January 31st, 2014

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  1. 1
    kmc says:

    Isn’t Facebook a bit.. ‘yesterday’?

  2. 2
    Eddie Milliband says:

    Fathebook ith so pathee

  3. 3

    I just wanna be lurved by you …

  4. 4
    A creature with no face says:

    Dream on, fat man.

  5. 5
    David Cameron says:

    Avec moi, le deluge.

  6. 6
    Higella says:

    I use my real name, Nigella, on FB so I couldn’t make amusing comments without peeps knowing it was me.

  7. 7
    The British media are cunts says:

    I see the BBC used the term “climate change denier” on the news. Is this now official BBC policy to compare people who are in any way sceptical of climate change to people who butchered millions alive?

  8. 8
    M102 says:

    Facebook is a data harvesting exercise of the sheeple.

  9. 9

    Homosexuality, Morris dancing and Facebook. The line has to be drawn at these in my case. Some distance before too.

    More chance of poking hot butter up a porcupine’s arse with a knitting needle

  10. 10
    The Shit Shatcci says:

    Hello darling

    I still love you privately even though I assassinate your character publicly

    I am a PR conman after all

  11. 11
    Dave says:

    Cast iron gurantee of a referendum if I remain PM

    Heard that on before?

    PS I think my PR men should change my script a bit though

    Are there any serious and credible PR people left in England?

  12. 12
    David Cameron says:

    I cannot keep my promises in another coalition after 2015

  13. 13
    T Bliar, millionaire war criminal says:

    You racist backwards peasants aren’t in charge now, all hail the glorious future of multicultural islamic repression. Racist!

  14. 14
    Guardian reader says:

    Its for wanking adolescents

    Before they move onto Lady Gaga’s ass and the Sun

  15. 15
    Jimmy says:

    You mean as opposed to this blog?

  16. 16
    annoyed user says:

    Everybody needs to watch Red Ed on tonights look north when it hits the iPlayer. Glassy eyes, laconic speech, if he isn’t stoned then he must be having a stroke.

  17. 17
    The public says:

    That’s alright, we can’t keep our promises to vote for you in the Euro or the 2015 election.

  18. 18

    “”We will work to build a consensus for a mainly-elected second chamber to replace the current House of Lords, recognising that an efficient and effective second chamber should play an important role in our democracy and requires both legitimacy and public confidence.”

    [nasty manifesto 2010]

  19. 19
    Jimmy says:

    It seems more polite than “nutter”.

  20. 20
    Useless Ed Miliband says:

    No referendum under me, just ever closer integration with our socialist brothers in France and elsewhere on the continent. After five years you of Labour there’ll be no way back no matter who you vote for.

    Game over you capitalist running dogs!

  21. 21
    kmc says:

    Serious and credible PR people??

  22. 22
    Sue Denim says:

    Yeah Guido. You should get on MySpace. It’s going to be massive.

  23. 23
    kmc says:


  24. 24
    Gooey Blob says:

    Anyone who thinks Ed would make an acceptable PM is either stoned, drunk or a billion short of a manifesto commitment.

  25. 25
    kmc says:

    Or AOLHomeTown.

  26. 26

    It is a bit early in the evening to hear about your sex life, Jimmy.

    This is a family blog.

  27. 27
    French Mistress ( young, busty) says:

    Déluge! Come round to my flat for correction.

  28. 28
    Pick litter for bennies says:

    That statement (13) might have been said by the Lab Lib abstainers coalition last night when they voted to keep all murderers,rapists, terrorists and jihadists on the UK payroll.

  29. 29
    Judd Dredge says:

    Après vous, le règlement de comptes.

  30. 30
    Jimmy says:

    That’s not a family I’d ever care to meet.

  31. 31
    There, fixed it for you says:

    David Cameron : “I will not keep my promises. Period.”

  32. 32
    Dr Freud and all that says:

    Empty Ed is a Beliber

    He is spaced out without the white stuff

    All by himself like a big boy in long trousers

    Like Gordoom his mentor

    Who was born stoned out of his box as we all know

    God only knows how these deviants ever become leaders of a major party in Britain

  33. 33
    BBC says:

    The science is settled. If you disagree you are either a nutter, a sceptic or Lord Lawson. Incidentally, we will continue to call it climate change until the next 5-day drought, when we will revert to calling it global warming.

  34. 34
    EUHATER says:

    How about an elected English Parliament

  35. 35

    But Jimmy! We treat you as part of the family here. You are one of us.

    My belief is that you will see the light in the end – and it won’t be the one on the train coming at you in the tunnel…

  36. 36
    FFS says:

    Can you please actually call us nutters? Because then I think the general public will get exactly what you think of us and can draw their own conclusions. “Denier” is a bit too subtle.

  37. 37
    Hansard writer says:

    Actually Labour is run in the background by a cabal of capitalist running dogs from Hampstead Geneva and Monte Carlo

    Not to speak of Mandy rwho is a running dog for one of Yeltsin’s “proteges” in Moscow FFS

    Dont believe one word Ed says

    When push comes to shuv he will obey orders

  38. 38
    NSA/GCHQ says:

    One of our multiple operations which have you all covered

    And apart from Guido, none of you windowlickers see any threat to your basic freedom

    You are blind

  39. 39
    Village Idiot says:

    …..I grew up trusting our democracy and was proud of our Lords’, …Oh, what a fool I have been!
    ….Ah well,nice while the delusion lasted,but alarming now it’s over!

  40. 40
  41. 41
    EUHATER says:

    It was BLAIR who destroyed the House of Lords ,and gave us the” Supreme Court”and filled it with EU lickspittles .

  42. 42
  43. 43
    FFS says:

    Is that a promise?

  44. 44
    BBC says:

    We would not dream of using that term but we regularly invite guests who use it and let them get away with it. One such person is Jerry Hayes who is on the paper review on Radio 5 Friday midnight. He regularly calls anyone who questions the EU or climate change, “nutters” and Stephen Nolan never challenges him.

  45. 45
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    I for one regard Jimmy as one of the sane voices on the left and enjoy his posts: at worst they only add balance which is a good thing.

    It is his party which is letting him down, and socialism.

  46. 46
    Ah! Judge says:

    Constance Briscoe jury too thick to reach a decision.

    How many had english as a first language, one wonders.

    The jury of six women and five men had been deliberating since Wednesday at Southwark Crown Court, but failed to reach verdicts on any of the counts.

  47. 47
    Jimmy says:

    How about 70 denier then? Thick and opaque.

  48. 48
    EUHATER says:

    Who, by then will still be talking of voting, by then the time for more direct action will be upon us , it will be ‘ pick your favourite lamppost’ time !

  49. 49
    Constitution, what constitution? says:

    The “hereditiaries” are a medieval hangover

    The “appointees” are just troughers on their 400/day plus expenses etc (and they can’t help fiddling those expenses as well FFS)

    Talk about democracy?

    The (unwrittten) British Constitution is a bloody joke…

    Just being “made up” according to political whim (or lack of it)

    Can’t anyone get a grip on all of this?

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Why not set up a donate paypal account so that those of us who cannot like you on facebook can send you and the team a few quid for a pint ?

    Should be able to get the legals for that fixed. You guys do deserve a pint or two for just a few of the stories over the past few weeks.

  52. 52
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    You forgot the hosepipe ban in flood affected areas on day 2 of the declared ‘drought’

  53. 53
    Hairy arsed Dick says:

    Guido is a hunk! He looks rather swell in his hat!

  54. 54
    cured lefty says:

    and the lawyers wanking all over their invoces x 2

  55. 55
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Erm – what is wrong with Morris dancing ? :-)

  56. 56
    Constitution, what constitution? says:

    You rightly go after the traitor Blair

    But the real enemy of the UK is not the EU (though it needs reforming)

    It is the oligarchs who use the City for all manner of money laundering fraud etc which has cost and is still costing the British taxpayer billions…who bent the banks so that they became zombies

    And bend the judicial system with the collaboration of the pimp City solicitors…(the Rule of Law has been broken in the UK since Blair knobbled the system with his shyster lawyer friends)

    And bend the whole political system to get tax breaks and other favours which pass in the small print of legislation (“non dom” etc)

    Most of these oligarchs (expecially but not only Russian) are criminals who have escaped from their own countries after pillaging them

    Blair represents them

    The City is prostrate before them (among others)

    They represent a far more dangerous “enemy within”

    But you seem to refuse to see it

  57. 57
    Podiceps says:

    Since belief in global warming has become a quasi-religion, I think the correct term is ‘heretic’.

  58. 58
    Jimmy says:

    No, because then we’d have to burn you and it would just mean more carbon emissions.

  59. 59
    Podiceps says:

    What’s wrong with being a medieval hangover? The hereditaries have a supreme advantage: they become lords by sheer accident. Far better than getting yourself appointed by bribery and fiddling. As for electing lords, look at the disgusting creatures in the Commons. You want a second chamber like that?

  60. 60
    Higella's lawyer says:

    I think the jury should be supplied with free cocaine

    It helps to clear the mind

    And since half the people they are judging are on the stuff, including the chattering classes, it would help them understand the mindset of the accused

    The whole judicial system would work more smooooothely

  61. 61
    Jimmy says:

    Linked to flooding in Kent?

  62. 62
    jimbo says:

    So was the dead tree press until his nibs got an expense account….trough trough

  63. 63
    Constitution says:

    Hereditaries are not their by accident but by birth

    I agree they were better than this appointed scum

    But methinks we have a problem persuading the British people that we should return to the High Middle Ages (even though architecturally one can argue that we have nevercdone better than the cathedrals)

    Better simply to abolish the rabble

  64. 64
    Dan Dire says:

    He’s bleedin’ useless.

  65. 65
    Constitution says:

    Quite agree

    And damn the legals

    We are still allowed to make gifts between chums even with iur curtailed freedom

  66. 66
    Dave and Nick says:

    He likes poor people and I like millionaires. The rest of you can fuck off.

  67. 67
    Fatbelly gets destroyed says:

  68. 68
    Anne McIntosh says:

    Gimme another chance. I promise not to be so shit again.

  69. 69
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    Indeed it is M102, furthermore ‘they’ get the public to do the majority of data input work to boot. You have to hand it to them it really is a stroke of genius.

  70. 70
    She deserves a grenade up her c-unt says:

    Give me a chainsaw and ten minutes alone with that evil psychopath Amanda Knox. She’s a grotesque perversion who reveled in sexual murder. For that, she and her boyfriend deserve to die in agony.

  71. 71
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhr-Zi4ozng says:

    That would be the Morris Marina.

  72. 72
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    I have to say she very entertaining on Thursday night. Wasted in politics she needs to try her hand at some stand up Live at the Apollo.

  73. 73
    Emily Fatbelly says:

    Global warming is caused by a cost of living crisis and a lack of onenashion 50% tax price freeze.

    There. Think I got all my sound bites in.

  74. 74
    Ed Moribund says:

    Stupid cow forgot to say floods are caused by payday loans from tory Wonga.

  75. 75
    If I Had A Hammer - The Remix says:

    If I had a hammer
    I’d hammer Ed Balls in the morning
    I’d hammer him in the evening
    All over his face

  76. 76
    Blowing Donkey Whistles says:

    Except she’s innocent….

  77. 77
    Handy says:

    Come and fiddle with my gear-stick in my Austin, Princess.

  78. 78
    David Cameron says:

    Tony Benn for King

  79. 79
    tachybaptus says:

    Whatever happened to Toxic Taffy?

    Or Billy?

  80. 80
    tachybaptus says:

    Whatever happened to Toxic Taffy?

    Or 8illy?

  81. 81
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    ATOS ?

  82. 82
    OJ Simpson, Phil Spector, Robert Blake says:

    Agreed! She’s just as innocent as us!

  83. 83
    tachybaptus says:

    You mean….dead?

  84. 84
    Podiceps says:

    Whatever happened to Tachybaptus? He had his name nicked by a zombie.

  85. 85

    I would suggest the opposite is true and that Podiceps is right.

    These who have made it in some way, do not have the inferiority complex that others who have not. Sometimes that will play out badly, for sure.

    But more often than not, such people can afford to play matters altruistically as they no longer have any particular axe to grind.

    Those who used to go to the House of Lords did not go because of the daily expense allowance. There was no such thing. Indeed, had they been offered it, they would in the main have turned it down.

    I am not trying to present a case that they would have necessarily been the very best brains you could find but their was no cause to doubt them on motive.

    Modernisers often make things worse than better because they, almost by definition, have no historical perspective.

  86. 86
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    Italian justice has fucked things up so much no one knows what to believe anymore, suffice to say someone’s guilty. Rather like ℳicℌael ℬarrymorℯ and his bummers coke and meth party, some fucker has gotten away with murder.

  87. 87
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    Italian justice has fucked things up so much no one knows what to believe anymore, suffice to say someone’s guilty. Rather like Michael Barrymore and his bummers coke and meth party, some fucker has gotten away with murder.

  88. 88

    Do you really want to confess something here CO6? ;-)

    I am not condemning any of these groups. Merely stating that they are way beyond what I believe I can adequately cope with.

    And, anyway, their feet smell…

  89. 89
    Eddie Bollox in da House says:

  90. 90
  91. 91
    Perfume, the wind and the leaves says:

    Perhaps one reason why there is such disenfranchisement with the coalition government is because the people were really voting for a shift back to the part Hayekian philosophy of Thatcher.

    The complete failure to apply Hayek has made the damage caused by Labour much worst.

    The lesson learned is that just propagandizing austerity without actually doing it, and keeping government over sized just pushes up the national debt, and will create the conditions for radical political change to sweep in.

    Tick tock…

  92. 92
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    Guido nicked my U and C :(

  93. 93


    Are you more medi or eval?

  94. 94
    Captain Plum says:

    Is Yvette Cooper anything to do with the Mysterons?

    “The Mysterons themselves are never seen on screen. They broadcast their threats by radio, often disguising their intentions with word play- such as stating that they will ‘Kill Time’ when they intend to kill a major Spanish official whose surname is ‘Tiempo’ (Spanish for ‘Time’)-, and are represented visually only by twin rings of green light, suggestive of eyes, that they project onto scenes of murder and destruction of their making from which likenesses emerge. The Mysteron likenesses created are impervious to X-Rays- showing up on X-Rays as though they were conventional photographs- and can only be destroyed by massive amounts of electricity. The recreation process they use only requires the subject to be clinically dead before the copy is created, with Spectrum once setting a trap by utilizing a major that the Mysterons had attempted to kill who had been resuscitated in hospital after he had been recreated.”

  95. 95
  96. 96
    David Cameron says:

    I fucking hate the middle classes. If you don’t earn millions then you’re not worth bothering about.

  97. 97
    rick says:

    In my dreams.

  98. 98
    Podiceps says:

    Try Unicode 03C5 and 0441. In any recent version of Word, write each of these as normal text and immediately press Alt-x. Then copy and paste.

  99. 99
  100. 100
    You know it makes sense says:

    As I have always said Labour and lib dems oppose your right to a referendum on the EU. Of course UKIP will give us just that but the problem is they can’t despite hard work and best efforts secure enough seats to prevent Labour seizing power again. In that event referendums will be gone for a lifetime if not for ever, UKIP will be marginalised.

    We must destroy the threat from the left and Labour. As much as I want to vote UKIP the left must be destroyed. Today they showed their true colours and as such we put Tory in first. Then we remove the Tories if they don’t use the parliament act.
    Win win either Tories or UKIP while the left are destroyed

    Rule Britania !!

  101. 101
    White Dee says:

    If my scratch card comes good me and Fungi can be part of the elite.

  102. 102


    Don’t quite know how to say this because your posts are, almost invariably, so balanced and sensible, but to attribute to Jimmy the possession of a sane voice may just have disturbed the balance of his mind too far and sent him into the wrong orbit.

    The truth is that he did not enjoy Brown at all. He only liked Blair for the first term but Blair II and Blair III were not good for him either.

    So there he was thinking (I won’t say singing so as not to portray it as totally ludicrous…) thinking Things can only get better… and could not come to terms with the fact that it all went inevitably, remorselessly downhill from there.

    Now he sees the party with two heads, two Eds if you prefer, and he is wondering how the world can have gone so, so wrong.

    He knows that their ship is going to hit the buffers (yes, it is so bad that the mixed metaphor is actually valid here!)

    I would just counsel that you be easy on him. He is not a lost cause, as you have rightly spotted.

  103. 103
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Stick with and vote UKIP. The IMF will destroy Labour when they have to bail out the UK around 2017.

  104. 104
    FFS says:

    or CompuServe Information Service

  105. 105
    FFS says:

    I cannot like Guido.

    I think he should give ME a pint.

    Might change my opinion….

  106. 106
    FFS says:

    Watyersports? Giving or receiving?

  107. 107
    Franklin D. Roosevelt says:

    Jimmy’s a bedwetter, but he’s our bedwetter.

  108. 108
    FFS says:

    Jimmy! Come on you should know that burning humans does not alter the net CO2 balance. It’s recycling CO2. Burning humans is environmentally neutral.

    Anyway we are “evil heretics” – and proud of it!

  109. 109
    FFS says:

    As an engineer, it occurs to me it might be a good plan to build a few more reservoirs, but leave them empty in case we need to pump flood water into them. Dual purpose. Probably pay for itself in insurance payouts saved.

  110. 110

    You should have seen the effect of all that quill pen usage. The AGW bods never even bothered to factor that in.

    Meanwhile teh online community is mapped thus:


  111. 111
    You know it makes sense says:

    I agree but having lived through two labour destructions in my lifetime I don’t think I can cope with a third aided and abetted by the EU

    I just have to vote Tory as I cannot take the chance of another labour government. I have kids FFs

  112. 112
    I'm gonna puke says:

  113. 113
    FFS says:

    “Hayes was frequently described as a “political buffoon”, because of his willingness to subject himself to ridicule on various television and radio appearances. This included being fastened in the stocks and pelted with custard pies, and to be whipped while dressed in fetish clothing”

    Yes, I remember Jerry, back in the days of the James Whale show. Not the most credible of people is he? If he calls you a nutter, you know you must be doing something right.

  114. 114
    You must be kidding says:

    UKIP it is, the LiLabCon triangle proved today that these arrogant tw&ts are not worthy of the public voting for them, we won’t get a vote against the EU until these people are thrown out on their lieing corrupt ar&es and we start to get some democracy back, personallly I think should build a prison for all these MPs and Lords as they work for themselves and not the people.

  115. 115
    Facebook says:

    Amateurs. We know far more about the people than you will ever know. And we’ve sold it all to the Russians and the Chinese for megabucks.

  116. 116
    Anonymous says:

    I weep when I see britches like that. All she wanted to do was stir it you did not give a flying fuck about the law to be passed. Even if the stupid cow studied it she still would not have understood.

    What a fucking useless piece of skin and an oxygen thief I truly despair for my country if she and labour again take power

  117. 117
    Ed Milliband says:

    How about a system where retarded people don’t get to vote?

    Whats that…. not a good idea for Labour?

    OK, forget I said it.

  118. 118
    Ah! 'm chicken says:

    Prince of Wales hits out at climate change deniers… labeling them the ‘headless chicken brigade’

  119. 119
    Anonymous says:

    The I fear when UKIP fail to secure 327 seats then No 10 will fall to a left wing Marxist government. That would be the end

    Tragic truly tragic And still no vote against the EU but we will all feel better about the brief stand before we are annihilated

  120. 120
    Les Miserables says:

    Viva La Revolution

  121. 121
    Editor of the Economist says:

    I spoke to Mark Carney today

    He said that evertime he tries with his chums to stop eeeeeesing

    The markets get the squitters

    I replied Tthat’s natural my dear Watson

  122. 122
    FFS says:

    No, the real enemy was Brown.

    A man who created a system whereby the net disposable income of a brain surgeon is the same as White Dee, and didn’t even bother to work out how to fund it.

    He is the man that has pissed out future and the future of our children up the wall. And don’t ever try to get an appointment with a brain surgeon – they’ve all cut their hours down to one day a week to reduce their marginal tax exposure.

  123. 123
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Is that a Duchy Originals headless chicken?

  124. 124
    Dave says:


  125. 125
    Podiceps says:

    I see our genial host isn’t on it.

  126. 126

    Ah! But how many trees has he told that to?

  127. 127
    FFS says:

    millionaires = cash rich

    poor people = time rich

    Everybody else has to work to put food on their tables.

  128. 128
    Alcohol? says:

    At least you managed to get the moniker out without any major issues.

  129. 129
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    Doesn’t the left as you put it also include Dave’s Red Tories though?

  130. 130
    FFS says:

    She’s so innocent she couldn’t wait to fit up an innocent bartender.

  131. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Not an engineer but that occurred to me also. Perhaps if we turned the Somerset levels into one big fuck off reservoir that would solve the problem.

  132. 132
    Vote for the No To Sphincter's Party says:

  133. 133
    Podiceps says:

    He shows a certain agility in hitting people over the head with chunks of ideology that are not just dead, but stinking. It’s a bit like being pelted with rotten fruit by a monkey. But is the monkey thinking?

  134. 134
    Grand Mufti Diver says:

    Like a muzzie quoting 9th century doctrines.

  135. 135

    To put it as delicately as I may, technicalities and the creator of the automated symposiarch are not descriptors which one might normally find sitting close together in the same sentence, if at all.

  136. 136
    FFS says:

    No, because the guy with DNA all over the corpse is currently doing 16 years in prison for her murder.

    The only question is why on earth did Knox fit up an innocent bartender and tell a pack of lies to cover herself that were subsequently exposed? Maybe she’s just a pathological liar and can’t help herself, but perhaps she was involved in some way. Until she starts actually telling the truth and explains why she told so many lies the first time round, the Italians aren’t about to believe her.

  137. 137

    More than a grain of truth there.

  138. 138
    Call the Doctor says:

    Jimmy plays with him self after reading this blog. Nothing on the radio to hear.

  139. 139
    Ah! 'nd says:

    No wonder the Queen refuses to die.

    And he’s a homeopatheticphobe too.

  140. 140
    Paniagua V5.1 says:

    I have realised that the squeezed middle is actually the LibLabCon.

  141. 141
    Bread and Circusssesesses's says:

    Now that would distract the proles.

  142. 142
    Economist says:

    Actually he is not the only one here with a similar point of view

    The real question which is not a question of right or left is

    How to develop a prosperous social market economy/society with a minumum of decency and social cohesion

    In my view we cannot achieve anything approaching that with a generally accepted idea of honesty/morality (use your own definition)

    If all major institutions are now bent…

    Where to start? Is it possible or too late?

    (Debating a 40 or 50% tax rate, for exaple, or other details are a complete irrelevance when any junior accountant can reduce the actual rate paid to 20% or zero with a few City offshore fiddles etc)

  143. 143
    Ah! 's sad says:

    No sight of Emily’s knickers tonight. Sack the cameraman.

  144. 144
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Consti – If you want to look ‘properly’ behind Blair and the oligarchs and you want to be honest with yourself and for your children – follow the money because all – and i mean ALL roads lead back to the house of rothies. Don’t just stop (because you have some fear of thinking below the surface and a bit deeper) thinking of their frontmen and pitifully throwing some dirt at their frontmen.

  145. 145
    Has Geedo Defected to Mumsnet? says:

    What’s this Facebook shite?

  146. 146
    Ah! remember says:

    In my day it was a whalebone corset.

  147. 147
    Battery Chuck says:

    Organic chickens I trust.

  148. 148

    There are a number of natural remedies of which I approve.

    The processes for curing swelling are almost infinite.

  149. 149
    UKIP unfair says:

    Gods wrath for marriage between you know what.

  150. 150
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    That DA-Notice issued the other day with respect to naming security services operatives.

    That has nothing to do with Snowden. It most certainly does have to do with naming names concerning security services involvement with child abuse in certain Children’s homes and teaching establishments.

    K’inkora is a prime example of such a honey trap – but things seem to be hotting up at Oxford and C’herwell again – and it looks like Common Purpose is involved alongside certain operatives of the UK security services.

    The individuals involved should be named.

  151. 151
  152. 152
    Charlie the Last says:

    I’m a walking advert for a republic.

  153. 153
    Bring in the army and mercenaries says:

    The original Lords were fighters. The second chambers should only consist of fighters.

  154. 154
    Facebook is so Last Decade says:

    I Thought Facebook was the New Derby and Joan Club

  155. 155
    Banana Boat says:

  156. 156
    FFS says:

    The telephone lines most people use for their internet only dissipate about 1W each. So to power those lines even if every household on the planet had internet would require just one power station.

    What they are saying is that cloud computing requires a lot of power. But then so does using a laptop – about 50W each. So work that up across billions of people and it soon adds up, but cloud computing probably uses the equivalent of 3 power stations rather than 30 and as a percentage of global energy consumption is miniscule.

    Since it allows me to work from home and not use any petrol commuting, I would say it probably has its advantages.

  157. 157
    Gardener says:

    I live near Bordeaux

    And the climate IS getting warmer in summer and winter here

    For several years the change has been noticable – and average temperatures are rising

    Severe storms are also increasing from the West

    At the moment I still have a few roses still in flower – noone has ever seen that before

    So I believe something is happening

    I am not a tree hugger and I think it is part of a natural cycle

  158. 158
    FFS says:

    I was reading today that the bottom 52% of the population take out more in tax credits and benefits in kind (NHS etc) than they put in via taxes.

    The middle classes are the only thing holding this nation together.

  159. 159
    Podiceps says:

    The map does have a Blogosphere section in the southwest corner where, on the basis of readership alone, Guido should have had a place. But of course it was drawn by an American, with an American world view.

    As for creating the modbot, all he did was add some words to a list, ignorant of the side effects such as not being able to name the day after Friday, or the act of controlling a car, without resorting to technical ruses.

  160. 160
    To hell with all of them says:

    End of what? As if the tory rabble are any different.

    Liblabcon get it, we the ordinary people get screwed. It’s been like for 70 years.

  161. 161
    Follwed says:

  162. 162
    White Dee and Fungi says:

    We can then vote for what we think is right.

  163. 163
    Vote UKIP says:

    Looks like a chum of Farage

    But the pint is missing

  164. 164
    Nobbly piece prize says:

    Hadn’t realised the British had colonised Britain, love to know where he buys his history of Britain books from, could it be from Iian Dale.

  165. 165
    The other Parties says:


    We ain’t fucking stupid.

  166. 166
    Anonymous says:

    Because you dumb fuck you bastards would still vote against and stop it.

    I really loathe this socialist left wing good for nothing cnut

  167. 167
    English nationalist says:

    Send them to Saudi Arabia I say

    One wayv tcket for Haj

    They would get their bollocks removed there for demonstrating -and probably more

  168. 168
    Anonymous says:

    Obviously by using the lords to deny the people

  169. 169
    A BBC production says:

    When the BBC needs him the BBC uses him

  170. 170
    FFS says:

    You can’t stop Labour now. Gordon Brown gave thousands of £ to people in the bottom half of society via tax credits.

    If you work it out you will find people doing a part time job in Starfucks with three kids are taking about as much £ home as a local architect, the GP, chartered engineer, chartered accountant etc.

    All these people are starting to cut back on their hours to spend more time with their kids because if they put in more hours they lose so much money it isn’t worth the bother.

    The people in the bottom half are not going to give up those tax credit payments, not now. They’ve learned to love them. They will keep voting Labour until they’ve killed the magic money tree known as the middle class.

    It’s the socialist way, but they’ve done it softly softly this time, so we didn’t see it coming.

    The Tories are finished, UKIP will get nowhere and the UK is finished. It’s only a matter of time.

    All I would say is we just have to hope that our compatriots start to see sense and question if it really makes sense for someone doing 5 half-days a week burger flipping to be getting the same income via tax credits as a surgeon?

  171. 171
    Papercut says:

    Agreed. Facebook is rubbish.

  172. 172
    Lucky Luciano says:

    Trouble is Chuka

    Noone believes one word you say

  173. 173
    Anonymous says:

    FFS who is this twat. If you don’t like it then fuck off

  174. 174
    The BBC says:


  175. 175
    Two footie pundits says:

    Didn’t she get her tits out fer the lads

  176. 176
    Retired Plod says:

    You mean it is a follow up to the D notice on Operation Ore?

    They have form and consistency

    Is this why Mandy has gone offshore?

  177. 177
    Chuck your butty says:

    Liebour wouldn’t know the meaning of people and communities even if they fell over in an attempt to organise a pissup in a brewery.

  178. 178
    Labour denying you a vote says:

    Labour voted the bill down and he tweets that

    Madder than a box of frogs

  179. 179
    FFS says:

    I think it is better if they ARE allowed in.

    Fact is the system they put in under Brown was so grotesque it makes no economic sense at all. People on £30K a year are being taxed at a marginal rate of 75% so they are cutting back on hours like crazy – even going part-time or changing to shelf-stacking jobs.

    Brown has already introduced communism by the back door, but the nation is limping on without realising the damage he has done. We need Milliband to come in and really break the system. It’s the only way we will get the people with low intelligence to see that maybe there is something wrong. We need “Winter of Discontent II” for the UK to wake up.

  180. 180
    Neo-feudalism says:

    Yes, and as wages go south, and mortgages, rents and bills go north, those middle classes are going to get a whole lot smaller.

    The NWO ideal seems to be like some Latin American shithole, with a few mega wealthy at the top, a hordes of impoverished serfs scrapping an existence at the bottom and not much in between.

  181. 181
    Ed Miliband says:

    I don’t like Beer. It makes me feel sick.

  182. 182
    Full Shadow Cabinet meetings says:

    If Labour had regular (daily) Shadow Cabinet with Emily contributing they would be fully occupied. So what is Miliband and Balls doing today: They are fully disposed. Makes a lot of sense to allow Emily to use her talents in the fullest sense to share with her fellow travellers through live.
    Bon Meeting.

  183. 183
    Shite Dee says:

    Fucking Knob

  184. 184
    FFS says:

    But SC is wrong to mix metaphors the way he did.

    We started out in space, then we were going downhill, then we were in a ship that hit a set of train buffers.

    I’m getting motion sickness….

  185. 185
    Bill Wallace says:

    Labour, You can take our votes but you will never take our freedom

  186. 186
    Young William says:

    Dad is a bit of a twat sometimes.

  187. 187
    Jack says:

    A large wld life reservoir

    Kills two birds with one stone

    And the quango has spent £20 million already for wild life reserve

    Result all the remaining inhabitants flooded

    Makes you cry

  188. 188
    FFS says:

    Sounds exciting old chap.

    Do you have any evidence for any of this?

  189. 189
    FFS says:

    They have a special history book for ever occassion and every region. It always starts:

    “There were always Muzzies living in this country. There was never anyone else living in this country before Muzzies got here. Later other people came to this Muzzie territory – they must be wiped off the face of the Earth”

    I expect you’ve heard something similar before….

  190. 190
    MIV says:

    It’s to do with ‘national security’ innit. Come on, you know the score. Anything seriously criminal involving our rulers – and not just the run of the mill thieving – gets an automatic D notice, and the cover-up operation goes into full swing.

    Aint you proud to be living in such a corrupt country?

  191. 191
    Anonymous says:

    Vote UKiphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7MwXniOD44

  192. 192
    FFS says:

    Except for 17 years the global measurement of temperature as produced by Team AGW itself has been absolutely static.

    I think we have to assume it is your imagination that it is getting warmer.

  193. 193
    FFS says:

    Pre-cooked, due to global warming. Or at least that was the plan.

    What Carlie-boy and all these twats have forgotten is that even according to Team-AGW the global temperature has been flat for the last 17 years. So claiming that current unusual weather is caused by a climate that has remained static makes no sense. Now is not the time to be making outrageous claims about climate change. Doesn’t stop them.

    The rest of us just need to bear in mind that the temperatures have been flat so any perceived change in climate is in the imagination of eco-warrior.

  194. 194
    EUHATER says:

    This ‘royal ‘ ecolunatic is a classic example of the devil making work for idle hands , he should stick to making organic biscuits and building bizarre ptemkin villages in the Dorset countryside .
    This idiot must be removed from the succession before he can do any real damage .

  195. 195
    Jack says:

    This is exactly what is happening in Europe and the US

    This is called Social Darwinism

    Survival of the fitttest and oligopoly..no holds barred – Just look at the City of London – generalised drime

    Worse than Feudalism because under Feudalism the lord had obligatiins as well as rights

    Under the current emerging system the Oligarchs have NO responibilities and no real attachment to any country

  196. 196
    Gardener says:


    Plants dont lie old chum

    Nor does my local weather office

    Try again

  197. 197
    EUHATER says:

    Do you mean thick?

  198. 198
    Old Rocker says:

    Noone, wasn’t he in Herman’s Hermits?

  199. 199
    see fax. says:

    pre fax was 50 shades of gray.
    then came knowledge of father’s pet name and now we enter the 40 steps in fort knox.

    yes.no fort is being protected by dunno knox.

    “in praise of the -“

  200. 200

    I note that the Lord Leveson, that forensically discerning gentleman, remarked that there was an attempt to intercept, ahem, problematic posts and that illustrated that it was not an anything-goes, wild-west blog.

    Of course, it was suggested at the time that no attempt to filter was better than a slight one which then could be seen as tantamount to an admission of responsibility. I never bought that latter line myself and the courts have seemed to steer away from it too although the situation looked very dodgy for a while.

    So the reverse of the above seems to have been the case. If that has prevented various state nuisances from knocking on the door at some ungodly hour and walking away with computers then, however inconvenient to the scribblers, it has been warranted.

    Agree with the American slant. When I first travelled across there, it seemed that once one got 100 miles from the seaboard, the rest of the world did not exist in the average mind. I would like to be able to say that perception had changed but…

  201. 201
    What you won't see on the BBC says:

  202. 202
    Podiceps says:

    They already did.

  203. 203
    he whom the cows love so much they call for him when they are in times of distress says:


  204. 204
    Hush Gordon says:

    He kind of petered out.

  205. 205

    “It was a complete oversight on my behalf. I did not read the small print, the lesson has been learnt and I will never do that again.”

    [charlotte leslie mp explains her vote on the immigration bill]

  206. 206
    Huddy Bolly and the Crickhits says:


  207. 207
    Huddy Bolly and the Crickhits says:

    Blimey! The system said that was duplicate comment and I have already said it. So must be careful about the letter ‘G’.

    What I was going to say was we should try to get him to eat some of Camilla’s cooking….

  208. 208
    Cancelled profile says:

    Facebook allows your ‘private’ thoughts to be harvested and used against you.

  209. 209
    I got A* in Inglish says:

    Azz I fort – e musta bin ejerkated dahn brickstone way.

  210. 210
    I got A* in Inglish says:

    an they’re woz me thinkin the MIV woz a motaway to Barf.

    but on topic, what we need is a whistle blower from the parliamentary train…

  211. 211
    Fly on the wall says:

    Any chance we might be able to exchange him for Abu Qatada?

  212. 212
    Fly on the wall says:

    Is he referring to the French Connection perchance?

  213. 213
    Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

    We don’t need a House of Lords or an honours system. It is Establishment branding for those that have doffed their cap to the privileged minority.
    The House of Lords is now just another EU subservient talking shop imposing minority views on the rest of us.

  214. 214

    OK, willingly I accept that amendment on the basis that we remember that all we had intended to do was go out of our front door, walk five houses up the same street, without leaving the pavement, to the pub for the evening.

    What about the tunnel and the underwater part BTW?

  215. 215
    non taxable pikey says:

    The latter is not a particularly nice picture to have in my mind beforw going to bed.

  216. 216

    Complaints of habitual sexual abuse of young boys by three senior members of staff at Kincora rocked Northern Ireland in the early 1980s.

    It is so old that I had forgotten it, if indeed, I ever noticed it. At the time I was very busy creating a large business and would simply skim the news in the paper. That we should have to wait for the 30-year rule to discover that a D-Notice (as it was then called), purportedly under the guise of it being a national security issue, was a way to conceal a series of sex crimes and murders committed against vulnerable kids is about as low as it gets.

    Whatever else is awaiting discovery?

    My attitude towards supporting publish and be damned has just hardened even further. The 30-year rule should be reduced to 10 and only then under much stricter criteria of qualification.

  217. 217
    Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

    He’s right but for the wrong reasons.
    There’s a lot to be said for an EU Referendum before the next election but only 100 MPs would vote to allow it to happen.
    That’s the 50 MPs that are worried about their re-election and the 50 that believe in democracy.

  218. 218
    Labour trolls NOT on message says:

    Because people might vote the “wrong way” , Owen !!!

  219. 219
    Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

    The Captain has more credibility the the Labour lEUny candidate.

  220. 220
    Denis MacShane says:

    The Somerset Levels are well… level. It has been raining incessantly for weeks. The ground being marshland and sodden does not absorb the water. It is level and pretty much at sea level therefore it does not drain fast enough. So the fucking place is now flooded.

    Quelle surprise.

  221. 221
    non taxable pikey says:

    My community would fill his @rse with a barrel or two of Buckshot.

  222. 222
    Graham says:

    Sooner the better.

  223. 223
    Anonymous says:


  224. 224
    Graham says:

    Brown simply bribed the fucking morons in the country so that they will always vote Liebour. The whole country is fucked. One ray of hope is for Scotland to vote for independence, as that would remove about 70 Liebour scumbags from the HoC.

  225. 225
    EUHATER says:

    Organically sourced ingredients of course!

  226. 226
    g4e5whwe45 says:

    Why don’t we just open an NSA/GCHQ account with them directly and feed them all our info directly instead of doing it via Facebook?
    Only joking!

  227. 227
    g4e5whwe45 says:

    You mean like the Israel firsters do?

  228. 228
    g4e5whwe45 says:

    Or you could just look at a computer as a 200W heater in winter.

  229. 229
    FFS says:

    “We’ll do anything at all to appease the immigrants. After all, it is they that keep us in our £67,000 a year jobs. Without them we’d be nowhere.”

    Just about any Labour MP

  230. 230
    FFS says:

    I cannot find any reference to a D notice relating to K!ncora, not even on the conspiracy sites. Are you sure you’ve got that right? We know on awful lot about what went on at K!ncora. We know, for instance, that the person that made the original allegations stated quite clearly that no high up types were involved in the abuse.

    By the way, you do know that D-notices are only advisory? The press can ignore them.

  231. 231
    FFS says:

    Hmmm, facts or anecdotal evidence from some stranger on the net purporting to know something?

    Sorry, the facts win.

  232. 232
    FFS says:

    I think it was the walk BACK from the pub that might have done damage to your perception of what made a good and consistent metaphor….

    The underwater part is a natural consequence of living in the South of England in these days and only to be expected.

  233. 233
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Nolan is the Beeb’s equivalent of Oprah! “Tell us about yer praaahblem” He never challenges the muzzie who bats for his “community” opposite Hayes, and Hayes lets him get away with murder.

  234. 234
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    + several hundred million!

  235. 235
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    Doesn’t expand on my Mac!

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