January 29th, 2014

Have You Seen This Man?


  1. 1
    Bill says:

    Send the bugger back.

    • 5
      nell says:

      Not at all – I hope he stays and keeps spinning the labour poll lead ever lower until 2015. If at that point labour come to grief at the hands of the electorate the British People may wish to give him a hefty bonus as a thank you for saving us from a fate worse than death.

    • 11
      Democrat in USA != Labour in the UK says:

      Arnies natural home in the UK would be UKIP.

      What on earth would he want with the multi-millionaires in the Labour party?

      • 18
        Tony Blair says:

        Greed. It is very disinhibiting.

      • 24
        f67 says:

        NO, his “natural” home would be the racist colony called “Israel”.

        • 39
          JMF says:

          Who is a silly little boy f67

          • Anonymous says:

            In the entire arab world there are just 1.6 million arabs who live in religious and democratic freedom. They even have free and fair elections for their own candidates to parliament. Proportional representation too. They all live in Israel.

          • f67 says:

            You lying piece of crap!
            They are barely tolerate as a serf underclass to do the dirty work that Israelis won’t do! The millions of Palestinians whose lands have been stolen have no say whatsoever.
            In any case, Israel is a Theocracy. Voting on who enforces religious law ain’t “democracy”.

        • 50
          Mark Oaten says:

          Did someone mention racing things up colons?

        • 61
          Táxpáyér says:

          f67 sounds like a lib-dum.

          • Lib Dem says:

            Don’t you mean Lib Dem bum?

          • Simon Hughes says:

            Phone number?

          • English Heretic says:

            0800 Lube Dem Bum?

          • M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

            Or a lefty. It’s part of the socialist doctrine these days to hate Israel now that South Africa is post colonial. Most don’t know why or have an inkling of the history of the region. It is enough for them that somehow the US is involved and the herd dictates that Israel is a bad thing. Many of the brethren can’t even distinguish between Zio­nism and antise­mitism and we now see soc­ialists acting as fas­cists. But this the fate of all socialist systems: to morph into fascism.

            Antisem­itism used to be the only way you could tell the difference except that soc­ialists had bread queues and fa­scists had better uniforms. Now that distinction is completely blurred.

    • 15
      Pass the dafty on the lefty side says:

      “Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover after fights over flatulence and drugs”

      Now that’s what I call a headline

    • 16
      Vazoline says:

      I sincerely hope you’re not talking about me.

    • 17
      Psyche the Dog says:

      No I have not seen him at all, ask Dave, he maybe in Londonistan, if you want to disappear Londonistan is the place to go, some borughs charge half their population every year so nobody knows anyone else, or wants to know.

    • 20
      My Wedgewood China cups and saucers .... one set to love says:

      Is he related to Steffi?

    • 90
      bingo says:

      I have just watched the Labour party political broadcast

      my dog farted

      I turned over

      milliband is so piss boring he doesn’t even upset me

      At least i can shout wanker at the tv when balls is spouting shite

    • 290
      The Critic says:

      God help us. Currently about 4% of allegations end up in a successful deportation.

      The UKBA would have trouble finding their own shoes with a map and a torch. We do know where Labour are though,so let’s start with a hefty fine and an audit. How many more of these arrangements are they running?

      Perhaps Ed could demand an enquiry?

  2. 2
    nell says:

    Let’s face it the UK border agency couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. I suspect mr arniegraf is being hosted in the luxury home of one lenmcclusky so is quite safe. They’ll never dare go looking for him there.

  3. 3

    Bet he gets a Free Bus Pass.

  4. 4
    Podiceps says:

    They’d really hate to find him. Think of the fuss it would cause.

  5. 6
    Sunderland is a Labour ghetto thats why its shyte. says:

    Lets see if the Border Agency can find the hundreds of Syrian refugees due here shortly when their supposed temporary visa run out,by the way who is going to house,clothe and feed these people who hate the West oops its us the taxpayer.

  6. 7
    UK Boring Agency says:

    You’re nicked sunshine.

    • 8
    • 9
      nell says:

      Well you’re nearly right. The border agency nicking anyone is rarer than sunshine in the uk these days. Hens teeth come to mind.

      • 22
        Floodwater in Bedroom in Summerset says:

        ‘Sunshine’ you say. Tell me about it.

        • 43
          nell says:

          Somerset floods all down to an incompetent leftwing environment agency more interested in chucking money at green agenda thingies like flodding land than saving peoples homes. Very labour!

          • Pschye the Dog says:

            And run by the Cons?

          • nell says:

            Well inherited from labour by the cons who have been very slow off the mark to understand that the somerset levels are not being properly drained because of the leftwing environment agencies unsustainable green policies.

          • FFS says:

            Nothing to do with it pissing down with rain for 2 months continuously on land that is below sea level then?

            But you are right, they shouldn’t flodd the land.

            They haven’t done that since Viking times.

          • Táxpáyér says:

            Flooded with rain (thanks gaia worshipers!)
            Flooded with immigrants (thanks oikophobes!)

          • M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

            Yet another example of the incompetent centralised state responsible for things that would be far better handled by local people.

            The EA simply is too big to react. Whenever there is a river pollution incident the only time they prosecute the culprit is when the local angling clubs threaten legal action against the EA to do their job. Otherwise they’ll sit in their offices sending emails to each other. Proactive? Not a chance, they don’t know what’s going on out there until it is too late.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Dave has promised to light his bonfire of the Qangos when the wood dries out a bit.

          • The Critic says:

            The Environment Agency is an arms length body -not under ministerial control. It’s 3 day a week head(100K salary) is Lord Chris Smith. A man with close links to the arts world. Ideal for flood planning then. And trying to defend the indefensible.

            The leftie establishment – incompetent,unrepentant,unelected,overpaid.

          • Tom Catesby says:

            Per head of population this country employs more Environmental Agency staff than the U.S.A. They don’t clear out river beds round here either, where we have been subject to recent bad flooding, millions have been thrown at schemes however, which don’t appear to work very well.

          • A Yokel says:

            And its CEO is Chris Smith ex-Labour MP and washed out politician. Naturally he is going to do everything in his power to promote government policy …

  7. 12
    Jack Ketch says:

    On the TV show flighted on Pick TV, the UKBA officers, wrapped in flak jackets and shod in enormous boots, bust their way into squalid sheds in Slough and Leicester using pneumatic battering rams and then warn the assembled Vietnamese, Kurds, Kashmiris, Central African Republicanese and Somalis to pop round to the nearest immigration office when they have time.
    Maybe this anti-British, subversive, ne’er-do-well could be given the same courtesy.

    • 23
      UKBA is riddled with corruption says:

      Serves them right for not paying the usual bung

      • 159
        UKBA is full of ethnics says:

        Where are all these white people flocking from?

        • 273
          Fly on the wall says:

          UKBA is indeed full of ethnics – as is the Passport Office. You have to learn Brixtonese these days to ask a question of them.

  8. 13
    Casual Observer 6 says:

    He’s changed his name to Grift, and was last seen hiding in Ed Miliband’s closet.

    • 32
      Psyche the Dog says:

      Fawkes might be hiding him so that he can get a scoop about Liebore, and a pat on the head from Rupe and promoted to political editor for the Sun.

      • 58
        Casual Observer 6 says:

        Guido as Pol Ed for the Sun ? That is a good idea, but after the next election.

        If he would be interested in the role.

        He has certainly done enough leg work to be a rider, rather than runner.

  9. 26
    RomaBob.... Buy Beeg Issue! says:

    How many health tourists do we have in the UK?

    How many foreigners languishing in prison? Just bear in mind they arrive here with a clean record…. ooman rights are paramount.

    Send the f*ckers back….. we Romas have all the rights……. as well and many 1000s of Syrians :)

  10. 27
    Anonymous says:

    No thank goodness

  11. 31
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Global Business Coalition for Education, the charity founded by Sarah Brown, is registered in ‘the Cayman Islands of North America’:

    As one commentator perceptively writes: “Why if it is a charity would it need to be in a tax haven?”

  12. 36
    Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

    To check this man’s identity, he’s got 666 tattooed on his head.

  13. 41
    So much for Tories never being on the bbc says:

    Eric Pickles is on The One Show shortly.

  14. 42
    Michael Gove says:

    We would like our school kids to do a mandatory A-Level on EU integration and its benefits.

    • 47
      nell says:

      Not Gove – that’s a very balls ‘every child educated to lowest denominator possible’ agenda!!!

      • 56
        Ed Balls says:

        How soon people forget. We gave up on trying to educate every child to any level – we left hundred of children without primary school places in East London because we’d invited the Poles to come in and pack out the schools.

  15. 44
  16. 45
    Labour and the unions says:

    Channel 4 News has a debate coming up between different ranks in the Labour party over unions. Labour denying that they’re owned by the unions is always amusing.

    • 52
      nell says:

      Labour = not owned by the working classes either.

      What seems to be clear is that they are mostly owned by primrose hill millionaires + the kinnochio millionaires of wales and chuckusyamoney whose millions are salted away abroad somewhere plus a fancy palace in spain.

      • 143
        Wakey Wakey says:

        The working classes and their now immigrant imported replacements are mere voting fodder to give these fabian fcukers a fig leaf of legitimacy.

        The Labour party hasn’t been about the interests of the ordinary working man or woman for donkey’s years.

        Same with the Tories. The mugs voting for them year in, year out thinking they’re going to look after their interests have been sold down the river.

  17. 49
    nell says:

    There’s a labour political broadcast airing tonight. Anybody watching? No thought not.

    • 62
      Village Idiot says:

      ………It was weak,weak,weak;pathetic,londonistan central,absolute shocker…I regret seeing it!….Disturbing,definately not a vote catcher!

  18. 51

    Flatulence to a gay lover must be about as useless as a PhD thesis entitled The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918–29 to a British prime minister.

    • 57
      nell says:

      What’s really worrying about that SC is that that PM and his wife are now swanning about the world on their tax free charity status earning £100K’s each year pretending to know something about economic competence!

      They remind me very much of the snake oil conmen of wild west fame.

      • 96

        Indeed, they seemed rather quaint and gentlemanly by comparison.

        This man confiscated the nation’s savings and pensions, flogged off the gold at the lowest price possible and then ran up a debt that a drunkard at Monte Carlo Casino could only dream of, not in his name of course but in ours.

        All the while he had the temerity to call it investment. The abolition of boom and bust. Prudence.

        The biggest heist in history. And what for? So he can earn a (comparatively) miserable million or so a year. If we had all clubbed in, we could have each paid 50p a year and told him to f*** off!

        • 145
          nell says:

          +1000 but I’d rather see him and his floozie in a dank cell in the Tower for what he and his worthless government did to us!

        • 321
          Tom Catesby says:

          Broon sells off our gold at lowest price possible, Cable sells off our Post Office at lowest price possible. Hese pricks should be working in my local pound stretcher!

      • 164
        FFS says:

        “Former PM”

        or better still Unelected “Former PM”

        • 220
          David Cameron says:

          Ah yes the one I couldn’t even win a majority against.

          Am I really such a douche bag?

  19. 54
    Arnie says:

    Fuck you, asshole! I’ll be back.

    • 59
      nell says:

      Dear Mr arniegraf Please don’t go – stay – the tory party needs you to keep spinning for labour

  20. 55
    Ric Holden CCHQ says:

    BRIEFING: everything you need to know about the 50p tax rate http://classonline.org.uk/blog/item/briefing-the-50p-tax-rate

  21. 64
    Red Alert says:

    Labour are a rogue employer who break immigration and tax laws when it suits them.

  22. 65
    Sir Bernard Haagen-Daas says:

    He was on the Labour front row today disguised as Angela Eagle.

  23. 69
    Nick Clegg says:

    In case any other Lib Dems are revealed to be perverts, I’d just like to state right now that I didn’t know anything about the allegations until 4 weeks from now and that I took immediate action to suspend the person 2 years from now. Vote Lib Dem.

  24. 71
    White rabbit says:

    Does anyone understand what the fuck Alex Salmond is talking about.

  25. 79
    Muslims go fuck yourselves, you dirty fucking bearded, raghead, terrorist cunts says:

    I’m so sick of these fucking bearded muslim c-unts popping up every day to screech about the latest thing to offend him. We need a majority Tory government with a new leader who will finally sort out the muslim problem plaguing Britain. It’s Labour’s legacy and Cameron has done fuck all to fix it. These scum need to be put in their place, preferably in a seat on a one way flight to some shitty third world muzee shithole. Allahu shatbar.

  26. 83
    Popcorn says:

    Studio debate in a moment on Channel 4 News about Labour and the unions.

  27. 84
    Ed the Eunuch says:

    He may be hanging out in an old folks home.

  28. 86
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    I saw that bloke in the picture. I was listening in on a conversation he was having with two strange blokes. He told one that he would never become Prime Minister while he had an hole up his arse, and he told the other bloke he hadn’t got a clue about financial affairs. Both blokes were called Ed, strange that.

  29. 89
    Popcorn says:

    Fat Abbott is on debating with Alan Johnson. She opposes one member one vote and wants unions to keep their power. :-D

    • 93
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      Both dumbheads.

      • 120
        Mr Nobody says:

        Fair play to the Postie, at least he wants to drag Labour kicking and screaming into the second half of the twentieth century.

        • 127
          The Public says:

          Johnson is marxist. The former Secretary of State for Productivity, Energy and Industry is a complete tool.

          When health Secretary he preferred people to die rather than undermine the sacred cow of the NHS. He criticised breast cancer patient Debbie Hirst because she attempted to buy the cancer drug Avastin, which the NHS had denied her. Johnson told Parliament, patients “cannot, in one episode of treatment, be treated on the NHS and then allowed, as part of the same episode and the same treatment, to pay money for more drugs. That way lies the end of the founding principles of the NHS.” Twat.

          • Alan's Johnson says:

            The NHS must be permitted to double its budget whilst simultaneously denying its patients access to treatment.

            It is the socialist way.

          • Táxpáyér says:

            I remember someone in the states who talked about NHS “death panels” being roundly laughed at as ignorant…

        • 166
          Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

          If the postie had given a first class delivery at home, Mrs.Postie wouldn’t have got her box stuffed elsewhere.

  30. 92
    McAdder says:

    Laura K ( I can’t spell Kuenssberg) to get £200k salary for being chief correspondent on news night. No doubt she will be giving the Tories a hard time on tax cuts for millionaires.

    • 193
      Táxpáyér says:

      She think people who really do work for their salary deserve it as much as she does for reading an autocue in extortion funded show-biz.

    • 317
      Jack Ketch says:

      Gross pay 200,000–tax 76,098-NI 7,214, Employers NI contribution (License payers) 26,537—–net pay= £116,187.00
      Or by paying into a “production company” based in the British Virgin Islands–Gross pay 200,000– deductions -nil–Net pay 200,000

  31. 94
    Popcorn says:

    That really did make me LOL.

  32. 95
    Popcorn says:

    Even though I don’t like Alan Johnson, it was rather enjoyable watching him shout and ridicule Fat Abbott.

  33. 97
    I'm not making this up says:

    This weekend is the BAM festival: Being A Man. Speakers will be discussing what it means to be a man in the modern age. The speakers over the weekend include, I shit you not, Billy Bragg and Alastair Campbell. Surely it should therefore be called Being A Crappy Singer and Hypocrite Who Lives in a Rich Upper Class Area and Being A Bullying, Evil War Criminal C-unt.

  34. 98
    I'm not making this up says:

    This weekend is the BAM festival: Being A Man. Speakers will be discussing what it means to be a man in the modern age. The speakers over the weekend include, I shit you not, Bìlly Bragg and Alastair Campbell. Surely it should therefore be called Being A Crappy Singer and Hypocrite Who Lives in a Rich Upper Class Area and Being A Bullying, Evil War Criminal C-unt.

    • 101
      i don't n eed no doctor says:

      You rate Campbell too highly.

      • 109
        White rabbit says:

        Saw him recently on the box and he was looking very frayed around the edges.
        Don’t know how old he is..50ish… but I reckon time is catching up with him.

        • 113
          i don't n eed no doctor says:

          He is 57.

        • 118
          Miss Fanny Batter, aged 89 from East Horsley in Surrey says:

          Good. That lying bastard killed hundreds of thousands. I hope he wakes each night hearing their screams.

          How does he get to appear on TV? Who in their right f*cking mind thinks, “hey, let’s get the lying mass-murderer Aly Campbell on our show!”

          “Let’s see if we can go 20 minutes without mentioning he’s a liar and his lies killed hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. Yeah, that’s great TV!”

          No. It. F*cking. Isn’t. He’s a war criminal. He’s one of the most despicable people ever to have walked this Earth. Josef Mengele didn’t kill and maim a tenth as many people as Aly Campbell killed and maimed.

          And he’s advising Milimong now, isn’t he? FFS!

          One Nation Socialism. Sieg fucking Heil.

          • I'm not making this up says:

            You need to stop sitting on the fence and just tell us what you really think about Campbell.

    • 162
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      Not the SHAM Festival.
      Shit Heads Arselicking Milliband.
      Entry criteria is a big house and a collection of oiks to do their menial tasks

  35. 99
    Anonymous says:

    If Cameron wants to reduce to 40% then he had better be quick about it!!
    After losing the next election Dave will be cast into the dustbin of history.He will not even be asked to appear on You’ve Been Framed. Unless that is as a character witness For Andy Coulson or Rebekah Brookes.

  36. 102
    The British media are cunts says:

    You have to admire the Balls of the SNP, they want independence but also want the English to underwrite it.

    The Scots tell us that we English should underwrite their spending because we need free access to their market. Well not that Scotland is worth much but we get that by the jocks being part of the E which Salmond wants to maintain.

    What I find amusing is how the English media continue to hand out verbal blow jobs to Salmond.

    • 110
      We are the losers says:

      Cyprus and Malta were once part of the sterling area so why not Scotland as a separate country after all they have half of our debt to pay back, besides I’d rather Scotland go on their own and help destroy Liebour and the UK membership of the EU, two hits for a bit of printed money lets go for it.

      • 119
        England says:

        Because we just don’t want them.

        When is it going to get through to Alex Salmond’s thick skull that he is not needed by anyone South of the Border?

        He either wins the referendum and finds himself with a properly independent country to run or he fucks off and goes and live with the rest of the Scottish ueber-patriots in some Caribbean tax haven with whatever dosh he has managed to salt away in his dodgy little career. There is no devo-max on offer.

      • 280
        Fly on the wall says:

        I think I am not wrong when I say that both Cyprus and Malta now use the euro.

        That worked out well then didn’t it – especially for the residents of Cyprus who just had half of their wealth ‘bailed in” (new doubleunplusgoodspeak for ‘stolen’).

    • 111
      Miss Fanny Batter, aged 89 from East Horsley in Surrey says:

      It’s staggering that the government (the real one in London, not the pretend one in Jockland) agreed to underwrite Jockland’s loans.

      And how did a stupid fat c*nt like Salmond get to become pretend PM of the pretend country of Jockland anway? Seriously, you wouldn’t by a used car from the sad fat old c*nt, would you? No, you wouldn’t. Because he’s obviously a mendacious c*nt. So why put him in charge of your pretend parliament?

      And another thing (continues for 10 minute rant)

      • 123
        just trying to help says:

        When Scotland is independent it would be naive to expect the first 5/10 years to be problem free.

        However over a generation or two with a truly independent Banking system Scotland would prosper exponentially and any trade deficits would be dealt with by currency exchange rates.

        The future is more exciting and challenging if Scots go it alone.

        if Scotland succeeds the English won’t get any of it.

        • 129
          Just statin' the bleedin' obvious says:

          “if Scotland succeeds”

          It won’t. They’re parasites.

          But, yes, it would be great if they just fucked off. No more Jocks. No more Jockanese in Westminster. No more Labour.


          • Fly on the wall says:

            But they probably still infest the commentary boxes of a number of sporting events.

        • 130
          Berwick says:

          Of course not. By the way, just how are they going to manage with the A1 closed?

        • 181
          M. Salmond's alter ego. says:

          “If Scotland succeeds” and “”Scotland would prosper exponentially”.

          Ok, here are some facts:-

          1] The really bright Scots pissed off to London to make real money years ago. The only people that stayed behind were the kind of morons that believed in Scottish independence.

          2] Alex Salmond keeps saying that Scotland will be better off but exactly how. What clever plans does he have up his sleeve for an independent Scotland? So far his one “clever plan” is getting his hands on North Sea oil whilst quietly forgetting Scotland’s share of a £trillion pound in debt run up by Scottish banks and a Scottish former PM.

          3] Is making Scotland independent going to change the fact that it is a shitty, rainy, mountainous, drug infested, overweight shit-hole perched on the very edge of the European map?

          4] Has it not occured to Salmondo that Scotland is no worse off than the rest of the UK outside London, and the reason it is worse off relative to London is because all the profits of the UKs big companies end up being creamed off in London, where they are never seen again? This is not going to change just because Scotland has pulled out of this arrangement at a political level. It would be far better for Scotland to join with the rest of the UK to have some of those HQs moved to other parts of the UK so the profits of private capital are more evenly spread, and maybe move Parliament somewhere more central.

          Salmondo is a twat, but he knows the people most likely to vote for….. nothing in particular it seems…. are stupid people easily bought by promises of free childcare and more bennies.

        • 192
          Táxpáyér says:

          All the best with the New Darien scheme.

      • 125
        a cheeky scouser says:

        If I were you darling I would go down the Barley Mow and forget all about it.

  37. 105
    EU Taxpayer funds Indian Windmills FFS!! says:
  38. 111
    i don't n eed no doctor says:

    There are two things I wish for, apart from winning the National Lottery, firstly that the economy gets even better before the 2015 election, and secondly that Ed Balls loses his seat at that election.

    • 126
      Anonymous says:

      I think I could just manage accepting a labour win if both the Balls loss their seats

      • 137
        Londoner says:

        I would shut down my business and leave the country.

        I couldn’t take a repeat of the last government. It was fucking dreadful.

        • 147
          Anonymous says:

          I would do the same with mine. Quite easy to do.

          I guess this us why frog land is down Le Shitter

      • 150
        Lard Fatten says:

        Losing ones seat can just be the gateway to many career opportunities and great wealth.

    • 132
      McAdder says:

      That wouldn’t get rid of Balls. Either some old-timer would step aside for him in a safe seat, or he would head some think tank as an expert (sic), or he would be made Lard Balls.

  39. 114
    Winston says:

    In regard to Hollande destroying France and suppressing its people history again repeats

    The battle for France is now over…. The battle for Britain is about to begin.

    • 121
      Crapita says:

      Can we have the contract to scuttle the Anglo-French carrier fleet?

    • 124
      Ed Balls says:

      Agreed. And let me fire the opening salvo in the new Battle of Britain!

      I am proud of the last Labour government’s spending. But, if there was one mistake, we did not spend enough. Next time, we will spend more. If you think the last Labour government was shit beyond belief, if you couldn’t believe how much damage we did, just grab hold of your seats, folks, because next time it will be worse. That is my promise. I’m going to screw all of you. Each and every one. Damn you all. Damn you all to Hell!

      Vote Labour.

      Right, Righties, match that!

    • 187
      Táxpáyér says:

      Dave will come back from a meeting with those who want to “unify” Europe in anti-capitalism and claim peace for our time.

      • 284
        Fly on the wall says:

        … which will last just as long as his tumbril journey from No 10 to Marble Arch!

  40. 116
    Gordon Brown says:

    No one’s seen me.

  41. 133
    F**k the LibLabCon says:

    The next time some LibLabConner tells you immigrants here are all hard working and doing jobs the lazy Brits won’t do remember these facts.


    • 149
      The Labour Party says:

      You lie. This country was built entirely in the last 10 years by immigrants. No British person has ever worked. All white men are hideous. Celebrate the diversity. Feel the enriching social cohesion. Pay your taxes, do as you are told and shut the fuck up.

    • 155
      Owen Jones says:

      Phffff… that’s just your opinion.

    • 161
      7.62mm says:

      Thanks liblabcon for driving down our wages, putting millions of us out of work and pushing us to the back of the queue for jobs, housing, hospitals and schools.

      We are so looking forward to our children and grand children becoming a minority in the land of our ancestors.

      How can we ever repay you.

      • 170
        Winston says:

        We could just stubbornly fight them on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets, fight them in the hills and never surrender.

        • 186
          Hard-Pressed Middle-Class Taxpayer says:

          Oooohhhh, me back, me back.

          So many people on my back now.

          I’m not sure just how many I can take.

          Pretty sure I’m going to find out though……

      • 182
        Táxpáyér says:

        Don’t forget, it also raises rents for those BtL “investors” called MPs.

  42. 141
    It's all Fachaz fault! says:

    Highlight of today’s PMQs was Lisa Nandos demanding an apology from Mrs Thatcher. That’s basically what her question amounted to. It’s a running gag that Labour supporters still like to blame Mrs Thatcher for everything, but she actually put that into action with her question today. Is she aware of how ridiculous she looked? The huge groan from government benches underlined how absurd it was for her in 2014 to demand an apology for what she alleges Mrs Thatcher did 30 years ago.

    • 153
      Londoner says:

      Lisa Nandy was born in 1979. She hasn’t got a clue how ignorant she is. For which we can really only blame her crap Edukashun and a (short) ‘working’ life among the most extreme British-hating elements in the marxist-infiltrated voluntary sector.

      • 160
        It's all Fachaz fault! says:

        Agreed on her working career, but on her education, as she was born in 79, you realise it means she was educated under the Tories and turned 18 when Bliar came to power.

        • 168
          Ignoramus Watch says:

          But look where she then went to get her head filled with crap: Newcastle and Birkbeck

        • 183
          Táxpáyér says:

          Schools were left wing indoctrination camps as much then as now.

          End state “education”.

          • British School Victim says:

            Yeah, but we don’t actually listen to the bull-crap.

            Bear in mind that 50% of Labour’s votes come from jungle bunnies and the kind of stupid old fart that reads the Guardian or the Mirror.

      • 190
        JH57743489954306 says:

        To be fair, she has grown a magnificent set of juicers since.

    • 173
      Stupid Woman says:

      Was Nandy alive during the NUM (illegal) strike?

      • 196
        FFS says:

        She was 6 years old half-Indian girl living in Greater Manchester at the time.

        Clearly the miners strike left deep scars on the young Lisa Nandy, although nobody quite knows how…..

  43. 144
    Anonymous says:

    Its quite bizarre that Milliband went on and on about an apology for the miners. Where the hell did that come from? Normally when people throw something like that they have nothing else to say

    Milliband and labour are fucked. I think its now even dawning on Milliband as well now.

    • 177
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      When will enriched Labour Councils apologise to the minors ?

    • 197
      FFS says:

      When are Labour going to apologise for leaving the mining communities in the shit after they went on and on for years about how wrong that was????

  44. 151
    Share this around says:

    ‘We’re sick of being ripped off!’: Facebook plea by father enraged at Center Parcs’ £300 half-term price hike goes viral

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2548142/Fathers-Facebook-plea-end-school-holiday-hikes-goes-viral.html#ixzz2rp5fMhv5
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • 157
      F**k the LibLabCon says:

      Well good luck with that but the only real answer is not to go to Center Parcs’.

    • 169
      Sad says:

      His problem is that he is a feeble useless twat who can not entertain his family without paying some commercial firm to do it for him.


    • 175
      Terra Nova says:

      If he put as much effort into organising a DIY family holiday as he does into Facebook his family would have a brilliant time.

      It doesn’t have to be expensive, to organise your own activity Holiday.

    • 176
      Niall Eastick-Tendencies says:

      Get a cheap caravan down the coast. Fresh air and countryside. It might mean making your own entertainment but you’ll save a fortune.
      PS. You can watch the cars float by.

      • 225
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Haven’t the global warming mongrels – who at the slightest drop of rain or a little flood – go all “Climtaically deranged” gone rather slient of recent?

        Perhaps a fucking penny or two has dropped into the clouded, silty and muddied minds of these CC nutjobs that it (AGW / CC) was not the creation of Mother Nature but that of a dirty band of money grubbing taxing – bunch of deceptive, and duplicitous little evil zioloon bastards.

    • 180
      Táxpáyér says:

      He seems to have not grasped the relationship between supply, demand and price.

      If Centre Parcs had to price the same then what would happen is this.

      Booked years ahead.
      Bought by touts.
      Sell for Market price (3000 + margin).

      He’d be no better off.

    • 199
      FFS says:

      Typical Brit. Sometimes I despair at my compatriots.

      It never occurs to them that it’s the other way around. The people that can go off-peak are getting the holiday at a BARGAIN price.

      If I was Centre Parcs I’d make the prices flat-rate at the same rate as August. That’d fucking teach him. He’d be Mr Popular then……

      • 227
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Do you for one minute think that the Rich with kids in private schools face being fined £1000 for taking their kids out of school during term time? – Think you stupid Fucker FFS. Don’t think like you are a lifetime deluded fucking TRIBAL POLITICAL MONKEY though. Outside of the ‘Tribal Box’ you fucking prick.

    • 226
      Slapton Sands says:

      He wants to be more careful putting his details in a national newspaper. They have printed his name and village. Just one google search reveals that he is the director of an IT company and his home address, which can then be seen on Google street view. Can’t understand why he wants to go up to Nottingham for a break when he has the South Devon coast and Dartmoor on his doorstep anyway.

      But surely the Director of a company is well versed in Supply v Demand, especially as the Mail says he is a sales director?

  45. 172
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Was that Dan Evans seen blowing a whistle as he entered the court building today – I do believe he was.

    BTW I hate fucking evil greedy extremist lefty marxists – but I also hate fucking evil greedy extremist righty Capitalists – like rupe effing murdoch who danced with the left for the reign of terror and when he realised that public opinion had changed – he seamlessly ‘shifted’ to supporting the right.

    • 202
      FFS says:

      Yes, BW, he’s the kind of evil capitalist that gives people what they want.

      And you problem with that is what exactly?

      • 218
        Blowing Whistles says:

        FFS stated “he’s (Murdoch) the kind of evil capitalist that gives people what they want.”

        You are obviously a totally and utterly fucked up dupe FFS and probably a journo to boot. He is a singularly ‘self obsessed profit at all costs’ warmongering pitifully controlled and ’100% OWNED’ stupid fucking son of a Scottish rite masonic owned father. Who the fuck do you think (If you can think at all) ‘OWNS’ the fucking masons – lock and the ‘liveStock’ {subtle clue there) and two smoking fucking barrels?

        Oh FFS! – the sins of their fathers – Dohhhh!!!!!!

        • 222
          Not Blowing Whistles says:

          For his troubles though, M is losing a lot of money.

          Looking objectively at the whole deal, his strategy has just about kept him afloat, but at a serious and real cost.

          Being cuckolded by Bla!r is the cherry on the cake in many respects.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Blair and Murdoch deserve each other – and their ‘collective and seperate activities’ over !raq and the DR (inc Kavanaghs activities with the redhead slut) are their undoing.

            You can fool some of the people for some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people for all of the time.

            Chilcot – tick tock, tick tock – and Sir David Omand – fuck you and a few others too.

  46. 174
    Corruption Watch says:

    Is this Richard Branson trying to suborn police officers?


    • 178
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The first few sentences of the article are the biggest clue.

    • 188
      Curious says:

      When NOW paid bribes to the police, people, (well a few anyway), ended up in prison.

      Why is this any more legal because someone has sat round a boardroom table and signed a piece of paper about it?

  47. 179
    Battle star cluster fuck says:

    The online videogame battle that cost $300,000: Gamers see hundreds of costly spaceships destroyed after user forgot to pay bill to defend their base
    Multiplayer game EVE Online saw its biggest ever battle erupt on Monday
    A virtual payment to fortify an area lapsed, leading to a surprise attack
    The ensuing battle involved over 4,000 players and strained the servers
    Some saw months of hard work building starships ruined by the unpaid bill

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2547908/EVE-online-sees-biggest-battle.html#ixzz2rpGPKWt4
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  48. 185
    Blowing Whistles says:

    What wox it that shortRse A Johnson stated on the box tonight “we must end the facade”? [Of dictionary - A deceptive appearance]

    Johnson – you and abbot are a facade- but thanks for the public admission of that you have been conducting a deception – you two-faced short arsed little creep.

  49. 195
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Charlie Falconer and the pa3do judge of Portsmouth Crown Court – who Falconer ‘allowed’ to retire (1/2 mill pension – intact) when said judge was caught with his pants down (so to speak) favours for favours – fuckin bastards.

  50. 201

    Philosophy is not religion. It must not be taught that way – Graun


    * I know I bang on about philosophy being important.
    * I know this article is in the dreaded Graun.
    * I know that M Gove is one of the best Education Secretaries of all time.

    I know all these things.


    But here they have got it all wrong. Really. By they, I do not mean the Graun, I mean the DfE:


    • 208
      FFS says:

      Why do I get the feeling that the study of philosophy post-Kant mainly focussed on Nietzsche and Marx and the critical analysis of modern government was mostly used by left-wing teachers to teach kids to use Marx to critique Thatcher?

      I’m guessing the exam board, having decided that giving NUT teachers an opportunity to brainwash kids with raw Marxism wasn’t quite what they had in mind, had to fill the hole with something less politically contraversial.

      • 211

        You are right, it has been used as a weapon.

        But there is still a lot of analytical philosophy of value, even if acres of it bear little fruit.

        Most of all, Idealism is making a big comeback. Here is where we see good work being done now in ethics, that almost completely forgotten subject, the absence of which has made our lives so much poorer over the last decade or two.

        • 215
          FFS says:

          Oh no argument from me. If only we could trust teachers to teach it professionally.

          But then if we could do that we could also get them to cover politics and economics. Why, if we could trust teachers our young people might even find they could read a broadsheet newspaper from cover-to-cover and understand it!

    • 219
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Gove is not representative of the DfE – that department is temporarily lost to those who are hell bent on destroying the future chances of those passing through its education system.

      The more you look at the current state of the state system, the more it resembles a re-education camp rather than a mechanism of imparting useful knowledge.

      Equivocating philosophy with religion is really the hand being shown that they regard education as a dogmatic indoctrination. That in a NUT-shell is where the real roots of the UK’s problems stem from. The UK is not alone in having this problem.

      • 238
        FFS says:

        Whoa, we’re jumping the gun a bit.

        If you constrain yourself to philosophers Kant and before Kant then you won’t find many atheists in that bunch and from Voltaire to Kant himself they are obsessed with defining god and absolute morality, so having a topic focussed on that particular aspect of philosophy is only natural and comes about from avoiding those atheist philosophers that come after Kant, the obvious one being Marx and dialectical materialism.

        As for you criticism of “state” education, bear in mind that so-called independent schools follow the same curriculum with the same exams and draw from the same pool of teachers. Your prejudice is misplaced. They are “all as bad (or good) as each other”. If you find a public school that advertises itself as being an institute of supreme learning with results to back it up let me know – most seem to pride themselves on sports facilities and music lessons (whilst telling the prospective parents they can pull strings for Oxbridge).

        • 254
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Am ex-Oxbridge myself (that is not a sneer… ;-) ), and judge the UK system against the better parts of North America and elsewhere. (S’ingapore / H’ong K’ong are very good examples)

          The system in the UK has been weakened mainly in a bid to bring it in to line with the systems in Europe. However, without the depth or useful broadness that is found in places like Sw!tzerland / Germany.

          The corruption you mention generally applies to a fairly small minority, but it is a fact that there is a hard economic line separating access to education in the UK. I recall two incidents I was witness to which do fall into that category: One guy was sent down after a year for failing exams repeatedly (went on to make good money in the city mind), the other case involved a degree demotion and big black mark on academic record for a guy who had been plagiarising project work (engineering) throughout his course of study. Recall that a proctor left a note for him on his desk at the end of his last exam, I guess as he thought he had just got away with it.

          Where this becomes problematic is where the indoctrination aspect is allowed to trump imparting enough skills and knowledge to produce people who can compete in the broader global economy properly.

          Again, not so much of a problem for the small minority who go to Oxbridge, but it becomes a problem when the tipping point is past and there simply are to many functionally illiterate and unmotivated folk about. It is not their fault they were made that way (they were unaware of what was going on), but they are persecuted none the less by the people who made them that way.

          Am not a fan at all of the UK state system any more. The philosophy behind its means of education is flawed and unhelpful.

        • 301


          You are right about not many philosophers being atheist pre-Kant although David Hume must be a strong contender, based on how he writes rather than the mountains of waffle from others. OK, only beats Kant by a whisker, so let us look at a broader field.

          The whole rise of science was seen as a challenge to religion, which had been responsible for the whole broader field of philosophy, including physics, chemistry, biology, logic and astronomy amongst many others since the 13th century Dominicans and The Doctor Angelicus. So what you observe is no more than historical reality, if I have not misunderstood your point.

          Now look at the educational establishment a prisoner of the state for decades. No religion here? Well yes actually, Marxisim, as you say, but also positivism, bad science, Common Purpose, bombastic contempt for doubt or any form of alternative to their own held prejudice, the list goes on… Oh and consequentialism!

          The mere absence of a deity, made in man’s own image, is the only differentiating factor from more conventional religions, apart from burning incense, all the rest is there with the bells and whistles.

          It is in that context that I see CO6 @10:33 being entirely correct in his third paragraph and on an interesting path in his second (he did caveat with resembles)

          To the first paragraph, I cannot judge as I have not been inside the DfE since the 1990s but it would not be out of character that a department rows in its own way, independent of its minister, a fortiori one like Gove.

          To yours @11:20, the independent schools are independent practically only to a degree as most of the parameters are set by the state, i.e. the DfE.

          The difference is that the independents inculcate different attitudes into their pupils, “act subversively” if you like, judging it whilst wearing a Marxist hat!


          Your remarks regarding functionally illiteracy are confirmed by so many of my academic friends, teaching at universities, who have to spend most of the first semester on remedial work before they can progress onto their own syllabus. One cannot help being struck by the fact that some of these who complain are themselves Marxists who have failed to spot the most elementary connection! My earlier comments regarding religion refer…

          • …functional illiteracy… oops

          • i don't n eed no doctor says:

            Mountains of waffle SC?

          • Casual Observer 6 says:

            There was one major piece of teaching dropped from comprehensive vs. private education syllabus’ which is of note: Geometry.

            For people wishing to progress in field of Mathematics / Sciences / much of engineering, the lack of basic skills in that area is a very serious impediment. It is one of those branches of the discipline that cannot be covered over by issuing a calculator or machine also.

            Mechanics also is not taught properly either. This is connected with the absence of geometry. So, with what is taught a prospective student will know how to break down a quadratic, and may have been introduced to conic sections, but if they are faced with a problem which involves an ellipse or requires use of vectors, they are stuffed. Many Universities now have to spend their first year teaching their students these basics which previously would have been covered at O-Level and A-Level.

            In Physics / Chemistry and Engineering this gap is a very serious problem. Not having such insight is a problem in other fields as well – particularly those which are practical.

          • @idnnd

            Would remind the requirement of necessity in assessing that.


            One suspects that Geometry and Mechanics are too “practical” for the Flakey Ones.

  51. 203
    Some things never change says:

    “Jungle bunnies”

    Yep. Same old righties.

    • 209
      Mark Duggan says:

      yep, same old jungle bunnies

      • 213
        Derek Laud says:

        Do you mind? I’ll have you know Maggie hired me as a speechwriter. She didn’t care that I’m gay either. Then again, she didn’t care what her friends Peter Righton and Lord Boothby were up to either.

  52. 210
    Anon. says:


  53. 217
    Anon. says:

    #LabourTaxes #NeverTheirFault #EdMilibandsGreenTaxes

  54. 221
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking hell the BBC have that murderer Alistair Campbell on once again.

  55. 223
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    We believe in an absolute open door on immigration and asylum from around the world.

  56. 235
    The Gnomes of Edinburgh says:

    Why are the Scotch pissing about with sharing currencies? Surely they should set up their own currency such as the Groat and become a tax free banking zone like Switzerland.

    • 239
      Tartania says:

      The SNP know the Scots don’t really want independence. They just want to negotiate some more concessions out of the English.

    • 287
      Fly on the wall says:

      Their currency is the Bawbee. Time you knew that.

  57. 237
    The FAG SQUAD says:

    I see Labour have got their new Draconian law through. Smoking in a car with a child on board will be a criminal offence, even if windows down or it is a soft top.

    Why do socialist MPs think the state must control every aspect of its citizen’s life? Obviously the next stage will be for the plod to raid homes in the evening to make sure no one is smoking in front of the sprog.

    • 242
      FFS says:

      Social services will take your children away if you smoke, it’s only a matter of time.

      You do have to wonder why so many smokers vote Labour.

  58. 240
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:
  59. 241
    Anon. says:

    Paddy Pants Down.

    • 250
      Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

      Just like our leaflets. As clear as mud.

      • 252
        The LibDems have collapsed on the ground says:

        You have a bigger problem than the lack iof clarity of your leaflets.

        You aren’t going to have anyone to deliver them for you.

        No activists = no re-election.

        • 311
          Anonymous says:

          They could recruit a few people on the sex offenders register to hand out their leaflets.

  60. 244
    £1.3 TRILLION pissed up the wall says:

    Doomed Labour’s £1.3 TRILLION last spending spree revealed: As the economy nosedived, your millions were wasted on grandiose schemes

  61. 245
    The Blind Eye of National Socialism says:

    To be fair they are only continuing that fine example of illegal entry to the UK championed by Red Ed’s dad, Red Adolph.

    Shame he was never chucked out either.

    Perhaps there was another blind Home Secretary back then like Blunkett who seemed to think it was amusing to not notice the country filling up with illegals.

  62. 247
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:
  63. 248
    • 249
      But Walter Mitty is a nice guy says:

      This is from another century. You may as well argue about Harold Wilson’s pipe not being made in England

      • 256
        Podiceps says:

        Apart from the fact that this is a fantastically inept comparison, there is a point about Harold Wilson’s pipe. He only smoked it for public display: it was part of his phoney avuncular act. In private he smoked small cigars.

        By the way, the pipe in old photographs of Wilson, a straight briar, looks very English in style, and I would bet on its having been made here.

        • 300
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          It wasn’t a pipe, it was an aerial attached to a short wave radio by which Moscow Central communicated instructions to Wilson aka Agent Gannex.

    • 255
      Anonymous says:

      Mines close. Did anyone open a mine?

      Did we move on? Are we stuck in history while the world laughs at our arrogance and exploits our stupidity.

  64. 257
  65. 258
    Big Shout out to everyone tonight ! says:

    - However, not to the illegal worker Arnie Graf and the criminal bastards who have been employing him illegally.

  66. 260
    All politics is wank says:

    another fucking non story. A bloke who isn’t very good at political spin flew from US to spin for Labour and didn’t have the right papers. We’re letting 500,000 Bulgarians and Rumanians in without a need for visas and this is newsworthy?

    • 261
      Casual Observer 6 says:

      Unfortunately the East Euro scum have more legal right to work here than Graf.

      That is a different problem which needs to be fixed.

      The US take these matters very seriously. Graf should be under no illusions about what is coming.

      At least in the UK we don’t torture illegal workers in jail cells with pepper spray before throwing them out, like they do in the US, but perhaps that is a new skill which G4S should start looking into.

      • 262
        Podiceps says:

        I have a friend working in the US immigration service who tells me that since the coming of Obama, and in particular since the funding crisis of last year, the procedures for approving immigrants have been overwhelmed and all kinds of people, including those with serious criminal records, are being let in on the nod, without a moment of detention or a whiff of pepper spray.

        • 263
          Casual Observer 6 says:

          Depends which state you are in.

          I wouldn’t advise you to test that theory in Ar!zona or Texas.

          O’Bama is all about wrecking America as Labour did here. The American’s are woke up to that last year, shortly after they figured out what he and Hilary had done in Benghaz!.

  67. 267
    The Times says:

    Labour has quietly drawn up spending plans that would allow it to borrow £25 billion more than the Tories after the next election, despite promising to match George Osborne’s pledge of clearing the deficit.
    A “sleight of hand” by Ed Balls means he would be able to slow the pace of public cuts proposed by the Tories, opening up a further ideological divide between the two parties.
    The Shadow Chancellor claims his new spending plans show that Labour “cannot and will not duck the hard choices ahead”.
    However, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), the country’s most respected economic think-tank, has confirmed that by committing to clear the “current deficit” rather than the overall deficit, Labour will be able to borrow and spend more.

    • 275
      RIP ethical banking (no flowers, please) says:

      And would the Shallow Chancer be wanting that in 3-euro or 6-euro notes ?

  68. 288
    Still on hols down under says:

    40 degrees again tomorrow folks, only 37 today; sorry….that is Celsius, arf arf.

    Here in the land truly of the Free, there are no cleggband types, if something needs to be done it’s fucking done, eg. Liquor controls NSW gone through in 48 hours, no bleeding hearts, Eu clusterfucks, cleggies, bleeding heart types, currently living in a 5 star apartment for £90per night city centre, view to the sea, latest appliances and tech throughout.

    Don’t want to come back.

    The uk is seriously damaged, from here it is evident beyond doubt that there is a different agenda by MSM politicians. Who decided to usurp the will of the people? Now I hear Nhs reliant Syrians now coming in after we have already funded their heated tents and food for 1 billion?

  69. 289
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    I could have been a contender.

  70. 291
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Nice one “Fatty Cameron”

    PM brands himself a ‘middle-aged slightly overweight man’ who nobody recognises when out jogging: http://bit.ly/1b83qUD

  71. 296
    albacore says:

    Looking for a needle in a mighty haystack?
    Do they bother, these days, sending any sod back?
    Any road, is it worth subsidised legal fights?
    You can’t start messing with invaders’ human rights

  72. 303
    Leonidas says:

    Come and get them!

  73. 304
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Another fine mess the Tories have got us in to !!

    Level of UK benefits inadequate, says Council of Europe | http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jan/29/uk-benefits-inadequate-council-of-europe?CMP=twt_gu

    Good lord. This is really serious, court cases ahead?

    • 307
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      “Britain was one of 38 countries criticised by the committee on Wednesday, all of whom were found to have violated the regulations in some manner”, in same Guardian article…but there are only 28 countries in the EU,
      raving bonkers again!.

  74. 306
    Joss Taskin says:


  75. 310
    Ask Ed Milliband says:

    Where is this man?

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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