January 30th, 2014

Arnie Graf Sighted Working Illegally in Lancashire


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    British jobs for British workers.

  2. 2
    Jack Ketch says:

    He is a Septic, do the Immigration Officers perhaps need armed police back-up?

  3. 3
    Terry Towling says:

    Lancashire? It’s spot the rare indigenous Briton in Lancashire.

  4. 9
    Politicus says:

    Working? Looks like a Saga bus tour.

    Still Labour haven’t come clean on this and they’re protecting him in the same way the LibDems cover for sex pests.

  5. 11
    They protect their own says:

    LibDems protect sexpests.

    Labour (lead by a man who’s never had a real job or contributed any net tax to the UK) protects a man with a non-job who doesn’t contribute any tax to the UK.

  6. 12
    Sh*t forgot about the modb*t says:

    Fr*nch people increasingly unhappy about the Z*on*st clique, the believe controls Fr*nce.


    • 16
      JMF says:

      No the article reads that the frogs are more worried about “M@slim Crime”

      • 19
        Persona non grata says:

        Strange comment, did you read the article?

        • 32
          Blo­wing Whistles says:

          Do your own research knobhead.

        • 45
          FFS says:

          It is neither. It downplays the z*on*st angle completely.

          It is suggesting the q*nelle is merely an anti-establishment gesture.

          It goes on to discuss E&R, a Marxist-Christian-Islam!c group and its growth in popularity as a concept. However, given that E&R doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry I guess it isn’t that popular…. The writer seems to assume that the popularity of the anti-establishment q*enelle gesture automatically reflects the popularity of E&R.

          I’m not convinced. I notice that in the picture of the young folk making the gesture they are all white. On Google images the ethnics groups are all using the q*nelle, but separately, not as some united demonstration. It seems all French citizens dislike the French government, but we already knew that.

          It largely ignores the Front National and its growth in popularity.

    • 21
      Politicus says:

      What brand of tin foil do you use for your hat, Sir?

  7. 13
    JMF says:

    No you have got it all wrong, he is not working at all, he is the guest speaker at the Lancashire Dogging Club.

    • 44
      Jack Ketch says:

      Nice to see a foreign immigrant adopting the British love of our four-footed friends.

  8. 14
    Fly on the wall says:

    Are that little lot of layabouts inside or outside those prison gates?

  9. 15
    Labour Are Scum says:

    From this publicity shot you can deduce that not only is Labour economically illiterate, they are also f*cking ugly.

  10. 17
    nell says:

    presumably those eight people are the only ones he has managed to persuade to vote labour next time around.

  11. 18
    UK Border Patrol and Tonto says:

    We will be right into him, Sir

    Rebekah is lending us a Horse

  12. 23
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    How’s everyone on this Thursday???? I’m great! Only just having breakfast ha! ha!ha!

    • 27
      Prime Minister David Cameron says:

      Right, finished.

      Agenda for today….

      #1 – Think up a new way to tax success.


    • 30
      EU overlord says:

      Now now David, last night’s soggy jizz biscuit is not a proper breakfast for a captain of common purpose.

  13. 25
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    BREAKING: Sainsburys to launch a home delivery by submarine service in the Somerset area.

    • 35
      Phil de Greek says:

      Have we got any subs left?

      I know there are more admirals than hiips in the Navy

      But this is getting beyond a joke

      Some wag said Britain is now like Belgium with nukes…

      • 38
        Phil de Greek says:

        That should be ships of course

        She gave me a kick in the shins at the wrong moment

  14. 33
    Sally Bercow is also open all hours says:

    Over on the Grauniad website, lefties are slamming the announcement of a new series of Open All Hours. A gentle but funny and likeable sitcom about a local shop isn’t trendy and multi-culti enough for them. They’d rather a sitcom about muzees or a council estate or some lefty bollocks.

    • 42
      Appalling says:

      Didnt they see that shit Muslim one on the BBC a while back?
      It deserved a fatwa

      • 47
        Sally Bercow is also open all hours says:

        Unbelievably, muzees complained to the bbc that that show, Citizen Khan, was offensive because it showed the daughter wearing make-up.

        Of course, in reality, if the daughter wore make-up, her parents would’ve honour killed her. And plod would’ve done sweet FA so as not to be jizzlamaphobic.

  15. 34
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    So other than the illegal, why have the lefties not been pointing out the other obvious issue relating to the demographic photographed ?

    Or will they claim that Arnie was hanging out with a bunch of UKIP supporters ?

  16. 37
    Nick Clegg says:

    If any other Lib Dems are revealed to be perverts, please rest assured I had no knowledge of the allegations until 6 weeks from now.

  17. 48
    C L R James says:

    I think I remember seeing the man you seek.

    He was a useful opening bowler relying more on movement through the air rather than outright pace.

    His batting could best be described as agricultural but he could on occasions empty the beer tent. Yes, I do remember him now.

    As to his fielding, well he was born to be a third man.

    I hope this helps you in your search.

    It was such a long time ago, I thought he would have been retired .

  18. 49
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    If I do as the picture asks, would that make me a Graf Spy?

  19. 51
    The Critic says:

    The caption should read -on the run illegal immigrant is photo-bombed by UKBA snatch squad…

  20. 54
    Gordno says:

    I’ve been keeping my eye on Nelson.

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