January 30th, 2014

Tory Wars: These Rebels, Coming Over Here, Taking our Bill

Big day for Dave as he faces a pasting from his own backbenchers on the Immigration Bill. As ever, Guido gives you the run down on the sparring factions ahead of today’s scrap:

  • Raab amendment - Rebellion led by Dominic Raab, wants to stop foreign criminals from using human rights laws to avoid deportation because they have family in Britain. The amendment has the support of 104 MPs, and won’t be unattractive to Labour backbenchers. The Tories are blaming Cameron for the weak stance on human rights, Cameron is blaming the LibDems, Chris Grayling is blaming the EU and Theresa May is blaming the terrorists.

  • Mills amendment - Rebellion led by Nigel Mills, wants restrictions on Eastern European immigration to be extended until 2018. Mills claims he has around 75 Tories backing him, 40 is more realistic. Nothing to do will the high level of immigration from Eastern Europe in Mills’ Amber Valley constituency. 

The stretched twig of peace has reached melting point…

UPDATE: The Speaker has selected both amendments. It’s war!


  1. 1
    Anon says:

    That picture of Camermonkey maybe sad but I’d still slap it if I saw it.

  2. 2
    Kmc says:

    ”restrictions on Eastern European immigration to be extended until 2018″

    Why? What’s happening in 2018?

  3. 3
    Nan says:

    Women in Parliament. That’s where it has all gone wrong. Employ nannies get Nanny state.

  4. 4
    Fag Crime says:

    What’s this new law where smokers will get criminal convictions for puffing in front of sprogs?

    Haven’t plod got better things to do than micro manage a socialist society?

  5. 5

    This is for home consumption only ,one word from the EU puppet masters and it will be over ruled

  6. 6
    Acheunt says:

    Give Blood, Vote Conservative.

  7. 7

    Voter orientation mentality.

  8. 8
    Miliband comin atcha says:

    Tories split on Europe. Labour on the rise. Public sector forever!!!

  9. 9
    Burn the Quangos Dave. says:

    I see the EA ecoloons are quoting EU laws as to why the Sommerset levels drains should not be dredged. Well it is time they were wound up and bonfired.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    They will never be allowed to do it as they well know .

  11. 11
    have you seen the polls? says:

    Labour on the rise


  12. 12
    ITV News says:

    If anyone wants a laugh, check out Andrew Neil basically lecturing Luciana Berger on what the Human Rights Act is yesterday:


    Also, if you want an even bigger laugh, check out him demolishing her the 50p tax cut.

  13. 13
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    We are full!no more refugees from anywhere including this proposed lot from Syria who will never go back,they will be the Jihadists of the future,Muslims hate the west and our culture but are more than prepared to take our money,foreign aid and benign anti terrorist laws.

  14. 14
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    It will be interesting to see if dredging makes any difference. If it doesn’t, who will the residents that bought property in a flood zone blame next?

  15. 15
    Call me Dave, A total utter failure says:

    I cannot be deported because I have family in the pub.

  16. 16
    Grand Mufti Diver says:

    How on earth can I smoke in the car with my bride?

  17. 17
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

  18. 18
    Better idea says:

    Until the waters subside, they should be made to wade through them, back and forth, carrying supplies to the stranded communities.

  19. 19
    Voice of reason says:

    And they bring emotion in to the workplace.

    Business and emotion just don’t go – one of the reasons we’re in such an economic mess.

    A business must be run from the head and not the heart.

  20. 20
    Common Purpose Quisling says:

    I think they meant risible.

  21. 21
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Somebody has got to mark these things down on a calendar.

  22. 22
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    When she was questioned by Neil, she looked in disbelief that her figures were being questioned. Berger really is a deadhead.

  23. 23
    RED LEN says:

    SPENDING would be on the rise.

  24. 24
    The rebellion that never was says:

    It’s NEVER gonna happen…there are 52 Government amendments tabled and only 4 hours allocated for debate. Overnight May has tabled a fresh government amendment that seeks to deprive UK citizenship from foreign born UK citizens if they are found guilty of terrorist offences and that is due to debated first. the whips strategy is to talk out the backbench amendments

  25. 25
    The most useless PM ! EVER says:

    We can’t afford to maintain our services
    we can’t afford to light our roads
    we can’t afford to repair our roads
    we can’t afford to dredge our rivers
    we can not afford to maintain our military
    we can no longer afford to build our own infrastructure

    But we can afford
    to take more and more immigrants
    £600 million to waste on Syria
    £60 million a day to maintain the lifestyes of european bureaucrats
    we can afford to let foreign judges make our laws

    This is the legacy of the last government carried on by the present one

  26. 26
    Now let me think.. says:

    Dredging was stopped 20 years ago. Flooding started to get worse.. 20 years ago.


  27. 27
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    Gives head.

  28. 28
    Politicus says:

    The polls are close but with the inbuilt bias of the constituency borders Labour have it, they’ll keep coming up with “free money” schemes like high taxes, energy bills and more. The Conservatives are weak at rebutting these.

    Also remember the Tories could go beserk after the Euro elections, if you think the splits are real today, wait for may

    But UKIP are beginning to wilt under scrutiny though, eg no hordes of Romanians and they’re packed to the rafters with nutjobs and bigots as the comments on this blog attest.

  29. 29
    Go on Guido. Blow the place up. says:

    Busing in Syrian refuges is pure political clap trap. It makes Guardianistas feel better but does nothing to help the plight of thousands.

    For once our government had got it right by funding local aid but as usual our MPs could not resist entering the bring them back here race.


  30. 30
    any old crap says:

    The rats have suddenly realised the plebs will be voting soon and the polls are not looking good so like headless chickens they are running around trying to decide what their positions are on as to what us plebs have been moaning about, well just for interest, UKIP for the Euro’s and a wait and see for 2015 but it’s looking like UKIP if Camoron is about.

  31. 31
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Yes siree….Labour has surged ahead in the opinion pills by around 1% – 2%. THIS is proof that Labour’s policies are striking a chord with the electorate….the lost chord !!

  32. 32
    A Protest Voter says:

    So fucking what?

  33. 33
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    BBC Newsnight last night. The piece with Campbell.
    Why was there no one to question media bias?
    Campbell always dismisses any comment that questions his actions.
    Personally I think Campbell is a lying piece of scum.

  34. 34
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Remember the old adage…”Bullshit baffles brains!” Salmond is using it to good effect in Scotland and so why shouldn’t Cameron ??

  35. 35
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    Chilcot !! Further comment is superfluous

  36. 36
    MIKE HANDLECOCK (give me a chance princess) says:

    “Nick Clegg on LibDem sex scandals:

    “Of course I am not sitting on any allegations that have yet to come to light, I would never do that.”

    If he sat on any more , he would fall off the pile

  37. 37
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Says a bigot himself.

  38. 38
    Joe the Plumber says:

    They would rather build and maintain grandiose flood prevention schemes than do the cheapo bleeding obvious and unblock the drain.

  39. 39
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    But what about rainfall, has that increased over the same period. Are there any other factors that have influenced more flooding e.g. changes to the topography.

  40. 40
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    Berger is about as thick as it gets,you only have to look at the blokes she has been out with Sion Simon,Euan Blair and Chukka,an atheist,a Catholic and a man of colour,all thick and wouldnt be very welcome to her tribe.

  41. 41
    The most amusing claim ever says:

    Correct as it breaches EU law and the Treaty of Rome the foundation of the whole rotten House of Cards although the UK government could have extended restrictions by an additional 24 months under existing accession treaty relating to these two countries by citing extraordinary domestic pressures as Spain did a few years back BUT there is no political will to do so and Cameron is just doing what he does best…bullshitting the electorate

  42. 42
    Spartacus says:

    same as drainage gullies alongside roads in scotland – stopped clearing them 20-25 yrs ago and now roads are washing away

  43. 43
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    Vote Liblabcon. You know it makes no sense.

  44. 44
    C.O.Jones says:

    At least UKIP would remove control of laws affecting our borders from the EU.

  45. 45
    MET Office Stats says:

    Rainfall has not increased.

  46. 46
    Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

    They can’t even police the people smoking in company vehicles so how they are going to do it for parents, I have no idea. Half the time you can’t even see the child seat so that is going to be such a successful law, not.

  47. 47
    Fucking LibLabConners says:

    But we can all chatter away at our glitterati pseudo intelligentsia dinner parties, boasting about what super caring compassionate cnuts we are, endlessly pouring taxpayers’ money down foreign drains, apart from the funds that we have already stolen for ouselves.

  48. 48
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    He is definitely sitting on piles.

  49. 49
    Bovvered no, who cares, nuffin to do wiv me says:

    Youv’e missed out another little thing that will kick off soon, all the tree’s lining the roads etc, if you look about nothing has been done to trim/cut/take down/look at, so we can expect tree diseases rampant soon, as well as blocking street lights from coming on at the correct time some stay lights on for months.

  50. 50
    Dynorod says:

    Mate. Why are you looking for rare wildlife when there is a fucking great Elephant in the room?

  51. 51
    Counting Down Every Day says:

    Only 461 days to go now before we get that bastard Camercnut out of No. 10.

  52. 52
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    When it comes to human rights and getting rid of undesirables Liblabcon are as useful as a fart in a lift.

  53. 53
    Not a BBC spokesperson says:

    No, no, no and no again.
    It’s climate change, my pension’s in the balance here!

  54. 54
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    But you know what that means? It means he won’t be able to invite 75 million Moslim Turks to come and live here.

  55. 55
    Not a BBC spokesperson says:

    He is as independent as it gets.
    Get over it.

  56. 56
    Justin and Tarquin. says:

    But we’ll always have our same sex marriage to remember our Darling Dave. What a truly wonderful legacy. Kiss. Kiss.

  57. 57
    Adam Ant says:

    Cameron is a lying, cheating shitbag who looks like a bemused jellybaby. All we need to know.

  58. 58
    any old crap says:

    Whatever Salmond spouts has always been bullshit but with this referendum he has going, I wish him luck and I won’t call him names on that, instead I’d rather be quiet and let the hate take it’s course and hope it’s a yes, as the Scottish referendum which I still think is illegal as all of the UK were not allowed to be involved, but I can get over that if it becomes a yes as then everything changes for the UK including the EU and Liebour dominance.

  59. 59
    Kate and Gerry says:

    We were in the pub when we left our family at home. We could see the building though. Well, actually we couldn’t, but lying is fine, we’re Freemasons.

  60. 60
    C.O.Jones says:

    Human rights laws are great for removing the rights of the victims and protecting the rights of the criminals and perpetrators.

    Very one sided when the victim has no human rights.

  61. 61
    Common Man says:

    The Conservative party is packed to the rafter with fabians, quislings and left wingers.

    Pretty much like the Lib Cons and Labour.

  62. 62
    Biffo says:

    Just like the current lot in Westminster.

  63. 63
    Rabid dribbler says:

    Millitwit has the brains of a worm…. And looks of one; Wee Cleggy is the three monkeys rolled into one and UKIP are a load of loons!

    How did politics get so bad????

  64. 64
    Anonymous says:

    Yes they should be dredging.

    However, there is a lot of talk about 25 square km being flooded and “villagers” being cut off.

    I heard one single lone mention on the TV last night which said there were 42 properties cut off ?

    Is it really only 42 properties ?

  65. 65
    Kate and Gerry says:

    I definitely didn’t do anything. Including answer over 40 questions asked by the Police about the suspicious activity before the ‘disapperance’.

    It’s OK, nothing to see here, apart from an FCO spokesman taking over the press within 24 hours of the disappearance, government ministers, including two PM’s personally involved, millions of pounds sloshed about – including large sums spent on mortgage payments, Freemasonry, Gerry on government panels advising on matters he is not remotely qualified to speak on, amongst other things.

  66. 66
    Cuddle Cat (conveniently washed as a priority) says:

    *innocent face*

  67. 67
    Biffo says:

    Please feel free to speak your mind – don’t feel you need to hold back in any way. But haven’t you omitted ‘troughing, self-serving, quisling’? P.S. I know some shitbags who are extremely offended by the comparison.

  68. 68
    Mike Handjobcock says:

    Would you like to sit on this, Princess? *removes pecker from trousers*

  69. 69
    Actually says:

    They are no laws governing our borders, apart from those historically written by Parliament.

    The Queen was breaking her coronation oaths (yet again), concerning foreign potentates and powers, when she gave royal assent to EU shyte and therfore the laws are no such thing and she has abdicated he authority.

    Personally, I’d hang her, and most of her perverted family, for treason, and I’m not joking.

  70. 70
    NHS death camp Stafford says:

    We’ve had a little matter come up, concerning one of you many previos sexual partner’s HIV status, and wondered if you’d like to come in for a coffee and a chat! And a test?

  71. 71
    well thought through innit? says:

    who get’s done if the child lights up a ciggy?

  72. 72
    non taxable pikey says:

    A long time ago smoking whilst driving a vehicle was considered “driving without due care and attention” when was that law repealed?

  73. 73
    Jack Ketch says:

    He is the Scottish Joseph Goebbels

  74. 74
    Jack Ketch says:

    I am reminded of the stories about Red China during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. City-bred cadres would fan out into the countryside and instruct (i.e. force) farmers to conduct planting and farming in the approved Marxist way: result– mass starvation.
    Those straw-sucking Somersetters (and those in Kent, Cumbia and elsewhere) have maintained their patch adequately for 800 years using old-fashioned techniques, yet the cheeses at the Environmental Agency with degrees in Media Studies, Sociology, PPE and Town Planning have proved that they know better.

  75. 75
    Never believe anything you find on Google (or anywhere else on-line) says:

    Anniversary of the collapse of the German Army and the end of World War 1?

  76. 76
    comp kid says:

    So Campbell was on BBC TV last night and his partner,grammar
    school educated Fiona Millar was lecturing the nation on education
    on BBC radio this morning.

  77. 77
    Justin and Tarquin. says:

    Love to come darling. We’re both positive about it. It will be lovely to have a chat and see how many names we can remember, assuming we knew them in the first place. Those cottages can be so busy. Can we bring our friend Dave along as well?

  78. 78
    Dave Despiser says:

    He’s also and complete failure who couldn’t even a majority in the election against Gorgon.

    He started as he meant to go on.

  79. 79
    Much ado about almost nothing says:

    I heard that too. Yep just 42 properties.

  80. 80
    Herartbroken and desolate expat says:

    “Unavailable in your territory”. Don’t want the world to know how thick she really is?

  81. 81
    Daniel Kawczynski says:

    Wow! I’ve just spent 5 minutes watching Shapps and Berger. Now I’m bisexual.

  82. 82
    Neitherdeadnoralive says:

    I can understand why people in the middle ages built on flood plains; fertile soil, rivers being a main route of transport, etc, but why the hell would anyone now build on a flood plain and commute into town ?

  83. 83
    Con/Lib/Lab Are All The Same says:

    Oh, oh. Lots of Tory so-called “rebels” starting to appear on radio and TV talking tough about curbing immigration and how the human rights act shouldn’t prevent bogus asylum seekers being deported. This is a “plant” to try and direct support away from UKIP. If these Tory “rebels” felt so strongly about mass immigration and bogus asylum-seekers what are they doing in the modern Conservative party?

  84. 84
    Lizzy the uselss says:

    It’s a total myth that queenie is on the side of the little people fearlessly batting against the forces of the political class on our behalf.

    Her and her ‘firm’ are an integral part of the whole rotten corrupt cease pit.

    Why care about the survival of the monarchy when we the native population will be a minority within a generation or two?

  85. 85
    , says:


  86. 86
    Anonymous says:

    The rebels will ALWAYS in the end put their precious careers first .

  87. 87
    There can be no deviation from the status quo says:

    These fake Euro sceptics exist to entice any wavering party faithful back onto the Liblabcon plantation.

  88. 88
    Why not says:

    Anyone dig up that driveway yet?

  89. 89
    Pschye the Dog says:

    Moddy Botty is going mad again

  90. 90
    Wafflers says:

    No one buys the Tory ‘rebels’ stance at all. Four years they’ve huffed and puffed and for four years the relentless tide of EU membership has brought more immigration to the UK.
    …and yet, they remain within the Tory fold.

    Just watching Sven boring PeterBone up making some fatuous point to May…..he’ll stand again as Tory, without doubt.mits all, a big game to this shower.

  91. 91
    Wafflers says:

    “It’s all”…not mits all

  92. 92
    Pschye the Dog says:

    Nobody told my old dad, he must have been smoking something like 60 Player’s Navy Cut in the 50’s I am told he went to to local shop for 20, bought 20 at the works canteen, and I was invariably sent to te corner shop for another 20. A packet Players Navy Cut mid 50’s about 3/6 (171/2p to the young lads here), think they cost 6/- mid 60s, oh and Panatellas about 2/- the price of a pint.

  93. 93
    Pschye the Dog says:

    But they are politicos, what do you expect, Dave is starting to become as slippery as the unmentionable B’Liar, he would be known on the market as Dodgy Dave or he was a king David 1 The Ditherer

  94. 94
    Pschye the Dog says:

    I have forgotten that

  95. 95
    Stasi says:

    It’s what we do Comrade. Now please move along you don’t want me to ask to see your ‘papers’ do you?

  96. 96
    Pschye the Dog says:

    4years out but it is an American company FWW1 1917-18 still its a good job the Yanks came in, our lot stuck in their trenches move forward 200 yards, move back 200 yards, a lot of bloodshed for very little.

  97. 97
    Village Idiot says:

    ..The old,traditional ways’ of yesteryear,were done for good reason..Ditching ,clearing ditches and streams,was routine work for farm workers ,land drainage was carried out by large machines laying clay drainage pipes.
    …..People who have no experience,but may have a “degree”,are the people who make decisions that lead to this sort of cumulative cock-up!
    …The old way in many jobs meant “sweeping the floor,making tea,fetching the elbow grease,and,if you show ability and sharpness,you would progress while understanding every aspect of that job,promotion was earned!

  98. 98
    Stasi says:

    Perfection Year Zero every year! Comrades we press ever forward!

  99. 99
    Kate and Gerry says:

    OK,OK, sniffer dogs, that had been correct 200 times before out of 200 attempts, detected the smell of a cadaver. But they were obviously mistaken this time because our “family friend” say so.

  100. 100
    Kate and Gerry says:

    …and another thing! Old Goncalo Amaral is REALLY going to look stupid a week Friday when our friendly Portuguese judge finds in our favour at the libel trial! You just wait for the Sunday newspapers that weekend. YEAH! We’re going to rip him another arsehole!

  101. 101
    Fried kipper says:

    But at least we’re not racist nutjobs.

  102. 102
    Anonymous says:

    wtf is Sarah Teather wearing?

  103. 103
    broderick crawford says:

    i think you ll find you should anyway be inhaling when you perform that particular procedure mufti .

    something to do with the aroma heightening the pleasure of the senses .

  104. 104
    broderick crawford says:


    No we have NOT got beter things to do number 4 and come in anyway your time for a good kicking is about due .

  105. 105
    broderick crawford says:

    In 2018 the EUSSR are officially opening up the Russian Front .

  106. 106
    broderick crawford says:

    Eat Nan bread … don t get appendicitis.

  107. 107
    broderick crawford says:

    yes something has changed … more gardens/lawns being paved over coz we ve all become lazy obese bastards ruled by the computer and on the brink of a diabetes epidemic .

    And I include myself .

  108. 108
    Pschye the Dog says:

    Don’t you think Dynamic Dave is spending enough.

  109. 109
    Colonel Keith Chegwin (rtd) says:

    rather vote for a nutjob rather a narcissist or psychopath or pervert or corrupt bstard or criminal. The established parties are full of these types

  110. 110
    Rightwinggit says:

    I like Brillo…he’s like a rottweiler with manners.

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