January 30th, 2014

Yet More EU Waste

The European Commission’s Anti-Fraud Division looks like a fun place to work…


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    Sunny Jim says:

    Drinking in the workplace would get those of us in the real world sacked…

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      Herman van Rompuy, unelected president of Britain, says:

      I only crack open a bottle every time Dave gives me one million pounds.

      Admittedly, that works out at 58 bottles a day, but I don’t think it’s too excessive.

      Wait until I start opening 68 bottles a day! It won’t be long.

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        ZeroWasteEurope says:
        • 42
          ZeroWasteEurope says:

          Breadth of material in OREP library continues to grow


          The Online Resource Efficiency Platform (OREP) Interactive Library is a dynamic and prominent repository of literature and videos related to resource efficiency. The library covers a number of core resource efficiency topics including green economy and green growth, energy efficiency, waste management, and sustainability thresholds. This breadth and quantity of information makes the library one of the foremost resource-efficiency portals online.

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          chriselee says:

          Why is the sign in foreign? I thought the official language was English.

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        Anonymous says:

        They won’t be drinking like that when the mussies take over….

        Even thinking about alcohol will be a thought crime

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      Lord Stansted says:

      It might be the BBC if they were champagne bottles.

    • 83
      broderick crawford says:

      Only to be expected

      Brits go around trumpeting english as global linguafranca

      D’ ya see any english on the sognplates . ??

      No — only French first followed by German !!

      So much for Cammo saying english rules in Europe !

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        Where are all the fucking sognplates when you want one? says:

        You are never alone with a Strand ;-)

      • 132
        stun2 says:

        Dutch, actually. Not that it lessens your point in any way

      • 135
        David Cameron says:

        Flip flop, flip flop; chillax, holiday, chillax, holiday; flip flop, tax breaks for millionaires like me, chillax; flip flop, flip flop, holiday, nice afternoon nap; flip flop, flip flop, why haven’t I got any control over my MPs? siesta, angry bird, chillax; flip flop, one term administration, tax breaks for the rich, make the poor pay for the reckless lending of my cocaine snorting banker friends; flip flop holidy chillax nice afternoon nap ad infinitum…….

      • 390
        Observation says:

        They’re preparing for the new EU minus UK.

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    Neil Kinnock says:

    I’ve done well out of Europe. In fact, I’ve done all right!

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      Jack Boot says:

      Officially the Tory Party is known as the ” Conservative and Unionist Party”. We already know that Daves not a Conservative, but Cameron is so fervent a unionist that he’s allowed the Scots to have a referendum in which the unionist position has not even been argued. The reason that the Scots are being encouraged to devolve is one of a number of measures which have been engineered upon the British in order hasten the destruction of this country and her peoples.

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        Keep up says:

        You’re clearly not a regular reader. The majority of the commenters, as well as Guido himself, strongly back Scottish independence. The general consensus here is along the lines of “good riddance to Jockland”.

        • 92
          Divide and conquer says:

          And of course by implication “Good riddance Britain”.

          • BIGEARS says:

            What we really want is English independence

          • Anonymous says:

            Any good scots goes South. Sadly (and to all our costs) that includes the gifted mad ones.

          • We aint seen nothing yet says:

            Britain will be gone in a generation or two anyway, with or without Scotland – thanks to the liblabcon’s imported demographic time bomb.

            A wrecked, Children of Men type sh!thole of Balkanised ethnic enclaves fighting each other.

            And don’t look to the US to save Europe’s native populations. They’ll far more likely to arm the colonisers, à la Kosovo style. If Madame Le Pen gets in in France for example, just watch the open hostility that will emanate from Washington.

        • 98
          Jack Boot says:

          Firstly I do not allow Guido to do my thinking for me. Secondly the point I am making is primarily not about Scottish independence but about the black treachery of the Tories.

        • 209
          An emmisary from Rome says:

          I am a regular reader here and sussed long ago that the whole anti scottish bias of this blog is designed to hasten the break up of The UK as it is the wish of the Vatican that this take place. guido is hiding in plain sight folks.

        • 244
          Jim says:

          I don’t care if you call me a Jock. Or Scotch(sic). Or claim we all eat fried mars bars. Or want to say good riddance.

          England scrounges off Scotland, our resources and our taxes (greater tax paid than expenditure received, unlike England)

          I know you must hate living in an overpopulated, immigrant filled Huntry where some folks think its sensible to build below sea level, whereby Scots enjoy beautiful scenery, fine food and plenty of room to ourselves.

          But I feckin wish you wouldn’t think that wee Eck represents the whole of Scotland.

          I am 100% for the union, I have quite a few English working for me (thats right, don’t choke into your pint, I actually PAY English people) but there is no way I want independence, to give these halfwits even more ‘Power’ to wreck my country.

          • cep says:

            It’s just a bit of Tam O’Shanter (banter) Jimbo.

            I love living in England, despite it’s faults and i’m sure you love living in Scotland (if you do).

            So what’s wrong with a bit of independence, it might give both countries a bit of pride and confidence back..?

            Agree 100% on the halfwits. :)

          • Bilda Berger says:

            Jim, it’s only a bit of joshing. Our differences are nothing compared with what we share and have shared since 1707. Salmond is a horrible and divisive little man and I’m very glad he looks like losing the vote.

          • Jim says:

            Really? Aw that’s alright, I was beginning to get the right hump ye ken! I’m glad it’s in jest, perhaps i’m a little uptight about it……

            I’m sure the common goal is to expose afforementioned nest featherers and n’eer d’ wells

          • M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

            Salmond is busily destroying the wild salmon and sea trout populations of Western Scotland in his pursuit to sell farmed salmon to the Chinese. He’s in hock to the salmon farming industry whose cages of docile reared salmon in the open sea spew billions of sea lice into the water. 10 sea lice can kill a young migratory fish on its first journey out to sea. As they have to navigate through clouds of sea lice coming out of the cages, few make it.

            Result: 10 million years of evolution coming to an end. All because these Norwegian owned farms are bankrolling Salmond’s Freeeeedooommm campaign.

      • 102
        FFS says:

        There is nothing more likely to encourage Scottish independence than sending a Tory to pontificate on the Union to the people in that hotbed of socialism. That’s why he’s left Alistair Darling to do it.

        Secondly, they aren’t going to leave anyway. M. Salmond has not provided a single reason why Scotland should leave the union, other than they might get their grubby hands on the oil. If that were a good reason for breaking up the union I’d need a passport to cross London’s “Square Mile”.

        • 120
          Jack Boot says:

          The point still remains that this referendum is one of a number of measures which has been sponsored by the EU with the end game of destroying national sovereignty and weakening this country.

          • s 4 shortbread says:


          • Irn Bru says:

            If the Scottish do opt for independence from the City State of London, at least they have a slim chance of saving themselves in the long run. And maybe we can flee there as refugees and claim asylum one day as well.

            There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip, as they say.

          • Vote NO to the EUSSR and yes to the UK says:

            Spot on Jack Boot. The useful idiots on this blog are the little Englanders who fail to see that the break up of the UK would lead to even greater tyranny from the EU.

          • FFS says:

            “even greater tyranny from the EU”

            How can we get “even greater tyranny”. They run the whole show now.

          • Reader says:

            Not at my house, they don’t.

          • Vote NO to the EUSSR and yes to the UK says:

            I know its bad now , but it will be worse if they succeed in dismantling the UK

          • Alice says:

            Spot on, Jack. Divide and rule.
            However, an “independent” Scotland would have less independence than in the UK and would be sucked deep into the EU with no chance of prospering. Its terms for joining the EU would be strict and might include having to adopt the Euro.
            Imagine the mess if the UK were to leave the EU, or at least renegotiate “freedom of movement” terms, while Scotland is open to a flood being welcomed, indeed sought, by Salmond. Border controls, etc!

        • 403
          geordieboy says:

          Many a slip twix cup and lip also many a slip twix thigh and hip that is why there a so many single mummies around.

      • 229
        Sweaty sock says:

        If Salmond really wanted a yes vote he would ask the question the other side of the border

    • 257
      Kinnoci says:

      The wife, the boy and his missus have all done well out of it too.

    • 262
      Kinnoochio Troughers. says:

      The wife and the boy have done well out of it all too. We’re all alright, alright.

      • 412
        BBC Disinfotainment (why no 'Citizen Smith' revivals?) says:

        Kinnockio! As an ex-subscriber to that organ, I remember the days when Private Eye had a genuinely independent viewpoint in their satire. Now that Hilsop is a BBC man bought and paid for, I wonder just how independent that outlook can be?

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    Nonnymouse says:

    Glass and cardboard in the same bin whatever next ?

    • 12
      Eu Recycling Police says:

      The building is surrounded.
      Marksmen are on the rooftops.

      if you are armed throw your weapons carefully out of the women into the recycling sacks provided, taking sure to separate plastic and metal components first.
      Counseling will be provided for any citizens who may have viewed this mixed receptacle horror!

    • 26
      Recycling is a scam cos' they just dump it all in a big container and ship it to somewhere in India says:

      Our local council collects plastic,glass and cardboard in one wheelie bin, household waste in another and food and garden waster in another BUT then what happens to it ??

      • 53
        Podiceps says:

        From your moniker it looks as if you know part of the answer to this question. When it arrives it is dumped and hordes of children go through it to scavenge anything faintly saleable. So, in a way, it does get recycled.

      • 90
        broderick crawford says:

        the fourth world gets to bury it .

      • 100
        Dame Porter says:

        It goes into a big boat, we ship it off to China, they put it in a big hole full of Tescos bags, dead prisoners and female babies. Every little helps.

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    Casual Observer 6 says:

    Immigration Bill: Dropping the amendments which would give it positive power – but would contravene ECHR, however adding a clause which allows the Home Secretary the executive power to revoke citizenship.


    • 11

      Citizenship could only realistically be revoked for those who had acquired it – not those born with it, otherwise they would become stateless.

      See no reason why an ability to revoke should not be held by the state for a minimum period, say ten years. Certain categories of crime, imprisonable offences say, could then be shown as sufficient ground for revocation.

      Some sensible safeguards to prevent abuse which would normally be of a politicised nature.

    • 18
      any old crap says:

      Seems to me the MPs are now proving they are not needed as all laws come from the EUSSR, time to close down the house of thieves even if it’s just to save money.

    • 31
      Catch 22 says:

      Parliament is Sovereign therefore it is legally unable to pass any law that is not legal as the mere passing of it makes it legal

    • 107
      BIGEARS says:

      At least we now know that both the Labour and the lib dems are in favour of allowing foreign criminals to run amuck.

      • 114
        The Labour Party says:

        We work like this. We think “Would the Tories oppose this?” If the answers is yes, we sign up to it.

        It really is that simple.

      • 116
        The LibDems says:

        Look, we are a small party with no obvious means of financial support that somehow manages to run a full election campaign when even the Tories and the Labour Party struggle.

        Where exactly do you think we are getting our money from? Now do you see why we suck up to the EU?

        • 280
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          I used to think it was the EU but now I think it’s probably the P***dophile Information Exchange – you know the one supported by Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt.

  5. 5

    Would like to go through their expenses with a fine tooth comb…

    • 236
      Eleventy says:

      Fine tooth comb? is that a pocket abacus?
      Might find using a calculator would be easier but each to their own

      • 282
        Bilda Berger says:

        A fine tooth comb is used to comb fine teeth. Or it’s a tooth comb which is fine (as opposed to being of poor quality). I thought everyone was on board with that, which is why it’s usually written fine tooth-comb.

  6. 6
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Then there are all the other bottles they take home from work……

    • 66
      we are not poor brit scroungers says:

      We are not some poor scroungers. We get, and not in the office, free breakfast, lunch and supper. Cars, not what you Brits drive to work. Segregated holidays. Brits aboard no thanks. Full pay pension when we needt it. Private health, gyms and other clubs. Bi-lingual schools. Clothing allowance. We have style. We like our women to look their best.

    • 194
      EU and in charge says:

      Take home from work. That’s Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, where ever cooked and served to our standards. Cars, no British bangers. Segregated holidays. Brits no thank you. Wine allowance, with cave. Bi-lingual schools. Fully salary pension, taken when needed. Accommodation, in the usual places, Brussels, home, for the weekend and holidays. Plus clothing allowance for ourselves and wife and mistresses.

      • 200
        EU and in charge says:

        That wheelie bin is full of street drinkers and beggars empties (cleared up by efficient EU workers) from Romanian now on their way.
        as you say
        pip pip

        • 272
          Mafia Boss says:

          Worth every euro. Nothing but the best for ourvfriends?

        • 312
          Announcement over Tannoy says:

          Announcement over Tannoy: St Pancras International

          “Please all cleaners come to paltform 5, Brussels arrival 10:30, Carriages 7,8 and 9. Come prepared, full over suites for level complete clean”.

  7. 7
    Nigel says:

    Prime Minister David Cameron should do humanity a service and compile all his speeches and statements over the years into one book that people could burn.

  8. 9
    Anon...........& Voting UKIP.ORG says:

    Is that big wheelie bin full of empties TAX FREE, as is the norm for the
    elite of the Brussels EUSSR Commiesars ??

    Will there be a penalty payment for putting cardboard in with the bottles ?

    • 16
      Herman van Rompuy, unelected president of Britain, says:

      Penalty payment? Oh good Lord, you’re right! Let’s say.. £10 million.

      I’ll get my little puppet Dave to pay it. I’ll get him to make the cheque out to.. “The EU”. It’ll find its way to the correct department eventually.

      • 283
        Bilda Berger says:

        Herman, my little gnome-like creature, is it true you have set up a service company called “Theeu”, based at an accommodation address in Brussels?

  9. 10
    Council Recycling Department says:

    Mixing glass & cardboard? That’ll never get collected…

    • 15
      Eu Recycling Police says:

      They will be collected. But there will be a 1000 euro fine.
      You taxpayers can pick that up.

      • 101
        any old crap says:

        Paper, glass bottles, tin cans all in the same wheelie bin, so I don’t see what the fuss is about, seems one council law for us and on council law for you, stupidity at it’s best

        • 279
          Mortimer Slumber says:

          Please refrain from placing your “any old dead” relative, friends or strangers in the wheelie bins. Call us where the deceased can be picked up and will range a humane burial with the full use of the state burial allowance.

          condolences and rest in peace, Mortimer Slumber

  10. 13
    Thirsty Work! says:

    Looks like they invited Nigel Farage in for a session to explain UKIP’s poor attendance record in the EU parliament, troughing all those expenses at taxpayer’s expense without showing up for work.


  11. 14

    If one looked into the wheelie bin of the Emissions Control Department, might one find condoms?

  12. 20
    Eu Recycling Police says:

    This is nothing.
    Last week we were called to a cafe that had stacked dairy and meat on the same shelf. THE SAME SHELF!

    Some of my men were physically sick at that kind of depravity. Some people are just animals.

    You know what else? They were washing knives in water that had detergent in it.
    Not clear water. Water that was cloudy. I’m only glad we arrived when we did. Saved someone from a serious nick to the fingernail. That’s what makes this job worthwhile. Making a differnce.

    Now excuse me, call coming in about a business using a 60w bulb! To the choppers lads! Lets get airborne!

    • 24
      nell says:


      You wait until they start imposing the same elf and saftey and food hygiene rules on private houses. And of course that’ll allow them to employ thousanbds more people in the
      se dead end non-jobs

    • 119
      Roy Batty says:

      Why, in the name of fuckery, would any of that have anything to do with recycling police? This fucking blog is becoming more and more like a fucking Campaign For Real Ale meeting. Just full of beardy pub quiz arseholes desperate to make a quick pun and then sit in their crusty, stained armchair stroking their rancid members. This used to be a place for dangerous and edgy political debate, now it is as edgy and dangerous as a fucking Countdown audience.

  13. 21
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    I have been warchin the Eu debate on the Parliament Channel for the last few hours,my conclusions are these.1 Most of these MPs inhabit a world totally alien to the rest of us.2The likes of Sarah Teather Dianne Abbott and the most recent influx of ethnic MPs mainly from Labour would wish oor borders to be completely open regardless of the consequences.3 The anti mmigration Tories just dont understand the link between being members of the EU and the ECHR and the fact that no matter what conclusion they come to tonight as long as remain part of these two institutions they are wasting their time,in other words friends we are fucked because if Labour wins the next GE things will get worse and unless the Tories commit to total withdrawal following a referendum Labour will win be because UKIP who have little chance of having 1 MP elected will so damage the Tory vote they will be unelectable.

    • 29
      UKIP won't ever form a UK Government so don't waste your vote in 2015 says:

      Your analysis is correct…not one single MP…….Anyone contemplating voting UKIP in GE should accept the fact that they are voting for a Miliband Socialist Labour Government and as a result they will never get a referendum on EU membership

      • 34
        I dislike socialists intensely says:

        Plus 1 million.

      • 35
        Bill Quango MP says:

        I am sure you are right.
        yet i expect that the UKIP voters are going to continue voting for UKIP.
        PM Miliband and chancellor Balls are pretty nailed on.

        The only hope is that the Labour majority will be under 30 leaving them to rely on the treacherous and cowardly Liberals for anything contentious.

        But an EU vote. Forget it. A labour government means it won’t happen. And after 4-5 years of Milibandism shadow leader Boris/May/Gove/other won’t need to offer a referendum as a bribe to vote for them. The public will be desperate to vote to end the Robespierrean nightmare.

      • 39
        Butch Dave says:

        Keep saying things like this and I might even get another five years to piss about.

        • 125
          FFS says:

          Exactly. Another 5 years of you doing more or less what Labour wanted to do if they were in power anyway.

          176,000 immigrants in last year, same as under Labour,

          Bennies system unchanged

          Deficit more or less the same

          Debt even bigger

          EU still calling the shots on all the big decisions

          In what way could Milliband conceivably make it worse? How? I just don’t see how.

          Vote UKIP, you really haven’t a choice.

          • Don't vote lilabcon, vote conlablib instead says:

            You can also add, off the top of my head:

            Climate scams still in full operation

            Another housing bubble created and on the way

            NGOs and Qangos still operating and circumventing democracy

            Continued attempts to involve the UK in yet more wars

            The BBC still in operation as a publicly funded propaganda station

            PC dogma as all pervasive as ever

          • Fly on the wall says:

            .. and unchanged constituency boundaries; don’t forget the boundaries…

      • 60
        Anonymous says:

        Your fooling yourself.

        Dave has said he would vote to stay in the EU… how many more times does he and Hague and Clarke etc etc etc have to say it…. they are Europhiles to the core !!

        The Conservative party are part of the problem, if you think they want to leave the EU then you are deluded.

        Yes, if you prefer the Tory brand of ‘socialism lite…’ and are happy to stay in the EU and to continue devolving further UK powers to the EU, then yes, vote Conservative.

        But if you think the EU is a bigger issue, if you want to keep the UK’s sovereignty and regain control of our country and borders, then you have to vote for a party that wants to leave the EU.

        At the moment….the only party that wants out of the EU, is UKIP.

        Voting for the Conservatives is self delusion, and will only further entrench ourselves in the European Union.

        • 71
          Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

          I am not deluded if there is a referendum and the people vote to leave then thats it and they will,if I live to be a thousand UKIP will never form a government in this country I doubt if they will get one MP,they are a single issue party run by one man,a very clever man a funny man who is a natural Tory.

          • FFS says:

            If UKIP never get elected then the UK is doomed.

            Sad but shit happens.

            If I don’t put my balls on the line to get the UK out of the EU how can I ever expect my fellow countrymen to vote for UKIP? How can I ever expect my fellow countryment to say “No to EU” in a referendum?

            I can only hope my fellow countrymen start to see things the way I see things, but they will never see things my way if I say “Vote pro EU Tory because it is slightly less scary than pro EU Labour”.

          • Rickytshirt says:

            What FFS said.

          • Sham democracy says:

            There is a vast and ever growing disconnect between the rulers and the ruled right across the Western World. Only those close to the cosy status quo of the state run parties refuse to see it.

            Fake parties serving the interests of nation wrecking globalists are no longer the only game in town.

        • 406
          geordieboy says:

          Call me Dave has never given a proper explanation why we should stay in the EU. The British public have made it clear that we should leave at the earliest opportunity. Can anyone give me a very good reason why we should stay in the Fucking Robbers Club.

      • 131
        Hate Everyone Ever says:

        Any vote in 2015 will mean exactly the same fucking thing. More of the same scum in suits taking our money and doing what the fuck they like. The only real way to change things would be to petrol bomb each polling station on the day then march on London and storm the fucking palace.

        • 134
          FFS says:

          You may be right, but maybe we should try a couple more elections first? Or make immigration work for us for a change and just leave?

    • 118
      No steps forward 100 steps back says:

      Still voting UKIP, as a country that’s getting closer to total disintegration they are only hope, if they fail to take the people with them, it won’t make difference which part of the LibLabCon triangle get in, the next stop total integration with the EUSSR and our loss of democracy for the people of the country, if Scotland say yes then the fun starts.

  14. 23
    Gordon Brown's shed says:

    Today .. I are mostly listening to the Arctic Monkeys.

    • 27
      nell says:

      I suspect the arctic monkeys would say ‘who is gordonbrown?’

      Mind so would most of the country even his constituents in kirkcaldy hardly see him these days.

    • 227
      Professor Turkey says:

      Monkeys in the Arctic is clear proof of climate change.

  15. 27
    Fed Up Britain says:

    Seems like the EU wine lake problem has finally been resolved.

  16. 33
    Libertie(s) says:

    Zis is so unfair. Et was a simple party to celebrate our most recent victory defending the EU Agricultural Subsidies. Spanish firms will think again after being fined €1000 for selling tomatoes almost 1mm below the approved circumference specified in Directive EU/10041/32/B6 Para 3.2.1 (iv) (a) Clause 2.

    It was a long and torturous 3 year investigation that forced us to stay in hotels across Spain and not just in our base at Puerto Banus. But we persevered and secured this great victory to prevent zis wicked exploitation of tomato buyers all across the Union

    • 43
      Fraternite says:

      ..Now let uz look at ze colour of ze glass used in wine bottles. i sink ze Croats are taking ze piss with ze blue bottle colour. lets shut zhem down.

  17. 36
    Lib Dems says:

    In the interests of consistency, we must be as lenient to foreign criminals as we are to criminals within our party.

  18. 40
    Blowing Whistles says:

    It appears as if there is some dirty bumbandit act / laws which the EU are going to try and ease in through the backdoor in early february … now why don’t the msm tell the public about it … why indeed?

  19. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Hey – that’s our f*****g money stored in a green wheelie bin and a large plastic bag !

  20. 45
    Anonymous says:

    When will MPs get the chance to ask the Defence Minister if the deployment of troops to help get Owen Paterson out of the S** t, means he has to re-consider making troops redundant?

    • 51
      Stop being a twat says:

      Why would that be necessary? Are the 72,000 troops of the army all unavailable except those 5,000 being chopped?

    • 99
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      So are the army going to magically raise the whole of the Somerset Levels above sea level? Your comment is utter tripe.

  21. 46
    Roma 'seeker' says:

    I was living in that bin until someone filled it up with bottles!

  22. 47
    ZeroWasteEurope says:
  23. 48
    Uncomfortably Numb says:

    Our local Tory council are currently proposing to close day centres for the disabled, close the town art gallery, shove the library into unused offices in the new county buildings closing a purpose built library, and we have just now heard that they have failed to stop the local university pulling out of the town.
    The roads they claim are ‘like billiard tables’ are indeed- they’re full of holes, with blocked drains and culverts making some roads impassable when it rains..
    The place is turning into a complete shithole under their watch.
    They are also, apparently, in the running for some award for best council. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

    • 62
      Fùck home, send it abroad to sand monkeys says:

      Still, another £100million to Syria is more important

    • 77
      Universal Hiss says:

      Sounds like Wolverhampton except that area must be Tory free?

    • 97
      Honest citizen says:

      The fucking contractors must have bought the council

      There are white elephants all across the country

      Empy offices libraries etc

      But the councillors dont give acstuff assuming the backhanders are good eniugh

      Who is getting the bungs for the unnecessary HS2 BTW?

      The bungs will be HUGE

    • 377
      Egalite says:

      So why are you afraid to name and shame them?

  24. 52
    ZeroWasteEurope says:
  25. 54
    Ozzy Mosely says:

    I’ve been thinking about this whole British Citizenship thing. I dont think having the ability to strip foreign born individuals of their citizenship goes far enough. I think we should have a whole new classification system of Citizenship.

    1) Class A* British Citizen – Automatically endowed on anyone with over £10m and/or a title. Vote = 1000 “normal” votes

    2) Class A British Citizen – Anyone born in the Home Counties. Can be revoked by any Cabinet Minister. Decision to revoke can be “appealed” by £1m donation to Conservative party.

    3) Class B British Citizen – Northerners. Can pay £10k to have right to vote. Citizenship can be revoked by Police at any time. No Appeal

    4) Class C British Citizen- Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, other dirty foreigners. No voting rights. Citizenship can be revoked by poll in the Daily Mail at any time.

    • 70
      Right on brothers says:

      Oh you naughty socialist, you are a one.

    • 73
      Universal Hiss says:

      I thought that had been in place for ages.

    • 79
      Romans says:

      We did all that, , except we did not all Class C British Citizen in. And the legacy was the greatest Empire ever.

    • 122
      BIGEARS says:

      At last a good idea WELL SAID Ozzy .

    • 147
      FFS says:

      I’d like to modify this if I may.

      Class D citizens: ethnics and immigrants. No rights at all. No right to use a supermarket, get a job, rent a house, talk to a citizen in Class A,B or C. No right to buy a return ticket. However, they will be offered free outbound tickets.

  26. 55
    Ditch UK, become EU city says:

    Can’t the EU become a state, like the Vatican, and we become part of that state, say EU city state. Then all those taxes paid in by the members get to be sploshed out of us. (Whats left of course goes on the common agriculture policy and other EU things).

  27. 56
    Dan Hodges says:

    I love the labour party.
    But you have to agree that Ed Miliband is a fucking spastic

    • 59
      ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

      Who’s leading Cameron by the nose over policy…

    • 81
      Hey good lookin' says:

      You don’t really Dan.

      You just like putting your tongue round Blair’s rim, which is very different.

      • 136
        Lord Guacamole of Mandy, with blue suede shoed says:

        How elegant

        Can Rich do an explicit cartoon of this delicious act?

        I will put the original in the pink loo of my mansion

  28. 63
    tachybaptus says:

    Nothing nicer than seeing Tories having a good internal fight. Is it the beginning of the end for Cameron’s Leadership?

    • 129
      Podiceps says:

      Stolen moniker = worthless comment.

    • 154
      FFS says:

      Sadly it appears to be a fight between the Tory Wets and the Tory Super Wets. Not much hope of a Tory turn-around now :-(

      Vote UKIP, because there really is no other choice.

    • 248
      Cast iron liar says:

      Did Cameron’s Leadership ever really begin?

      Right from his little Arctic photo shoot jumping on the climate change sledge, you knew the bloke was a knob head.

      Most of the nation is now with the hoddie sticking fingers up at Dhimmi Dave.

  29. 67
    Peter from Preston says:

    They should look behind the bin.

    There might be a lap-top and some lesbian mags in a jiffy-bag.

  30. 72
    30 years later says:

    When will the government apologise for what the Tories did to the miners? Communities and livelihoods destroyed all in the pursuit of cold hearted monetarism to make the rich richer. The paradox of Thatcherism is that its policies expanded the welfare state by increasing unemployment and therefore the claimant count.

    Not everything she did was bad, and Scargill also bears a lot of the blame. But her legacy is of greed, British industries destroyed and generations of families stuck in welfare dependency.

    • 86
      Ah! Thanks Maggie says:

      No son of mine never went down the pit.

      What sort of father would send his son to live his life underground. FFS.

      Smoking in cars. Or Pneumoconiosis. Your choice

    • 93
      Idiot alert says:

      Fuck off twat head.

    • 108
      Fabians are EVIL says:

      I think you need to do a little more balanced reading and rely less on the rantings of your local pub bore

    • 112
      Truthteller says:

      When will Labour apologise for what the Labour did to the British people? Communities and livelihoods destroyed all in the pursuit of cold hearted monetarism to make the rich richer. The paradox of Blairism is that its policies expanded the welfare state.

    • 113
      White rabbit says:

      In order to understand your comment a little better I’d like to know how old you are ?

    • 117
      BIGEARS says:

      Just which industries were destroyed by the Thatcher Government I can’t think of one?

      • 251
        Anonymous says:

        Labour destroyed manufacturing before and after Maggie. That’s. matter of public record if the left choose to look

    • 149
      cep says:

      Shouldn’t you be in the local park, drinking cider like normal teenagers instead of copying what your daddy says to impress people outside of your school..?

    • 245
      White Dee says:

      Fucking knob

  31. 78
    White rabbit says:

    I wonder if Fraser Nelson has plans to be a Conservative M.P. ?
    Just a thought.

  32. 85
    Citizen Khan says:

    Staffordshire University to close it’s campus in………………….Stafford.

    These fuckers are beyond parody.

  33. 87
    kay burleyhuman says:

    Today, finally, the British government has begun to assist the people of Somerset. For the past few weeks MPs have been looking at their iPads and their laptops to find out exactly where Somerset was. A government spokesman has now detailed that Tory MPs, hungry with erection fever, have flooded the county with their usual mix of shit and compost.

    An opposition spokesman has said that if this was a small nation somewhere else in the world that maintains similar slavery ambitions, then our government would have sent aid weeks ago. As it is on army land rover with a bucket sped into Somerset today to start the clear up operation – known as Operation HoleyWhelly – they reckon it will be several months before all is dried out as the bucket, specially ordained by Iain Duncan Smith, has no handle – much like the present tory party

    • 148
      Stranger's barman says:

      I assume that said Land Rover will be mounted by a Major General commandiing Western Approaches

      Escorted by the Msster of the Local Hunt

      On Rebekah’s Police Horse

    • 150
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Heaviest rain for some years.
      The levels are below sea level.
      Dredging the rivers will make fuck all difference.
      If the rain levels continue at the same rate, year on year, the area will continue to flood.
      The media stir the shit and in two weeks time will never mention it again.

      • 178
        FFS says:

        The Somerset Levels flood almost every year. Very few people are daft enough to live actually on the Levels. Westernzoyland is the only village of any size. From the tourist website:-

        “Lying only nine metres above sea level, Westonzoyland’s past has been shaped by a struggle between man and water. In winter months Westonzoyland and its neighbouring villages of Middlezoy and Chedzoy and Othery became islands isolated by flood waters. Zoy used in these place names means island.”

        • 184
          i don't n eed no doctor says:

          The people that critisise the agencies etc. should read about the levels on Wikipedia. The media just want to stir the shit.

      • 189
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        The people of the Somerset Levels should convert to Islam,start fighting each other in a civil war and they will have £600 Million thrown at them.

      • 266
        Anonymous says:

        Some leftie twat on a previous thread here blamed Dave for stopping dredging 3 years ago.
        Sadly wrong
        dredging was last done in 2002 it was considered unnecessary by the last labour governments.

        • 287
          DEFRA reclaim policy says:

          DEFRA reclaim policy here is The Sea reclaim.
          Fens and Cambridge next, followed by Lincoln and best of all London. Thames rivers gates to be left open.

          • German Government late 1945 says:

            Good idea. Should have implemented that in the Netherlands. Must get it introduced by the EU.

          • FFS says:

            Ah yes, the AGW inspired policy where DEFRA claims that as rising sea levels are only a matter of time and the land reclaimed by the sea 300 years ago will be inundated eventually, probably in 100 years time, we might as well get on with it now.

            Which is really a damning (or is it damming?) indictment of modern Britain compared to what we were able to achieve before even the industrial revolution began.

          • Egalite says:

            You must surely have heard of lefty infested Qangos by now? However does “Lord” Smith, perv and HIV+, Head of the Environment Agency justify his 3-day a week salary?

  34. 94
    DAVE (HS2towards the exit) CAMERON says:

    Anti HS2 request to see government report into whether HS2 gives the public value for money , has been blocked by the government because they say the findings are “not in the public interest”

    Fucking laughable !

    • 109
      Truthteller says:

      There’s their answer. No VFM at all.

    • 155
      Dave in Chipping Norton says:

      It is certainly not in the public interest for you wallahs to see the HUGE bungs we are being paid for this white elephant

      There would be a revolution

      • 380
        Mind the gap says:

        Don’t all trains have a whistle blower on board? Can usually be found either right at the back or sometimes about halfway down the train. Also known to occasionally wave a flag or a lantern.

  35. 105
    Truthteller says:

    EU, taking the p!ss.

  36. 111


    Re: last night’s conversation. I was disturbed to hear from you that Geometry was not on comprehensive schools’ syllabus and have tried to find a source for that, without success.

    Have been looking at the English NC and it is covered in Key stages 2-4 albeit often in the context of ITC studies or similar. Some parts are non-statutory.

    You used the word “dropped” though. Could you be more specific or point me to your source?

    Mechanics is not on the NC and, as far as I am aware, has never been. Both subjects are interrelated and vital IMO.

    • 156
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Is that your angle on Geometry in schools?

    • 159
      Dr Freud says:

      You have either lost your marbles or you think too much

      I think you need to lie down and shut up

    • 170
      BIGEARS says:

      I remember when schools taught boys to use machine tools such as lathes and shaping machines, and how to forge metal.
      They also taught proper mathematics , physics and .chemistry, English , art , languages’ and History.
      Nowadays the teach ‘Craft ‘ which consists of cutting cardboard shapes with scissors and making cushions , Physics and Chemistry is taught as ‘ science ‘ English has degenerated into something resembling teenage text speak, and History largely consists of politically correct indoctrination.
      How can it come as a surprise to learn that they can’t be bothered to teach Geometry ?

      • 181
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        Reminds me of the Grammar School I attended.

      • 194
        FFS says:

        Nope, wrong. My kids are still in the comprehensive system, as I was 30 years previous:-

        My sons were taught “resistant materials” – lathes, pillar drills, vacuum forming, wood-working. They also were taught “Electronics” – soldering, PCB etching as well as that girly stuff (they didn’t take to GCSE)

        Mathematics at both GCSE and “A” level are much the same as when I was taught in the late 70′s at “O” level. At GCSE they do include geometery, pythagoras, simultaneous equations, solving quadratic equations, algebra and even a bit of calculus (I never did any calculus at “O” level – that was “A” level stuff only).

        Physics, Biology and Chemistry all cover far more material than I was taught at “O” Level in the 70s. A hell of a lot of the stuff they cover at GCSE I didn’t cover until “A” level.

        English Lit is crap – very limited reading material involved. Probably less left-wing than when I was at school because they teach much less….

        English language – much the same as at “O” level in the 70s.

        History: My sons were taught mostly the history of WWII and Vietnam. Not much different from what I was taught at “O” level

        Languages: Everyone has to take one language, hence the quality is mostly phrasebook standard, unless you have an aptitude for languages. Pathetic really, but always was as Brits have no motivation to learn a language.

        Geography: A lot of human geography at GCSE level – this is very left-wing stuff. Consequently my sons stuck their two fingers up at it.

        Art: GCSE taught at a surprisingly high level. Standard of work very high. Very impressive.

        Eldest son now doing “A” levels: History, Maths, Electronics and Computing

        Maths “A” level same as in the 70s. Electronics and Computing taught at a surprisingly high level – more or less the first year of my University degree. I didn’t do History “A” level so can’t compare.

        Not everything you read in the Daily Mail is true…..

        • 226
          bing says:

          zzzzzz”………… u r a teacher

          • cep says:

            His post was far too coherent for it to have been written by a teechur.

          • Mind the gap says:

            I once met an “English” teacher who had no idea what an adverb is, so it might be as well to take FFS’s report with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, his kids may be at a school where some standards do exist – and good luck to them.

        • 284
          Pick litter for bennies says:

          Good luck when your kids run up against thousands of highly educated and motivated immigrants.The bar is higher now than the 70,s.

          • FFS says:

            Ha ha! Not much competiton there from what I’ve seen. My eldest son must have an IQ close to 135 and the youngest nearer 150 I’d say. It’s all in the genes of course ;-) All the immigrants are languishing at the bottom of the school intake, as usual.

            Anyway, I’ve told them they would be better off going to the US. UK looks like it’s finished.

          • White rabbit says:

            Missouri my daydream destination of choice. Bigger than both England and Wales combined with population of 6 million. Glorious space.
            Quite right about UK. It looks endsville.

          • Mind the gap says:

            Should only go to the US once Omaha’s term has finished and see what is left. Oz or NZ would be my preference for further education – and subsequent immigration for a decent life.

        • 384
          non taxable pikey says:

          I did calculus at O level. Got a 1 too. If physics GCSE covers far more than you did at O level then why did I teach the first 5 months of A level so as to bring GCSE kids up to the required A level standards that O level gave their predecessors?

          • Village Idiot says:

            ……And we have all seen what a fucking useless lot our so called, educated elites are…..They,(the so called ,educated.) have screwed and fucked this country into the ground…Some of them do not start work till they are 25,and some of us started work at 15,(not me,i went to FE)….Facts and figures are all very well,but common sense and empathy are far more use to a coherent society…I am not anti education,but it is plain to see that a good education is only 40% of it….
            How many times have there been cover ups and cock ups by so called intelligent people,too numerous to list?…bankers,mp’s.social workers,all public servants on the payroll,and the latest, …the environment agency,twats!

          • Having checked my calendar archives says:

            Kindly do not confuse ‘intelligent’ with ‘clever’. They are not at all the same.

      • 263
        nungo says:

        the best thing a kid can learn is Adobe Creative Cloud + Solidworks

  37. 124
    DAVE (HS2towards the exit) CAMERON says:

    Isee the bill for the government to over rule judges on foreign criminals “right to a family life”and deport them , has been defeated by Labour and Those treasonus bastards the Lib dem sex pests

    • 141
      McAdder says:

      ……and over 200 Tories.

      • 173
        Pick litter for bennies says:

        HOC mp,s have in essence voted to keep all foreign murderers,rapists and wannabe terrorists in our country to protect the criminals human rights.TRAITORS.Another nail in the EU coffin.

        • 347
          BIGEARS says:

          An amazing spectacle the UK parliament deliberately and knowingly voting against a bill to act in the interests of their own citizens at the behest of a foreign power.
          It would be rough justice if one of the wives or daughters of these treacherous pieces of filth were to fall victim to one of these rapists or murderers who they are so keen to protect , but of course it won’t ,it will be someone else’s daughter.
          One look at the ethnic make up of the muslim grooming gangs tells you all that you need to know.

  38. 130
    Jimmy says:

    Is spoonface the first PM ever to order an abstention on a government bill?

    You must be so proud.

    • 137
      Dodgy Dave says:

      Look, let’s be clear about this…

    • 138
      Daid Cameron of Whites Club says:

      The Duke od Plazatoro told me to lead my men from behind

      Much safer you know

    • 140
      ukip.i.am.not says:

      Make people stateless? Another shameful episode in which the UKs credibility on human rights sinks in the eyes of the world

      • 215
        It's not a matter of nationality really says:

        Yeah. Terrorists should be given a fair trial and then executed.

    • 143
      Hi Jimmy, can you talk a bit louder as the windmill is slowing down and the power is needed for tS says:

      We know a Liebour backbencher wouldn’t do it as they could lose their troughing rights

    • 144
      White rabbit says:

      Labour support criminals..what a surprise.

    • 146
      ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

      “Over half of all Tory MPs rebelled again the government over Raab’s bill.”

      Delighted, because this proves Cameron no longer has control over his party. It’s also applicable to any one thinking they should be the new leader i.e. May. Let the Tories tear themselves apart over this and the EU, it’s their nemesis for what they have done to much of the country.

      • 182
        The Labour Party says:

        Whereas we, on the otherhand, flooded the country with four million immigrants so now our core-voters can’t get jobs, wages are depressed, and you’re going to get affordable housing.

        That’s without even getting to the 800,000 immigrants who can’t speak any English.

        And we fucked-up the NHS, covered up the deaths, and the schools (which “must not produce winners”).

        And we ran out of money.

        But don’t worry – we intend to be much worse, next time.

        • 185
          The Labour Party says:

          Oh! Hang on! We forgot to mention the Iraq War.

          Ah, yes.. our lies.. half a million deaths, 5 million maimed.

          We – Labour – are great, aren’t we?

          Who wouldn’t support us?

          • Pick litter for bennies says:

            Labour policy makers have already told us £25bn of borrowing will not appear in their official borrowing figures because it,s for “re-investment”.Premeditated fraud.

          • The British Public says:

            If we let these irresponsible chancers into government we’ll find ourselves having to take up arms against them.

    • 151
      Blokey Bloke says:

      When Ukip put them in third place in May there will be nothing holding them back. Cameron better have an anti stab vest on to defend his back.

    • 153
      Yvette Cooper says:

      “and then, as the home secretary responsible for enforcing law and order in Britain, simply sit there, just scared of her own backbenchers, and fail to vote? There is no precedent for this … She has lost control of her own policy … She sat on her hands because she was scared. What kind of home secretary is that? What kind of government is this?”

      • 163
        i don't n eed no doctor says:

        Cooper, a vile piece of hypocritical shit. Could I remind cooper and labour about Abu Qatada, who they failed to deport. This rankles Cooper, hence her continued attacks on May.

      • 166
        White rabbit says:

        Whatever. I thought Theresa looked a dream in the HOC today, didn’t you ?
        You looked ok. How d’you feel now, better ?

      • 169
        Dr Freud says:

        My dear Yvette

        This government are merely continuing a watered doen version of thhe total clusterfuck you and your hubby were leading lights in

        You set such an indescribably high standard of buggery thuggery and skulduggery and financial hooliganism that even the maddest Tories could not touch you

        So just shut it

      • 183
        nell says:

        Let’s think about this – do we prefer Theresa May who deported abuqatada or do we prefer that labour’s smith woman or the spineless jackstraw neither of which achieved anything!!?

        I suspect theresa is going down in history as one of our better Home Office Ministers regardless of the politics.

        • 201
          FFS says:

          Theresa “I will reduce immigration to the tens of thousands” May?

          She let in 176,000 immigrants last year. No, she is not one of the best Home Secretaries.

          She is exactly as bad as Yvette Cooper-Ballsup.

          Vote UKIP, please….

    • 176
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      You are preaching to the converted, but Miliband is not an alternative option.

      David Cameron is the Arthur Daley of government indecision.

      Go on Jimmy, go to UKIP ;-)

    • 178
      McAdder says:

      Just looked at list of those supporting Raab on Conservative Home website. One name that surprised me was Keith Vaz.

    • 187
      White rabbit says:

      Jimmy! Jimmy! quick, there’s a piece on high risk sex channel 4 news right now.
      You can catch it if you’re quick.

    • 225
      Ectoplasm says:

      I am Jimmy!

  39. 142
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    C4 News – Jon Snow – Somerset Levels.
    Snow said some woman that lives there was furious when C4 last jnterviewed her. No I wasn’t furious she replied. Shit stirrer Snow strikes again.
    If the Sky job is going at £200,000, what the fuck is idiot Snow on?

  40. 158
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    Is C4 News sole purpose to stir the shit?

  41. 164
    EU Funded Pro-EU Troll says:

    Vote UKIP

    • 172
      nell says:

      UKIP also have MEPs including nigelfarage (whom incidentally I like). So presumably they also are personally profiting from salary and generous expenses of this worthless body?

  42. 167
    Owen Jones,Guest Moderator says:

    Oops! Something went wrong, Prime Minister.
    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please refresh your browser or check back later to resume your inane comment.

    • 175
      nell says:

      I did just wonder whether SkyNews would be adventurous enough to appoint the idiotowen as next political editor.

      • 196
        McAdder says:

        He’ll need to pass his GCSEs first. ( subjects: meedja studies, dance, drama, home economics-soft materials, history of feminism, hanging around toilets)

  43. 186
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Ed Balls is great, isn’t he?

    I mean, how the Hell could we win without him?

  44. 191
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    If anybody thinks Tory in-fighting has finished after tonight……well quoting my Mexican socialist mate you are ‘mucho deludedo’….2015

    • 197
      David Miliband says:

      My brother is a complete cúnt.

      I didn’t just leave the Labour Party, I left Britain.

      I mean, can you imagine my mutant mong brother as PM?

      No. Thought not.

      • 207
        One Man One Vote says:

        Don’t blame you, mate.

        I bet though, you secretly wish you’d worked a tad harder at bringing about democracy in your party, eh?

        It must stick in your craw that people had four or even five votes in that election, maye as many as six: Co-op party members, Fabian Society, Black sections, members of unions like UNITE, MPs. And then there are the tiny group of people who are actually members of the Labour Party itself.

        Your life’s ambitions imploding in one gerrymandered, anti-democratic exercise of hatefulness and conspiracy…

      • 228
        nell says:

        Well if he does get into no10 he’ll have the support of bullyballs who organised gormlessgordon’s bunker mentality 2007-2010- can’t be in better hands than that can you?!!

      • 281
        Dave Monkeybland Ed's shallow brother says:

        Still, I weren’t going to stick around and help the working classes or any of that nonsense, my whole raison d’etre of being in the labour party was, like so many of the libore MPs was to see what it could get me. Soon as fings got hard I dropped all that socialist altruistic stuff and headed were the big money and power was.

        Fcuk you little people that voted for me, more mug you, I say.

  45. 202
    Kinky Boots says:

  46. 212
    Ironic comment of the week says:

    The most ironic comment of the week goes to the two BBC producers on the Richard Bacon show this week who insisted that the BBC have always expected the highest standards of behaviour from its presenters in childrens television. Savile and Hall fucking kids all over the place for years obviously didnt count then ?

  47. 220
    nell says:

    I wonder what ramseymacdonald and clementatlee would think about this current bunch of labour millionaires who have never done a day’s real work in their lives??!!

    • 237
      David Miliband says:

      One wonders.

      Here’s an interesting and indisputable fact.. Ed Miliband (sitting in his £2million London mansion purchased for him by the taxpayer) has never made a single net contribution to the NHS.

      Additionally, Ed Miliband, who has never had a real job of any description, has never made a single net contribution – not one penny – to the welfare state.

      The Welfare State and the NHS: paid for by Tories.

    • 246
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      I wish Robin Cook was still alive, oh what a tale he could tell, past and present.

      • 258
        The airbrush of history says:

        I sometimes wonder what John Smith would make of it all.

      • 297
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Dead men as the saying used to go, used not to be able to tell tales; however when there is an inexplicable, strange, odd or bizarre paper trail (which does not add up to a reasonable man’s logic) it isn’t all that hard to look at the subsequent actions and inactions of those in and around the strange death of a man and who benefits from such a death.

        Hutton / Bircham Dyson Bell / Hoon / Dugher / Richards / Blair / Campbell / Straw / Byers / Falconer / Kavanagh / Testimony on oath what testimony / and who has slimed up the supreme court ladder of snakes?

        • 307
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          Could forces which favored the EU have killed John Smith ?

        • 400
          Blowing Willies says:

          I don’t do my own research so could you please provide a reference or link to justify this incredibly wild speculation.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Try putting with your bare hands two steel rods into the lower holes in a wall socket – and firstly make sure that the socket is switched on.

  48. 221
    The Emperor Rumpy is an Anti-democratic Twat, and Cameron is his Prophet says:

    Comments on here and indeed, throughout the blogosphere have declined in number in the past few months. Presumably since it was realised how extensive the levels of surveillance by the NSA and GCHQ have become.

    Something similar has occured in China.


    • 233
      Plonkers about scaring the customers says:

      What’s up shit stirring again, if you have nothing to hide etc.

      • 238
        The Emperor Rumpy is an Anti-democratic Twat, and Clegg is also his Prophet says:

        Personally, I have never been too bothered. The key to free speech is to always check your facts. There is enough shit to be angry about without having to make it up.

        • 255
          Fish says:

          The NSA and GCHQ are welcome to check my e-mails (which they won’t because they’ll be concentrating on that radical ****** twat who lives on the dole in East London, and his mates, who incite followers to *** the ***** off *******s)

          • White rabbit says:

            I’ve never made this admission before, live, on air so to speak, but ****
            ***** **** ******** ****** *** ******* marvellous.

    • 294
      FFS says:

      You haven’t been here at the weekend. So many comments the server can’t handle the scripts anymore.

    • 311
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Blogsphere is one thing – but it is not practical nor is it really in anyone’s interest to start pursuing folk who post up dumb stuff. Taking sites down which do not take certain things down is the smarter model.

      What should have changed though: Anyone who is working on anything which could be considered original should ensure that their communications with trusted collaborators are GPG encrypted, and nothing is discussed publicly.

      The propagandists put out concerns about risqué tweets etc., but that stuff is bullshit compared to the real meat which are industrial / trade secrets.

      NSA / GCHQ surveillance is just industrial espionage with a bit of civil liberties restricting gloss and anti-terror spin to keep the funding for it going.

      • 337
        FFS says:

        There are no end of websites where some Indian chap asks in broken English how to solve some technical problem and then these helpful US and European engineers are falling over themselves to offer solutions for free, just to be helpful.

        We are happily standing by letting the developing world steal all our ideas, all our education, everything we ever thought of, without them lifting more than a finger.

        In China they have a company doing their own 747. How are they doing that? They hired one Chinese Amrican from Boeing. Just one. How can one guy know how to build a 747? Because he stole all the paperwork that’s how.

        • 351
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Building the air frame is fine.

          Wings are a bit more of a problem.

          If they have cracked engines, then there is a real issue.

          They stole the dodgy plans fron B A E for a fighter jet…

  49. 224
    EUSSR says:

    The anti fraud unit was how Kinnock got into the EU. He was paid an absolute extorttionate amount to remove fraud and make the system opennand honest.
    He did fuckall but fill his own boots and ensure his own family got securely on the teat

    Fucking knob

    • 234
      The Emperor Rumpy is an Anti-democratic Twat, and Miliband is also his Prophet says:

      He reminds me of the story of the guy who was sent to investigate corruption at the Philippine National Lottery – who miraculously won the jackpot five weeks into the job.

    • 235
      nell says:

      I don’t know about anyone else , but for me, kinnochio and his family are the absolute pinnacle of self serving leaches getting the maximum from the eu for their own family at the expense of we taxpayers and doing absolutely nothing in return!! Worthless, Worthless people!!

    • 273
      UKIP or bust says:

      I doubt he was paid to ‘remove’ fraud, more like paid to cover it up.

  50. 232
    Rickytshirt says:

    Is this part of the reason why they can’t get their accounts signed off?

    • 243
      Herman van Rompuy, unelected president of Britain, says:


      The other part of the reason – the main part, really – is we spunk all the money away.

      Never to be seen again.

  51. 267
  52. 300
    Labour says:

    Don’t deport foreign criminals! Who’ll be left to send our postal votes?

  53. 302
    Hmmm says:

    How did Eco warrior and anti carbon campaigner Marcus Brigstock get over to that ski resort to compete in ‘the Jump’?
    Don’t tell me the hypocrite and unfunny cùnt took a flight again

  54. 303
    Byron says:

    If I had written about him

    Cable would have rhymed with shit

    • 306
      Podiceps says:

      There was a smell of buggery by night,
      Liberal Democrats had gathered then
      Their sodomites and catamites, and white
      Boy’s arses quivered under pumping men.
      A thousand dykes lapped noisily; but when
      Vince Cable rose with a malevolent yell,
      Their organs shrank and would not swell again,
      On liquid noise a frozen silence fell;
      Then ‘Wow! Cool!’ as he reveals his plans from hell.

  55. 305
    Caroline Lucas ( Light Bulbs ) says:

    If they filled the London Wheel with the unemployed running round and round like hamsters, they could generate enough power to light Buckingham Palace.

  56. 309
    Establishment lackeys says:

    Here we go, get your sick bags ready.
    Ken Pastit and Lord Perve-Protector cuddling up to Dimblebore on the BBC’s bestest liberal love-in.

    • 320
      Yuck, they're awful. says:

      The bloke sitting in the UKIP seat talks a lot of sense while the feminist comedian and the Labour retard are obsessed with Socialist theft of our money.

  57. 310
    Fish says:

    Strange isn’t how the BBC and their print arm the Guardian choose their bed-fellows.


    Miranda and Greenwald

    And now a chat for Newsnight with murderer Amanda Knox (and the opportunity to empathise with he about the way she was portrayed ‘espescially by the (nasty) British tabloids.

    • 319
      just asking says:

      Who is that useless creepy fucker empathising with her?

      • 328
        Fish says:

        Fuck knows. Some slimy Guardian / BBC twat sucking up to her. Perhaps he thought that he might get a shag.

        I hope he’s watched Basic Instinct

        • 344
          FFS says:

          Amanda Knox.

          The woman that is sooooooo innocent she actually lied her head off to put an innocent bar-tender in gaol for life.

          People seem to forget that.

    • 385
      Guilty as charged, m'lud says:

      “………..the way she was portrayed ‘espesciall(sic) by the (nasty) British tabloids.”

      Perhaps because she has been found guilty(again)of murdering her flatmate who incidentally was a BRITISH citizen do you think ???

  58. 313
    Paddy Pantsdown is and always has been a useless sack of shit says:

    “Lord Ashdown Involved In Fatal Car Crash”

    Sadly, the fatality wasn’t Paddy Pantsdown.

    • 315
      Hmmm says:

      Surprised he never crashes given he has his eyes closed smugly all the time.

      • 322
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting initial press report apparently it was said that the other guy clipped paddys car. Could have said paddy clipped the other car but looks like the papers have decided whose fault without a plod report. Plod still investigating and have not identified reasons.

  59. 318
    Question Time says:

    Oy oy saveloy! Not the typical QT audience tonight. First questioner tore into Labour. A guy in the audience ripped Emily Thornberry to shreds and New Labour and he got applause.

    • 348
      Yuck, they're awful. says:

      Two people that wanted to put the needs of struggling English people before the needs of Syrian refugees got hissed at by the audience and patronised by 4/5ths of the panel.
      Business as usual.

  60. 323
    White rabbit says:

    Emily Thornberry can bench press 300 pounds and her snatch is also very impressive. Her clean and jerk is poor however.

  61. 326
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Tonight’s YouGov poll gives Labour a 10-point lead: LAB 42 / CON 32 / LD 8 / UKIP 12.

    And it’s goodnight from me !

    • 330
      Yuck, they're awful. says:

      Baroness Ashton told her hubby to knock 10% off of UKIP. She hasn’t had enough gravy yet.

    • 333
      Thrill Seeker says:

      Just goes to show how useless polls are.

    • 343
      Ronnie says:

      Odd really that this one will be considered by the loony left as gospel while anything showing the polls closing are outliers ( like a few days ago)

      And its good night from him.

  62. 329
    Question Time says:

    Emily Fatbelly is very annoying.

    • 370
      Alice says:

      Just watched Thornberry repeatedly lie outright, twice claiming that Labour had a 50% top tax rate from the time of the 2007-8 economic crisis! Of course, they had a 40% rate for all but the final month of their 13 years!

  63. 334
    Climate change is rubbish lies says:

    I’m a climate change denier, the tossers on QT are now calling the heavy rain, climate change another gang of overpaid “experts” discussing fckall, jeez h.

  64. 335
    cheche says:

    Dimblebore doesnt like the English aid

  65. 336
    Question Time says:

    Emily Fatbelly is being ridiculed by the audience for not answering a question. She spent 3 minutes attacking the government. She’s finally admitted she believes foreign criminals have rights.

  66. 338
    Question Time says:

    Audience just roared with laughter at Emily Fatbelly for failing to answer in which circumstances she believes foreign criminals should be deported. Guido should post it tomorrow morning. She’s a fat pathetic joke.

  67. 340
    Question Time says:

    Fucking leftie c-unt Kate Smurthwaite. Typical leftie bullshit.

  68. 341
    Question Time says:

    It’s a surprisingly conservative audience tonight. Emily Fatbelly has been a gigantic disaster. Ken Clarke just ridiculed her and got applause.

  69. 346
    Question Time says:

    After seeing the hideous Emily Fatbelly in action tonight on Question Time, there can be no doubt that this country will be destroyed for good if Labour win the next election. If you thought the last Labour lot were bad, Miliband and gang would be apocalyptic.

  70. 358
    Party Political on behalf of the Labour Party says:

  71. 361
    Hmmm says:

    Is it Labour policy now just to talk over other contributors as if the public is impressed by such rudeness?

    ..and Emily Thornberry is useless. Totally useless. It’s hard to describe the seething gut wrenching contempt I have for that smug patronising cùnt

    • 363
      Anonymous says:

      They have always done that. Meanwhile others are shut up to allow the leftie crap to be uninterrupted.

      Remember when Hattie Hatesmen touched dummy fore on the arm and he shut up the conservative that was speaking

  72. 367
    non taxable pikey says:

    Give up now Dave, after last nights debacle you have comprehensively F’ked yourself?

    • 391
      BIGEARS says:

      Call me Dave has committed political suicide in order to please his EU puppet masters !

      • 398
        Never underestimate the overall gullibility of large swathes of the electorate says:

        It’s all froth ahead of May’s European Elections where no doubt UKIP will do extremely well BUT proving the Tory Party doesn’t start running around like headless chickens the GE in 2015 will still come down to a straight fight between Tory and Labour and although UKIP can damage the Tory vore there is not a cat in hell’s chance of them ever getting one MP at Westminster and all people will do by voting for them at a GE is allow Labour to win and thus ensure that those people who want a EU referendum on EU membership will never get one and they will see closer and closer ties with Europe as the price for a Lib-Lab Coalition. BUT at least they can never say they haven’t been warned.

        • 401
          Oink, oink, what, what says:

          Squeal little piggy.
          You must be a Tory splitting the UKIP vote. You couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to vote for the deportation of foreign murderers, rapists and terrorists.
          Go away EU Socialist trougher.

        • 402
          BIGEARS says:

          We may yet see more mass rioting and protests in the Eurozone before the next General Election, all UKIP need is a little momentum to gain a some seats at Westminster ,and who knows they may even put a little backbone into the tory Eurosceptics especially if the tory euromaniacs start losing their seats.

  73. 368
    Cheese eating Surrender Monkey says:

    That’s only the cleaner’s bin – the grand fromages have their own bottle bank!

  74. 369
    Still on hols down under, FFS says:

    It’s not fair, when I post it’s the middle of the night and no one comes back for a fight. Not enough to come back early though, 39 degrees presently and yes that’s Celsius folks, not seen snow this year and don’t mean the moron on 4.

    Arf, arf.

    Must go and make more ice, it’s a hard life.

    PS, muzzie small boats around here picking up little fish, that’s leetul feesh, get rounded up by coastal patrol and fined, that’s if they don’t run off like two did on last night’s prog. You can bet your prayer mat that the big boys will be on there case / already sorted and the twats will be back in afgh /pak land before you can say ‘uman rites!

    • 396
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      on their case
      I remember being in Perth back in 82. The highest temperature reached 44C. The week after we left 50C was recorded at Perth airport.
      C4′s Snow really pisses me off. Arrogant lefty prat.

  75. 386
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I would like MEP’s to be able to vote on house of commons issues.

    • 389
      albacore says:

      The E U’s the mother of all confidence tricks
      Recycling the British into impotent pricks
      Russian H-bombs never did get folks shitting bricks
      What it took was LibLabCon, commie, clever dicks

  76. 387
    altruism in industry says:

    “The envoy said Jang was executed because he “abused his power” in hindering efforts to improve North Korea’s economy and living standards.

    Jang had personally spent 4.6 million euros ($6.2 million) in 2009 alone and made “tremendous” crimes, Hyun said.”

    Don’t we know somebody else who spends 4.6 million euros ?

    • 413
      Hewn hooon hyun huhhnne says:

      Oh no not another one name Hyun! they are everywhere and we are completely surrounded!

  77. 393
    Abu Qatada says:

    Got to work and thought to myself, it’s too nice a day to waste it in work so back home in bed in my JimJams ready for sleep with a bacon roll.

  78. 399
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing about the disgraceful debate on deportation of foreign, murderers, rapists, thieves which came to naught yesterday in case we upset the Commission.

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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