January 30th, 2014

D-Noticed Issued on Naming Spies

A D-Notice yesterday went out warning editors against naming spooks:



Editorial Legal Services


Private and Confidential:  Not for publication, broadcast or use on social

To all Editors,

There have been a number of cases over the last 2 days where editors have
attempted to establish a link between a person’s identity and his
membership of the security services.  Any such linkage is likely to cause
a significant increase in the threat to a person’s life and to that of his
family, major disruption to current security operations and a significant
cost in attempting to relocate households.

May I take this opportunity to remind editors that DA Notice 05 advises,

inter alia, that the following should not be published:

‘…..   (b) the identities, whereabouts and tasks of people who are or
have been employed by these services or engaged on such work, including
details of their families and home addresses, and any other information,
including photographs, which could assist terrorist or other hostile
organizations to identify a target…..’

No responsible editor would want to name serving spies active in the field surely? It’s not like the authorities are looking for an excuse to go round smashing up journalists’ laptops. Oh…


  1. 1
    Orson Cart says:


  2. 2
    Politicus says:

    Interesting. You sometimes wonder if Ed Miliband is a French plant, a sleeper cell that’s been activated to sabotage the British economy. Brooks Newmark seems to be a CIA stooge too.

  3. 3
    Mr John Smith says:

    The Red Haddock flies at midnight.

  4. 4
    BZ says:

    But when the spies name themselves and go on the telly and advertise for spies in the papers. What is the point of not naming them when they have already published their names themselves?

  5. 5
    Observant says:

    Gordo Macmong is a Scottish spy in the pay of big Irn Bru. Sequester the bastard.

  6. 6
    Gordon 007.999999999 says:

    I am a Spy. Licenced to Kill.

  7. 7
    nell says:

    is this labour trying to protect arniegraf from exposure?

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Milli going?

  9. 9
    Scorpia says:

    The buttocks of the eagle are singing.

  10. 10
    alister says:

    I thought it was the Americans who leaked the names of their own CIA officers, when it suits them, not us leaking ours.

  11. 11
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    I’m not a plant, I am a vegetable.

  12. 12
    Dave says:

    I am a Double agent, or is it a treble?

  13. 13
    CIA says:

    Does this apply to Anjem?

  14. 14
    Please says:

    Listen to voters.
    Deport foreign criminals.

  15. 15
    Jmf says:

    Milliband is a Moscow Plant, or maybe he is just a plant

  16. 16
    Ed Balls says:

    This week, Mr Speaker, I shall be planting a money tree

  17. 17
    Jmf says:

    Does that include the Millibands and Clegg

  18. 18
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    The name is not Bond. Not James Bond.

  19. 19
    ?? says:

    Are You B1lly B0wden? Whenever Choudray is mentioned on here 24/7/365 you pop up within seconds accusing the CIA of employing him.

  20. 20
    Border Patrol says:

    Arnie Graf is working for MI6

    So no more comments boys and girls

  21. 21
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Sounds like your having a blast !!

  22. 22
    Hat's Off says:

    True. I’d bet half the MPs in the House of Commons have told their partners they went to that brothel while on a secret fact finding mission.

  23. 23
    Sugar puffs says:

    If its going to put their life in danger then it’s a duty to mention Gordon Brown is a spy.
    He lives in Scotland.

    The man is as red as they come. Probably KGB or GRU or MFI.
    Anyway anyone who stabs his buttock with a cyanide brolley will be serving their country.

  24. 24
    Freedom of the press says:

    Speaking of D notices

    How many are out there?

    Is the one Blair issued to cover up the peedos still applicable?

  25. 25
    CIA says:

    The CIA are proud to neither confirm or deny that they employ such a fine upstanding young man. Any time of day or night.

  26. 26
    Just Sayin' says:

    Private Eye never used to publish D-Notices, for all Hislop’s faux outrage.

  27. 27
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Forget about spies, the useless MoD has just sent the army into the Somerset Levels. It should have been the fucking navy.

  28. 28

    I have my fingers in my ears and my eyes are shut, as I was told.

    Please tell me when I can listen and look again?

    *How will I know when they tell me?*

  29. 29
    Charlie Kennedy says:


    Mums have ears


  30. 30
    Vlad the chess player says:

    And I heard on RT that there are still 56 super gag orders in force in the UK

    And you all talk about having a free press.?

  31. 31
    Where Eagles Scare says:


  32. 32
    Labour HQ says:

    Does this D Notice mean that we can no longer name Ed Miliband, or does it apply to UK security services only?

  33. 33
    Mitch says:

    We don’t run the system, mate.

  34. 34
    Dee Notice says:

    I’m afraid that shuld be singeing. I’m afraid that I shall have to shoot you.

  35. 35
    Ready or not, here we come says:

    As long as you keep your eyes shut and can’t see us,we won’t be able to see you back. So how will we know when to say?

    Maybe you should try humming.

  36. 36
    Denis Cooper says:

    “No responsible editor would want to name serving spies active in the field surely?”

    Not talking about a responsible editor, talking about the editor of the Guardian.

  37. 37
    Publish and be damned says:

    How do you know they ever got any?

  38. 38
    EffU2 says:

    People who “work” in the “securirty services” don’t work for us, they work for themselves, for Politicians and for Politician’s cronies.
    They mainly try to crawl up people’s ar.ses through their computers and phones, so Screw them.

  39. 39
    NSA/GCHQ says:

    These chaps issuing D notices are a generation behind

    We bug and hack everyone now

    From our sofas in Cheltenham and Maryland

    We just need Plod to do the arrests

    Fire all the other hangers on

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    Are they talking about spy Mark Karny or triple spy Ken Clarke ?

  41. 41
    Standby for roaring trade in Plod Proof ECU's says:

    How police could soon be able to turn cars off remotely ‘at the flick of a switch’ under secret new EU plans
    Secretive committee agreed to develop ‘remote stopping’ device by 2020
    Device ‘to be fitted to all cars’ and allow police to shut off fuel and ignition
    Critics slam ‘draconian’ decision by ‘unaccountable secretive clique’


  42. 42
    EffU2 says:

    He works for the Mosstapo.

  43. 43
    Tony Blair says:

    Innocent grin

  44. 44
    Just Sayin' says:

    They go out to all Editors.

  45. 45
    Common Man says:

    Is it a black D or a white D notice ?

  46. 46
    Mitch says:

    If the security services don’t name the people involved then how do Editors avoid inadvertantly naming them?

  47. 47
    Mike Hancock says:

    I’ve got a Licence to Jizz

    I like my constituent, Plenty O’Toole.

    I groped a schoolgirl. It scared The Living Daylights out of her.

    I’m not a pervert. I’m The Man With The Golden Shower.

    My career is set to Die Another Day.

    The photos on my laptop are For My Eyes Only.

    If I was a GP, my female patients would say: Dr, no!

  48. 48
    The Bastards do not trust the people says:

    You just know that governments will use this under emergency powers.

    VIP’s passing by
    Zil Lanes

    They will not be able to resist it.

    The EU could even switch a whole country or continent off if it wished of course official vehicles will have over rides.

    Fuck Them

  49. 49
    Gordon Ramsay says:

    Oh, you meant spies?

  50. 50
    Licence to Kill says:

    Fuck what anyone says. Dalton was the best Bond ever.

  51. 51
    Harriet Harman says:

    No, PIE.

  52. 52
    Tony Blair says:

    I put a 100 year D-notice on Labour nonces!

    What is important is.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    I spy=======

  54. 54
    Jack Ketch says:

    If a employee of the Crown, one with a very high level civil service post, say, acted in a manner that over a period of time was seriously detrimental to the interests of the country and then, after retirement, was presented with ginormous pots of money from foreign potentates and louche villas in various parts of the world and if he passed essential State secrets to those potentates in return for that vast wealth–would he be a spy, an agent of influence or a frigging traitor?
    Would his name be spelled B-L-A-I(redacted)?

  55. 55
    Honest citizen says:

    “Home Office mandarins” signed off this agreement

    With whose authority?

    May or Cameron?

    Withiut any debate in Parliament?

    Impeach these traitors

    It’s like Blair giving NSA permission in 2007 to spy on ANY Brit without Parliamentary authority

    These people are the real criminals in Britain

  56. 56
    Sally Bercow says:

    A cum pie?

  57. 57
    Gordon Ramsay says:

  58. 58
    She's a future Fabian says:

  59. 59
    I hope he dies a slow painful death from cancer says:

    All three.

  60. 60
    So, which one of you has been talking to Merkel? says:

  61. 61
    Mitch says:

    Explain how the banks currently work, Jasmine, I’d love to share your wide experience on the matter.

  62. 62
    Everyone in the Middle East says:

    He’s a pretty straight kind of guy

  63. 63
    Labour vs Labour says:

    For those who missed this yesterday, this is Alan Johnson shouting over and ridiculing Abbott over union reform. Postie’s a wanker but this was lulzy.

  64. 64
    Alice says:

    Would any of them admit to being left off the list?

  65. 65
    MI5 Wannabe says:

    ‘ere Chief, can I go ’round the BBC and smash them to fucking pieces yet?

  66. 66
    Honest citizen says:

    Blair Mandelson Campbell

    Three obvious criminals and traitors

  67. 67
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    I saved the World’s banks. No need to tamper with my brilliant merging of Lloyds Bank with Halifax Bank of Scotland.

  68. 68
    The Looking Glass says:

  69. 69
  70. 70
    White D says:

    I had a D notice from the Benefits Office.

  71. 71
    STFU you Quisling fukka says:

  72. 72
    Casual Observer 6 says:


  73. 73
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    It is at times like this that I am glad I am not a spy.

    There could be threats to my life and the lives of my family.

    I might even have to relocate house.

    Gosh .

  74. 74
    Onew Jeons says:

    Seems like a nice boy

  75. 75
    Blue Tory Dave says:

    Dodged a fucking bullet there didn’t I?

  76. 76
    (Rarely) Dangerous Brian says:

    A bit dismissive of real plants don’t you think?

  77. 77
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    i) Are they not meant to be DA Notices ?
    ii) Info will be on the web sooner or later.
    iii) Is this the latest wheeze to prevent the press investigating how security services funding is run under the DfID umbrella ?

  78. 78
    a cheeky scouser says:

    Sounds to me that there is someone in MI6 or 7 or whatever it is with very little to do.

    Best tell him to get up to Nelson in Lancashire because there is an illegal on the loose.

  79. 79
    Chief says:

    Sure, but you better make sure you take the extra large NorthFace holdalls.

  80. 80
    Shakin Stevens says:

    My hair is a DA

  81. 81
    Probably the best statistic in the world says:

    The probability of naming a spook accidentally is around the same as that of winning the lottery.

  82. 82
    Spooks in UK says:

    Can we name foreign spies, clearly already in the UK?

  83. 83
    Pulp says:

    Jasmin wants to live like common people she wants to do whatever common people do but of course she wont fail like common people because middle class lefties never do.

  84. 84
    Jasmin Beckett says:

    I cried when I read “OUT OF ORDER” on a cash machine. I want all bankers dead.

  85. 85
    Lard Everard says:

  86. 86
    Aethelstan says:

    King Alfred, the great Anglo-Saxon leader, started his campaign to take over England there, so it sounds about right.

  87. 87
    The Looking Glass says:

    All you need is a list of people living in Cheltenham but not in the phone book to work your way through.

  88. 88
    Mitch says:

    Except that these people are likely to be involved in activity that could be deemed ‘newsworthy’? If an Editor doesn’t know they’re a spook, how do they know not to name them?

  89. 89
    Is she Greek? says:

  90. 90
    Vegetarianista says:

    Oh no, bloody phytophobia rears its ugly head.

  91. 91
    Reed Employment Agency says:

    Have you been to Oxbridge?
    Are you good at crosswords?
    Can you zip yourself up into a sports bag?

    If yes then a exciting career in British intelligence awaits.

  92. 92
    Bert Birt says:

    …. not for use on social media, eh?

  93. 93
    microBand says:

    Cotht of planting cwithith!

  94. 94
    White Dee says:

    Me name be White Dee
    Me feelin horny
    Me want some big lovin
    With a man who’s iree

  95. 95
    There are no patriots in our government says:

    He could always ask.

    You know. Ask our trustworthy government for the truth?

    Thought not.

  96. 96
    SleeplessInKirkaldy says:

    Hopefully the Royals won’t get confused when they see shaggy bearded types and start slotting hippies near Glastonbury

  97. 97
    "Get Out of Jail Free" card says:

    That’s OK; this is antisocial media.

  98. 98
    Computer say No !!! says:

    Having spent many years prior to retirement working for a High Street bank and some of those years dealing with students I can confidently say that very few actually understand how banks actually work; what an overdraft limit is and why they can’t access their student loan payment before they actually pay in the cheque in

  99. 99
    Johnny Poundland says:

    Will I earn minimum wage?

  100. 100
    cultural enricher says:

    is da notices wot bruv?
    yu is not makin sens
    no wot i meen like?

  101. 101
    George Smiley says:

    I have the Labour front bench under close scrutiny.

  102. 102
    Ivor Bigun says:

    Oh, you said ‘banking’?

    I thought it was taking a long time.

  103. 103
    Can YOU sing as well as them? says:

  104. 104
    John Bellingham says:

    I have been involved with advanced vehicle telematics for many years. This facility which would require factory-fitted devices in all cars has been the subject of a position paper calling for manufacturer/operator input for at least a decade. The primary function would be taxation via road pricing, transnational travel, area access and so on. The surveillance/cum policing aspect has been a way to get law enforcement on-side as the rules on when one can and cannot remotely disable a vehicle or check where it has been vary widely from country to country. (The concept of “switching a vehicle off” has been used for years, especially in the trucking business)

  105. 105
    Manpower Recruitment Agency says:

    Forget about Reed, they’re crap. Come to Manpower. We’ll pay you the minimum wage, whilst charging the client between £18 and £24.

  106. 106
    Spot the Sleeper says:

  107. 107
    Historian says:

    Of course

    NSA and GCHQ are joined at the hip…with NSA funding large parts of GCHQ

    Both acting conducting industrial espionnage worldwide


    And GCHQ doing dirty work for NSA where NSA is forbidden from doing so and vice versa

    This is global gansterism to add to the gansterism of the Irak and other illegal wars, torture, rendition and so on of US and UK goivernments

    Plus generalised criminality and corruption among US and UK banks

    And generalised corruption of the British and American political systems

    Whar a counter example to offer the world…

  108. 108
    Can YOU sing as well as them? says:

  109. 109
    A Prawn Sandwich says:

    Other than being a politician I cannot think of anything worse than being a spy.

  110. 110
    long John Silver's parrot says:

    Better leave the weighing scales at home.

  111. 111
    retardEd Miliband says:

    It ith an inability to thing cwy-thith.

  112. 112
    The Tea Party are loons says:

  113. 113
    Tom Watson says:

    Did someone mention PIES?

  114. 114
    a cheeky scouser says:

    I would rather be a spy than a scab,

  115. 115
    Go Fuck the EU says:


    Just because you can do it. Does not mean that you should do it.

  116. 116
    Lost in the wilderness says:

    What the fuck is wrong with this country when we/our press want to identify the poor sods whose only function is to protect our people. They don’t make policy/choose targets. Go after the politicians, they know who they are but are too afraid to even attempt to name them. Go for the cannon fodder, like happens in all businesses/commerce/services.

  117. 117
    John Bercow says:

    I love sloppy seconds!

  118. 118
    Suey Suey says:

  119. 119
    Cinna says:

    Ah! The fragrant Jasmine again. Does she need a new approach to her pocket money?

  120. 120
    Taxpayer says:

    They sing it,I’ll pay it

  121. 121
    Cinna says:

    You bastard! you cost me a fortune with your swindle.

  122. 122
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We must take the rough with the smooth, I said to Ed Balls, as I looked at Yvette Cooper.

  123. 123
    FFS says:

    Fair enough.

    I we can stop the security services doing their job, they won’t be able to stop the Muzzie terrorists from doing THEIR job.Which means instead of killing the odd soldier in the street, they will kill thousands.

    That, at least, will encourage us to finally lance the boil of !slam!c millitancy.

  124. 124
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    She should know all the surveillance techniques, being ex Stasi in her “yoof”

  125. 125
    Just Askin' says:

    Was our host at this lunch?

  126. 126
    Ex Cops account says:

    You want to see snarly faces go to any demo organised by a left wing outfit.

  127. 127
    Cinna says:

    Collective voice, block votes, postal votes…it’s what Labour do.

  128. 128
    Chuka is a Ladies' Man says:

  129. 129
    a cheeky scouser says:

    Is she going bald too?

  130. 130
    Mike Hancock MP says:

    Who amongst us can say we’ve never been to a brothel whilst on a fact-finding mission? Let Him cast the first stone.

  131. 131
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    Quite a number of weirdie-beardie, soap-dodging hand-wringers in there.

  132. 132
    What the Chuk? says:

    Chuka simply speaking you are another style over substance politician who is obviously being groomed to become Labour leader/PM.
    This blog just chucks a few stones on the otherwise smooth path you are on.
    If that is too much to handle then quit.

  133. 133
    sarah brown says:

    i love pussy galore

  134. 134
    Interested citizen says:


    Here is an interesting article on NSA GCHQ blacks ops


    We are well into the 1984 syndrome

    And these people are out of control because our politicians no longer have any honesty, integrity, patriotism or love of freedom (except for themseelves, of course)

    But I think the Chinese will turn out to be the real winners in the long run -so it might all be counter productive

  135. 135
    Interested citizen says:

    Edward Snowden should be given the Nobel Prize

  136. 136
    FFS says:

    Is the Beamer yours then Dee?

  137. 137
    Anonymous says:

    JP Morgan collapsed yet?

  138. 138
    The Loony Left says:

  139. 139
    J Dromey Esq says:

    Just as well…

  140. 140
    Jaguar says:

    Any chance they could spy on Mercedes for us?

  141. 141
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    I saved the banks.

  142. 142
    I don't wanna pay tax but I do want tax credits says:

    Can I work only 16 hours a week?

  143. 143
    Forget about the ECHR says:

    Parliament is Sovereign it is therefore impossible for Parliament to pass an “illegal” law as all laws passed by it are legal

  144. 144
    Just wondrin says:

    How did David Blunkett Play……I Spy ( without lying )

  145. 145
    MI6 says:

    Can’t tell you. That information is covered by a D notice

  146. 146
    FFS says:

    Bad choice of words Guido. Reminds me of that scene in “Deliverance”

  147. 147
    Fish says:

    + 1000

  148. 148
    Lord Oakshit says:

    Watch BBC QT tonight as I go into full foam-flecked, eye-bulging, vein-bursting defence of my brilliant LibDem Party.

    Vince Cable for PM !!

  149. 149
    social observer says:

    From the current Speccie:
    “Indeed, in amongst the essays which are probably aimed at Brooks’s members, including detailed discussion of the history of its wine consumption by Hugh Johnson….”
    So you see what a single determined, capable individual can accomplish.

  150. 150
    Herman van Rompuy, unelected president of Britain, says:

    “Parliament is Sovereign”

    Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

    Now shut up and make sure I get next month’s payment of £1.83 billion, first thing Monday morning.

    Enjoy your cuts, suckers!

  151. 151
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    Eleanor Laing’s top is interesting today.

  152. 152
    The Tea Party are loons says:

    What, these aren’t nice people?

  153. 153
    Anonymong says:

    No bias?

    Funny how Fatbutt is given considerably more airtime than Postie.

    And why does she keep rolling her eyes? Shady, dodgy and morally corrupt. However some are more corrupt than others…

  154. 154
    David Blunkett says:

    Gordon Brown always won because he actually does have a little eye.

  155. 155
    Honest citizen says:

    Don’t be fucking stupid

    Her father was a Protestant minister and anti communist

    Her family were victims of the Stasi

    Smearing has its limits you know

    Unless you work for Murdoch of course

  156. 156
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Guardian Media Group
    relaxing in the meeting room

    Alan – I spy with my little eye .. something beginning with…P

    Polly – Parasites!

    Alan – no

    George – Pointless!

    Alan – no!

    Polly – Porkies..Porky pies..!

    Alan – No!

    Polly – Pompous!

    Alan – NO NO!

    Polly – Pompous Pricks! Pompous, petulant, puffed up prats!

    Alan – No! it was Professional.
    We are professional!

  157. 157
    M*k* H*ndyc*ck MP, CBE, CNT says:

    A new approach to what?

  158. 158
    This is exactly how it happened. says:

    Blunkett: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T.B.”

    Peter Mandelson: “ooh! ooh! Tony Blair!”

    Blunkett: “Nope.”

    Peter Mandelson: “ooh! ooh! Terrible Brown!”

    Blunkett: “Nope.”

    Peter Mandelson: “I give up! Tell me! Tell me!”

    Blunkett: “Total Blackness”

  159. 159
    Lord Stansted says:

    Maybe he’s a plastic plant? Or plastic flower?

  160. 160
    Sam the Skull drinking Buckfast in Maryhill and dodging the Strathclyde constabulary says:

    Gorgon Cyclops Son of the Manse still stalks the land (on both sides of the Tweed).

  161. 161
    Casual observer(2nd class) says:

    Why do the Torys keep putting out these has beens/idiots/embarrassments to represent them. Ken Clarke may be politically savvy/astute but he will not resonate with the populus. The same goes for that money grabbing vacuum Nadine Dorris. Trwal through regional news and there are plenty of ‘normal’ Tory MPs.

  162. 162
    Jack Ketch says:

    I would guess that Chukka would do that if the price was right or he was in the running for the Defra portfolio.

  163. 163
    FFS says:

    “that the family’s ability to travel freely from East to West Germany during the following years, as well as their possession of two automobiles, leads to the conclusion that Merkel’s father had a “sympathetic” relationship with the communist regime”

    “Later, at the Academy of Sciences, she became a member of the FDJ district board and secretary for “Agitprop” (Agitation and Propaganda). Merkel claimed that she was secretary for culture.”

    Smears indeed!

  164. 164
    fao GCHQ says:

    I have quite a bit to do with ShepherdSpies and CottageSpies.

  165. 165
    Jack Harman says:

    Yes, is it Black?

  166. 166
    Pathetic says:

  167. 167
    Fish says:

    I bet Chucky Harrison thinks this blog is trashy

  168. 168
    MIKE HANDLECOCK (give me a chance princess) says:

    Daves Big secret society, does “D” notice stand for “Dave notice” ?

  169. 169
    FFS says:

    “In the world of the blind man the one eyed man is king!”

    See? That turned out to be absolutely right. There’s a lot of wisdom in these old sayings.

  170. 170
    I'm a fat smug biatch says:

    Fat Emily….again. Jeez, those chairs must be reinforced to the nth degree.

  171. 171

    The piano nobile, no doubt?

  172. 172
    Bilda Berger says:

    Interesting project for hackers. “It’s Friday at 5.45 p.m. Let’s put the M25 into gridlock.”

    Someone somewhere hasn’t thought this through.

  173. 173
    DonkeyDong says:



    Get over it already.

  174. 174
    Acheunt says:

    British and Intelligence… Is there an oxymoron here?

  175. 175
    Acheunt says:

    That’ll be the LibDems then.

  176. 176
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Does everyone you don’t agree with work for Murdoch?

    Quite easy being a keyboard warrior though, must break your time up on world of Warcraft

  177. 177
    Jaqueline Dromey says:

    He does have an exceedingly large clock though ;)

  178. 178
    Jim says:

    It is the Standard of Principle in the Media today. They know nothing nor care for anything that matters to normal people. I think they themselves refer to it as 15 minutes of fame? The more people that are upset by it, the more smug and self-righteous they become.

  179. 179
    Fish says:

    and Labour keep putting up people like Thornberry. She, Balls, Foghorn, Creagh, Mrs Balls, Lightweight Leslie have all been trained in interrupting their opponent. Being socialists they want to deny other the democratic right of freedom of speech.

    Thornberry is a particularly noxious example of a posh Islingtonista / Primrose Hillbilly. I won’t be watching but it’d be interesting to keep score of the numbers of interruption she makes.

    Christ, I’ve just seen anther noxious panellist – St Vincent’s mouthpiece – the one he uses when he is being particularly disloyal, Oakshitt.

    …and who the fuck is Cruella?

  180. 180
    Hilda Berger says:

    Even the Gay ones?

  181. 181
    Health Tourist says:

    If Britain leaves the EU I will take my custom elsewhere.

  182. 182
    Jim says:

    But will we still be alive to give it to him?
    Not that he gives a .

  183. 183
    Professor plum says:

    Would anyone notice the fuckin difference?

  184. 184
    Fly on the wall says:

    If it can be installed it can be disabled or removed. Who’s to know?

    Besides which these devices already exist and are often found in expensive luxury cars. if some one nicks your wheels, just buzz the security company and they can disable the motor in seconds bringing the vehicle safely to a stop with its precise location showing on a laptop at the office.

    So really quoi de neuf?

  185. 185
    Fly on the wall says:

    Nah, nothing a brain transplant wouldn’t fix.

  186. 186
    EffU2 says:

    I’d rather have these alleged “Muzzie terrorists” than the scum who instigated a pointless war against Muslims on the basis of LIES.

    “Security” services create insecurity to stay in bisness.

  187. 187
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    That is UK-USA agreement aka ‘the special relationship’

    With this spying stuff people are forgettin Zircon and skynet – It started in the UK and became Echelon by the 90s.

  188. 188
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    I am living in denial.

  189. 189
    Fly on the wall says:

    She also failed to explain why one member more than one vote was desirable. Some sections of north London really are represented (?) by a thick obese Jamaican.

  190. 190
    Fly on the wall says:

    You want an Indian TATA take-away?

  191. 191
    Someone says:

    It’s actually deep ruddy brown, but never having seen black, he doesn’t know that.

  192. 192
    Past the watershed says:

    How about the children?

  193. 193
    A passing camel says:

    If only

  194. 194
    Casual observer(2nd class) says:

    Your absolutley right. Either by being complacent or worse complicit, they have created unimaginable stress on occasions.

  195. 195
    Pedigree Chum says:

    She looks like one of Kim Jong Un’s attack dogs.

  196. 196
    Casual observer(2nd class) says:


  197. 197
    Casual observer(2nd class) says:

    Lost me there. Obviously excluding any overt/latent kiddy fidlers, like all parties should. Unless you think otherwise?

  198. 198
    Moniker twitcher says:


  199. 199
    Magnet for shit speeches says:

    Oh thanks Chuuka. Waiter do you have a doggie bag?

  200. 200
    FFS says:

    Is it really an either/or?

    I mean, can’t we do without the Muzzie terrorists and the politicians that start illegal wars?

    Sounds possible? Maybe?

  201. 201
    George Orwell says:

    Nah, they’ll put it in the engine management system. Removal will disable the engine.

    I told you this would happen. Notice how much effort they puit into controlling the middle-classes. They don’t seem nearly so keen on controlling the underclass.

  202. 202
    MB. says:

    ‘People who “work” in the “securirty services” don’t work for us, they work for themselves, ‘

    You could similar about journalists especially those working for the Cayman Island Daily

  203. 203
    Anonymous says:

    Another epic drinker.

  204. 204
    broderick crawford says:

    Careful on this one gweeds you may have crossed tbe rubicon publishing a D Notice.

    Hope your servers are bomb proof somewhere in Alice Springs or the Mojave Desert .

  205. 205
    broderick crawford says:

    no you re just a double agent but buy us trebles all round

  206. 206
    Westminster's Gay Mafia says:

  207. 207
    Hacker says:

    Sod the M25 – let’s run every bastard MP into a brick wall at mach 2.

    Think of the fun we could have with the Euro mongs, or even the Global warming nuts in their stretch limos at the next “save the planet” jamboree.

    Or even running greenpeace activists over with their own electric cars.

    Or making every Totota Prius short circuit.


  208. 208
    Pschye the Dog says:

    Well Fawkesy you have published the Advisory Defence Note, you will have to be prepared to be woken up @ 05.30 tomorrow morning, I think they will try the pyscholicical approach if that does not work, a slight ruffling up of your body but no marks left, know what I mean?

  209. 209
    Pschye the Dog says:

    He probably thinks he has the prtection of the Master, you know what a poor memory the Master and his sons have.

  210. 210
    Pschye the Dog says:

    The moon does not rise over the Niva tonight

  211. 211
    BIGEARS says:

    Please somebody tell me this Video is a spoof !

  212. 212
    Horny Dublo says:

    I have always been a cunning linguist!

  213. 213
    Bent Broadcasting Corp says:

    The usual suspects.

    If you want a laugh, try emailing QT and making a suggestion for a panel member other than the same old!

    It never happens.

  214. 214
    ..Silicon Implant!! says:

    So is this about a newspaper trying to out ‘our man in Al Queda’, or is this actually about trying to uncover something rotten in spook central, or who stitched up Ricky Tomlinson, or something else that should be in the public interest?

  215. 215
    Bennie - age 8 says:

    Does it run on my phone?

    Wheres the download link?

  216. 216
    Gary says:

    They have taken all of our freedom, to protect our freedoms.

  217. 217
    Phoney 'd also' blare says:

    Old mental one eye is on a d notice, is he not?

  218. 218
    EffU2 says:

    Even 60% of yanks now prefer privacy over “protection” from “terrorists”.
    Better do another false flag op or provoke some people into a revenge attack.

  219. 219
    non taxable pikey says:

    Francois has a new bicycle.

  220. 220
    Number Six says:

    What is wrong about this site today? Are yes, you talking about live issues – what a refreshing change.

  221. 221
    Number Six says:

    Where am I?

    Number 2: In the Village.

    Number 6: What do you want?

    Number 2: Information.

    Number 6: Whose side are you on?

    Number 2: That would be telling.

    Number 6: You won’t get it.

    Number 2: By hook or by crook, we will.

    Number 6: Who are you?

    Number 2: The new Number 2.

    Number 6: Who is Number 1?

    Number 2: You are Number 6.

    Number 6: I am not a number, I am a free man.

  222. 222
    Number Six says:

    Funny that. For I was also an employee of the State, one with a high-level civil service post – but had enough and resigned. The powers-that-be considered this was seriously detrimental to the interests of the State/government and sent me to The Village. Number Two was for ever asking for “information!”, but he never got it.

    Good job this was just an interesting 1960s TV show – it that could never have happened?

  223. 223
    Piggy Banks says:

    Certainly not! You know it makes sense – for us at RBS. Just because our greedy and criminal actions caused the crash – why should we lose our bonuses? All together now – why do only fools…?

  224. 224
    By the way says:

    Why is no one here questioning the cosy links between the Conservative Party, big business and the banks? No wonder banker’s bonuses are Safe in Tory hands.

  225. 225
    Anonymous says:

    Such a useful comment – really moves the debate along nicely.

  226. 226
    Number Two says:

    Ideas about information being in the Public Interest are so last year.
    (Honestly, it is about time people woke up)

  227. 227
    Anonymous says:

    “…I’m just an average man, with an average life.
    I work from nine to five; hey hell, I pay the price.
    All I want is to be left alone in my average home;
    But why do I always feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

    Why do, I always feel like somebody’s watching me…”

  228. 228
    Number Six says:

    Just as long as you never consider resigning?

  229. 229
    By the way says:

    How much evidence is needed to prove that we really are turning into a Police State? Perhaps people might start to understand how the miners suffered?

  230. 230
    Anonymous says:

    OK, the singing ain’t that great – but the words are not bad. Thanks to this site (and YouTube) for highlighting the number of protest, and the feeling, Against the Cuts.

  231. 231
    Anonymous says:

    It is said you should be careful what you wish anyone.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    Apart from the in-house right-winger, open-minded persons might have noticed the tactics used here? How the Policy were sent in to stir up protester, so that TV News can report how: violent, Low-life, scum, show disrespect to our highly-respected world-leader. And in other news…

  233. 233
    Anonymous says:

    “Every breath you take

    Every move you make

    Every bond you break

    Every step you take

    I’ll be watching you.”

    The Police

  234. 234
    Rightwinggit says:

    Fake plastic trees?

  235. 235
    Number Six says:

    I will not make any deals with you. I’ve resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own. I resign.

    Then again, I was only sent to The Village and was not found zipped up in a travel bag. Be seeing you.

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