January 31st, 2014

Wharton Bill Dead

Labour and LibDem peers have voted 180-130 to adjourn the Wharton bill, effectively rendering the attempt to secure a referendum dead. So no law requiring a referendum in 2017, unless the Tories decided to invoke the Parliament Act. Incidentally, the Euro elections are in 111 days…



  1. 1
    Anonymous says:



    • 6
      lolwut says:

      It’s ok guys we can trust them AMIRITE?



    • 14
      Happily escaped says:

      Phew. Have been living happily abroad for a couple of years now under EU freedom of movement. Thought those chinless f*ckers were going to drag me back to Shitain kicking and screaming. Thank God for that.


      • 28
        JH3492384923056 says:

        I don’t remember having my movements limited prior to the EU. Wave my lovely black passport in a customs officer’s face, and on I went.

        Oh well.


        • 35
          Happily escaped says:

          You try permanently settling in a country like France or Germany without an EEA country passport. Almost impossible. Years waiting time, regular immigration status reviews, language examinations, loyalty tests etc. etc.


          • The British Public says:

            Which no doubt you would pass, being loyal to the EU and not your fellow countrymen.


          • Mornington Crescent says:

            I did just that and was welcomed in.

            Why? Because I was solvent, had a job, had no criminal record and spoke the language fluently.

            What’s wrong with that?


          • Noneofthem says:

            “Years waiting time, regular immigration status reviews, language examinations, loyalty tests etc. etc.”

            We should have all those here to keep out the foreign terrorists who still have a right to a family life, whilst they plot how to destroy us.


    • 30
      Robert says:

      Wait for a political masterstroke. If Cameron times it right he can get maximum mileage out of using the parliament act


      • 40
        Engineer says:

        Yes, please.

        If it was appropriate to invoke it for the Hunting Act, it’s appropriate for a bill giving us a referendum on how Britain is governed.


      • 56
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        So the unelected Liberal and Labour Lords have decided that the British people
        are not entitled to a referendum to decide our future in Europe . And they
        call this democracy .


        • 145
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          Politicians protecting a political project designed to enrich politicians at the expense of the plebs. Who would have fucking thought it. I doubt that has ever happened before.


      • 98
        Anonymous says:

        “A political masterstroke….” by Cameron….

        That’s got to be the funniest bloody comment on this website today.

        The only stroke that dirty quisling Cameron will pull is a vinager one, thinking about his beloved EU paymasters.


      • 121
        UKIP Hillingdon says:

        You’re confusing “a political masterstroke” with “stroking a political master”.


    • 36
      Socialists, coming to street near you says:


    • 46
      The British Public says:

      You cannot deny the people their voice. That way lies revolution.


      • 74
        rick says:

        Cannot agree. Since ww2 the British people’s voice has been ignored and treated with contempt by governments of every colour. From Capital Punishment to mass immigration only the wishes of the ruling elite has ever mattered – the average Brit is far too cowardly and comfortable to make any kind of fuss.


        • 146
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          Internet changes everything.

          Why do you think the ruling elite are so keen on Twitter? It is dominated by a small demographic that generally agrees with the establishment view. Hence Twitter has become like the BBC. Nobody with a mind to resist the bollocks of political correctness and right on idiocy goes near Twitter or the BBC.

          The great and the good have lost the immunity that print only press run by friends and weak enemies afforded them. Today we rip the fcuk out of the bastards on here and everywhere else day by day. The bastards have squirmed for it too.

          We don’t have to revolt. We are too savvy and civilised to bring out the pitchforks.

          We just need to vote UKIP.


    • 118
      lojolondon says:

      Nevermind, we will vote with our feet – vote UKIP.


    • 128
      Marty Caine says:

      It was all part of the plan from day one, the two previous occasion that bill was put through on both occasion it never got passed stage 2, the first failed to pass stage 1 and that is normally a formality. Cameron promises something he doesn’t want and Lab & Libs block it, they are all in it together.


    • 154
      Anonymous says:

      Dont believe the twat

      or this


  2. 2
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Am voting – for one time only – UKIP. Need to send a message to the Left, the Whitehall establishment and Brussels.

    If we can’t decide, the EU elections will at least let us speak.


    • 18
      And me says:



      • 33
        Gilbert Fiddler says:

        Oh yes, UKIP all the way from now on!

        I reckon several more seats will see off Cameron and all his posturing on this issue.


        • 147
          Intellectual Pygmy says:

          We’ve had the usual suspects managing the decline of GB for so long, and has much as they would like us to think things are getting better, they are not.

          They are trying to destroy Britain as a sovereign nation.

          Vote UKIP


    • 135
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Yep I will be doing UKIP in the European elections because that greasy spiv Cameron needs to be sent a message.

      How he responds to the message he is going to get will determine how I vote in 2015.

      His track record gives me little hope.


  3. 3
    Border Terrier says:

    Futile effort by James Wharton, as he always knew it would be. Silly boy.


  4. 4
    Gordon Brown says:

    And remember pond life. Nothing you think/say/want/aspire to is actually subject to legitimate expectation.

    Nada, Zilch, SFA

    Do we make ourselves clear? KAPEESH


  5. 5
    Oswald Mosley says:

    Fuck the EU

    Fuck foreigners

    Fuck the Jocks

    Vote UKIP for an independent and totally isolated England


    • 11
      The prisons are full of foreigners which suggests we're not being enriched. says:

      .. that happens to trade with the entire world without limitations imposed by Brussels.



    • 13
      Paniagua V5.1 says:

      No Mr Clegg, just fuck you.


    • 102
      Anonymous says:


      You dont know what your talking about.

      UKIP would prefer to see the Scots stay in the UK.

      You must be Lynton Crosby with poo in your pants.


  6. 7
    Cast Iron Dave says:

    Makes no difference. Vote for me in 2015 and you have my cast iron guarantee of a referendum in 2017.


    • 20
      Realist says:

      You won’t be there, so that statement is meaningless. \Even if you were by some fluke still there, the statement is still meaningless. Manifesto ‘pledges’ from all parties are not legally binding.


      • 103
        Anonymous says:

        Whenever you here Cameron speak, as long as you remember that he is a liar, and bare that in mind, you won’t go far wrong..


  7. 8
    UKIP Hillingdon says:

    You’re in a pro EU party, Heath, Thatcher and Major, stealing our votes while pretending otherwise.
    Nothing will change until you stop living in denial Mr. Wharton.
    Better to stand and fight than to die on your knees.


    • 120
      Anonymous says:

      No good talking to these dyed in the wool party tribalists. For people like Wharton their party is their country.


  8. 9
    What an appropriate chinese name says:


  9. 10
    Lard Everard says:

    All the LibDem ‘Lords’ like Oakshit & Pantsdown should be ashamed.


    • 17
      The penalty for treason should be death. says:

      “All the LibDem ‘Lords’ like Oakshit & Pantsdown should be ashamed gassed.”

      There, I fixed it for you.


  10. 12
    Prince Otto the indestructable says:

    I’m voting Church of the Militant Elvis in the Euros that’ll learn em.


  11. 15
    altruism in industry says:

    I hope the bastards have got time to reflect while they are swinging from a lamppost


  12. 16
    Lord Mandelsum says:

    You plebs are too ignorant to make a decision as important as staying in the EU or not

    Only people like me can run real Ponzi Schemes, illegal wars and fraud and get away with it

    And you talk about Hayek

    The Rule of Law is a joke in Britain and thus your illusory “freedoms”

    But I am happy my old criminal chum Murdoch and co are still feeding the people with Lady Gaga’s arse and football to keep them at the right level of thinking


  13. 19
    Fishy says:

    Can’t invoke the Parliament Act for a private bill . Once again the treacherous creature and international socialist Miliband – the man who hates Britain – shows he is a stranger to democracy.


    • 38
      FrankFisher says:

      he can, but it would be against convention, and let’s face it, Cameron never had any intention of giving us a referendum.

      UKIP all the way. Fuck ‘em all.


    • 65
      Mitch says:

      The convention is that it’s only used for government bills, which by implication have been supported by the electorate.

      I know, I know – all of this has been ignored before. But that’s the theory.


  14. 21
    el tigger says:

    The Govt won’t invoke the Parliament Act. The Parliament Act is used to force through manifesto commitments. This Bill wasn’t one.


    • 31
      Fishy says:

      It can’t


    • 39
      FrankFisher says:

      They threatened it on gay marriage remember


      • 129
        Marie A Miller says:

        That’s right, I threatened the use of the Parliament Act to ram through Gay Marriage (which I had previously opposed) – that’s Gay Marriage, which was never even hinted at in the ‘Conservative’ manifesto.

        My seat is safe as houses – spin on that, suckers !


    • 57
      The British Public says:

      The government can’t be surprised if they find the public demanding their rights.


  15. 22
    Anonymous says:

    There needs to be a public naming and shaming so everyone can see who voted to adjourn the bill in the Lords.

    It might no do much other than show which political persuasion these unelected people are and then the public can make up their own minds.


  16. 23
    Bread and Circusssesesses's says:

    Note to Cobra meeting:

    Re: Damage limitation initiative 55 – Deploy the Royal Baby


    • 61
      The Anti-Democratic Fake Representatives in Our EU-Usurped Parliament says:

      Note to Cobra meeting:

      Re: Damage limitation initiative 56 – Run for your lives


    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      Won’t work – the baby is half Japanese and will have slightly slitty eyes like Kates older brother.

      Expect plastic surgery before its 5.


  17. 26
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    So now at least the British people know that LibDems and Labour are against democracy wish to deny the people their democratic say and have used an unelected House of Lords to do their dirty work for them


    • 34
      The Liberal Democrats says:

      We are Liberal and Democratic.

      Anyone who disagrees with us is an hysterical bigot.

      And no, you can’t have a referendum. You’re too stupid to have a say on important things.


    • 41
      Owen is a tit says:

      Socialists would be the biggest Europhobe little Englanders going if the place was run by Conservatives along Conservative lines.

      Proper Conservatives not Cameroon bedwetting C*nts


  18. 29
    The Putin Plant says:


  19. 32
    A Lame Duck Parliament is what we have says:

    With Brussels running the show can someone remind me why we pay our MPs so much?


  20. 42
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  21. 44
    william says:

    Unelected second chamber,unique in the world, like the NHS….


  22. 49
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP


    • 54
      Paniagua V5.1 says:

      You know what, after all these weeks of trolling, I think you are onto something.


    • 71
      Dave Lee Groomer says:

      Vote UKIP

      Get Labour.

      Get Herman Von Rompoy and the EU Kommissars in charge.

      Save the ballot paper and just shoot yourself in the foot!


      • 77
        Paniagua V5.1 says:

        No problem, once the IMF come in around 2017 we can reset and start again.


      • 113
        UKIP Hillingdon says:

        We’ve voted for the Establishment One Party State for decades and have no feet left.
        Vote UKIP get UKIP.


      • 117
        Noneofthem says:

        If you happen to be a conservative voter and you live in a constituency in which the top two parties are Labour and UKIP, (as in the Wythenshaw by-election) who should you vote for?

        Would you want to split the anti-labour vote by voting conservative? Would you vote UKIP to keep the labour candidate out?

        Serious question.


      • 125
        Vote liblabcon for no change whatsoever says:

        Desperate. Anything so your party can stay in power for another 5 years and do precisely what?

        What’s so different about your party and the Labour lot? On issue after issue after issue, you are no different. Identical policies pursued by identikit politicians working to the same hidden agenda.

        You party tribalists might be satisfied with that, but increasing numbers of real Britons are not. Get used to it.


  23. 50
    The Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP says:

    Wonderful news! One in the eye for the fruitcakes and swivel-eyed loons!


    • 69
      Kentucky Freud Chicken (It's motherfucking good) says:

      I had a theory most men wanted to sleep with their mothers.
      Judging by the age of his missus it looks like Ken Clarke is.


      • 109
        Anonymous says:

        Some people prefer boys rather than older ladies.
        Maybe Ken is one of those types ?


        • 124
          Sir Cyril Schmit says:

          I can assure you, there’s none of that sort of thing in the mother of all Parliaments. You have my word on that.


    • 72
      Jmf says:

      I still find it hard to believe that there is 800 of the phuckers in that cesspit the House of Lords, Do not know the exact number but must be about the same as the US Congress and Senate and look at the size of the US.


      • 80
        Labour and the LibDems hate democracy and the British public. says:

        781, according to Wikipedia.

        If the unelected scum all attend and (to?) claim their £300 daily expenses from us, they cost £234,300 per day – £1,216,500 per week.

        Happy to take our money, not happy for us to have a say.


    • 82
      Clarkes shoes says:

      Yes, can’t understand why you haven’t hung up your wallet and stopped troughing and buzzed off to a warm clime to be with your cigars and money.


  24. 60
    Dave Lee Groomer says:

    LibDems are too busy protecting sex pests to listen to voters.

    Labour have lurched to the left and are on standby for Herman Von Rompoy’s latest orders.


    • 66
      The Public says:

      And the Tories are just a bunch of bought and paid for Euro-traitors


      • 90
        Basil Brash says:

        They’re the only party capable of delivering a referendum.

        A vote for anyone else is a vote for Ed Miliband to invite Len McClusky and Von Rompuy into Downing Street for herbal tea and fajitas.


        • 110
          Common Man says:

          I agree, the Conservatives are the only party capable of delivering a referendum.

          The small problem in your theory, is that the Conservatives have absolutly no intention of ever delivering said referendum becuase they are pro EU…

          You had best start again and think up another stratrgy…..


        • 122
          Heard it all a million times before says:

          Aint you tory tribalists got another record? Vote for us, cos the other lot will get it just doesn’t work any more, understand? The jig’s up.

          People leaving the liblabcon are as sick of your ramble of a party as they are of Labour. 70 years we’ve had you lot shitting on the native population. Well people are finally had enough.

          And as for your party’s pathetic promise of a referendum, you can wipe your @rse on it, cos we all know it’ll never happen.

          Real change in this country will only come from outside the liblabcon, not those that have landed us all in it.


          • Non taxable pikey says:

            Better to have real change from outside the LibLabConspiracy via the ballot box rather than via the barrel of a gun. To paraphrase Mao.


  25. 62
    Dave from Witney says:

    There will be trouble about this you have my “Cast Iron” guarantee on THAT but must dash now as just seen off François and am just getting Sam to wax down the Barbour and clean my wellies for photo-op in Somerset with our “Brave lads/lasses” tomorrow…I might even speak to a “local”


  26. 68
    The Public says:

    This means war.


  27. 76
    Conservatives will dare the libDems and Labour to vote this down in the Commons says:

    Michael Dobbs confirms to BBC that the Conservatives will get another member to re-introduce the bill word for word and defy the LibDems and Labour in House of Commons to vote it down and if they do not then the Parliament Act will be enforced to override Lords opposition. If the LibDems and Labour do vote it down in the Commons then the people will clearly see that Clegg and Miliband are against allowing the people a say on this matter


    • 85
      Nick Clegg says:

      For once I am not sorry.


    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      The Conservatives are lying…

      They will never re-introduce it – far too dangerous.

      If you remember the Conservatives and Cameron are liars when you here them speak, you won’t go far wrong.


      • 127
        UKIP Hillingdon says:

        If the Jackanories really wanted an EU Referendum we would have had one by now.
        The Establishment Corporate Wing are getting rich on cheap workers moving into the UK while UK profits move out to brass plate EU tax avoiding countries.
        The Tories are our prison wardens not our representatives.


  28. 78
    cured lefty says:

    poor old denis skinner looks along to his right “what a useless shower of traitorous fuckers” then he looks at the govt. “well they are just fuckers”


  29. 79
    nell says:

    Oh well that rather decides things for the 2015 election then.

    If you want an In/Out eu referendum vote tory – because the libdems and labour won’t give you one.


    • 87
      UKIP is a vote for Labour says:

      AND you’d certainly be stupid to vote UKIP at the Gneral Election cos’ that will deliver either a Labour government or a li-Lab coalition and they will NEVER concede a referendum on EU membership EVER


      • 91
        Labour and the LibDems hate democracy and the British public. says:

        I must admit that until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have cared, there being (then) not the slightest difference between Tory and Labour.

        But with Miliband subsequently steering Labour far far to the Left, Balls refusing to admit that the last Labour government spent too much (despite running out of our money) and insisting that next time he’ll spend more, and today’s “UP YOURS” from Labour to the British public, there really is only one choice, and it’s Conservative.


        • 96
          Mr Potato Head2 says:

          Yes vote Tory and prepare a welcome to millions of Turkish Moslims that Dave wants to invite, courtesy of the EU. If you believe that Dave will give you a fair referendum on the EU then you are as bonkers as the Lib Dems and Labour voters. Only a cast-iron guarantee to exit the EU would ever get me to vote Tory again. It was the Tories who created this mess – thanks to Maastricht.


          • Anonymous says:

            Yes Labour are worse than the Tories by a little bit.
            And I do hate Labour at the moment.
            But they are not materially worse.

            The far greater enemy is the European Union, that is a far greater threat and has real permanance to it, than a pesky 5 years of Labour (if they even last that long….).

            No, the real enemy is the EU, and the Conservatives are fooling you hook line and sinker if you vote for them like a sheeple mong and buy their fake ‘socilaist lite’ propoganda. They are little better than Labour and agree with Labour on the 70% of major policy matter that the EU now controls.

            If you fall for the Conservatives tricks, you are fool.


          • (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

            Vote Tory……………and deserve everything you get!


    • 88
      Labour and the LibDems hate democracy and the British public. says:

      I agree, but would go further – vote Tory because Labour and the LibDems have shown without doubt they despise democracy and they despise the British public.


    • 92
      Mr Potato Head2 says:

      And an unlikely Tory win will guarantee that no fair referendum will happen. The Tories couldn’t win after a 7.5% recession so why would they win next time? Might as well vote UKIP and let the politicians know where you stand.


      • 115
        Anonymous says:


        Cameron is a dead weight around the Conservatives next.


      • 134
        Anonymous says:

        Sick of people saying he couldn’t win ya de da

        The man started so far back it was a near impossibility but he still managed to get rid of the one eyed fuckwit

        So fuck right off cnut


  30. 83
    I'd be a Eurohile if Europhile MP's stopped taking money under false pretences says:

    Move Parliament to some non descript drab building and call it the EU regional council offices.
    Strip MPs of their titles and just call them councillors.
    No pay just 20k a year expenses max.
    I’m sure some Latvian would be willing to do the job if the current bunch aren’t up to it.


  31. 86
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    So the EU Referendum is killed off by unelected people. How very EU.


  32. 93
    Jmf says:

    Just wondering if the general public are aware just how many professional troughers there are in the House of Lords.


  33. 95
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Labour and LibDem peers working, claw-in-claw, to look after the interests of their friends the kinnocks and the like. Bless!


  34. 97
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Dave is playing wavering Tories for suckers.


  35. 99
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Dave wants to leave the EU as much as I want Ed Balls to be the next Chancellor.


  36. 101
    Rt. Hon Dave Gimmick MP says:

    We are undeterred. The Conservative and Onanist Party will in the next session introduce a Bill to give the voters a referendum on whether the UK should stay in the Eurovision Song Contest.


  37. 104
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    They should ivovke the Parliament Act and if the LimpDems oppose snap GE,


  38. 119
    Execution would be fair says:

    Did that thieving bitch, you know, the Labour one from the sub continent, who should be in jail for stealing taxpayer money for a home she never lived in….did she vote to deny the chance of a referendum too?

    … And get paid for her days work in the process.


  39. 138
    Another Headshrinker says:

    The unelected voting for the unelected, the sooner the Lords is abolished the better, dissolved and put beyond use, just like the current incumbents: beyond use.


  40. 143
    Ken 'Mosley' Clarke's right Bollock says:

    Don’t waste our and your time and money Tory Boy.

    We all know ‘It’s Bollocks’ Stop the pretence. We are going to vote UKIP !


  41. 152
    Anonymous says:

    More people should read
    ISBN-10: 0715643096
    ISBN-13: 978-0715643099
    and note how the early parts of the novel appear to follow the EU open border mantra.


  42. 155
    tigerowl says:

    Can not see why so many are getting het up over this bill. Its says nothing and will provide nothing. Lords and opposition were right to get it stopped. A referendum in 2017, that’s three years away and all it would say is do you want Britain to remain in the EU. Answer via any vote will be a big yes. Stop kidding yourself children that UKIP will be any different. Just the latest group to say what ever you want them to say. Farrage latest is to say he would cut the budget on the NHS and pensions by not ring fencing those budgets. More of us will need the NHS and pensions than are going to worry about EU membership. UKIP, vote for, ‘aving a right laugh.


    • 164
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      If you and the Establishment inbreds thought us children would vote yes to EU imprisonment, we would have an EU Referendum tomorrow.
      You’re only kidding yourself.


  43. 160
    The Public's pissed off says says:

    There are over 200 Tory lords, more than enough to have won this vote if Dave had wanted to. We’re not falling for this bullshit anymore.


  44. 162
    DavidCameroonTurd says:

    Good. No chance of a successful OUT vote by 2017.
    2025 stands a chance, by then the EU will be desititute and it will be many years after that before we can negotiate the various treaties which we will need to continue trading there.


  45. 163
    Genuine Question says:

    How can Cameron hope to invoke the Parliament Act when a majority of MPs will not vote for his measure? Doesn’t the Commons have to support such a move?


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