January 31st, 2014

Tony Gallagher Burns Craig Oliver

There was no way sacked Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher was going to go quietly:

Oooh, get her…


  1. 1
    Les says:

    FGS!!!!!!!!! he is just another paper man!!!


  2. 2
    chris says:

    Guido, for the many who are not in the political loop, could you give us a backstory to this, because I haven’t a clue who this guy is or what he’s tweeting about!


  3. 4
    ?????????????? says:

    Tony Gallagher who


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Camoron still wants to allow free access to the UK from Turkey now that Al Qaida have set up at least 3 training camps in the country?


    • 11
      C.O.Jones says:

      We will be having local training camps soon if we do not put a stop to our governments pandering to Saudi Arabia.


  5. 7
    Guardian news copied says:

    Guido blogs sweet FA


  6. 9

    I always though Oasis was overrated anyway.


  7. 17
    Best thing this Gallagher person can do is GO AWAY. says:

    All I can say is



  8. 19
    Think Thrice Tweet once says:

    Is he having a mental breakdown?

    He’ll be embarrassed when he comes round.


  9. 20
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Daily Telegraph sales:

    in 2009, when Mr Gallagher was appointed: 783,000

    In 2013, when he was dismissed: 555,000


  10. 24
    Freedom says:

    With friends like that, he’s obviously lost his way in life and ended up as a knob gobbler for the establishment.


  11. 30
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    France is politically and militarily weak.

    Time to get some territory back and return democracy to them.


    • 40
      Whitehall says:

      But relative to our mighty fleet of armchair admirals, they could probably still put up a bit of a fight. Maybe we should just bid for their postal vote stuffing contracts.


      • 45
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        That’s where the politically weak aspect comes into play.

        They will not want to fight. At least not to defend their government.

        Tick tock…


    • 56
      Dave's eggs in one basket case says:


      Not only are they a Nuclear Power, independent of NATO and expeditionary force. They are our aircraft carrier.


  12. 34
    Propoganda rules UK says:

    What’s happened to Zoe Williams ?
    She’s regressed from common sense and down to earth pragmatist into a Labour loving retarded sufferer of EU OCD.
    She needs a new career as the Guardian is dragging her down to obscurity.


  13. 37
    tAKING THE mICK says:

    Tom Watson, Danny Alexander and George Osborne know how to have a good laugh then. I never realised that.


  14. 43
    Breakaway says:

    What happened to Lyle?


  15. 44
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    He still has a better chance of being hired by the Mail then M’edhi H’asan…


  16. 46
    1 down, 1 to go says:

    I hope Knox is torn to shreds. Evil fucking b-itch c-unt piece of shit.

    Italian police have found Raffaele Sollecito near the Austrian border after a court reinstated his guilty verdict for the murder of Briton Meredith Kercher in 2007.


    • 59
      she's a convicted murderer says:

      Hopefully Sollecito will start spilling the beans.
      Knox is as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of pooh.
      Despite last night’s attempt by Newsnight to portray
      her as an innocent victim.


  17. 49
    Wait - what! says:

    Will the Telegraph be a little less left leaning now or wasn’t it down to him?
    Not sure why it moved that way, became an acceptable version of the Guardian.


  18. 58
    Anonymous says:

    No wonder he was sacked.
    The self-obsessed prick has disappeared
    up his own arsehole.


  19. 60
    bs says:

    Self-important tosser. Why should No. 10 write to him, he’s supposed to be holding them to account?


  20. 62
    Trev says:

    The Editor of the Daily Telegraph has been sacked??
    Is there any danger now it might start supporting the tory party?

    As for some nutjob saying Cameron lied about a referendum – he did no such thing. He said (during the last Euros) if the treaty had not been ratified by the time of the general election there would be a referendum. the treaty was ratified by Labour once the Euros were safely out of the way.

    No lies except from those who have no arguments only ignorance and bigotry. Sorry to upset you nutjobs and intrude into the mass hysteria. TTFN.


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