January 30th, 2014

Sky News Political Editor: Telly Gossip Bonanza!

Speculation over the Sky News political editor job has reached fever pitch. Screw the immigration bill, it’s all anyone in the Westminster village  wants to talk about. Many ‘friends’ of delicate broadcast journalists have been in touch with MediaGuido, disappointed not to find their ‘friends’ name on our list of runners and riders. An announcement isn’t expected for several weeks at the least, though Guido hears that concerns have been raised about the prospect of an inky press man requiring months of training. Sky insiders say management want a candidate with significant broadcast experience, though that comes with very long notice periods. The latest names doing the round are:

  • Jon Craig – hat in the ring.
  • Gary Gibbon – dark horse.
  • Andy Bell – Channel 5 news used to be in the same building as Sky – well liked there and heavily tipped.
  • Chris Ship – Increasing speculation about ITV’s Deputy Political Editor.
  • James Landale – Old Etonians. Everywhere.

Joining speculation about:

  • Nick Watt
  • George Parker
  • Tom Newton Dunn
  • Joey Jones
  • Nick Robinson

Laura Kuenssberg is said to be out, and Cathy Newman was apparently approached but is apparently not interested. Guido is sitting by his phone patiently…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    No women.


  2. 2
    Lke you said the bankers ARE scum says:

    Can we have a bird with big tits


  3. 3

    Bit like picking the Grand National Winner innit. Up comes an outsider and thats it.


  4. 4
    Mike Hancock says:

    I’m available.


  5. 5
    Not sure says:

    Some bird with big nipples


  6. 8
    Village Idiot says:

    …….How interesting?


  7. 9
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Breathless with excitement.


  8. 10
    Jimmy says:

    I reckon it’s between Jeremy Clarkson, Cheryl Cole and Glenn Beck.


  9. 11
    Pschye the Dog says:

    What, Fawkesy not even in the running, considering all the work and PR you have done on behalf of Sky and the Sun, Rupe does does not know what a mistake he has made not putting you in the running.


  10. 12
    Hugh Janus says:

    Not Landale please – he of the pursed lips, furrowed brow and windmlling hands. Almost in the same category as that other extreme irritant Peston.


  11. 13
    MIKE HANDLECOCK (give me a chance princess) says:

    Dave would like Rebekah Brooks to be his rider


  12. 16
    Maximus says:

    Who they?


  13. 17
    Fiona 'Roadshow' Bruce says:

    Me! Me ! Me! I can act the News, just watch Me.


  14. 18
    well chuffed says:

    How times change. I can remember the early days (late eighties) of Sky , there was a press conference in No 10 with the assorted reptiles seated all around. Eventually the Sky News man stood up and asked his question introducing himself as (forget his name) Sky News. How the others laughed. To quote Bob Monkhouse , they’re not laughing now.


  15. 20
    Ah! know says:

    ……one of the “stars” who groped DLT was Cockroache.


  16. 21
    Shooty* says:

    No-one cares.


  17. 22
    FFS says:

    John McCririck is looking for a job at the mo.


  18. 27
    Sue says:

    Government abstaining on Raab amendment.

    Cameron’s pro EU social democrat front bench did not even need whipping.


  19. 30
    lescrompsblogg says:

    But still no BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis on the list ? The legs have it the legs have it


    • 46
      Cicciolina Sally Alley says:

      Squeaker doesn’t like me telling him that the legs have it…

      But it’s true

      Except for him,

      He is the only Member whose arse touches the ground – quite naturally of course

      innocent grin


    • 62
      Only when she's sitting on your face says:

      Good shout.


  20. 31
    Mikis says:

    Who gives a monkey’s? Find something more interesting to blog about.


  21. 33
    Nick Robinson is a complete tit says:

    Really hope Jon Craig gets the job. He knows Westminster inside out, he always gets the best out of his parliamentary interviewees, has a sense of humour, and comes across on camera as a thoroughly professional, decent chap.


    • 45
      Jon Craig says:

      I’m pretty fed up with the shower of shit in Westminster if the truth be told

      I would prefer to spend my day at the races


      • 63
        Jon Craig's bumchum says:

        Really hope Jon Craig gets the job. He knows Westminster inside out, he always gets the best out of his parliamentary interviewees, has a sense of humour, and comes across on camera as a thoroughly professional, decent chap.


  22. 34
    Truthteller says:

    All of them Establishment Lickspittles.


  23. 35
    Emily 4 Sky says:

    My vote goes for Emily Nomates.

    Not the plastic Beeboid but the one who crafted her trade at Geedo Towers


  24. 36
    Sir William Wayde says:

    Who will be the next Sky News Political Editor? The nation is agog. The talk in the Waad Arms is of nothing else.


  25. 37
    Dirty Digger says:

    This position should be kept open for that very well informed insider….

    The one and only Andy Coulson


  26. 39
    Quelle surprise! says:

    Majority of 800,000 UK migrants with no English do not have jobs.


    • 55
      John Bellingham says:

      Simple. No benefits of any kind (inc. NHS, child benefit, bus pass etc.) if failure to attend free English language courses and pass exam. within six months-after all, it is not as though they are busy, is it?


      • 74
        Biffo says:

        Shouldn’t even have been allowed in if they can’t speak the language – and the same goes for all the British ex-pats in Spain unwilling to learn the local lingo.


  27. 40
    Rebekah from Old Bailey says:

    Happy Chinese New Year to you all – especially our Dave

    It is the Year of the Horse


  28. 41
    Sky Elector says:

    Us subscripbers should vote on the senior staff at Sky

    What about democracy I say

    My vote goes to Sophie Ridge

    She is naughty….


  29. 42
    Sky Elector says:

    I vote for Anji Boulton

    The man who made Adam


  30. 43
    Dear Rupert says:

    Has Medhi Hasan been busy writing letters to Rupert Murdoch?


  31. 47
    Sky voter says:

    I vote for Max Clifford

    He knows where all the skeletons are

    (after he has served his time of course)


  32. 49
    Radio Bollocks says:

    I know it’s Nick.


  33. 50
    FFS says:

    Is there any chance that Julie Etchingham can do two jobs?

    I know she’s another leftie and She’s already worked for Sky but she makes for good viewing. Since the court injunction I don’t see as much of her as I used to.


  34. 53
    Bert the Builder says:

    Andy Bell, who’d have thunk it!
    Once a pop singer with Erasure, now a political pundit.


  35. 58
    Blind Pugh says:

    Who gives a flying fuck?


  36. 59
    Gromit via sign language says:

    If I had a pound for every time Jon Craig blinks I would be a rich dog!


  37. 60
    Riggsy Brown says:

    Daisy McAndrew should be on that list. Serious eye candy who knows the political scene well and, apparently, refuses to be intimidated by `spokespeople’ or the denizens of the HoC. Said to have grassed up Charlie Kennedy, her employer, for being drunk in charge of a political party. My kinda girl!


    • 64
      Sounds so far up her own arse there wouldn't be any room for your cock says:

      “A self-confessed speed-junkie, motorcycles, go-karts, dune-buggies and fast cars are her other passions as well as throwing paper planes, cooking, walking her dog Nigel and endlessly moving home!”


  38. 68
    Border Terrier says:

    Can only be better than the sad old fat fart that is Adam Bolton.


  39. 71
    Anonymous says:

    put your money on a bbc candidate sky is rapidly becoming the new bbc it has the stench of the bbc watched murnaghan advocating it was better to house a pregnant immigrant that a serving british soldier and his family


  40. 77
    Desperate Dan says:

    It has to be John Craig, obviously. Or Kay Burley.


  41. 81
    Post hoc says:

    Fraser Nelson anyone?


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