January 29th, 2014

Why Did Hugh Grant Lobby Politicians to Gag the Press?


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    Inamn says:

    Is it any of our business if an actor has a child our of wedlock?


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      Anonymous says:

      It is if the Hunt in question is trying to control the free press.


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        Bob says:

        Writing up cheap sex scandals involving people’s private lives has nothihg to do with a free press

        Just scurrilous and sordid invasion of privacy

        I suppose you agree with hacking, blagging, extortion and bribery on an industrial scale like Murdoch’s papers…


        • 8
          Sunday Mirror says:

          Hacking is disgraceful.


          • NSA/GCHQ says:

            We must disagree

            We are bugging all your commications

            When it is illegal for GCHQ to do it in the UK

            We allow NSA to do it

            And GCHQ does it where it is illegal for NSA

            Nice system don’t you think?

            Global illegality in a nutshell


          • Mark Coney says:

            Would you mind desisting from posting here? We are bugging you and getting white noise feedback from you bugging us.


          • Guardian report overheard chatting says:

            Snowden reported it first.


          • "Daddy can you help" says:

            Is love child mother asking for child support?


          • President Xi Ping says:

            We bug the buggers

            If you know what I mean

            We know all the backdoors


          • Dontvoteforanyofthem says:

            Funny how so many people were called lunatic tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nutters for suggesting what Snowden has confirmed.

            As for a free-press and all the hacking… When some ego filled third rate actor, with almost no actual skill, appoints themselves as moral arbiter of truth and seeks to muzzle the press and end 300 years of essential press freedom, purely to prevent their own immorality being reported, then the press have every right to put them under the microscope.

            Also, I wonder when Hacked Off and the BBC and the other self righteous, self appointed hypocritical moral arbiters who set themselves up to attack the free press, will start calling for the Daily and Sunday Mirror to be closed down for their part in hacking?

            Or is it only distasteful when a Murdoch rag does it?


          • Morgan's Organ says:

            Always put a condom on your phone for safe calls.


        • 11
          janus says:

          absolutely correct.

          The other issue is Murdoch s use of these secret files on politicians to cower the political class (or anyone else he chooses to attack). The result is even the police are in his grip.


        • 32
          The Devine Ms Brown says:

          He could have kept his boaby in his pants, but then he’s not very good at that.


          • Should try condoms some time says:

            Outside were two police officers. They were on a routine patrol in the red light district of the Strip. Their attention had been drawn to the BMW because the brake lights kept flashing “on and off” … “on/off” … “on/off “…

            The driver, you see, kept pushing his foot down on the brake pedal during his illicit tryst with the prostitute. “I guess he was having a really good time,” she says. The prostitute in question was Divine Brown and the foot belonged to Hugh Grant.


        • 112
          Gary Bloke says:

          But Hugh Grant has set himself up as a holier-than-holy public figure. His private life is of interest.


        • 189
          David Leigh of the Guardian says:

          Ethical, sustainable, progressive and morally correct phone hacking is perfectly fine.


        • 191
          accountant says:

          yes i do If that undermines the BBC and Guardianistas like you


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        Inamn says:

        But should the press be free to expose people’s private lives? Is it of any interest to any of us if someone has had a child?


        • 12
          Francoise Hollande says:



        • 28
          I'm a public person says:

          Don’t become a celebrity.


        • 55
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          Obviously it is of interest otherwise the paper would not sell.

          Who are you to decide what is or is not of interest??


          • Wait - what! says:

            Somebody who knows what’s best for everybody, they’re wonderful people not a million miles from those that want to control the press.
            A great loss to the cause comrade.


        • 61
          Ellie-Mae (9) says:

          Don’t buy the paper if you don’t want to read about it.


        • 97
          Cinna says:

          Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.


        • 143
          Lord Stansted says:

          The twats posting here who think it’s none of our business whether Grant appears not to use condoms are missing the point. Fuckers like Grant live off their public image. If they behave contrary to that image then they are miss selling and I for one want to know.


        • 158
          They came for the Press, and then they will want the 'net says:

          Hegalian dislectic, yet again.

          Give the people the idea that their phones are going to be hacked and their privates lives are going to be exposed in the papers, brainwash them into demanding the muzzling of the press, Hey Presto! pieces of shit like Blair get carte blanche to do whatever they like, without the public knowing wtf is going on, because utter wankers like Grant don’t want people knowing they use skanky crack whores and that he splashes his seed up any old slapper, churning out kids he doesn’t raise himself.

          People who demand, crave and actively seek the attention of the public for the good of their ‘careers’, scum like politicians and luvvey actors, cannot complain when they get said attention.

          Also, if a politician cannot keep their marriage vows, is willing to lie to and deceive the very one he/she swore to God they would forsake all others for, for the sake of a bit of fresh, is there not just the slightest possibilty that they might, just maybe, consider lying to the electorate for numerous selfish reasons.


        • 161
          Cecil Parkinson says:

          Hear hear!


      • 85
        Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

        “Free press”.
        Surely you mean Establishment puppets serving us a diet of prejudice and proganda designed to keep us ignorant and ‘in our place’.
        Good sports coverage leads us in.


    • 21
      celebrity and sun stories go together says:

      Grant puts himself on the pedestal by being involved with hacked-off. Before that he used the media for self promotion and promotion of his girl friend.

      Putting that to one side, the press have always had a tradition of using celebrities for their story telling and the celebrities have used the media to promote themselves.

      What came first the celebrity or the media story telling. They go together.

      Us the readers, the tittle tattle, plebs, the payers of both, can have it both. The moralizers have to ignore one side. Without the Sun or others Grant would only be a minimal pay actor; all actors would be and without the status.


    • 29
      Fatty Pang says:

      Sure, why not? Should we create an infrastructure for censorship just so rich twits can keep their shagging in the closet?


    • 51
      Hugh Grant throwing stones in his glass house says:

      Of no interest at all. The Press must only write nice things about me. My Bank account depends on me being in the press 24/7.


    • 53
      No Tax For Chuka says:


      • 56
        M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

        Inheritance tax avoidance measures.


      • 68
        Bluto says:

        Fabians – do as we say not as we do

        Labour = hypocrisy on a scale beyond belief


      • 70
        JH394823984392 says:

        £1m house for mummy.

        On what, about a £60K salary for a supposedly full time job?

        There’s not enough fucking piano wire.


      • 75
        White rabbit says:

        Whenever I see a photo of his phizog I immediately think of watches the size of dinner plates and micro-bacterial infections which can’t be treated by modern antibiotics. And a fraud. And an escort agency. And a ford cortina standing on jacks at the side of the road. Ok I didn’t mean the anti-bacterial bit…. I meant scurvy.


      • 88
        bergen says:

        A good story to be recycled at the next election along with the Milliband’s IHT avoidance.


      • 95
        Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

        He’s doing a Mandelsnake. Look after the feral overclass while pretending to help the poor. The poor pay £63, 000 but the rich pay for million pound houses.
        All Chukka has to do is keep us in the EU and allow corporations a good supply of cheap workers.


      • 148
        HMArsey says:

        Let’s conjugate the verb:

        I mitigate
        you avoid
        they evade


      • 165
        Stupid 50 something bitch, with liads of money she did nothing for says:

        I think we should vote for him, to prove our shame over the slave trade and confirm our middle class, anti-racist, self loathing credentials.

        And he looks a bit like that other colossus of world affairs, Barry O’Bumma.

        Well, having said that, these dark sorts all look the same, don’t they?


    • 90
      Bumtucker Challenge says:

      I agree that an actor’s private life should be private, but Hugh Grant is a political activist for campaigning for the ersosion of freedom of speach


      • 99
        Check, check, check. says:

        Except this actor choses to make his private life public to enhance his flagging career. Once on this path he really can not dictate that the press must only print nice wallet enhancing things about him.

        Grant made his bed and now he must lie in it.


        • 166
          I will give 1000 quid to children in need if Hugh Grant lets me punch him in the face says:

          His career is not the only flagging thing he likes to get enhanced.

          Oohh, skanky crack-whore, enhance it, bitch!


    • 92
      Pam Am says:

      Should Hugh Grant be writing the syllabus for Yvette Coopers sex educations classes?

      He appears to be pretty good at sex.


    • 186
      Anonymous says:

      No it isn’t, but if he had some crappy film to publicise, he’d be all over our screens whether we wanted his uncouth presence or not.

      You can’t it both ways.


  2. 3
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    Just like Livingston, knocked two women up at the same time. Glorious story.


  3. 4
    Intellectual Pygmy says:

    Is it any of his business if we get a free press?


    • 150
      Postal Vote says:

      Drinks on me if BBC or Guardian do an in-depth interview with Hugh Grant about his offspring and his attitude towards the press.


  4. 5
    cameronisfucked says:

    Andy Coulson ‘Listened To Hacked Voicemail’



    • 9
      Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

      Why wouldn’t he? He was after all the editor of a red top tabloid.

      If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got nothing to fear.


      • 22
        Jack says:

        It happens to be illegal

        Or don’t people like you give a fuck about criminal behaviour?


        • 36
          The Devine Ms Brown says:

          Why you not bitchin’ bout de well known piers moron who listening into the voicemails o’ Sir P Macca bwoy?


          • Jack says:

            What makes you think I don’t?

            Piers Morgan should be in jail as well – nasty little creep


          • Beatles were complete shit says:

            Paul McCartney should be in prison. What an utter wanker.

            He must be a wanker, he married a bird with one leg and she still ran off.


          • Beatles were complete shyte says:

            Porl McCartney should be in prison.

            What an utter wanker. Must be a wanker; married a bird with one leg and she still ran off.


      • 47
        Pap says:

        Why can’t Guido get a proper scoop

        Of Tony and Wendi in Ugandan situation like?

        On the froht page, of course


    • 33
      UN Observer says:

      It seems strange that the Prime Minister has his former Chief of Communication and two of his

      closest friends in the dock at the Old Bailey without the whole country calling for him to resign


      • 42
        Bluto says:

        Not really. New Labour set the precedent for shamelessness in the face of scandal during those memorably wretched years 1997 to 2010 and Cameron is after all the Heir to Blair.


      • 52
        a UKIP voter says:

        It’s because outside of this blog nobody gives a damn about phone hacking.


      • 66
        find a perspective says:

        And your view on Mr Blair and the Labour Party’s murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents in an illegal war?


    • 84
      Defactos says:

      It wasn’t called hacking then and it wasn’t called voicemail.

      There was no hacking involved anyway.

      They simply dialed the celeb and if the celeb didn’t answer it went to answer phone and they could then listen to messages on it. Sometimes a celeb may have even selected the PIN option but 9 times out of 10 left it on manufacturer’s default.

      Trying to apply present day terms and technology is disingenuous.


      • 152
        Frank says:

        in a nutshell. The word ‘hacking’ is overused in this case. No hacking went on, as you pointed out it was just someone getting lucky with accessing the voice mail on the default PIN.
        Of course using the word ‘hacking’ allows the celebs to paint a picture of intelligence about themselves.


      • 163
        Anonymong says:


        One gobshite phones slebs number to make the line busy.
        Second gobshite dials the same number and gets put straight to voicemail. Enters 0000 during the greeting.

        Hey presto! And the Rags sell more chip paper. Job Jobbed. Trebles all round.


      • 167
        Anonymong says:

        Why do you think they’re called “hacks”.

        Disingenous? No. Go take a look in the mirror. The reflective one, not the RantMag of that thieving pikey Cap’n Bob.


  5. 10

    Bet she is feeling battered.


    • 177
      Stanley Kollymore says:

      Ask Ulrika.

      Today, I shallbe mostly masturbating up the car windows of a pair of fat perverts, fornicating on the back seats.

      Oooo, I’m so depressed.


  6. 13
    Hugh Granted says:

    These one night stands are very demanding.


  7. 17
    Each action etc. says:

    He wants to live a private life, I agree with him, so I won’t watch or buy any video’s/newspapers with him in them.


  8. 18
    Jimmy says:

    Is it because he formed the delusion that they were run by vindictive little shits?


    • 23
      Jack says:

      Vindictive little shits making money by illegal hacking


      • 38
        Mirror says:

        We are not vindictive or shits or little or delusional. If you agree please help with our legal costs and claims.


        • 169
          Anonymong says:

          No delusion. Cap’n Bob’s ghost and his successors knew exactly what was happening.

          Delusional? Oh no. Scheming, immoral, and desperate to sell chip paper? Definitely.


    • 43
      Bluto says:

      I hadn’t realised you run a newspaper Jimmy. Which one is it? Left Foot Twaddle?


    • 44
      Morna says:

      Hi Dad! Found you at last!


    • 145
      Grunt Hagh says:

      It’s quite simple
      I want to fuck around that’s all
      But because I’m a sleb, I don’t want my fucking around to damage my income, yah?
      I just need to control the press a little so I can fuck around and keep my millions flooding in
      and if I have to fuck freedoms that have been around since the end of the Roman occupation, I will do it


      • 164
        Helen says:

        That’s about right – he’s bitter and out for revenge when he chose to get a blowjob from Divine all those years ago. His attitude is get those who find out about him while he repeat cheats.


        • 178
          My foppish grin charms the bitches says:

          Why go with a skanky whore when Liz Hurley was waiting in a warm bed?



        • 181
          Yankie down back yard alley who owns a bin says:

          Grant still owes me rental for uninvited use of my bin and cleaning costs, plus interest. My feeling are hurt.


      • 172
        Anonymong. Same school as that twat hugo grunt says:

        Shut up Grunt. Or I’ll set Starfish Borer on you.

        Do you remember him? He thinks you’ve got a purdy mouth.


  9. 19
    • 26
      Never me honest gov says:

      I think ….. story telling

      Since 2005 UK productivity has barely moved. Sorry but Balls was at the heart of this statistical reality. Resolve and everyone can gain, barring Luddites and self interest. He, Balls,Brown,Miliband have in government and opposing have suggested nothing much.

      Balls is a clever commentator of economics. Politically no thank you.


  10. 24
    Hugh Grant says:

    Disgraceful. Obviously, the only solution to this outrage is to muzzle the free press and place them under the control of the government, or preferably the BBC.


    • 25
      Jack says:

      The solution is for the tabloid press to respect the law of the land

      And not be part of the criminal class


    • 46
      Birth Announcements Page says:

      The proper place with Hugh Grant to announce his and partners new arrival is in telegraphs Baby Arrival column not a big splash on the front page of the sun. It only costs a few pennies.


  11. 27
    NSA/GCHQ says:

    We believe in freedom of the people

    As long as we can spy on everone illegally


  12. 37
    Sun reader says:

    I would prefer a photo of Lady Gaga’s arse on thevfront page of the Sun

    We need some class Guido


  13. 48
    Agree to disagree says:

    Does Grant support M(s) Coopers general politics and agrees with her recent announcement highlighted in this blog? or does he differ.


  14. 49

    I still think that whilst the hacking was and is morally wrong, these celebs and others were bloody stupid not to change their default bloody passwords. It’s like saying theft by breaking and entering when the door was left wide open.


    • 182
      Who's the silly minister around 2003? says:

      The party in power could have ordered the mobile phone companies to randomly reset all pins, text the phone with new unique pin and forewarn them.

      Take a few lines of code to achieve this.


      • 183
        The buck stops with says:

        The Leveson Inquiry was sponsored jointly.
        Home secretary
        2 May 1997 – 8 June 2001 Straw
        8 June 2001 – 15 December 2004 Blunkett

        Secretaries of State for Culture, Media and Sport
        Chris Smith 3 may 1997 – 8 june 2001
        Tessa Jowell 8 June 2001 – 27 June 2007


  15. 50
    Resident tax status says:

    Grant must have a large income and investment portfolio? Is he domiciled in the UK for tax purposes? A fair point that shall be answered as he has sought to very directly influence law making.


    • 58
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      We’ll never know if he and his drug and sex addicted fellow thespians manage to gag our investigative free press.


  16. 65
    nell says:

    There’s him and his leftwing rich friends wanting to gag our press so that their less than commendable behaviour can be kept from public view and then there’s the leftwing / green environment agency pouring £millions into flooding areas for ‘nature reserves’ whilst letting villages stay flooded because they’ve no money left for dredging dikes and rivers.

    It really is time to oust these leftwing idiots from their seats of influence.


  17. 71
    Andrew Efiong says:



  18. 73
    Mr Potato Head2 says:

    The last thing these celebrities want is privacy. They want as much exposure to further their careers as they can get. What they really want is the ability to manipulate the press so only the good bits get included.


  19. 76
  20. 77
    Centre Parting says:


    Rennard – DLT – Dlt in court.

    GCHQ – Coulson,Brooks etc – latter in court.

    Lack of consistency?


  21. 78
    Message 4 Mungo says:

    Live by the sword die by the sword.


  22. 80
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We will consider proposals to make Lesbianism an official religion.


  23. 89
    albacore says:

    Ne’er mind, eh – it’s all grist to the mill
    Folks might already have had their fill
    Still, the program’s up and running fine
    Conditioning on Britain’s decline


  24. 91
    Squeaker Bercow says:

    Records showing the Prime Minister is a distant cousin of pub landlord comic Al Murray have turned up after millions of files detailing Britain’s history in India were put online.

    Around 2.5 million files from the India Office, dating from 1698 to 1947 and including wills and wedding certificates, have been made available.

    They include files about John Talbot Shakespear, a senior civil servant in the East India Company, and David Cameron’s great-great-great-great-grandfather.

    He was also the uncle of Vanity Fair author William Makepeace Thackeray, who is Murray’s great-great-great-grandfather – making the pair distant cousins.


  25. 96
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    This sounds like a real public interest story to me.


  26. 103
    Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

    I mean to say Huw Grant is no spring chicken.

    He must be at least 55.

    Just think when this child of his goes to University he will be getting his pension. What use as a father will he be then I ask ?

    Men should be banned from having children after a certain age I say.

    It is simply not fair . Imagine if you are a twenty year old girl bringing a boyfriend home to meet your Dad for the first time. He will say ” I have met your Grandad now where’s your Dad ?”


    • 109
      Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

      His, and your pension are under threat if the Kippers have their way.


      • 131
        Not a BBC journo says:

        They don’t call it the ToryGraph for nothing honey chil’


        • 156
          Wait 0 what! says:

          Well, at least they used to, now it reflects the most leftist part of the Tory party which makes it a parody of its old self and unfit to absorb fat from chips.


    • 111
      AH! bugger says:

      Elsie, I’m 56 and was about to catch a train to Dewsbury. Will you make an exception? ( I’m a very fit 56 )


    • 113
      Malcolm Muggeridge says:

      In these days when we have opened the way to same sex marriage and the adoption of children within these relationships may I just flag up another interesting point.

      A girl grows up in a homosexual household in which concepts of self and self importance and expression are accentuated.

      When the girl is grown up what effect will her parentage have upon her ability to form a long term relationship. Will a heterosexual male be able to come to terms with this?

      Alternatively will the girl only be capable of forming a same sex relationship herself and if so how will this effect her ability procreate.

      Are we about to start a new job description: “full time male sperm donor required”.

      We are truly living in fascinating times.


    • 114
      Doctor Spock says:

      Plus his spunk factory is making sub standard swimmers, so any child will most likely be defective.


  27. 104
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    This would make G’rant the anti-A’ssange ?


    • 116
      Mr Happy says:

      Now you mention it what has happened to old Julian Arseache and his millions and millions of public interest files?

      is he still hiding in that Embassy blowing raspberries at our police officers?


      • 125
        Elsie Hargreaves 5 Railway Terrace Dewsbury says:

        It is his children we should all feel sorry for.

        They have not seen their father for years.


        • 132
          Bert Camus says:

          Let us not forget all those poor women who had sex with him in the public domain.

          I feel sorry for his children who have to grow up and read and hear about these stories.

          What start in life is that ?


          • Mother K*lly's doorstep says:

            I think those 2 Swedish slappers have still not made a formal complaint to the police there. Assange’s fear is not that he won’t get a fair trial on this jumped up (non-existent) assault charge, it is that he does not trust the Swedish thuggery not to put him on the first plane to America (even if he doesn’t have a visa – which is something else the Blanks will then be able to charge him with!) They are fairly thick and not very forgiving as a nation, so don’t endanger your life by even contemplating visiting the place.


    • 127
      Physics 201b says:

      If Grunt and Arsseange ever meet, they will explode in a mutual annhilation.


  28. 110
    AH! so says:

    If Labour wants apologies for previous Government actions, they will be at the end of a very long queue.


    • 115
      The Libor party says:

      This is a great vote-winner for us. We’ve got nothing else plausible to focus on.


      • 118
        retardEd Miliband says:

        We mutht focuth on the cotht of living cwy-thith.

        Be thure to mention it (cotht of living cwy-thith) at leatht oneth every thententh..


    • 124
      Not a BBC journo says:

      Will Labour being apologising for the 100,000 Iraqi deaths one at a time?
      And everyone renditioned and tortured?


  29. 117
    Steve Miliband says:

    Err, well, err, ummm, yah, hacking, err, umm, Daily mail.


  30. 119
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We will make sure those who are unemployed will not pay tax on cigarettes, alcohol, food & internet subscriptions, every little helps


  31. 120
    Del Boy says:

    This Hugh Grant character because of his actions in his private life is now leaving himself wide open to his public life becoming a laughing stock.

    Last week there was a guy on Romford Market who had sold all his stock of ” I’ve never been shagged by Hugh Grant” quality polyester tee shirts before lunchtime !


  32. 122
    Brian Leveson. Celebrity Judge. says:

    Typical Luvvie.

    Most are content with a two lines in the Births, Deaths and marriage of the local rag. But publicity shy Mungo has taken out a full frontal page on the Sun.


  33. 123
    Grunt Hagh says:




  34. 126
    All socialists are hypocrites says:

    So Labour are demanding Cameron apologise for Thatcher’s handling of the miners strike in 1983 ? Quite right Cameron should certainly apologise AFTER Labour have apologised for the mess they made of government in the years 1997 -2010; waging illegal war ;under resourciing our armed forces ; allowing uncontrolled mass immigration and busting the economy…when they do THAT then Cameron can apologise but until they do the opportunistic and htpocritcal Labour Party can……..fuck off !!!


    • 136
      Ed Balls says:

      We should also apologise for ruining the state education system, too, leaving a generation of school-leavers unemployable and basically condemned to a wasted life.

      But we won’t.

      And Andy Burnham’s not going to apologise for trying to cover up all the deaths in the NHS, either.


  35. 128
    Nickelarse says:

    Thanks Huge. You’ve got Randy n’ Handy meeja circus to move on.


  36. 129
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Hugh Grant ate my Beaver.


  37. 130
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Let’s be clear: this is a recession made in Downing Street by David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic mistakes.


    • 140
      The Boy Plunger says:

      I don’t give a monkeys whose mistake it is pal but as soon as the FTSE loses 3.5% off its top I am shorting UK PLC .


    • 141
      Joe Public II says:

      Maybe no recession, but the cnuts have doubled the National Debt, and are STILL running a Deficit of c. £250 MILLION PER DAY.

      Yet four more years of LibLabConning incompetence under these two wankers.


    • 142
      retardEd Miliband says:

      I inthitht the Conthervative Party apologithe for letting Margawet Thatcher thtart the cotht of living cwy-thith.


  38. 133
    Huge Rant says:

    Am aiming at four children and a tribunal.


  39. 134
    albacore says:

    Ho hum. Anyone had problems with solid state drives?
    The little bastards are supposed to enhance our lives
    Except the ones that I’ve got are about as much cop
    As all the LibLabCon muck that rises to the top


  40. 139
    Godfrey Bloom says:

    Does she clean behind the fridge?

    Or has Grant shagged yet another slut?


  41. 146
    I like beer says:

    If the bint in the paper is the mother then Hugh Grant deserves a Knighthood .


  42. 147
    Be careful with the names of your ladies in your mobile's directory says:

    At least Hollande seems to have been more sensible in managing what allegedly seems to have been an almost ménage a quatre.


  43. 151
    Nepean the Nepean says:

    Way to go cousin, ignore those jealous eejits and enjoy being successful, wealthy, good looking and a decent sort of chap.


  44. 155
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    How can Grant, a man of no morals, possibly lecture the media. Hypocrisy on tap!


    • 162
      Mother K*lly's doorstep says:

      It wasn’t the media that went rushing out to get the Privy (how apt!) Council scriptwriters organised.


  45. 159

    A supposedly mature man acting like a teenage chav off the Jeremy Kyle Show
    ‘Iv’e got mi bird up the duff ‘,has this idiot not heard of contraception or is it just the rest of us who are stupid ?
    These cretinous ‘ celebrities ‘ seem to think that they are entitled to turn the publicity tap on and off as they see fit , and have the audacity to attempt to curb our free press for their own ends.


    • 190
      inside out says:

      He is obviously auditioning for The Jeremy Kyle Show,why else would you impregnate another girlfriend while the first is carrying your second child?


  46. 180
    Nadhim's accountant says:

    Strangely quiet on the gagging bill. Sorry “transparency” bill


  47. 187
    Sötnos says:


  48. 188
    Dogshite on my Hugh says:

    Hugh Grant is nothing more than a leech. His career is over as the foppish crap is now out of fashion.

    I hate the media but I hate hypocrites like Hugh Grant even more.


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