardigan abuse scandal, which is brewing quietly in the background?


      • 114
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        Oh – that’s just Dave’s latest PR Image – and attempt to connect with middle voters who prefer UKIP.


  26. 81
    Green Party Arched Brows Goddess says:

    Note to all members:

    Comments re Jo`n sn`ow being fully censor`ed.


  27. 86
    Sally Morgan's Bottom Line says:

    the bottom line is that she has not been so darned good that there is an unanswerable case for keeping her on. She was a political apparatchik appointed to a political job, and she’s served out her term. All her present fuss suggests is that she is yet another member of the unelected political class who doesn’t want to hand over the perks of easily obtained office.



  28. 92
    Ah! dear says:

    Eighty odd comments and not one of sympathy for the Dying Stepdad.

    What an unfeeling lot you are.


    • 138
      New York Times says:

      I agree

      And what about Woody Allen abusing his stepdaughter

      Much more relevant

      Or Roman Polanski raping a teen?


    • 209
      The state of affairs says:

      You are obviously not living in 21st Century Britain…where people don’t actually give a fuck or conversely they pile up masses of floral tributes; cuddly toys in the streets in a maudlin sentimental display of faux grief which is actually more about them than the victim


    • 273
      Eastend Jessie's family says:

      Check my earlier post.

      Anyway we do not know anyone on this list and do not come here looking for memorials, any more than to see nasty tabloid covers of Geedo’s boss’s tat for sale


  29. 93
    Sally Morgan says:

    I’m a good person! And I’m friends with decent people! Like this decent, honourable chap.


  30. 94
    tachybaptus says:

    U turn if you want to.. the lady is not for turning..Thatcher

    UKIP if you want to.. frankly I’ll go anywhere that keeps me in power…Cameron.

    If a UKIP councillor thinks flooding is caused by gay marriage.. who am I to argue?..

    Big Dave’s Manifesto 2015.


    • 129

      Pathetic! We all know you are a troll.


    • 300
      Jack Ketch says:

      That UKIP Councilor may have been on to something. Labour Peer and ex-Labour Cabinet Minister, Chris Smith, Chairthing of the Environment Agency is not only “One of Them “–he has gone and contracted HIV. There is nothing on hid wiki entry that expains how he caught it–possibly it was the environment.


  31. 96
    Persona non grata says:

    Belgium kicks out over 2000 interlopers for being too much of a burden on the state. http://tinyurl.com/o9oqblp If Belgium can do this, why can’t the UK?


    • 103
      Táxpáyér says:

      Exactly. I saw that a while ago and asked why.

      The answer is simple. Political classes are on the end of the rents. Immigrants in => Taxpayer pays their rent => Rents are paid to politically connected.

      Hence the rather low-key coverage of a south coast MP…


    • 105
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Precedent is set. Now what is the next excuse from the UK Home Office going to be ?


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      this government ( unlike the last) doesvand consistently but its not shown on the BBC unless they can find an angle to attack the coalition in general and the Tories in particular.


    • 111
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      The most portent aspect of that report:

      Most of the notices have been sent to R’omanians and Bulgarians. Third and fourth are people from Spain and Italy respectively.

      “You have the right to go to another EU country and stay there for up to three months without any obligations and also without any rights to claim benefits during these three months. Up to six months, you can stay only if you really can prove that you are looking for a job actively in this other EU state. And afterwards you cannot stay unless you have the financial means to support yourself and you have comprehensive sickness insurance,” spokesperson for the European Commission Mina Andreeva told euronews.

      So – from the commission itself, the open borders policy for relocation in Europe is fundamentally different to the model in the US and is mislabeled such thing.

      That being that you do not have the right to go to another member state and become homeless, or access certain basic state provided services.

      There is no further point the UK remaining in the EU.


    • 190
      Fly on the wall says:

      “They have been sent letters asking them to leave…”

      If Theresa and co did that here the letters would doubtless get lost in the post or be returned marked ‘unknown at this address’.


  32. 117
    Genghiz the kahn says:

    Cameron’s been at the Hollande X Bitter.


    Saw it on TV therefore I want to make it policy.

    The trouble is he sounds like a PR spiv without any substance.

    Even the Mail have picked up his ‘evidence’ is based on watching TV.


    • 121
      The Boy Plunger says:

      I am shorting Royal Mail shares because they are going to belly flop.


    • 125

      He should get out more.

      Go to the pub or something, :-)


    • 131
      Duty Pedant says:

      Sounds like ?


      • 145
        Genghiz the kahn says:

        Mr Terrance Fook-Whit late of Viz magazine.

        If Cameron’s case for intervention is based on his TV watching, it makes me wonder if he did Media Studies at some obscure poly.

        He’ll probably want to ban swords and longbows cos he saw Robin Hood at the cinema.


        • 162
          In Dave's defence says:

          Dave does have a double first in PPE from Oxford, and a taxpayer funded TV License.

          Word is he might be a Guardian reader as well.

          However – he did not do media studies so such talk of Dave taking his queues from the Telly are wrong because that is way outside his pay grade. There perhaps should be a public inquiry though to find out ?


          • In Dave's defence says:

            cues even…


          • Fly on the wall says:

            As a thicky who did not go to uni 60 years ago (like most of my generation) may I ask how one can get a double first for the same subject? Did he do two courses? Because if so they must have both been very easy – or he was there for a very long time before being let loose on the world.


          • Well I never did !!! says:

            A “Double First” can refer to First-Class Honours in two separate subjects, e.g., Classics and Mathematics, or in Cameron’s case Politics, Philosophy and Economics(PPE).

            There is of course absolutelyno truth to the old canard that in the past “Dons” used the unusual technique of deciding the class of honours that students were awarded for their degree was to stand at the top of the staircase with the students final dissertatiion and throw the whole bundle down the stairs..the ones that stayed on the first step were awarded “First”; the ones that made it half way down ” Upper Second”, the ones that went half way down the next few stairs “Lower Second”; the ones that landed at the bottom “Third”. This is just an urban myth fed to new students


          • Dave the student says:

            I coughed up phlegm and spread it all over the papers with my name on. When thrown they stuck to the hand. I came top every time.


          • Bravenose Burser says:

            Don’s pet


  33. 120
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “The World This Weekend from the BBC. Hello. The headlines this lunchtime: Tory row, Tory row, Tory row, Tory row, Tory row, Syria, Syria, Syria, Syria, David Milliband who was OF COURSE Foreigh Secretary, Tory row, Tory row. And that’s the World This Weekend.”

    FUCK OFF!!! :-)


  34. 122
    Chazza says:

    Anyone denying these floods are not connected to globule warming change is a complete nutter, fruitcake and headless chicken, as I told my begonias this morning.


    • 133
      David Cameron's gut says:

      Definitely not punishment for gay marriage, or the environment agency, must be global warming. I believe the science is settled…


    • 140
      Tom from Burnham on Sea says:

      But it always floods near me when it rains a lot this time of year and I am not a nutter.


      • 155
        Wurzel says:

        Having grown up in that area, have noticed the distinct lack of Zummerzet accents in the flood victims.


        • 171
          Dean from Tawnton says:

          They were all bought out at stupidly high prices from outsiders who are now realising they bought a chez nous below sea level.


          • Wurzel says:

            I see,a bit like those a**hole couples who go on Escape to the Country and say they want a place with 5 bedrooms, for some reason, and a paddock for Jacintha’s pony. They then usually pronounce that the kitchen the size of a football pitch is a bit too small.


        • 246
          Somerset Council Leader who is working says:

          Every time it floods the population mysteriously drops, especially the young and short. We think some of the houses have become empty because of this and squatters have moved in.

          Its the squatters who are complaining.

          We don’t want there sort in the county.


    • 161
      Dave the Windmiller says:

      My Gut feeling is that the Trace God of CO2 is unhappy with mankind and is sending a great Global warming amongst us.

      To appease Trace Gas God I am going to erect in his Name, Great white Whirly edifices through out the Land and over the seas. That should keep Trace Gas God Happy and if it doesn’t then nothing lost except taxpayer money and jobs.


      • 254
        EUHATER says:

        The reason for the floods is simple , some dam fool in the Environment Agency allowed himself to be blackmailed by the ecolunatics and bunny huggers into stopping the dredging that has drained the levels for about three hundred years,
        The same type of idiots who were convinced that because of global warming it is no longer necessary to stock pile rock salt and maintain snow ploughs , we all know what happened then.


    • 204
      Village Idiot says:

      ….There has always been climate change,whether man has had a negative effect is not explained properly!..Planes at 30,000ft ,belching exhaust cannot be a good thing,but,a few volcanoes erupting and spewing their ash and gases,must also have a considerable effect on climate!…In my opinion,the argument should also be about clean air and minimising air pollution,visible and invisible!…All forms of modern pollution should be worked on to limit their effects on our health!
      …Because, “Sometimes,all I need is the air…….”


    • 386
      Táxpáyér says:

      Thick-Charlie does believe in homoeopathy…

      So it’s no surprise he thinks homoeopathic changes in plant-food concentrations can kill the planet.


  35. 136
    David Cameron's Political Strategy says:


  36. 142
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    So they are now fighting in the Ministry of Education?

    Well it is the pupils I feel sorry for.


  37. 147
    David "my boyfriend wants the rent" Laws says:

    I am outraged that the nasty Tories are trying to replace all the lackeys put in place by the last Labour governments.


    • 158
      Fishy says:

      You’ve got to laugh. The not so Independent screams that the Tories are politicising education. ..this after 50 years of Marxist/Trotskyist infiltration that has destroyed our education system.

      We’ve had years of what amounts to political child abuse and when someone sorts it out the lefties hate it.

      This on the same day that McClunky says he’s a force for good!

      Must be fantasy February.


    • 168
      £400, 000 I stole says:

      Is this a new way of looking at a rent boy?


    • 200
      Fly on the wall says:

      His landlord has just doubled the rent!


  38. 150
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    The story of the century so far is the the row between Laws and Gove. That is why every news bulletin repeats it ad nauseam just so that the plebs get the message thathe coalition is cracking up.


    • 152
      The Faceless controller says:

      It is a great shame that the BBC does not publish the name of the duty news producer who decides what the station is to lead with.


    • 198
      The rule of thumb for BBC says:

      When fact becomes legend print[broadcast] the legend….


      • 235
        Anonymous says:

        BBC news

        Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman told the Andrew Marr Show she was concerned that many of those losing their posts were “senior authoritative women, all being replaced by men”.

        “It’s like it is raining men in the Conservative Party.”

        Mr Gove responded by pointing out that he had not only appointed Baroness Morgan in the first place, but had also appointed women to other senior positions.

        He then hit back by reminding Ms Harman that the Conservatives had had a woman prime minister, and said the Labour Party were dominated by trade unions, such as Unite which he joked was “led by feminist hero Len McCluskey” and Paul Kenny from the GMB “who’s been getting in touch with his softer side over the weekend”.


    • 253
      Lord Stansted says:

      Our mission: To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.

      Our vision: To be the most creative organisation in the world.

      Our values: Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest.


      I could go on, but the crap is here:



  39. 151
    Space: The final frontier says:


    • 159
      Hari's Column says:

      I wonder where Andrew lifted that peice from then?


      • 173
        Captain Kirk says:

        “Goes Boldly” Chuka!


        • 202
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Chucka just copied the grammatically incorrect headline from the article he was sending out under his own name rather than simply re-tweeting.

          The Guardian obviously consider it fine to split the infinitive.

          There could be an argument that in a tweet, as Chuka is quoting within what could be considered his own headline, single quotes should have been used as opposed to double quotes.

          The use of the | is dodgy. Why not a : ?

          “excellent” should maybe have had a capital E.


        • 308
          Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

          Mixing his allusions: Star Trek and E.M.Forster.


    • 170
      Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far to the left says:

      There is grave disturbance in the force…


      • 186
        Every good wish for the most severe of illnesses Jack ... you deserve them says:

        I guess he’s looking for sympathy for his terrible depressions.

        imo, they are not terrible enough.


        • 276
          Anonymous says:

          Owen fucking jones is so wet behind the ears and naive he has no idea how double faced straw has been throughout his entire career. Jones and straw will do well together then as the babe looks like following his conniving master.


      • 192
        Joss Ayinglike says:

        Jack ‘guile and low cunning’ Straw is hopefully the last Straw.


      • 264
        but more importantly says:

        Anyone and everyone would have done a better job than Gordon Brown.


      • 407
        Is talking a real job ? says:

        Here’s a clue young boy.
        Politicians have all the answers when in opposition or selling their book but haven’t a clue when in Government.


    • 199
      Once a decade it appears says:

      One member one vote.
      One member one interview.

      30 members interviewed or appear on TV a day,
      that’s 10,000 members a year
      Umunna comes out of his house once a decade.


  40. 167
    UKIP or bust says:

    Has Haricot Harm’man’s hatred of men come about because of that screwfaced Dromey bitch, or was it always a man hater?


    • 180
      Jack Dromey aka Harman says:

      I hope she gets more bookings on the Andrew Marr show. That’s the first quiet Sunday lie in I’ve had in ages.

      I did feel just a bit sorry for Michael and Andrew though as she’s got a tongue like sandpaper, as they found out.


    • 225
      The British media are scum says:

      The men hating lesbian left did a deal about 30 years ago, when they couldn’t get power by being openly men hating (the Linda Bellos lot that Ken Livingturd promoted at the GLC), they all decided the secret was to fight from within, so they decided to ‘sleep with the enemy’.

      Check out the BBC series ‘lefties’ that had an episode dedicated to these lesbians (and Harman is a lesbian) that openly talked of exterminating men back in the 70’s, they were a really nasty piece of work and all ended up in the Labour party or the BBC.


  41. 172
    Joined up thinking ? Try joined up writing first says:

    ^^ Mong ^^


  42. 174
    Maxie says:

    Kerry Katona facing bankruptcy for the 3rd time?
    Hang on in there luv, I’m on your side.


  43. 179
    Meanwhile, in a galaxy far far to the left says:

    Since Mos Eisley introduced the no contact policy and smoking ban, times have been tough for some…


  44. 181
    Fool Len Angel says:

    Unite waved off well paid jobs from Ford in Southampton to Turkey without making a fuss because our EU masters said so.


  45. 222
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    All the Clements’ family have always voted Labour and always will.


    • 242
      Don't give enough says:

      You get a better longer service in a Labour constituency.


      • 247
        Long John Silver's parrot says:

        If you mean to say that Socialists are opportunistic scroungers from the State then why don’t you just say it?


        • 255
          All socialists are hypocrites says:

          The fact is that it’s advantageous for Labour to keep their “client state” dependent on them and there are very many long standing Labour areas that are some of the most deprived in the country and whose local and national politicians have done fuck all to improve the lot of people living there for decades in some cases and yet they STILL weigh the Labour vote rather than count it and for all the faux outrage about millionaires and bankers and the like it is also a truism that such people as these benefit more under a Tory government than a Labour one.

          AND I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and was brought up in a council estate in the 50’s in a deprived area where my parents didn’t have two ha’apennies to rub together BUT I have never and will NEVER EVER vote Labour and I certainly would never vote for the present leadership of champagne public schoolboy , university metropolitan-centric hypocrites playing at socialism but doing fuck all at the end of the day for the people they say they represent


          • altruism in industry says:

            the thing is in some future time not so far from now robots will do all the production and a genetically engineered mix of an avocado and a steer will feed, exercise and then propel themselves to the butcher robot with minimal self awareness. In this scenario there must be either a socialist state or 6 billion unnecessary people.
            love and kisses


          • altruism in industry says:

            of course, for me, the ideal scenario would be a reduction in the global population by 95% and the Earth returned to a more innocent state. It would be so much fun (knowing what we know now) for guys to be hunter gatherers living in high tech caves.


          • Anonymous says:

            Labour the party for scroungers!


          • altruism in industry says:

            I think anonymous is equating scrounging with hunter gathering. Jack Straw ridiculed hunter gathers but I do not think people who live in cities really comprehend how food comes to be.
            If I could explain. organisms obtain energy from the sun and from ingesting other stuff then we come along and steal all the energy that they have and all the energy that they will ever have, it is a serious thing killing a thing. And we use that energy to exist, we steal the energy of other sentient things ( a vegetable is sentient ) in order to survive,
            That is all that it is about surviving and procreating.
            That can be done in any century the trappings are largely immaterial there will always be a future tech, the universe is infinite not fixed. So why don’t we do what is fun with the planet instead of fucking about ?


          • Anonymous says:

            Well said sir


          • Cassandra says:

            Fiona Miller labour luvvie (living with Alastair Campbell, more labour rubbish) on bbc last week – “Politicians are not there to do what the public want.”

            Honestly, I kid you not. (Today programme.)


          • altruism in industry says:

            I didn’t really finish making my point.
            As we steal the energy from other life it is more beneficial for our prey and ourselves if our prey is wild rather than the meek, antibiotic riddled creatures that we breed for food. How much more fun would it be to have to put your life on the line everyday to provide for your family in a fair fight with ( and your superior weaponry) food


          • Táxpáyér says:

            >Labour areas that are some of the most deprived in the country

            They are not deprived! No-one deprived them of anything, in fact they’re living in areas that deprive workers outside them of half their pay!


  46. 237
    Herman von Rentboy says:

    Paterson, Paterson, CP man,
    Foul up the drainage as fast as you can;
    Clog up the culverts and fill them with silt,
    Your prize waits in Brussels, to hell with your guilt.


  47. 238
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Alright ! Alright ! Alright !

    I’ll get my coat then.

    Latest Electoral Calculus projection for GE2015
    http://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/homepage.html pic.twitter.com/EY46vABkQD


    • 243
      Nick Clegg says:

      Are you ok? Should I send help?


    • 262
      Gooey Blob says:

      What would Electoral Calculus have said in 1982 or 1986? Fifteen months to go and Labour’s lead is barely a lead at all. Foot and Kinnock were miles ahead of where Ed is at the same point in the electoral cycle.

      Come the election, Labour will be lucky to scrape 200 seats unless they change Miliband. They still have their fingers in their ears.


    • 269
      Mandy Madoff Blair says:

      We are waiting for you Dave

      £10 million per annum no questions asked

      JP Morgan have only paid $23 billion in fines – so far

      You can see the money tree is still producing

      PS we can double that if you want to pimp in Central Asia like I do


  48. 252
    altruism in industry says:

    Surely the Scots can use bitcoins as their national currency ?


  49. 274
    Joss Ayinglike says:



  50. 278
    Anonymous says:

    6 nations and Ireland beat Scotland 28-6

    Supporting Scotland is like being the optimistic parents of the fat kid at sports day.


  51. 284
    Dodgy David Laws says:


    • 287
      Anonymous says:

      I don’t know why anybody bothers to listen to Labour as it is always opposite to what they say
      They are quite simply liars and supported to the nth degree then in their own and some others eyes makes it fact

      It remains lies


      • 301
        For REAL lying, look here says:

        Lie 1: Three days before the election, David Cameron: “Any cabinet minister . who comes to me and says ‘Here are my plans’ and they involve front-line reductions, they’ll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again”.

        Lie 2: A month before the election, David Cameron: “Our plans involve cutting wasteful spending, Our plans don’t involve an increase in VAT.”

        Lie 3: The coalition agreement: “We will stop top-down reorganisation of the NHS.”

        Lie 4: The coalition agreement: We will guarantee that health spending increases in real terms.”

        Lie 5: Two months before the election, from David Cameron: “I wouldn’t change child benefit, I wouldn’t means test it. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

        Lie 6: Michael Gove, just before the election: “Ed Balls keeps saying that we are committed to scrapping EMA. I have never said this. We won’t.”

        Lie7: Liam Fox: “a bigger army for a safer Britain”, but it now loses 7,000 soldiers.

        Lie 8: In October 2009 George Osborne said: Retail banks should stop paying out significant cash bonuses. A year later, he opposed an updated EU Capital Requirement Directive intended to limit them.
        In 2013 he took a plane to Europe in bid to block a Europe-wide cap on bankers’ bonuses

        Lie 9: David Cameron: “Yes, we back Sure Start. It’s a disgrace that Gordon Brown has been trying to frighten people about this.” Yet the government’s Early Intervention Grant means a reduction of £1.4 billion in the amount given to early intervention programmes. As a result,More than 400 Sure Start children’s centres have closed during the first two years of coalition government.

        Lie 10 No cuts in tax credits for families with an income of less than £50,000;

        Lie 11 prison for anyone carrying a knife;

        Lie 12 no cuts to the navy;

        Lie 13 keeping the child trust fund for the poorest third of families;

        Lie 14 no hospital closures;

        Lie 15 3000 more midwives since 2010 they’ve created 1000. Lowering the shortage from 6,000 to 5,000.


  52. 288
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I just emailed my application form for the dominatrix club…

    I got an instant reply thanking me for my submission.


  53. 293
    Ugly American Kerry says:

    Hello boys

    Just calling in to tell you all that we support the “opposition” in Ukraine

    Of course, like in Syria, we do not know who they are

    But after all our glorious victories in Irak, Afghanisan and Libya

    We need more violence and policeman on fire and, above all, a civil war in Ukraine

    We are the neocons


  54. 295
    altruism in industry says:

    who doesn’t like a western ?



    in these iconic films is represented the freedom of the human spirit and that’s spirit’s lust for fairness and fun in society.
    This is our gift from America.
    A free people who are inherently pals


    • 316
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Hollywood are working on fixing that.

      See “Man of Steel” as a case in point.

      Sociopathic Superman who goes in for mass killing in order to do good ?

      Wrong. ** shakes head ** Just wrong…


  55. 298
    Crime spotter says:


    Interesting to see you are promoting a convicted felon Conrad Black

    He has just been kicked out of the Order of Canada and Canadian Privy Ciuncil as well (wiki)

    How much has he paid you?


  56. 299
    altruism in industry says:

    do you know ? I would rather hear a miserable politician trying, with saintly patience ( how do they stay focused ?) than these shouty fuckwits that seem to be about on the wireless. I think shouty means you’ve lost and I notice it is always the lefties who are shouting, shouting down, why is that ?


    • 492
      Fly on the wall says:

      You cannot possibly enjoy watching or listening to the Hippo. She must have gone to RADA to perfect her bullshitting techniques.


  57. 304
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Here’s a cheery Sunday thought for you…I would almost welcome a comet spotted a week away from Earth that was going to wipe us out…just to see these fuckers realise that all there money and tax havens wouldn’t mean a fucking thing.

    Come on comet…where are you? Come get us!


    • 326
      Milliband and his millionaire flunkys on the front bench says:

      O goth!! all my money gone . It ith a terwibble Thame if I thstop being a hypocritical Millionaire


  58. 305
    nell says:

    Talking of shouty – the libdems making loads of fuss about michaelgove getting rid of labour guango appointees seem to be shotting themselves in the foot.


  59. 309
    Eric Pickles says:

    I find it sexually abhorrent, the way this government treats the Trade Unions.


  60. 310
    altruism in industry says:

    In the situation we find ourselves in now what shall we do ?
    We are surrounded by idiots ( usually low life scum johnny foreigner) who is moaning and complaining about this and that.
    Christ what is the point of these people who come here to moan and complain, perhaps it would be better for everybody if johnny foreigner fucked off somewhere else without compensation for property ?


    • 323
      Desperate Dave says:

      I quite agree

      Let’s bomb Syria

      That will make you all feel better

      Or would yoy prefer to bomb Paris?


      • 328
        Saint Tony says:

        I bombed bagdad but it didn’t work


      • 330
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        Brussels would be a better start Dave.

        Then the chunnel, before you start on Par!s.

        Just ensure you wipe your seat down before handing it over to Nigel.

        Leave Syr!a alone. Mr Put!n has that under control.


  61. 329
    (Hopefully) The last Straw (in the HoC ) says:


    • 334
      You're all wrong, Jack says:

      Time to bring back stubble-burning.


    • 350
      Economist correspondent says:

      There are no English people left in his constituency already

      Vote Labour for the end of England


    • 382
      Not worth a shit says:

      I would suggest that Straw holds much the same view about the Iraqi people.

      Have a deep, deep depression Jack and never come out of it. Make someone happy.


    • 402
      Táxpáyér says:

      Straw isn’t the first oikophobe but he was one of the first to feel confident enough to talk about his racism.


    • 470
      FFS says:

      I don’t think he actually said it. It appears to have been a myth spread by the B & P.

      Unless someone can find the original quote somewhere with context?


  62. 331
    Anonymous says:


  63. 333
    Lord Levy-Cashpoint says:

    Thank you for promoting me, son

    As you know, I brought peace to the Middle East (working for Mossad)

    And my protege the Grinning Wonder has continued to make war and claim it is peace

    We are far down the road with doublespeak

    The Grinning One is a world hero and I organised it all, of course


  64. 340
    Abbott the Hippo Critter says:


    • 347
      Anonymous says:

      Sums the hypocritical woman up to a tee. You can only say what we allow you to say.


      • 358
        EUHATER says:

        Only the vilest obscene perversions are allowed to express an opinion


        • 451
          Pizza Fetishist says:

          I want big Pizza’s with large boxes and monster cocks on the side of London Transport buses, trains and shit now, and my name is not Bor!s.

          Hold the ball gag.


    • 404
      Táxpáyér says:

      You can only have free speech if you agree with what I say….


    • 493
      Acne Marshes says:

      Hippos live in water – so can it be arranged for her to be thrown off Westminster bridge at high tide. Londoners won’t mind a small tsunami for an hour or two.


  65. 341
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    Honestly never been so angry at anything other than just finding out that half of #benefitsstreet are in court this week. Actually just cried.


  66. 345
    Afro Centric Male and a Browning Male. Diane Abbott says:


  67. 349
    Puzzled of Oswestry says:

    The Site identified by the Labour woman as the scene of fly tipping, looks like a post box to me.


  68. 356
    Dave chillaxing says:

    I was Rabbed this week

    Things like that never happened on the playing fields of Eton

    I feel I am becoming a Mexican General


  69. 362
    altruism in industry says:

    Well fuck you “Misteress and misteressses; Traitors to the Engleeeeesh” you have been found out.
    your days are numbered
    “and good sense and peacefulness prevailed throughout all of the land”


  70. 364
  71. 371
  72. 373
    Jack says:

    Why the reference to the old post from Conrad Black’s lawyer?

    When this up to date and very different?



  73. 380
    Bachelor Boy says:

    I so love Cliff.


  74. 383
    'Dodgy' Dave' Laws says:

    Fifth woman accuses Rennard in new blow to Clegg



  75. 385
  76. 387
    White Dee says:

    I’m might use some of me bennies to get a tattoo of Ed Miliband on me arse. Whadyathink?


  77. 422
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    The bleating Diane Abbott and her labour colleagues think that putting up the tax rate to 50p will not drive high earners/buisnesses/entrepreneurs away from the UK.
    This is not only hypocritical of labour, but shows how they are heading back to the 1970’s with their thinking. That was then but we are now global, labours target can and will move.
    Ummuna indicated that the 50p will only be temporary. Does that mean it will go even higher, 60p, 70p, 75p? Do not assume labour mean that the rate will drop.


  78. 428
    Tony Blair - Stand Up says:

    - How many !raqi’s can you kill with a cluster bomb ?

    – Lots !


  79. 431
    tn02 says:

    I expect that quisling traitorous c’unt miliband is wetting his pants at the prospect of watching the Superbowl tonight.

    Doesn’t like English beer, doesn’t like English football.

    He obviously hates all things English.


    • 438
      Papa Miliband says:

      He’s a chip off the old block.


    • 440
      Time for a change of country says:

      Miliband can legally put him self forward for election in Belgium, Poland and Scotland (if registered as living there may 2014) and maybe Russia (as plenty of his relatives have lived there when Stalin was all powerful). Anywhere else?


    • 462
      Is he British? says:

      Miliband does not endear himself to sport played in the British Isles.


    • 463
      Miliband prefers Country and Weston says:

      Favourite music? Not his thing.


    • 465
      Educational Interests says:

      Anything Daddy – MARXISM
      Daddies Best Friend – Benn – Soviet controlled Unions
      Harvard ?
      Oxford PPE Philosophy nothing English
      Politics see above
      Economics see above
      Recent influences EU, Which + CAB well there’s something English


  80. 433
    Ah! who says:

    And now over to John Someone in new york.

    So Philip Seymore and More

    How dead is he?


  81. 439

    “There is a principle across government that there should be no automatic appointment and that after three years or four years – whatever the term is – it is appropriate to bring a fresh pair of eyes. That is good corporate practice.”

    [michael gove, secretary of state for education, 2010 – 2014]


  82. 441
    Save yourself a trip to the newsagents and find out all the latest gossip says:

    My Packy news vendor says the gossip is shite


    • 447
      available later on in the chippy says:

      It takes three minutes to read The Sun including master Fawkes rabid column. Put it back pristine looking (unread) and your newsagent won’t mind.


  83. 443

    How are the IT people I recommended to you for your comments section working out?


  84. 448
    Lateral Thought says:

    Powerful reasons not to donate to cancer causes:

    i) Politicians may get cancer – who wants them to survive ?

    ii) The Macmillan nurses ad, where the ugly daughters are kissing mum saying that if it wasn’t for Macmillan she would die alone. (WTF!?!)

    iii) It’s a waste of money. From a utility point of view, a pack of cigarettes is much more beneficial.


    • 476
      FFS says:

      Still not found a cure have they?

      Could this be because they have found a number of rather lucrative “therapies”?

      Notice how they seem to have lost interest in finding a cure for AIDS since working out some rather lucrative long-term therapies.


  85. 449
    Mehdi Hassan says:

    Super Bowl tonight.

    Owen Jones is probably watching this with a box of tissues and Vaseline.


  86. 453
    The British media are cunts says:

    So another arty farty lefty luvvie dies from drugs and the entire media are cying like 6 week old babies.

    Fucking pathetic.


  87. 455
    Anonymous says:


  88. 460
    Ah! who? says:

    Beloved pop star ‘abused 10-year-old boy': Alleged victim and witness have spoken to Savile police officers
    Accuser claims he was abused when he was just 10, it has been reported
    A witness to the alleged attack has also spoken to police officers
    The famous singer has not been identified for legal reasons

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2550486/Beloved-pop-star-abused-10-year-old-boy-Alleged-victim-witness-spoken-Savile-police-officers.html#ixzz2sDBdlNDx
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


  89. 461
    Trouble at Mill says:


  90. 466
    Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

    Two Jags to Two-faced LibDem…..


    • 478
      The Dutch Ambassador says:

      We thought it wouldl be nice to commemorate the most successful Dutchman in England.


      • 495
        Acne Marshes says:

        That accolade has already been taken by Denis Bergkamp, so you can F R O…


        • 498
          The Dutch Ambassador says:

          Bergkamp was working for a Frenchman and never managed as well as Clegg has in reducing the English Navy to the status of a rowing boat with no oars.


  91. 480
    Non taxable pikey says:

    25 degrees C and sunny in HK. Hear it’s a bit damp in the UK. Still the Somerzet Wetlands Park needs the water…
    Let me know when it warms up and dries out a bit, I’ll persuade Ms Wendi to let me come home so I can cast my vote in the Euro election. I’ll bring a few postal votes with me too, just to even up the score for Nige.


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